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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new clashes as protest grow after a deadly police shooting. maria: a woman's close call. ed: a powerful shove faith. >> the encounters out today. meteorologist: summer warmth, not done with us yet. fall will begin soon. maria: health crisis for former patriot. >> bring up eng thiss like answer. maria: decoding the mystery illnesses. we begin with breaking news. a violent night of protests in charlotte, north carolina. as clashes break out between police and demonstrators. the protests erupting after a deadly police shooting. ed: the situation, extremely dangerous at this hour. large crowds in the streets and lines of police trying to control them. let's get right to newscenter five's shaun chaiyabhat watching it unfold. shaun? shaun: yeah. this was civilian on civilian shooting there. the person shot was a protesters
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critical condition on life support. also right now, hundreds of people remain in the streets. protests in charlotte turning again to violence. police say a civilian shot a protester. then, flash grenades. tear gas. police in riot gear scattering crowds. these disruptions mirror the night before. where 16 officers were injured. outrage boiling over after police shot and killed 43-year-old keith lamont scott searching for a different man with warrants. protesters calling for transparency. the chief saying he had a gun. >> a weapon was seized, a handgun. i can also tell you we did not find a book that has been made reference to. >> i think it's very important that people do see the evidence
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accurate information about what really happened. shaun: police now reviewing different views from dash and body cameras. >> i'm asking for calm. it's a tragic time for our city. i'm asking for calm. i'm asking for the community to have peaceful protests. the mayor eer calling for calm that did not come tonight. video of the shooting has not been released. in this case, the officer who opened fire was also black. the scott family issued a statement asking for peaceful protests. shaun chaiyabhat [cheering and applauding] ed: thank you shaun. we will continue to closely monitor the situation in charlotte throughout this newscast. the white house has also been in contact with the charlotte mayor's office.
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right now, many questions after a crash on a busy roxbury street. a stolen suv rolling over with three teenagers inside. the out-of-control suv hitting other cars. five people taken to the hospital. our john atwater is live in roxbury, what have you learned john? >> the driver took off crashing into other cars. john: first responders raced to treat the victims. it was a very difficult rescue for at least one of the people inside t >> he was moving, the arm was moving, but he was pinned under the truck. john: cell phone video shows officers trying to lift the heavy land rover off that victim. witnesses say the stolen suv was flying down mlk around 2:00 and warren st. >> the officer was behind them - so when he flipped, the officer chasing him was the first one on the scene and he was holding his head up. john: despite that witness account, police say that truck was not being chased. investigators say at some point,
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suv to stop, but it sped off, eventually flipping onto it's side and crashing into other cars. >> and then bang into me and then bang into someone else four cars. that man will be ok, but police have many questions for the juveniles in that stolen truck. >> the other guy got out the top he crawled out, they handcuffed him. video shows that person being taken away, but police will not say if he was arrested. after being hit by a car on main street this afternoon. the car that hit her then slammed into two parked cars. the name of the 52-year old victim has not been released. the driver, also a woman from wilmington, was taken to the hospital. maria: 5 investigates with new fallout tonight from that missing evidence scandal in braintree. sources telling us police chief
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he'll step down next month after 30 years with the department. as 5 investigates first reported guns, drugs, and cash are missing from the evidence room. several criminal cases have already been dropped because evidence was missing or compromised. ed: taking a live look at the city of boston on a wednesday night. we're saying goodbye to summer, but no to the warm weather just yet. stormteam five's harvey leonard with me now. meat a great night. hard to let go. we got few high thin clouds around. they were in the skies today, too. that did not take away. we'll seize similar situation tomorrow and maybe see this resteid the south a little bit. so boston drops to the low to mid 60's overnight but many
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look at these highs todd the west. we know with have another warm day tomorrow. weight few degrees coomer the shoreline only where there will be a little bit of a sea breeze. fall is beginning at 10:21 tomorrow morning. it won't feel like. in the seven day, it will. there are changes coming. we'll let you know the timetable and think feel of fall as well all coming up. ed: live to charlotte now. the breaking news. you can see police and using tear gas as they move them back. move them back. the same time zone. 11:06 end the opening here. 11:06 in the evening there. police are pushing closer to get the people to move back. we will continue to follow this. people are cram bling in the middle of that picture. as i said, tear gas has been seen in a couple of areas as we have goning there the evening right now in charlotte. we'll continue to watch that.
