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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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violent. the victim was shot me arm. his injuries are not life-threatening. he was transported by ambulance. we spoke to cbs employees. she tells everybody is ok. police have not said atr this point if they have any suspects or if they are actively searching for the car the other 2 men were seen in. liven jc: there's breaking news down at gillette stadium and it doesn't involve the patriots quarterback situation. ben: live on the field with a big update on gronk. anchor: he arrived moments ago.
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. i will take that as a go. he did not play in the first two games. he has been playing teammates he wants to play. he came out in full pads ready to go. he will be activated. the list comes out at 7:00. >> more breaking news at 6:00. a man is dead after being struck by an amtrak train. newscenter 5's diane cho is live at the scene, where there are residual delays >> the train station has now reopened. it all started here around
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rain delays are expected. amtrak says they are involved with 170 to boston. 250 passengers were onboard. we are waiting to learn more details about the circumstances. this is now the ninth person killed in an accident. we are live in mansfield. part of 128 for two days. this is so they can safely demolished the area. that news is giving a lot of commuters a big chill. live where drivers and businesses are bracing for impact. >> those changes affect all of
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people are bracing for a headache. anybody who drives 128 has seen it. the occasional crash. never anything like this. 128, lanes rerouted for an entire weekend. crews need the time to reroute. >> how my going to get around this section of town? >> for dai is less. it only happens over a weekend. >> that really concerns us. >> recent construction has already hit the bottom line. driverless -- drivers will be detoured. they hope traffic will be light.
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routes you can take. >> we can't do partial demos. we have to do full demos. what we are going to do is diverge the highway. the highway is gone from three lanes to two lanes. >> we have a full detours on the wcvb app. anchor: a cheerleader is dead after a rollover crash. our partners reporting 19-year-old hayley sanford of seekonk was ejected from a vehicle after a two-car crash on 495 north last night. she was taken by medical helicopter to rhode island hospital where she died. the driver of the other vehicle was takern to morton hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
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student to die since june. ben: a motorcyclist hits two pedestrians and is then struck and killed himself by a car. that driver took off. live near the scene. >> that is right. it was dark and around midnight. the man and woman were in that crosswalk. they survived. the man who hit them was pronounced dead at the scene. then the guy who was with her. that is when they crash. >> the pedestrians are hospitalized after being struck by the motorcycle. the 64-year-old on the bike hit them in the crosswalk, lost control, fell to the ground and was killled. police say he's the victim of a hit and run and they're looking for that vehicle . >> a four door mercedes color
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after the motorcycle crashed into the pedestrians the victim whos' now deceased, was laying in the street and was struck by a car an on coming vehicle. reporter: every detail more devastated than the next for the methuen motorcyclists family who left flowers at the crash scene. local and state police closed all 4 lanes of the rte 114 crash site around midnight. boston market on the corner at waverly rd, closed around the same time. >> i saw a lot of people trying there was a woman trying to help the girl. she was screaming. she was frantic. reporter: pedestrians are in the hospital. the family of the deceased asking for privacy. police have seen area businesses
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charged with plotting to help isis pleads guilty to conspiracy charges including plotting to behead a conservative blogger. reporter: for 50 minutes, nicholas rovinsky listened to the judge and to the prosecutor outline his rights and the charges against him. he was almost smiling at times. then he pled guilty to plotting to help isis to kill americans. rovinski is charged with two counts of conspiracy both to on behalf of isis. prosecutors said he plotted with two massachusetts men, david wright of everett, who is awaiting trial next year, and and osama rahim who was shot to death outside of a roslindale cvs where he worked. they allegedly talked about beheading nonbelievers of the islamic state specifically pam geller who organized a prophet muhammad cartoon context in texas last year. the us attorney said rovinski
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weapons and how to make weapons. emails were written by rovinski to another isis supporter saying rovinski decided not to travel to iraq, but to carry out things in the united states. his attorney however said rovinski was a vulnerable young man seduced by extremist ideology. >> it must be noted he never hurt anyone, never came close to carrying out the outlandish plans that were discussed. . he has accepted responsibility and will face very harsh penalties for that. but prosecutors pointed out he continued to recruit other prisoners to join isis after he was arrested. in court today, just before pleading guilty, rovi -- he told the judge i feel in the interest of myself and the people of the united states that i should pay for the crimes that i committed. if he had been convicted by a jury, he would have faced a life sentenced. now, he could be sentenced anywhere from 15 to 22 years. that sentencing is scheduled for
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reporter: david wright is scheduled to go on trial february 6. i spoke briefly to rovinsky's parents as they left court. they had no comment, but when asked if their son was indeed remorseful, his father replied, evidently. heather: it may be one of the largest cybersecurity breaches ever -- what yahoo account-holders are being urged to do right now. ed: he survived. who played the hero to this 5-pound cutie. anchor: it's mild out there but change is coming. what it means for your weekend. anchor: i am mike lynch. jacoby percent has to be smiling. gronk has arrived, he is in the
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>> friday on the eye, reaping the benefits of all in food. >> packing a healthy punch. >> and tracking a few showers and a big temperature change. the time line on when it starts to feel like fall friday,
