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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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john atwater at the scene. john what do we know? >> obviously, a very chaotic scene. you mentioned five people taken to the hospital. you see the suv still on its side. a pretty bad crash here. that suv flipped over here and police are now investigating to determine whether this suv may have been stolen. we'll show you some video from just a while ago. witnesses say this suv hit other cars when it couldn't make a turn. it all happened in the busy on warren street. police are looking into whether the suv was stolen but they say police were not chasing the truck at the time. >> 45 to 50 miles -- couldn't make the turn at the speed they were traveling. >> a very tough job this afternoon for first responders, trying to get the people out of
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again, police investigation continuing tonight to determine exactly what happened here. again, four people, a total of five people taken to the hospital and we've just learned one person has now died. we're live in roxbury. >> a car has hit a pedestrian. this happened in the rite-aid parking lot. the driver hit two others in the lot. we'll bring you more information as we get it. >> police are searching for quincey man want. >> scott preyed on more than a dozen victims in the bay state. he's also wanted in other states. live in quincey with details. reporter: all day long more and more victims keep on coming forward. we know that at left 20 victims as of this afternoon have come forward. they thought they were investing in a project to redevelop this property. instead, they believe this man took their money and ran. quincey police have charged him
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million and counting. locals know him as 67-year-old eugene grasswall, a real estate agent at century 21 in wallace. investors gave him tens of thus of dollars to buy and then redevelop the beachcomber nightclub, but just before the deal was supposed to go through he vanished. >> turns out, he has not been seen now for two weeks by colleagues. he skipped out on a major closing of real estate venture. >> now police say he has five aliases including scott wallace. he's also wanted in four states. his girlfriend reported him missing two weeks ago. police say she went along with his alias, believing he was an agent with the c.i.a. at this point there are multiple
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be anywhere including out of the country. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> a boston man wanted for rape is behind bars after being caught upskirting at an mbta tv. he was arraigned today. transit police were called to the station yesterday afternoon for a report of a male who was secretly taking videos of female passengers. as they were booking the 51-year-old they discovered there was a warrant for his arrest >> police in charlotte, north carolina, are preparing for another night protests. tonight the victim's family is demanding justice but they have a very different version of what happened. here's more. >> the city of charlotte now at the center of national rage after protests erupted into chaotic violence.
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more protests. tonight we hear from witnesses of the deadly shooting. >> i know that gentleman was dead when i walked up here. they started cpr. he didn't respond. >> police now sifting through body cam and dash cam footage hoping it will help to give a clearer picture of exactly what happened here. 43-year-old keith scott was shot by police after authorities were searching for another person with outstanding warrants. scott was approached by police after they say he got out of his car armed with a officers gave loud, clear verbal commands to drop the weapon. as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it, he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers. >> as the situation unfolds the family of the unarmed man shot by police in tulsa expressing outrage there. >> we know there was no gun in the car. we know he was unarmed. we knew he didn't commit a crime like the new york bomber did,
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but my brother is dead. >> and family now demanding why he was approached with such force. >> you have a man with his hands up, which is the universal sign for surrender, and then fatally shot, does not make sense. >> both officers are on paid administrative leave. both families of those killed say they are demanding that the officers are held accountable. more massive protests are planned >> right now the f.b.i. is looking for two men accused of taking some key evidence in saturday night's chelsea new york bombing. the men were seen on splanz video, there they are, removing an unexploded pressure cooker device from a piece of luggage. and walking off with the luggage. >> leaving the pressure cooker hyped. the men are considered witnesses. new york police say they may have inadvertently disabled the bomb as they removed it from the
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the suspect in that bombing, ahmad khan rahami, still hospitalized in new jersey following a shoot-out. the justice department is hoping to bring him back to new york soon to face federal charges. commitment 2016. this evening hillary clinton and donald trump campaigning separate but equally important states. >> clinton in florida, trump in ohio, both talking jobs but they have very different views on how to create them. >> campaigning in orlando, hillary clinton -- in ohio, donald trump had don law helping him to make a dent with the black voters which 90% are now supporting clinton. the unifying theme for both. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> trump told the toledo crowd there is no better anti-poverty program than real good jobs. >> to the african-american
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i will fix it. >> what do you have to lose? >> trump, like clinton, calls for rebuilding america's infrastructure but he's specific about who would get the jobs. >> american hands will rebuild our nation. not the hands of people from other countries. >> clinton's plan is radically different. she said bringing in more workers into the economy will hike the gross domestic product. >> it's one reason why i'm such a strong supporter of comprehensive grargz reform because bringing undocumented workers into the formal economy will -- it will increase our economic growth and our tax base. >> and she made a direct pitch to the disability voting bloc. >> one advocate after another has told me the same thing. we don't want pity. we want paychecks. >> trump talked about clinton nonstop at today's rally deriding her connections to wall
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clinton never mentioned trump outside of repeating her often used mantra love trump hate but her campaign is spending millions on an ad running nationwide showing pump apparently mocking a disabled reporter. >> the debate over murder victim's right to privacy heard today in a new hampshire courtroom. the family of massachusetts native lizzie fighting to keep her personal life private. todd was inside courtroom. he's live in concord, new hampshire. killer -- argues that lizzie's sexual history is pertinent and it's key to the appeal but her family and the new hampshire attorney general's office argues that the trial judge got it right. that information is irrelevant and releasing it would only harm her reputation. >> if rain she'll information is sealed at the trial court, is allowed to be open to the public when the defendant files an
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law. >> tested today in organize arguments before the new hampshire supreme court. at issue, whether details about the sexual history of murder victim lizzie marriott should have been admitted during trial of her killer. >> i'm not saying this information should come out if the appeal had nothing to do with it. it's because the decision is all about this. >> marriott, a westborough native and unh student disappeared four years ago. her girlfriend testified at the trial that the murder happened after marriott was hampshire, for rough, three way sex. marriott's prior sexual experience was deemed inadmissible for the trial, but the attorney argues the rape shield statute does not apply at the appellate level. >> no one asks any victims any questions on appeal. the court has also said this a concern underlying the rape shield rule is that the information would be misused by juries. there is no jury here. >> marriott's body has never been recovered.
