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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  September 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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win over the dolphins but it's the loss of jimmy garoppolo that has fans talking and worried. hello, everyone. i'm maria stephanos. reid: and i'm reid lamberty. garoppolo left with a shoulder injury. sportscenter 5's mike lynch is in the newsroom with what we know right now. how about it, lindsay? -- lynchie? mike l: you know the patriots. they keep injuries in thva judging by the hit, the way garoppolo landed it was serious enough to show him for the game. it would be foolish to speculate but we've seen quarterbacks at every level take these hits and the injury ranges from a bruise to a separation to a broken collarbone. he had one whale of a half. he led the patriots to three touchdowns scores. with this type of injury, no question about it, jimmy
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pain. highly unlikely he will be playing thursday night. >> did you see the play where jimmy got hit? >> we will do everything that is best for the team. yeah, he has been working for this a long time, way back in the spring. all the way through training camp. he did a good job. mike l: and if quarterback would have been julienne edelman. reid: the fbi is evaluating a claim of responsibility for last night's bombing in new york city. at least 29 people were hurt in the blast in chelsea, but all have been released from the hospital. abc's maggie rulli reports from new york. >> it was so loud, it started shaking my body. maggie: manhattan is still reeling from last night's explosion. debris flying clear across the
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sound, and we heard the shatter of the windows. maggie: the explosion so powerful that authorities are shocked no one was killed and that all 29 people injured have already been released from area hospitals. >> it was like boom. and we were like, oh, my god. at maggie: police found what's believed to be a bomb in a tool box left to a large trashcan. attached is currently being investigated. >> right now we're not discounting anything at this point. >> it may not be extreme, islamic, isis -- but be clear, this person wanted to harm folks. maggie: the city fell mayor calling the explosion deliberate. mayor deblasio: here's what we know.
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it was intentional. it was criminal. >> whoever placed to these bombs, we will find in they will be brought to justice, period. maggie: multiple law enforcement officials are telling abc news they are exploring the possibility that this explosion and yesterday's explosion in new jersey are linked through the same bomber or bombers. separate, but coordinated. abc news, new york. reid: investigators also exploring the possibility that blast in new york is linked to another that happened in new jersey. both explosive devices had similar cell phones connected to them. the pipe bomb exploded on the jersey shore yesterday morning, shortly before a charity race to benefit marines and sailors. fortunately nobody was hurt in , that blast. maria: terrorism experts are watching the investigations in new york and new jersey very closely. our rhondella richardson is live in boston with the early clues that one local expert is focused
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rhondella: your're about to hear from dr. leonard marcus. he trained the investigators that worked on the marathon bombing attacks here. the investigators and homeland security, he trained them and those on the case in new york, and new jersey. dr. marcus: this does invoke memories of the boston marathon there were two bombs there. one was a pressure cooker. until we know for sure, we don't know if this was a copycat. it does raise red flags. rhondella: the saturday night explosion today called a terror attack by new york governor andrew cuomo, is not text of terrorism for terror expert dr. leonard marcus.
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until we know for sure, we should not label it. rhondella: boston and other places are on heightened alert. these attacks are more invoke as terror organizations more from the world. dr. marcus: there has been an erosion to encourage lone wolf attacks. where they have one inspire, they encourage the attack and provide information on how to devise these explosive devices. rhondella: marcus says if is a terror organization, they likely take responsibility quickly. if it is more of a lone wolf, private surveillance cameras will be invaluable, like they were here in identifying the
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maria: all right. the fbi is now investigating a stabbing rampage in minnesota as a possible terrorist act. today isis claimed the suspect was acting on behalf of the terror group. his father identifies the attacker as 22-year-old college student dahir adan. he stabbed 9 people at a mall before being shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. the victims are all expected to recover. reid: all right. overcast skies this evening as we take a live look at the city of boston. overcast skies through the area. joe: -- mike: we had sunshine at the same time, a couple sprinkles. and everybody is going, ok, where is the rain. don't worry. let me show you where everything is at. a lot of gray skies across the area. you look at the southeastern part of the state and we had a little shower activity, but that is all gone. where is the activity?
