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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ed: and why the dan emer could can get even bigger. maria: way mouth home goes up in flames. >> how the people inside escaped just in time. >> police officers under attack. the violence shutting down streets in the heart of new york city. extreme drought rapidlying worsening timing the next chance for wet weather. hue new treatment for ear infections could make the kid cans feel better, faster. maria: right now, nearly a million americans have phones that are too dangerous to use. this hour. good evening. i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. samsung recalling galaxy 7 notes that have been exploding. and new tonight, concerns more models could also catch fire. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in newton with what you need to know. john? john: they are urging people to return their phones, so it means
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they will be offering you a refund. after two weeks of confusion, dozens of reports of phones catching fire, and scathing criticisms from the consumer product safety commission, sam samsung is now working with the u.s. government to get dangerous phones out of people's hands. >> in some ways, that is good for samsung as well. now, th i rules. what they have to do next, where as before, they were trying to make up what to do. john: blue hill research in boston says official recall is overdue. samsung will now refund note 7 after initially only offering an exchange.
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u.s., which means more than which means more than 800,000 are still out there, land that are reports of other galaxy phones overheating and burning which officials say will be investigated. >> the company was adamant. they were on the note. maria: break news tonight. trump campaign firing the first time that trump believing president obama was born in the united states. ed: the in adates taking credit for proving it. take a look at the statement. i read ares mr. trump did a great services to the country by bringing closure. mr. trump believes that
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jump trump refused toed a note it the washington noose the president was indeed born here. that newsbreak as trump wrapped up a rally. our david bienick is live in laconia with the trump campaign. david. reporter: good evening to you. with the race tightening in the polls, new hampshire could be the state that puts him over the top, and he used part of the speech to come to the defense of his children. >> donald trump's brought his son erik on stage in laconia. and defended his children against criticism they've received for recent comments. trump: boy, the press like to hit them and they're such good kids. but they can take it. erik, can you take it? i think so, right? >> trump's oldest son, donald jr., made what some people thought was a holocaust-themed joke. when he told a philadelphia radio station that the media was being easy on the democratic party's treatment of bernie sanders.
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they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> the anti-defamation league, an anti-semitism organization, tweeted, "trivialization of the holocaust and gas chamber is never ok." trump's running mate, mike pence, said the comments were being misinterpreted. pence: clearly, he was talking about capital punishment and not making a reference to that that that awful period of history we know to be the holocaust. >> earlier, in a pre-recorded for the dr. oz tv show, trump released a letter from his doctor and compar that of the patriots' star quarterback. trump: you know, tom brady is a friend of mine. we play golf together. the great quarterback. he's a phenomenal guy, great athlete, and i'm with him, i feel the same age as him. it's crazy. >> polls show this race as tight as ever, trump told the crowd tonight. reporters asked him to delay the speech. when told them he had refused, that got the biggest rounds of applause of the night.
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ed: tonight, polls show the race is as tight as ever. clinton is up in new hampshire and pennsylvania, but trump is up in ohio and florida. in north carolina, the two candidates are tied, so that's where clinton was today. i have to say it's great to be back on the campaign trail >> i have to say it is greet be back on the campaign trail! [cheering and applauding] battleground state of north carolina, which barack obama won in 2008 then lost in 2012. hillary clinton is hoping to put behind her a week of bad news and falling poll numbers. >> it turns out, having a few days to myself was actually a gift. i talked with some old friends. i spent time with our very sweet dogs. i did some thinking. >> clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia last friday,
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as she left a 9/11 memorial ceremony sunday in new york. >> when it comes to public service, i'm better at the service part than the public part. >> ever since, she's been dogged by questions of transparency. and so today, she took questions from reporters. >> i thought i was going to be fine, and i thought there wasn't any reason to make a big fuss about it. >> clinton seemed relaxed and rested, even at her second appearance, a dinner in d.c. where she went after trump. trump was asked that question in an interview with the washington post today. >> he was asked one more time where was president obama born and he would not say hawaii. ed: hillary clinton will saw that in d.c. area for a couple of events tomorrow. maria? maria: thank you. a live look now at the boston skyline on thursday.
