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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> going on 4:30. good morning. monday, september 26. i'm randy price. >> thanks for being up early with us. i'm erika tarantal. emily riemer will be at the political debate tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump on the same stage for the first time. a horrific accident. the steps being taken to find out what exactly happened there. >> and remembering arnold palmer. the tributes to the golf legend and reflections from top athletes in the sport. >> those stories and much more in just a moment. first cindy and a check of the forecast. cool start for a lot of us. cold actually. >> freeze warning across parts of northern new england locally. it is a frost advisory. that is likely here most areas
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worcester county, parts of northwestern middlesex county, low lying south of boston as well. temperatures running in the 30's. nashua 38. bedford 37. boston at 50. worcester in the mid 40's. a lot of 30's south of town. norwood, taunton, still very close to that freezing mark. above, the skies are clear. high pressure hanging on. you can see off to the west there is a front with some showers. these will get in here overnight and intoom some beneficial rainfall. but tonight is -- today wall-to-wall sunshine. temperatures holding in the 40's this morning. probably don't jump over 50 degrees until 9:00 a.m. we'll top out in the 60's this afternoon. another cool day with lots of sunshine. the rest of the week coming up. right now, out to the roads. good morning, olessa. >> overnight construction left over. a live look at the pike. let's get to the maps and check the rest of the trip.
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construction 93 south at the zakim and into the o'neill tunnel. no issues along 95. road work clearing on 128 by highland avenue and southbound by the pike. north, more road work on the southbound side of 128 approaching route 2. trains and buses, we're expecting them to start on schedule. >> commitment 2016 on this monday morning. after months of attacks and all kinds of trump and hillary clinton are just hours away from going one on one for the first time. >> tonight's presidential debate is expected to be the most watched in u.s. history. it could be a pivotal night as the candidates take on each other while getting their message across to the american voters. clinton needs to appear trustworthy while trump has to appear he has the temperament for the position.
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knowledge, the deep policy knowledge, but without sounding overly wonky. we have to find ways that he's not as temperamentally unfit for the job and he's not as racist. >> the trump camp downplaying expectations, putting out a memo giving the advantage to clinton, saying few are expecting the same level of polish from the republican nominee. meantime, here you see it. our own emily riemer headed to hofstra to cover this first presidential debate. coverage starts on wcvb analysis on newscenter 5 at 11:00. >> ahead of the debate, most voters expect clinton to do better, to win as some would say, according to an abc news/washington post poll. the same poll found the presidential rate is in a dead heat among likely voters. clinton at 46%. trump 44%. well within the margin of error. >> breaking news right now --
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overnight on elm street. >> the stories we're tracking. grief in grafton after a traffic accident over the weekend taking the life of a 5-year-old boy. a minivan hit the child near his home. a priest arrived after that to try and comfort the family. friends -- investigators spent hours at the scene. at this point, they say it appears to be an accident. right now, the sports world is mourning the loss of golf great arnold palmer. palmer's largely credited with bringing golf to the masses. he died yesterday of heart complications at the age of 87. palmer known as the king. won seven major championships, but his reach went further, pine nearing the sport's marketing we know today that has helped athletes reap millions in endorsements. >> and attleboro man will be in court today charged with driving
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cruiser. newburyport police say he was speeding and talking on his phone. there are still questions after police opened fire on a woman in weymouth. police say they had to shoot her. doug meehan is in >> she refused to drop a knife. her mother called 9-1-1 telling dispatchers her daughter was trying to kill herself. a responding officer's orders were ignored and he shot her in the stomach. >> i saw her just laying on the ground. she had like an oxygen mask on. you could see the blood on her shirt. >> now, we're told that the
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depression. this morning she's at the hospital facing charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. her condition isn't clear. it's not clear when she will face those charges. we're live in weymouth. doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> doug, thank you. boston police are still looking for suspects after six people were stabbed with knives and broken bottles on tremont street in the city's theater district early yesterday morning. a witness tells "the globe" the fight involved nearly 30 men in front of a club. two of the victims requid brawl. everyone involved is expected to recover from their injuries. in a matter of hours, a man convicted in the murder of an army veteran will learn his future. the eye's sera congi is there to set the stage for today's sentencing hearing. >> peter castillo will learn his fate more than four years after the murder take place in a boston parking garage. the 28-year-old was found guilty
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week. he now faces a mandatory life sentence. he was convicted of shooting 22-year-old stephen perez in the back during a fight in the theater district. perez, an army sniper who served in afghanistan and iraq. castillo went for hiding in the dominican republic. the sentencing is set for 10:00 a.m. sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> sera, thank you. the search missing in new york city. his family and friends desperate to find him. this is zachary camhigh. he's been missing eight days. he's a grad student at b.u. he was in new york to pick up his double bass from a friend. he was last seen levg the w hotel on manhattan's east side. >> i was sure he was going to show up that day. then i was going to show up that night in the middle of the night and i was going to get a phone
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could see him somewhere. >> camhigh was diagnosed as bipolar in 2013. he has gone missing before in boston but never for this length of time. >> found alive after a week lost at sea. >> the man located off the new england coast and the questions still unanswered this morning. also, hundreds of people coming out to remember krystle campbell, the dedication paying tribute to the medford woman. >> thousands of people take a whiff in new hampshire this and when it's set to happen again. >> and you can feel it in the air this morning. fall is finally here. some areas of frost. i'm tracking changes, though.
