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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning. it is wednesday, september 28. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. we're following breaking news. a serious assault under investigation in revere. >> hearing from the man lost at sea for a week. what he has to say about the ordeal when they searched his home. >> honoring the memory of a man killed by the marathon bombers. the push to washington, d.c. to pay tribute to him and all first responders. >> first, checking in with cindy. we're off to a mild start today. >> the temperatures go down a little bit over the next few hours. 61 degrees in the boston right now. but the wind is off the water.
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radar, but there are patches of drizzle this morning. you may not be seeing them showing up, but they are out there. also, fog around the worcester area. visibility a quarter-mile. not an issue around boston or the coastline. interior sections in the 40s and 50s, lower 60s along the coastline. you can see the clouds advance westward. that is a theme today as we've got a front offshore and the northeasterly wind is locking in the cool air. so low 60s this mo upper 50s to near 60 degrees. so temperatures hold steady or fall slightly this afternoon. kind of a cool day. a lot of clouds. a couple of patches of mist and drizzle around noontime into the afternoon. so a raw feel on your wednesday. let's get you to the roads, see if we have any trouble. good morning, illinois, iowa, and wisconsin. >> good morning. a check of the pike.
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we're looking good in both directions. so far this morning, it's quiet, a little bit of construction #expressway at o'neil tunnel. road work careering on 128 by highland avenue. 128 southbound and route 3. we're expecting trains and buses on >> we're following breaking news. >> police are on the scene of a serious and the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live in the studio with what we know right now. antoinette? >> emily, police and detectives have cleared the scene here, but they are not releasing a lot of information. here's what we know. a man was severely beaten here and is suffering from life-threatening injuries this morning. let's go ahead and take a look at that video from the scene overnight. police had been here all night investigating in the parking lot of the lounge in revere.
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tape surrounding the front doors of the lounge as investigators looked into what happened. police have not said who was involved in this assault, but, once again, a man was severely beaten and is suffering from life-threatening injuries. we'll stay on top of this investigation and will bring you more information as we get it. live in revere, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. also breaking, state police are investigating a fatal crash in leominster. this is south of route 2. only one vehicle, an s.u.v., was involved. we're told the victim is the driver. >> fire at a providence rhode island hotel is tied to a suspected drug lab there. it happened at the hilton garden inn last night. the hotel was evacuated because of toxic smoke. police say they are searching for four suspects. >> today the family of a murder m.i.t. police officer will go
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national day in honor of sean collier. he was gunned down by the marathon bombers in the days following the attacks. the collier family wants a national first responders day to honor his sacrifice and the sacrifices of all who put their lives on the line every day. >> i feel healthy. i feel healthy. emotionally, i've been through a huge amount. >> right now, that young man adrift in the ocean for days. he's bac this morning we're hearing from nathan carman about the mystery surrounding his voyage. todd kazakiewich with questions to carman about what happened. >> carman's mother is still missing and presumed dead. investigators now trying to figure out how the pair into the
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last night his father, who flew in from california, took his son back home to vernon, vermont. >> i would like to thank the public for their prayers and for their concern for both my mother and for myself. >> carman took questions from the coast guard yesterday. police were searching his home monday. they took a card and a letter he wrote. nathan was doing medical repairs on his boat, which could have made it unsafe in the ocean. at this point, he has not been charged with any crime, but he's being investigated for potentially reckless endangerment. >> the son of former israeli president shimon peres confirms
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remembered the life of a friend he called his friend. a shimon peres was a soldier for israel people, for justice, and for the belief we can be our best selves. >> he worked to build up israel's military and fought for peace with surrounding nations. >> commitment 2016 this morning. busy day for presidential candidates on hillary clinton teaming up with bernie sanders very an event at u.n.h. this afternoon donald trump speaking to voters in illinois, iowa, and wisconsin. among other things, trump is claiming victory in the first presidential debate. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is tracking that. >> randy, good morning. most of the polls this morning are giving hillary clinton the edge as comments from trump spark controversy. he blames bad questions from
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a spotty microphone for his performance. he warned things could get personal last night in florida. >> for 90 minutes i watched her very carefully and i was also holding back -- i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. >> are you concerned -- >> i'm going to show up. if i'm the only person on stage, i'm the only person on stage. >> meantime, a clinton campaign ad alicia machado is making the rounds. she said trump was critical of her after she won the contest and gained weight. she'll be on "good morning, america" >> the deadline is midnight on september 30 to come up with an agreement. most democrats and at least 10 republicans voted to block the bill yesterday, which includes
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virus. democrats demand money to help flint, michigan. republican promised to address it after the election. >> a new plan for people on the red planet. on the eye this morning -- [singing] >> heading to hollywood. the teens trying to make it big. cindy? >> and a lot of clouds this morning. cool temperatures today. my timeline on who cou see the sun again. erika? >> we're following two breaking stories. police investigating a deadly crash in leominster. one person was killed. also, a man is suffering life-threatening injuries after police say he was beaten in revere.
