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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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reid: police open fire on a woman in weymouth. breaking details on what happened right before the shooting. nichole: a baseball all-star, killed in a tragic crash. the reaction from around the league, forcing a change of plans for the red sox today. colder air is moving in. i'm tracking the frost advisory in some areas. and wet weather on the way. announcer: from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at five. reid: another officer involved shooting is under investigation right now. this one in new hampshire. claremont police say an officer shot and killed a man on congress street just before five
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dispatchers received a frantic 911 call who told them her daughter was trying to kill herself with a knife around 11:30 this morning. police say when the officer got here he was confronted by a hysterical woman with a knife. the woman followed him, ignoring orders to drop the knife. that is when the officers shot her. >> when i was standing down there, i saw her laying on the ground. you could see the blood on her shirt. >> we talked to neighbors who say the woman has a history of depression. she is now facing charges for assault with a dangerous weapon. wcvb newscenter 5. reid: another officer involved shooting is under investigation right now. this one in new hampshire. claremont police say an officer
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this morning. police have not said why the officer opened fire on cody lafont. the new hampshire attorney general's office is investigating. nicole: the search for answers after a deadly fire in greenfield. nicole estaphan is an -- with what we know now. >> the identities not being released as investigators work on determining a cause. officers screaming and flames coming out the window. a >> a tragic early-morning wake-up call as residents awoke to see a neighbor's home up in flames. >> we could see them above the other houses. >> as the sun rose, that hope soon gave way to a devastating reality. >> multiple attempts to get in and perform a rescue were unsuccessful.
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from the shingles. firefighters found for bodies. the youngest, a little boy. >> it was heartbreaking. >> neighbor spent the early morning hours calling one of the victims cell phones, just hoping he would pick up. >> try to get hold of somebody. >> debris from the home strewn about the lawn. children's toys, ot inside. >> firefighters are processing this now. it is a very sad day for this family, the community and the fire department. >> the state marshall is investigating what caused this fire. wcvb newscenter 5. reid: right now, state police are hunting for a driver, who hit and killed a pedestrian and took off. that driver was already gone when police arrived on route 16
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description of the driver or vehicle involved. nichole: taking a live look out over the city of boston, a sunny but chilly day today. reid: and there could be frost for some of us tonight. stormteam five's mike wankum is here with his forecast. i was out there, unbelievable. mike: fall is one of the best seasons of the year. right now we will be optimistic about it. 60, 65 degrees. there is not a cloud that can be found anywhere. mainly because this high pressure. it has been channeling this air along hudson bay. much cooler temperatures coming in.
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it stays clear overnight and tomorrow morning. temperatures will drop into the 30's. the freeze warnings are up to the north. you can see they are just close into the city. this goes into effect tonight. we will talk more about this as well as any warming temperatures. reid: right now, baseball is mourning the loss of a star player. pitcher jose fernandez and two of his friends were killed in a boat crash in miami. >> it's a tremendous loss. my heart goes out to his family. reporter: sheer sadness, palpable in a miami marlins press conference today. the team gathering but not for a game. every member of the team present grieving the loss of pitcher
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with two friends. the marlins ace just 24-years-old. >> it does appear that speed was involved due to the impact and the severity of it. it does appear to be that they were coming at full speed when they encountered the jetty and the accident happened. >> investigators says drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors. autopsies will be done, which may provide answers, but nothing will bring him back. kid that you see when you watch kids play little league or something like that, that's the joy that jose played with and the passion that he felt about playing. reporter: around the league today, other teams are posting his jersey, and holding moments of silence. big papi tweeting today, i don't have the words to describe the pain i feel for the loss of my friend jose.
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a tribute was supposed to happen before the game today in tampa bay, but that was canceled. nichole: in commitment 2016 tonight, it's a dead heat between hillary clinton and donald trump, just one day before their first face-off. abc's mary bruce is breaking down the new poll out today. mary: the stage is set and the expectation is in full swing on the campaign trail. >> we some sort of double standard. >> i don't appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be virtual fact checkers. >> heller clinton and donald trump's campaign setting the bar on what will likely be the most-watched political showdown in american history. their first presidential debate. 100 million people expected to watch. and the race could be tighter.
