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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, reversing course. donald trump appearing to backtrack on his birther stance. his campaign now says the republican nominee believes the president was born in the usa. hillary clinton gets back on the campaign trail. plus, what to look like this? overnight samsung announces when replacement phones will be available after 1 million galaxy note 7s were recalled. what owners of the phone should know. officers attacked in busy midtown manhattan. a man with a meat cleaver on a rampage. new video this morning showing what may have led to that wild incident. an out-of-control plane tries to land but then something
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a good friday morning. we begin with a first for the trump campaign admitting that president obama was, indeed, born in the usa. >> this after driving the whole birther movement. donald trump still hasn't brought himself to utter the words but they acknowledgement came in the form of a statement from his campaign. and hillary clinton didn't waste any time tearing into trump as she made her return to the campaitr from washington where both candidates will be later today. lana, good morning. >> reporter: happy friday, diane and kendis. both will be here today and we'll be listening to see if donald trump can reconcile his campaign statements with his own. overnight a stunning statement from the donald trump campaign. claiming that trump did the nation and president obama a great service by definitively demonstrating that mr. obama was born in the u.s.
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to bring this ugly incident to its conclusion by successfully compelling president obama to release his birth certificate. but trump himself continued to raise this, quote, ugly issue in tweets and statements after 2011 and as recently as 36 hours ago would not answer a "washington post" reporter who asked him if he believed president obama was born in the u.s. saying, i'll answer that question at the right time. i just don't want to answer it yet. hillary clinton pounced. >> and hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. >> reporter: also hitting trump for calling the men store in michigan a nervous wreck. >> every time we think he's hit rock bottom he sinks even lower of the. >> reporter: clinton was back on the campaign trail. ? i feel good ? >> reporter: after taking a break to recover from pneumonia. and that trump campaign
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for first starting those false rumors about president obama's birthplace but fact checkers have said that is inaccurate. diane, kendis. >> we'll get the latest on that on "gma." lana, one of trump's sons is there. thank you. overnight samsung has revealed when it will replace those now recalled galaxy note 7s. the recall comes after dozens of reports of them bursting into flames. abc's lauren lyst >> reporter: after nearly 100 reports of overheating phones across the country, reported by owners exploding on nightstands and in cars -- >> it bursted and there was smoke everywhere. >> reporter: the u.s. government announcing an official recall. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i am urging all consumers, all consumers to take advantage of this recall right away. >> reporter: nearly a million phones in the u.s. are affected
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26 people burned and 55 pieces of property damaged. samsung now agreeing to refunds. before now the company only offering exchanges. 130,000 making a switch meaning there were more than 800,000 phones still out there and after warning flyers about them on planes -- >> samsung galaxy note 7 phones are not to be charged or powered on during this flight. >> reporter: the can be taken aboard if they are shut off, disconnected from a charger. subway systems warning against them too. the president of samsung's american business saying sorry. >> we did not meet the standard of excellence that you expect and deserve. for that, we apologize. >> reporter: people with recalled phones should contact the place where they purchased their device to receive their refund or free phone. for now that's a different model but the company says new galaxy
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lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. >> to the east coast now and panic during the evening rush hour. new york city police opening fire after an officer was attacked with a meat cleaver. police shot a man wielding the 11-inch knife on a crowded street near penn station and was confronted after trying to remove that boot from his vehicle and pulled out the knife and started running. police tried using a taser but that apparently didn't stop him. an off-duty officernd with a 6-inch gash in his face and that's when police opened fire. >> crazy individual, honestly, brandishing a very large meat cleaver. at which point the police officers yelled drop your weapon. >> maybe ten seconds after that you heard five or seven gunshots. >> very loud bangs, something i've never heard before but i knew it was gunvots. >> the decorative listed in serious condition. the suspect in critical but
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to recover from their injuries. the suspect may have been living, however, in that car. the navy says pilot error to blame for a fatal blue angels crash in tennessee. the report says the pilot lost control because he was flying too low and too fast and too close to the ground for the maneuver that he was performing. pilot fatigue and cloudy weather are also mentioned. u.s. soccer star megan rapinoe may be disciplined for her latest before thursday's friendly against thailand. that's the first time she's shown support for the nfl's colin kaepernick's stance against racial injustice at an international match. afterward the u.s. soccer star -- u.s. soccer rather issued a statement saying as part of the privilege to represent your country we have an expectation that our players and coaches will stand and honor hour flal while the national
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longer poses a threat to land. severe weather rolling through right now. you can see the line of storms stretching from kansas to the canadian border. there are reports of hail and damaging wind from these storms and the system is bringing heavy rain. here's what it left behind in sioux falls, south dakota. six inches of rain flooding the streets there. still ahead, where gas prices could soon spike 15 cents a gallon. a rough landing. it was all caught on camera. a pilot struggles to put we'll tell you how this one ended. plus, a great white breaches the water. not far from surfers. look at all these purchases credit card.h your airline hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card.