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it will take a while to get here. we will get rain, it looks like overnight and more toward the morning commute. humid air is in place out of head of this product and this front is just so slow moving in. that is why it is taking a while to get here. as we head toward midnight tonight, scattered showers. as we had to the overnight hours, look at how that line of showers and thunderstorms move and right there is your morning commute. that is the issue we will be dealing with. i commute tomorrow. we will talk more about that rain and what is behind it. you are going to likely fall like weather down the road. maria? maria: one of the survivors of a deadly crash at a newton restaurant says he plans to be in court to face the accused driver tomorrow. 55-year-old brad casler will be arraigned in the morning. he was indicted two weeks ago on charges of motor vehicle homicide and driving to endanger. two people were killed when
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sweet tomatoes restaurant back in march. 7 were hurt including tony wilson, who tells newscenter 5 he will be in court in the morning. reid: take a look at this down at the cape. a shark coming really close to a boat off the coast of sandwich. experts confirm it is a great white. it sounds like they had fun with it. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan spoke with one of the men about the close call. sh with more. nicole: that shark gave them quite a show. >> we're looking at a live great white. nicole: very few have seen this view up close and personal. >> we are motoring along it all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, i see a dorsal fit in. nicole the fin of great white : shark, circling around three friends headed out to fish satuday morning. -- saturday morning.
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i was like, get your camera out, boys. >> reluctantly. [laughter] >> i was terrified. nicole: for more than a decade this these cape cod natives have been hitting the water together, and are now rethinking some boating traditions. >> we used to jump in and swim wherever. again. nicole these three friends left : there shark encounter with no injures but one great story to tell. >> just a few thrashes at the boat and he took off and we went on to fishing. nicole: they did not catch any fish. 19 sharks have been tagged off cape cod. this was not one of them. wcvb newscenter 5. reid: as we continue on newscenter 5 at 6:00, a man gets his head stuck for hours.
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that was key to this rescue. maria: counting down to the emmy awards. the repeat nominees who have a shot at an award this year. mike: much-needed rain on the way. i will tell you when it comes through and when it moves out. mike l: and the big headline of the day, the injury to jimmy garoppolo coming up in sports. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston. now on comcast
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reid: new at 6:00, a rescue operation for a man with his head stuck in a jetty. maria: they say he was trying to reach his cell phone when he got stuck. firefighters say they didn't use airbags because the rocks could
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>> olive oil, lots of olive oil did the trick. we managed to spray him down and apply a lot of olive oil to read was in good spirits. he is an otherwise healthy 31-year-old male. maria: whatever it takes. the man was taken to the hospital to be check out for hypothermia. reid: got to get that cell phone. well, hundreds of people stretched their legs for a good cause in brighton this morning. the arthritis foundation hosted a 5k fundraiser to help find a arthritis affects 1-in-5 adults nationally. the walk this morning raised over $200,000 for the arthritis foundation. newscenter 5's erica terry fell hosting the event this morning. coming up, mike wankum is here with the rain and the forecast. maria: and just hours away from
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like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. maria: the red carpet. we're just a few hours away from television for biggest tonight the emmy awards. , you're looking live at the red carpet outside the microsoft theater in los angeles. by the way there's a new voting , system this year. reid: instead of using a ranking and points system, emmy voters are now simply checking off their top choice. abc's lauren lyster is on the
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for television's biggest night the red carpet rolled out for the stars. host jimmy kimmel perfecting his best jokes. ; without television what would we do, read? gross. lauren and the 68th annual emmy : awards have now arrived. for tonight's show audiences should get ready, winter is coming. >> you're not cold m'lady? lauren hbo's gamero for a second year in a row garnering 23 but is behind that -- >> you want to make this a black thing question mark not black. i'm oj lauren also at the head of the : pack netflix drama house of cards. first time nominees include abc's blackish for comedy series, its lead actors scored nods too, excitement on display when anthony anderson was announcing the nominations in
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lauren: then, there are repeat nominees who have yet to score. >> there are a couple who have never won who could have their figure this year. hugh laurie never won for house he's up for a nom for night manager. jimmy i think the show needs to : have energy. it needs to be funny. and it needs to end on time -- on time. press and the cameras and make their way into the theater. reid: there are about 30 people in this building who also hope the show is on terror -- the show is on time. maria: did you get rain? reid: we are all going to get rain tonight and tomorrow. maria: mike, you did your job. mike: it looks like we will have to wait until late today.
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you know how it is feeling like fall? look at the high temperature -- in the 80's. it was not just the eight -- it was not just the heat. it was the humidity. today, the area is in what we call the oppressive range. we stay there tomorrow. tuesday, it drops off and wednesday, we are back for fall like weather, cool and comfortable. we need rain and we've got some on the way. humid weather. that is what we saw this morning. we will see even more of it tomorrow morning. out here, you are seeing downpours, lightning and thunder. that is what we will have coming through tomorrow morning. i'm no looking for severe weather, but i'm looking for downpours. that could slow down traffic in the morning.