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anchor: breaking news that affects half $ half a billion users at yahoo!. ed: a massive data breach, putting some of their private information at risk. >> the breach was disclosed today but dates back to late 2014. the stolen data includes, user names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birthdates, hashed passwords and security questions for verifying an account holder's identity. not impacted, payment data, inclg yahoo is blaming the breach on a hacker working on behalf of a foreign government. users are urged to change their passwords and security questions, and check your accounts for any suspicious activity. ed: folks at home, just join us. this is her maiden voyage. reporter: i will be here on the
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slideshow to help you get to know nichole, including the fact -- what are they going to know about you? heather: she moved here with her cats. >> including the fact that she went to syracuse university for graduate school. heather: you're going to be a big hit. ed: welcome aboard. heather: captured a manatee. why it could not be any better. >> a boy's dream come true. one in eight women will face breast cancer. difference death.n life ande
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parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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>> the manatee and jeopardy has been rescued. take a look at these pictures. welfare groups have been looking into this. this is new at 6:00. an amazing survival story. an mbta train slams into a five-pound dog. you wouldn't expect this to have a happy ending but take a look at charlie. this little dog is recovering at mspca-angell in jamaica plain. an mbta maintenance worker found the tiny shih-tzu mix last thursday, next to the rails between the forest hills and roslindale village stops.
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severed she'd lost nearly half of her blood. fortunately that t guy bringing charlie to angell's animal medical center. >> just the injury itself. she was learning to walk on three legs but still needs a few more weeks to recover. mspca workers tell us charlie isn't microchipped and no one has come forward to claim her so she is available for adoption. anchor: can i have three dogs? a magical sendoff for a little boy with a life-threatening heart condition. >> nice to meet you. heather: today, giovanni maggiore's favorite disney characters greeted him at logan airport before he and his family were whisked away to the magic kingdom.
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hospital undergoing surgeries. his mother says to see him happy and smiling is something you can't put a price on. >> it's a pretty rough ride for him. >> i hope they have a lot of fun. he is getting a special sendoff and welcome parties in orlando. >> sendoff parties and welcome to parties. way to go. >> let's check in with harvey. >> most places reached the 80's today. even with that, he has been
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69 easterly wind. 78 now in somerville. as far as to the north of austin, norwood is about 80. low 60's by the end of the game. a couple of showers up here but the cold fronts across the region tomorrow from northwest to southeast.
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one more time, it will be warm tomorrow. it will get into the 80's. overnight friday night it will be with us for saturday and sunday. south of boston, the cool air begins to make it feature sunshine and a true feel of fall. it moves and accelerates away. no change this week on the update. check it out.
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it could be a touch of frost. a better chance of some frost in a few more areas monday. anchor: now, mike lynch with sportscenter 5. >> welcome to gillette stadium. gronk will play tonight. any preseason game. he arrived just before 6:00. he's in a golf cart. had his hat on backwards. he was waving to a gauntlet of photographers awaiting his arrival. meanwhile the guy throwing up the football tonight will be
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inactive list. it is his first nfl start on three days preparation. with more, here is josh. >> we are just trying to get ready to play thursday. >> you lose your starting quarterback. your kicker misses a makeable chan second-half points and yet you won the game. >> i think it was a short week. we have to move on. like always we try to fix some things. >> short memories are the key to moving on in any successful operations. the texans had days to get up.
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romeo crennel. >> they have a good defense. we have to be prepared. >> who will start the game in the crosshairs? . reports are that the patriots have brought in future quarterbacks not signed anyone. texans win the afc south. >> thank you very much. they will be wearing a color
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this year, color rushed jerseys. that is the story here. he will play. we will see you at 7:00. ed: they get escorts in golf carts. heather: i know. very special. maria: new tonight at 7:00 a push for families of murder victims. and then, a record number of heart transplants at this local hospital. now, a number of factors are playing a role, including one you might not expect, the opioid
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i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. it will make public education even stronger, access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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ed cvs store remains closed. the victim, 18 years old. a witness saw three men get out of the car and go inside a short time later. the victim was shot in the arm. the drive-through is over.
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7:00. the first day of fall. it feels like summer. ed: the first weekend of fall will feel like fall. heather: that is good.
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tonight, breaking news. the female officer just charged with first degree manslaughter, after a father walking toward his suv, his hands up, is later shot and killed by police. the state of emergency at this hour in charlotte. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> after protests turn violent. the national guard just has now died. we're on the scene. also breaking tonight, the shooting, as we come on the air. authorities on the scene right now. a workplace in tennessee, the images coming in. donald trump's outreach to black voters, and his controversial words about stop and frisk. and tonight, robin roberts with president obama. the exclusive right here, on policing. and what he would tell hillary clinton as she walks on that debate stage monday night.


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