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donald trump at two points behind. the clinton camp hammering that trump needed to be called out. , the 90 minute format. there is a real opportunity to hear somebody say something. >> trump says he expects the moderators to be hard on him. o>> heller clinton has been doig this most her life. should obviously over prepare for area >> the psychological warfare has already started. clinton's campaign has invited mark cuban. the republican nominee responded, perhaps i will put gennifer flowers alongside with him. the woman who had an affair with bill clinton.
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the campaign. >> while both candidates has been spending the campaign behind closed doors, a brief pause before the ethics face-off. merit, abc news washington. nichole: newscenter 5 will be at the debate tomorrow night. emily riemer will be reporting live from hofstra university in hempstead, new york. coverage of the debate begins at 9pm on channel 5 and the wcvb mobile app. reid: protests continue in charlotte, north carolina, after a deadly police shooting. this is new video from outside today's carolina panthers game. demonstrations have been peaceful. 43-year-old keith lamont scott was shot and killed tuesday by a charlotte police officer. body cam and dash cam video released last night does not clearly show if scott was armed. police say he pointed a gun at officers. nichole: right now, canton police are trying to find whoever torched a school playground. emergency crews responded to kennedy elementary school around 8 this morning. they say the fires were
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a nearby dumpster was also set on fire. they ask anyone with information to give them a call. nichole: six people hurt during a fight in the theater district. police say the fight broke out on tremont street around 2:15 this morning. the victims were either stabbed or cut with a bottle. one person suffered serious injuries but will recover. no arrests have been made. reid: boston police also investigating a sexual assault in brighton. a woman says she was attacked after getting into a car that she thought belonged to a ride-share service. morning outside a bar on brighton avenue. police are reminding ride-share customers to always confirm a ride before getting into a car. reid: nine people are out of their home, after this 3-alarm fire in roxbury. flames broke-out in the basement of the building on elm hill park around 4 this morning. one firefighter is recovering from minor injuries. the cause is under investigation. reid: a busy newton street is back open tonight after this
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pole on walnut street. the driver was taken to the hospital. the road was shut down while the pole was fixed. nichole: after a day without water, it's now back on in hamilton. reid: but now there's a new warning for people who live in the town. nichole: working together to move a plane at logan, the big effort for a good cause. reid: a push for peace, born out of trauma and tragedy. the local group helping families of murder victims in tonight's 5
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every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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you watching newscenter 5 at five. reid: the water is now back on in hamilton. but there is a boil water order in place until further notice. water service was cut off to the town after a water main break on bridge street yesterday. crews worked all day to fix it. the boil water order will be in place until the town can finish testing the water. reid: new details on a scare at this power plant in taunton. investigators say it there a small electrical fire, not an explosion on friday. were sent to the hospital to get checked out. no customers were affected. nichole: pulling together for charity at logan airport. 18 teams took turns pulling a jet blue passenger plane 24 feet to benefit the american cancer society. this the charity's second annual pulling for hope event at logan. this year, they raised over
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fire department. toss to weather >> on my list of. >> welcome. good to have you here. what are your thoughts on a 65 degree day? >> 95. >> you can get on a jet loop plane. tonight is going to be really cool across. we have some 90's, have some 80's come and for the first time since july 8, 9, 10, we have two days in a row since temperature -- july 18 901 1910 we have hado
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look at the dew point. once the sun goes down the temperatures will drop to medically. check out the temperatures right now. we have a few spots getting close to the 60 degree mark. we are looking at lower 60's. these temperatures will start to crash across the area. that is why a lot of places get into the 30's. the only thi m as high-pressure -- a little bit of rain out to the west. let's talk about what happens tonight. overnight lows look like this. there are going to be pockets with temperatures drop well into the 30's. as you look closer to boston you will notice we are talking about
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the city. kind of like right along 44 there. this is where you get that really cold air settled in. that cold air settles in the valleys. that is the reason the frost advisory is out. typically we don't get our first frost until november. we are at the end of september. tender vegetation, bring it inside, cover it. make sure to take the plastic off early otherwise it will burn the plant. tonight, clear, some scattered frost. a good range and temperatures. inland, that is where the cool temperatures will be. 68 degrees with a little bit of a sea breeze. i suggest taking a jacket with
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make sure you dress the kids a little bit warmer. high temperature will look like this generally into the mid-60's. 64 degrees, the high temperature tomorrow. and most will be in the mid-60's. here is the map, 6:00 a.m.. it will look big chunk of the day on tuesday. after that will start to clear away. thursday friday and saturday, the forecast is unsettling. friday into saturday is our best opportunity for rain.