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>> a miraculous story out of rhode island. a boater found alive after last seen. a freighter found 22-year-old nathan carman at sea. when they didn't come back from a fishing trip off the coast, the coast guard searched roughly 60,000 square miles for the nathan doesn't have any life-threatening injuries. no updates on where or what happened to linda carman. >> firefighters are investigating a deadly fire in greenfield. this massachusetts state police employee among the victims. brian tower worked for the state police for 28 years. sunday's fire on meridian street
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>> welcome back. cindy warned us, fall is arriving. monday morning there's going to be 30's. here it is monday morning. there's some 30's around. there's frost out there. >> oh, yeah. >> it's a little early. i'm going to show you the average date of the first st notice even out in the western part of the state, it's typically early october. so this is about a week or so at least ahead of schedule. there are freeze warnings up right now in that lighter blue shading. locally, we are talking about frost. frost advisory through 8:00 this morning. this is not widespread. this is going to be patchy. but there will be some areas with frost this morning. you can see a lot of that is situated along and outside of
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leominster, keene and jaffrey, new hampshire, all in this frost advisory. and norwood to taunton where we have cold pockets in low-lying valleys, that's where we're finding the coolest temperatures this morning. a lot of 40's on the cape this morning. notice boston holding at 50 degrees. worcester holding at 47. orange to keene flirting right with that freezing mark there. you can see 30's around shore this morning. it is definitely on the chilly side in the northeast right now. but look off to the west. 60's in chicago. these are the current temperatures. it's close to 70 right now in detroit. that little bubble of warmth is coming out ahead of a frontal boundary moving in our direction for tomorrow. we're going to warm up tomorrow as we actually bring in some rain. today we are under high pressure. that means clear skies now and a lot of sunshine in the forecast today but also light winds.
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winds are kind of shifting onshore. that means the temperatures are going to come to a screeching halt. after we warm up this morning, we'll hold in the 60's. it's lower 60's at the coast. mid and upper 640's inland. 67 is about it. 64 in boston today. sunshine all day long. even up until this evening. skies are mainly clear with just a few high clouds. overnight clouds are quickly rushing in. before the sun is up tomorrow, 5:00 a.m., from worcester on tomorrow is going to be a much wetter today. temperatures not falling as much as the clouds move in and wind turns to the south. we'll dry things out tomorrow afternoon. we are going to see the potential for 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain. there's a potential for more on the cape and islands. a couple of features in the tropics coming up in the next
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starting off first thing in the morning, 6:00 a.m. with showers through the commute at 9:00 a.m. there will still be showers around, especially down through the south shore and cape. after lunchtime, those exit today. during the afternoon, we'll dry out. may get sunshine late in the day tomorrow. not much sun the rest of the week. we're in a stalled-out weather pattern. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, it looks like the chance for some showers. not going to be raining all the time, but we need it desperately. we take anything we can get. >> the roads are quiet. live look at the expressway. a check by the gas tank. that's northbound heading toward the bottom of the screen. let's go to the maps and check out the rest of your ride. overnight construction in the final stages. a couple more minutes it will be out of your way if you're traveling by the zakim bridge and the o'neill tunnel. 95 looking good. the pike is quiet this morning. there is some road work on 128
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again southbound over by the pike, your last construction sound on the southbound side of 128 approaching route 12. we're expecting trains and buses to start on schedule. >> 4:49. checking the markets, asian stocks were lower overnight as investors keep a close eye on the looming presidential debate. right now, u.s. stock futures are lower. new volatility in the white house race could trigger new volatility in the markets. >> gas prices are on the cents. the last two weeks. analysts say this is due to the rise in the cost of crude oil. and they point out that gasoline prices are down 10 cents from this same time a year ago. >> the mbta fiscal and management control board meets today. among topics, creating overnight bus service. supporters say it could be accomplished without great expense. the agency came under fire after late-night service was
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schedule changes for the commuter rail. >> dedication for the new memorial honoring the victims of the marathon attack in boston. hundreds of people attended the dedication of the krystle campbell peace garden in medford. the 23-year-old was killed three years ago in the marathon bombings. mayor marty walsh among the speakers. krystle's parents were also there placing a white rose on a plaque for her daughter. >> yeah, i hope people get a lot of relaxation. >> peace garden also pays tribute to the three other victims of the attack, martin richard, lg, and sean collier. >> sports world honoring arnold palmer. it's hard to manage golf without
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the game than the king. palmer died at the age of 87. the miami marlins will be back on the field today after the heartbreaking loss of pitcher jose fernandez. david ortiz, a friend of fernandez, overcome with emotion at one point. tweeting he didn't have words to describe his pain. this morning, investigators still poring over the investigation into the boat crash that killed the pitching ace and two friends. the boat was going full speed when it rammed into a jettynd >> the corpse flower has bloomed in new hampshire. around 2,000 people flocked to this greenhouse at dartmouth college to get a whiff, get a sight. this is the first time in about five years that the corpse flower has bloomed. it will not be blooming again until the year 2021. >> it's 4:51. the man charged in a mall shooting rampage set to face a judge. >> what we're learning.
