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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  September 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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at home. law enforcement agencies are reminding everyone to be vigilant, but there is no known threat to the boston area. we turn to the weather where there is some green. >> ben: some rain for some and a lot of rain for others. harvey: very well put. 495 north and west is where there was one slug of heavy rain and then the new england south coast toward cape cod is another slug of heavy amounts much more modest indeed. still steady rains around the outer cape and flirting with nantucket. there is still rain down the coast and moisture around. there may be one more round that tries to lean back in later tonight before sliding offshore by early tomorrow. once we get into some of the sun the temperature is going to respond. it will stay muggy and
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we'll let you know the rest of the week and the changes to the weekend coming up in a little while. ben and jc? >> ben: thank you. a jetblue plane makes an unexpected landing after being hit by lightning. jc: that wasn't the only issue. diane choe reports from logan tonight. reporter: a jetblue flight leaving new york headed to bermuda had to be diverted to logan airport to address a mechanical issue. jetblue says cries are working to address that flew toward the plane. >> what type of damage did you encounter? >> a possible lightning strike. reporter: that was the communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller. >> i have no cell between you and the airport. it will be a weather free ride. >> that's good. we like that. reporter: jetblue says flight 1731 landed safely at 9:44 this morning. he is a professor of aeronot
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mit. there are one or two planes struck by lightning and maybe more. >> the airplanes are made of metal so the current will actually flow on the outside part of the airplane. >> he says the lightning strike can cause damage to a plane, but it is designed so that it is not an issue of safety in flight. when lightning hits the plane it will hit the nose or the tail and run through the airplane and exit from another sharpnt museum of science? you have seen somebody standing by the cage. it is not dangerous to the people inside. reporter: the biggest problem is that the plane would need to be inspected to make sure nothing major was damaged. passengers were put on another plane to bermuda. wcvb newscenter 5. >> a man accused of sexually assaulting a young girl in new hampshire was tracked down and arrested in new york. perez faced a judge for the first time.
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course of the next several months. court documents say as a result of the assault the young vehicle tim was pregnant. prosecutors asked a judge to keep the bail high on perez. >> we base it on the extremely heinous nature of the offenses. the fact we are alleging the victim is 11 years old and mr. perez is 45 years old. >> the jud behind bars. he is due back in court next week. >> after nearly two weeks off the grid the power station is pumping out electricity once again. pilgrim had to be shutdown 12 days ago because of a problem with a regulation valve. they found another problem during the restart procedure and they had to shut it back down. the plant is 43 years old and it is scheduled to be shutdown
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jc: you are looking at the mass pike which is a breeze in and out of the city. let's take a look at the other locations as we go to 93 southbound to see how the commute is there. normally a half hour drive to go mass ave to route 3. the upper deck is flying at 19 minutes. we saw the pike and it looks great. 93 in newton corner. 19 minutes western tolls to 495. both sides of 495 look good. apparently home. >> minnesota police have identified the man suspected it in another possible terror act. >> nine people to stabbed in an attack at the mall. new information about the man behind the stabbing spree. >> ben: dozens of complaints about unsold cars and the information at risk. the problems that have the state taking action at a local
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thanks to our unique ez oven packaging. it's ready to cook. just pop it in the oven and dinner's ready. delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals. [alright] you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. >> a stabbing spree at a minnesota mall. nine people were hurt and all
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drove someone to commit this violent act continues. >> president obama saying the fbi is investigating the stabbing rampage at a minnesota mall. >> as a potential act of terrorism we will direct the full resources the federal government to make sure it goes forward aggressively. >> nine people were stabbed when a knife wielding assailant violently attacked. >> it was absolute chaos. >> he started striking one in the back of the head. >> he referred to allah during his spree. >> there was one victim asked if he was muslim. >> an off duty police officer shot and killed the suspect. >> that was the suspect's father confirming the news and speaking through a translator and responding to the claim
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islamic state and acting in response to the calls of citizens. >> are you aware he said he was a an isis soldier? [inaudible]. reporter: local muslim leaders speaking out in reaction. >> please let's spread love instead of hate and i will say the it again. isis does not represent islam. connecting the minnesota stabbing to the bombings in new york and new jersey. >> ben: big news out of the bridgegate trial. prosecutorsprosecutors and defense attorneys said in court that the new jersey governor chris christie knew about the lane closings as they happened, something he denied for years. they were closures on the joarnlg washington -- george washington bridge. it is known as bridgegate.
