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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 16, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EDT

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after police saw the man trying to remove a boot from his car. >> people pass over there, what's going on here. this is illegal, you can't do that. >> the suspect may have been living in the car. the detective was treated for a 6 inch gash to the face, and both men are expected to recover from their injuries. in ohio, authorities investigating the fatal shooting of a teenager by a police officer. the 13-year-old allegedly pulled a gun on police that turned out to be a alex perez has the details. >> reporter: in columbus, ohio, growing questions surrounding the death of a 13-year-old, starting with a 911 call of an armed robbery. when officer respond, the suspects including the 13-year-old, take off. >> may be cutting through the side street, which would be oak street. >> reporter: police on the
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waistband, and the officer fired his weapon, killing him. >> oh, he's shooting him. oh, my god. >> reporter: discovering the weapon was a bb gun like this with a laser site. >> as you can see it looks like a firearm that could kill you. >> reporter: the case similar to the incident two years ago when an officer in this cleveland park shot and killed 12-year-old rice seconds after arriving on the scene. investigators r looking pellet gun. the officer involved in the shooting is on administrative leave. none of the officers that chased the officers down the alley were wearing body cameras, and the attorneys for the boy's family calls for an independent investigation. officials have a major new clue in the mystery of missing malaysia aircraft.
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the doomed plane, according to authorities. a date stamped on the part linked to it, that particular boeing 777. it vanished in march of 2014. a ma stress store is publicly apologizing for a 9/11 themed commercial. it aired last week on the 15th anniversary of the attack, and since then, the store has been who may have been offended. >> i really want to ask for their forgiveness. it's done. i take responsibility. >> he spoke via skype with a 9/11 widow and she forgave him. an old school try butte taking place in the skies. take a look at this. this is a trike plane.
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to pay tribute to a flight taken 105 years ago. it's expected to take 40 days, and there is a crew filming the journey. a more conventional plane had troubles captured on camera. this happened in the netherla netherlands. the aircraft overshot the runway in an airport near rotterdam and sent up a cloud of dust. the pilot is okay. one of belgs historic city came up with an innovative way to move beer. >> yes. >> it's a truck. it used to be used to move from a brewery to a bottling plant in the city, but that truck? so yesterday. >> so passe. today, they are opening a beer pipeline. that stretches more than two miles between the brewery and the plant. the pipeline moves nearly 900 gallons of beer an hour. >> today, officials say it
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pose to the city's historic buildings and streets. >> okay. >> also, beer driving over cobblestones probably not the best combination. >> you don't want it to go flat. >> cute. >> you like that? >> yeah. it was cute. working all morning on that. coming up, hero or traitor? the growing campaign for edward snowden who leaked classified information as a new movie about today on world play-doh today, they turn 60 years old. wait until you see -- wait until you see what -- they made out of play-doh of us. first, a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now weather" brought to you by united health care.
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a congressional report targets edward snowden saying the leak of information caused tremendous damage to national security. >> it comes amid a growing campaign for president obama to pardon snowden and as one take on snowden's story is shown in movie theaters coast to coast. >> reporter: he exposed the nsa's surveillance secret, and today, the story hits screen. >> think of it as a google search, we see e-mails, chats, whatever. >> which people? >> the whole kingdom. >> reporter: they painted him as a hero. >> i feel i'm made to do this, and if i don't do it, then i don't know anybody else that can. >> reporter: joseph gordon levitt plays the character. >> the net results of what
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he admits it, delivering classified documents to journalists. that's breaking the law, but the nsa was also breaking the law. >> reporter: making a pardon push, the snowden campaign asks president obama to pardon the leaker before leaving office. it's drawn support of celebrities like martin sheen, and daniel radcliff. >> snow den thanked his supporters. >> i don't know what tomorrow looks made, and i'm thankful to all of you supporting me. >> reporter: there's a new report released on an investigation into snowden's action. the report called him a, quote, serial exaggerator and fabricator. snowden blocked the report on twitter saying, quote, the american people deserve better. this report diminishing the committee. the white house wants him to return to the u.s. to face charges of espionage.