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pattern we are talking about. what is not typical is we have a chance of showers. even though i have trained several days into that forecast, a lot will stay try. >> a local group fighting to change how people view and respond to murder. come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its new triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks. frontline gold.
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oy! go for the gold. new frontline gold.
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reid: tonight's 5 for good, a dorchester group is helping people cope with the trauma of losing a loved one to violence. nichole: erika tarantal shows us how the louis d. brown peace institute has been working for decades to change society's response to murder. ohhhh, at this table no one's related, but they're family. a bond born from tragedy. you're heartbroken, you're devastated. la'chija jones lost her son, a senior in high school he was killed, police say, at the hands of another teen. murder is such a dirty word, so when people hear your childs murdered, they automatically assume you're not living a certain kind of way or that you are living a certain kind of way. >> struggling with her sadness and that stimga she walked through these doors. when i came into the peace institute it was completely different. i came in here and they saw me for me. >> when a homicide happens, it's traumatizing enough, it's the worst thing that could ever possibly happen then on top of
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reporter: it was that exact experience that prompted the family of louis brown to start the peace institute. in 1993, he was caught in a gang shootout. the questions came, was he in a gang involved with drugs. no, the bright 15-year-old had been on his way to a teens against gang violence meeting. >> the resources changed and shifted and everything was really laid out for his family to be able to bury him with dignity and respect and compassion. reporter: now that's what the peace institute strives for, for all families, regardless of circumstance. it's ok to talk, to not talk. reporter: shahi smart has been helping la'chija work through her feelings. >> they started giving me tools for meditation, for anxiety. reporter: also step by step guides, including this one now used at major boston hospitals. >> our burial guide is a walk through from moments before the homicide unfortunately, right through the immediate aftermath. reporter: and through the many
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institute is committed to families. a comfort to la'chija, who says she wishes she brought mason here before. if you've got a teenager, who's giving you a little bit of trouble, who's not giving you a little bit of trouble, walk them in here. let them look at all the buttons of the children who have passed before. >> . don't wait until you're here or til you need the place. come way before then. reporter: the peace institute also runs a fund for families who can't afford to bury their loved one. find out more on our website, wcvb newscenter 5. transplanted at this local hospital than ever before. reid: the factors helping saving more lives and the role the opioid crisis is playing. nichole: a terrifying health scare taking down former patriot matt light. the mystery illness he's
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this is an editorial bill fine. >> the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. saying there is a lot at stake in this first of 390 minute face-offs is an understatement. for clinton it is a crucial opportunity to confront the sobering statistic that polls consistently find more than 50% of americans consider her untrustworthy. for trump, whose numbers also
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demeanor and command of the issues that americans normally want in a commander-in-chief. to directly address the serious talent facing our country at home -- serious challenge facing our country at home and abroad. playing a crucial role in keeping the discourse inbound are the three moderators. chris wallace has already signaled he does not feel compelled to correct the record if a candidate's responses not truthful. get the best obtainable version of the truth. voters have a right to expect candidates to be truthful from the outset. and moderators call him out when that fails. let's hope everyone plays their roles on monday night.
