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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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randy: the police chief on leave. the investigation underway and his message. emily: a chance to avoid the federal death penalty, the lie starting a new phase for a murderer. randy: donald trump outlining a plan to help working parents. his policy as he gets ready to talk about his health on the eye for this wednesday emily: new ways to work out, erika is trying out three ways to exercise and all of them are outside the box so you are going to want to see this. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. think you could end up being a good drummer there on one of those. >> right, a green glowing drum set.
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>> and i have got a beautiful picture to share with you right now. >> ok. >> live from boston. really nice. right. cindy: we have to wait longer to see the sunshine but 6:23 today. and you can see it's looking good so far. not quite as cool out the door, not seeing the 40s on the map, just a couple of 50s, and most spots in the 60s, and 61 in worcester. we have got mid 60s on the cape, as well, so out of the bus stop this morning, sunshine to q. okay. lee jump. watching this front off to the west and this is going to push in during the mid to late afternoon hours. not every town will see the risk for thunderstorms but a risk that they turn severe with gusty winds, as well. its a jump up to 70 degrees by 8:00. lower 80s here by noontime, and then we're topping out in the mid 80s this afternoon
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the worcester area between 3:00 and 4:00. it will be during the evening commute that the storms are closer in and notice how they drop by 7:00 to 8:00, and they are affecting you in the cape so they are fast moving, and the biggest threat is strong winds but there could be some lightning and brief downpour, as well, so a heads up. and let's get you started with your morning commute, and it's pretty out there. >> a few crashes to tell you about if you are heading out. first a live look outside at 93. we have delay southbound side, stop and go, as you travel towards boston, and let's get to the maps, south of town we're watching a crash on 24, this accident on the "new york -- the northbound side. delays back into avon, a crash on 128 south side, and once you get past it, a 20-minute ride on the expressway, braintree into boston. another accident on 128 north by highland avenue where one lane is closed, and the pike, crash on the shoulder by route 9 not blocking any lane, and 495 to 128 is a 15-minute ride.
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approaching the spot pond. trains and buses on schedule. >> right now gloucester's police chief is off the job on paid leave with an internal investigation here. >> the eyeopener's sera congi is live with the questions surrounding the suspension. sera? >> emily and randy, the gloucester police chief leonard campanello is on paid leave. the mayor not chief is responding telling the gloucester times this will run its course. i am honestly unconcerned. the chief is known for starting the "angel program" which allows opioid users to get help, instead of jail time. he's received national recognition for that, honored at the white house in april as one of ten champions of change. he was at the white house again in july when he attended another
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we are told that he will be placed -- he's placed on paid administrative leave until further notice. live in gloucester, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: a man accused of murdering a police officer in north carolina is now in custody. this happened in rhode island. police raided a home in providence searching for irving fenner. he's accusedf officer in north carolina on saturday, that officer died on monday. we'll keep you posted here on the eye. in just hours the second sentencing trial will get underway for a man who committed deadly carjackings 15 years ago. multiple murders, and antoinette antonio is at the federal court in boston to set the stage. antoinette: randy, jury selection is set to begin this morning after gary lee sampson's initial death sentence was thrown out.
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wrongdoing. the judge determined that juror lied about her background. samson was sentenced to death in 2004, but that sentence was overturned seven years later. he was convicted for carjacking and killing 19-year-old jonathan rizzo of kingston and phillip mcklosky in 2001. he confessed that he repeatedly stabbed both those men and strangled a cit breaking into a new hampshire cabin. he was convicted separately, and jury selection will start at 9:00 this morning. live outside the federal courthouse in south side boston, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank. the man convicted in a drunk driving crash in milford is now appealing to the highest court. a judge found nicholas guaman was driving drunk when he hit
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motorcycle. guaman claims he did not know the body was under his truck. he is serving 12 to 14 years for manslaughter and will be deported at the end of his sentence after illegally immigrating from ecuador. this murder suspect is still at large right now. emilio delarose is wanted for the murder of a child. we learn more about the victim and the killing of his ex-giren police say that she was strangled by him. their four-year-old son feet away. a small memorial grows outside of the scene and we're learning more about the suspect's history of domestic abuse. in 2011 rosa filed a restraining order against him saying she feared for his life and last month she amended an abuse prevention order allowing delarose to see their son after he spent four years in jail on attempted murder and kidnapping charges. rosa wrote to the court, the
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so that, "the defendant and i can do things together as a family." randy: seven minutes after 6:00. commitment 2016, the race for the white house and had not is not on the trail today. she's recovering with pneumonia. donald trump focusing on the battleground state, and set to get some insight into his health. erika tracking the overnight developments. erika: he will appearance on the dr. los show. he's set to release details about his physical. mike pence is set to hold a rally in pennsylvania. and it was in that state trump outlined his plan with his daughter, evonka hoping to woo women voters. >> to allow every parent to deduct their childcare expenses from their income taxes.