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his conduct put american lives at risk. it risked american national security. >> reporter: those comments suggest it's unlikely president obama will pardon snowden any time soon. a debate over whether he's a traitor or hero will continue. >> all right. thank you. coming up, our insome knee yak theater. >> the sequel to the blare witch
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it's time for insomniac theater checking out a couple of r-rated movies this weekend. >> yeah. some feel good movies starting with the blair witch. the sequel witch project. there's a video of what he believes to be his sister's experiences in the haunted woods of the blair witch, james and the group of friends head into the forest in search of his lost sibling. >> come on!
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>> i'm so sorry. >> sorry is what the critics are saying giving blair witch only 56% on rot p tomatoes writing, at least a third of blair witch contists of people running through the woods with flashlights shouting out each other's names. a little of this goes a long way. >> another says, this is one found footage movie that should have been left lost in the woods. >> next is renee returns in bridget jones' baby. now 43 years old, bridget is slimmer, more confident, and a little more "sex in the city" so to speak, but after two poorly timed relationships, you could say, with old flame and a new love interest, she finds herself pregnant with one big
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>> oh. >> so we had relations, and the next, we -- on the 11th of the month that -- to be exact, following quite a bit of alcohol, mark and i, well, we had similar relations. and -- this is the funny part -- i suppose -- of these two relations, the result is residing in my tummy could, in fact, be ehe >> that's one way to break the news. the critics by and large, maybe not you, but critics love it. it's scoring a solid 84% on rotten tomatoes. the movie is a jubilant celebration of women. >> okay. >> and another calls it the warmest and most satisfying of the series. >> wow. that's saying a lot for the series. >> yeah. >> they've been fun. ?
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snowden with 59%. >> i might have to go to the
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this morning on "world news now" -- wait, they are better than the real ones. >> in case you have not checked your calendar, it is world play-doh day. >> there are more alive than the real thing, i would say. >> i love so play-doh made play-doh versions of us to celebrate this holiday, and we are absolutely fascinated. look at the world news now mugs. they have handles on them, by the way. >> they do. it's a big anniversary for play-doh, 60 years, and this is fascinating thing that they did for us. take a look at how it all took place. a time lapsed video of the amazing artists in new jersey who took some seven hours.
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now set. >> i have eyebrows and everything. so cool. >> i have a pretty good chest. >> the iconic brand turns 60, 1956 is when play-doh came out, and more than 3 billion cans of play-doh sold since across 80 countries. we're trying to see if we can duplicate what they do. somehow manage to make this happen. we like to mention that it took them seven hours, and they are experts. >> exactly. >> and we, of course, are not at all experts and don't have seven hours, but we're going to do -- >> i think i need -- >> our best here. >> i need a lighter color. >> i need to make your shirt. i think -- >> what number is this? >> oh, mc 17. they don't have that? >> they don't have mc 17. >> play-doh use to be red, blue,
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>> yep. now there are more than 50 colors. can you believe that? >> more than 50 colors. all it is is water, salt, and flour. it ends up being, i don't know what i'm doing here. >> so there's cologne by the fragrance library that's scented like play-doh >> oh, really? >> yeah. >> this smell is nostalgic i find. doesn't it? the second you smell play-doh, you know exactly what it is. >> lea. >> you have like obama ears. >> trying to give me some eyes. >> oh, where is it? where is it?
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this morning on "world news now," a trump campaign and controversial issue. >> after trump tried to sidestep a question about president obama's birth police, his campaign admits obama was born in the u.s., and with hillary clinton out on the trail, she wasted no time pouncing going after muslim recruits, forcing them into hot clothes and driers and questioning them about involvement about 9/11. >> chilling call placed to 911 dispatchers in ohio, a woman held captive, whispering into the phone as her kidnapper slept beside her, and the grizzly discovery police made after rescuing her. could they have stumbled on a potential serial killer?
3:01 am
daring extreme athletes are invited into a training camp unlike any other. why they are pushed to their absolute limits and forced to face some of their worst fears. it's friday, september 16th. from abc, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning. >> donald trump's campaign has announced overnight he believes president obama was born in the united states. >> so the trump camp releed release of an interview in which trump refused to say whether president obama was born in the u usa, and hillary clinton ripped into him her first day back on the campaign trail as she addressed hispanic leaders in washington, d.c. >> he was asked one more time, where was president obama born? and he still wouldn't say hawaii.
