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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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announcer: now on it newscenter 5 eyeopener -- doug: several people stabbed after an early-morning brawl. rhondella: and the suspect and they washington state shooting rampage in custody. what we are learning this morning. doug: the deadly moment leading to the deadly police shooting in charlotte. rhondella: water service restored -- the restrictions now in place for residents in hamilton. announcer: it you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: it's almost october and the sox are in the postseason. there when insured them at least
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is just 3 -- count them. rhondella: good morning and thank you for joining us this sunday, september 25. doug: a chilly start this morning. temperatures up in the 50's now. aj: we were in the 40's and most areas, but we have recovered nicely thanks to the sunshine and relatively high sun angle. 56 in boston. 58 in hyannis. deep blue, cobalt blue skies with high pressure off to the north and a system off to our west which will slowly start marching in our direction by tuesday. until then, we have some nice weather. it turned quite mild and muggy back toward the mississippi valley into the upper midwest
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nothing to worry about this evening. the rest of today, lots of sunshine, clear skies. sunset at 6:35. the sun was up at ex: 30 five and if you wonder why it took 12 hours today and not equinox, check out my facebook page. doug: four people are dead after an early-morning fire in greenfield. the fma the victims are believed to be three adults and a child. an investigation is underway right now. rhondella: at least six people are injured after a fight in the theater district. police say the flight -- the fight broke out on tremont street. one person suffered serious injuries but will recover. and breaking news -- this man is under arrest and connection with the horrific mall shooting in
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the gunmen opened fire, killing five people. doug: while the motive is unclear, we are learning more about the suspect. >> about 6:30, we arrested a 20-year-old oak harbor man. his name -- reporter: investigators arresting a suspect who murdered five people inside a washington mall. individual walking northbound on the sidewalk and instantly recognized that as the person i just viewed on my computer. i did an abrupt u-turn, hold my gun and the individual was taken into custody. >> there was a gunmen holding a rifle shooting and he saw me and i took off running. reporter: this man and his wife
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the victims. >> we thought to ladies, one facedown and a pool of blood. there was another lady next to her and i checked for a pulse. reporter: for women and one man died. >> that was us in that mall, any one of us at any time. it changed those families forever. we need to keep them in our prayers. , i am afraid to some extent, forever. reporter: officers described him as being in a zombielike state when they arrested him. a primary investigation found that he immigrated from turkey as a child and is a legal u.s. resident. he is known for three domestic assault charges against him according to the "seattle times."
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rhondella: breaking news out of florida -- miami marlins pitcher is fernandez was among three people killed in a boating accident. the bodies were discovered a short time later. the marlins say their thoughts and prayers are with the family at this very difficult time. today's game against the atlanta braves has been canceled. toha shooting that sparked days of protest. we want to warn viewers at this video might be disturbing to some. reporter: police are releasing this video in the death of keith lamont scott. you can hear officers yelling at him repeatedly to drop the gun. he backs away but it is unclear if he is holding anything in his
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from one of the officers body cameras. an attorney questions whether his actions after he stepped out of the suv justify the shooting. >> what we do know is the moment mr. scott is shot, it appears as though he is not aggressively moving toward law enforcement. he is doing the also -- doing the opposite and passively stepping back. reporter: they say he had time. they said they were trying to arrest someone in the area when he was rolling a marijuana blunt. >> that was not the party. when they see the weapon and they see the marijuana, they say this is a safety issue for us and the public. we need to address this before we serve a warrant. reporter: police say it wasn't until an officer said that he
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they ordered him to drop the gun and they say he refused. the man got out of the suv, police say and ignored the commands to drop it. >> it does not make sense to us how this incident resulted in the loss of life. it just does not make sense, it is not clear in the videos that were released. reporter: police say scott hasn't dna and fingerprints were on thede the officer who fired the shots was not wearing a body camera at the time. rhondella: investigators are on the scene of a three alarm fire in roxbury. the fire started in the basement at about 4:00 this morning. one firefighter was brought in to be evaluated. nine people are without a home is morning. damage estimated at $750,000 and the cause is under investigation. doug: boston police
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got into a car she thought belonged to a rideshare service. police remind rideshare customers to always confirm a ride before getting into a car. rhondella: the water is back on in hamilton, but there is a boil water order in place. service was cut off after a water main break on bridge street. crews worked all day saturday to fix it. we spoke with one resident could run number this ever happening. >> about 2:30, i went to wash my hands and there was no water, so i tried a different sink and no water. 15 minutes later, a message came on the phone from the town about the broken water main. rhondella: the boil water order is in place until further notice. that means you cannot drink or cook with water unless it is boiled and you can use it for bathing.
