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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> breaking overnight, a startling scare in new jersey as police follow leads in a new york bombing. emily: a shooting outside of a boston nightclub. what a witness saw in the neighborhood popular with college randy: what about jimmy garoppolo's health? how long that hit could keep him out of the game. on this eye this monday morning. emily: rain, even downpours moving across the area this morning. cindy is tracking the time line for the morning commute. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon on this monday
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desperately. the timing is not great but we'll take it. the kids are heading out to the bus stop, even if it's not raining where you are, when they are getting off the bus there will be some showers around, and the rain is going to be filling in a lot of areas. so far it has been heaviest through northern worcester county and southern new hampshire where it has been raining, it has been raining hard, and we have had some embedded thunder and lightning and getting a new strike here. near the warren area, near lifting towards the north and east so rutland and holeland, heavier rain. notice the heavy rain extends right towards nashua, new hampshire, and this is where the rain has been falling at a rate of close to an inch to maybe even two inches an hour, so it has led to poor drainage. we have a flood advisory up until 7:30 this morning. all of this rain is lining up along a slow moving frontal boundary, which is interacting with the tropical air mass.
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this is what's going to be filling in, and moving in our direction towards lunchtime and into the afternoon. so dry, but areas of rain and can't rule out thunder and heavier downpours. it's a wet weather monday. out to the roads. see how we're doing out there. kevin is in for olessa this morning. hi. >> good morning. looking good. cindy mentioned the rain up to the north and west. no in brighten. we have a trouble spot up on 495 southbound, multi-vehicle crash, a couple lanes shut down, approaching route 3, and you see delays, we're seeing the slowdowns here on route 3, getting through 495 and down towards trouble cove road. and now let's take a look at 93 up here. you have got delays out of the methuen stretch, where am i? 93. you have got delays out of the methuen stretch right into andover and more slowdowns.
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salem, new hampshire, down to the city of boston. emily and randy. randy: new information this morning as police investigate this explosion that rocked new york city over the weekend. investigates are questioning several people right now. and this all came ahead of a late night rest during a traffic stop. emily: also a discovery in new jersey causes disruptions on the rails and the eyeopener's erika tarantal on top of these overnight developments. >> we begin in new jersey where the mayor of elizabeth ove confirmed that five device this is a backpack were discovered in a garbage can there. that's one of the devices. unexpectedly being detonated as a bomb squad worked to disarm it. and amtrak and trains, including some service to newark airport, suspended service for hours. trains are running but on a modified schedule with delays expected. meantime in new york at least five people are being questioned by the fbi in connection to the
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law enforcement officials confirming to abc news that those persons of interest were taken into custody following a traffic stop in brooklyn. at this time, no one has been charged with a crime. it was saturday night when an explosive device blew up on 23rd street hurting 29 people. all are expected to be ok. a second pressure cooker device was found blocks away. cnn reporting video shows the same man at both those scenes. emily. emily: investigates exploring the possibiliha in new jersey. abc news reports both explosive devices were set off by similar cell phones connected to them. the pipebomb exploded on the jersey shore saturday morning shortly before a charity race to benefit marines and sailors. nobody was hurt in that blast. terrorism experts are watching the investigations in new york and new jersey very closely. dr. leonard marcus says this is not textbook terrorism.
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evidence in new york. marcus also is certainly that law enforcement here in boston and elsewhere are on heightened alert. this does evoke memories of the boston marathon bombings. there were two bombs there. pressure cooker bomb, so until we know for sure, we don't know if this was a copycat attack, however it raises red flags. >> marcus says terror organizations are more take responsibility while that won't happen if a lone wolf carried it out. the fbi is calling a mass stabbing inside a minnesota mall a potential act of terrorism. isis says the attacker was one of its soldiers, although u.s. officials have not confirmed a link to isis. the 22-year-old is identified as dahir adan, accused of stabbing nine people in the st. cloud mall during a five-minute rampage. an off-duty police officer shot and killed him.