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childcare account that will roll over until a child is 18 and also six weeks paid maternity leave, paid for by cutting fraud in social security. meantime, bill clinton and daughter chelsea will campaign for hillary clinton today. they are set to make stops in north carolina, virginia, and nevada, and clinton is expected to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. she's promised to release more health records, as well. randy. randy: we're learning results of some big rac the republican side still too close to call in the race for governor. it's primary and will face maggie hassan in the general election. hassan has been unopposed for the democrats. emily: an experiment could hit the streets of boston, the new deal with cutting edge
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month, shaking up the same workout routine. classes to spice up your exercise plan. we're used to seeing martellus bennett like this but he looked different yesterday. the costume accompanying a good deal ahead, and breaking overnight the suspect in the murder of a police officer in north carolina has been captured in rhode island. this is video of a raid in providence shortly before that of a. >> and a beautiful sunrise out there right now. but we are watchg today. the time line on that is ahead, and first, take a look at the temperatures. as you are stepping outside, not as cool as the past few mornings. lots of 60s, as you are
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are hanging out, where we look at hip-hop yoga and anti-gravity and other classes. this is how we say good morning. >> good morning eyeopener. randy: perfect. nobody got hurt. >> right. >> yoga. no one hurt in the waking of the wakeup call. >> that's impressive. >> good morning to our friends. anti-gravity yogia i have never heard of that. >> erika will show us whether it's a all about, a couple other workouts, so send us your wakeup call. we want to see them and record them on your phone and upload it using your app. >> she's the only one that can pull that off. none of us would be graceful like that. >> right. >> i would be asleep before i went on the air. >> wake up now. >> i love it. >> all right, so we have had this feel of fall in the past few mornings, and that's going to be with us the rest of the week but a little hiccup in that today, and kind of a summary feel with the humidity, and the
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i would say between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. keep an eye to the sky or have the storms popping up and the biggest threat is the potential for some strong to possibly damaging winds. but before any storms can get here, it's a really nice start to the day. look at the sunrise this morning month. very colorful with high cloudiness out there. and you can see the dewpoint is creeping up, so it's going to turn more humid today, and that wind is busy out of the southwest. that will help to keep the temperatures up. mid 60s on the cape. and lower shore, the north shore, a few 50s on the map, in the past few mornings, and we have had a lot of 40s showing up, so it's not quite as cool as you are heading out this morning. that wind picks up, and notice it's between 10 and 20 miles per hour throughout the day. and the brighter skies and notice once we hit lunchtime, the clouds will build a bit, and during the mid to late afternoon, that's when we have the best chance of seeing a shower or a thunderstorm. you can see the front here off to the west, and it's going to be the triggering mechanism. and notice the scattered nature
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they will be more numerous but not everyone see -- sees them but the concern is as we get deeper into the afternoon, there will be enough energy that some of these storms could produce damage, wind gusts, so it's a marginal threat for some severe storms here across new england as we get into the afternoon. look at the temperatures, though, and mid 80s, about 87 boston, and down to taunton. 84 in lawrence, winds off the water for you down in the cape, so upper 70s for your highs today, but very warm for this time of year. soic or 4:00, in the worcester area, and that's when the storms are going to be nearby but then the timing is not great with the evening commute, as the storms punch in. they will be moving but a brief downpour and that threat for damaging winds, as well, and dropping southward, though, by 7:00, 8:00, and the front is off the shore, very quickly we're clearing out behind it, so if you are heading to gillette, there can be a thunderstorm early on, and 70s this evening, and dropping down into the 40s and 50s tonight, and
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struggle through the upper 60's and lower 70s by a lot of sunshine. traffic is getting active. we're tracking ian here in the atlantic, and it will stay there, but late last night, tropical storm julia develops. the winds are 40 miles per hour, but this is bringing heavy rain down towards florida, and into georgia, and going to fall apart before it gets here so we're track it go for you. it does not look like a factor. late in the week a fall feel, 40s on friday morning, and then as we head towards the weekend it, warms up on monday, but showers, not a heavy soaking rain but we'll take anything. >> anything we can phet. >> did you say 40s on friday morning? >> for a lot of us. >> ok. >> and thank you, cindy. so far the roads have been a bit busy. we're watching a few problem spots and delays. there is the expressway. northbound heading to the top of the screen, and you can see that volume in place, and now let's get to the maps and check the rest of your ride was we're watching a few accidents this morning month. 24 northbound, a crash blocks the lane with delays back to