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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. reid: right now at 5:30, an officer-involved shooting under investigation in weymouth. police tell us they responded to reports of a woman armed with a knife on broad street. they say officers opened fire when she approached them. that woman is at south shore hospital and facing several charges. investigators are looking for the cause of a deadly fire in greenfield. one child and 3 adults were killed in the home on meridian their names have not been released. reid: it's a dead heat before the first presidential debate. take a look at the new abc news washington post poll. hillary clinton leads donald trump 46 to 44%. the two will face off tomorrow night on long island in the meantime let's go
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a long way to get here. things will cool off rapidly. we have been holding that for several hours. just cannot get above that. the air out there is extremely dry. once the sun goes down the temperature will drop. let me show you what it will do all day tonight. as we head to the we will see the temperature dropping down in the low 40's. outside the city we are going to see a lot of temperatures dropping off into the 30's. we are going to have to issue some frost advisory. freeze warning to the north. these frost areas, you are going
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if you want to protect it you need to bring it inside or cover it. we will talk about when these temperatures warm up and the chance for rain on tuesday. reid: the family of a murdered mit police officer, is pushing for a day to honor all first responders. sean collier's family will be in washington this week to ask congress to create a national first responders day. collier was ambushed by the boston marathon bombers during their getaway attempt. the family hopes to get a million supporters to sign a nichole: your health, tonight. tufts medical center breaking and setting a new record for heart transplants in new england. better medical technology, partnerships and more people registering to be donors, all leading to this milestone. our heather unruh explains another key factor, the opioid crisis. heather leonardo cruz has waited : a long time to hear this. that's amazing. for the first time, he's hearing the beat of his new heart.
5:32 pm
heather for years, leonardo : battled a genetic condition called danon disease that weakens muscles, including the heart. >> i was very very ill. i got so sick to the point that they told me i had to stay in the hospital. heather this new heart, : transplanted into leonardo's body last month at tufts medical center, saved his life. , oh man, i have energy. i have warmness in my body. heart transplant at tufts, breaking a 25-year-old record for new england hospitals. and placing the tufts program in the top 10 nationally for heart transplants. >> we usually do about 20 heart transplants a year. this year we're on a pace to triple the amount of heart transplants we've done in the past. heather: dr. david denofrio is the medical director of the advanced heart failure program at tufts. >> every day, we're waiting and
5:33 pm
heather this year, about 30% of : the transplanted hearts at tufts have come from a surprising source, people who died from a drug overdose. the opioid crisis resulting in more available hearts. >> it's really changed the face of the donors that we see. for us, it's it's added some more um challenges. heather 5 years ago only 5 : transplanted hearts in the region came from an overdose victim. this year, more than twenty so far. dr. denofrio says better screening techniques for hepatitis, hiv and other diseases make it pose accept otherwise-healthy hearts that hospitals would have rejected in the past. >> we usually talk with the recipient about the potential risks involved. there may be some risk there. may be small. but there's a good risk you're going to die on the list waiting if you don't take this. heather off the list now, : oh you look awesome. -- >> oh you look awesome. i know have a: -- heather leonardo says
5:34 pm
today, he's feeling great, and grateful. >> i was blessed by someone else's heart. and i thank that person so much. heather: right now they are up to 43 transplant for the year. more than 90% of those recipients will live another year, but 60% will provide another decade. read: the next aureus not necessarily great for the heart. it's time to break out the butter today is national lobster day the holiday to honor the lobsters' important in our economy. the us lobster industry brought in more than half a billion dollars last year. 490 million. nichole: it was a mystery illness for matt light. doctors couldn't figure it out. reid: the hobby the former patriot loves that was finally tied to the health scare.
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nichole: he played in the nfl for 11 years. he's been to the superbowl 5 times. earned three superbowl rings with the patriots. reid: but number 72 was recently sidelined in the hospital with a mystery illness made worse by his ongoing battle with crohn's disease.