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to normal. we are following a report out of baltimore were at least eight people have been injured after a shooting there. doug: the search is on right now for the suspect. the smithsonian african amerco history museum is open. the special guest to attend the grand opening. rhondella: living a healthy life and maximizing your well-being. the key to get it done. aj: the weather is probably
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every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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doug: the smithsonian museum of african american history is now open. thousands of people attended, including civil rights veteran and congressman john lewis who push the legislation to former george w -- former president george w. bush who signed it into law.
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bush: it celebrates not only african american equality but african-american greatness. president obama that is with this museum is about -- i too am american. doug: many of the items were construed by ordinary americans from across the country. rhondella: 100 years of horse racing memorabilia is up for auction at rockingham park. organizers say everything must go today, including pictures, brochures, jockey equipment poker room equivalent. the liquidation is expected to raise half $1 million. the salem park will close for good on friday. announcer: now, your stormteam 5 forecast. doug: a different kind of horsepower racing at the track today. aj: the bad boy off road 300
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great. no need for the wet tires today. don't they have different tires? good weather for the red sox and anything going on outdoors today. the red dot -- the red sox are indoors -- now you are just trying to throw me off. 56 degrees in boston outdoor how the camera is bumping around? it is a little breezy and dry as well. if you are doing any sort of campfires or cooking, bonfires, be really careful because there is an elevated fire risk with the wind causing things to spread quick. we started in most cases in the 40's. some of you in norwood, in
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quite nicely. we had a little frost north and west of worcester. a widespread killing frost would occur during the october 10 through 20th timeframe. the closer you get toward the coast on points southward, it happens later than that. the frost not uncommon. we will have frost overnight tonight and wel a line of showers and under showers through the plains states. that moves our direction, but not until tuesday. tomorrow, it is going to be great weather-wise. a little cool air across the northeast, but off to the west,
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will feel a change to the air coming as that rainfall moves in. it is dry and present stepping through the remainder of today. tomorrow, a cool start and a cool night and then tomorrow night into tuesday, the humidity start pouring back in and we will get some rainfall. a little bit of age rink for the parched ground that is new england. much of the day on tuesday. 60 to 65 degrees. it's going to be a cool one out there. tonight, 30's and 40's and watch out, there may be some patchy frost. if you need to take precautionary measures, do so tonight. for some of the cranberry bogs over bristol and plymouth town tease, high temperatures for tomorrow's warming into the 60's.
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seven-day -- bright and beautiful today and tomorrow. tuesday is your on bella day. wednesday temporarily drying out but sticking along the southeastern coast of new england. a chance for what weather at times through thursday and friday before what looks to be a nice weekend. rhondella: the time is 10:17. checking some of the other stories happening now. doug: three gunmen are on the run after opening fire in the streets of baltimore. at least eight people are being treated for gunshot wounds, including a little girl. it's believed to be a retaliation for a shooting over the labor day weekend. rhondella: seven people have been second across the country in an e. coli outbreak. the centers for disease control traced the outbreak to adams farm slaughter house.
