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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> breaking overnight, a man beaten outside of a lounge in revere. the details just coming in. >> a mother linked to her toddler's death and pointing fingers. the statements that she will make in an upcoming murder trial. >> donald trump claiming he held back against hillary clinton. his reason and his new today with a eye for this wednesday morning. randy: also on the eye, the true meaning of brotherly love, how a twin is saving his sister's life, good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon so kind of a mild start now.
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it has been so mild lately. >> what a stretch we have coming. >> a raw northeasterly wind so yeah. >> you know what that means. >> exactly. >> water temperature is 62 so it will be hard to get higher than that. starting out with 40s out in the western part of the state, that's where the skies are still clear, and those clouds are backing up. we have mid 50s in worcester. 60 in boston, and the radar looks quiet, but there could be a few patches of drizzle out there that sneak under the radar and not show so have some wet weather gear with you today, about 60 at the bus stop, and that raw northeasterly wind off the bus this afternoon and may be just cooler around 59 degrees so you need to be dressed for that. look at the winds, too, freshening um. these are sustained winds at 15 to 20 to over 20 miles per hour along the coastline and notice a little patch of drizzle popping up towards mid-day. you can see the clouds, and organized rain off the shore. plainly staying there.
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wind that's going to be with us. the trend holding steady or falling off, and that wind is going to make it feel cooler. so let's get you out to the roads. >> an accident-free start, there are lots of delays and you can see them right here, and this is a check by the mall, and you can see the northbound side have a slow. the rest of your ride, the same story, the delays now building out of brockton. and then the into boston. as you travel the pike, 15 to 20. 495 to 128. 93 south, delays out of methuen as you go down towards spot pont and picks up again approaching the lever connector. so far trains and buses doing ok. >> we're following breaking news. >> police on the scene of a serious assault in revere. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live with what we know right now. antoinette?
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they are not releasing a lot of information. but we do know that a man was severely beaten and is suffering from life threatening injuries. let's go ahead and take a look at that video from overnight. police had been here since about 11:00, investigating in the parking lot of this squire lounge. we could see yellow crime scene tape surrounding the area near the front door as investigates look into exactly what happened. revere police have not said who was involved in this assault, but beaten and is suffering from life threatening injuries. he was taken to mass general hospital. no word this morning on any suspects or arrests or charges this morning. but we are working to get more on this investigation and we will bring you the latest as we get it. live in revere, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. and breaking overnight, state police investigating a fatal crash. this was after 11:00 on 190
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only one vehicle was involved. the district is the driver, no word on what might have triggered that crash. the son of shimon peres has died. president barack obama remembered the life of a man he called his friend. he released a statement saying a light has gone out but the hope he gave us will burn forever. peres suffered a stroke two weeks ago in his lifetime. he worked to build up israel's military and fought for peace randy: four minutes after 6:00, commitment 2016, a busy day for the candidates on the trail as donald trump claims victory in the first presidential debate. erika tracking it all for us this morning. erika: hillary clinton teams up with bernie sanders for an event this afternoon. donald trump is set to speak to voters in illinois, iowa, and wisconsin, and most of the polls this morning giving clinton the edge as new comments from trump sparked new controversy.
