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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 20, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is tuesday, september 20. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. we have new details on a suspected bomber and a reference to the boston marathon attack. >> security stepped up here after the explosions in new york and new domestic did assault now back on the job. school defending that decision. >> we'll get to those stories. first a check with cindy with a look at your forecast. it still feels steamy. >> it's going to be a very warm summerlike day. we have high humidity. the temperature is near 70 degrees in boston. we've got a light southerly wind which has trapped a lot of moisture. wherever you see the white, that's where we're dealing with fog this morning. look at the visibility, worcester to lawrence and
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there's a lot of fog north and west of the city. 60's to near 70 degrees. it's a warm start. we're looking at a couple of showers focused along the south coast, cape and islands. they're going to stay in this area for the next several hours. this is a stalled frontal boundary focusing some of the showers. if you're looking for less humid air, it is way back here. this front won't bring that in until tonight. it's going to be a warm, humid day. we're jumping into the 80 degrees this afternoon. skies will brighten lunchtime north and west of town where we have the shower threat to the south. the temperatures respond. lots of 80's. mid 80's up to the merrimac valley. let's get you out to the roads. good morning, olessa. >> good morning, cindy. we'll start with trouble in chelsea this morning. a water main break is tying up much of the westbound side of revere beach parkway.
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murray street. be aware if you're heading in that direction. you may encounter delays. we're watching delays with construction dropping off at the morning hours. let's go up to that road work still taking out some lanes. let's check the rest of the ride. so far we're in good shape 93 south and also on the expressway. no problems heading south and one last construction zone on 128. this project wrapping up shortly by highland aue southbound side. north of town, you're good to go. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. >> did he act alone? that's the question as the man believed to be behind several explosions in new york and new jersey is charged. >> and this morning we're learning new details about his past. the eyeopener's nicole estaphan is live at the marathon finish line in boston with the reference he made to the bombers here. nicole? >> ahmad rahami officially charged with attempted murder.
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brothers in a handwritten note found on the device in new york city that did not explode. here's video of rahami's capture yesterday. this is the end of a dramatic confrontation. over the last few years, investigators say he took trips to afghanistan and pakistan. friends say he came back a changed man. authorities have yet to connect him to a larger network. yesterday, two police officers were shot allegedly by the suspect. they are expected to recove not releasing further details as to the mention of the tsarnaev brothers, but he also mentioned other terrorists. live in boston this morning, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> right now the situation that unfolded at a new jersey train station is bringing up new questions regarding safety on the rails. this morning there are no obvious threats in the boston area, but security is increased as a precaution. bomb squad trucks were parked
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obvious sign of heightened awareness. more officers and k-9 patrols are also part of that plan. this was the scene yesterday at a train station in elizabeth, new jersey, where five devices were discovered. investigators believe ahmad rahami dropped them there, causing service disruptions for hours. new this morning, that has lawmakers thinking about security and safety protocols. congressman stephen lynch tells "the herald," the of concern because you have five more times people. >> a school is defending its decision to allow a gym teacher charged with domestic assault back to work. the superintendent says he does not pose a threat. he was arrested last week after he slammed his wife's face into a door frame breaking her nose
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he was suspended with pay and allowed to return to school days later. >> police in foxborough are looking for this man accused of robbing a bank at gunpoint. he showed a gun at the sharon credit union and ran off. >> the justice department is reviewing this deadly police shooting in oklahoma as the victim's family calls for charges against the officer. and erika tarantal is tracking new developments on this story. >> theil answers after watching newly released video of friday's deadly shooting in tulsa. it shows a different scene than what officers initially described. terence crutcher was shot and killed. they say he refused to raise his hands. you can see he is doing just that. while he's back at his suv, a taser is launched, then a gunshot.
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pilot calling connecticut -- crutcher a bad dude. >> the big bad dude was my twin brother. the big bad dude was a father. >> crutcher's family is asking for murder charges to be filed against the police officer. tulsa's police chief called the video disturbing and is promising justice. emily? >> thank you. family and friends are remembering aet police search for her killer. wanda rosa was found unresponsive in her apartment last week. her son's father, emilio delarosa, is charged in her murder. he is on the run. rosa's family and friends came together last night to honor her. despite a long history of domestic abuse, rosa tried to forge a relationship between her abuser and their son. now they're calling to an end to domestic violence.