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a grim discovery in the water off the south shore. those white things in the water, hundreds of dead fish! it's creepy, but tonight experts tell us completely natural. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in hingham with some answers. jorge: if you have never seen one, the sight can be very upsetting. marine fisheries reporting a number of fish kills, including one here. a late summer by the thousands, dead fish floating in the water along hingham harbor as far as the eye could see. >> and i started noticing all these dead fish and i have lived here fifteen years and i have
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during a morning kayak. >> and i look around and i see thousands of dead fish, and i started filming it and i wondered why. >> no spill reported, so we showed the video to dan mckiernan at the division of marine fisheries. >> those look to be adult pogies which measure between 12-15 inches and weigh about one pound per fish. ti pogies , a popular bait fish ok. but why so many dead. >> that can happen if a large group of fish gets into a small enbayment like a harbor or a river and estuary they can use up the available oxygen. too many fish, in a confined
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fishkills reported this week, in the bay state. fairly common this time of year. marine experts say, if this was not something more sinister as some suspect, it's a good news bad-news story, fish kills point to an abundance of bait fish, so fishermen are thrilled, they also attract and feed larger species, like blue fish and stripped bass. live in hingham, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. video that will have you looking up next time you go to cross the street. check out the woman knocked down by duck boat today on boylston street. she's ok. boston duck tours releasing the video from a camera mounted on the duck saying they are committed to safety. maria: right now, the fbi is looking for two men, who may have unknowingly disabled a bomb, planted over the weekend
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the men found a suitcase on the street removed what was inside it and then took the suitcase with them. police think they removed a bomb. they want to talk to the they want to talk to the men and get the suitcase back. a suspect is already in custody accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey last weekend. new polls tonight giving hillary clinton an edge. a national wall street journal poll shows clinton with a six-point lead over donald trump in a four-way race including libertarian gary johnson and green party nominee jill stein in a two person race, clinton
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in the swing state of new hampshire - a monmouth university poll has clinton leading trump by 9 points. an outpouring of faith in boston's north end tonight. long lines, as a religious relic is put on public view. hundreds turning out, to see the heart of a saint. new at 11:00, our mary saladna live in boston with this unusual story of faith. mary. >> it's a once in a lifetime chance we need to do this >>these catholic faithful came to venerate, to repay to a saintly relic in this glass box is the heart of st. padre pio. a 20th century saint known for his piety and prayer.
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>> it's the first time this relic has traveled beyond italy and this saintly encounter with padre pio is a chance to touch this man of god, who was so connected to jesus, he bore the stigmata the painful wounds of christ on the cross >> emotions ran high, hearts were full. ed: fex on wcvb newscenter 5: maria: heal like cancer. maria: key dodding the mystery illnesses. meteorologist: the start of fall just hours away, but the feel of summer sticking around for awhile. maria: far from home t. the manatee spotted off cape cod and why experts say it needs to be caught. ed: we take you live back to charlotte now as we go to commercial break. have been tear gas fired into the crowd. you can see one person walking across the street who has the hand out then. its some form at the top of of
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trying to move people back. the tensions continue high in randy: thursday morning, workout secrets revealed. >> the three things key to seeing results the trainers saw their clients. >> and fall officially and the next chance for rain on
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ed: back to the breaking news in charlotte, north carolina.
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shot tonight. we don't know who way responsible for that shooting, but we do know pit was not a police officer. police using tear gas to disperse crowds. we continue to monitor the situation. that is line now. we wilton monitor the situation in charlotte, north carolina. he's been to the superbowl 5 times. earned three superbowl rings with the patriots. but number 72 was recently sidelined in the hospital with a mystery illness made worse by his ongoing battle with crohn's disease. tonight, matt light's story with his wife susie by his side. u look good. >> thank you. >> do you feeled? >> be honest. >> i feel better now. >> now. but not that long ago, he was sick.
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things break. you get fixed. so we ended up going to brigham and women's and they started bringing up things like cancer, you know, you get to have a lung biopsy, a spinal tap. they have taken this stuff and cannot figure it out. that is a streetsful time not just for me but susy trying to keep up with the kids. >> reporter: his wife, susy, stayed at his side nonstop. >> i have never seen anyone so sk in my life. idea it could be something like lymphoma because he had, um, nodules on the lungs and they need toby oppsied then talking about bone narrow. reporter: finally one of the test came back positive. >> it was plon. you know, for the northeast, like nobody gets this. were are return knew what its? >> yes. because matt and sue i have from ohio and an area where the fungus thrives.
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founddation. when he was there, matt decided to take a part old on for a reclaim the old wood, one of the passing. we go. we take done the old barns and do all of that. they are are nasty. i mean, hundreds of years like animal droppings. dust, mold. >> moldy hay and animal droppings that carry the fun buts. which is notepad for someone like matt because of the medication he takes for crohn's disease certain fungal infections. >> there is hay in a hey mu that has not been moved in 100 years. >> you wear a mask, right? the answer was no. he was not wearing any protection. lesson learned. >> i calm out of this thing more grateful of, more thankful for what i have got, my family, my friends, my wife. what people going to go through. >> it was the scariest thing i have been through. if even looking at him today, i
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thankful. >> i will say that the greatests aspect of the entire process has been that i have finally gotten under the 300 pound mark. >> matt jokes now. susy got through it by writing about it in the blog. they both know it could have been different. there is people that die are this disease. there is people that have long-term effects and had it gotten in the brain, i am not sure you would see a difference. physically, you what i mean? it is a bad thing. look, i am fortunate. >> he is. >> another thing that matt says. don't dishis the spine print or the people talking fast in those commercial for prescription drugs when they say the immune system may be weakened, it is a real possibility. that is what happened because of the crohn's disease. back to work now with the matt life foundation. link has to and the blog keeping the light house inside of this
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ed: a big mountain of a man who was so important here. maria: such a great guy. ed: you know, anything can affect anyone. maria: that is right. he knows it. meat meth a great family. ed: harvey? meteorologist: this is the wait was. i wanted to share this with you. i wanted to take you back to the clock as we went toward sunset. we have been having the beautiful sunsets and beyond. check it. it happened again tonight. there was beautiful pink showing up. 6:45. just look that sky. just gorgeous. here we are. just beautiful weather and comfortable. even though we hit 83 today. lower humidity made it nice. this is another month, that is welling well above the average. it was warm through he midwest today. another warm day coming up tomorrow. just a bit cooler in the afternoon or the coast as it will be. boston looking good tonight. 3 degrees.