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daughter's memory and reputation clean. >> the marriotts aren't here arguing this stuff should remain sealed forever. >> the supreme court will issue a ruling at a later date. the a.g.'s office and the marriott family are also asking for the unprecedented step of closing the room during the upcoming appeal in order to protect sensitive information. reporting live from the new hampshire supreme court in con toward, wcvb, newscenter 5. a being held without bail tonight in connection with a fatal shooting in everett back in january. 19-year-old omar reyes was found under a street overpass with a single gunshot wound to the head. the man is charged with murder after investigators say evidence including a fingerprint tied into the crime. two others have already been charged with murder. all three are suspected of having ties to the gang ms-13.
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a worker there has been diagnosed with tb. the plant has now been closed. people who work there are being tested. health officials say customers are not at risk because tb is in a food-borne illness. >> turning now to the weather, on the last day of summer. >> well, you know, at least we're going to have a very summer tomorrow but this weekendta will be a little different. >> check out the numbers. it's 81 degrees right now in boston. 70s and low 80s across the region. a beautiful late afternoon flash. very early evening. even with the high, thin clouds, hasn't taken much away from a very pleasant day and it's less humid. the big change. as we go through the evening boston easily will drop into the 60s but we'll see most of the outlying areas in the 50s. even a few upper 40s before the
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really warm day for this time of year because look at all the warmth in the midwest. fall beginning tomorrow. it won't feel like it but then there is the weekend. i'll tell you all about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. >> if we have to, we have to. new at 5:00, animal welfare officials looking for help in finding this manatee on the cape. it's been spotted several times since august and was last seen at rope beach. manatees are normally found off water. they like water that's generally above 68 degrees. animal welfare groups are trying to capture the manatee to transport it to a critical care facility before the water gets any colder. >> a religious relic true hundreds to the immaculate conception church in laurel, a heart was on display. he died in 1968 and became a saint in 2002. the faithful waited in line to
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many touched it, others kissed it. the relic will be on display. this is the first visit, the first time the italian's harp ever has been taken outside of italy. >> still to come, a dramatic ending to a police chase. >> the intense moment that led to the suspect slamming interest the cruiser. what was later found inside the suspect's car. >> caught on camera, the exploding hoverboard blamed for who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove the stigma of addiction so parents can get help. doug griffin: kelly co-authored the comprehensive addiction and recovery act - this act will save kids' lives... ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible.
