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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  September 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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emily: good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm emily riemer. erika: i'm erika tarantal. here's a look at the stories happening right now. the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey is still in the hospital following a shootout with police that led to his capture. emily: we are learning that the new york bomber was inspired by the acts of convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tzarnaev. erika: breaking news from the world of entertainment. famed hollywood couple angelina jolie and brad pitt are divorcing. the couple has 6 children.
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back now did the new york in bombing suspect, abc's maggie rulli has more on how police are working to build a case against him. maggie: we now know that the man responsible for the bombing in new york in the two bombings in new jersey and a manhunt that ended with a sugar police is 28-year-old ahmed he worked at his family restaurant, first american fried chicken. >> i have been living in this area for six years. everyone is calm, quiet, peaceful, nice. maggie: now he is being held on the tented murder. >> the time bombs, the pressure cooker bombs using what is called can write. where did you get these materials?
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recent trip to afghanistan. >> we look at where he said he went doesn't match. did he go to some rogue mosque or hook up with somebody who are trained him to become a terrorist. maggie: most of the new yorkers want to give back to life as normal. >> we might be shattered, but we are not br we are happy that we are back open and very grateful to everyone in a community. maggie: as things are getting back to normal, authorities are working to make sure that he was working alone, searching his social media and try to find more about the trip to afghanistan. as of now, he is not cooperating. emily: in france, eight more people have been arrested in
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watching a fireworks display on bastille day. prosecutors say the new suspects are linked to the attacker. 86 people were killed, including three americans. erika: president barack obama told world leaders this morning at the united nations they have to do more to open their hearts to refugees who are desperate for a home. obama says the world is more secure if leaders are prepared to help people in need. president obama: so the answer cannot be si instead, we must work together to make sure the benefits of such integration are broadly shared. emily: this is the final time president obama will address the you and general assembly as
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emily: we turn now to the weather. looking at live weather radar, some people still see some rain and whether activity happening. cindy: we have the tropics and have done very active. we have our 12th named storm of the season. we also karel appeared t-storms way out in the atlantic. bermuda maybe in the crosshairs of carl. we will keep a close eye on that. neither one threatening us anytime soon. we still have on radar some showers over parts of the area. of course, welcome rain on dean road to. elsewhere, we have a lot of
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boston. that trend is were to continue. that will go forward until 2:00 this afternoon. slowly, the clearing line makes its way down. very sticky outside. humidity very high. that will change tonight. but the temperatures this afternoon will really climb. we are going up into the 80's. metro wesd merrimack valley where we sneak up on some late 80's this afternoon, holding in 70's at cape cod. your weekend coming up in just a bit. erikaemily: right now, new chars against a worcester dentist already charged with sexually assaulting a patient. this is video of nikhil patel from his arraignment in august. he was back in court yesterday, charged with similar assaults on two more patients. dr. patel denies the accusations; his lawyer saying the new claims are a copycat.
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right now, police in foxborough are looking for this man accused of robbing a bank at gunpoint. police say he showed a gun at the sharon credit union on main street around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and ran off. rosa's family together last night to honor her. they say despite a long history of domestic abuse, she tried to forge a relationship between her abuser and their son and now they're calling for an end to domestic violence. >> we are always asking the question why did she go back? why did she stay? really, we should be asking the question -- why doesn't the traitor leave? -- the perpetrator leave?
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preventing this? erika: gore a below is expected to practice today. his -- it is still possible he could dress up, i is in an em the globe reports cabbies want the city to lighten the regulatory load on taxis. that would include giving cab companies control over fares. taxi drivers have repeatedly called for ride-share drivers to be held to the same standards as they are. amazon is eyeing dedham as a location for one of its rare, old-fashioned brick&mortar stores. the online retailer has job postings for the new bookstore at legacy place. dedham would join just 3 others locations in the country. the posting does not say when
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back to the bombings in new york and new jersey -- security continues to be heightened after the new york bombings. newscenter 5's sera congi just spoke with boston police commissioner bill evans. sera: the boston police commissioner would not say -- he said he was not briefed on this route or did note that was found near one of the bombs in new york city that reference to the marathon bombing. incidents. a busy t stop in downtown boston shut down this morning after the report of a suspicious package. the bowdoin station evacuated as police investigate. they discovered the package was an unattended bag and not a threat. the response a sign of heightened alert across the city. >> our best defense is the public. sera: security now increased around the boston area, after homemade pressure cooker bombs went off in new york city last weekend, and similar explosive
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a note found near one of the bombs reportedly references the marathon bombings. boston police commissioner wiliam evans says the similarities raise concern. >> i haven't seen the note. but it troubles me that we have copy cats. someone tries to replicate what happened on this tragic day here in the city. sera: the commissioners says we will continue to see an increase police presence around the city and he expects a busy weekend events. there will be an increased presence of the bomb squad. emily: according to the associated press, the suspect's father contacted the fbi in 2014 saying that his son was a terrorist and later retracted it. coming up, the government taking a hands-on approach to self driving cars.
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been a lifelong republican, but president georges h w bush may be crossing party lines come november. the human -- cindy: the temperatures may be dropping, but not the humidity. emily: satisfy cravings while still sparing calories. ease of reading. v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded.