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randy: a man is fighting for his life after a shooting outside of a nightclub in boston and the eye's julie mcdonald is at the scene in austin with the details in overnight. reporter: well that shooter is still on the loose right now, as police piece together what happened here. we know that a man in his 20s was shot in the head and in the upper body just after 10:00 last night on pratt street near the nightclub nearby linden street. they told the globe it happened during an altercation inside that nightclub. the victim was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. witnesses said that they heard the gunshots, and then they saw someone speed away. >> i just heard gunshots. when i looked around, there was no police, but some just drove
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description of the suspect from witnesses, and they hope that other witnesses may be able to help attract -- to track that person down. i'm julie mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. we're learning details about just how long patriots' quarterback jimmy garoppolo will be outside. he suffered a strained shoulder. garoppolo threw three touchdowns before that injury sidelined him. he will miss a night's game, but he could be back to play in two weeks against the bills. so jacoby brissett will take over, and you can get to know him using our wcvb app. you will find the latest on his game preparation as well as the latest on garoppolo's injury. and the red sox hit the road today. new york on the board quick with an rbi single. they made it 2-0 in the third
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put the sox back in the game. a three-run score on that first home run, and then again in the seventh. the final is 5-4. the sox head to baltimore to face the orioles tonight. randy: commitment 2016, hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail making a pitch to millennials. the nominee will hold a rally in philadelphia. and several polls show more voters are either going to sit out the election or back the third party candidates. and donald trump on the trail today holding a campaign rally in fort myers, florida. trump spent time on sunday preparing for the first debate with his senior advisors. the first debate is a week from today. emily: concerns about kids' coughs and pains. the warning about codeine. and also new this morning, make your home more appealing to
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the upgrades you can make for free. and a bad day for a beach-goer in rhode island. how his cell phone landed him in a very tight spot. erika? erika: police in new jersey unintentionally detonate one of five suspicious devices found in elizabeth. that came just hours after police in new york city detained five people in connection to this blast that happened over the weekend in chelsea. 29 people were hurt. all are expected to be ok. cindy. cindy: tracking areas of rain. not seeing much in the boston area currently but that area of wet weather west of new york city is moving in. the time line is ahead. take a look at the temperatures as you are ready to head out the door this morning. it is a soupy start on your monday morning. 72 degrees as you are heading
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>> hello, everyone, from the rehabilitation center, the top hospital in new england, every day we're inspired by our patients to help them find their strength. happy rehab week! morning eyeopener! randy: good morning to our friends at spaulding kicking off the national rehab week. a great wakeup call. >> and we would love to see your call as we go everybody to g it right on your phone. it's so easy, upload it to our ulocal using our wcvb app. emily: and maybe singing and dancing in the rain today, right? cindy: i know a lot of you are going really? what rain? it's coming, but take a look. since midnight where the heavy rain has been, and it has been heavy, look at that. close to two inches of rain. orange up to concord and new hampshire.
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heaviest rain so far has been in areas north and west of the city, and across new hampshire, the rain comes down hard and leaves us poor drainage flooding. we have a flood advisory out this way. you can see where the rain is right now. the first batch has really been focused off to the north and west but we're getting in on the raindrops here in the worcester area, as well, but the widespread heavy rain and embedded downpours, getting into lowell, as well, as it goes into manchester, and you can follow into the worcester area. look it said cluster coming out through the spencer area. it had lightning associated with it, about 15 minutes ago, and this is going to continue to move out of spencer and towards holden and west boylston. so keep that in mind there, heavy downpours the biggest concern. look at the rainfall rates. upwards of two inches per hour. it does not sit over you for an hour but just a tropical nature of this air mass that we are in.