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stormteam 5's harvey leonard is here now. dare i say cold, harvey? meteorologist: you are right. we have 40's now in are areas close to boston. so it is chilly night. is the feel of fall. not as can adds the outlying areas. boston will get close to 50 for the low tem are ture. then start that rise, of course, tomorrow. nice and clear. clear skies. off. low 40's for taunt and nor wood. norwood, the low 40's as well. here is the way it looks in boston. notice it starts to climb tomorrow morning with the sunshine. again, i talk about the timing of the weekend which is important for the patriots' game and other things all coming up. maria? ed: mike lynch, fill us in. reporter: a lot of people
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you kids? he what? this is a snooze fest forking ainnings. the red sox were down 5-1 and down 35-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning and scored five run and the big blast from ramirez. three-run homer to within the game. two outs. reason remember on second and third. a deep drive to centerfield into the night. then the red sox will have a probably comeback in this im probabliable summer wins 7-5 will move within three games this. the sox the most dramatic wins of the year that win it 7-5. complete rundown coming up in sports. see you then? ed: all right. there is retrieve south shore neighborhood tonight. everyone escaping a fast-moving nir ripped through two-family home. the fire took off quickly leaving people little time to escape. our jorge quiroga is live in weymouth with the story of a close call.
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ripped through the two-family duplex, in minutes, the owner and a tenant escaping in the nick of time. it started in a first-floor front bedroom, the woman living there, vainly tried to put it out. in the second apartment, owner marilynn flynn was preparing dinner. >> she came running over to me , the tenant that there was couldn't get it out, i went over and i thought i was going to be able to help her you know. >> the blaze raging by the time fire crews arrived. >> it got out of hand. i wint in a matter of seconds, actually. the two women, the only ones home at the time >> it was initially just smoke pouring out, and they they started pulling the roof apart and the whole thing was fully engulfed. >> 194 east street, flames
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and the attic. >> murphy struck a second alarm, we had units from hingham rockland braintree quincy and randolph responding as well. >> the bulk of the fire knocked down in about an hour. no winjured a. maybe sure of relief for them. they livedded here for 20 years. >> a little shocking that it went up so fast, you know? and the windows just exploded out. ed: the fire are chief says both units did have working smoke at $200,000. tonight, the tenants are say staying with rel teftives. live, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: thank you. maria: a new york city police detective is in the hospital tonight after a man attacked him with a meat cleaver outside penn station. police say the attacker had been living in his car, and officers stopped him as he was trying to remove a boot from it. he ran off and led officers on a chase. they tried to stop him with a
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eventually, an off-duty detective tried to tackle the man, who cut him from temple to jaw with a meat cleaver. police then shot the attacker. >> based on the preliminary investigation, the officers fired sufficient rounds to stop the attacks on the officers. i want to commend them for their bravery and performance of duty. the attacker is hospitalized in critical condition. two other officers have non-life threatening injuries. ed: a main custody tonight after a long stand offwith police. this is the dramatic takedown of the 38-year-old. this was the dramatic take down of 38-year-old benjamin kimball of north attleboro. police say he called 911 from the winthrop street gas station and hung up. he barricaded himself in his suv at the pump for nearly five hours. when he suddenly jumped out, the k-9 helped make the arrest. the pumps were off at the time. shortly after the swat arrived
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the pumps were off at the time. police didn't find a weapon or explosives, but police say he did have an x-box controller that he pretended was a gun. next on wcvb newscenter 5: maria: the fast-ac new treatment being mixed up in a boston lab. meat heath the time line going from the dry pattern we're in, so at least temporary wet weather and what it means. maria: smash and grab, the wild heist in the unbelievable amount
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the wild heist and the unbeliev t thieves ran off with. maria: a million dollar jewelry heist at one of the most upscale shopping centers in houston, texas. take a look, the whole thing caught on camera. these thieves, still on the loose tonight. the four masked men, smashed through the store in broad daylight, using hammers to shatter the glass. stealing more than a million dollars worth of jewels in just 40 seconds. >> there's glass literally all over the ground, and i see some employees standing outside, who look very shaken up. >> i think they'd been there before, i think they had a plan. they were in and out, and knew exactly where they were going and what they were doing. >> at least one employee was cut by the flying glass, but no one