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veal and buffalo packed over the last three months. the facility has been cleared of contaminants. police are investigating a stepping at the new hampshire motor speedway. investigators say two men were stabbed in a fight involving four people yesterday morning. they were taken to the hospital but it is not clear if arrests have been made. josh: your playoffs boston red sox -- a phrase you have not heard in three years. after 10 wins in a row, they have clinched at least a wild-card spot. this one was not easy. a start at third base, making the most of his opportunity -- a drive to the left and all the way from first base -- a really nice clean up. the raise we get to number 22, looking for win number 22.
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and the line scattered eight hits, three earned runs but nine strikeouts. one year ago, you would have loved this. now you are like that's not his best stuff. but it's more than good enough because justin had been over 17 and six-for the sox win it, 10 and a row for the first time since sweep later on today. doug: to your health now and it is advice just about all of us can use, especially when life seems to get more challenging by the minute. rhondella: how do you keep yourself happy and enjoy your well-being? we talk to a doctor who might be an expert on the subject. reporter: spend a little time with this doctrine you can tell
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says balances one piece of the formula for happiness. >> thinking about well-being is a more realistic way to think about it. we are all going to have our ups and downs but can we get to a place where life is generally better? reporter: he has ideas on getting to that place. he's the chief investigator of the longest-running study on relationships, following people millions hoping to soak up some wisdom. >> it's not money, it's not fame, it's not high achievement. the people who stayed the happiest and healthiest were the people who are happiest in their relationships. reporter: he says relationships are the biggest factor for well-being. interactions with your family,
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in -- it's about attention and how we give each other reporter: attention. drop the smart phone, forget about work and focus on the moment and the person. next is what he calls self-care -- exercise regularly. get sleep and refuel every day. >> it could be anything -- it could be yoga, meditation, going to church, playing golf. reporter: his third tip -- know the difference between what you care about and what you don't. >> we are told a lot of things about what we are supposed to care about. reporter: let go of tedious tasks that drag you down and gravitate to what drags you in. >> what would i do if nobody told me i had to? be yourself. everyone else is already taken.
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when it comes to building this key relationships, they can be simple. you make sure he and his wife have dinner together almost every night, to allow for the time you need to give someone your full attention. doug: my happy place is 1986. rhondella: i like any beach or hammock. a rare flower in full bloom at a local college. doug: the stink the corpse flower is causing. rhondella: duty. honoring their sacrifice forever. aj: a chilly start but things are slowly warming up.
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[inhale + exhale mnemonic] ...two more ways to breathe happy aj: at 56 and worcester, sunny skies at 51. hyannis at 58 and mostly clear skies. plenty of sunshine. showers and thunder showers well off to the west but high pressure is holding overhead. that means another chilly night for tonight, so frost advisories are back up. and also down toward the
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in just a bit. rhondella: dartmouth boss corpse flower is in bloom. doug: the infamous stinky flower is filling the air with incredible smell. it's native to the sumatra rain forest and is among the most popular flowers when it comes. if you want to catch a whiff for yourself come the greenhouse is open from 10:00 until 3:00 today. rhondella: and it only blooms once a decade morning. new information on a pole in the race for the white house. rhondella: where the candidates stand on that eve of their first head-to-head bait. and the local lawmakers campaigning in new england. take a look outside -- pretty
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every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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doug: breaking news -- one of baseball's biggest stars killed in the boating crash. reaction just coming in on the death to those a fernandez. aj: an autumn chill in the air and i'm tracking the potential for rainfall ahead. that timeline, coming up. doug: debate prep -- rhondella: debate prep underway. how the candidates spend a weekend. doug: roots by putting a spin on the final product. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston's newsletter. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: the sox are in the post season with a win over the raise last night. no magic number for clinching the american league east is just three.