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>> three teenagers poised to hit it big in hollywood. >> they are called 3d. jazmin alexis, meadow armstrong, and emily shively are students at music ball entertainment. the girls ages 13 and 14 got along so well off stage, manager and producer mike caputo things on stage. >> we're like sisters. it's easy working with them. >> caputo managed lfo, whose song "summer girls," hit number one. after a trip to los angeles, caputo says the girls have an offer on the table. 3-d has a concert in cambridge next month before they fly back to meet with record label executives. a disease eliminated in a region.
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>> 4:44 this morning. kind of a mild start today. >> uh-huh. >> it's deceiving. >> which direction is it [laughter] >> be ready? >> damp, cool. >> oh. >> not just today. this is the next several days. and what a change. this month has been so warm, right? only a few days left to go. september running more than that is not happening today, even though you step out to 61 degrees and you're thinking, not so bad, this is our start. east-northeasterly wind 13 miles per hour. that wind is going to freshen up over the course of the day. wind gusts today are gusting in off the water over 20 miles an hour much of the coastline. the wind is persistent. this is tomorrow afternoon and it's doing the same thing. so a northeasterly wind is going
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off the ocean. we've already seen that in the form of clouds overnight. a visibility a quarter-mile in the worcester where the temperature is 57 degrees. closer to the coastline, it's 60 beverly, 60s down toward the cape. very similar to the water temperature, also in the lower 60s. more 50s towards northern worcester county and into southwest new hampshire. the wind has brought in the low clouds, brought in some fog, and couple of patches of drizzle here and there will be with us throughout the day. you can see how the clouds have backed in. there's rain along the ocean to the east. this one is stalled offshore. high pressure to the north in between. it's going to keep that northeasterly wind going. so it's going to be very persistent throughout the day. you can see that over the next 12 hours. toward late morning and noontime, notice how we're picking up on patchy mist and drizzle. that will be in the forecast at
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these are the temperatures. by this afternoon, it is a couple of degrees cooler than where it is now. holding in the upper 50s to 60 degrees. we've got the clouds locked in this morning. maybe one or two patches of drizzle. we see that into the afternoon as well, especially near the coastline through about 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. i would have an umbrella with you in case that drizzle breaks out. otherwise, a cool, damp, and raw feel throughout the day. tonight as well. low temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. tomorrow, not a lot is changing. we saw the front offshore, we've an area of high pressure to the north. we may try to clear out a little bit later thursday, but by friday all eyes on this area of low pressure to the south. that's going to make a run up the coast later friday. so it's still kind of cloudy, breezy, and cool storm. near 60 degrees.