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mad questions from moderator holt. speaking in florida, trump warning things could get personal. >> for 90 minutes i watched her very carefully, and i was also holding back. i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. >> he was kind of digging me for spending time off the campaign trail to get prepared, but just trying to keep track of time and effort. >> the clinton campaign, featuring miss universe, trump degraded her when she gained weight. randy. randy: the senate blocks a spending bill needed to keep the government funded beyond this friday. that deadline is midnight on september 30 to come up with an
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republicans voted to block it, which also provides funding to combat the zika virus. democrats are demanding money to help flint, michigan deal with the water crisis. republican leaders promise to address that issue after the election in a separate water bill. the family of a marathon attack victim headed to capitol hill today, and the eye's doug meehan is in cambridge to honor first responders earlier this year paying tribute to the sacrifice of mit officer shaun collier is here on campus. and now his family is hoping that congress will pass a bill to honor all first responders. they are calling for a national holiday to honor those brave men and women. it was in the days after the attack that sean collier was begunked down by the bombers. sean collier's younger brother andrew joined by michael capuano are going to be talking to
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andrew works for nascar, who along with hooters is promoting this initial they are, we'll keep you updated. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: new information about this deadly crash at a newton pizza restaurants. court documents show the suv may have been speeding up to 80 miles per hour before the crash. bradford casler is charged with slamming into sweet tomatoes in newton in march. the impacted moved a nearly 4,000-pound feet. two people were killed, several injured. casler has multiple sclerosis but they say that was not a factor. a warning tied to the proposed expansion of boston children's hospital, the health policy commission saying that the expansion that included getting rid of the garden could cause health costs to rise. the group found the expansion would draw patients from other hospitals, increasing spending
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health insurance. that's because children's has some of the highest hospital costs in the state according to the globe. randy: eight minutes after 6:00, a mother of a child once known as baby doe will testify against her ex boyfriend. michelle bond claims michael mccarthy is responsible for bella's death. the girl's body washed ashore on deer island in june, she became known as baby doe before being identified months later. rachelle bond faces accessory charges. today marks 20 years since jesus de la cruz disappeared. he was last since on september 28, 1996 walking towards lynn common. a stranger with a dog promised, had promised him a new bike. police searched that area setting up roadblocks that day and draining a pond. no remains were ever found.
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that could have your kid, another co-worker's kid, and that's where it hits home. >> robert levesque of lowell was arrested on an outstanding warrant. he ask his dog matched the description from jesus' friend, but he was never charged in the case. >> in your economy, another example of gender bias in the workplace and not just about pay. changes to the financial aid process. two ways college students can get more h twin form a deeper bond. the life saving gift one sibling gave to the other. erika. >> breaking overnight, a man has serious injuries after being beaten. police say it happened at the squire lounge around 11:00 last night. no word on any arrests at this point. cindy. >> and we have got a cool, damp stretch just getting started out there. this is going to be with us for a while, we'll take a look at how long coming up. first check out the temperatures as you are ready to head out the
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area and nashua in the upper 50s, as you are heading out the door right now. interviewer: what would you do with fand a smartphone?ll man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by
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>> hi, we're the artist of western avenue in lowell, join us for oktoberfest, october 1 and 2 during art week boston. good randy: all right, good morning to you, to our friends, with western avenue studios. >> one of the many groups taking part in art week boston, and we would love to see what you have to say. upload it to ulocal using the app. >> perfect words. >> yeah. >> and if you are not onboard with that yet, i think about three days from now when it's
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yeah, it's all about the wind direction and take a look. in boston, it is 60 degrees, and that wind is coming in off the water, that northeasterly wind, it's up around 20 miles per hour and only going to freshen up. these are gusts by this afternoon, we're gusting over 20 along the coastline, and we fast forward to thursday, and nothing is changing, so we're getting settled into this weather pattern that is going to have a raw northeasterly wind, it brings in low level moisture with a lot of clouds, and's up, so for the next few days it will be 60 degrees, average time is closer to 70, so cooler than average trend to end the month of september. right now we're 55 degrees in worcester. running in the upper 50s, lawrence, nashua, and lower 60s in the cape, and although we're 60 degrees in boston, look at the next 12 hours, we're going to lose a couple of degrees here as we get towards lunchtime and into the afternoon and also notice the clouds throughout the day, can't rule
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a good idea. and by this afternoon, these are the temperatures that you want to be dressing for, upper 50s, lower 60s, that's it, and feeling cooler with that wind but you look at the radar, and you are not seeing much of anything at all. there could be mist and drizzle patches, and they tend to kind of sneak under the radar. and you can see how the clouds have been backing up starting to fill in now out across the western part of the state, so we are locked in tight, the storm off the shore along a stalled frontal boundary, and high pressure to the north and in betweenus level flow of a wind, so notice through lunchtime, not a lot changes, we have the clouds and a couple of patches of mist and drizzle, and by 5:00, 6:00, not much is changing. we have the clouds locked in tight and we go through the overnight hours, and again, not a lot is changing. in central and northern new england it may be brighter. tonight we're mostly running in the lower 50s. we're going to be watching an area of low pressure here as we get towards friday.