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weymouth into braintree and once you get there you are watching an accident right at the braintree split, and that delay starts back at route 24. northbound, 25 to 30. braintree into boston and another crash on 128 northbound by highland avenue, just cleared, and eastbound on the pike, accident still on the shoulder by route 9, and almost 20 minutes, 495 to 128, and 93 south looks good. delays pick up in wilmington at 125. stop and go down to the spot pond. so far, trains and ok. randy. >> your economy for this wednesday morning, self driving cars could hit the streets of boston soon. the city signed a deal with swiss-based world economic forum, to test the vehicles. the mayor's office says the testing could have, could happen by the end of the year and the herald is reporting that the announcement will come today. the city is already in talks with a number of self driving companies. car companies. checking the markets, sluggish trading sending shares down
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right now, stock futures here are up. >> the work routine is back, but does not mean that we can't work out. erika is here with ways. >> how about drumming and rowing and upside down yoga for a good measure? >> when it comes to motivation, nothing beats a good beat. >> it's really taking people love it. >> fitness instructor, annie cole teaches at the new y. she describes it as a cardio jam class. >> it's a workout unlike any other. there is pilates movement, and yoga movements and all while drumming. >> a studio in boston's south
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>> two, and one. >> here are the rowing machines, positioned so you have a marijuana, the machines are different than the normal ones. >> it's all you and it is like you are on the water so any changes will come from the rower. >> this studio also is unique for its anti-gravity yoga classes. >> we are anti-gravity studio in this state. >> the idea is to get the benefit of yoga inversions without any compression of the head or the joints. here, you earn a little wrest. >> that looks good. >> i am sure. >> so it started as an aerial performance, and then the creator decided this could be good for health and wellness, and what's funny is they say that it can make you taller by a
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half because it separates the vert bry. >> worth a try, don't you think? randy: you are towering over us. and all of that rush of blood is good for your complexion, too. and the subway station in london with a surprise makeover. the photos replacing the advertisements is in eyepoppers, and new at 6:30 a scare over parts of new hampshire. the mistakes some fighter pilots made a driver purposefully slammed into officers. police officers in arizona. why the ordeal was terrifying
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moisturizing 6:24, there is a marginal risk of storms becoming severe, and the greatest threat is strong to potentially damaging winds, so a summer feel, mid to upper 80s away from the south coast and the cape and watching the threat for storms today with a cold front and look what happens behind it cooler air. the feel of fall. the upper 60's and lower 70s, and that's it to end the week. >> thank you. 6:24 this morning, and olessa has the eyepoppers now. >> it might be tough to catch this pokemon. >> he looks unwhy he said. >> yes, he wore that during his visit to boston children's hospital yesterday. and the 6'6", 275-pound player appeared a gentle giant during his stay with the kids, and i am sure that they loved it. i think it's one of the hard
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london for a good cause. it will replace the advertisements with pictures of stray kittens. it started on monday, has roused 26 million, they want people to think about what's really important and not just material items. >> ok. >>. randy: very cute, and road rage went to the extreme in the city of worcester. the unusual weapon one driver accused of brandishing there as his kids looks on. >> if there is one value that is going to be done in our society, perhaps, it is transparency. from our public schools to public safety, from financial institutions to other industries, from the products we eat and use to the bills we receive. the demand and expectation of
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honesty have increased. in general, and with few exceptions, the goal of maximum transparency is almost entirely a good thing, both for we as consumers and as a society based on the greatest degree of safety, fairness, and informed consent. so it comes as a most unpleasant fact that in this growing age of trans-er is, our presidential campaign resembles one of the aerial photographs of a disappearing lake in california. transparency has receded to unprecedented levels. whether it's tax returns, financial records, private speech transcripts, or detailed and comprehensive health records, what's most noteworthy about this election, is what we're not seeing, both candidates' willingness to provide voters with as much relevant, meaningful and helpful information as possible, to make the most informed decision on november 8. this disturbing development applies to both major party candidates, and thus, both bear
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raising the level of candor in the weeks before the election day. we have come to expect greater transparency from all of our most important institutions. the american presidency cannot
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>> questions surrounding this suspension, of a high profile police chief.