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. >> breaking news, we told you about at the top of the hour. one person has died and four others taken to the hospital after this rollover crash. you can see the suv on warren street in roxbury. the suv striking several other vehicles and coming to rest on its side in the middle of the road. investigators want to know if it was stolen. they say it was not being pursued by >> one person has been killed in a serious crash on main street. a car striking a woman and then hitting two other vehicles in a rite-aid parking 4r06789 police telling us the 52-year-old pedestrian who was struck was killed and we'll bring you more information as that becomes available as well. >> a hoverboard malfunctions setting a kentucky house on fire. the toy just exploding inside that home in florence. the family said the hoverboard was charging and it started to make a clicking noise before it
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damages are expected to cost less than $5,000. over the southerly investigators recalled more than half a million hoverboards after dozens reportedly caught fire. an intense police chase caught on camera in utah the suspect ramming right interest a highway patrol car. >> get out of the way. >> police say after the crash the driver pulled a knife on the trooper, then sped off. dash cam pat temperature shows the car weaving in and out of lanes. it hits the patrol car again before running away. police say the driver even pretended to be a witness. >> he was trying to convince the trooper it was someone else. he ran this way, ran that way, he fought with them and had to be tasered. >> the driver was charged with
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>> fall starts in a merit of hours. >> >> tomorrow. >> we all know it will be cold enough. >> if you're like me you have a hard time letting go. hard time of letting go of summer but we don't have to worry about that tomorrow and at left for part of friday. >> anyway, it's been a beautiful day, ben, in spite of the milky sky with high, thin cirrus clouds. it's been great around boston. check it we've not had a sea breeze. tomorrow afternoon we likely will. probably down a couple of degrees from what you see here. >> the dew point and relative humidity much lower than they were yesterday at this time. so it's not the temperatures that are very different, but yet our comfort is much improved. 70s and low 80s wherever you are at this particular time. when you see the it in's blue color that means the humidity is very livable for us. pleasant or refreshing and it's going to stay that way for
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a nice night tonight, and with it being nice and dry, as you can see the humidity stays down, it allows, with mainly clear skies, thin clouds don't really interfere with the heat of the day going back out into space at night, it allows the night to be cooler than last night. not so much this boston where it will drop into the sits but in the outlying areas, rural areas, well see many 50s and even a few upper 40s in some of the real cool spots. you can't really forecast a cool day tomorrow when you realize our weather is still coming from the west. pittsburgh at5 it's a little bit cooler to the north and much cooler further north. that's where our weather for this weekend is coming from and so the transition is going to occur later friday and friday night into cooler weather for the upcoming weekend. the weekend will actually feel like fall. but for tomorrow, it will be in the 80, except right along the shore road. a little sea breeze, will hold it down to the upper 70s. great weather for the patriots game tomorrow night.
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game should be spent with temperatures in the 60s and a light southwesterly wind. remember julia, that was a tropical storm? even though it's not being label anything anymore it's still a little bit of a circulation that's had a lot of moisture that's just been sitting in place and parts of eastern north carolina and southeast virginia have had like a if the of rain, which is more than we've had in six months here in boston. then we have this narrow sliver of skies into early friday and front so the risk of a sure or thunderstorm will increase by late on friday. but there you go. a beautiful day coming up for thursday. that hopefully we can get a chance to enjoy at least somewhat. you can see the skies once again. just about cloudless through most of thursday, just a few patchy loud at the end of the day. friday, that's when the front starts to apressure so we'll see some clouds approach from the north and west and maybe a shower or thunderstorm later friday or friday night. it should end first thing
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bubbling of the weekend. that's all reflected in the next seven days. still warm through tomorrow and even into friday, and then decidedly chillier over the weekend and into early next week, and, yes, the official start of fall. check it out. 10:21, yes, that's the start of fall. officially, and this weekend is when it will feel like it. >> won't be too big of a lag. two days. that's not too much. >> that. 70 next tuesday also. >> yeah. >> so beautiful here. >> great. >> next in your health, popular child booster seat being recalled because of potential -- >> the new report setting off alarms about the drinking water system across the u.s. the concerns being raised about carcinogens. >> disturbing video. a woman, you see her there, she's alive but she's on the floor of a lawrence store after an apparent overdose.
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see there, trying to wake her up. shining the spotlight on the youngest victims of our drug
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>> evenflo is recalling 30,000 combination booster seats because children could loosen the harness on their own the recall involves certain three in one seats there.
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of complaints. the company will send owners a replacement harness adjustment button for free. >> today is the day to raise awareness about the degenerative brain disease that includes memory decline and thes will of ability to perform daily activities. >> it results in the build-up of plaque on the brain and contributes to loss in nerve function and eventually leads to death. while there is no cure doctors say the research is getting tools for identifying what's happening in the earlier stages of the disease. the ultimate goal is to prevent the disease from progressing. >> there are a couple of clinical trials that are actually identifying people who carry these gene changes but don't have alzheimer's symptoms yet and are intervening with early treatment. >> the doctor says for people who are diagnosed in their 50s or later the exact cause is not
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research will continue to provide doctors with more answers in the years to come. >> next on newscenter 5 at 5:30, tough questions from congress about price increases for a life saving treatment. the c.e.o. of the company that makes epipins on the hotseat on capitol hill. >> new details about the lawsuit
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>> from boston's news leader -- >> breaking news, one person has died and four others have been taken to the hospital after this rollover crash on warren street in roxbury. >> the suv on its side, striking several other vehicles and coming to rest in the middle of the road.
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was stolen. they did point out the suv was not being pursued by police. >> in wilmington, a deadly crash on main street a pedestrian killed after being struck by a car. police say the driver also hit two parked cars in a rite-aid parking lot. >> the patriots just released the final injury report for tomorrow night's game. >> play. the rookie, third string, gets the start. >> it is the last official day of summer. might as well be playing football. >> great day. tomorrow is the start of fall but it will be a warm day and warm night by standards of late september. but a great night for the game. check it out. still 81 in boston. 70s and low 80s. so we have a mild start to the evening but the one difference is the air is drier now. the clouds are very thin.


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