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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we go to the highs of 80's to not getting out of the 60's. the timeline of when the clouds break right now as the eyeopener continues. >> now, on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- >> this man is accused of planting an explosive in new york. his alleged reference to the marathon bombers and when friends say they noticed a change in his behavior. >> train stations among the soft targets on alert. the main vulnerability that has lawmakers concerned. >> new video leading to conflicting accounts of a police shooting. why police say they fired on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. >> 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning. this is the aftermath of a carjacking thwarted by a 74-year-old woman. how she scared off an armed man. that's on this half hour of the eye. thanks for joining us. i'm randy price.
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cindy fitzgibbon. fog a big story this morning. >> fog, patchy drizzle, moisture hanging in the air. >> sounds like summer. >> it's really soupy outside this morning. brace yourself. the summer feel is with us all day long. the fog won't be. take a look. wherever you see the white north and west, there is quite a bit of fog reducing visibility. 1/4 mile around worcester up to lawrence, north shore, beverly as well. the fog is out there. it may slow you very summerlike. mid 60's right now, closer to 70 on cape cod where we're still looking at a couple of showers. one batch rolled through to the south. there's another batch waiting to come in. elsewhere cloud cover, a patch of drizzle, but the focus of showers through the first half of the day is going to stay in southeastern massachusetts with this stalled frontal boundary nearby. we'll dry out a little bit this afternoon, but the humidity is
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that's not going to happen until tonight. it's a sticky day for sure. 9:00 a.m., 70 in boston. cloud cover through lunchtime thereafter. clouds begin to break. temperatures respond as we head into the 80's. notice through lunchtime, a couple of showers on the cape. elsewhere, brightening skies. the air warming it up. it is going to be a warm day. muggy with temperatures in the mid 80's through the merrimac valley. right around 80 in boston. warm day on the way. olessa, good morning. >> we're starting with trouble on the roads, a water main break tying up much of revere beach parkway. state police have been on the scene since midnight. be aware if you're heading in that direction. we'll keep you posted on all the details. the rest of the ride fairly quiet. road work by allston. that project is gone if you're heading out. the water main break in chelsea
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route 16 and revere beach parkway. no problems on route 3, 24 is quiet, 95 as well. a quiet start along the pike, eastbound 15 minutes, 495 to 128. if you head north, you're good to to go. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. randy. >> did he act alone? the man behind several explosions is charged. >> we're learning new details about his past, his possible inspiration, nicole estaphan is live at the marathon finish line with references he made to the bombers here. nicole? >> ahmad rahami officially charged with murder and he mentioned the tsarnaev brothers on a note. here's the video of his capture in a new jersey neighborhood yesterday, the end of a dramatic confrontation. over the last few years, investigators say he took trips
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friends say he came back a changed man. authorities have yet to connect him to a larger network. during that takedown yesterday, two police officers were shot. allegedly by the suspect. they are expected to recover. as for that note, there are no further details about the mention of the tsarnaev brothers. authorities said he also mentioned other terrorists. live in boston, nicole estaphan, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> all right, nicole. thank you. the situation that unfolded at a new jersey train station is bringing up new questions regarding safety on the rails. the eyeopener's sera congi is live at south station with the concerns of one bay state congressman. sera? >> emily, there are no direct threats to the boston area, but security is being stepped up simply as a precaution, especially here at south station. bomb squad trucks were parked outside the facility yesterday, an obvious sign of heightened awareness around the city. more officers and k-9 patrols are also part of that plan.