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arenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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erika: caught on camera. newly released video of a deadly shooting by police in oklahoma has the victim's family calling for murder charges against an
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fatal shot killing terence crutcher. her claim he refused to raise his hands now disputed as the video show his hands were raised. police say crutcher was reaching for something in his suv and that's when one officer fired a taser and another her gun. crutcher was not armed. his family is now demanding justice. a 911 caller complained crutcher stopped his suv in the road his car had broken down. actor jim carrey is facing a wrongful death lawsuit, filed by the estranged husband of his ex-girlfriend. the suit claims carrey provided the prescription drugs cathriona the lawsuit alleges carrey obtained ambien and oxycodone prescriptions under an alias. carrey says the suit is an attempt to profit from white's death. emily: in commitment 2016 -- with the first presidential debate now just 6 days away democrat hillary clinton is taking herself off the campaign trail and focusing on debate preps. abc's stephanie ramos reports republicans remain focused on
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stephanie: in donald van hillary clinton are trying to prove they are the best person to fight terrorism in the u.s.. trump hosting a massive rally in fort myers florida overnight, telling the why he believes that new york and new jersey bombing suspect was not being watched more closely by authorities. >> the guy over the chicken stand brought a lot of litigation against different people. i'll bet you why he was on no list. it suited. stephanie: he also blaming terror in the u.s. on liberal policy. in this morning again calling for racial profiling. >> we have to start profiling. everybody is supposed to be treated equal. while it doesn't work that way. it's radical islamic terrorism. stephanie: his running mate
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the clinton campaign calling the tweet disgusting. even the mars corporation, who produces skittles champion, saying it is an inappropriate analogy. as for hillary clinton, she is locked in non-trump, accusing him of motivating isis with his words and actions. >> we were there from former cia director michael hayden, who made it a very clear point when he said donald trump is being used as a recruiti for the terrorists. stephanie: today, donald trump campaigns in north carolina. republican george h w bush appears to have told a -- he plans to vote for clinton in november. emily: the ceo of wells fargo today getting grilled by
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john stumpf will apologize to congress, and the american public, in prepared testimony before the senate banking committee. last week, wells fargo was fined $185 million for opening the accounts, in an effort to meet aggressive sales goals. emilyerika: the government is gg involved in self-driving cars. the u.s. department of transportation releasing new safety guidelines for the technology today. federal officials believe the rules should be nationally applied, not designated by the road en masse. the guidelines include a 15-point safety assessment. emily: new at noon a waltham man is heartbroken after the the grave of his young sister who died in the holocaust is vandalized. newscenter 5's nicole estephan talked to the 81-year-old man this morning. >> emotion comes from art for me.
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for me. it was inspired by the most personal of emotions -- loss -- that motivated fred manasse to create this sculpture -- in memory of his sister, a victim of the holocost. >> they tried to leave and were caught and sent to a camp in czechoslovakia. nicole: just 3-years-old at the time, manasse left germany with his older brother. his mother staying behind with his one and half-year-old sister, too young to join them. >> she couldn't get on the train. the women were stuck. them again. it would be more than 7 decades before he found the courage to seek healing through his art. after some push back, the sculpture finding home muiltion cemetary two years ago. >> if it moved one man to change his mind about art, it could move other apparently a moved on person enough that he wanted the
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nicole: the bronze star stolen broken off its pedestal this week manasse says his first reaction was resentment >> nobody should do that to a sculpture this is a tombstone nicole: now he wonders why someone would destroy something so precious. >> i think it is a hate crime i don't think someone likes jewish and mostly christian -- we got some rain the last 24 hours. just a third of an inch in the boston area. north of town after worcester county, take a look at the rainfall in the past when it for hours. two and a half reports, even reports of 3.5 inches of rain.
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much rainfall at all. skies are trying to clear on now. the trend is going to be come a little bit more violent as we go through the afternoon. it feels so soupy outside with a southeasterly wind. the dew point temperature is how much moisture is in the air. it is close to 70. you go back to the west and you see these blues and greens. air. behind it, the less humid air will be here by this time tomorrow. and you will feel a big difference tomorrow. it is still varies to get there. we still have a stalled frontal boundary across area. one more round, this one right here will lift on through over the next couple of hours.
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now, stretching toward the outer break. temperatures hero holding just over 70 degrees. this is where the sun has emerged. as we continue to get brighter skies, temperatures come to about 80 in town. north and west of the city, we could get to 80 to 85. you can see here on future cast, the brightening happening in the next few hours. it may take closer the sunset along the coast and the cape. overnight clouds may linger for a time and fell back in on the cape and the islands. notice the temperatures are down in the 60's tonight. this will start to bring in cooler, drier air.
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tomorrow. it's going to be a beautiful day. but still really warm. that the highs tomorrow getting up into the 80's away from the cape. that is above average five at 10 degrees. warm tomorrow i'm still warm on thursday for the official start of fall. patriots taking the field, kickoff at 8:25. should be clear and into the 60's. as the jet stream takes a dip down to the south over the northeast, we are talking air settling in for the weekend. the first official we can do follow sure feel like it. sunshine and temperatures only in the 50's in the afternoon. definitely feeling life all. erika: we continue following
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york bombing suspect. emily: he is in the hospital right now. he was shot several times us
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erika: some lump -- some lunch tips before ago. if you're watching your calories that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor. emily: here are some simple tricks registered dieticians live by. try an open-faced sandwich. by only using one-slice of bread you'll trim calories and carbs. health experts say try it when you're dining out. erika: chop your salad before you add the dressing. the released moisture from the veggies will trick your mind into thinking you are having more dressing than you actually are. emily: and juicing might be popular but experts say chewing is the way to . time feel more satisfied. erika: cheering is more fun. [laughter] -- chewing is more fun [laughter] cindy: the humidity drops tomorrow. those of you under cloudy skies
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