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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  September 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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dianne: police of the started with a frantic call from a mother who said her daughter was try to kill herself with a knife. police say when they got to the scene they found a hysterical 46-year-old woman at the door holding a large knife. authorities say the officer was forced to back away into the street here off king avenue when the woman followed him ignoring commands to drop the knife. >> cop flew by me. when i was standing down there i saw her lg she had an oxygen mask and you could see blood on her shirt diane: hayley needham says she heard the gunshot ring out. >> she was gasping for air and choking it was crazy . diane: police say the officer shot the 46-year-old woman once in the abdomen and was taken to an hospital. this woman who did not want to be identified tells us she knows the woman who was shot well and says she has a history with depression.
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shot but sets -- but says she's still in the hospital. newscenter 5. nichole: four people are dead a child and 3 adults in this house fire. the flames broke out at a home in greenfield on meridian street early this morning. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is in greenfield, where an investigation is underway. nichole: the four victims found inside this home, the identities not being released as investigators work on determing window. >> tragic wake-up call as residents a look to see a neighbor's home up in flames. >> we could see them above the other hub. we were hoping some but he was not hurt. >> that gave way to a devastating reality. >> multiple attempts to get in and perform a rescue were
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>> still rising from the shingles, firefighters found for bodies, the youngest a little boy. >> it is heartbreaking. >> when he was -- >> neighbors spent the early morning hours on the victim's cell phone, hoping he would pick up. debris from the home shooting across the lot on sunday, children's toys, clothing, the markings inside. >> firefighters are processing this now. it is a very sad day for this family, the community and firefighter. >> the marshall is investigating what caused this fire. wcvb newscenter 5. >> let's head outside, witty beautiful sunday afternoon as we
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>> we started down in the upper 40's, but we ramped up to 1:00. it did not like it all. high temperature officially going down to 66. a long way off the record high. we are getting close to some record lows. current temperatures generally in the 60's. but time we get to tomorrow morning clear skies. any heat radiates back up off the ground. in boston we are going to drop that down in the lower 50's. it will be a: -- be a cool one.
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advisory's closer to home. you are probably going to be running into some frost tomorrow morning. we will talk about when these temperatures warm up. all that coming up in just a few moments. nichole: tonight, the baseball world is mourning the loss of a rising star. reid: miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez, killed in a boating accident this morning. two others were also killed. the coast guard discovered their bodies near the miami harbor entrance. their boat was found overturned on a rocky jetty nearby. today's marlins game is the sudden loss. >> he was one of those kids that would play little league, that was the joy he played with. >> officials say the boat likely hit the jetty at full speed. the incident is currently under investigation. red sox star david ortiz was friends with fernandez and tweeted this today, i don't have the words to describe the pain i
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goodbye, my friend. nichole: right now, state police are hunting for a driver, who hit and killed a pedestrian and took off. that driver was already gone when police arrived at the scene on route 16 this morning. the victim was rushed to mass general and pronounced dead. police have not released a description of the driver or vehicle involved. tonight, police are investigating a fatal crash in littleton that left a bicyclist dead. they say a 54-year-old woman was riding her bike on great hill road, when she was hit by a car. the crash, happening around no charges have been reported. reid: a deadly officer-involved shooting is under investigation in new hampshire. police shot a man during a confrontation at a home in claremont. 25-year-old cody lafont was killed. investigators with the attorney general's office aren't saying what led up to the shooting. no officers were hurt. reid: right now, canton police are trying to find whoever torched a school playground emergency crews responded to kennedy elementary school around 8 this morning.