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the steadier rain, in the tropics, we have a wave that is likely going to strengthen into matthew over the next couple days, and look where the computer models are taking this. into the caribbean and perhaps a turn northward next week, and we'll keep a close eye on this certainly in the days ahead but we have got that cool, raw feel tomorrow, we get into friday and steadier rain may come in, but as we get towards the afternoon and evening look what happens, that moisture starts to lift, and i think that that's going to be with u so a wetter start to the weekend, and finally by sunday and monday, we're going to shake this weather pattern but it will be quite a stretch the next few days. >> got to get used to it. >> lovely. >> so far, the roads this morning, have been fairly quiet, lots of delays but no major issues to report. there is the live look at the expressway. you can see the volume northbound in place. typical this time of the morning. let's get to the maps and check out your ride as you go south, 24, also heavy. watching delays on the
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from braintree into boston and along the pike, 15 to 20, 495 to 128, word of a crash southbound by merrimack street in lawrence, so if you are heading that way expect a delay. 93 south, southbound, delays here out of methuen and into andover and again from wilmington down to the lever connector. watching delays on the green line, those are eastbound, and only affecting the b branch. everything else is on schedule. >> thank you. young twins on the north shore share a gift that only he could provide. two years ago, nine-year-old desi desmond was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. the only way that she could live beyond her teenage years was through a bone marrow transplant. her twin brother jack, the best person to donate. >> do you feel like a hero? >> yes. >> why is that? >> i am saving my sister's life
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die. >> the transplant is not a cure but does give her a new chance at life. >> your economy headlines, executives at wells fargo will lose tens of millions of dollars in bonuses over a scandal. thousands of employees have been fired for allegations they opened millions of accounts without permission in order to reach aggressive sales goals. the ceo recently grilled on capitol hill for the practice is giving up 41 million in stock a new survey on sexism in the workplace, men are 30% more likely to get promoted to manager than women. the survey by consultantsy found the gap continues to widen as workers climb higher in the ranks, at the ceo level 81% of the positions are occupied by men, only 19% are women. and a check of the markets, asian shares were lower overnight, but investors were
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hillary clinton's performance against donald trump. right now stock futures here are lower. >> and a college student fills it out and now changes to the past form for financial aid could impact this process. you can submit it as early as october 1 instead of january. that's not a deadline but since some aid is first come first serve, earlier is better, and second, you can now submission on federal tax returns for the previous year, and that means you won't have to go back and update your form when you file your taxes in the spring. a big unveiling at the hurst tower. >> hurst, wcvb's paren company launching hurst -- hearst live. these screens will showcase content from the company's 360 businesses. >> anything that's for
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throughout the day as more than a quarter million people walked by 57 and 58 avenue every day. >> so when you walk by there, make sure that they have the eyeopener in there? >> yeah. >> or go in and talk to the chairman, talk with emily soon. >> right. >> emily. exactly. >> two lifelong commitments, one started with burgers and the other with a nail-biting proposal. >> they are ahead in eyepoppers this morning. >> new at 6:30, small businesses shutting down. how owners are bringing attention to the problem. and this man went on a fishing trip with his mother, but only he made it back. his new comments as we try to figure out what happened to his mom. >> and three teenagers out of quincy about to make it big. the group hoping to become a
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emily: 6:24 on your wednesday morning. we have a lot of clouds out there, and steady rain going off the shore and staying the the course of the day so a good idea to have wet weather here with you, and look at the temperatures, it's around 60 now, and we fall back into the upper 60's with a raw wind, and that is sticking around the next several days. more of the same tomorrow, we can get in on steadier rain as we head towards later on friday, friday night, but between now and then not expecting much for rain despite all the clouds, and just a tenth or two of an inch of rain. >> thank you.
