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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  September 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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devices with an improved battery. or they can get a refund. jc: a man in custody after a standoff with police. it happened at a pharmacy gas station. he told police he was armed. a tactical team and k-9 unit making that arrest. >> the man convicted in a officer's murderas given proper instructions. >> 90 degrees yesterday. fall is trying to edge its way in. >> it was abrupt, i have to say when you go from 90's to the 60's. cooler along the coast.
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cool for the red sox game. the yankees are in town. it could be 59 by the end of the game. a jacket may feel good during the game. in boston we are likely to draw. some spots will drop down into the 40's. things will change in more they's -- in more ways draw conditions worsening, a new report shows the extreme drought area has now expanded significantly. jc: half of the state is dealing with extreme conditions. live along the reservoir. >> communities have had to sign on for an emergency water supply. this reservoir serves cambridge.
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city leaders wondering for how much longer. >> we don't know when the drought is going to end. it could be five years from now. >> continued hot water has dug massachusetts into deeper drought. more cities are turning to the emergency reserves. >> it is a severe drought and we should not be law old into a false sense of comfort because we have we need to conserve. >> the water resource authority is still at 85% capacity. the existing customers need more water and their providing for more communities every week. >> i don't think it has been this that in my whole tenure. >> he said there are three local reservoirs keeping them afloat for now.
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70 percent. >> it cost $3500. cambridge pays 2000 for their own. they hope mother nature will help them stay within budget. >> things can change significantly quickly. tomorrow we could have 10 inches of rain. but now we need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> s water does cost more which could be passed down to customers. they will likely be saving money. ben: those reservoirs are very low. not much better in the granite state. right now 19% of the granite state is under extreme drought
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county, all of hillsboro county, water levels across the board are low. officials are only asking for voluntary conservations. >> there is no restriction for consumers. we asked for them to conserve water. you should never wastewater anyway. ben: the low levels are not a real problem now but it could pose a big problem jc: search crews upon the body of a man who vanished in a pond yesterday. his name has not been released. three people and a but when they jumped into the water. the boat drifted away. one summer was able to reach it. only one managed to stay afloat. >> government gridlock is partly to blame for a slow economic
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of the president and congress to reach agreement on programs that bolster competitiveness. they said the political system reviewed as weaknesses for the economy. massachusetts unemployment is the lowest it has been in a decade. the jobless rate fell to 3.9%. it has not been that low since 2001. the state added 5900 jobs in august. national average. still to come, a 911 call from a woman pleading for help. >> the gruesome discovery investigators made. >> seven years since the miracle on the hudson. dozens of recommendations were made. >> unique stories told her the photos of people who are
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were 7000 people without power 20 minutes ago or so. now it is down to 4000 people. the power outage did affect the square. the national grid is working on the problem. restoration time, 7:00. jc: the dramatic 911 call lead discovery to the discovery of three bodies. there are unanswered questions. elizabeth is in new york for her life, whispering and begging for help with her captor, a serial killer just feet away. >> he has a taser. quite she said she was abducted by this man. she was only able to call because he fell asleep.
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>> he's right here. >> terrified of escaping the woman stayed on the phone until police arrived. leading to hurt safe rescue and the discovery of bodies. one of them identified by family of stacy, reported missing on september 8. >> it is heart wrenching. she was right there. this guy who did this to her, to these other women, he's a monster. >> police say they found a third body nearby. a suspect confessed to killing another woman in june. in all this man is believed to be responsible for murdering at least for women in the
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to pay a 1.9 million dollars settlement to the family sandra bland who died in a texas jail after being arrested during a minor traffic stop. her death was ruled a suicide. her family denies those claims. anchor: health concerns at florida state university tonight. ben: sickened a dozen students. jc: and a recall issued here in the u.s. for the galaxy note 7. anchor: julia is a tropical depression. even though it will not directly impact us, brenda willis: when washington bureaucrats threatened access kelly ayotte stopped them. david goethel: and when red tape threatened to crush new hampshire's fishing communities, kelly fought to save us. cheryl coletti-lawson: kelly's legislation on
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he aisle to conserve our environment... becky stafford: kelly is so committed to our veterans and cares about our needs. marc baillargeon: kelly protected our jobs at the shipyard. kelly is one of us. veteran: she's not forgotten where she's come from. brenda willis: she cares. dean kamen: that's kelly - an independent leader, fighting for new hampshire. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte
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>> a health state university. fsu is sanitizing the effective norms to stop the spread of the virus. ben: breaking news involving samsung the government ordering a recall after smartphones bursting into flames. >> a major announcement from
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a serious fire hazard i'm urging all consumers, all consumers to take it manage of this recall right away. >> new problem surfacing for the company. this scene in a cafe from a samsung phone overheating and exploding. an arizona state university student claiming he heard sizzling and smelled burning >> i thought it was the computer. the intense burning sensation hit my side. >> these phones are not the galaxy note seven which we have seen explain in dozens of instances. once involved other models like
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does the company have a broader problem? samsung says no. a spokesperson saying reports suggest the battery issue goes beyond the note seven are not true. the problem is isolated to one battery manufacturer for one specific model. people with the recalled galaxy note seven should contact the place they purchased their devices to receive a new one free of charge. ben: if you hope to walk into an apple seven plus you are out of luck. additionally the iphone seven in the jet black color is sold out as well. most will be available in stores. there's always a chance third-party retailers will have models for sale. >> the power of the past.