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new jersey, where five devices were discovered. investigators believe ahmad rahami dropped them there, causing service disruptions for hours. this morning, lawmakers are thinking about security protocols. massachusetts congressman stephen lynch telling "the herald," the rail system is a point of particular concern, because you've got five times as many team traveling by rail than you do by air every ready for whatever may come. however, they remind everyone that they rely on the public to help out. live this morning at south station, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> sera, thank you. family and friends are remembering a methuen mother. 29-year-old wanda rosa was found unresponsive in her apartment last week. her son's father, emilio delarosa, is charged in her murder and on the run. rosa's family and friends came
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her. they say despite a long history of domestic abuse, rosa tried to forge a relationship between her abuser and her son. now they're calling for an end to domestic violence. >> we are always asking the question why did she go back? why did she stay? we should be asking the question why doesn't the perpetrator leave? why didn't we do a better job holding him accountable? >> police have received a number of tips about panned out. >> the u.s. justice department is reviewing this deadly shooting, police officers in oklahoma, as the victim's family calls for charges against one of these officers. erika tracking new developments in this story. >> that's right. the family demanding answers after watching newly released video of friday's deadly shooting in tulsa. that video shows a different scene than what officers initially described. terence crutcher was shot and killed after police responded to
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hands when asked. as you can see, he was doing just that. while he is back at his suv, a taser is launched, a gunshot. police say he was reaching for something in his car, but he was not armed. the family says a comment calling crutcher a bad dude shows they decided he was a threat. >> that big bad dude was my twin brother. that big bad dude was a father. >> for murder charges to be filed. the police chief called the video disturbing and is promising justice. >> 5 investigates with trouble for a used car dealership. a judge ordering them to stop deceptive practices. this is against f & r auto sales
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the a.g. says f & r sold cars that had defects and couldn't be inspected and customers couldn't get their money back. >> we are talking about a company that intentionally sold vehicles that they knew weren't safe, that were going to break down, to customers. >> to have someone stand up and say this is not going to happen anymore just means everything. >> a.g. healey is asking anyone who had trouble with f & r four more criminal cases dismissed in that braintree police evidence room scandal first reported by 5 investigates. one of them involves gomez arrested in 2010 when police found cocaine and crack cocaine in an apartment along with two children. prosecutors dropped the case following the audit. he's still jailed on separate
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democrat hillary clinton has no scheduled events today or in the days leading up to monday's debate. she told reporters she is the most qualified to fight terrorism given her national security credentials. trump, on the other hand, is going to be holding two rallies in north carolina today and his running mate, mike pence, will host an event in virginia. president obama is going to be addressing the u.n. general assembly today for the last time as president. the annual meeting will focus on a the syrian crisis. obama will attend a follow-up meeting to the u.n. summit on refugees and migrants. the government is taking a hands-on approach to self-driving cars. a 74-year-old woman scares an armed carjacker.
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satisfying cravings while sparing calories. three simple ways to ease overeating. olessa? >> water main break causing problems on revere beach parkway in chelsea. one lane getting by near murray street. i'll keep you posted. >> a lot of moisture hanging around in the air, olessa. a humid start this morning. how long it lasts before cooler weather moves in. first, take a look. visibility is running 1/4 mile. worcester into beverly. look at these temperatures. near 70 degrees as you're heading out the door on the cape
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>> roosevelt students.
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>> good morning to roosevelt elementary. >> thank you for that enthusiastic wake-up call. we just love to see your wake-up call. so get everybody together. record it for us right on your phone and just upload it to ulocal using our wcvb app. this morning i curled my hair and this happened. it's like soup outside. >> it is soup outside. >> bad hair day. >> it's like >> it is a little bit. >> warm and muggy. >> and hard to see. >> we have fog out there as well. so what did y'all think of that rain that came through? >> it was great. >> some of us got more than others. these are the areas that got the most rain. worcester county, two to three and a half inches of rainfall through worcester county. royalston had 3 1/2 inches of rain.