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the driver in this hit and run crash caught on camera in lowell has turned himself in to police. a 19-year-old woman was struck while crossing the street september 5th. 22-year-old tarrel luis romero of lowell is charged with leaving the scene of an accident, operating to endanger and speeding. name with route 1 the automile, but now car dealership titan ernie boch, jr. will also be tied to two boston theaters. the boch family has purchased the naming rights to the citi performing arts center. so t operates on tremont street will now be known as the wang theatre at the boch center, and the shubert theatre at the boch center. boch, who has a passion for music, says he's proud to be a sponsor. maria: you health, tonight. it's one of the most common ailments our kids get. ear infections. they are painful and until now the answer has been at least a 10 day course of antibiotics. but local doctors are trying to change that with just a simple single application. >> it's never fun when you're child has an ear infection, it
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started his medicine. he was crabby and depending on how bad the infection is you have to put your child on a strong antibiotic. sometimes for ten days. >> as any parent of such a child can attest to force feeding a kid a medication by mouth on that regimen is very difficult but there's hope coming from boston. doctors here at boston children's hospital are working on an experimental treatment that would only require a single application through their research one treatment one day. how does it work? researchers say it starts in liquid form at room temperature and once the ear drop hits the ear it would turn into a gel that stays up against the ear drum delivering antibiotics for a week. >> this was believed to be impossible before our work because of the extremely impermeable nature of the eardrum any parent will tell you.
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>> we're pretty conservative about trying medicines on my child that haven't been around for some time, so it sounds nice but we would probably not be interested in something like that. >> i would be a little skeptical with it, i'd want to talk to my pediatrician to find out more about it, and the fact they haven't tested it on humans yet makes me very wary. >> currently, only tested in chinchilla's because of it researchers say they measured a very minimal effect on hearing sensitivity comparable to having earwax in your ear canal . researchers hope to move into the next phase of human trials in about a year. ed: can you imagine what would happen in a year or two from here. the fence, that is what it is. harv. meteorologist: yeah. hopefully a lot sooner than that. ed: right. meteorologist: the drought monitor index gets upit dad
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look at the area of red. it expanded even more. that is extreme drought. now massachusetts has 52% of the state involved and that is 3% increase from a week ago this. the deficit between nine and ten inches for boston and worcester since the begin doing of the year t. this is actual lay two-year drought as we had similar deficits a year ago. so that deficit now is really high. now there is a tropical storm, that is off the car rain in coast, the center of the storm is a little removed from the actual mo stir. but n minimal tropical storm. however, it does have, obviously, moisture with it. as almost as it mills around where it is here. most of that moisture will stay off the coast. there is a are in am pointing that out. because there is moisture off to the west, and well to the south and west. some of that is going to move into parts of you are area later on in the weekend. this is not going to ac toughly move northward but maydry a little bit of the moisture northward, so it may benefit us in terms of getting rainfall
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yesterday was 90 for high. today, 66. a little bit of a difference, think so. early morning lows, this past morning, going to be every bit this rup cooing morning. the skies are clear. the airs cry. the winds are light. we have dropped to 51 in bedford. 44 in jaffrey. 7 orange. 428 springfield. already 44 norwood. 44 in tauton. may be a little valley fool in the low-lying areas look you can see it is going to sta tomorrow morning. also, gli glad up overnight. we got the full harvest moon that will be full at 3:07 p.m. tomorrow. now,able tors will drop the 70's tomorrow on the shore where channel ocean bez and the mid dy and the afternoon hours but weak sea pre to keep it around 69 or 70. a few patchy clouds otherwiseed if deal of season for friday and saturday. with just the patchy clouds. the changes come on sunday as the rain starts to approach from
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boston and i-95 and i see the rainp may edge close to i-5 but may never really beyond that a least during the daylight hour and we have to wait overnight sunday into monday to get some rainfall. now this is also critical go to the patriots came. a real close call. certainly, a shower race back you there is a chance that most of the rain will actually hold off until after the game. it will be warmish in the 70's then getting a little bit more haw mid with the wind. all right. another beauty coming up tomorrow. if you are doing some traveling within new england. this is how it size. are ok on the cape friday and saturday. the risk of showers sunday but it could be most of that holds off until sunday might or even into monday. up north, similar situations. nice on friday. some increase in clouds saturday thenp a shower or thunderstorm risk on sunday. also looks like nice weather follows for tuesday, wednesday and thursday.