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>> a convicted killer's future back in the hands of a jury. >> what's at stake for gary lee sampson. randy: a confrontation between two drivers. the kids that watch this all unfold. emily: three police officers run down, the attacks caught on camera, on the eye. randy: wednesday morning, and a 6:30. good morning, thank you very much for being with us this morning month. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. feeling a bit i don't want to say more summer-like but humid. >> yeah. >> a bit. >> yeah. >> compared to the past couple of mornings i think that you will notice the difference. kids can get away with the shorts today, at the bus stop, absolutely. >> yes. >> there you go, and look at the temperatures as they are off the bus this afternoon. about a 20-degree jump from the
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80s this afternoon. and yeah, you are going to notice more humidity. that's why the temperatures have not dropped so much more this morning, compared to the past few portion, and we're running mostly in the 60s now, 64 in beverly, and down towards plymouth, and mid 60s in the cape, as well, and notice boston, would say , 60, and just a couple of 50s out through worcester. so a bit more humid air sneaking in on the back side of the high pressure with the southwesterly wind but it's this front here off to the west that's going to push in this afternoon, and at that time, going to be for a few showers and thunderstorms. the potential is there for some of these storms to go severe with gusty winds, marginal risk for that coming up today. the clouds build, and your lunchtime temperatures in the lower 80s, and mid 80s this afternoon. and the storms will be firing up to the north and west at 3:00 to 4:00 out towards the worcester area but closing in on the boston area for the evening commute. and with the potential of not only the stronger winds but
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storms drop down towards the cape by 7:00 to 8:00. and let's get you out to the roads right now, and we're worried about the solar glare out there, that's about it this morning. >> yep, and a couple of problem spots as well. first a live look at the expressway, a check by the gas tank, northbound side heading to the top of the screen, let's get to the maps and see your ride as you head south. we're watching a crash on 24. this accident northbound over by harrison boulevard. also a disabled car, and then as you travel north, another crash by 128 so you travel northbound on 24 this morning. and the crash cleared on 128 south at the braintree split, and from there, half-hour ride north into boston, pike, another crash cleared and your ride 25 minutes from 495 to 128, 93 south slow out of methuen, and stop and go into andover, and more delays through wilmington and down to the spot pond and more volume down towards the lever connector am trains and buses ok. >> thank you. we're following breaking news on
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the developments. >> a man accused of murdering a police officer has been captured in rhode island. a raid taking place in providence, and a man accused of gunning down an officer on saturday. also breaking, one person is recovering after a car slams into a utility pole in woburn. this was the scene on lake avenue. police telling us that the injuries were meyer, no word on a cause. and r gloucester's police chief is off the job. officer campanello was paid on paid leave. campanello saying this will run its course, and i want honestly unconcerned. emily: a worcester man will face a judge charged in a violent case of road rage. randy: and doug meehan is there with the other detail making this case more disturbing.