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pepperell, just over an inch of rain as well. many areas got a lot of rain. look at norwood. not even 1/4 inch. boston 1/3. that front that triggered the rainfall still lingering here on the south coast and cape where we've got showers hanging around. you see the front hanging out here. elsewhere, clouds, fog, a patch of drizzle but no rain expected. massachusetts, you're going to want to have an umbrella with you. this front will keep showers through lunchtime. we'll dry it out. if you're looking for more comfortable air, you have to go toward the great lakes. this front is the leading edge of certainly more comfortable, pleasant air. you see the colors in the green. still very uncomfortable with dew points in the 60's. that drier air comes in tonight. it's humid, turns more comfortable tomorrow, and that more pleasant air will be with
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air. 1/4 mile visibility around worcester. lawrence, beverly, not a big issue. boston to the cape. it is a warm start. you can see the readings are running in the mid 60's from the north shore to boston. close to 70 in the cape. 64 degrees right now. you can barely see anything with the fog. you're going to hang on to cloud cover through midmorning. by late morning, clouds begin to break for some sunshine. the temperatures are going to spike up. we're going to make a run-up into the 80's this afternoon. near 80 mid 80's metrowest, merrimac valley. clouds stick around all day long. and they linger into the overnight hours as well. you probably won't clear out completely until wednesday. it's another mild night. temperatures in the 50's in our far northwestern suburbs. 60 degrees for overnight lows. less humid tomorrow. that nice comfortable dry air is building in. it's going to be with us for the patriots game. a warm one. mostly clear skies thursday
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80's tomorrow and thursday and friday. so fall begins on thursday, but you know what? it's not going to feel like it 'til the weekend. jet stream takes a big dip south. that's going to bring in much cooler air. from the 80's, we're down to only the 60's heading into the upcoming weekend. it is sure going to feel like fall by then. not so much this morning. >> it's hard to see this morning as well and we're watching a problem in chelsea, a route 16 near murray street. if you're heading in that direction, most of the westbound side is tied up. crews on scene. we'll let you know when this clears. expect lane closures and delays. rest of your ride so far not too bad. a live look at the pike eastbound at the bottom of the screen. overnight road work is gone. let's get to the maps. once again, there's that water main break you saw pictures of.
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24 looks okay. 95 as well. construction on 128 over by highland avenue on the southbound side all wrapped up for the early morning hours. north of town, you're in good shape. so far, trains and buses are operating on schedule. >> olessa, thank you. an attempted carjacking was averted after the victim takes matters into her own hands. a 74-year-old woman stomped on the armed man's foot. that made him run away. this happened in washington state agenda to have my car stolen today. the suspect later stole and crashed another car. carjacker got away despite a search by police officers using police dogs. >> the government is getting involved in self-driving cars. the u.s. department of transportation will release guidelines for the technology today. federal officials believe the rules should be nationally applied, not designated by state, before those vehicles hit the road everywhere.
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15-point safety assessment. a look at your economy this tuesday morning. if you're buying premium gas, you may be wasting your money. aware if you're heading a says there is -- triple a says there's no reason to purchase premium. a national survey found more than 16 million u.s. drivers spent more than $2 billion on premium gas they didn't need. >> the ceo expected to apologize amid allegations employees opened millions of unauthorized accounts. the associated press reports that john stumpf will apologize to congress and the american public in prepared testimony before the senate banking committee on capitol hill. last week wells fargo was fined $185 million for opening the accounts in an effort to meet aggressive sales goals. asian shares mostly lower
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moves by the u.s. federal bank and bank of japan. stock futures are higher. the redbook report on consumer spending will be coming out today, affecting the markets. new this morning -- if you're watching your calories, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor. >> a few tricks that registered dietitians live by. try an open-faced sandwich. you'll trim calories and carbs. try that dining out. chop your salad before you a from the veggies will trick your mind into thinking you have more dressing. juicing may be popular, but chewing makes you feel more satisfied. two comfort foods combined. >> another creation that could get mouths watering. probably olessa's i'm sure. that's in eyepoppers this morning. erika? >> a proposal to upgrade the red
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increase ridership. a teacher back on the job in wilmington. how the school in defending that
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>> good morning from artesani we're here with the arthritis foundation and the 2016 boston walk to cure arthritis. together, this incredible group has raised more than $200,000 to find a cure, and we just wanted to say good morning, eyeopener! >> whoa! the walk to cure arthritis. so many people affected by arthritis. this happened over the weekend. >> just one of many events newscenter 5 takes part in as boston's community leader.