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a school bus driver with an apparent case of road rage, the bus was seen trying to pass a fedex drive in new jersey. luckily no cars were coming and no kids on board. the bus driver in this incident has reportedly been fired. fedex says its driver's actions are also being reviewed. authorities in columbus, ohio, are urging calm as they investigate the fatal shooting of a black teenager by ahi police officer. people gathered for a vigil for 13-year-old tyreik king. police were pursuing three suspects in an armed robbery when king pulled a gun. police later discovered that he was carrying a bb gun that looked like a real one. the officers on administrative leave. fiat chrysler is recalling nearly 2 million vehicles over air bag defects. a computer glitch could keep them from deploying or seat belts from tightening in a frontal crash.
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that problem. the recall involves certain chrysler, dodge and jeep vehicles from 2010 to 2014. see full details at drivers in the eastern u.s. can expect to start paying a little more's pump. a main gasoline pipeline has been out of service for a week now. one estimate says the disruption in gas deliveries could cause spikes of 15 cents a gallon. the new apple iphone goes on sale today around the world and these guys right here, they were among the first to get their hands on the iphone 7 models this morning. this is in sydney, australia. customers might be disappointed because some of the models sold out during the preorder period. long lines have formed outside apple stores across this country waiting for sales to get started. and there's a great island for sale but the mortgage might stretch your budget a little bit. this is connecticut's great island, the 63-acre estate going on the market for the first time in more than a century.
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six-bedroom main house and 20-stall granite stable. oh, that's what we need. asking price, $175 million. a record for a residential property. an island. >> we all pull together. >> yes. >> we could buy like a tree on there. >> that's about it. all right, when we come back a day in the life of o.j. simpson. we get a look at his day-to-day in prison and the surprising item he keeps in his cell. plus, delay of game. wait until you last night's red sox game. every day my challenge is to be in sync with my body, with myself, with my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics every day. because when my routine is in sync, i can face any challenge.
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conditions things clear and dry across most of the west but there will be wet roads in the middle of the country from texas to the upper midwest. wet also in the carolinas. if you're flying, you can expect airport delays in kansas city and chicago. new details are surfacing this morning about an ohio man accused of a horrific crime spree. >> a candlelight vigil was held in ashland for three women found dead. the suspected serial killer now behind bars thanks to the was being held captive when she managed to sneak a phone call. more now from abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: stunning new details investigators are piecing together painting a portrait of a possible serial killer. >> we are in the process again of processing the crime scene. >> reporter: police say he is 40-year-old shawn m. grate arrested wednesday after this harrowing 911 call from a woman saying she was tied up inside this abandoned ohio house.
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>> i don't know without waking him and i'm scared. >> reporter: the suspected serial killer allegedly living a double life. his facebook page portraying the simple life of a carpenter but his criminal history telling a different story. over a 20-year span reportedly convicted of burglary and pleading guilty to abduction, domestic violence and drug abuse serving more than four years in prison. ryan smith, abc news, ashland, ohio. a pilot and his passenger walk away from landing. this all happened in the netherlands. a light aircraft overshot the runway near rotterdam and sent up a cloud of dust as it hit a potato field. both people on board said to be okay. a police officer shot in the line of duty receives a warm sendoff as he makes his way home. dozens applauded as he was wheeled out of a new jersey hospital. he was shot in the head september 3rd while responding
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his wife is pregnant with their third child. now to sports and last night's game between the jets and bills marked the nfl's debut of streaming games on twitter. >> while the video quality was said to be high, viewers almost immediately started complaining about a delay of several minutes between the stream and the live broadcast. >> well, the highlights now from the game from our friends at espn. good morning, america. welcome in to "sportscenter." i'm lisa kerney. he is john anderson. >> here we go, thursday fourth quarter, the bills are down 6. richardson who fired up his team comes up big on a fourth down stop stuffing lesean mccoy. measurement says we're going the other way. jets take over on downs. and then they hand it to matt forte. he has two games in his jets career and has been stellar in both. carried the rock 30 times, three touchdowns, jets win, 37-31.
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rexlicious. four games to open at fenway. bottom eighthth, sox down 5-1. david ortiz does that, deep center field. gone. passes mickey perhapsle with his 537th home run. 17th all-time. ninth after scoring two runs, ramirez walks off with that, his 5th of the year. red sox 7-5. two-game lead atop the a.l. east. look who it is, magic's number now 0 for the chicago cubbies. looks good on you. first team to lock up the division this season. >> i believe that's what we have for you, america. one incident from the yankees/red sox game that involves that big door in the wall along the left field line.
