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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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this is wcvb newenter 5 at 5:00. ed: breaking news, police in vermont have searched the home of that man rescued after being lost at sea for a week. nathan carman returned to boston today where he was debriefed by the coast guard. heather: the 22-year-old's mother is still missing she was on his boat with him when it sank. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is live in boston tonight. todd? todd: nathan carman spent much of the day here in the north guard and is being reunited with family members. his father flew in from california hand picked him a, and they left a short time ago. i want to show you that video again, the moment when nathan carmen returned to land, the first time in 10 days. he came to boston harbor and you could see him coming on the freighter that rescued him out at sea. he was brought to boston harbor and the coast guard picked him
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the coast guard station, where they debriefed him about the mysterious circumstances that led to his shipwreck on september 18. he told the coast guard when he was out at sea what happened; there was engine failure, the boat started taking on water. he says he couldn't find his mother, and then he decided that he had to get in the liferaft, he had to abandon ship. with regard to the search warrant, we want to show you the findings police in rhode island found that led them to ask for monfils to execute the search warrant at the place he lived. the investigation revealed that his boat was in need of mechanical repair. secondly, he had been conducting a portion of those repairs on his own volition, which could have potentially rendered his boat on safer operation. he intended to go fishing further offshore and in a different location than what his
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reckless endangerment. but short time ago we heard for the first time in the radio call that he did when he was still out at sea. >> myself and my mom went fishing. there was a funny noise in the engine compartment. i water. the boat sunk out from under my feet and when i saw the liferaft, i did not see my mom. is just -- were you able to find her? >> no, not yet. todd: part of this conversation on sunday, he was debriefed. that was voluntary with the coast guard. he left with his father.
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it clear he has not been arrested, however police rhode island believes there could be evidence of reckless endangerment and a number of items were seized when they executed the search warrant last night, including a handwritten letter. we don't know what the contents were. we will keep you posted as we get new details. taught through -- taughheather: needham right now. are we in the damp pattern? harvey: we are in a cloudy pattern and that will be evident tomorrow, but the rain that fell was appreciable, a quarter to a third inch north and west and even over half an inch on hyannis and chatham. still some rainbow most of it is south of the region -- notice if
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but i want you to notice the temperatures, mild to the north and west and chillier near main where the air will start coming from. the wind will switch to the northeast and we won't have a big temperature rise. it will bring in cool but cloudy ocean air which could leave rain and drizzle. ed: power restored right now in topsfield. the entire town lost power after thru the tree truck hit the wires and then the flames sparked. national grid crews worked quickly to get the community back on the grid. heather: new at 5:00, the unh campus putting female students on alert. this after fliers were posted around campus advertising dates with older men for cash. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in durham, new hampshire tonight reid?
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those who may be struggling financially, but many times behind these innocent dinner dates is a sexual expectation. among the jumbled papers pinned to this job board at a unh coffee shop. a job offer some describe simply as creepy. >> it sounds really inappropriate and kind of scary. >> it is a little disturbing. reid: the ad solicits college-aged women, 18-25, to meet sugar daddies, older men who are looking for dinner companions, the flier maintains older men are more respectful sugar daddies can not only mentor you with your career, but take you places around the world. in return for dates, women get paid. >> the good news is the students themselves were the ones that kind of policed this, nobody had to protect them from anything. reid: the ad refers to the website, where so called sugar babies can create an account, and like a dating service, people can select with whom they'd like to
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>> a thousand dollars to go on a date with him something like that something crazy. reid: richard many manages a store on campus, didn't like what he saw when the flier was posted outside his store, notified the school. >> and the problem is of course college students are smart and they are their own people but people prey on them and we know that. reid: but in a time when college tuition, and bills are sky rocketing, the allure of making money to simply go on dates, could be appealing. >> i can' doing it but i guess i could imagine someone being in that situation where that might be an option. reid: these are not illegal, but campus has already removed the posts. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a massachusetts state police trooper accused of violently beating a police chase suspect in new hampshire earlier this year has been indicted. trooper joseph flynn is accused