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cindy. today feels like what? >> yeah, it feels pretty tropical outside. we have those tropical downpours yesterday looking at lingering showers along the south coast, cape and islands. if you're in southeastern massachusetts, have an umbrella with you, because you could have a shower through lunchtime. we have clouds, fog. sun up at 6:30. temperatures in the 60's, but we'll jump up to 80. clouds break for sunshine as we get warm and humid today turns less humid tomorrow. it's going to feel really nice. we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast as fall officially begins on thursday. emily? >> okay, cindy, thanks. 5:25. time for tuesday morning eyepoppers. it seems like bear sightings. >> they're on the rise. they just want to relax. take a look at security cameras caught a black bear at a hotel in alaska. he slipped in through the
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fish and game officers tranquilized that bear to safely take him out of such a populated area. he just wanted a little rest at a hotel, some lunch. strolling the streets. if the bear got hungry, maybe it would stop in for one of these. it's a grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza from pizza hut. you may be wondering the difference between the stuffed crust. the difference is the cheese and the crunch. i'm starving. you're talking about shakes and smoothies and stuff. >> works for me. >> caught my eye, too. jim carrey is being sued after his girlfriend's death. how he's accused of contributing
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every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools.
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public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- >> hours after the capture of a bombing suspect, a boston connection revealed. >> the note mentioning the tsarnaev brothers and the new call for safety changes this morning. an unarmed black man is shot after his s.u.v. breaks down. the dash cam video disputing a
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>> the t considering improvements to the red line. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. >> 5:30 on this tuesday morning as we take a live look here at the mass pike near the allston brighton toll. foggy in some places. good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price with cindy and olessa. you can see the moisture in the air. you can feel it. >> you can feel it, oh, yes. >> i can't do a thing. >> randy, please. so upsetting. >> fog is most troubling mort and west of town. wherever you see the white on the map, that's where we have reduced visibility. 1/4 in the north shore beverly to lawrence. portsmouth, new hampshire, less than that. 1/2 mile in worcester. it may be tough to see the kiddos heading to the bus stop. burns off late morning.
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it will be a humid day. we're jumping into the 80's as the kids get off the bus. readings in the 60's. 68 boston. close to 70 on the cape where we still have showers rolling through. south coast as well around new bedford, looking at a shower, a few more in the waters to the southla south. we'll keep the risk of showers through lunchtime in the forecast look at lunchtime. skies brighten. we'll bring that clearing to the south shore by later this afternoon. temperatures will respond. it could be a warm day. 80 boston. mid 80's metrowest. merrimac valley staying in the 70's and cape cod. let's get you out to the roads. the fog slowing you down, olessa. >> watching some delays on the roads and also a problem we're watching in chelsea. this is a water main break tying up much of the westbound side of revere beach parkway.
5:32 am
murray street. state police have been on the scene. we'll let you know when that clears. the rest of your ride is quiet. overnight construction wrapped up. this stretch not seeing problems. the rest of your ride fairly quiet. if you're heading south, doing okay on route 3. quiet on 24. no delays on 95. pike eastbound 15 minutes 495 to 128. and if you're heading north of town, you're in good shape. problems start out of 93 in methuen. >> now to the stories we are tracking right now on the eyeopener. >> erika has the overnight developments. >> right now the suspect in the bombings in new york and new jersey is facing attempted murder charges. he was captured yesterday after a man hunt and shootout with police. police are saying this morning a note left with one of the bombs in new york did mention the boston marathon bombers. the justice department investigating this deadly
5:33 am
by police in tulsa, oklahoma. dash cam video those terence crutcher with his arms up which disputes descriptions by officers. his s.u.v. broke down in the middle of the road. he was not armed. president obama will address the u.n. general assembly today for the last time as president. the annual meeting will focus on a variety of global conflicts including the war in syria and the fight against isis. randy? >> a new proposal from the the red line. >> sera congi is live at south station to explain. >> the mbta control board took up this proposal yesterday at their meeting. however, no decision has been made. mbta is considering a proposal to replace 86 red line trains that were set to undergo a $200 million overhaul according to "the globe." upgrading to the new cars
5:34 am
ones could mean the red line would carry 50% more passengers per hour. the red line is the busiest system for the t with more than 280,000 riders a day. newer cars would have better brakes allowing for more efficient travel between stops. no decision has been made. if approved, it would be awhile before we could see those cars. according to the mbta, the new cars wouldo and not go into service until 2023. live at south station, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> sera, thank you. taxi drivers in cambridge are asking that city to level the playing field between them and the rideshare services. "the globe" is reporting the cabbies want the city to lighten the regulatory load on taxis, including giving cab companies control over fares. taxi drivers have called for rideshare drivers to be held to the same standards as they are.