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problem closing it. eventually a grounds crew member ran to the rescue. >> initially even he had some trouble then he climbs on a bucket. still couldn't pull the door down then all of a sudden it just mysteriously started coming down. game on. up next in "the pulse," late night with donald trump. what jimmy fallon did that made trump's hair look like this. and a brilliant move by a
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covering is caring because covering heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand flexible fabric adhesive bandage. tag, you're it. tag! you're it. tag, you're it. yes! new gogurt write-on tubes. this back to school, say it with gogurt. ? your friday morning "pulse" starting with donald trump dropping by "the tonight show" but there was something a little different about him once he left. >> trump sat down to chat with
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before wrapping up the interview fallon gave him a little bit of a makeover. >> go ahead. with my hair spray. >> yes! >> i'll do it too. donald trump, everybody. >> trump proving that he's not only a good sport but that it's not a toupee after all. there were s p been. >> amazing how much of it still stayed in place. a lot of hair spray. >> there was a lot of hair spray gel and then some. so we're learning new details about o.j. simpson's life behind bars the pro football hall of famer serving time in a nevada prison for armed robbery and kidnapping. >> according to "the los angeles times" simpson eats an early breakfast before working in the gym, the 69-year-old coaches some sports team and also the prison softball league
4:23 am
he keeps a picture of himself and his ex-wife nicole brown simpson in his cell. he could be paroled next year. switching gears to new york city and the guggenheim which is offering visitors a golden opportunity. >> a chance to go on a golden throne and i mean go. it's fully functioning, 18 karat gold toilet is now installed in one of the museum's single person unisex rest rooms. according to a reporter who used it, the seat is very heavy and to look at, especially when you're flushing. >> let's hope the reporter didn't provide any photos. >> apparently they just installed it where another toilet used to be. carry on. finally it's a big day in one of belgium's most historic cities because one brewery bruges is no longer using a truck to move its beer. >> today they're opening a beer pipeline which stretches more
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facilities. it will move nearly 900 gallons of beer an hour. it was partially paved through crowd funding and people who contributed are being paid back in beer. >> a little go fund me action for a beer pipeline. >> and the streets of brugs. you can see cobble stone. >> maybe we should start one for new york city. >> just go to bruges. >> more i don't care if you turn out to be a great athlete or whatever but, you need to make sure you get your college degree. sometimes i call the house, just to hear her voice. (phone ringing) answering machine: hi, leave a message after the beep. (beep) hey mom, this is larry. i just want to let you know that uh, i fulfilled the promise that you held me to. love you. (beep)
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checking our top stories, donald trump's campaign announced that he now believes president obama was born in the united states. but the statement praised trump crediting him with compelling the president to release his birth certificate. hillary clinton was back on the campaign trail slamming donald trump's reluctance to accept the president's birthplace as ugliness and bigotry. both candidates are on the road today attending events in washington, d.c. ordered a recall of all samsung galaxy note 7s in the united states. dozens have caught fire dut to faulty batteries. new phones expected in stores by wednesday. beautiful on the west coast. mostly clear and warm across the west coast. some strong storms in the nation's middle. sunny skies in the northeast. finally from us, another week of missteps on the campaign trail gave the late night comics
4:28 am
>> hallelujah. here now your "friday funnies." it has been a rough week for hillary clinton. she has been dropping in the polls and over the weekend even her immune system turned against her. no surprise. all the white blood cells are voting for trump. >> hillary tweeted to her supporters that like anyone who's ever been home sick from work, she's just anxious to get back out there. then and those people said, no, we're pretty happy staying home >> is this going to slow down your campaign schedule. >> not a bit. i'll be out there every day listening to the voices of -- [ coughing ] >> sorry, stephen, that's just my allergies. >> first started running, you were very high voice. your voice is very high. china. you say china. very high then you talk -- then you ha
4:29 am
and now i am more of like a smoky silky donald trump/alec baldwin impression type of voice. >> put half of trump's suppo supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> even though 76% of trump supporters want to ban all muslim immigrants and 40% say blacks are lazier than whites you can't call half of trump's supporters a basket of deplorables. the correct term is a [ bleep ]. that's what you were looking for there. >> trump made a big deal out of this and decided to bring some of his supporters up on stage to show the world just how undeplorable they are. >> do i look deplorable? >> no. >> what? >> he gave me his hat. >> well, sometimes that's all it takes. >> that one wrote itself. >> jimmy fallon's trump impression.
4:30 am
rfer we're following breaking news. >> thanks for joining us. police evacuate an orange line train. the incident that caused delays. >> the man and woman convicted of sexual assaulting a teenager, the attack posted on >> a celebration for the socks. a walkoff home run against the new york yankees. >> cool start to this weekend. good morning. >> we're starting off cool and very similar to yesterday. clear skies and light winds, comfortable air in place. 57 in boston but a lot of 40's showing up. we're down to 44 in bedford.


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