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we have the remnants of julia speeding up along this frontal boundary so pockets of heavier rain focused west of new york city now, and that's going to be working on in as we go towards later on and into the afternoon, so that is the rain coming, but look at the dewpoints in that oppressive category, uncomfortable, a very sticky day, so we're starting out in the lower 70s and we'll top out in the mid and upper 70s with rain. so let's time it out. the first batch of rain winds down through 8:00, rain is starting to fill in, worcester through this afternoon around the boston area, and this is when there will be downpours. be ready for the thunder today, and as we get towards the commute, a lot of rain is starting to taper. some showers may linger here at times through the overnight hours and into early tomorrow down across southeastern massachusetts, so widespread, i am hopeful that we all see some rain, likely the lowest amounts in the cape but the heaviest rain north and west of town, holding in the 60s tonight, it
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sticky tomorrow, the front stalls out a bit. it's going to be this front right here, which drops the humidity, and that does not come through until tuesday night. you are going to feel a bigger difference by wednesday as the humidity comes down wednesday and thursday, and looking very comfortable, but tomorrow, wednesday, we're at or above 80 degrees. it does not really cool off until next weekend but the humidity drops way down for the start of fall on thursday. let's get you out to the roads right now, that rain is causing some issues out there. >> we do have some trouble spots here on the expressway. a live shot from sky 5 coming down the expressway. you are filled in up to columbia road. we are talking about 25, close to 30 minutes already on the expressway. a quarter after 6:00 in the morning. let's go up to the north. we have a trouble spot here. 495 southbound right at route 3 coming out of that lowell stretch. a multi-vehicle crash. last check, one lane was getting
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through the stretch and then heaviest after 495. that's the traffic. now you are ready for the roads be careful up on 495. >> we are following breaking news overnight. suspicious devices shut down a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. this is video of police accidentally detonating one of those five devices. in new york five people are being questioned by the fbi in connection with an explosion there. abc taken into custody last night after a traffic stop on the belt parkway in brooklyn. nobody has yet been charged in saturday night's explosion in chelsea. nearly 30 people were hurt. one plan's day went from bad to worse. he dropped his phone in the water and then got his head stuck in a jetty trying to get it. firefighters in narragansett, rhode island worked for 2.5 hours to free him. they could not use airbags because the rocks, they could shift too much, so they went
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hospital to be checked out for hypothermia. randy: in your health this morning a new warning about prescribing codeine for children's coughs and pains. the american academy of pediatrics has now strengthened its advice against a prescription of codeine for kids. the warnings come after reports of deaths and risk for dangerous side effects that include breathing problems. doctors are looking to use another remedy when morning, thousands of general motors employees could be on strike at the two canadian victories tonight. that's the deadline for a new contract with the company. the union is fighting for a long-term commitment from g.m. for future production at the canadian plants. it would affect engine and transmission factories which last year delivered power to 15% of g.m.'s vehicles sold in this country. asian shares moderately higher overnight, and stock futures
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outcomes of the federal reserve, and bank of japan policy meetings later this week. emily: when it comes to selling a home you might spend a lot of money making improvements to impress potential buyers, but there are 134 steps you can take that won't cost you anything. experts say making steps to depersonalize. the goal is to make the buyer feel at home and comfortable. take down sports memorabilia. real estate experts say a seller's spirited support with their team might create a impression on a potential buyer. no mystery rooms. when someone is looking to buy a house they want to see the entire property so make sure all doors are unlocked. and the emmy winners and one good natured loser. randy: damon is fun at jimmy kimmel's expense. erika: and new at 6:30, a close encounter with sharks. the moment taking experienced boaters by surprise. also the driver charged in a deadly crash at a pizza
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morning. and we continue to follow breaking news in elizabeth, new jersey where five suspicious devices were found near the train station there. the discovery coming shortly after police in new york detained five people in connection with saturday's explosion in chelsea. still no arrests at this point. plus, cindy is cracking down on with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> good morning eyeopener. >> we're riding from boston to raise money for people living
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we made it! randy: yes, you did and you raised a half a dozen dollars. great seeing everyone on saturday. emily: one of the events that we are so proud to sponsor so well done, and they made it before the rain. and saturday was a great day. the opposite happening out there this morning in many areas, especially north and west of town. heavy downpours near the rc not seen much around boston, the south shore, the cape. rain southwest of new york city is going to be filling in, so as we go deeper into the morning, and especially noontime into the early afternoon, that's when i think the rain chances are highest around the greater boston area but look at this cell moving into worcester. heavy rain with this. that's up through holden and back into worcester. very humid today, we're in the mid 70s. we'll get rid of the showers tomorrow, but the humidity
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wednesday. emily. emily: it was television's biggest night on sunday. the primetime emmy awards, and you saw it right here. the best comedy went to veep, starring julia louis-dreyfus won for best comedy actress. it's the fifth year in a row for her. and game of thrones won best drama. and the people versus o.j. simpson scored big, as well, nearly sweeping the limited series category. randy: time for monday morning eyepoppers. reporter: there were actors and actses -- and actresses and jimmy kimmel. >> how -- i am trying to get downtown to the emmies. >> are you nominated? >> yeah. >> wow, what's that like? >> he was there poking fun at himself pretending to be an uber driver while in between jobs.