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advertising. >> it's 4:54. time for your early news to go. >> donald trump and hillary
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going one on one for the first time in their debate. it could be a pivotal night as the candidates take on each other while getting their message across to american voters. the debate is expected to be the most watched in modern history. emily will be there. expect her reports beginning on newscenter 5 at 4:30 this afternoon all the way to the political analysis on newscenter 5 at 11:00 at then tomorrow morning. >> clinton herself will be back in new hampshire later t week. bernie sanders will join her wednesday at the university of new hampshire. the former rivals will discuss college affordability. clinton's plan would make in-state public college tuition free for more than 80% of families. >> trump's running made will be in new hampshire working to close the gap. mike pence will be making his case to granite state voters in milford set to happen before
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opposition in massachusetts of the 160 seats up for grabs in the house this november. 116 races are unopposed. that's about 72%. a similar story in the state senate where candidates in 25 races are not facing a challenger. >> a deadly officer-involved shooting is under investigation in new hampshire now. police shot a man during a confrontation in claremont early sunday morning. 25-year-old cody lafont was killed. investigators with the attorney general's office aren't saying no officers were hurt. >> state police have identified the somerville man hit and killed by a vehicle in medford. 41-year-old alberto santo-flores was hit yesterday. the driver took off. police have not released a description of the driver or vehicle involved. >> a washington state man is charged in a deadly mall rampage and will appear in court today. police captured arcan cetin saturday after nearly 24 hours
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people in a mall north of seattle. cetin had several run-ins with police before the attack. records show he was involved in more than a half dozen criminal cases. no word on what may have caused him to do this. >> one man dead and a suspect charged in a shooting at a starbucks in las vegas. police say the two men were arguing inside the coffee shot when one pulled out the gun. there were customers inside at the time. the suspect left behind a businesses. a bomb squad was called in and determined there was no explosive threat. >> one, two, three. >> all right. quite the impressive scene at logan airport over the weekend. all for charity. 18 teams taking turns pulling a jetblue passenger plane 24 feet to benefit the american cancer society. they did a pretty great job
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pulling for hope event. this year more than $88,000 raised. the winning team was the malden fire department. >> good for them. amazing. >> probably waking up aching all through the shoulders. absolutely. hard to believe this is the last monday of september. october begins on saturday. you can see we've been running above average most of the month. only just a few areas here more than 3 1/2 degrees above average. over the weekend, we did dip down. we'll keep that temperature trend below average today as well. typical high is 69. we're going to hold in the 60's today. we have one day this week where we jump up into the 70's. that's tomorrow. that warmth is coming ahead of this frontal boundary which is associated with a little narrow ribbon of rain back toward chicago. this rain coming our way tomorrow and, boy, do we need
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down the eastern seaboard. real pleasant. 60's here. 70's from new york, philly. d.c. looking nice. chicago clearing out. that front pushes on through tomorrow. it may stall later on this week and give us an easterly wind off the water and keep clouds around and the chances for rain. in the tropics, we're watching a brand-new tropical wave. it's coming toward the caribbean as we next weekend. we've got that rain coming in tomorrow after a sunny day today. temperatures in the 70's. notice we've got the chance of showers wednesday, thursday, friday, into saturday. that front moves offshore and stalls and backs up on us. that's going to keep a lot of clouds around and periodic chances for rain as well. we need it. we are running way behind for the year. we're going to break things down. the timeline in tomorrow's rain and how long this cold air sticks around this morning. it's all right now as the
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eyeopener -- >> the presidential candidates meeting today in their first one-on-one debate with the questions that they'll have in the hot seat. >> two devastating losses in the sports world. the legacy left by arnold palmer and the emotional tribute to jose fernandez. >> questions after a woman is shot by a police officer in weymouth. why that officer felt threatened on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news eyeopener. >> also on the eye this monday morning, get an upgrade on your next flight. three tricks that could land you in first class. that's ahead in this half hour. thanks so much -- >> that would be nice. >> i know. that would be very nice. we'll have to tell you about those tricks. thanks for joining us. emily headed to new york to cover the presidential debate. >> good to be with you, erika. i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. >> hopefully, you've got the heaters blasting in the car this


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