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for his role in the may 11 -- you can see him on the ground before troopers from massachusetts and new hampshire ran up and started to violently beat him. new hampshire trooper andrew monaco has already entered guilty pleas to three counts of simple assault. flynn and monaco were arrested -- one man is dead following a fiery pick-up truck crash on route 293 in manchester, new hampshire. police were in pursuit when the driver lost control and crashed into some trees. investigators say the same dr earlier crash on i-93 in salem. police pulled the driver from -- >> i saw a truck swerving back and forth across the highway. it nearly crashed several times. ed: police pulled the driver from the wreck and performed cpr, but it was too late. it took firefighters 20 minutes to put out the flames. heather: a house explosion in the bronx, claims the life of a veteran new york city firefighter. police, fire, and utility crews were responding to reports of
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neighborhood when they discovered what appeared to be a drug operation in one of the homes. that home suddenly exploded, killing battalion chief michael fahey. >> a couple weeks ago, we had information we received and we were in the initial stages of an investigation so that will be the ongoing investigation as a possible drug lab. marijuana. heather: nine other firefighters, six police buildings near the blast site had been evacuated prior to the explosion preventing a larger tragedy. ed: commitment 2016, one down, two to go, that was hillary clinton's rallying cry at her first post-debate event today. newscenter 5's janet wu reports center stage was the latino vote and the women's vote. janet: donald trump's first stop post debate, miami where he hasn't campaigned for over eight months. his outreach to the latino
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campaign releasing this video following last night's debate in which hillary clinton identified alicia machado, the first miss universe chosen after trump bought the pageant. >> he would yell at me all the time. he'd tell me you look ugly or you look fat. sometimes he'd play with me and say, hello, miss piggy. hello, miss housekeeping janet: trump, however, double down in a call into a fox morning show, calling machado the absolute worst. winner and she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. not only that, her attitude. this afternoon, in a conference call organized by the clinton campaign and conducted primarily in spanish, machado called her year with trump a bad dream and led to several years of a eating disorder. >> after the miss universe year, i was trying to forget all what that year was about.
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janet: but at miami town hall just an hour later, trump reached out to the cuban and venezuelan communities ignoring machado's attacks. collects i really enjoyed it. the numbers came out. over 80 million watched. it's one of the biggest tv shows in the history of television. we won almost every single poll, cbs, drudge, and slate. janet: in fact, clinton overwhelmingly won the cbs poll and other traditional polls polling. the polls listed by trump were online polls conducted by local stations or websites. ed: the patriots back at gillette today preparing for this weekend's match-up against the bills. heather: the big question who will play quarterback? sportscenter 5's mike lynch joins us both jimmy garroppolo and jacoby brissett were there today. mike: both garoppolo and
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a pass during the time media was allowed to videotape. we can tell you brissette had his thumb taped garoppolo was able to stretch his arms over his head, something he couldn't do one week ago at this time. the fact that both were on the field at the start of practice is a strong indication that both are being prepped to be available to play on sunday. both are coming off sprains, garoppolo to his shoulder, brissette to his thumb this weeks opponent the bills see you at 6:00. ed: newscenter 5's coverage of the opioid crisis continues next. heather: the alarming numbers just released on babies born addicted to the drug. ed: watching and waiting in iowa. the temporary system protecting thousands of homes from floodwaters right now. heather: he vanished without a trace two decades ago. new at 5:30, the unsolved case of little boy who vanished in
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. randomly selected public water customers in merrimack, new hampshire area will undergo blood tests. researchers are looking for signs of the potentially cancer-causing chemical pfoa. that chemical has been found on the grounds of the saint-gobain performance plastics plant in merrimack. residents have been asking for blood tests because of their concerns over the safety of the town's water system. a big jump in babies born addicted to opioids, the number doubling in less than a decade. new research published this week
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2009 to more than seven of every 1,000 born in 2013. babies born addicted to opioids need extra care in the hospital and suffer from seizures, feeding and breathing challenges. ed: right now severe weather across the nation. a wildfire burning out of control in northern california, over 1000 acres charred and just 5% contained, authorities reporting 300 structures are threatened. and in iowa neighborhoods flooded as a river cre forcing thousands of evacuations. today, choppers dousing smoldering hills with water from above as flames incinerate the trees below. this wildfire broke out monday in santa cruz and you can see them burning dangerously close to homes. hundreds of residents were told to leave and this morning some people were forced to, packing up their longings.