5:38 pm
>> i feel better now. >> now, but not that long ago he was sick, really sick. he had no idea what was wrong and couldn't get out of debt. >> you run into other large mammals and things break and you get fixed. we ended up -- they brought up things like cancer, and you have to have a lung biopsy. that is a stressful time. >> i have never seen anyone suspected my life area -- life. >> it is something like lymphoma. he had nodules on his lungs. then they are talking about bone
5:39 pm
especially for the northeast. >> you know what plasse mosys was? >> because they were back there this summer running camp. when he was there he decided to take a park and old barn. , we take down the old barns and salvage all the wood. there are hundreds of years of animal droppings and mold. >> moldy hay and animal droppings that carried the fungus, which isn't good for someone like math -- like matt. that makes them susceptible to a fungal infection. >> there has been hay that hasn't been moved for 100 years. >> he was not wearing any
5:40 pm
being more grateful, more grateful for what i have. >> it was really the scariest thing i have ever been through. just so thankful. >> the greatest aspect has been that i finally got under the 300 pound mark. >> they got through it by writing >> there are people who have very long-term effects. physically it would have ruined do. it is a really bad thing. reid: that was maria stephanos reporting. light is now back to work now with the matt light foundation. links to that and susie's blog,
5:41 pm
maria's facebook page. nichole: the temperature will be dropping overnight, some of us will be dealing with a frost warning. mike wankum will be back with his forecast next. reid: and in sports the red sox continue their surge in the american league east race
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nichole: a beautiful day to be out on the charles river, rowers getting in some morning
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>> another thing we're looking forward to, the leaves are starting to change. >> i think it is the drought this summer. they put it ahead of charles at that time. let me show you in case you are wondering. we are going to start to see some nice colors there. probably because of all the dry weather. late october is where we look for the bad conditions. a beautiful day out there. 6:35. every day by daylight. then you know what happens on november 6.
5:45 pm
the sunrise was at 6:35 a.m.. on the first day of winter we have to lose every three hours. what a spectacular day. 65 degrees. check out the dew point. it is so dry when the sun goes down these temperatures will drop off. stil temperatures have been holding steady in the last three hours. the cape enjoying temperatures today. we had some rain in the forecast. a line kind of cutting its way from chicago to michigan. between now and tuesday we have some clear skies and full
5:46 pm
freeze warnings and frost advisory. that is why i say if you have some tender vegetation -- why along 4:95. especially with the cranberry blogs. that will settle in to those valleys. doesn't mean we will hit 32 degrees. we will get the scattered frost out there. temperatures and conditions very much like today. a few clouds coming in. about six: a.m. in the morning, showers will be across the area. that is going to allow us to get the rain showers in there. and hour-by-hour breakdown.
5:47 pm
tonight. we are already seeing temperatures in the 50's and 60's. really hovering around boston by 10 a.m. on tuesday. behind it the skies to clear away. we are getting some of the rain out of there. we should have over 2.5 inches of rain. our computer model is hinting at a quarter to half an inch. if we can keep doing this every couple of days, that will be some nice relief of the forecast. plenty of sunshine. we have spot showers in the forecast. of really between wednesday and
5:48 pm
most of us probably won't get anything out of it. by the time we get to next sunday, we will settle down a little bit. after that it is hit or miss. that is the latest forecast. >> we begin tonight with the news of a dark day in major league baseball. marlins pitcher jose fernandez a boating crash in miami. fernandez was one of the promising young arms in the game, just 24-years-old. the cuban defector in his 4th season, won 38 career games. he was one of three men killed when their boat crashed into a jetty overnight. speed is believed to be a factor. the other two men were not marlins teammates. the team decided to cancel today's game with the braves. david ortiz, a friend of jose fernandez, asked the rays to cancel the ceremony that was to
5:49 pm
moment of silence in memory of the marlins pitcher. to the game now, red sox had erod on the mound, looking for their 11th straight win for the first time since april 2009 eduardo rodriguez was dominant . 13 strikeouts over just 5 1/3 innings meaning all but 3 outs were k's. sox got it going in the first. mookie betts single, and xander bogaerts comes around to score,1-0 after the rays tied it, last night's hero struck again, dustin pedroia's slump is defintely over, his solo shot put the sox up 2-1 in the 3rd, 4. a lead they could not hold and in extra innings, pedroia on first, ortiz doubles to right center, pedroia is going to be out by 10 feet but he goes jumping bean, somehow eluding the tage of catcher luke maile.
