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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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11:00 starts right now. >> jimmy corruptible out. >> a blast in new york city. >> cool dry air. how chilly it is going to get. >> close call with a great white. the lesson these guys almost learned the hard way. >> a local vets school of rock. musical mission taking an unexpected turn. unexpected turn. >> narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education.
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announcer: wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. >> patriots quarterback jimmy garoppolo hurt, on the receiving end of a tough hit this afternoon. good evening. i'm ed harding. maria: i'm maria stephanos. we have new details tonight on how long he is expected to be out. sportscenter 5's mike lynch is in the newsroom. mike, what are you learning? mike l: wel i'm told garoppolo has a sprained right shoulder. he will miss thursday's game with houston. he will be monitored day to day, and there is a chance he could play two weeks from today against the buffalo bills. x-rays were taken for a broken clavicle, collarbone, they were negative. the mra -- mri did not reveal's shoulder separation. right now it is ice, a sling, a
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subsided, and try to get him ready 14 days from now against the buffalo bills. >> did you see on the play that game he got hit? >> we will do whatever we think is best for the team. we will keep working, he has been working for this for a long time. all the way through training camp, he has had a lot of reps, did a good job. mike l: first start at 8:30 against the houston texans. and then they will have to brag -- bring in a backup quarterback. right now that is [indiscernible] maria: right now a trio of , possible terror attacks under. -- all under investigation bombs in new york and new jersey a stabbing spree in minnesota. ed: new details are being revealed about them tonight. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is here with the investigation in
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people into custody with a possible connection to last night's bombing in chelsea. we also learned or valence video shows the same man near the site of the explosion at another location where pressure cooker device was found four blocks away. as every tiny piece of evidence is marked by technicians investigators now believe the , device that ripped through a found just four blocks away, a pressure cooker connected with wires and a cell phone in a white plastic bag. bill diblasio: was it a political motivation, a personal motivation? what was it? we do not know that yet. reid: the bomb squad removed the second device and took it to a lab to be analyzed for dna, fingerprints, and most importantly, the registration of the cell phone. >> we want to do so intelligently and move forward.
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case. reid: the bomb was placed in the street next to a trash bin. the explosion injured at least 29 people in new york city's popular chelsea neighborhood. all of them were released from the hospital. >> we heard the shutter of the windows and everything else and , we just ducked. reid: technicians have now determined the explosive used in the bomb was a commercially used substance called tanarite. online videos offer instructions on how to make it and set it off. links to international terrorism have not yet been found. police now focusing on surveillance video from the scene, tin motion evidence to see if the bomber was among the pedestrians walking before the blast. once again with that new information, a new york state senators said the fbi has taken several people into custody. there was a probable connection. last night's bombing in chelsea. the fbi has not confirmed this. maria: thanks. investigators are exploring the possibility the blast is linked to another one in new jersey.
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cell phones connected to them. the pipe bomb exploded on the jersey shore yesterday morning, right before this charity race that was to benefit marines and sailors. nobody was hurt in that blast. terrorism experts are watching the investigations in new york and new jersey very closely. dr. leonard marcus says this is not text book terrorism. he says that investigators, visible and behind the scenes, they do have a handle on collecting the right evidence in enforcement in boston and elsewhere are on heightened alert. >> this does evoke memories of the boston marathon bombing. again, there were two bombs there. a pressure cooker bomb, so until we know for sure, we don't know if this was any kind of a copycat attack. however it does raise red flags.
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attack, while that won't happen if a lone wolf carried it out. ed: now to the attack in minnesota. the fbi is calling a mass stabbing inside a mall there a potential act of terrorism. isis says the attacker was one of its soldiers. but the u.s. officials have not confirmed a link to isis. the 22-year-old is identified as dahir adan. he's accused of stabbing nine people in the st. cloud mall during a five-minute rampage. an off-duty police officer shot and killed him. >> the who was asked if they were muslim. you saw him lunge at the police officer. the officer then fired around, a few rounds. you see him fall, and then you see him get back up. ed: saint cloud is an hour west of the twin cities. at this point, all of the victims are expected to recover. maria: let's talk rain.
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rain. mike: we have to wait until overnight tonight. tomorrow morning is when most of it goes on. let me show you the radar. you see a little band of showers south of the city. it brings a few sprinkles more than anything else. you look out to the west, we have more activity going on. this is really in play until tonight. there is a second band developed out here as well. we get them opportunities rain overnight and tomorrow morning. we are seeing a really muggy air mass. now it is muggy, a cold front approaches, that will bring up showers. the showers you see down to the south and sitting around, and then that rea will move through. the second batch, that is making a direct impact. 6:00 tomorrow morning, you see that. 8:00, central part of the state.