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to allow a gym teacher back to work. the superintendent says anthony altieri does not pose a threat to wilmington high school. he was arrested after police say he slammed his wife's face into a door frame, breaking her nose, after she allegedly slapped him. he was suspended with pay and allowed to return to school days later. >> it's a little concerning if he's having trouble with anger issues. >> he said i i don't know what that necessarily means. >> school leaders says he has a good record over his 13 years and assure parents and students they looked at all angles of the case before allowing him to come back. the driver accused in a deadly crash pleads not guilty. bradford casler lost control of his s.u.v. in march, plowing into sweet tomatoes, killing eleanor miele and greg morin.
5:36 am
nothing to do with the crash. he's free on his own recognizance. >> a raynham mom has a special moment at the white house. legacy place welcoming a rare store. the retailer moving in soon. >> ahead in news to go, an
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live look at the expressway, northbound at the top of the screen. some delays are building south of this camera shot by the braintree split. expect delays. not the best visibility. it's soupy out there. >> high humidity all day long. we've got fog north and west of boston. that's going to burn off and showers in southeastern massachusetts. these are going to be with us through lunchtime.
5:40 am
brightening skies in the afternoon. the 80's keep going through thursday as fall officially begins. it won't feel like it until the weekend. highs only in the 60's. >> thank you. 5 on the opioid crisis. a raynham man at a special meeting to encourage the federal government to help. joanne peterson's son is in long-term recovery from heroin addiction. she's the founder of the group learn 2 cope, which helps local families deal with the epidemic. she says there are progress. >> we do everything we can to educate and provide hope and resources and support. and we do see a lot of recovery. we see a lot of people come back and say, you know, my daughter has a year, five years, six years, seven years. >> there will be more events all week in d.c. to mark opioid and prescription awareness week. >> comedian and actor jim carrey
5:41 am
his girlfriend's death. the new lawsuit. 900 immigrants mistakenly get u.s. citizenship. the discrepancy uncovered by homeland security. a wedding unlike any other. the untraditional nuptials for some big football fans.
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since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> it is 5:43. ready with your news to go at
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erika following fallout over a police shooting in oklahoma. >> i was just saying 13. >> what is that? >> the name of a tropical depression. >> right. it's 13 for now. later today, i think it's going to be given a name as it becomes tropical storm karl. i think we'll be moving on to lisa by this afternoon. tropics very active. you can see that tropical depression 13 is forecast to form into a tropical storm today. it will be given the name it doesn't look like it's going to bother anyone. karl is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane, making a run toward bermuda. something we'll watch closely. doesn't look like it will impact the east coast. we have tropical moisture streaming up the eastern seaboard. it's still very uncomfortable. pleasant, less humid air sitting off to the west. that's going to come in tonight. you're going to notice a big drop in the humidity. not today, but starting tomorrow here and through the rest of the week. this front has to come out
5:45 am
south coast, cape and islands. and that continues some showers here. so have an umbrella with you out this way. i would say for the next few hours through lunchtime. you could see a shower. it's drier this afternoon, but it takes all day to clear out. the rest of us start to see brightening skies after we get rid of the clouds and some fog this morning. brightening skies this afternoon. 60's now. we're going to jump up close to 80 in boston, but up to the merrimac valley, we could run into the mid 80's this afternoon. so warm today. warm but less humid tomorrow. ok begins. all right. let's get you out to the roads right now. a few trouble spots, olessa. >> we're starting with a trouble spot in chelsea. water main break tying up the westbound side of revere beach parkway. state police have been on the scene since midnight. be aware. i'll let you know when that clears. south of town, watching delays on the expressway. here's a check by the south bay mall. you can see northbound volume
5:46 am
boston. let's get to the maps south of that camera shot. we are watching an issue on route 3 north at the braintree split. delays back to union street with that accident and volume building on 128 south as well. west of town, so far so good. pike doesn't look too bad. 15 minutes 495 to 128. as cindy was saying, visibility not the best. as you head north, much of the same, 93 south, patchy delays out of methuen. trains and buses doing okay. >> olessa, thank eight more people have been arrested in connection to that july terror attack in nice. 31-year-old muhammad balel drove a truck into a crowd. the new suspects are linked to that attacker. 86 people were killed including three americans. >> new revelations hours after the capture of a bombing suspect. >> police are looking at a note mentioning the marathon bombers.