5:50 pm
21 as a team. magic number now down to 2. with a jays and orioles win, sox lead remains 5.5 with 6 to play. patriots resting up from thursday night's shutout had the day to scout the rest of the afc east, bills at home hosting the cardinals could not start 0-3, could they? rex's guys came to play in this one already up 17-7 in the 3rd qu tyrod taylor's wheels and here they are, 20 yard td run very brissett-like pf him. 23-7 cardinals attempting a 31 yard fg but drew butler fumbles the ball and aaron williams comes up with it takes it all the way to the other end for the 53 yard td all bills in this one, 33-18 they come to gillette next
5:51 pm
shot past to lundquist. game-winning goal was reviewed as a game-winner. coming up tonight, we will talk with espn and nfl analysts about a major health scare and the red sox surging on their way to the playoffs. delivery for ups done right here in massachusetts. reid: the local company behind
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every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few.
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nichole: on the cutting edge, a major step for delivery by drone. ups has now completed the first commercial delivery test. reid: at the center of it all technology from a local company. newscenter 5's mike wankum was the only local tv journalist invited along for the big event. mike a drone appears on the common. but this flight is special. >> i was so excited about today. in part because for the first time we can share what we've been doing. >> helen greiner is ceo of danvers's based cyphy works. this is the first test flight delivering a package for ups. the culmination of 8-years of work. >> this is the first drone delivery made by a major delivery company, in partnership with cyphy works, in the united states.
5:55 pm
: across the country were on hand to see this private demonstration. john dodero is a ups vice president from atlanta. >> it's demonstrating that we can get a package in very hard to reach areas. in the case of disaster recovery areas, we can get that package delivered. mike: by boat it's about a 25 minute ride from marblehead to children's island. not a tremendous amount of time but imagine you had a medical emergency. you needed to get a package here quickly. could a drone be the fastest way to make a delivery. >> the scenario is a girl is here camping on children's island. the girl forgot here asthma medication. she called ups and the most efficient way to get the medication was by drone. mike: what makes it unique is that it is 100% automated. 3 miles away in beverly an operator pushed a delivery button. >> it did an automatic launch. automatic flight. following a gps way-point over to this island. it did an automatic landing operation. mike: so precise was the drones course that it landed a few feet from us and on command dropped
5:56 pm
this test example. ups was impressed with their new strategic partner. >> i would think this technology is going to evolve very quickly. this is technology will continue to be tested and monitored. >> i doubt you will get a pizza delivered via drone anytime soon, but i can really see a use for drone deliveries after an earth quake or a hurricane. they can bring packages in and drop them where they need to be. >> and literally landed within feet right there. >> i felt like i was there for his little piece of history. >> they're so much robotic manufacturing going on right here that this has become the center. a final check of the weather. a beautiful day you are out there. mike: we have another gorgeous day tomorrow.
5:57 pm
in on tuesday forecast. reid: there's still more news to come tonight . breaking news where a woman is expected to survive and an officer involved shooting. g. since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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ho breaking details on what happened right before the shooting. reid: a baseball all-star, killed in a tragic crash. the reaction from around the league, forcing a change of plans for the red sox today. mike: colder air is moving in. i'm tracking the frost advisory in some areas. and wet weather on the way. nichole: first at 6:00 breaking news. a woman shot by police in weymouth. good evening. i'm nichole berlie. reid: i'm reid lamberty. police say she had a knife, and refused to drop it. newscenter 5's diane cho is live in weymouth with what we're
6:00 pm
dianne: police of the started with a frantic call from a mother who said her daughter was try to kill herself with a knife. police say when they got to the scene they found a hysterical 46-year-old woman at the door holding a large knife. authorities say the officer was forced to back away into the street here off king avenue when the woman followed him ignoring commands to drop the knife. >> cop flew by me. when i was standing down there i saw her lg she had an oxygen mask and you could see blood on her shirt diane: hayley needham says she heard the gunshot ring out. >> she was gasping for air and choking it was crazy . diane: police say the officer shot the 46-year-old woman once in the abdomen and was taken to an hospital. this woman who did not want to be identified tells us she knows the woman who was shot well and says she has a history with depression.


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