3:02 am
this man wants to be our next president? when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? >> the statement from the trump campaign blame his campaign for initially raising the so-called birther issue. that is all a claim that's not been proven yet. >> the statement credited trump with successfully compelling the president to release his birth certificate. a new nna top just a point ahead of trump. >> as trump went on tv to let voters know about his health, and we have the latest from abc. >> reporter: we're learning new details about donald trump's health, something he turned into a made for tv moment. trump's campaign releasing a one-page letter with the results of his latest physical. his doctor who once described
3:03 am
health as, quote, normal. according to lab results, trump is overweight. >> your doctors or family give you a hard time about your weight? >> i could lose weight. i've always been a little bit this way, you know? i've sort of always been that. >> reporter: his primary exercise? >> well, it's a lot of work speaking in front of 15,000 to 20,000 people and using motion. a lots of time the rooms are very hot like saunas, and i >> reporter: he says when he looks in the mirror, he doesn't feel 70. >> i would say i see a person that's 35 years old. no, i mean, i feel the same. i feel the same. we play golf, and i'm with him, and i feel the same age as him. it's crazy. trump's positive talk show checkup, a stark contrast to the reception at a church in flint, michigan. the candidate getting a timeout
3:04 am
attacked hillary clinton. >> everything she touched didn't work out, nothing. now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump, i invited you here -- >> oh, oh, okay. >> not to give a political speech. >> oh, that's good. i'll go back. okay. >> reporter: trump lashing out at the reverend. >> she was so nervous, she was like a nervous mess. >> the republican nominee describes walking into a trap. >> something was up, when was up to introduce me, she was shaking. i thought, wow, this is strange, and then she came up. she had that in mind, no question about it. >> on facebook, the reverend posted this message. had he stuck to what the camp claimed he came to do, we would not have had a problem. clinton sounding off. >> she's not a nervous mess. she's a rock for her community in trying times. trump had fun last night as
3:05 am
telling jimmy fallon that campaigning is grueling, but at the same time, satisfying and admitted he never mentioned the polls if he's losing. trump also let fallon mess up his famous quaff and there's more in the next half hour. >> once you see it, you can't unsee that right there. the federal government is ramping up the samsung smart phone saga ordering the company to recall all note 7s in the united states. the move comes after dozens of reports of the phones flames because of a battery defect. now, samsung urged customers to stop using them this month. the company says replacements will be available no later than next wednesday. authorities in columbus, ohio urge calm as they investigate the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. dozens gathered for a vigil for king. they were pursuing three
3:06 am
gun. he was shot six times. he was discovered to have been carrying a bb gun that looked like a real gun. there's a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit. she was arrested after a traffic stop turned confrontational. her death ruled a suicide, but protesters argued she never should have been arrested in the first place. the nearly 2 million settlement includes changes in procedures at the jail, but no admission wrong doing. the marine corp. relieved or reassigned 20 training personnel investigating claims of abuse at the paris island training facility after a muslim recruit plunged to his death down the staircase after being slapped by an instructor. it was ruled a suicide, but the same instructor forced another muslim recruit in a clothes drier.
3:07 am
tough, discipline, demanding. those now under investigation are accused of a shocking degree of criminal abuse. in documents reviewed by abc news, one muslim marine recruit recounted how he was ordered soaking wet into a large hot clothes drier in 2015 and asked if he was part of 9/11. the marine says the drier was run multiple times and his neck d to cry. according to the marine, one of the two drill instructors then asked if he was still a muslim. he says when he responded yes, the drier was run a fourth time. one marine official said it was one of those same drill instructors who this year forcefully slapped another marine, raheel, who was sick and struggling in training. moments later, jumped to his
3:08 am
the death was ruled a suicide by the marine corp. his family disputed that. abc news, washington. penn state is urn fire this morning for a controversial celebration planned for tomorrow's football game. universities using the game against temple to mark the 50th anniversary of paterno's first win at the school, a series of video celebrating his career will be shown in the critics say it shouldn't happen begin allegations he helped hide the abuse scandal. week two. nfl season underway and it started with a heaping helping of offense curtesy the jets and bills. the star was new york running back, matt fortforte. not bad, scoring there in the second quarter, and forte gave the jets the lead for good. late in the third, tacked on
3:09 am