5:47 am
morning. >> the handwritten note found on the new york city device that did not explode. no specific details but the mention of the tsarnaev brothers was revealed after this dramatic capture of ahmad rahami on monday. authorities have not connected rahami to a larger terrorist network at this point but investigators say over the last few years you took trips to both afghanistan as well as pakistan. two police officers were injured in that takedown yesterday, but they are no specific details about the mention of the tsarnaev brothers, but authorities tell us other terrorists were mentioned as well. we're live in boston this morning. nicole estaphan, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> there aren't any specific threats to the boston area, but security is being stepped up as a precaution. bomb squad trucks could be seen parked outside south beach yesterday and officers and k-9 patrols roamed in and around the
5:48 am
transit systems because the devices discovered were at a new jersey train station. massachusetts congressman stephen lynch tells "the herald" the rail system is a point of particular concern because you've got five times as many people traveling by rail than you do by air every single day. lynch adds that he's also concerned because the route between d.c. and boston is the most traveled in the country. live at south station, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> newly released video of a calling for murder charges against an officer. that's the officer who fired the fatal shot killing terence crutcher. her claim, he refused to raise his hands now disputed. crutcher was reaching for something in his s.u.v. and that's when one officer fired a taser, another her gun. crutcher was not armed. his family is now demanding justice.
5:49 am
crutcher stopped his s.u.v. in the middle of the road. his car had broken down. >> new charges against the worcester dentist already charged with sexually assaulting a dentist. he was back in court yesterday charged with similar assaults on two more patients. dr. patel denies the accusations. his lawyer saying the new claims are copycat. he is still practicing. >> police in foxborough robbing a bank at gunpoint. he showed a gun at the sharon credit union on main street 2:30 yesterday afternoon and ran off. >> southbridge police are tightening security after an antipolice sentiment. he says his officers are like, quote, sitting ducks when they're entering and leaving the building and points to an incident last year where a cruiser was set on fire.
5:50 am
approved by counselors last week. >> the government has mistakenly granted american citizenship to 858 immigrants from countries of national security concern or with high rates of immigration fraud. homeland security found that many used different names or different birthplaces, but the discrepancies were missed because they did not have fingerprints in the government database. the government department is this highlights the issue of having old government officials say some immigrants may have ultimately qualified for citizenship. >> today president obama will address the u.n. general assembly for the last time as president. the meeting will focus on a variety of global crises, including the syrian conflict, escalating attacks by islamic extremists, and millions of people fighting poverty. obama will attend a follow-up meeting to the u.n. summit on refugees and migrants.