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lightning and thunder as well. keep in mind you might need extra minutes. we will talk more about this rain and cooler temperatures later on this week. ed: a shooting in austin, of person on the run. sean's live with the breaking details. sean: that happened within the last hour. this is linden street in austin. perimeter. they have blocked off several blocks in this area. they do have one victim, a man in his 20's. he was shot once in the head. possibly also shot in the torso. he was taken to the hospital alive but in very serious condition. this shooting appears to have happened in the street outside of the club called the garage. a lot of people are here milling about near this area of the
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and letting people leave. neighbors tell me they hear multiple shots and saw people then speed off, take a listen. >> i heard gunshots like boom, boom, five times. when i looked around, there is no police, some people just drive a car. sean: police are still looking for that shooter. they do have a ed: one of the survivors of a deadly crash in newton, if you plan to -- he plans to a face the person tomorrow. this man was indicted two weeks ago. he crashed his suv into the sweet tomatoes back in march. people were hurt including tony wilson who tells newscenter 5 he
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from the water in nahant yesterday has died. the diver has been identified as 38-year-old vinicius vianna of danvers. investigators say he ran out of oxygen as he made it to the surface, and the current pushed him into the rocks. according to authorities, vianna was an expert diver. another diver that he was with was also rescued, and is expected to recover. maria: commitment 2016 tonight, now. hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail tomorrow, making a pitch to millennials. the democratic nominee will hold pennsylvania. and a lot of pulls out there showing more younger voters abandoning clinton to either sit out this election or back third-party candidates. donald trump, he goes to florida to hold a campaign rally in fort myers. he spent time preparing for the first debate with senior advisers. that first debate is a week from tomorrow. ed: new at 11:00, three surfers are recovering from shark bites in florida. all three bites happened at new smyrna beach, just south of
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two surfers were bitten on the leg. another was bitten on both hands , and he will need surgery. other surfers say they've been seeing baitfish and sharks all weekend. >> a bunch of baitfish, yeah, a lot of baitfish today. good size ones, probably four to six footers. ed: new smyrna beach is a spot know for shark bites, most are not serious. maria: look yes, that is a sharp coming pretty close to the boat off the coast of sandwich. experts are confirming it is a great white. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan talks with the men who saw it all. >> we are looking at a live great white. nicole: very few have seen this view up close and personal. >> we are just motoring along, and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, i see a dorsel fin. nicole: the fin of great white shark, circling around three friends headed out to fish satuday morning.
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straight out of the water, three, four feet, and a big splash down. nicole: the shark about a half mile off the shores of sandy neck beach. >> i am like, get your cameras out, boys. >> reluctantly. yeah, i was like this. nicole: best guess at the size, 10 to 15 feet. >> we were a little but scared , taken aback, but we were like, let's not get too close. [laughter] [speaking simultaneously] nicole: for more than a decade, these cape cod natives have been hitting the water together. now rethinking some boating traditions. >> we used to i don't think we will do that again. nicole: these three friends left there shark encounter with no injures, but one great story to tell. >> just a few thrashes at the boat, and he took off, and we went on to fishing. nicole: so far this year, 19 sharks have been tagged off of the coast of cape cod. this was not one of them. announcer: next on newscenter 5 -- maria: the bizarre rescue at a
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how they got him out. ed: i am tracking a line of showers and downpours just in time for the morning commute. maria: a local vet's school of rock. helping kids a world away. his musical mission taking an unexpected turn. what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby.
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maria: one man's day went from bad to worse. first, he dropped in phone in the water, then got his head stuck in a jetty trying to get that phone out. firefighters in narragansett, rhode island worked for two and half hours to try to free this man. they couldn't use airbags to get him out because the rocks could shift too much. so they went with a pretty low-tech tool. >> olive oil, lots of olive oil. we managed to spray him down and applied a lot of oil, and we were able to dislodge him. he was in good spirits. he is an otherwise healthy 31-year-old male. maria: who now smelled like olive oil, but it got him out of that type situation. he was taken to the hospital to be tech -- checked out for hypothermia. ed: a lot of people dream of one day becoming a rock star, but a retired army veteran from north andover has actually done it.
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exactly, but as mary saladna shows us he's on a successful musical mission in a rather unexpected place. ? mary: meet justin d'addario of north andover, aka the founder of rock n' roll uganda. a school that teaches impoverished young people to play guitar for free. >> my three best students, they totally fell in love with guitar. retired army combat engineer. his tour in iraq and afghanistan was cut short by a roadside bomb on thanksgiving day 2009. once he recovered, he found he still had a desire to serve. his mission, to find a thirrd world country where he could help young people. he landed in the ugandan capital of kampala, at a little school called the rainbow house of hope. >> and i knocked on the door and i said, hi, my name is justin, i am from america.