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cloud which was produced -- which was pretty daunting. ed: the flames just be on the structures, hundreds of fire personnel working to contain the blaze amid a heatwave. and further east, it's water forcing people out of their homes. in iowa, the cedar river cresting floodwater turning neighborhoods into rivers. residents trying to reach them by canoe. >> this is the second largest and most significant flood event in the history of the city of cedar rapids. ed: officials believe close to 3000 properties are evacuated and the river is expected to be there all week. when the water is right there in
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any type of flooding -- the rain is gone. harvey: it is south of us now down to the coast of virginia. this one we aren't going to initially get and it will start southward with a bizarre blocking pattern. boston is pretty nice, 68 sunshine but what i want to point out is this, it will begin to pick up getting gusty at times, as we get deeper into tomorrow and for a couple days to follow as a get part of this blocked up weather pattern. right now it has reached the low
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. the wind's late right now, kind of variable, but what i want to point out about our temperatures is that it's fairly mild all the way up to lebanon, portland 70 degrees, but that drop off when you get to bangor is important because there is a northeast wind that is starting to pick up and that wind is almost going to reach us late tonight make it feel like there is coming in off the ocean, it will introduce low clouds off the ocean and it will be hard to dislodge for a couple days. temperatures late tonight, we won't have a huge rise in temperatures tomorrow because of the wind off the water and possibly some drizzle or a few
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possible that it may try to come through the cave tomorrow. here is a close-up look, skies of so clear in central and western new england and heavier clouds down toward nantucket. but then that cooler air comes in off the ocean with a northeast wind, bringing clouds with it light rain or drizzle and that will likely linger on thursday. more clouds than anything else with gusty wind off the ocean. if we get far enough south, we may see the breaking of the skies but the best chances would be vermont and new hampshire and friday morning we are still socks into the clouds. some rain may start to approach south and west.
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no tropical depression yet but this will likely become matthew in the next few days as it moves through the caribbean and it eventually could make a turn northward next week. here's a look at the next seven days, clouds are the big theme, pool temperatures in northeast wind off the ocean. at some point we will let you get a period of steadier rain which could coincide with saturday. sunday we should start tbr and tuesday should show significant improvement. heather: some good news out -- in your health tonight, americans and alcohol. new research raising concerns that heavy drinking. ed: new at 6:00, an extra special bond between these twins from salem.
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special interests that oppose question 2 that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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cash, a rebate on a new washer or reimbursement for your repairs. anyone who bought an l.g. washer between 2002 and 2006 could get $35 or a cash rebate on your next front loader. there are still several other lawsuits pending against other manufacturers. heather: many doctors advise patients to drink in moderation and some studies have shown it migh g are drinking way too much. here's dr. tim johnson. reporter: and occasional drink or two can be a great way to wind down but when one drink becomes four or five or more, it's binge drinking, and that can be a huge problem socially and medically. a new report shows the number of
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significantly higher than it was a decade ago. researchers looked at national data and found nearly one in three men and one in five women admit to having at least one heavy drinking day within the past year. these findings are important, since binge drinking is linked to a host of health problems, including accidents, injuries, liver disease, and logical damage. what's causing this bike is unclear, but poi remind anyone who likes an occasional drink that when it comes to alcohol, moderation is key, because knowing when to say when is something we can all raise a glass to. i'm dr. timothy johnson. heather: new research finds having a cheerful spouse can benefit your well-being. the study done at michigan state found followed nearly two-thousand couples aged 50 and up for six years. participants with happy partners were much more likely to report
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physical issues and exercise more often than participants with unhappy partners. ed: as we continue tonight at 5:30, taking you on a missing to mars the new plan to get you there. heather: how you could live there and when this will really be an option. ed: more water woes in detroit. the reason this picture of a sink got a student suspended
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ed: breaking news at 5:30, police have executed a search warrant at the home of a boater, who vanished for a week. nathan carman arrived in boston this morning. his mother is still missing and presumed dead. heather: the two disappeared during a fishing trip off rhode island last week.
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memory card, and a note he wrote. the search warrant says carman's boat had problems and repairs he made himself may have made the boat dangerous. no charges have been filed. harvey joins us now. did you enjoy the rain this morning? harvey: i did. heather: we sure need it. harvey: we won't get much more immediately but right now it has pushed south of the area. temperatures in the upper 60's and low 70's, i want you to keep a careful eye on the chilly air in northern maine because the wind will pick up tomorrow that will drag the cooler air down. as that northeasterly wind starts to pick up, the other thing is that the clouds will


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