knock it on there. winning in the end, and bills are 0-2 on the season. >> forte. what an awesome name. means strong. don't want to play against that guy. >> nope. yankees and red sox played at boston's fenway park and part of the old stadium was not cooperating. >> that was a garage door in the wall along the left field line. it was open before problem closing it. >> eventually, grounds crew member ran to the rescue, and he had trouble initially and climbed up on a bucket, still couldn't pull it down, and then mysteriously, the door just started camming down. on its own. game on. >> yeah. >> i mean, the park has been open since 1912. there might be parts that are
3:10 am
>> green monster's working just fine. >> it is still working. another baseball note, actually, a huge baseball note. the chicago cubs, look at this, a huge moment right here. they lost that game. >> oh. >> but wait. the cardinals losing in san francisco, the cubs became the first team to clench a playoff spot. >> by losing? >> by losing they won. >> all right. chicago's in the national league. central champions. first division crown since back-to-back w 2008. good times. >> they are probably partying in the morning hours. they still have 16 games to go on the season. can you imagine that? they clenched this early on. >> smooth sailing. >> so might be. 1908 again. >> this is it. this is the year. coming up, nine of america's
3:11 am
>> why these athletes are put through intense pressure facing their worst fears. the chilling call to 911 operators in ohio from a kidnapped woman whispering into the phone as her captor slept beside her. how the call led to an even more grizzly discovery. remember find us on facebook,, and
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police in ohio believe they nabbed a possible serial killer after a chilling call to 911. >> a woman held captive untied herself and called for help whispering in the phone while her captor slept beside her. here's the story. >> reporter: a cry for help. >> i've been abducted. >> through a whisper. >> are you tied up now. >> yeah, but i kind of freed myself. >> reporter: saying she was kidnapped by this man, 40-year-old shawn grate, a possible serial killer, and trapped in an abandon home, whispering so she wouldn't wake the captor who was in the same room sleeping. >> does he have a weapon? >> he's got a taser. >> reporter: too terrified to make a move until officers arrived. >> if think you can get out, you need to get out. >> not unless they were right
3:16 am
>> reporter: when officers arrived, they rescued the woman. >> where is he? >> sleeping. >> reporter: two bodies discovered in the house, one identified at 43-year-old stacy stanl stanley. >> this guy that did this to her and other women, is a mop steer. >> taken into custody, and officials said he led them to a third body in the burned out home. he's charged with kidnapping and murder and charges could be added as the investigation unfolds. abc news, new york. coming up in the next half hour, what we never knew about o.j. simpson and what we are just now learning about his life behind bars including leadership positions he holds at the lovelock correctional center in nevada. who is in the photograph that he keeps in his prison cell? first, in a remote corner of
3:17 am
of exercises pushing them to their limits? you're watching "world news
3:18 am
ne ne that's what we're going with, billy joel. you know, in a remote corner of the country, nine of the most daring and extreme athletes really kind of being pushed to the limits. >> so red bull invited nine of the most gnarly athletes they sponsor to montana for a training camp up like any other. this is up all nightline. >> reporter: this performing under pressure camp is designed
3:19 am
toughness, coming face-to-face with their biggest fears. the ultimate test of their fight or flight instincts. more on that encounter later. sasha scaled one of the most treacherous mountains after losing her father. >> i don't have a scientific approach to overcome emotions while climbing. i hope to accomplish that this week. >> what what are you thinking? >> in climbing, you enter different zones of thought. when i perform my best, i'm solely thinking what's in front of me. >> this week, she and other athletes are in the dark, literally. atop this mountain, actors are training them in emotional exercises. this is called the breath defier. >> it's a super intense breathing exercise. >> it's going to hurt.
3:20 am
>> reporter: this intensive meditation lasts ten minutes designed to force athletes to tap into their innermost feelings, and it's not easy. when it's all over, and overpowering catharsis. [ screaming ] >> reporter: some athletes start speaking in tongues. others crying uncontrollably. truly performing under pressure means being ready to conquer fear, even when you least expect it. >> oh, my god. oh, my god.
3:21 am
fine. >> that is a real bear. turns out he's a trained bear named bart. it's none less terrifying to say the least. >> i've never been this close to a bear before. the athletes are then asked to swallow their anxiety and meet the bear up close. >> when you go back to face it, was it metaphor call to facing your fears? on the ground with a bear, like this is going down. i'm going to wrestle a thousand pound grizzly bear. >> for abc, white fish, montana. >> she talked about how frightened she was on her instagram. there was a behind the scene pictures of the shoot there, and she was quite scared during one of the incidents she faced.
3:22 am
i bet after you're done, you feel proud of yourself for facing your fears.