6:26 am
now you have got to stand out here for the rest of the night in front of everybody. croirg. reporter: he couldn't pass it up. damon a recurring nemesis on the late night show. it's so funny. even after all these years, it's il >> right. >> he said something like and your mom said i really -- you know, the good will hunting reference. emily: still ahead, a retired army veteran using music to make dreams come true. his new mission in africa. and we are following breaking news in new york. this is video of the varranzano bridge where police detained five people last night.
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emily: overnight, two developments two days after an explosion rocks new york city. the people being questioned right now. >> and the alarming find near a new jersey train station. cracking the news down, the hour by hour time line. randy: a driver in court months
6:30 am
restaurant. what we can learn in a matter of hours. emily: new details after a man is shot in the head outside of a bar in austin. reporter: kris humphries g. -- jimmy g. on the mend, when he could be back on the eye. randy: 6:30, that's video of police accidentally detonating one of five suspicious explosive devices found near a train station nobody was hurt. good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer. we'll have more that in a minute but first cindy and kevin are tracking the rain. cindy: a lot of it is north and west of the city but moving east. it will be filling in, so have the rain gear with you today. kids at the bus stop will want it, as well, getting off the bus especially. there will be showers around and very muggy today in the 70s. you can see where the rain is right now. it stretches from worcester into
6:31 am
where it is raining, it has been pouring, and that has led to the poor drainage flooding. hold it down to worcester under a flood advisory, this just issued up until 7:15, and this morning, we're talking about the rainfall rates here up over an inch close to two inches an hour as the downpours move through, and obviously can cause some problems. we're looking at heavier rain right now right up along 495 up towards lowell, and this goes up into southern new hampshire the way. this front is moving slowly. you can see all of this filling in. eastern pennsylvania towards new york city. this is all going to be drifting northward here along this frontal boundary and filling in. so the rain chances are going up. lunchtime right through the afternoon can't rule out a thunderstorm with the temperatures holding nominated mid 70s today, and you can see that here on the future cast. the rain is filling in by noontime, and it will be heavy at times through mid afternoon and slowly tapering off this evening. let's get you out to the roads. north and west of town is where we
6:32 am
problems up to the north. not so much south of town along the expressway, the normal, heavy delay, 30 minutes up to the tunnel. let's go to the map. we've been following this crash all morning for the most part. 495 southbound, multi-vehicle crash still out there in that stretch out of lowell. the delays are pushing back to route 38. route 3 also seeing some delays as you are heading in and at 495. let's look at 93. a tough ride out of methuen. most of the way take 86 minutes, methuen down to the lower deck, and we're also dealing with a crash here. route 1 southbound at the lynnfield tunnel. jamming you back to that 95 ramp. if you are taking the trains this morning pittsburgh train 400, 45 to 50-minute delay. emily: thank you. breaking news out of new york city and new jersey right now. randy: we are tracking the developments. erika: we begin in elizabeth, new jersey where the mayor
6:33 am
can near the train station, and you can see we have video of one of those devices exploding as the bomb squad tried to disarm it. no one was hurt. local train and amtrak service once suspended is running with delays, and in new york city at least five people were taken into custody during this traffic stop on the varranzano bridge. they are being questioned by the fbi in connection to saturday's explosion in chelsea. no one has been arrested for the blast that rocked 23rd street. 29 people were cooker was found blocks away. cnn reporting the same man was spotted on surveillance at both of the scenes in the city. meantime investigates still are working to determine if the chelsea devices are connected to a pipebomb that exploded on the jersey shore on saturday morning before a charity race there. no one was hurt there. randy: thank you. 6:33. right now the man accused in a deadly crash in a newton restaurant is getting ready to face a judge. emily: we are expecting to learn
6:34 am
whereas the driver will answer to charges today. sera? sera: the driver will be arraigned on those charges emily and randy, and possibly face some of the survivors of the crash who are expected to attend. the 55-year-old newton man brad casler was indicted two weeks ago for the crash at sweet tomatoes that happened on march 1. he faces charges of motor vehicle homicide and driving to gregory morin of newton were killed when casler crashed his suv into the front of the restaurant. seven others were hurt, including tony wilson. he tells newscenter 5 that he expects to be at the arraignment. we're hoping to learn more including what caused casler to lose control of his vehicle. live this morning in woburn, sera congi, newscenter 5.