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questions why doesn't the perpetrator leave? why didn't we do a better job and really holding him accountable? >> police have received a number of tips but have not tracked down delarosa. >> four more criminal cases are dismissed in that braintree police evidence room scandal first reported by 5 investigates. one of them, ebel soto-gomez, arrested in 2010 when police found cocaine and crack cocaine in an apartment along with two children there, dropped the pending case following the evidence room audit that found drug and other evidence missing or compromised. he's still jailed on separate charges in the city of boston. it's a race to the finish to get the self-driving cars on the road. >> the plans the government has today to get there first. and the proposal that could speed things up for your commute. >> front and center in the battle against the opioid
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change at the white house. >> we have fog, but the sunshine will break through. my timeline on that and when the humidity drops. plus, the feel of fall ahead in
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>> 5 on the opioid crisis. joan ne peterson was at this hearing at the white house. her son is in long-term recovery. she's the founder of the group learn 2 cope which helps family dealing with the epidemic. she says there are signs of project. >> we do everything we can to educate and provide hope and
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and we do see a lot of recovery. we see a lot of people come back and say, you know, my daughter has a year, five years, six years, seven years. >> there will be events all week in d.c. to mark epidemic awareness week. >> cars that can't pass inspection sold by a used car dealer. 5 investigates covering the complaints and the action being taken. hard to believe. but this boy is
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>> all right. 4:44. >> i had fog just about all the way in from southern maine this morning. >> most of the fog is north and west of the city. >> okay. >> and some spots, visibility just drops. so heads-up on the fog this morning. that fog is leftover moisture from the rain. >> yes. >> finally! >> the rain yesterday. and a lot of us got quite a bit. we have the halves that got quite a bit of rain. look at that.
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worcester, the most rain in a single day since september of 2015. truro over an inch. pepperell over an inch. then we have the have-notes. look at norwood. not even 1/4 inch. just over that in plymouth, taunton. boston had 1/3 of an inch. we're still way behind for the month in boston, looking at a de close to 1 1/2 inches still even after yesterday's rain. you know, we're so far behind for the year. any little bit helps. we're looking here at lingering showers along the south coast and the cape. they're moving over the same areas repeatedly. not a solid shield of rain, but there are more clusters of showers to the south. they're going to work up along a stalled frontal boundary. the same front that triggered the showers. down on the cape, southeastern
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through lunchtime. to the north and west, clearing skies. we get another frontal boundary. this does not have much moisture, but it's the leading edge of less humid air. it's still going to be humid today. humidity drops off tonight and it will be much more comfortable tomorrow through the rest of the week. here's the fog. visibility 1/4 mile in lawrence. 1/2 mile beverly. not so bad around the city. be careful. a lot of 60's out the door. closer to 70 on cape cod and along the coastline. a lot of clouds through noon. the skies brighten, especially north and west of town, where we jump into the mid 80's this afternoon, right around 80 boston. but cooler along the south coast and the cape. we've got a couple of showers through lunchtime and in the afternoon while the rest of the area hangs on to sunshine.
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overnight hours. they'll get out of here tomorrow. tonight, still a mild night. mostly in the 60's. far northwestern suburbs fall into the 50's. less humidity air is settling in along with high pressure. that will carry us into thursday. it's mostly clear for the patriots game if you're headed there thursday. temperatures in the 60's. thursday is the arrival of fall beginning as we head toward the upcoming weekend. boy, is it going to feel like it. 80's in the forecast and what happens as we head toward the weekend. those are highs only in the 60's despite emerging sunshine on saturday and lower 60's on sunday. it's really going to feel like fall this weekend. still pretty soupy this morning. >> oh, yeah. and the visibility is not great. be careful heading out the door. one problem spot in chelsea. a live look outside. there's the expressway by the gas tanks northbound heading toward the top of the screen. let's get to the maps. there's a water main break
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by murray street. it's on the westbound side. they have a couple of lanes closed for the early morning hours. expect delays. we'll keep you posted. as you head south, no problems. route 3 looks okay. 24 and 94 quiet. ride along the pike, 15 minutes eastbound. north of town, so far it's a quiet start. trains and buses, expecting them to start on schedule. >> 5 investigates some the judge ordering them to stop deceptive practices. this is a suit filed against f & r auto and the owner francis correiro. they're funneling unreliable vehicles onto the road. the a.g. said they sold cars that had defects and couldn't be inspected and customers couldn't get their money back. >> we are talking about a
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vehicles that they knew weren't safe, that were going to break down, to customers. >> to have someone stand up and say this is not going to happen anymore just means everything. >> a.g. healey is asking anyone who had trouble with f & r auto to get in touch with her office. >> the mbta is considering replacing 86 red line trains that were set to undergo a $200 million overhaul, new calls instead of overhauling could mean the red line could carry 50% more passengers. "the globe" is reporting the board took this up yesterday but made no decision. >> the government is getting involved in self-driving cars. the u.s. department of transportation will release safety guidelines for the technology today. federal officials believe the rules should be nationally applied, not designated by state, before those vehicles hit