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finish? jet-dry?. for drier, shinier dishes. so how about this sound for a brunching spot in washington, d.c.? $65 and you get unlimited food, bottomless mimosas. >> in. >> and you get go oh, hi. >> it's in washington, d.c. it's close to the magic mike experience. >> magic mike with mimosas. >> exactly. so most of the guys aparentally are actors or models, which that makes it better, but a good deal, $65, good food, bottomless mimosas -- >> no channing tatum, though.
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sit on the golden throne, and by the golden throne i mean, this -- >> oh. >> 18 karat gold toilet. it works, ladies and gentlemen. >> does it. >> they replaced the toilet that was on the fourth floor. guests can use it as they see fit. the artist says he wanted to make something available to the public normally reserved for the elite. >> golden toilet. >> this is dancing nathan. ? ? ? have some fun ? ? be a ball ?
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this morning on "world news now" donald trump and hillary clinton taking to each other on the campaign trail. the topic turning away from their health to another issue that now has trump in a bit of a tough spot. we'll explain why. a major recall from one of the world's biggest electronic makers, sa 1 million products nationwide, and we have new details on how and when you can hope to get a replacement. new this half hour, an alarming fit of road rage involving a school bus. >> driving dangerously with a fedex truck. the drivers getting into an argument, both while on the job. taking a knee. the star u.s. soccer player protesting again during the national anthem, but this time circumstances are different.
3:31 am
consequences. it's friday, september 16th. from abc news, this is "world news now." i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail out swinging again. >> clinton hammered donald trump after he refused again to acknowledge president obama was born in the united states. a short time later, trump's campaign said for the first time the u.s. your voice, your vote. here's the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton on the mend. ? i feel good ? >> reporter: on the stump after taking a few sick days. >> nobody ever accuses me of quitting. >> reporter: back on track attacking donald trump. >> he was asked one more time,
3:32 am
and he still wouldn't say hawaii. when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? >> reporter: the washington post reported trump was still unwilling to say he believes that president obama was born in the u.s. thursday night, the trump campaign put out a statement saying because trump successfully obtained the president's birth certificate, trump now believes the president was born in the u.s. as for trump's health? >> i feel as good today as i did when >> reporter: to prove it -- he handed dr. oz two doctors note. >> if a patient of mine had these records, i'd be really happen. >> reporter: although he admitted -- >> i think i could lose weight. >> reporter: the race is a dead heat with less than two months to go. >> i've always said this was going to be a tight race. i feel like we are in a strong position going into these last weeks. >> reporter: this praise had
3:33 am
big task for the candidates will be in ten days for the first presidential debate. >> thank you. meanwhile, donald trump's oldest son under fire for his choice of words. while defending his father, donald trump, jr. favored the media of favoring hillary clinton, but the antidefamation league is now accusing him of holocaust jokes. >> let her slide on every discrepancy, lie, every dncam trying to get bernie sanders out of this thing. i mean, if republicans were doing that, they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> he said he was referring to corporal punishment, not the holocaust, and he'll have more to say on "good morning america" lar later this morning. turnings overseas, the cease fire appears to be faltering. two children and an adult have been killed. the children died in government-held areas and the
3:34 am
meanwhile, the government blames assad for blocking needed humanitarian aid. a group of extremists and young refugees clashed. 80 germans and 20 refugees attacked each other. officers were attacked with wooden sticks and bottles by the asylum seekers. police say the extremists were drunk. it's unclear who started it, incidents. an official recall amid reports of fires. the safety commission ordered the company to pull 1 million 7s worldwide with 90 reports of damage in the u.s. and faa warned air travelers not to use note 7s on planes. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i'm urging all consumers, all
3:35 am
this recall right away. >> samsung says replacement phones will be in stores by next wednesday. the head of samsung america has apologized saying the company did not meet the standard of excellence customers deserved. in new york city, police opened fire on a man wielding a meat cleaver. police attacked the suspect after he trying to remove a boot from the car. the officer slashed in the face, and the times. >> reporter: a terrifying scene in the hearse of new york city's midtown area, leaving three officers injured, police swarming to the area after 5:00 p.m., rush hour, sirens blaring. >> suspect has been identified as j-o-d-u-e-h. >> reporter: after an officer spotted the suspect armed with a meat cleaver on 32nd street, blocks from penn station and
3:36 am
officers chased the man for several blocks telling him to drop a weapon, but he didn't. first discharging tasers, then opening fire. the suspect struck. police surrounding the ambulance and placing someone on a stretcher. the cameras show a bustling street brought to a total standstill, tourists, commuters stopped by barricades on all sides while officers investigate. one suffered a laceration to the head, another officer grazed. those three injured officers have been taken to the hospital d the suspect was also taken to the same hospital and learned the suspect is in critical condition. we're learning the suspect has been arrested at least a dozen times. no doubt, this is just the start of the investigation here in midtown, manhattan. abc news, new york. the navy's out with the cause of a fatal blue angel crash from june. it happened in tennessee. navy's report on the incident says it was pilot error. it says the pilot lost control of his fighter because he was