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area around this jungle gym. a nearby dumpster was also set on fire. they ask anyone with information to give them a call. nichole: commitment 2016 we're about 24 hours away from the first presidential debate and a new poll is showing the race in a virtual dead heat. the abc news-washington post poll has hillary clinton with the support of 46% of likely voters donald trump has 44%. that's well within the margin of error. newscenter 5's sally kidd is at hofstra university with a >> the big showdown happens here at hofstra university it could be a night of fireworks as each candidate tries to knock the other one off their game. for the first time ever, >> can you believe it? >> hillary clinton and donald trump, one on one. it could be a pivotal night. >> this entire debate is about
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mr. trump she is really unfit : for office. ms. clinton: he is temperamentally unfit. reporter: political analysts say clinton needs to appear trustworthy and find ways to connect with the audience. >> i think she has to display the vast, deep policy knowledge she has but w/o sounding overly wonky. reporter: for trump, most agree, the bar is lower. >> he's gotta find ways i think to assure them that he's not temperamentally unfit for the job and he's as >> the fact checkers will be watching too. >> donald trump has had factual problems, all of the fact checkers have noticed this, it's not a secret. so will he be pressed if he says something that's wrong? then on the other side, people are going to look to see if there's equal treatment of hillary clinton. will she be pressed? >> voters will have 90 minutes to watch and decide. the trump camp is downplaying expectations. the rnc put out a memo giving
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few are expecting the same level of polish from trump. i am sally kidd. nichole: our own emily riemer is headed to hofstra to cover this first presidential debate. coverage starts here on wcvb at 9:00 tomorrow night. reid: new at 6:00 we now know bernie sanders will join hillary clinton when she campaigns in new hampshire this week. the former rivals will discuss college affordability on wednesday at the university of new that would make in-state public college tuition-free for more than 80% of families. reid: coming up when newscenter 5 at 6 continues protests today in charlotte, north carolina outside the panthers game. the lingering questions, even after police body camera video was released. nichole: a garden in medford opened today with a very specific message. the emotional dedication to krystle campbell a victim of the marathon bombings. reid: red sox continuing their
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i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. it will make public education even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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nichole: protests continue in charlotte, north carolina, after police release video of a deadly shooting. reid: this is new video from outside today's carolina panthers game. demonstrations have been peaceful. 43-year-old keith lamont scott was shot and killed tuesday by a charlotte police officer. body cam and dash cam video released last night does not clearly show if scott was armed. police say he pointed a gun at officers. reid: investigators are searching an apartment connected to the suspect in a deadly mall
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arcan cetin was arrested last night nearly 24-hours after the shooting left 5 dead. police are also interviewing the 20-year-old turkish immigrant's relatives. they say they have not found a motive in the killings. cetin is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. nichole: unveiling a new tribute to a victim of the boston marathon bombing a peace garden, in memory of 29-year-old medford native krystle campbell. hundreds attended the ceremony at medford square this afternoon. krystle's parents say their daughter would have loved the garden. pamela i hope the enjoy --
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: among today's speakers calling the memorial a celebration of life. the garden also pays tribute to martin richard, lu lingzi, and sean collier. some chilly weather ahead. >> a rare pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - so she wasn't eligible for treatment. pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want to live like this anymore... she begged... she begged for help, doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... pam griffin: we knew we had to save other families from losing their children. kelly reached out to us. doug griffin: she came to my family to learn more. pam griffin: she listened to what we had to say, who we were - she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove the stigma of addiction so parents can get help. doug griffin: kelly co-authored the
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they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible.
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reid: pulling together for charity at logan airport. 18 teams took turns pulling a jet blue passenger plane 24 feet to benefit the american cancer society. this the charity's second annual pulling for hope event at logan. this year, they raised over $88,000. the winning team was the malden fire department. doing a very good job. how about this? something smells rotten in the state of new hampshire. nichole: it's called a corpse flower, named after its stench, and it bloomed this weekend for the first time in about five years. over two-thousand people came to the dartmouth college greenhouse to see and smell for themselves. >> it was a little stinky, , garbage smells works -- garbage smells worse. >> i smelled dirty diapers and
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>> we could have a tropical plant in new hampshire. nichole: this tropical flower will not bloom again until the year 2021. >> it is event. i want to take the time to introduce and welcome nichole to the newscenter 5 weekend. she will be myself, finally putting some beauty and brains on the show. >> i have been warned about these boston winters. it's a little cold. >> it does get cold in st. louis. >> the thing is you get variety. maybe it will change.