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olessa. >> a free burger, for life. >> that's better. >> right. >> you are not going to like this. a few strings are attached, like a tattoo of that burger. >> yeah, no thanks. >> the joint in australia running a contest. a burger that includes the cafe burger love logo and you could win free burgers for life. >> yeah. >> it has had more than 3,000 crazy contestants. >> so you get the tattoo and -- >> you may or may not win. >> right. >> wif burger ever again? >> yeah. >> and despite the win against the sox it was a tough night for yankees' fans, a man gets down on one knee, and proposed to his girlfriend and the ring popped out of his box. >> they found it. as you can see, it was in the cuff of her pants. the proposal one more time, and he says yes, and everybody lives happily ever after. >> that could have been a disaster two ways.
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and and she could have said no. >> that's a great story. >> thank you both. commercial mission to mars is just a few years from becoming a reality. what you will need before you can see the final frontier. you can be onboard, and a boy experiences the moment of a lifetime. thanks to two rival football teams, how they came together to give him one thrilling memory. following breaking news in revere this morning. one man was beaten at the squire lounge in arrests there, and a traffic situation on the southeast
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>> breaking news, a serious beating in revere, what we know right now. >> lost at sea. rescue, now talking for the first tim >> that surviving boater's message to the public, as police ask tough questions. >> donald trump on the attack, his warning as both candidates head to new hampshire. >> a touchdown like no other. the amazing play that brought two teens together. on the eye.
6:30 am
northbound side. right about 109. things are busy there, good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm randy price. >> i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa, so we're right about 61 here, and they are going to hang out there all day. >> hang out there. >> we are going to fall a couple degrees, so a jacket. >> rain gear? >> i would make it waterproof, yeah. i am full of good things. >> how about this, right? look at the next few below average by a substantial margin here, temperatures should be closer to 70, and we're going to be closer to 60, it really is all about the wind, coming in off the water now, and that northeasterly wind gives a raw feel, and you can see all the clouds and a couple of patches of drizzle here through the morning hours, so that's why i say, a waterproof is a good idea. temperatures are in the mid 50s, and lower 60s on the cape, and you can see the radar is quiet right now, but can't rule out a bit of patchy drizzle.
6:31 am
radar so a good idea to have that at the bus stop, and 60 now getting off the bus this afternoon, and upper 50s so temperatures going the wrong way today, and you can see the clouds out there, and organized rain staying off the shore for now, just that cool northeasterly wind that's going to give us a raw feel, and the future cast has a couple areas of patchy drizzle around at lunchtime, and same here into the afternoon, so be prepared for that, i am not expecting any organized rain but a cool, damp, and raw feel. out to the roads, we don't need the wipers cindy, a live look outside from sky 5, a slow ride on the northbound side of 128, you can see the delays. stop and go, this is in the dedham area. let's get to the maps, north of town, we're watching a few problems, traveling southbound on 495 and lawrence, we have a crash there, and it's now on the shoulder by merrimack street, but expect delays and also an accident in andover on 93 south by 495 and delays are back into methuen. once you get past that, more
6:32 am
way down to the lever connector. there is also a crash along the pike just clearing by the austin and brighten tolls, and the pike from 49520128 is almost a half-hour, heading south, a slow right out of brockton, 95 from sharon and delays on route 3 from route 18 to the split and a half-hour on the expressway, braintree to boston. we're watching delays on the green line. they are minor and right now they are eastbound on the b branch. everything else on schedule. >> thank you. and breaking news on the developments. >> and we begin in revere where state police are investigating an assault. it happened around 11:00 last night outside of the squire lounge. the victim, a man suffering life threatening injuries. our antoinette antonio is on the scene gathering information. and also breaking a fatal crash under investigation in leominister. the driver crashed on 190 south of route 2, no word on what might have triggered that crash,
6:33 am
trump has events in illinois, iowa, and wisconsin. clinton will be at unh with bernie sanders and trump will be in bedford, new hampshire tomorrow. >> i feel healthy. emotionally i've been through a huge amount. >> right now a young man lost at sea for days is back home in vermont. and this morning we're hearing from nathan carmen about the mystery. >> the eyeopen t carmen faced questions about what happened. todd: carmen's mother is still missing and presumed dead. investigates trying to figure out how the pair got separated on that 32-foot vessel. the mother and son left the coast of rhode island on a fishing trip september 17. seven days later nathan was rescued from a life raft found by a greater heading to boston.