3:37 am
he was performing at the time. pilot fatigue and cloudy weather are mentioned as factors in the crash. and the bus driver in this incident has reportedly been fired. now take a look. the bus was recorded on a new jersey road driving behind a truck when the bus goes to pass the truck, the fedex driver swerves forcing the bus into the opposing lanes. luckily, no cars were coming that direction, and there were no kids on fedex says the driver's actions are being reviewed as well. the soccer star may be reviewed for her protest. this is the first time she's shown support for kaepernick's stance against racial injustice in an international match. the u.s. soccer issued a statement reading in part, as part of the privilege to remit your country, we have an expectation our players and coaches will stand and honor our
3:38 am
is played. normally, it's not easy for a king to give up a crown, but for a young man, stepping down from the throne was easy. >> max in the shoulder pads and kale have been friends since the 5th grade, both up for homecoming king at the texas high school. max is the quarterback for the football team. kl is the team manager. he also has cerebral palsy. max was king, but he handed to the person who positiontively uplifts the school and everyone around him the most, and that's kale for sure. >> what a heads up move. >> calling the move terrific. the crowd chanted his name right after the halftime ceremony. >> max says everyone at the school loves kl. kl called max his favorite quarterback. >> sure he won a lot of fans.
3:39 am
>> reggie is his favorite running back. >> i love that story. that's great. it's also great to know that this was not just a nice gesture on max's part. they were both up for king. the entire student body does recognize how much joy kale brings to the school. it's great. coming up in the skinny, donald trump steps out of the comfort zone on late night tv. the very unpresidential thing that jimmy fallon asked the republican donald trump said yes. first, the details we're learning about o.j. simpson's life behind bars and leadership positions he holds, and the one thing he hangs on to in his jail cell. here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now weather" brought to you by vista print. n
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someone fled the scene bleeding. >> while at rockingham attempting to reach someone inside, you noticed the white bronco, is that right? >> yes. it was parked strangely, jutting out. >> that's cuba gooding, jr. in the "people versus o.j. simpson" racking up a whopping 22 emmy nominations including nominations for all leading actors as well as executive producer, ryan murphy. >> but this morning even after the month's long trial, the fx series, the espn documentary series, we're learning new details about o.j. simpson and his life behind bars. >> a side of simpson never seen
3:44 am
a prisoner 1027820 at the lovelock correctional facility in nevada serving 9-33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. >> his routine? it's pretty much mundane. gets up at 6:30 in the morning, eats cold cereal with a muffin and fruit before going to the four-day workweek work shift mopping floors and cleaning equipment. >> simpson does hold some leadership positions inside the prison tapping his considerable athletic career. umpiring games. he also recently has become the prison's softball league commissioner. >> he shares a bunk, toilet and sink with a cell mate, but what he keeps to himself in a cell according to a former guard, a photo of himself and his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson. it's not likely, by the way, there's been so much about o.j. simpson seen in the last year or so with the fx series and espn series, it's not clear -- not
3:45 am
did not allow the airing of that espn documentary. >> so strange to have so much going on about him right now that he can't even see. >> yeah. >> 22 nominations. for that series. >> emmys are here on abc sunday. >> 68th annual. >> yes. >> airing on abc. 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific. >> told next year is the 69th annual. >> we'll have to practice our thank you speech. when we come back, the unpresidential thing that jimmy fallon did to donald trump last night on late night tv. and startling announcement from adele, the skinny is next. "world news now" continues
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
time now for the skinny. donald trump tops the headlines this morning. stepping outside his comfort zone of late night tv. >> appeared last night on the "tonight show" as jimmy fallon asked the republican presidential nominee if he could do a certain something. he asked trump if he could mess up his hair. >> go ahead. [ cheers and applause ] >> donald trump, everybody! i'll do it as well. donald trump, everybody! >> i like jimmy tried to mess up his own hair to make him feel even. at the very least, that puts a rest to any left wing conspiracy theories that donald trump wears
3:49 am
wing conspiracy theory, but a general conspiracy theory. >> a general theory. >> it's definitely a comb over, right? >> that's just his style. >> his style. >> it's the style he's rocking. >> that's awesome. >> that was a lot, really. he really we want for it. he committed. >> committed. >> you're dying, aren't you? >> dying to mess it up. >> donna the hair stylist is about to tackle kendis. he wants to mess up my hair. >> like, don't do it. next, speaking of stepping outside of comfort zone, orlando bloom made a bold move on social media. >> a moment fans have been the actor took his instagram account public. >> bloom has already posted more than 100 photographs and videos including adorable clips of his mother and son flynn as well as video of him in full sand protection gear -- is that sand protection gear? burning man along with his girlfriend, katie perry. >> flipping into the water. oh, taj mahal.