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, that is what they asked me. i said, i can teach english. i can play guitar. there were three of them there. they went, you can play guitar? i went, yeah. it turns out they had a bunch of broken guitars in the back and nobody knew how to fix them. maria: justin taught the kids what he knew, rock & roll. >> the only full songs that i knew were by bands like green day and bad religion and liberty to. they totally bought this. mary: in no time, several of the students had become teache >> we had one student who was a refugee from the congo. who was just passing by, could not afford it. they invited him in, put the guitar in his hands. to this day, he is playing bass, and he is good. mary: three years later, the program has 10 guitars and over 100 students. d'adarrio is now trying to raise the funds to build an actual school, via a gofundme page and bracelets made by the ugandan music students themselves. >> our goal is to get them a place to be able to teach and learn.
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teaching out of the ghetto out of one of the teachers mother's house. >> what would it take? >> probably $15,000, all included. one thing i really noticed about really poor countries is the sense of community is so strong. it is unbreakable. mary: and justin says he's also learned, it's music that helps bind and bring joy. >> it is vital. it is -- for some of them, it is all they have. mary: in north andover, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: this is video of the explosions in new york city. abc news reporting five people taken into custody with explosions in the chelsea neighborhood of new york city following a traffic stop on the narrow bridge. no charges have been filed. the video you are watching is from the chaotic scene of the explosions at west 23rd around 8:30 p.m. saturday night. this was five people taken into
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maria: we will continue to follow that for sure. and the weather, because we are waiting for the rain. mike: we have been talking about it for a week. it will finally get here during the morning commute. tonight does not feel like we are getting close to fall. 81 degrees, and it was muggy as well. heat, humidity you were looking at lights over fenway, 73 degrees in boston. look at that dew point, 70 degrees. today and tomorrow, very similar, then it drops off tuesday. by wednesday, here comes really refreshing air. but we need to talk about this this air mass, it is humid. we are starting to see a taper off, but bands of showers and thunderstorms as well. these are working their way through tomorrow morning and into the afternoon.
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developing south of the city. it is more sprinkles. we really have to wait that area out west to move in. it will come in 3:00 in the morning. the first band works through. a lot of this is heading across new hampshire. eventually getting to maine, but not a lot of activity south of the pike. activity develops around 6:00 and marches across the state. we see downpours turning -- during the morning commute. tomorrow, you will get rain. it will not be everyone, but a pocket here, lighter there. that is the way it has been. it is half inch of rain out of the whole thing. we see cloud cover, scattered showers at the coast, and by tuesday afternoon, it all clears out. the dryer air moves back in. if you like yesterday's weather, you see more of that in the
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most of it west and north. 70's tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms will sleep the morning, but the threat will linger into the afternoon. 76, to 80 degrees. generally half an inch to an inch. because of this area concentrated in the northwest, we may see more pockets than that. something we are watching in the next 48 hours. tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms. i do expecting severe downpours. but it will slow things down. tuesday, early morning clouds at the coast. it clears away after that. sunshine, humidity is dropping. as fall arrives thursday, we have gorgeous weather. sunshine, 78. a few showers on friday. following that, here comes cooler weather. next weekend, it feels more like fall.
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just enjoy the rain that does fall. mike l: jimmy garoppolo is out for the game after the injury.
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announcer: now, here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5 powered by xfinity. mike l: jimmy garoppolo has a sprained right shoulder, and that is the good news. he will not play thursday night against houston, but there is a chance he could be ready for the buffalo game which is two weeks from today. they took x-rays, broken collarbone, they were negative.
11:28 pm
negative. right now it is ice, a sling, ibuprofen, trying to get mobility and back to practice to play against the bills for to date -- two weeks from now in gillette. >> it is hard to go down. you got to talk to bill about that. i just want to check on him. >> something as you said, we kind of take for injury, this that and the other, but he is dealing with a situation. he has got to deal with the day in and day out. there was a lot of emotions that play into that. we will hope for the best. he definitely has our support. mike l: look who was there for the football game. we have tom brady's jersey. he was out there for the coin
11:29 pm
the dolphins and captains of the patriots. they take 75 yards, complete all passes, 7-0 patriot lead. and then again, 14-0. patriots lead. and then 76 yards, on the blitz coming third and fourth, at this point he was 14 out of 17 for 135 yards and three touchdowns. six minutnt half, licorice lunch rumbles in. back to the dolphins, 31-24. trying to tie the game on fourth down, harmon picks this up. the patriots get out with 31-24. east texas coming to town for thursday night football this week. chris casper of the boston globe will join me and we go
11:30 pm
yankees are over by time we get to that. ed: can you tell me how the dolphins are throwing in the end zone when you are up 31-three in the second half? mike l: no pass runs, hightower. they don't have a pass run. just like throwing darts. maria: i am so glad you asked that question. he came and asked question. i don't know the answer to that.


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