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assessment. today the ceo of wells fargo is expected to apologize amid allegations employees opened millions of unauthorized accounts. john stumpf will apologize to congress and the american public in prepared testimony before the senate banking committee. last week, wells fargo was fined $185 million for opening the accounts in an effort to meet aggressive sales goals. a check of the markets now. asian amid possible policy moves. the weekly redbook report on consumer spending comes out today. >> viewership for the emmy awards fell to a new low. an estimated 11.3 million people tuned in to the show sunday night, down from about 11.9 million in 2015. award shows in general have been
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this year's emmys struggled against documentaries on jonbenet ramsey and sunday night football. amazon is eyeing dedham as a location for one of its old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores. they have job postings. dedham would join just three other locations in the country. the posting does not say when the store would open. >> former nfl quarterback tim tebow makes his with major league baseball. he joined the mets in florida yesterday while hundreds lined up to watch. many wore tebow jerseys. he hasn't played xcompetitive baseball since high school. >> this young boy genius is already on to college. will maillis congratulated from high school in may and is taking
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speak full sentences at 7 months old and he knew algebra, sign language, and how to read greek by 4. will plans to become an astro physicist. if you want your child to get a little bit better -- >> what have i done lately? not that. impressive. >> very. a unique wedding ceremony in los angeles. >> the super fan showing some extra love for the home team ahead in news to cutting calories without sacrificing flavor. the simple tricks that can save
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>> the man accused in the explosions in new york and new jersey made references to the boston marathon bombers. ahmad rahami was charged with attempted murder following his capture yesterday after he allegedly shot two police officers. police say they found a note referencing the tsarnaev brothers on a device they say rahami planted that did not explode. authorities have yet to connect him to a larger network. >> the driver accused in a deadly crash at a newton
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of his multiple sclerosis made him lose control. the crash killed eleanor miele and greg morin. prosecutors say casler was speeding and his condition had nothing to do with the crash. casler is free on his own recognizance. the u.n. general assembly continues in new york where president obama is expected to speak in his last visit as president. the annual meeting will focus on a varietyf escalating attacks by extremists, and the millions of people fleeing war and poverty. obama will also attend a follow-up meeting to the u.n. summit on refugees and migrants. >> government has mistakenly granted citizenships to a number of people. homeland security found that many used different names or birthplaces, but the
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fingerprints in the government database. the department says this highlights the issue of having old paper-based records. government officials do say that some immigrants may have ultimately qualified for citizenship. >> the sox are playing their best at the right time of year. mookie betts gets them on the board in baltimore with this two-run shot in the third. david ortiz, he adds one of his own in the fifth. rick porcello with another strong game on the mound. he went strikeouts for his 21st win, the most of any pitcher in the mlb right now. 5-2 the final. >> a superfan wedding in los angeles. these rams fans said their "i do's" during the tailgate, complete with team colors and even gear. the couple say they're so excited the rams are back in town, that they wanted to take their love for the team and each other to the next level.
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wedding present, and instead of the sometimes 50 or $100 per head for a nice wedding, $11.98 per head, beer and snacks. >> casual, fun. there you go. you know you're a fan. >> exactly. >> there you go. i guess that is true love of the team. absolutely. so we are cruising our way through the tropical season. we have a couple of things we're watching. we have tropical storm karl. behind it close to africa we this is organized into a depression later yesterday. karl is actually forecast to strengthen into a hurricane by the weekend and get very close to bermuda. we're going to be watching that. it does not look like a threat to the united states. tropical depression 13 is forecast to strengthen into a tropical storm today. and then drift out through the atlantic. this one may go east of bermuda. the next name on the list is lisa. we are making our way through
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morning. we still have soupy air in place. stalled frontal boundaries keeping the risk for showers in southeastern massachusetts for you. off to the north and west, this is the front we are tracking. this is going to come through tonight. it is going to bring in less humid air. humidity drops by this time tomorrow. it is very sticky today. it's going to be a warm day. clouds will break for sunshine. 80 in boston. warmer in lynn. mid 80's towardshi the air is drier, the sun is out, and temperatures are in the lower 80's. a nice stretch of weather coming as high pressure noses in for wednesday looks great. thursday looks great. we'll keep the nice weather going for the patriots' next game thursday evening as well. thursday, fall begins. look at these temperatures in the 80's heading into the end of the week. it's not going to feel like fall until the weekend as the jet
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we go to the highs of 80's to not getting out of the 60's. the timeline of when the clouds break right now as the eyeopener continues. >> now, on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- >> this man is accused of planting an explosive in new york. his alleged reference to the marathon bombers and when friends say they noticed a change in his behavior. >> train stations among the soft targets on alert. the main vulnerability that has lawmakers concerned. >> new video leading to conflicting accounts of a police shooting. why police say they fired on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. >> 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning. this is the aftermath of a carjacking thwarted by a 74-year-old woman. how she scared off an armed man. that's on this half hour of the eye. thanks for joining us. i'm randy price.


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