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tv   On the Record  ABC  September 25, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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ed: good morning, everyone. time to go "on the record." buckle up, the world series of politics is here. >> you squeeze your employees to the breaking drive up the value of your stock. ed: senator elizabeth warren taking no prisoners with her wells fargo interrogation. can she be this convincing in new hampshire swaying voters for clinton? and boston's mayor marty walsh is here. we talk about charlotte and massachusetts sjc ruling on race. ed: good morning, everyone.
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thanks for joining us. there is one day left to the first presidential debate, 44 days left until election day. hearst -- first, our guest is boston mayor marty walsh. janet: the massachusetts supreme court ruled this week a black man had a good reason to walk away from a police officer questioning him. the court cites the "indignity of being racially profiled." is the court right? attorney will be going back or a clear opinion from the court. we are not sure exactly how the decision works out. the number they are basing it on, the report they are looking at was from 2008 2 2011 or something like that, but we need more clarity. janet: between now and getting
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walk away from police officers using this as their reasoning. mayor walsh: i feel confident work we have done in the police department, the way we approach the situation, the way we approach any potential conflict in the street, i'm confident that the police are trained. we will do our job every day. the important thing here is we approached somebody who committed a crime. we cannot just a profiling a person of color on the street because they may fit a description looking for, that we automatically look at everyone. ed: is it your belief that maybe something happened in 2008 is different from what happened in 2017? mayor walsh: the numbers of pullovers are reduced, and it something we have to be sensitive to. even we hear a lot about profiling around the country right now.
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that is something that is worked on a lot, profiling. janet: you don't feel these police don't feel this is an albatross hanging over them? mayor walsh: i don't think so, but police have to understand that we will not stand for profiling in the city of boston. part of the reason we have had good immunity relationships in the city is because we don't profile. ed: troubling things have been happening in a number of well-known american cities. we saw what happened in tulsa, oklahoma, charlotte, north carolina. this is video from charlotte. we know what happened in new york city, which is a broader picture of terrorism, perhaps profiling could have stopped it. where is the balance? mayor walsh: in the two situations we are talking about this week, clearly in charlotte,
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explanation at all. all of these different situations are adding to the conversation and the frustration around the country. we have to continue to be vigilant every day to make sure incidents like this don't happen. i cannot say it doesn't happen, but we have to do better. ed: let's talk about new york city. if there had been racial pride -- profiling, would it have been a different situation>? i am talking about the bomb-making person, rahami. mayor walsh: you cannot just interrogate every person that is middle eastern and run them through a security screen. some people may disagree with what i'm saying. the same is for a black man in
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you cannot assume that everyone of them will commit a crime. that is just not the case. i think, as a police department, we have to be careful to that and make sure that we continually talk and train with our officers. he cannot have a community thinking that every black person is a criminal. in the black community, you cannot feel like you are a criminal. in the city, we have to work at this every day to make sure we don't racially ple our police do not unfairly target people of color in our city. janet: the third leg of this has to do with body cameras. there is a pilot program going on right now, about 100 officers wearing them. it seems to be going well and has even diffused a few situations when citizens realized they were on camera. do you see most officers wearing this throughout the entire
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the program works, gather information. that is the first and we will talk about before we go any further. doing an initial analysis of doing a full program will cost anywhere from $6 million to $8 million a year to buy the equivalent and technology. i am not putting the cart before the horse here. i want to see how the pilot program works and then move forward. we week, week four of the program. we still don't have enough time or data to see how the program works. i want to see what the program has, assess the program, have conversations. janet: so it's unlikely that police officers in boston will be wearing body cameras before
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2017. i have no idea. i will not make an announcement today. ed: you just said -- we saw the value of the cameras in the tulsa situation. we have seen the value there. mayor walsh: let me back up. the incidence of racial profiling, body cameras do not stop that. janet: more cautious. mayor walsh: no, there is clearly a different interaction. police officers are being taped all the time, by the way, with handheld videos. as a police officer approaches, you have the body camera.