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morning of hard news to talk about. rhondella: aj is here with a little chill in the air. that september light is beautiful. aj: is great for photographers that seems like you get that old in our for about an hour and a half this time of year. i love being outdoors this time of year. hopefully you will get a chance to get out and enjoy some of the day today. we have a c the year with lots of sun all the way back toward the great lakes and toward the carolinas, compliments of this big blue h. the difference between this high and this low in the canadian maritimes is a gusty breeze out there which will be a factor most of the day today. thunder showers off to our west, but most importantly for us, tonight, temperatures cool off
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toward interior southeast massachusetts, frost advisories go into effect tonight and tomorrow morning. how low do those temperatures go? i will time it out in just a few minutes. rhondella: we are following breaking news out of florida. doug: miami marlins pitcher, jose fernandez is one of three people killed in a boat crash off of miami patrol finding the boat on a jetty. the team has said in a statement that their thoughts and prayers are with the family. today's game against the atlanta braves has been canceled. rhondella: breaking news in boston -- six people are injured after a fight in the theater district. the fight broke out on tremont street at about 2:15 this morning. one person suffered serious injuries but no arrests have been made.
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water main rake. this will be in effect until test results come back. residents cannot drink or cook with the water unless it is boiled first. rhondella: norwood police put out surveillance video of this crime -- you can see the suspect breaking into a storage area. the suspects were driving a white car. the charity was going tus race to raise money for veterans in need. a major drug bust in andover -- $15,000 worth of heroin recovered. detectives say they also found 350 ground -- 350 grams of heroin. a second person was arrested for buying drugs. doug: a construction worker is recovering after being rescued from a trench. he was working on a backhoe when it held down and in payment. a special rescue team had to be
10:34 am
backhoe before they can get to the victim. >> he was stuck in there because there was nowhere -- no way of securing it. doug: he is expected to be ok. a cause of the accident is under investigation. officials in taunton say what was thought to be an explosion was a small electrical fire. it started in a breaker because they small and smoky fire. two workers were sent to the hospital to get checked out. equipment failure. rhondella: military leaders will dedicate an official memorial to the states gold star family's. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will be the keynote speaker at bicentennial park in fall river. the memorial has for panels highlighting patriotism and sacrifice. doug: janitors who work in thousands of office buildings around boston voting to
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new contract by september 30. the union held a rally two weeks ago. the big issue is the cost of living in boston and adding more full-time positions. the john hancock building and state house be affected by the strike. reporter: i'm here for carol, i'm here for maggie and i'm here for hillary. doug: this weekend. rhondella: as clinton prepares behind closed doors for tomorrow's debate with donald trump. doug: david the knicks this morning with the latest trump attacks. reporter: speaking to several hundred democratic volunteers in manchester, senator elizabeth warren level discharge against donald trump and the republicans. senator warren: they want to make hate ok in america.
10:36 am
she has advice for hillary clinton. senator warren: go be hillary clinton. if people see the real hillary clinton and the real donald trump, there's no doubt. reporter: would you like to be there in her place? senator warren: i am excited to get hillary clinton elect did on the most progressive agenda anyone has run on in america. reporter: democrats signed up volunteers to campaign door to or who say i don't like either candidate? >> i will use the words of bernie sanders -- this is not the election to sit out. reporter: on the streets, clinton works on voters they are trying to convince, but some have made up their mind about her. >> i think she has real problems with the truth. look at all of the scandals that have surrounded her and her
10:37 am
clinton will be relying just on her volunteers. clinton will be returning to new hampshire next wednesday. doug: new overnight, a new abc coal has donald trump and hillary clinton in a virtual dead heat. in a survey of likely voters, clinton takes 46% to trump's for a 4%. trump leads clinton by more than four to one among white men without college degrees. in among college educated white women. rhondella: donald trump on the campaign trail speaking to supporters in virginia. mr. trump: there is a reason the wall street donors are giving tens of millions of dollars to my opponent. hillary clinton is the voice for global special interests. i am running to be the voice of the forgotten men and women of
10:38 am
mate, mike pence, dispelling rumors jennifer flowers would attend the debate. the woman bill clinton had an affair with that she was accepting trump's often -- offer to attend. newscenter 5 will be there. emily riemer will report live from new york. coverage begins at 9:00 on channel 5 and on the wcvb mobile app. doug: the cap on charter schools, marty walsh says he will vote against it. mr. walsh: i'm concerned about the funding and financing. i would ask the legislator for testimony. raise the cap, but deal with the funding mechanism. >> you have heard the ads -- the folks supporting charter schools
10:39 am
mr. walsh: i don't believe that's true at all. doug: you can watch more of boston's mayor, marty walsh, on "on the record." rhondella: we want to join a press conference in session. doug: it ses are just trying to get things in order. that's about the marlins pitcher lost in the tragic boating accident in florida. they are just about to begin the press conference. >> miami-dade fire rescue, coast guard, and all other first responders that responded. we want to send out our condolences to the family. our investigators were there this morning with them. a very tragic event, not only
10:40 am
the families, but for the florida marlins and our community. last night at 3:15 a.m., the coast guard was out on patrol and as they were exiting government cut, they noticed a vessel upside down on the north side jetty. upon that, they notified florida fish and wildlife as well as miami-dade fire rescue in the city of miami. they all responded to the scene where we did find three males that were confirmed dead on the scene. a were transferred to the medical examiner's office. later this morning, we are confirming one of the victims is hose a fernandez, pitcher for the florida marlins. it is a tragic loss not only for the family and friends, but for the marlin community, the state of florida, major league baseball and anyone who met this challenge.