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approaching the bridge causing gridlock. the closures were a plot attempt to get back at the mayor when he refused to endorse governor chit tee for re-- governor chris christie for election. jc: and a popular remedy. >> ben: why they are changing the recommendations for codeine. jc: and the special moment for a high school water boy he will soon never harvey: and a new tropical depression that was born. we are tracking that as well as the rain that is still left over parts of our area.
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narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republica times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan
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>> ben: the husband from "the fault in our stars" have passed away. he and his wife suffered from cystic fibrosis. he met on facebook and drawing similarities with the "fault in our s died. the couple face timed before he passed away. >> ben: "the sound of music" actress carr passed away. she was known to be the eldest daughter on "the sound of music." she was 73. jc: an emotional scene on a high school football. a spcial needs -- special needs student who is usually
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touchdown. it was a special present for robbie's mom watching from the sideline as she is battling cancer. there you can see him run. >> he was so instrumental in getting him to practice while i am at chemo. >> that is way more important than football. >> the opposing team got into the act giving robbie a football jersey. i love those stories. >> ben: they are very nice. it doesn't feel lik i want to keep the warm temps as long as possible. reporter: you will get your wish. at least through the patriots game on thursday night and into friday. this this weekend we will know it will be fall. remember julia, the tropical storm that was a tropical storm and then a tropical depression and milling off the southeast coast? there is still a little semblance of moisture there, but no real circulation. julia is kind of no more. there is a tropical storm
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the atlantic likely to be a hurricane several days ahead as it moves into a more favorable environment. we'll see how close it does or doesn't come to bermuda about five days from now when it makes its closest pass. there is a new depression off the coast of africa and that too will head toward the central atlantic toward the next five days. there is also something else to keep an eye on. rainfall, there was pretty prolific rainfall and west. notice an inch in lawrence. and over two inches in concord, new hampshire and two inches in wooser and two inches in orange. along the new england south coast to cape cod. new london, connecticut over two inches. look what happens when you go from boston to plymouth. it is a third or a quarter of an inch and even less than that. the heavy rains were not
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some more than others. still left with decent rains around chatu m and notice it goes way to the left so there could be more that comes in this flow. most has occurred, but i wouldn't doubt another band will try to move up from boston to the cape before sliding offshore. then by late tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon moving in. and the air mass will be a warm air mass. once we introduce sunshine the temperature could jump up to 80 plus for tomorrow afternoon across the area. and it will be fairly muggy. it will feel like summer. now wednesday and thursday both look like fairly warm days as well. but both of them will feature significantly lower humidity. beautiful weather coming up for wednesday and thursday around here.
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it is pretty uniform across the area. the temperatures probably will not drop lower than the 60s. you can see it is pretty uncomfort -- uncomfortable for all of us. it will be much more comfortable in terms of the humidity impact for wednesday and thursday. there are your high temperatures tomorrow edging into the 80s with increasing sunshine from late morning on. it looks like beautiful weather and beautiful to attend the game at fax burrow on thursday thursday night. peaking in the 80s during the day. the game doesn't start until 8:25. the winds will be light. we check out the next seven days and interesting the game the patriots will be playing on thursday they ril play during -- they will be playing in fall. at 10:21 a.m. on thursday it begins. look what happens over the weekend. showers possible on friday,
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in much cooler air for saturday and sunday. the daylight hour look like they will be on the dry side and maybe a round of wet weather by later monday of next week. that's how it looks right now. jc? jc:harvey, thank you. your children and codeine. a new recommendation could change what pediatricians and parents give to sick kids. >> a child home from school sick orie covering from surgery. when they hurt, liquid pain make life easier for them and their worried parents. now a new report could change what parent have known for years. codeine is an opioid, but different because it needs to be broken down by the body before it has any effect and that is key. this break down process can be different in different people. codeine effects can vary and sometimes the effects can be
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point of stopping breath entirely. that's more than any other opioid. the authors of the report argue that other medicines are a better choice for kids. when it comes to codeine syrup for kids, it may be time to say no. i am dr. timothy johnson. >> ben: a controversial drug to fight muscular dystrophy has got approval. it is known to fight a mutation that causes some cases of despite the agency's own advisors who say there is little evidence that it work. doctors campaign hard for the drug's approval. >> a new look at kids and the internet who show kids who spend a longtime on-line may have more anxiety, depression and adhd. canadian research said those who scored high on an internet addiction test had more
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activities at home and work. their findings will help doctors better design treatment for kid with mental health problems. jc:cars that can't fight. >> ben: first we'll look at newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> more cases dismissed. ed: it is something 5 investigates was first to report. a high school teacher arrested in a violent case of assault. the question tonight about why he is allowed back in the classroom. >> i trying to prevent a tragedy, but causing a controversy. the mistaken message from a local tow company and why they are apologizing to two teen
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>> they made headlines before when they be rated a pizza delivery driver. >> ben: they were told to stop selling unsafe cars. here is 5 investigates' karen anderson. >> right from the get go the car wouldn't stop. >> she says that was the first sign of daughter in west port. an inspection found much more. >> it was just carpet and frames. >> she said she returned the car, but then came another surprise. >> we received some booklets. >> and the dealership's response when she called to complain. >> it was so angry and so disgustingly vial -- vile the
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reporter: she went to the police who charged the owner with criminal threatening last year. those charges were dismissed this june, but west port police say the calls from consumers continue. >> they get enormous amounts of complaints. it is pretty much an on going issue week to week with the police department. >> now with more than 100 customer complaints about the dealership, the attorney general is taking action. her office filed this civil complaint again f sales. they claimed they were engaging in unfair and deceptive practices and funneling unsafe and unreliable vehicles on to the road. >> i this is what makes it so egregious. we are talking about a company that intentionally sold vehicles they knew weren't safe, that were going to break down to customers. reporter: the ag said they changed the purchase prices from what had been agreed on and sold the cars with seat backs or couldn't pass inspection.