6:34 am
to vernon, vermont. >> he lost a little weight but other than that he's doing well. >> i would like to thank the public for their prayers and for their concern for both my mother and for myself. >> carmen took questions from the coast guard yesterday. police searched his home on monday. they took a modem, a sim card and a letter. nathan was doing his own mechanical repairs on his boat, which co made it unsafe in the ocean. we do want to make it clear he has not been charged with any crime. reporting live from the coast guard, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you, a crisis on main street, a business group says that small businesses across the state are shutting down. the mass retailer's association has launched a new campaign hoping to draw beacon hill's attention to the issue. their website is called dark
6:35 am
and warm once main street leaves it is never coming back. >> you might not know them now but these teens are poised to hit it big in hollywood. they called themselves 3d. >> three artists out of quincy merging their talents, and jazmin alexis, meadow armstrong, and emily shively the girls, 13, 14, got along so well off stage, the manager and producer realized they could do things great onstage. >> caputo managed boston-based pop group lfo, whose song, summer girls, hit number one, and after a recent trip to los angeles he says the girls already have an offer. 3d has a concert in cambridge next month before they fly back to l.a. to meet with executives. >> it's 6:35.
6:36 am
>> the arrangement they are offering for women, and the father of the accused new york city bomber speaks exclusively to abc news. the warning he says that he put out about his son years ago. >> in revere, one man was severely beaten. there haeen n special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald.
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charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. did you know your business doesn't have to suffer from slow internet? comcast business now offers blazing fast internet speeds up to 150 mbps.
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>> good morning, welcome to the eyeopener, is there something about your commute that's bugging you or a traffic mystery you cannot figure out? tweet me or email me, i will get those answers for you and share them right here on the eyeopener. our roads this morning, a bit busy, we're watching a few problem spots north of town, got a crash here in lawrence, and this merrimack street and another crash on 93 south by 495, and then heavy delays all across the area, and i will have travel times for you coming up. >> not the nicest day. >> we have got a lot of clouds this morning, and can't rule out the mist and drizzle, and the temperatures right now, are 50s to 60, and that's where they stay over the course of the day, so don't expect the temperatures to warm up at all, and the next several days, we're locked in tight with the clouds and a raw wind, could get in on
6:40 am
saturday. >> well, it will be expensive but you could be traveling to mars. >> space-x is aiming to launch for the red planet and hopes to take a hundred passengers along. elon musk planning to launch an unmanned mission to mars within two years hoping to land humans by 2024. this animation here projecting what a trip to mars will look like. music envisioning colonizing the red planet within the next century. >> i wonder if this was their goal, they could ultimately, if they have enough money to divide the tickets -- >> the flight is expected to take 80 days and tickets will cost $200,000. per person. per person. >> i don't know. >> a little girl makes an emotional plea to the charlotte, north carolina city council. >> the statement getting national attention this morning. and this boy brought football rival together for one incredible moment, the play that
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>> it is 6:43 this morning, the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in revere. boston. cambridge. and erika is tracking new controversy surrounding the presidential candidates. >> cindy has your forecast for
6:44 am
>> we are. the winds are picking up. it's going to drop a degree or two today, so be dressed for that, and in terms of the wet weather, we got some yesterday which was great. and we're going to see drizzle the next couple days 23r50eu789, it's not going to amount to much so overall the rain chances are low, and until we get towards later on friday and saturday and that's when they ramp up a bit. you can see here, the satellite showing a lot of low clouds that have backed in off the ocean, and they are moving westward, and organized overnight and now they are off the shore, in between we have got the high pressure here to the north, giving us that northeasterly wind flow. trapping that low level moisture and giving us that wind off the water, which can keep the temperature down, notice the sustained winds along the coast. 20, they may gust higher than that. and that wind is going to be with us all day long keeping the clouds locked in tight, so the temperatures now, upper 50s to lower 60s at the coast, and notice worcester, only 55, it's