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21,000 pasta passes in less than a minute. it happened today. they are guaranteed for never-ending soup, salad and bread sticks. each pass costs $100 but it is valid for seven weeks. did you buy one? anchor: i didn't. but seven weeks? for 100 bucks. ben: if i was single at my first job, no kids i totally would have. that's an amazing deal. just a moment ago, i mentioned tropical storm julia became a tropical depression. why the back-and-forth? it's a marginal thing. 40 miles per hour. then it's a tropical storm.
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there were no tropical storm watches are warnings in effect. it's going to be milling around over the next few days. it would not take much for moisture to back onto the coast line. the heavy rain. it's a small system and the significant moisture is offshore. it is interesting to note. nonetheless, even though it is going to sit in place it may have an indire weather later in the weekend. some moisture around minneapolis. as that moves eastward. we may get some enhanced rainfall. this is one computer model showing us by monday night, we would not have that much rain if you take this literally but
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we will see how that plays out. the 60's, all day in boston. the air is nice and comfortable. another good night for sleeping. the brees will be quite light. the heat and humidity is off to the sets up the water. some of which will move eastward. not a humid night tonight. a comfortable night for sleeping. western and northern maine for the overnight tonight. similar to today, high should be 69 or so.
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stay mainly clear. there could be some pockets of cloudiness near the shoreline. saturday, patchy low clouds may try to work in at times. a rain day. then we are watching rain approaching from the west. possibly close to boston in the afternoon. notice how the edge of the rain is around call as to whether or not the wet weather gets in there. once it does get in, the best opportunity to get some meaningful rain. then we are back to a seasonable temperature pattern all over again. >> seven years since the miracle on the hudson.
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actually been carried out. the captain of the flight is credited by a birding tragedy after a flock of views disabled his engines. many hailed it as a success but it turned out problems in the aviation system and recommendations were made to prevent future tragedies. the majority have not been implemented. intense moments over denver. a flight headed to san diverted after a passenger reported a suspicious devise. the plane landed safely. the item was not a threat. i-- it's unclear what caused the problem. jc: typhoon when causing this bizarre scene in china. that is an inflatable moon
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it broke free. giant things taking over a city. >> if that was coming your way that was so frightening. it was caught. everything is good. anchor: stories from the st and the way they're being used locally. anchor: coming up, following breaking news. thousands without power in medford. anchor: a major government recall, the samsung galaxy numera note 7.
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>> a thousand people need help with housing. they are homeless. >> emily shows us how. >> this is not normal. seeing this gentleman with one shoe on. >> just outside of the main library. that is what the association was
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>> we met with them weekly. we collected 6000 pictures. >> pictures of moments in their life, of how they feel about themselves. they are part of a fundraiser serving the homeless, a goal that will take several years to reach but they are determined. values we do. we need to provide what we can. everybody believes in this. it is so necessary. >> what deal of people to see? flashes because you are homeless you are not helpless -- helpless. >> you can still buy tickets. all the money raised can open
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anchor: newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts now. anchor: a popular samsung smartphone backing catch fire recall. what owners should do. >> they threatened to blow the place up. >> the wild escape attempt in this car in the violent takedown. >> the drought has worsened. chance of rain. >> an easier way to treat ear infections. the gel being developed here in boston. >> this is wcvb at 6:00. >> we begin with breaking news. consumer product is stepping in
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that immediately. >> with battery cell defects, did not meet the standard of excellence you expect. we apologize. >> replacement phones with an improved battery are being packed up. another new replacement devise. anchor: 4000 people are without power. that is down from 7000 outages this afternoon. police are among those affected. we are told the restoration time is an hour from now. gas station standoff. a man claimed to have a gun and
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teams were at bay for hours. anchor: let's get to rhondella richardson. reporter: the suspect is the only person injured during this tense incident. they told a witness he made a purchase and used the store phone. he called 911 and hung up. the tactical unit used a flash grenade to distract. he had been barricaded for five hours threatening police the whole time. >> he leaned out of the vehicle and attempted to light it.


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