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it is a great white. the three men who took the video say it was between 10 and 15 feet long. they have been hitting the water together for more than a decade but say that they have never seen anything like that, and now they are rethinking some of their boating traditions. >> we were a bit scared, taken by. we were like let's not get too close to it. terrified. i saw too. 19 sharks have been tagged off the coast, not including that one there. >> still ahead, julia louis-dreyfus bringing an emotional moment to the emmies. randy: the veep star's tribute to her late father. and an army vet changing lives. giving kids new opportunities in uganda. >> and breaking news in elizabeth, new jersey. police have found five suspicious devices at a train station.
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in connection with this
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>> good morning, and welcome. a number of problems that we have had. the latest on 495 approaching the mass pike causing delays. some heavy rains out there this morning, as well as expected. cindy fitzgibbon, what can we expect from the rain? cindy: right where you have the problems, that is where the heaviest rain is right now, up into southern new hampshire. this extends back into the worcester area. rainfall rates in some cases, more than an inch an hour so watch out for the localized drainage flooding. we could have a thunderstorm into the a the mid 70s. we'll dry things out tomorrow, and look at that. 80s sticking around but the humidity drops midweek. randy: an army veteran from north andover is making dreams come true, and he's doing it through rock music. those are the students of rock n' roll uganda, a program founded by justin d'addario.
6:40 am
roadside bomb in 2009 but he still had a desire to serve. he discovered the rainbow house of hope in uganda and began teaching music to students there. three years later the school has ten guitars and over 100 students. >> we had one student who was a refugee from the congo. wasn't in the school because he could not afford it, and they taught him. and to this day he's playing bass, and he's good. randy: his next goal is to build a school. he has set up a goun and is selling bracelets made by ugandan students. emily: in news to go, a violent weekend in new york. and a man shot in the head outside of a boston nightclub. the incident that may have led to that violence. and there was a light moment at the pat's game before jimmy garoppolo took that hit. the surprise for tailgaters ahead this morning. and a live look here at the city of worcester. it is a rainy, gray day right
6:41 am
when it hits the bosto narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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emily: we are ready with your news to go . we have more devices discovered at a new jersey train station. randy: cindy tracking the rain.
6:44 am
where's mine? we need it to desperately. you are not seeing it boston and south and east, watching that area, that's going to be filling in and working north so we are all going to end up with something today, and around the boston area your chances for rain will really increase by lunchtime into mid afternoon. i think that that's the window of greatest opportunity for getting the rain. you can see where it is from worcester right into new hampshire, and this rain has been falling at a rate of one to two inches a poor flooding. there is multiple cars that have been stuck in the water out in the springfield area, and there are cars hydroplaning on the roads. kevin has been telling me about that, so where it is raining, it is raining hard. this is moving into westborough now, as well. this is where we do have a flood advisory up for that localized poor drainage flooding until 7:15. also heavy rain up 495 up towards new hampshire.
