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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  September 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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discuss strategy and you can expect him to make this about clinton and her record and also build his credibility. so there are three topics for tonight. america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. as we have come to expect throughout this debate cycle it is a smart move to expect the unexpected. at hofstra university, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: we are all expecting that. thank you, emily. security will be extremely tight. dogs have been deployed around hofstra university. the law enforcement presence is expected to cost nearly $2 million. police have also set up a designated protest area. it is across from the site and it is to keep people from tangling with each other. ed: to put it in perspective the first two debates between president obama and mitt
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million viewers and 114 million watched the patriots -seahawks super bowl. you can watch it here at 9:00 and then head to wcvb app for more on the experience. you can see tweet frtz debate hall and live fact checking from politifact and then tune in with a live report from emily and our team of analysts on newschannel 5. boater rescued off the coast after the search for him and his mother was called off. now todd -- todd kazakiewich has more. reporter: the amazing thing is nathan carmen is in good condition. he is on board the freight their rescued him due here tomorrow. nathan and his mother, 54-year-old linda carmen, were missing since their boat
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he told the coast guard his boat started taking on water. they launched a massive search by air and sea and they called off the search on friday. then yesterday afternoon the freighter stumbled upon the missing man alone. >> the coast guard issued an you are jept marine -- you are jept marine bull law 10. it was early afternoon and they saw him in the life apartment and reported it to the coast guard. >> the coast guard has no plans to resume the search. equipment, no food, no water. this is the second death in the family in three years. at 6:00, the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of linda's father, nathan's grandfather. ed and heather? heather: todd, thank you. live pictures looking over boston now and what a beauty. temperatures in the 60s after dropping into the 30s in spots overnight. it was a chilly start. i do have to say.
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>> but it can be so beautiful outside. heather:and today is that story. we have rain moving in. >> we can see rain moving into new york state and pennsylvania and that's on the way into our area. let me give you an idea how it will play out. still beautiful through this evening if you are out for tonight and no real problems what so ever. we will notice some rain breaking out in western massachusetts and maybe even into worcester hills by 5:00 a.m. as of the morning commute, that's when i expect the rains to get into the boston area with a few embedded heavy downpours. we certainly need the rain because boston's deficit has gone over 10 inches since the beginning of the year. that's the 6th time that has happened since 1990. i'll let you noy how long the wet weather -- i'll let you know how long the wet weather will stick around and if more is to follow. a gunman is dead and nine others after a shooting in a strip mall in houston, texas.
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appears to be random? reporter: that's exactly what they are saying. the suspect was a disgruntled lawyer who was having issues with his law firm. it started in the early morning. the suspect started shooting randomly hitting six people before police got there and then they shot and killed the gunman. three other people were hurt by glass and debris and people in the shopping center parking lot at the time say the panic just happened as the shots were being feared. >> bullets passed my face, literally. >> i could tell the shots were coming from this direction. >> literally i could hear the whiz of bullets through the window. reporter: the name has not been released. the man who lives near the condo complex said he recently september threatening e-mails over maintenance issues and the suspect pulled an assault rifle while threatening roofers in the past. police responded to that, but
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ed: troubling details about the suspect in the washington state mall shooting and that is him in the middle of your screen. he appeared in court on five counts of premeditated murder. documents show he admitted to the shooting telling police he brought a rifle into macy's and he shot all five victims. the 20-year-old was arrested saturday night, almost 24 hours after the shooting. records show he was involved in more than a half dozen criminal cases sense 2003. a motive still is not clear tonight, but his family >> a weymouth woman will face charges. her mother called police saying her daughter was trying to kill herself. police say the officer shot the woman after she refused to drop the knife. he has been placed on administrative leave and that is standard procedure during the investigation. the woman will be charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. heather:the family of a
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his sentence. castillo was convicted of first degree murder last week. he shot and killed 22-year-old army veteran steven perez nearly four years ago. he learned he will spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. devastated family members say it was not just their loss, but a loss for the community. >> he had defended our country and he was on his way to protect us further by being a policeman and keeping his community safe. heather:authorities say they connected crime and captured him in january of 2015 in the dominican republic. his attorney says they plan to appeal. ed: a taunton man will spend the next four decades behind bars for child rape. a jury convicted the 57-year-old for assaulting a child under 15. the victim came forward in 2014 saying the assaults dating back to 1984 when she was five years old. ed: right now there is no curfew in place in charlotte,
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curfew after days of protests. the demonstrations fold the killing of a black man by police officers. 43-year-old keith lamont scott was shot outside his suv which was parked near his apartment complex. police claim scott was armed. residents say he was not. video of the shooting was released by police on saturday and thats does not appear to settle the issue. heather:dylann roof, that young man right the crimes in the shooting death of nine black church goers in south carolina last year. the first of hundreds of potential jurors showed up today amid tight security. roof faces the death penalty and he also faces state charges. heather: new at 4:30, maine's governor releases his controversial binder of drug arrests. the un148-page binder consists of his own collection of news clippings and press releases.
