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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  September 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> on newscenter 5. in: the new york suspect taken down. the crucial break that led to his capture. >> the extra precautions to secure key locations here at home. maria: the evidence prosecutors say the harvey: the feel of summer is coming back. i will let you know for how long. ed: police have spent the day at crisis averted? new information on the status of injured patriots quarterback jimmy garoppolo. maria made in mass, the : century-old company putting a new spin on the delicate art of glass making. ed: the new york bombing suspect taken down.
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newscenter 5 at seven. it's good to john atwater and the newsroom to continue our coverage. john: investigators have spent the day that suspects home and we understand they say they have found more devices. that as investigators reveal that he is refusing to answer their questions. bleeding, but conscious, ahmad kahn rahami is loaded into an ambulance after a shootout with officers this morning in linden, new jersey. >> one of the officers was vehicle when he was shot at. i'm told the round went through the windshield and actually glanced off his forehead area. john a second officer who was : shot was saved by his bullet-proof vest. those officers went to a bar around 10:30 a.m. this morning after the owner reported someone was sleeping in the front entrance. police say rahami started shooting when they arrived. >> we have directly linked rahami to devices from new york and from saturday in new jersey. john rahami is a us citizen of
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linked to the bombing in chelsea, a bombing at a charity race in new jersey hours earlier, and he's thought to have left a backpack of unexploded pipe bombs at a suburban train station. technicians detonated and removed those bombs, trying to preserve what evidence they could. the critical clues came from a second bomb that did not explode saturday night in chelsea. fingerprints on that pressure cooker along with the cell phone attached to it, pointed investigators to their suspect, but not necessarily an organized group. a cell operating in the area or the city. the investigation is ongoing as as soon as we develop more information we continue to go. i have no indication there's a cell operating here. john we know fbi agents are : tracking down people close to this suspect to see if he had any support. maria while there are no : specific threats here, security officials aren't taking any chances. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich spoke with the mbta he joins us live from south station.
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sometimes there are no warning signs and that is why there is stepped up presence at south station along the entire tea system. on amtrak in any place crowds gather. -- and any place crowds gather. >> it is designed to convenience which makes him an apparent soft target. todd: nbta transit police are stepping up efforts to protect the area. there is a greater sense of urgency in the days since the attack. x we want to create an atmosphere of awareness without creating an environment of fear. we are asking people to be vigilant. todd: the need for vigilance remains even though the suspect has been captured. soft targets are by definition always somewhat vulnerable. the fbi says it is focusing on
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>> we're working with the patriots regarding security. and additional resources from the fbi. todd: the bureau also keeps an eye on security over at fenway park. ed both presidential candidates, : focusing on ways to fight terrorism on the campaign trail. speaking in new york, hillary clinton called for vigilance and tolerance. ms. clinton: if you see something or hear something, report it immediately. i have been clear, we are going after the bad guys and we are going to get them but we are not going to go after an entire religion. ed trump is now focusing on : immigration, slamming clinton's record during a speech in florida.
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criminal aliens to be released into our immunities because their home countries would not take them back. they did not want them. ed: trump is also calling for increased profiling by local police as a way to fight terrorism. national security will be one of the issues the candidates cover during the first presidential debate. it's a we primary topics today. in addition to national security, the debate will focus on america's direction and achieving prosperity. maria we spotted a lot of : umbrellas and raincoats today in boston. as you know it's rain we definitely need. harvey, any more rain left tonight? harvey: it was helpful, some in some areas than others. there could be more coming. let's show you what we talking about. this is a case almost of the
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when you had to cape cod, new london, connecticut. evidence almost an inch. almost -- in this section only an average of one third of an inch of rain. that is true around beverly. you had north and you see concord and new hampshire, plenty of rain there. it has moved offshore. there is more here around southern connecticut so it is possible that the northern edge mass or the cave during the next number of hours through the overnight. in flooding offshore. we start out with clouds in then we will beginning in two sunshine. a warm night for this time of the year in kind of muggy. we will you know about the changes to come, some big ones down the road. ed: take a look. this was the message during a parade in hudson this weekend don't drink and drive. the problem?