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but it is having dialogue and working with communities through the city of boston. with young people and teenagers and latinos. that is whatbut it is having did working with is community policing. we see kids that are on videos all day and they are losing that interpersonal skill. i'm not comparing the two, but it is about that one-on-one connection. ed: ready for the otr pop quiz? mayor walsh: i don't think i can do as well as last time. janet: lowering exat anticipated debate takes place tomorrow night. at one venue in new york? it is on long island. it has happened there before. ed: hofstra university. mayor walsh: that shows you how
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and the patriots. ed: question two, three topics on the presidential debate. the first debate will focus on three topics: america's direction, achieving prosperity, and securing america. who is the moderator for this event? lester holt, bill o'reilly, or cynthia mcfadden? mayor walsh: fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport,
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e school district where i live. cambridge has become unaffordable. the extra income i have lets me stay at an affordable level in cambridge. i'm able to do more things for more people which i really like doing. it gives us that little income that gonna keep the city, for us, affordable for the working people. ed: we are back with mayor marty walsh. libertarian gary johnson and green party nominee will not be included in tomorrow night's debate. what criteria did they fail to meet in order to be part of the forum?
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15% of the threshold. ed: incredibly correct arid i don't know where i was going with that one. run ragged reputation isn't handsome in a pre-primary debate when he shouted at the moderator, i am paying for this microphone, mr. green. where did that famous debate moment occur? here is a hint, it is here in new england. nashua? whatever. we are going to move on. janet: we are going to let you off the hook. tomorrow night, everyone in the political world will be sitting in front of their tv sets with their popcorn. i assume you will as well. take off your clinton for president button and tell us, what's the magic formula for getting voters to connect with you, and most importantly, like you as a politician?
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candidates have to be able to lay out a plan in 90 seconds. it will come down to who they believe in. the election has been about personality. on one side, one liners. on the other side, the clinton campaign talking about policy. i think they have to shorten up their speeches and try to be believable, but also lay out a plan. at some point in the election, the insults have to stop. conversation about the role of the moderator. does the moderator correct a candidate if they are giving information that is blatantly false, is that the responsibility of the moderator to clarify? mayor walsh: i think it depends on the debate. i think there is a lot of afterwords, a lot of
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so it is the responsibility of hillary clinton to point out something that donald trump is saying that is not true. ed: can you imagine the television viewership? by the way, it is live here on channel 5. 930 to 1030. . let's run through some of the ballot questions. we are going to go backwards. i believe i know how you are going to go on a marijuana question. mayor walsh: voting no. janet: farm animal containment. mayor walsh: i have not taken a position on that. the way it sounds, you talk about allowing animals to freely run around the farms. sounds like the right thing to do. when you talk to industry, they say the cost would be
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mayor walsh: i'm voting no on charter schools. i am concerned about the funding and the financing to increased charter schools. i have asked the legislature -- raise the cap the deal with the funding mechanism. the ballot question does not deal with that. janet: you have her the ads saying that all schools will get more public money. is that a lie? mayor wals that is true. janet: slot parlors. mayor walsh: we have a casino coming to everett. no need for another parlor right now. the legislature passed a law. i don't think suffolk downs even wants it. janet: you chatted briefly about your reelection earlier. not ready to make an announcement here?
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i am running for reelection for five different places and every time it's an announcement. janet: i know there was a poll that showed your approval rating was well over 70%. does this give you confidence that nobody will run against you? mayor walsh: i feel good and where we are. we did an assessment and i feel pretty strong throughout the city of boston. we just want to make sure we monitor that, make sure that there are areas in the city that i need to do more work in. i feel pretty good going into th money in that war chest. mayor walsh: always. ed: all i want you to do is convince big papi to come back for one more year. mayor walsh: just play the
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finally upon us. the first presidential debate of 2016 plays -- takes place tomorrow night. >> i understand it's a contact sport. >> hillary has the harder job to get past all this noise that trump creates. >> when i look at hillary, she has had her time and she has proven herself not to be worthy, in my opinion. >> people either hate her or love her. >> respect, i will treat her with respect. >> the typical response would be like he is shooting from the hip, but recently he has been changing his approach. >> he need some content and she will need to be given to project her capabilities. >> substance wise, hillary will win.