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that,
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safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. are cue can. six manatees had to be rescued from a golf course pond today! crews pulled them from the water in florida. rescued from golf course pond in florida they used nets to haul them onto the grass. the manatees swam into the pond when there was high water from hurricane hermine, but then they got trapped. veterinarians checked out the manatees on land, and then the animals were moved to a nearby bay, where they can swim freely.
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question. >> all aboard. >> contention tonight at fenway park. this was over. obviously you cannot hear me but
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reporter: how about the folks who went to bed. the finish of the season. down 5'2" in the ninth. the sox scored five runs in including a 3-1 missile from ramirez. 7-5 red sox. agony to ectasy. 5-1 game eighth inning.
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537. moves past mantle. we dom the ninth inning now. ortez gets the third run batted in of the night that is 114 and 5-3 baseball game. the place is coming alive. bus buzzing. the next batter up is mookie bets. he throws a single past the short stop to left field. a run comes in. i is a 5-4 game. rens on around third. two strikes for ramirez. [cheering and applauding] >> drive to center. >> how about that? can you believe it? rbi's 98-99 and 100 for ramirez who was vilified and not playing this time last year. he had shut it down. tonight, he could probably get elected state rep maybe. governor, lieutenant governor? hes the man tonight. the red sox something magical
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heres how the stangs lack fou. how about the rays. we get to send flowers or edible arrangements this. they are did everything right. the blah jays are playing out in anaheim t. the yankees would have been three games out. now they razz five games now. they are v three more coming up in fenway park friday, saturday, sunday. meanwhile, the missional football league and julian edelman with $26,000 find for helmet to he'll. defenseless person right there. the hit comes in coming up in this shot right there. so there is the hit. he did not get taken out of the game but he will appeal that train to the national football league. meanwhile, on the pealed today. gronkowski was practicing. a limited parties pant. he did not talk today. remember the patriots are playing miami. the last time they played miami. they lost to the dolphins.
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advantage to the afc camrynship game with denver. >> i feel good. i am home. any time get to play around your own fans, and the excitement for you, you know it? it is a fun feeling. travel less. ge it is pretty good. >> typical yankee became. yeah. four hours. i was boring. >> right. >> right. >> right. >> boring. >> boring to the end. >> oh. >> that was conclusion. this is the truth. maria rain sitting here doing the news. har vis going -- we mu. we knew. with we new ramirez hit a em ho run.
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>> three feet outside. >> ah. we heard that, too. >> anyway, beautiful day. meteorologist: another beautiful day tomorrow. nice on saturday, too.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight -- eddie murphy. from "stranger things" gaten matarazzo. and music from schoolboy q featuring e-40. and now, you know what? here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad i'm here tonight. we have a great show for you. eddie murphy is here with us tonight.


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