10:41 am
and was involved in everything he could be to give back. it is a great loss, a tragic loss. there are several people who are hurting today and we send our condolences to everyone. the coast guard responded -- doug: we have lost the signal therefrom miami. they are having a press conference on the boating accident that killed as out of miami, that government cut is the inlet the boat leaves from and the boat and it up on the breakwater there and the coast water troll at 3:00 this morning located the boat. rhondella: and all three are men. doug: our thoughts and prayers go out to all the family members. he was a rising star in major league baseball. league baseball. today's braids
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(?) (?) mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands. and lasts a full 12 hours. relieve chest congestion with mucinex, and enjoy living well. doug: they starteddoug: operating more than a century ago creating delegate pieces of art.
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direction. if you travel to the cape and use the sack him a bridge, you may be passing by one of the most historical businesses in the country and not even know it. this is fair point class. furnaces have been burning here since 1837. since then, generations of artists have been handcrafting luxury blown glass and crystal. but things are taking on a new shape at america's oldest glass company. pedigree, we felt it was an amazing opportunity to revitalize this historic brand. >> this is our factory floor. doug: the brothers recently became the latest owners, or as they see it, stewards, this company. >> we decided to change the vision of this company. doug: the vision is to go beyond the traditional while keeping the tradition of exquisite class
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chandelier we're building. doug: the company has been commissioned to create five massive eight-foot wide by eight foot tall lighting displays for a casino in upstate new york. it will consist of 3000 of these orange glass rods. another nod to its history -- the return of an original -- they are reintroducing the famous control bubble doorknob. year and a half reverse engineering the process, creating these knobs for designers, homeowners and the commercial industry. doug: it's almost mesmerizing when you look at it. combining color recipes with a clear vision toward the future, fairpoint is focused on preserving this brand and art for generations to come. when the brothers bought that, they were lying it for the property itself.
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jewel it was, they decided to invest into it. we'll see where that right future goes for them. we will be right back. let's send it over to whether instead and see what we have going on -- blue skies and lots of sunshine. we have gone toward 60 degrees. the dew point very low and gusty winds out of the west northwest. at 58 degrees. clear skies and an awesome day. if you low clouds coming across the northern portion of the white mountains. aside from that, we are high and dry. a strip of rainfall off to the west. this is a cold front. it will be slow to get here. it's turning into a dome of high
10:48 am
the cold front does have eyes for us on tuesday. temperatures near 80 degrees. unity climbing up toward the great lakes. a change in the air big-time tomorrow night. another chilly night tonight complements of a high-pressure right overhead. as we had through monday, a great day. no problems heading to and from work, but monday night, the humidity comes in and starts lifting up and we will get into scattered showers. we could stand to pick up between a quarter to half an inch of rain in some of these localized downpours winding down for the evening commute. we are high and dry with an increased fire risk today because of the dry conditions and gusty winds. high temperatures come a 60 to
10:49 am
i think it will be cooler tonight than it was last night. think twice about keeping the window open. frost advisories north and west of worcester. northern bristol county and interior plymouth county's starting at 2:00. high temperatures tomorrow in the mid-60's. the last of carl -- they are stopping the advisories off of this. then we watch this tropical wave over the atlantic. this is quite a bit front yourself. the models are taking this into the early words and when words. then does a crawl north or head to the gulf of mexico? that is one thing we will be eyeballing over the next couple of days. sunshine today and tomorrow in
10:50 am
tuesday. some sunshine on tuesday and we go back to the potential for a few showers as we step into thursday and friday, paving the way for a decent weekend. doug: we are following several breaking stories. rhondella: several people are stabbed in a stabbing in the early morning in the theater district. and one in eight women will face breast cancer. difference death.n life ande planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade,
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putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know mogenerals do. then the john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father?