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it dropped to the 50's so maybe even a few upper 46 he's. 57 now in norwood as well. generally comfortable ap the ren gone. humidity will stay where it is now for the rest of this night and for tomorrow. 3:00 i mentioned there could be a few um upper's but the urban centers like boston in the low 60's. here we go tomorrow. 85 the common number around loyal. logan airport, rockport, a afternoon. -wise county, metro west, 82-6 degrees. low to mid 80's south and west of boston. you know this upper 70's. 75-80 should do it. a great day. fall is about gang at 10:20 tomorrow morning. the weather won't feel like it. tomorrow night, 69 for the start of the game then coasting through the 60's during the game. transition pg cops friday. then afteror the evening a
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front that will clear with the northerly wind which will make it much cooler on saturday. then much earlier weekend as we wide up on the cool side of the jet stream. the weekend is different than it was what we had. we had high thin clouds can around. toll the northern edge of tropical storm jewel which put a lot of rain down in eastern north carolina as well as parts of virginia. right now, this tropical storm, carlo, tropical storm, it will be close bermuda. it should be far enough. pit is 78 degrees years ago today. the worst natural disaster was hurricane of 38 and the wind gists. 166 miles per hour. warm tomorrow. warm and friday afternoon. showers or thunderstorm late friday. saturday and sunday look like they are cry. a lot chillier and really chilly for the early part of fall from saturday night through early monday. that is how it is. maria, ted? ed: a great thing.
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maria: he does. maria: do love chilly. if. maria: up next, the sen for a i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. it will make public education even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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manatee spotted off cape cod and why experts say it needs to be caught. manatees are normally found off florida and don't do well in water temperatures cooler than 68 degrees. animal welfare groups are now trying to capture the manatee before the water gets any
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pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - so she wasn't eligible for treatment. pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want to live like this anymore... she begged... she begged for help, saying mom - please help me. doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... pam griffin: we knew we had to save other families from losing their children. kelly reached out to us. pam griffin: she listened to what we had to say, who we were - she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove the stigma of addiction so parents can get help. doug griffin: kelly co-authored the comprehensive addiction and recovery act - this act will save kids' lives... ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible.
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your friendly, neighborhood barber. finish one cut and shout "next!" line 'em up, mow 'em down. seven straight now for the sox who are 14-5 in this september to remember. they are one win shy of sweeping away the yankees and the orioles back to back normally we don't pay much attention to the patriots weekly injury report because it is constantly in flux, but the
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more teams but cher it. ground ball to the first. turns into error. two runs coming in. sox are up 2-1. the next batter with two men on. makes the orioles pay dearly. five runs. two batters. that is your ball game, folks. 5 in 1. of course we got see the outfield. he said after the game, this is michael jackson dance. >> looking good. >> don't stop until you get enough. 5-1, sox over the orioles. the news gets better. the bluejays had chance to go ahead in the tenth end! inning. check out mike freeman with the diving catch. that kept the game alive. to the 12th inning. runners on third base. sacrifice fly for seattle. the run comes in and scores and seattle maying a run at the wildcard and keep the bluejays who are now five behind the red sox and the controllers are six behind the red sox.
11:32 pm
check out bow jackson. you no he how hard it i to do that. also geez to city field. a chance to win the game with a 3-1 homer. bottom of the nine tonight inning. check out the catch up against the wall. that had a home run written all over it. he brought it back to the ballpark. are you kidding me. a spoiler. all right. injury. caught our attention. garoppolo as "doubtful" for tomorrow nights game with houston. so what does "doubtful" mean. under the nfl legend for status of injured players doubtful means quote "unlikely to play." now the patriots have until 90 minutes before game time tomorrow night to list their inactive players that is when there will be definitive word. meanwhile, gronk and dante hightower are both listed as "questionable" translated "not certain to play" so as of right now, as he sits in a hotel room not far from
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>> there is a hashtag. >> that is what you have been doing. >> win, dance, peat. >> a good hashtag. we take you live to char lo as we say good evening to you. the tension and chaos still going on. the line of police there. [ clock ticking ]
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that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, lupita nyong'o bill o'reilly celebrities read mean tweets and music from jake owen and now, the moment we've been waiting for -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome. very nice. i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for everything. very, very kind. we have a lot on tap tonight.


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