6:45 am
buzzard's bay. this is through the canal so we are going to continue to find this rain filling in, tropical air in place. remnant tropical moisture from julia feeding in, and it spells the potential for off and on downpours over the course of the day. the greatest chance at boston, lunch time in the afternoon, the temperatures hold in the mid 70s today. so you can see the time line. the lunch hour. likely getting wetter. worcester into boston and that rain is with us into the afternoon. things should taper off for your humidity, still kind of high tomorrow. slowly it comes down, and still around 80 but less humid on wednesday. let's get you back out to the roads and trouble spots out there. reporter: it has been a busy monday morning. not so much downtown but you see the heavy volume on the lever connector and the loop ramp, you are back on the tail side trying to get up over the bridge. let's go to the trouble spots here. one of them 495 northbound right at the mass pike. that's a crash taking out the right lane. delays solid back into that
6:46 am
map. pike beginning at 495 into west newton. route 1 southbound, a crash here, sounds like serious injuries, and causing delays there, and 1128 getting busy out of that peabody stretch. 495 southbound earlier crash has cleared away. and nonetheless you are dealing with heavy delays getting down into route 3. taking the trains. moderate southbound delays on the orange line due to a disabled fbi continues to question five people in connection with an explosion in new york. randy: new developments coming after another threat found in new jersey, and erika tracking it all for us this morning. erika: another square. five explosive devices were found in a garbage can near the train station in elizabeth, new jersey. you see there, one exploding as the bomb squad tries to disarm it early this morning.
6:47 am
modified schedule after local train and amtrak service had to be suspended, and meantime detained after this traffic stop, five people are being questioned by the fbi in connection to saturday night's blast in chelsea. at this point no one has been arrested for the explosion that rocked 23rd street. 29 people were hurt mostly with minor injuries. a second pressure cooker device was found blocks away. cnn reporting the same man was spotted on surveillance as both both -- at both sites. reporter: they say these incidents are related. abc news reports an explosive device was set off by a cell phone timer like the one in new york. it happened on the jersey shore shortly before a charity race to benefit the marines and sailors. nobody was hurt. and the fbi is calling a mass stabbing inside of a mall a potential act of terrorism. isis says that the attacker was
6:48 am
group. the 22-year-old suspect is identified as dahir adan, accused of stabbing nine people in the mall during a five-minute rampage. an off-duty police officer shot and killed him. all of the victims are expected to recover. reporter: investigates are looking for the suspect who shot a young man in his head and upper body last night. boston police tell the globe this happened after an altercation inside the garage the victim, a man in his 20s, collapsed on linden street. he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. witnesses say that they heard the gunshots just after 10:00. then they saw someone speed away in a car. police were able to get a description of that suspect. if you were in this neighborhood and believe you may have seen or heard something around that time just after 10:00 you are asked to reach out to boston police. live in allston, julie
6:49 am
emily: more than six months after that more risk sweet tomatoes' crash the man behind the wheel is expected to face a judge today. it was on march 1st when an suv slammed through the front of the newton restaurant. two people were killed and several others were injured. 55-year-old brad casler of newton was indicted two weeks ago. he will be arraigned today for motor vehicle homicide and operating to endanger. we hope he will learn at the arraignment what caused this crash. live this courthouse, sera congi, newscenter 5. emily: thank you, a peace garden honoring one of the boston marathon bombing victims is set to be unveiled. the garden will remember crystal campbell. medford's mayor will showcase the peace garden on sunday at the senior center. the garden will also pay tribute
6:50 am
calier. umass amherst will honor the life of new hampshire journalist james foley. foley was killed by isis in 2014 in syria. the symposium will include a screening about his life followed by a discussion with his parents. randy: president barack obama is asking the country to remember the victims of opioid overdoses this week. he has declared the week the opioid and heroin epidemic awareness week. mr. obama calling on all americans tool raise awareness about the dangers of the drugs and wants the country to remember the victims and stand with everyone recovering from opioid addiction. emily: opening statements begin in the bridge gate scandal. two allies of chris christie are charged in the 2013 george washington bridge lane closures. prosecutors say bill baroni and bridget kelly shut down lanes of the gw bridge causing gridlock. the closures were in an attempt
6:51 am
chris christie for re-election. chris christie not expected to attend. >> lastly i would like to dedicate there to my father, willy, who passed away on friday. and i am so glad that he liked me because his opinion was the one that really matters. thank you. emily: an emotional speech from veep actress julia louis-dreyfus. she made that candid death as she accepted the award for best comedy actress. julia louis-dreyfus broke an emmy record, six awards in the category. veep took home best comedy series for a second straight year. randy: a well deserved award for game of thrones again for top drama. this is the second consecutive year the hbo series has claimed that prize. it is becoming the most honored primetime television show ever. it received a total of 12 awards last night.