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they were called to this street in worcester just around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. and now police are saying that they were told that 41-year-old rivera pulled a machete on another driver and punched the man following that altercation. the machete was found in his car according to police under the floor mat on the passenger side where his 13-year-old daughter was sitting. his 17-year-old son also in the car at the time. police say rivera was trying to the high school when the students were being dismissed, and some of them crossing the street. we're told both men exchanged gestures and pro fan ytsz. rivera will be arraigned in court. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: right now police in townsend are trying to sort out a report of an attempted abduction involving three teenagers there. the boys tell police an older man tried to grab one of them.
6:35 am
near the town library. a canine unit was brought in to search for that suspect. the boys ran off into these woods. the search was inconclusive and police say that they are still investigating but they do want believe that the public is in any kind of danger here. a scare for some in new hampshire who va fighter jets flying overhead followed by small explosions in the air. those explosions were flares dropped near hancock, new hampshire national guard fighter jets, on a routine flight from westfield, massachusetts, and the officials didn't mean to drop the flares, the national guard typically notifies the public before flying over new hampshire, and a spokesperson says that did not happen in this case. >> prosecutors are dropping drug cases after an audit revealed drugs, money, and guns are missing from the braintree police department's evidence room. a final audit is expected to be released today.
6:36 am
obtained by 5 investigates, trinidad and childs were accused of selling cocaine out of a minivan with a small child along for the ride. prosecutors dismissed the cases because the nearly 30 grams of cocaine seized during their arrest is missing. that's now five cases dropped. the d.a. says that there will likely be hundreds more. a fight as a nursing home closes in >> and why some are objecting to moving their loved ones to this facility, and police officers run down in arizona, the stunning moment and why it was extra unnerving for one of the officers. >> and ahead in news to go a school bus driver saves the day in maryland. her quick thinking when flames
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olessa: good morning, 24 northbound this morning, there is a crash just south of that shot, you can see the backup they are showing us, it is slow up to route 128 where there is a crash blocking a lane, but just south of here, a disabled car blocks the center lane by harrison boulevard so messy on 24 north.
6:40 am
mid 80s today, but look what happens tomorrow, and we may not hit 70 degrees, so dramatic temperature changes coming. and it's a cold front, and that front will trigger storms this afternoon, and as we get to late afternoon and evening, heads up, there could be a few thunderstorms around, and then really feeling like fall with sunshine here the rest of the week. emily moitionz thank you, right now three phoenix police officers are recovering from this shocking attack. a car slamming into them as they stood by, a cruiser, that suspect is under attempted murder, and investigates saying that he did this on purpose. watch this again, 18-year-old veteran goes down with a broken leg, and another officer jumps out of the way, a third flying, eight feet high on what was his first day on the job. and the suspect then continues to fight until he's taken down with a taser by the injured officers. >> these officers could have been killed, and i thank god that we're not planning three
6:41 am
intentional, no motive has been released. randy: the white house making a new statement on refugees, the thinking on how many people to let into the country, and the patriots have new jersey debuting later this season and the orioles after a loss at fenway park, and their hot
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>> good morning, the eyeopener team ready with news to go on this wednesday morning. gloucester, boston, worcester. erika following the developments on the campaign trail. >> take a look at this video, too, in from 2001 overnight, this -- in taiwan overnight. this is causing some damage there, ser winds. incredible, right? >> it's a super typhoon, what we the winds as high as 185 miles per hour. taiwan, there is the brunt of it, but you can see it is moving right there into china so this will cause major problems, with the wind and the rain and on the other side of the world, right, and we're still tracking the tropics here in the atlantic, and we have got three areas we're watching, a tropical wave could develop off of africa, and tropical storm ian but notice this is way out in the atlantic and really not going to be bothering anyone but last night
6:45 am
center said this cluster of thunderstorms here at florida has become better organized, and the winds are 40 miles per hour, and it's going to continue to weaken because it's moving into the land but produce heavy rain, three to six inches north florida into georgia. we could get that rain up here but it does not look like it will happen. the potential for thunderstorms later today between 2:00 and 8:00, and biggest concern that i have is the threat for stronger winds that could do damage to our weakened trees. it's all in association with this frontal boundary off to the west, and out ahead you are heading out, and you will notice that throughout the day, and 60s now, we're in the low 80s by lunchtime. mid 80s b. the building clouds, and could get as high as 87 in boston, so it's a warm day but after 3:00, 4:00, notice the storms are getting closer into the worcester area and during the evening commute around the boston area, they will drop southward towards the south coast and the cape by 7:00 to 8:00 and out of here very quickly. it's going to cool down tonight and 40s and 50s, and it's a