6:45 am
it will be a cool day, temperatures hold steady, and here throughout the day, so make sure you dress for it, the future showing you nothing more than a patch or two of drizzle at lunchtime, right up until this evening and things are not changing a lot overnight and into the day tomorrow, as well. and the pattern is not going to change too much. all the while we have the low pressure spinning back to the mid atlantic states, and that's where there is going to be a lot of substantial rainfall here through friday, and in fact, some rainfall totals there, may get over four inches while here. we get a couple of tenths of an inch of rai lifts. that will happen on friday, so tomorrow, cloudy, cool, breezy at 60, with that steadier rain on friday evening. let's get you out to the roads right now, and busy out there. >> a couple of delays and a few problem spots, one cleared in this stretch, we had a crash on the pike. the delays linger eastbound but that accident scene is gone, and let's go to the maps and see your ride as you head north, we're watching a crash on 495 southbound, and in the final stages, in lawrence by merrimack street and as you travel on 93
6:46 am
methuen, and after that accident it stays slow from wilmington to 125, and solid delays all the way down to the lever connector, and he or she on the pike, some volume approaching that crash by austin, brighten. west of there, 495 for 128, a half-hour, and as you head south, slow on 24 out of brockton, and the ride on the expressway, 30 to 35, braintree into boston. and trains and buses back on schedule. >> thank you, and breaking overnight, police are investigating a serious assault. >> the eye's antoinette antonio is live with the investigation. antoinette? antoinette: it happened here at the squire lounge in revere. we know that a man was severely beaten and is suffering from life threatening injuries this morning. let's go ahead and take a look at that video from overnight. police were out here investigating and collecting everyday. we could see the crime tape surrounding the area near the front doors of the lounge. as investigates look into what
6:47 am
police have not said who was involved in this assault, but once again a man was severely beaten and taken to mch with life threatening injuries. no word on any charges or arrests. live in revere this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> breaking overnight, state police investigating a fatal crash in leominster, this was the scene after 11:00 on route 190 just south of route 2. one vehicle, an suv was involved. driver, and no word on what might have triggered the crash. >> this morning we're hearing from rescued boater nathan carmen who is waking up in vermont a day after being brought back to land and interviewed here at the coast guard station. >> i feel healthy, i am -- i feel healthy. emotionally i've been through a
6:48 am
>> carmen's father drove him back to vernon, vermont, the house searched, the previous night by police, in connection with a reckless endangerment investigation. carmen's mother, linda, is missing, and presumed dead after the boat sank on september 18. nathan carmen tells the coast guard that the boated was having engine trouble and started taking on water. reporting live at the north end, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. t officer shawn collier is pushing for a day of remembrance for all first responders. his younger brother andrew along with michael capuano are going to be going before lawmakers today and they want to see a national holiday that will honor all of those brave men and women, of course, officer collier was begunked down by -- gunned down just days after the attacks. that day would be not a paid
6:49 am
recognition. we're live in cambridge, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> donald trump is now saying that he held back in the first debate as to not embarrass hillary clinton. both with busy schedules, both claiming victory. >> he made it very clear that he did not prepare for that debate. >> almost every single poll had us winning the debate. >> trump citing some informal web surveys, most of the the win. she just released new ad featuring a former miss universe who says that trump humiliated her for gaining weight. clinton teams up with bernie sanders for an event at unh, and donald trump will speak to voters in illinois, was your, and wisconsin. >> the son of former israeli prime minister, or president, rather, shimon peres confirms the 93-year-old has died. president barack obama remembered his friend. peres suffered a stroke two