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hispanics commit 90% of maine's drug crimes. maine state police say it does not provide a comprehensive look at drug arrests. ed: federal investigators are looking into what caused the death of an endangered wright whale found off maine. the whale was tangled in rope on saturday. it was initially spotted by a whale watching boat. the northern wright whales are the rarest and most endangered type of gray whale and they are a protected evacuation orders continue in iowa, wisconsin and flood threat continues in that area. the heavy rain triggered severe flooding last week claiming at least two lives. rivers and creeks continue to swell in both states. they could soon breech their banks. warnings and sack weighings are expected to -- warnings and evacuations continue on saturday. it is not the water, but fire forcing people from their homes.
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flames quickly spread and dozens of homes had to be evacuated. right now it is about 20% -- the fire is about 20% contained. heather: why experts say the lawsuit will not be the last. ed: more and more parents are opting not to get children sack saw straight -- vaccinated. one mom talks about repercussions. harvey: and rain is on the way for tomorrow, but it may not be the only wet weather this week. we'll talk about that coming up. heather:and the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump is now just hours from happening on this very stage. new at 5:00, what both -- what experts say both need to do to
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. on the left is going down, and enjoy. let's look at the drive times around the area and we will begin down at the split. it is 26 minutes mass ave to route 3.
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minutes. you think so? 128 south is a little slow into welsley and then slow from we lsley to needham. 95 is not bad in both directions. the pike to 290 is a seven-minute ride. that's traffic right now as we approach 4:43. heather:how cold does this look? it is a sure sign winter is coming, folks. it is a picture from the top what that is ice formed after water droplets in fog froze on contact overnight. yesterday the northeast highest peak saw temperatures 20 degrees with hurricane-force winds. ed: the snow guns are going! the new hampshire mountain tested the snow making machines this morning. crews took advantage of the cold overnight and the
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good. it is something many ski resorts will be doing. how long will it hold though, harv? harvey: they are also testing the equipment. heather: exactly. they are under no impression the snow will be there for the whole time. ed: i heard of thanksgiving day skiing, but columbus day skiing? harvey:i remember there was a storm on october 3rd and 4th. heavy oobl. there were snow flurries in new jersey will. >> have you seen the long range forecast 1234. >> i haven't gone to october 4th yet. no i don't see anything like that. but i have to tell you this morning in boston you can see it was cold, but 48 degrees, that is the coldest since may 16th. it has been several months. there were some readings this morning that were frosty. especially in western mass where it is considered the
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rather spotty. we have a sea breeze in boston at 16 miles an hour. as cold as it was early this morning you have to love it about late september. it can be around 70 degrees and that's what is touched out around springfield. we will fall off quickly as the. skies are clear. th temperature drop. 50s widespread for later tonight. we don't have a wide area of rain, but it looks like it could enhance a little bit as it gets closer to us. it does look like a few hours of rain in our future and probably centering around the morning commute for tomorrow. we will await the front that will come through. as we show you how this will break down we are still fine. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow notice
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western and central massachusetts. heavier rains in southwest connecticut. from that point on it will move quickly to the east. the second half of the morning commute in boston is likely to be the wetter half so to speak. by 11:00 in morning the rain has ended north and west of boston. but there may be lingering wet weather and it could be heavy downpours across southeastern mass and into the afton it looks like it will clear nicely and we will be in great shape. it will not work out that way. yes, there may be a brightening of the skies tomorrow afternoon and it could be mild and slightly muggy, but what will happen is the wind will shift to the northeast and then they will be back into the region on wednesday especially from the ocean and there could be periods of rain and drizzle breaking out. we will be in the middle of a
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of clouds and wind off the ocean and off and on periods of wet weather. for the immediate future, a chance of rain is low until you get toward dawn tomorrow. the chances tomorrow morning are high. midday let's call it medium and then low as we get through tomorrow afternoon. with the sun coming out a little bit tomorrow afternoon, maybe not on the cape, but it should allow temperatures to bounce back into the 70s. checking out the next seven days lat the off and on wet weather that comes into the region. to gef you an idea what is taking place there could be a series of storms and they may not come that close to give us a lot of rain, but occasional mist off the ocean and occasional somewhat heavier rain is possible in this particular pattern that is evolving. a big disturbance in the high levels of the atmosphere. and that interacting with the high pressure well to the north and east, that creates