6:46 am
tomorrow, and feeling like fall here with sunshine, and to end the week, and we should be near 70 for the high temperature tomorrow. all right, let's get you back out to the roads. several accidents you are watching. >> a few problem spots, most of them along route 24 northbound and here's what it looks like. a parking lot, this is sky 5 over 24 for us, let's get to the maps and i will show you why the delays are in place. we have got the volume on 24 northbound, over by harrison boulevard where there is a disabled car blocking a lane, and once you get passed it there is a then a crash clearing northbound by 128 so three separate incidents, northbound, and backing things up to route 123. if you are heading out along the expressway, half-hour, braintree into boston, and pike eastbound, 25 to 30, 495 to 128 with a crash gone, and then 93 south, normal volume out of methuen, and stop and go ride all the way down to the lever connector. and trains and buses doing ok. emily and randy. >> gloucester gloucester's
6:47 am
>> and the new questions stemming from an investigation. sera. sera: chief campanello on paid leave a mid an internal investigation but the city not giving an explanation as to why. the chief responding telling the gloucester times, "i have no concerns in my personal or professional life that i have done anything wrong to warrant any action against me." the chief started the department's angel program which diverts drug addicts to tm jail. his efforts were honored by the white house. last night the mayor issuing the statement about that paid leave giving no type line pending the internal investigation. live this morning in gloucester gloucester, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. reporter: jury selection will begin later this morning, and the sentencing retrial of gary lee sampson. a judge tossed out the original death sentence because a juror
6:48 am
samson was sentenced to death in 2003 but that sentence was overturned seven years later. he was convicted for carjacking and killing 19-year-old jonathan rizzo of kingston and 69-year-old phillip mcklosky of taunton, all of this during a crime spree in 2001. he confessed to police he repeatedly stabbed both the men. samson was also convicted on the state level for killing a third person that same week. jury selection in this case is se live outside of the federal courthouse in south boston, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: today is the day that donald trump will tape an appearance on the dr. oz show promising to reveal the results of a physical that he had last week, and meantime in pennsylvania he unveiled his plan for childcare with his daughter. that plan includes tax-free childcare accounts and six paid weeks of maternal leave.
6:49 am
to release her records, is not campaigning as she recovers from momentia, bill clinton and his daughter, chelsea are on the trail today in virginia, north carolina, and nevada. reporter: there is a new investigation into trump's charitable foundation. new york's attorney general who sued him over the defunct trump university says his office is looking into the foundation to make sure that it is following the laws governing nonprofits in new york. it comes after media reports that money on himself. trump's campaign says this new probe is motivated by politics. >> a wild case of alleged road rage involving a machete. aldo rivera expected to go before a judge later this morning after police say that he pulled the machete on another driver and then punched him in the face. this all happening allegedly as rivera's teenage children ages 17 and 13 were in the car with him. the two drivers getting into a
6:50 am
the way, police say was found on the passenger side seat underneath it, where his 13-year-old daughter was sitting. we're live in worcester, doug meehan, newscenter 5. randy: at least one person is recovering now after a car slammed into a utility pole in woburn. this was the scene on lake avenue. and police tell us that the injuries were minor. no word on what caused this. emily: a battle over a nursing home. people staying in this home on fulton street will be moved to a new more modern one in brighten. the owner spaulding says it will save millions of dollars but many feel moving loved ones could be devastating. opponents are vowing to find a new caregiver. randy: we have results from some of the big primary race this is new hampshire yesterday. the republican side still too close to call, in the ra is for
6:51 am
senator kelly ayotte won her primary, and will be facing maggie hassan in the general election. hassan ran unopposed for the democrats, the white house plans to increase the number of refugees it accepts into the united states. secretary of state john kerry said yesterday that the move would allow at least 110,000 refugees to come into this country in 2017, 85,000 admitted >> transgender whistle-blower chelsea manning will receive gender reassignment surgery. manning was on a hunger strike protesting her position in kansas. the lack of a approval for treatment of her gender dysphoria. manning is serving a 35-year sentence for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents while serving this iraq. a close call for a california man seen jumping from a water fall in hawaii. that drop was 200 feet.