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dry with the clouds, there's that area of moisture to the south that starts to move in as we head to our friday evening, friday night. it's with us saturday as well. what a stretch from now through saturday. don't expect much sunshine. sunday and monday next week, things may start to improve. >> we haven't seen this in a while. >> it's probably been since early june we've been in a pattern like this. >> no looking good in both directions. let's check out rest of your ride. problem-free, just a little bit of overnight construction along the expressway, northbound side by the o'neill tunnel, this project should be wrapping up in a couple of minutes. south, 24 looks good. no problems on route 3. expressway nice and quiet and so is the pike. there is road on 128 by highland avenue. southbound, your last
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128. >> a big unveiling at the hearst corporation tower. hearst is launching hearst live. hearst owns wcvb. california to cosmopolitan magazine, these screens will show contents from the company's 360 businesses. >> anything that spurs excitement and can entertain people, it's great. >> the stories will update throughout the day as more right by here at 57th and 8th avenue each day. >> your economy now. executives at wells fargo are losing tens of millions of dollars in bonuses over a scandal. thousands of employees have been fired for opening millions of customer accounts without permission to reach aggressive sales goals. the c.e.o. recently grilled on capitol hill for that practice is giving a 41 -- up $41 million
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2016. asian shares were lower overnight. but investors were assured by hillary clinton's performance against donald trump in the debate. right now, stock futures here are higher. >> your health this morning. for the first time, the highly contagious measles virus has been eliminated in the entire region. the americas. the world health organization says the virus no longer exists from canada through chile in homegrown ca elsewhere. health experts credit vaccines for the milestone. >> your trending stories. spacex is aiming to launch a mission to mars and hopes to take along 100 passengers. c.e.o. elon musk plans to launch an unmanned aircraft within two years with a hope of landing humans on the planet by 2024. the flight is expected to take about 80 days and cost about
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musk envisions colonising mars within the next century. >> in manatee, is between four and five months along now. she'll be monitored in connecticut until she's healthy enough to travel to florida. >> free you need to sign onto something else for life. burger tattoo. a restaurant in australia is running a contest. get inked with an actual-size burger. the cafe already has more than 3,000 contestants. >> still ahead, a botched red
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on the field. >> the proposal mishap in the stands. that's ahead. in the eyeopener, big changes when paying for college. what every family needs to know
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>> we have breaking news in your early news to go. >> a man is fighting for his life after an assault in revere. police say it happened around 11:00 last night on squire road. investigators were on the scene overnight gathering information. no word on any arrests. antoinette antonio is there for the eye this morning. she'll have an update from the scene at the top of the hour. >> the mother of bella bond will testify against her ex-boyfriend rachelle bond claims michael mccarthy is responsible for bella's death. the girl's body washed ashore on deer island in 2015. she was known as baby doe. rachelle bond faces accessories charges. new information about a deadly crash at a newton pizza restaurant. court documents show brad casler speeding up to 80 miles an hour before impact. he's charged with slamming into sweet tomato in newton in march.
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others injured. casler has multiple sclerosis. prosecutors say that was not a factor in the crash. >> the state parole board issued it's decision that rod matthews would intend at least five more years in prison for the beating death of his classmate shaun ouillette 30 years ago. he and the victim were 14 at the time of the crime. >> c university of new hampshire over these flyers. they are advertising a website that pairs older, wealthy men with younger, financially-burdened women. while the service as advertised is not illegal, the concern is the sexual implications so-called sugar daddies come with. many flyers have been pulled down. >> president obama appointed an ambassador to cuba.
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nominated. senate's confirmation is required, which could prove tough for obama before his term ends in january. the beach boys will help with this year's home base event as a local charity raises money for veterans who have ptsd by holding events like this race at fenway park. beach boys will headline the organization's benefit concert in november. i'm looking forward to being there with everybody. wcvb a base. you can check out more details on the concert on our website, >> the yankees snap the sox winning streak as boston looks to clinch the a.l. east tonight. hill knocks it out of the park. david price gave up his third
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so, despite the win, it was a tough night for two yankees fans. a man gets down on one knee to propose, but the ring pops out of the box. everybody is looking for it in the section. finally, the woman finds it in the cuff of her pants. he tries again. she says yes. hoping everyone lives happily ever after. >> did yee >> so dejected. [laughter] >> yesterday we started out with rainfall across the area. wee got close to a quarter-inch in boston. some areas got close to half an inch. we are behind for the month. over the next couple of days rain chances are low, but not dry. not zero. i think there will be drizzle around. friday and saturday, those rain chances come up a little bit. so opportunities to at least get some wet weather.
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from the ocean, one or two spots of patches of drizzle. otherwise, you'll see showers are missing us and going by east of nantucket. it's a combination of the front offshore -- the raw feel with winds gusting over 20 miles per hour especially along the coastline. it's in the low 60s right now. but by this afternoon, we're dropping into the upper 70 in new york city. towards philly and d.c., 70s as well. we've got in up er-level low spinning in chicago. our weather pattern is unsettled. we'll keep that low-level northeasterly wind flow in place the next few days. don't expect much in the way of sunshine at all over the next few days. i want to let you know about this tropical wave we've been tracking down in the tropics. it's getting a little bit
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hour. this may develop into our next tropical storm. we'll break this down for you as the eyeopener continues. >> a man beaten outside a lounge in revere. details coming in from that scene. >> a mother linked to her toddler's death is pointing fingers. the statements she'll make in a murder trial. >> donald trump claiming he held back against hillary clinton. his reason and his new eye for this wednesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> it's 5:00 a.m. also on the eye this morning, the true meaning of brotherly love. how a twin is saving his sister's life. that's ahead this half-hour. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. >> i'm emily riemer along with cindy. so damp and dreary today.


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