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speaking of entertainment value, and intellectual conversation. democrat mary anne marsh and republican rob gray. janet: what do the candidates have to prove tomorrow night? mary anne, what's donald trump's biggest hurdle? mary anne: do voters see him as a neck president? during this debate, does he go afte personal way, in a negative way, nasty way that blows back on him and benefit her? does he have the policy chops. believe me, trust me, big-league is not going to cut it in this debate when you start talking about national security, getting people better jobs. his people are bragging about the fact that they are doing very little prep for the debate. that may not end well. janet: what does hillary clinton have to do, what did she have to
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sometimes in these public appearances, she comes off as a grandmother at a taylor swift concert. she is pretending she knows the words, but it is just very awkward. i think she knows policy, but will she be bold, will she seemed natural and friendly to voters? janet: doee trump, being over scripted before walking in? she is spending a lot of time off the campaign trail in order to get to tomorrow night. rob: she is also over prepared -- and she has been in a lot of conventional debates and donald trump is unconventional. it may throw her off. mary anne: it is how she responds to things that you cannot anticipate in the debate, does she connect to people in a
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back? mary anne: i am good with her over preparation. ed: we are going to move on to senator elizabeth warren. she was the star of a senate hearing this week attacking the ceo of wells fargo. >> you should resign. you should give back the money you took while this scam was going on, and you should be criminally investigated. ed: resign, criminally investigated? is warren more likely to stay in the senate, or if clinton wins, does she take a job in the new administration? mary anne: this is why we love elizabeth warren in the senate. she is accumulating even more leverage not only through hearings like this, but if the democrats win the senate that come it may be because of elizabeth warren, who is working for them. she will have a lot of options, either with the clinton
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of leverage. janet: if the democrats take the senate that, you are convinced she will stay there? mary anne: she will have a lot of leverage, no matter what. rob: her senate seat is a lot more powerful for her than a seat in the cabinet. i think she stays where it is, especially if it's a clinton administration. she will potentially be the democratic alternative voice. janet: the other member of the congressional delegation, congressman steve lynch got to grill the ceo of mylan, the maker of epipens, this week before a d.c. committee. with the price boost of more than 500% since 2007, lynch came to the same conclusion as most americans. >> it's disgraceful what is going on here. in a way, you have done us a little bit of a favor here by showing what is wrong with the system, what is wrong with our health care system. it is disgusting.
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will congress have the courage to do anything here? mary anne: i think they will. that woman is the daughter of senator manchin from west virginia. her mother is the head of one of the most powerful education groups in america who legislated that public schools had to have epipen's. i think the family is in a lot of trouble. janet: rob, i know your company represents mylan. willgr they do something here? rob: i don't speak for the company, but the cost of health care is a big political issue and it involves not just pharmaceutical companies but hospitals, insurers, medical
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janet: it took a kennedy to out a bush. this week, kathleen kennedy townsend confirmed former president bush number 41 told a group of people he's voting for clinton. was this a deliberate leak the former president didn't want to put t rob: i don't think so. i think kathleen kennedy took some liberties and this got out there by mistake, but i don't think it hurts trump. what trump has going for him is that he is against the establishment in both parties. an establishment republican figure may help him with independents that are upset with corruption. janet: was this deliberate?
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family is voting for clinton, except for the one that has to face voters in texas. ed: best week? mary anne: elizabeth warren. rob: the republican national committee knew that they were getting more small donors than ever think to donald trump. ed: my best week is clay
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this advertising. today on "matter of fact," a pipeline shutdown puts america's oil future on hold. what is the fight really about? plus, does stop and frisk policing work? is there a better way to tackle crime? but firs soledad: welcome to "matter of fact." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] soledad: hillary clinton's solid lead, is pretty much gone. the latest polling average from real clear politics does have her inside the margin of error. so what happened? clinton's opponent, donald trump, has managed to offend some key constituencies in the course of his campaign. latino voters.


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