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were in that car are upset. our rhondella richardson has their story. >> it is hurtful to me to see that coming to my town. >> we were trying to send a message to the young kids out there. do not drink and drive. rhondella: they scrolled a message anpu while still in her umass memorial hospital bed she received insulting texts about being drunk. maurah and the driver, her sober but injuried boyfriend, john cabral where shock. >> it is devastating. why are people saying this, we do not drink. >> there was no drinking and drugs, so how does a car get put
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>> she faces and operating to endanger, lane violation and speeding charge, bolton's police chief said alcohol had nothing to do with it. the towing company said they just picked a car. >> we only had three cars to chose from and it was a misunderstanding, i feel aweful. -- awful. i really do. >> countryside towing, apologing, posted on facebook, if we knew it was a local hudson family we would have never used this vehicle. ed prosecutors say the driver : who slammed into a newton pizza shop killing two people was speeding. bradford casler pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on motor vehicle homicide charges today. casler's suv plowed into the sweet tomatos shop last march. two people inside, eleanor miele and gregory morin, were killed. seven others were hurt. casler says his multiple scleroris caused the crash but prosecutors say witnesses
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>> accelerating with the engine revving at its highest rpm and another witness described feeling wind or a swoosh and -- swoosh. ed casler has been released on : his own recognizance. he's accused of robbing a bank at gunpoint this afternoon. police say he showed a gun at the sharon credit union on main street around 2:30 and ran off. call police if you recognize him. ed a teacher in wilmington is : back on the job just a few days after an arrest. maria the message from high : school administrators about the decision to allow him in the classroom. harvey: most of the rain over but there is in -- summons of the connecticut i could affect the area. changes in the seven day forecast coming up.
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>> you are watching wcvb newscenter five at seven. maria: a popular teacher in wilmington is back on the job after an arrest. and there's uproar over his quick return to the classroom. wilmington high school gym teacher anthony altieri was arrested last sunday, after a fight with his wife. essex police say he slammed her head into a door frame and broke her nose. the teacher was le last week and today, was back to work. that's causing some mixed emotions at the school. >> and thought they were going to have him on leave until things were over. and not come back. maria: the school sent parents an email saying the decision to permit his return to the classroom is based on his tenure and record of performance here at wilmington high school. we hope that people respect that he is owed his day in court and
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they started operating more than a century ago creating delicate pieces of art. ed: in made in mass doug meehan shows us how a local glass company is staying true to its roots while taking steps in a new direction. doug: if you travel to the cape and use the site more bridge may be passing one of the most historical businesses in the country and not know it. this is burnishing out pierpoint since 1807. artists have been handcrafting luxury blown glass and crystal. things are taking on a new shape at america's oldest glass company. >> because of the history and pedigree it was an amazing opportunity to revitalize the historic rent. doug: he and his brother gary
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decided to change the vision of the company. doug: the vision is to go the traditional while keeping the tradition of exquisite glassblowing techniques alive. an example of the new direction. >> this is a mockup of a chandelier that we are building for a casino. doug: they have been commissioned to create five massive eight-foot wide by eight foot tall lighting displays for a casino in upstate you nor. n doug: another nod, a were turned to a pairpoint original. the tulman's are reintroduce the famous control bubble door knobs. >> we spent a year and a half reverse engineering the process of creating these great knobs for designers, homeowners and also for the commercial industry. doug: it is almost mesmerizing when you look at it. combining color recipes dating
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pairpoint is focused on preserving this brand and art for generations to come. there are a lot more changes in their future. in the works, plans for a brand-new and expanded retail space. they will be creating a train stop along the cape cod railway as well as building a cafe that will open up -- overlook the cape cod canal. in: we eoy a lot of rain today. we are the have-nots. boylston, over three inches. worcester almost two inches. kit kat at two. april over an inch and a quarter. if you were north and west of 495 you got a lot of rain. also if you were near the south coast of connecticut, rhode
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got a lot of rain. look at norwood, plymouth, boston, and beverly. all much more modest amounts of rain. that is the way it turned out for this particular episode. there is still a little bit more rain trying to get to the south coast. you could see more moving east and north. this may slide across southeastern massachusetts during the overnight. there could be another rain. we will day. the deeper we go into tomorrow from northwest to southeast we will see increasing amounts of sunshine. when that happens the gates are open for pretty warm temperatures because the air above was will be warm. we have sunshine on wednesday and thursday as well. both wednesday and thursday we will feature low-to-mid he. tomorrow it will be fairly humid. they could feel like we are in the middle of summer tomorrow. you see the relative clear skies for wednesday and thursday.