6:52 am
decided to jump but was knocked unconscious when he hit the water, luckily tourists nearby realized something was wrong and jumped in. the thrill seeker says he could have died if they had not been there. >> a school bus driver is credited with saving two dozen students after a bus fire in maryland. ranitta smith pulled over when she smelled smoke and scrambled to get all the kids off the bus. she went back to make sure that every child was safe. not clear wt randy: samsung is not changing the design of the batteries inside the galaxy note 7 some of which have exploded. instead the company is ordering a new batch to replace fally ones, and they are promising a software update that will prevent the phone from charging all the way, but consumer advocates are calling for a government sanctioned recall to make selling the phone illegal. >> the orioles turn the tables on the red sox at fenway after a 12-2 loss on monday.
6:53 am
five runs off two home runs. the sox were within striking distance down to two runs in the fifth but the orioles added some insurance in the ninth. 6-3 the final and the sox are back at 7:10. randy: the patriots unveil a new jersey on thursday night. the color rush uniform is the first new jersey uniform for the patriots since 2003. it's one of 32 released for the nfl teams for the season. the patriots against the houston texans next week. emily: olessa a tough morning. olessa: we're watching a lot of delays here along 24, on the northbound side. you can see how heavy that trip is. three incidents and two cleared but we have the delays that remain. i will show you where we had a crash. northbound by 128 that accident is gone and then northbound by harrison, a disabled car, that just cleared, and we're still watching a disable truck by
6:54 am
half-hour, preview into boston and as you travel the pike eastbound side about a half-hour from 495 to 128, more volume on route 3 southbound with a crash blocking one lane right over by 495 and then delays on 93 south, out of methuen, a stop and go ride past will,ton down to the spot pond and more delays down to the lever connector. the train and buses so far are running on schedule. cindy, dry this morning and maybe a different story later on? >> i think that the evening commute could feature some hit or miss showers and out there this morning. a beautiful start here on your wednesday morning. but that storm threat coming in between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. low risk for heavy rain which will be great. the storms will be fast moving but there could, some lining and the potential -- some lightning and the potential for winds. it will not take a lot of wind to cause some damage. 60s out the door right now in most spots, and 65 in boston, and look where we're headed. it is going to be a warm day with a gusty wind, upper 70s,
6:55 am
about 87 in boston, and a bit more humidity coming in with the wind, but here is the front that is going to come in and trigger the storms, a marginal risk for severe thunderstorms. and they should get going in the worcester area at 3:00 or 4:00, and notice how they move into greater boston during that evening commute, 5:00, 6:00 p.m. and then dropping southward here, south coast, cape, 7:00, 8:00, and that's it. and they are done and we're clearing out the skies so if you are headed to gillette storm threat early and then we clear out. 70s this evening, and look what happens overnight. down in the 40s and 50s and tomorrow much cooler day, no more 80s. 60s to lower 70s and that's despite the sunshine so a fall feel you can see here building into the end of the week but we're looking good, dry weather through saturday, and the temperatures start to come up a bit more on saturday and we should sneak back into the lower 80s, and sunday, into monday, slow moving frontal boundary brings back the clouds and the risk for at least a few showers
6:56 am
we need but today a good day to have the weather app and you can check the radar and check to see if there is any storms and we'll keep you posted. >> ok. all right. >> thanks for joining us and we hope you have a fantastic day. emily: we'll see you tomorrow at
6:57 am
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to
6:59 am
that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking right now, tropical storm julia slams the southeast. the system growing overnight after sparking a tornado in florida. and torrential rain. now georgia and the carolinas on alert for flooding. donald trump under investigation. new legal trouble over his chy aim. >> this is the guy you want to be championing working people? >> trump trying to win female voters overnight. teaming up with ivanka to unveil his child care plan. >> i think it's going to make a lot of people very, very happy. a lot of moms very happy. >> this morning ivanka joins us live. terrifying attack. a driver caught on camera plowing into police officers at a gas station sending one flying eight feet into the air.


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