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personal information including social security numbers left unsecured in trash bins on the lot. on friday the business was open and sales people worked the lot will but when we showed up with a camera asking for the owner employees locked the door and wouldn't come out of a back room. >> we are here with channel 5 trying to get in touch with the owner jievment thisy have made headlines before. workers were caught badgering a pizza delivery man. now the stakes are higher with the attorney consumers paid back and shutdown the deceptive practices. >> they are worried about how am i gonna get a car or a way to work or to pick up my kids or to get groceries. these are people who don't have a lot of disposable income. they don't have the wherewith all to go and hire lawyers to take this company on. >> these little things are a big deal. they are a huge deal to the people it is happening to. and to have someone stand up and say this is not going to
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everything. reporter: 5 investigates randomly checked five cars and found four had open safety recalls. however no law prevents them from selling those vehicles. the ag's office is asking anyone who has had any difficulties with the dealership or got a car there that couldn't pass inspection to give them a call. karen anderson, 5 investigates. >> pretty interesting stuff. je cjc newscenter 5 at 6:0 ed: the new york bombing suspect taken down. the crucial break that lead to his capture and the new know -- the new focus of the investigation. >> the deadly crash into a newton restaurant and the evidence they say proves the driver's explanation doesn't add up. harvey: the time line to the end of the much needed rain and why the feeling of summer is not over yet. ed: crisis averted? new information on the status
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>> this is wcvb newscenter 5 the a sick:00. at 6:00. >> it was an act of terror. ed: and now the man wanted for questioning for bombings is in custody. rahami is in custody after a dramatic shootout with officers. if you look at his arm you can see the blood-stained bandages. the fbi says he has been linked to the explosive we go now live to john atwater. reporter: the investigation is growing. the question was was he acting alone or did he possibly have help? reporter: hours after releasing ahead rahami's photo they have their man wounded in a shootout with officers. >> i heard 15 or 20 shots. we were standing in the door and when i came out i heard pop, pop, pop. reporter: rahami was conscience h w taken in an
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officers who came to us on him and they had no idea he was at the center of the manhunt until he started firing. >> based on the the information we have now, we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. reporter: he is a u.s. citizen of afghan dissent. he is linked to the bombing in chelsea and at a charity hours earlier and is believed to have left a backpack full of bombs at a train station. technicians removed the bombs evidence they could. the clues came from a second bomb that did not explode saturday night in chelsea. fingerprints along with a cell phone attached to it pointed investigators to their suspect, but not necessarily an organized group. >> have i no ind -- i have no idea there is a cell operating in the city. the investigation is on going. i have no indication that there is a cell operating here. >> tonight it is not clear if
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lists. they are in the process of tracking down people close to him. live in the newsroom, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: there is no known link to rahami, but sciert is -- security is being stepped up todd? reporter: the fbi says there are no known threats to massachusetts at all, but there are a number of security enhancements and some are plainly visible. bomb squad trucks are parked as it is a sign of reassurance. local law enforcement is at a heightened state of alert following the bombings in new york and new jersey. >> we are told there is no next success to the events of the next 24 hours. it is our mission to assure the public they are safe. reporter: tsa agents are also on-the-job assisting amtrak police to secure amtrak trains. and the fbi is keeping an eye


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