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on the western sky, another sunset and post since it, a pretty looking sky along boston and areas to the west. 71 degrees, light easterly wind at this time. you see the temperatures are 60's and low 70's but also notice the uncomfortable air. some patchy ground fog could form. still kind of muggy tomorrow bit more comfortable wednesday and thursday. every bit as warm as tomorrow here the low temperatures for tonight and tomorrow. bouncing back into the 80's and give you an idea of far -- how far we could get. 86 or 87 possible in places like lawrence in lowell. 80 in the lower elevations and low to mid 80's, 84 for bridgewater. there could be a little bit of a sea breeze to keep it cooler. the cape i have to wait longer to get the sunshine and
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evening after being in the 80's during the day it should go down to the 60's. pleasant weather to see the game. we have tropical storm karl which may become a hurricane five days now, making its closest pass to bermuda. a new tropical depression that is forming far out in the atlantic heading toward the central atlantic. before i get into the seven day there is one thing i did want to point out. not just that falta the jet stream when we get to this weekend. as a chunk of much cooler air, the coolest we have had so far this season arrives in time for the upcoming weekend. it is warm the rest of this week but it is much cooler over the weekend preceded by a band of showers later friday or friday night. i will update you later on tonight. and: false starts on thursday. the patriots play their next game. will jimmy garoppolo even be
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is the question. mike lynch is there with the answer. mike: we will hear from one
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>> now, sportscenter 5. one minute drill. mike: welcome to gillette stadium. jamaica ruffalo spent most of the day inside in the trainer's room receiving and less treatment on his bruised right shoulder. as of this moment there are no plans for jamaica ruffalo to play thursday night against the houston texans. it has been more than 24 hours since jamaica ruffalo slammed into the turf at jonah -- gillette stadium. a you can get a pretty good idea with the recovery time will be. he has been getting ice and all kinds of treatment. possibility he may get an injection in that shoulder to reduce some of the information. as of right now this is the football team. it is encouraging that jamaica ruffalo was at the stadium today. >> we were eating some cereal, i
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so he will do whatever he can around the clock to get ready for this. whenever he is going to play next. >> would you be surprised if he was back on tuesday? >> he is a tough kid and he is italian. i do not count him out. mike: bill belichick said on his review show this afternoon that probably it will bring in a quarterback and give him some type of audition but it is unclear he would be available and dressed in active for thursday night's game. they did work out a number of players. one of them was glenn gronkowski. no word on whether they plan on signing him. ed: if you were a betting man, jacoby percent will play quarterback. mike: i would pay to see jacoby
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maria: five for good is next. a man looking out for strangers. ed: major changes that could be
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ed five for good tonight, a : helping hand from a stranger. maria a viewer shared this : picture with us. that's a worker for aaron's helping a man in a wheelchair cross the street. this happened on main street in fitchburg this morning. the viewer tells us that the worker was in the passenger seat of the truck and hopped right out when he saw the man in the wheelchair. brenda willis: when washington bureaucrats threatened access kelly ayotte stopped them. david goethel: and when red tape threatened to crush new hampshire's fishing communities, kelly fought to save us. cheryl coletti-lawson: kelly's legislation on the heroin epidemic will help save lives. jamey french: kelly reaches across the aisle to conserve our environment... becky stafford: kelly is so committed to our veterans and cares about our needs. marc baillargeon: kelly protected our jobs at the shipyard. kelly is one of us.
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dean kamen: that's kelly - an independent leader, fighting for new hampshire. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman?
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hampshire women. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. x is chronicle on wcvb channel 5. >> talk the talk. >> walk the walk. >> it is not as crowded as the adderall xr. >> robert frosts making a better butter. in middle barry, more odds than ends. >> my insurance is and wants me to have an inventory. we stopped and 11,000 items. >> five generations later, a family rediscovers future -- p ewter.


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