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built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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breaking news out of florida -- miami marlins pitcher, jose fernandez, one of three people killed in a boat crash. the coast guard patrol found the boat off a jetty. speed seems to have been a factor. today's game against the atlanta braves has been canceled. doug: breaking news out of boston -- at least six people injured after a fight in the theater district. police say the fight broke out on tremont see morning. one person severed serious injuries. no arrests have been made. rhondella: in new hampshire, an officer shot and killed a suspect off of congress straight. it is not clear what prompted the shooting. the new hampshire attorney general's office is investigating. doug: breaking news out of washington state -- police make
10:54 am
mass shooting that left five people dead inside a macy's garment store. they described him as being zombielike when they placed him under arrest. they have not found a motive for the killings. a boil water alert in hamilton, the town saying it will be in effect until test results are back. that means residents should not drink or cook with water unless it has been boiled first. rhondella: the playoffs after last nights win against the rays. it extends their winning streak to 10 games. that magic number for the sox to clinch the al east is six and they play again this afternoon. doug: bellwether rolling right on cue as we roll into fall baseball. aj: we did something this morning we have not done in a long time and that is it you low 50 degrees. we hit 49.
10:55 am
should be a little cooler tonight than last night. more frost likely. watch the areas down toward the bogs. don't see any rain in the forecast until tuesday. that's a slow moving forecast. i think we -- i don't want to call it a stoking, but there will be a fair amount of rainfall to contend with. you will need the rainfall an desperately need the rainfall. doug: do they still skate on the bogs these days? aj: i'm not a kid. doug: "on the record" is next. rhondella: and then we have "cityline" at noon.
10:56 am
announcer: this is an editorial. >> market on your calendar -- monday night as the must-see event of this wild campaign. the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. saying there is a lot at stake is an understatement. for clinton, it is a crucial opportunity to confront a sobering statistics -- polls find more than 60% of americans consider her untrustworthy. whose numbers also skew decidedly negative on that score, it is a chance to show steady demeanor and command of the issues americans ordinarily want in a commander-in-chief. we would like to think both contenders will be pressed to outline specific policies and address very serious challenges facing our country at home and abroad. the track record for details and accessibility in this campaign is spotty at best. playing a crucial role in keeping the discourse inbound
10:57 am
chris wallace of fox news has already signaled he does not feel compelled to correct the record if a candidate's response is not truthful. that is unfortunate. it should not be seen as partisan to do a general -- what journalists are supposed to do -- get the best obtainable version of the truth. voters have the right to expect them to be truthful and
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so give your body mega support with megared advanced 4in1. with megared advanced 4in1. every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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ed: good morning, everyone. time to go "on the record." buckle up, the world series of politics is here. >> you squeeze your employees to the breaking drive up the value of your stock. ed: senator elizabeth warren taking no prisoners with her wells fargo interrogation. can she be this convincing in new hampshire swaying voters for clinton? and boston's mayor marty walsh is here. we talk about charlotte and massachusetts sjc ruling on race. ed: good morning, everyone.


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