6:52 am
new york got on the board fick with an rbi single. they made it 2-0 in the third with this homer there. it was 4-0 before ramirez put the sox back in the game. bottom of the fifth. three runs scored on his first home run of the night. he does it again in the seventh putting the sox up 5-4, and that would be the final. quarterback jimmy garoppolo will miss at least thursday night's game with a shoulder injury. he suffered a sprained shoulder. garoppolo threw for three touchdowns before that injury sidelined him. he could be back in two weeks to start against the buffalo bills. randy: the report on the tom brady mystery has been solved. he's going to take it off here and it will be, yeah, former pat's receiver wes welker tailgating with fans.
6:53 am
not there, but it is clear that he was behind the mask for each appearance. >> the highly coveted half-time slot is still up for grabs. that's according to the nfl. an nfl official has denied reports that lady gaga will headline the show. she wowed in last season's super bowl with her rendition of the national anthem. the nfl official tells the washington post they talked to several artists but do not have a final decisio emily: it will be a good show for sure. how are we doing? reporter: a busy monday morning. we have had numerous accidents mostly because of the rain that we have had north and west of the city. south of town along the expressway are normal stuff. the expressway here braintree to boston a little over 30 minutes to get up into the o'neal tunnel. let's go to the maps. out to the west, 495 northbound. we cleared a crash near the mass pike. big delays back into that
6:54 am
keeping things heavy on 495 south at route 3. 3, itself, is a tough ride, and now, 93 southbound, we have got heavy rains coming out of that manchester stretch. numerous spinouts reported from manchester down to that salem stretch and heavy delays on 93, most of the way down, over an hour and a half to get from methuen down to boston. if you are taking the trains, got a disabled train on the orange line, expect moderate delays here southbound due to that disabled train. out there, and how long is that going to last? >> it is the has and has not. we have not seen anything yet in boston. just cloudy skies but the air is very soupy with the dewpoint near 70 and temperatures in the lower 70s, so it will be a muggy day. temperatures holding in the mid and upper 70s throughout the day, so where's the heavy rain? as you talked about, all the problems north and west of town, 495, southern new hampshire and on into worcester county. we have a flood advisory up until 7:15.
6:55 am
the rainfall rates of one to over two inches an hour. we're seeing the heavier rains right now on the western side of worcester on in northward, and r to lowell and hanover, and a cluster of showers developing here up towards born and sandwich, and we're going to see more of these do yours. you can see them filling in, all of this moisture riding this frontal boundary, so the rain fills in as we get towards lunchtime and into mid afternoon off but we could be dealing with lingering showers here in southeastern massachusetts through the first part of tomorrow. it will be muggy tonight and in the 60s and tomorrow is a warm day. the humidity is still up there. we're waiting for this front right here to drop. that's not going to happen until tuesday night. so still a warm, kind of sticky day tomorrow as we dry things out from northwest to southeast and then the humidity drops on wednesday. fall begins on thursday. it is going to feel like it was sunshine and low humidity.
6:56 am
for the first weekend of fall. 60s on sunday. >> wow. >> fall will be here then. >> yeah. >> in the 70s out there now, so a big change coming. >> ok. randy: thank you very much for joining us. we hope you have a talk day.
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good morning, america. breaking news. a new explosion overnight at a new jersey train station. after a backpack with five devices discovered near the tracks. authorities detain five people during a traffic stop at a new york city bridge. millions of commuters on edge. >> this is the nightmare scenario. >> the fbi and now investigating after a weekend of terror. >> explosion from a garbage pail. >> that blast on a crowded street injuring dozens. >> big black clouds of like smoke. >> another bomb going off at a charity race for the military in new jersey. and isis taking credit for an take at a minnesota mall. the candidates weigh in. >> we better get very, very tough, folks. >> it's always wiser to wait.


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