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surface and that usually means a long period of clouds and off and on damp weather. will it be appreciable rain over the stretch? that remains to be seen. we will talk about that as we go through the evening newscast. heather? heather:in your health tonight, an alert about vaccines. there is a new report showing more parents are choosing not to vaccinate children, but for some families it is having negative consequences. reporter: these are kristen o'mara's three cre vaccinated. >> i put my kids at risk. i wish i had taken more time to research both sides. reporter: o'mara, a teacher living outside of chicago, said she was a big believer in anti-vaccination research. >> i scoured everything i could possibly find about why vaccines might be harmful. i became pretty convinced. reporter: she chose not to
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with a case of rota virus. kristen and her husband also got very sick. she was suddenly living with the scary repercussions of her choice. >> it was awful. it didn't have to happen because i could have had them vaccinated. i felt guilty. reporter: although the american academy of pediatrics recommends vaccinations for particularly every child, the group says the number of parents refusing to vaccinate their children may be on the rise. in 87 percent of pediatricians came across parents who refused to vaccinatey. one of the common reasons is they believed the vaccinations were unnecessary and they had concerns about autism, a link which has been repeatedly disproven. today o'mara's children are fully up-to-date on their
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to vaccinate their kids too. >> i am here to share my personal story. if it does help someone change their mind, then that's great. heather:for many parents this is a personal choice, very personal to them. experts though do advise all parents to do research and have conversations with your pediatrician about your concerns before you make a decision whether or not to vaccinate your children. you can see there are great consequences s >> and extreme points of view. like you said at the beginning it is a personal choice. >> a teenager in avail yaw attacked by a shark. >> still ahead tonight, why witnesses say he had no time to react. first, let's flash flood to the news at 5:00. >> ben: racial discrimination at boston latin. the resolution revealed. a pair of buses collide in new york's lincoln tunnel.
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traffic tie ups during the morning commute. in your health from a broken back to standing straight. how an out patient procedure using a small balloon is helping people walk again when we see you at 5:00.
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heather: a terrifying shark attack. a teenager was bitten at the same place another was killed last year. the 17-year-old was attacked. witnesses say the shark bit across the board as he was paddling. the teeth marks suggest it was a great white. ed: two former wells fargo workers are suing the banking giant after they were fired. the bank was fined $185 million after thousands of employees opened millions of fake accounts not authorized by customers in order to meet quo -- quotas.
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against wells fargo in the wake of the scandal. ed: and more trouble for samsung. it is delaying its relaunch of the galaxy note seven because users are not exchanging theirs fast enough. the world's largest smartphone maker has planned to put new devices on sale on wednesday, but that has now been postponed until saturday. samsung recently recalled millions of note 7's worldwide after several caught fire injuring people. ed: a stunning find in a dominoes pizza. heather: why the shop was not
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then she quickly realized it was a different kind of dough. she immediately called the pizza shop, but guess what, no one called her back. ed: why couldn't i get that top something. heather:she con account tad a tv station who helped track down the owner. for that she gets free pizza for a year. ed: ben and heather have breaking news on newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> now on >> ben: donald trump and hillary clinton, the firs crucial debate. >> no distress call and no sign of his mother. reporter: the growing mystery as a man is rescued from the sea. harvey: nice now, but turning wet before long. >> from broken back to standing straight. the procedure using a small balloon that is helping people walk again. >> from boston's news leader,
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5:00. >> ben: commitment 2016 off the top at 5:00. in a couple hours donald trump and hillary clinton will go head to head on the debate stage for the first time. anchor: the event is expected to be one of the most watched in history. emily is joining us from hofstra university on long island, new york where it will all go down. reporter: absolutely, heather and ben and it all goes down in there. as they get ready for tonight's debate. so much interest in the debate because the stakes are so high. both of these candidates hoping to make their cases to voters. hillary clinton is spending the weekend deep in debate. she held several mock debates pouring over the briefing books. three things to watch for tonight. she will try to focus on donald trump and his vulnerability. she will question his judgment and credibility. and she will focus on her grasp of the issues, the


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