3:50 am
that caused a bit of a sensation earlier this summer. he blamed a guy who stole his swimming trunks. >> a lot of people thanking that guy. for the record, this out, bloom already has nearly 100,000 followers after just a few hours on instagram. >> 101,000. >> uh-huh. and he's following 153 accounts including, we s >> no, no. walt disney studios. the economist magazine. beyonce, and, of course, katie perry. all right. next to a superstar taking a super pause in her career. >> adele suspended tours for ten years so she can focus on raising her 3-year-old son, anglo. >> the pause is set to happen after wrapping up the current tour in november. the british pop power house doesn't want to miss a single moment of anglo growing up.
3:51 am
didn't dent in her earnings since she's reportedly considering a vegas residency, per forget for a working mom since she would perform at night after night in the same place. >> telling vogue this year that motherhood gave her a, quote, purpose, that was previously absent from her life. hosting the 68th prime time >> captured two of the most memorable tv moments from this year. >> he recreated this moment from "game of thrones," and perhaps more comically in the photo that graces the magazine's cover, he's in a courtroom dressed at marsha clark in a full beard. >> we want to remind you that coverage of the emmy awards
3:52 am
time, 4:00 p.m. pacific here on
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? ? it's been an active week with politics to talk about all week long and the security scare on live tv. >> plus a rock n' roll icon who rocked the world of one of the biggest fans. check out our weekly friday rewind. >> how we feeling? >> nothing more to know. all health indicators are good. she's very strong. >> stronger together. >> why not share your medical records? why not? >> well, i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. should i do it? [ applause ]
3:56 am
is from the hospital. >> the russians are using hacking to discredit their enemies and to change public perceptions. they don't care if everyone knows that they are doing it. >> the last thought in my head is that a brand new device is going to burn down my car. >> what samsung did is like the wild, wild west. now we left consumers in a situation where they are totally confused. >> i've been in law enforcement for over 30 yearan so many senseless, violent acts targeting law enforcement. >> our image is being tarnished, and it's embarrassing. >> every single person or entity that left the state made it clear they left the state over one thing, the worst anti-lgbt law in the nation. >> we have a little incident. i would like to thank our security team who stayed in shape. >> so many feelings through my head right now. i'm a little hurt. >> it's in our culture to have tall skinny women.
3:57 am
designers maintain women larger than a size 12 are more challenging to dress. i think it's a lot of poppycock. >> i've been on treadmills, walking, you know, doing all the things that i normally do. >> twerking. >> and you don't have, you know, you walk with ear buds, and they get caught on something? >> right. >> never had ? ? coming up, we got hillary clinton headed to philadelphia, donald trump heads to florida and north carolina. >> next week, they will be fairly busy, and we have national cheeseburger day. >> so excited for that one. >> on sunday that we'll celebrate. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, reversing course. donald trump appearing to backtrack on his birther stance. his campaign now says the republican nominee believes the president was born in the usa. hillary clinton gets back on the campaign trail. plus, what to look like this? overnight samsung announces when replacement phones will be available after 1 million galaxy note 7s were recalled. what owners of the phone should know. officers attacked in busy midtown manhattan. a man with a meat cleaver on a rampage. new video this morning showing what may have led to that wild incident. an out-of-control plane tries to land but then something


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