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on. the last part of the commute will be on the slow side. early risers will be dodging a few rain showers. the early part of the commute on the slow side. it slows down. look at this. it is just kind of pushing down toward the cape. we are kind of done with it. there may be a hit or miss showers tomorrow night. there could be cloud cover, perhaps scattered showers on the cape. then it all goes sunshine comes back. cloudy and humid. a few showers in the western part of the state. look at the overnight low. we have lows dropping into the 30's. tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms, especially during the morning. 70 62 80 degrees and it will be muggy. how much is it going to rain? quite a bit. if you get in one of those downpours, you could get an engine are -- an inch and a half out of it.
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portions of the state we will see less the met. two systems we are keeping an ion, julia and karl. karl is going to be headed for the east coast and eventually become a hurricane. it will not be until friday. indications are it will curb out to sea. however, what is left of julia is important to us -- and there's not much left. it's a tropical depression -- is bringing moisture. that will feed into the thunderstorms brought that the thunderstorm threat tomorrow. let's talk about what is going to happen over the next seven days. tuesday, there could be a few early morning showers. it clears away. tomorrow, low humidity and 78 degrees. we will greet fall's arrival and then thursday, perhaps scattered
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weekend, that will feel more like fall. temperatures in the 60's as opposed to the 80's. be careful. tomorrow morning for commute could be on the slow side. i'm it meteorologist mike wankum. >> now here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. mike l: hi, folks. jimmy garoppolo almost then this happened. just before the half, garoppolo rolling to his right, gets hit by a keiko alonso. drives his shoulder right into the ground. garoppolo got up to read he got down to one knee. he was taken to be locker room. he was eventually was taken to the hospital for tests and an evaluation, including mri. jimmy garoppolo does what will the status be? nobody knows for sure.
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gadir joins his life. what have you got for us, josh? josh: the story is clearly jimmy g, the injured, and questions about that injury. of course, the houston texans will be on this field playing the patriots just four days from now. >> it's hard to see anybody go down for any team. i just want to check on him. >> it is something granted -- injury, injury report, this, that, and the other. this is a guy dealing with a situation. he has got to deal with it day in and day out. anytime you sustain an injury. we are praying jimmy, hoping for the best. he definitely has our support. josh: no question, you could see, lynchie, jimmy a lot of
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praised jacoby percent, saying that he has worked for this all through the spring and he's confident he can do a good job. mike l: all right, josh, thank you very much. let's get to the net -- to the game. big papi had to get back to fenway. the red sox of the yankees coming up tonight. let's pick up the action. jimmy garoppolo, first drive 75 five for five on the drive. 7-0 patriots. the patriots have the football, jimmy took them 75 yards again, this time right of the slot to marcellus bennett. off the back foot, again, three possessions, three touchdowns, 21-0 at the time. then about six minutes into the second half, garrett blunt, 123 yards on the day, gives the patriots the seemingly
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dolphins came back and this was the final play of the game on fourth down. an interception on a would be tying touchdown pass and the patriots get out of dodge 31-24. before the game, was tom brady spot in the parking lot? that is a tom brady mask. who was me? wide receiver chris welker. he spent some time in the parking lot and in the stands as well. well. maria: hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business.
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maria: so we are waiting for the rain? mike: it keeps getting pushed back farther and farther. i think it's moving to tomorrow felt to tomorrow fell commute. be cautious about that. maria: good to know. the emmys are coming up. rob loses next. reid: vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. three potential terrorist attacks on u.s. soil, including a bomb blast in new york city. the moment an explosion rips through a manhattan neighborhood, dozens injured. police warning people to get back. >> everybody get off of the street! device found nearby. and now, the investigation. >> we know there was a bomb. this was an intentional act the manhunt under way for a bombmaker on the loose. the charity race attack the same day, detonated with a cell phone at a benefit run for marines. authorities working tonight to determine if all three bombs are connected. plus, the stabbing spree inside a minnesota mall, a suspect in a security guard uniform invoking allah, stabbing
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him down. and now, isis claiming responsibility. toxic sinkhole. more than 200 million gallons of radioactive water already flowing into the source. residents worried about their drinking water. and, fire in the sky. the plane full of skydivers engulfed. crashing into an arizona home. how the passengers and pilot somehow survived. good evening. i'm fi tom llamas. an urgent manhunt for a bomb maker who set off attacks in new york city. new york city on edge tonight, after this explosion next to a metal dumpster, detonated by cell phone. the blast ripping through the west side of manhattan. 29 injured as police swarmed,


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