5:51 am
week. the heart of st. padre pia will be on display in the north end tomorrow. the viewings mark the first time italian saints heart has been ever taken outside of italy. the heart can also be seen at the boston archdiocese in braintree on thursday. >> actor jim carrey faces a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the husband of his ex-girlfriend. the suit claims ambien and oxycodone. >> one-time retail giant kmart is shutting the doors of dozen more stores. 64 additional stores across the country will begin closing in december. parent company sears holdings
5:52 am
summer. sears said it had a difficult time keeping up with online retailers and stores like walmart. >> amazon is eyeing dedham for one of its old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores. it would join three other locations in the country. the posting does not say when that store would open. the sox are playing their best at the right time of year. mookie betts getting them on the board against the orioles in baltimore with this two-run shot in the third. david ortiz adds one of his own in the fifth. and rick porcello with another strong game on the mound. he went nine innings with seven strikeouts for his 21st win, the most of any pitcher in the mlb. 5-2 the final. >> former nfl quarterback tim tebow making his workout debut with major league baseball. he joined the new york mets instructional league in florida
5:53 am
lined up to watch. many wore tebow football jerseys. the 29-year-old has not played competitive baseball since high school. >> he's a tough kid, and he's italian. so i wouldn't -- i don't count him out. >> hopeful words from danny amendola about patriots q.b. jimmy garoppolo. according to coach bill belichick, we could know more about his status. he received the pats have not ruled out the possibility of him suiting up even in an emergency situation. this is a superfan wedding in los angeles. these rams fans said "i do" during the tailgate, complete with team colors, gear. the couple says they are so excited the rams are back in town, they wanted to take their love for the team and each other to the next level. they were given a game ball as a
5:54 am
>> that is definitely the next level. >> you can't beat the cost of the wedding. they already had the outfits. >> the outfits. the party was there. >> there you go. big rams fans there. for patriots fans, we have another game on thursday, 8:25. it's going to be mostly clear and mild for september. temperatures running in the 60's. so no rain expected over the course of that game. in the meantime, yesterday's rainfall so welcomed. would you believe we only some spots got so much more, about two to three inches through parts of worcester county. cape had two to three inches. at least everybody got some rain yesterday. showers lingering on the south coast and throughout the cape. there are more here to the south. frontal boundary stalled out. you can see more elements of rain poised to move in your direction. so along the south coast, the cape, the islands, i would say have an umbrella with you at least through lunchtime as you
5:55 am
west, there are clearing skies. that's going to try to move in this afternoon. we have fog north and west of the city. visibility 1/2 mile worcester. 1/4 mile beverly to lawrence. that fog may slow you down this morning. keep that in mind. starting out in the 60's. as the skies brighten from the northwest, look what happens this afternoon. mid 80's. it is muggy. this humidity is with us all day long. it turns into a brighter, warm afternoon. cooler on the cape where lunchtime. it's drier in the afternoon. clouds may hang around on the south coast and the cape in the overnight hours. elsewhere, winds turn to the north and west. temperatures drop mostly into the 60's overnight with a few 50's. we'll going to keep it in the 80's through thursday when fall officially arrives. it's not going to feel like it till the weekend. a big dip in the jet stream through the northeast and then it's going to bring in cooler temperatures. highs only in the 60's coming up this weekend.
5:56 am
>> starting with trouble on the roads in chelsea. a water main break tieing up the westbound side of revere beach parkway. one lane getting by on murray street. state police have been there since midnight. we'll keep you posted. let you know when the roads have reopened. so far the expressway is slow. we've got that typical volume in place. heading northbound, a check by the south bay mall. let's check the rest of your ride. here's that water main break near route 1 on revere beach parkway. ro expect delays on the westbound side. south of there, a slow trip as you approach route 3 at the braintree split. delays here back to union street because of an accident. a new crash on 95 north at 128 also has a lane closed. west of town, so far the pike is fairly quiet. heading north, delays building on 93 south of methuen. passing by 128. trains and buses so far on schedule. >> 5 investigates trouble at a
5:57 am
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>> this man is accused of planting an explosive in new york. his alleged reference to the marathon bombers and when friends say they noticed a change in his behavior. vulnerability that has lawmakers and others concerned. emily: video leading to conflicting accounts of a police-involved shooting. why police fired. it's on the eye for this tuesday morning. randy: this is the aftermath of a carjacking thwarted by a


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