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this is the most beautiful season coming up. look over the harbor, where it is 64 degrees. that is why a soon as the sun sets it will drop really quickly tonight. we are mostly temperatures into the 60's. the clouds look like a blanket. tonight, crystal clear skies. then this line off to the west, a shower moving in on tuesday. though temperatures in many spots.
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to 32 degrees. maybe a pocket here and there, you start to see frost showing up. with the sun out tomorrow, make sure if you are using plastic -- frost advisory until tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. of course you have this pocket develop along 44. there. when you look at our first frost, it happened early. the end of september is on the early scott -- girly side. -- on the early side. stunning and cool, 64 to 68 so if you had to the bus stop
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hour. we climb back to the mid-60's in many spots. high temperatures will look like this. if you like today, you will like tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. the south shore, upper 60's. let's talk about the chance for some rain, this is the timeline. its way up. eventually it kicks its way on through. them he can view and hour-by-hour break down here's the map at 5 a.m. notice the temperatures, not nearly as cold as tomorrow morning. then as we head toward 10:00 a.m., this line will push its way off toward the east.
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that. tuesday is gray skies. what happens is we have a low pressure system sitting around. there will be a spread of spotty showers. we will keep them closer as they get closer to that. >> here is josh with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. >> red sox looking to win their first 11th straight. l -- the left he had an up-and-down year. 13 strikeouts over just five in
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strikeouts. a couple of sweetness here. and he was really good on first pitch. sox got it going in the first. moving into the hole in to left. the red sox -- red sox win won nothing -- win one-nothing. a lead they could not hold. ortiz, double to right-center. a really long way to go. he sums -- he somehow eludes the tag. watch this one more time. i think he's going to tag him here. an all-time strikeout record
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the a's. they have a half game advantage. indians lose, they are the magic number in the east. david ortiz, friend of jose fernandez, killed in a boating crash. ortiz was fighting back tears during the tribute and moment of silence in memory of his -- of this 24-year-old. fernandez was one of the promising young arms in the the cuban defector in his 4th season, won 38 career games. he was one of three men killed when their boat crashed into a jetty overnight. speed is believed to be a factor. the other two men were not marlins teammates. the team decided to cancel today's game with the braves. patriots resting up from tonight's shutout. they couldn't start
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when rex's guys came to play in this one already up 17-7 in the 3rd quarter we've heard all about tyrod taylor's wheels and here they are, 20 yard td run very brissett-like of him high stepping into the end zone 23-7 cardinals attempting a 31 yard fg but drew butler fumbles the ball and aaron williams comes up with it takes it all the way to the other end for the 53 yard td all bills in this one, 33-18 they come to gillette next sunday. beautiful day for racing. winning at the new hampshire motor speedway for the seventh straight time. and the number four wins it. and with the 2014 sprint cup, -- coming up at 11: 35, we will talk with past espn nfl analysts all about the patriots. a major health care, and the red sox are surging on their way to
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there's a search underway tonight in new york city for a missing bu student. reid: now here's tom llamas with
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abc's world news is next. we'll see you again at 11:00, and remember we're always on good night. enjoy the rest of the sunday night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content
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welcome to "world news tonight." super showdown. the stage is set. donald trump and hillary clinton. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit. >> she's a dangerous liar. >> their first head-to-head clash. 100 million people expected to watch. the race tightening. and g all-star tragedy. one of baseball's best, jose fernandez, killed in a horrific boat accident. fans and his team stunned, and just days ago announcing he was going to be a father. new police video. for the first time, the moment police used deadly force. but the man they shot, walking backwards, hands by his side. officers say he was armed. but protesters want to see all


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