6:50 am
worked to build up the israel's military and then fought for peace with surrounding nations. >> please, put eyes on him. check on him. follow him. >> the father of the suspect in the bombings in new york and new jersey talking to abc news. mohammed rahami claiming no one knew about the planning. he also says he never saw his son ahmed with a gun or you can watch more of the exclusive interview on "good morning america" right after the eyeopener. >> and a fire at a rhode island hotel is being tied to a suspected drug lab. it happened at the hilton garden inn. the hotel evacuated because of toxic smoke. police say they are searching for four suspects. police say that a black man shot several times by police officers near san diego has died. the police chief says that the
6:51 am
pointed it in a shooting stance towards the two officers. that prompted one of those officers to open fire. it triggered hours of protest alleging police racism. >> an emotional moment at a heated city council meeting in charlotte, north carolina. this was the first one since the police shooting death of keith scott attention. she was there with peaceful protester and is asked to speak with the mayor about the tragedy >> controversy over these flyers, they are advertising a website that pairs older, wealthy men with burdened women. while it is not illegal the concern is sexual implications, so-called sugar dazed -- daddies comes with.
6:52 am
people are finding white plastic in tyson chicken nuggets. they are sold at costco stores, the used by date is july 18, 2017, and you can see the exact label of the recalled nuggets on our website or the wcvb newscenter 5. >> beach boys will be helping with this year's concert and event. the charity raises money for veterans who have stress at fenway park. the beach boys are going to be headlining the organization's benefit concert in november, and i will be there, once again, wcvb newscenter 5, a proud partner with home base, and you can check out more details. come to the concert. and we have details on >> the yankees snapped the sox winning streak as boston looks to clinch the a.l. east tonight, the so, so, are down 4-2, and when aaron hill comes in, he
6:53 am
the bottom of the seventh, david price gave up his third home run of the game. the sox lose this one 6-4. >> two middle school rivals in north carolina team up to help a wheelchair-bound boy score the touchdown of a lifetime. lou stamey was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, so the coach came up w match. from the hand-off to push to the end zone, while the score didn't count, the play was one for the books. >> things are not looking so bad. >> not terrible. not this stretch but we have delays across the area, a live look outside here and you can see the southbound side heading into boston, the lever connector, heavy volume, now to the maps and check your ride, a couple of problem spots, north of town, just cleared a crash on 495 in lawrence, the crash on 93 south approaching 495 in andover, working with delays
6:54 am
slow, solid delays down to the lever connector, so not a pretty picture on the pike, 495 to 128, and right now 30 to 35 minutes, accident cleared, and on the eastbound side by austin brighten. slow on 95 from sharon, and heavy delays out of brockton and route 3 slow, 228 up to the braintree split and from there the expressway almost 40, from braintree into boston and the trains and buses are on schedule, the delays are all gone. not a very pretty day. drizzle that i wanted to show you, south of town, probably on 44, you might need the wipers around this area looking at a patch of drizzle. otherwise the radar is quiet now but it's a good idea to have wet weather gear with you. spotty drizzle or mist a possibility. and 55 in worcester. look at the winds, kicking up along the coast, the northeasterly winds sustained, and 15, 20 miles per hour with some higher gusts throughout the day, going to allow the temperatures to drop a degree or
6:55 am
with the gusty wind making it feel cooler so this is what you want to dress for, temperatures don't change a lot over the course of the day, and you can see these winds are going to be with us not just today, but right through tomorrow, as well, and that's going to keep the clouds locked in tight with the cool northeasterly wind, low clouds, back up here to the west, and in terms of the wet weather, just spotty drizzle, and you can see that here, and through the evening commute, very few patches. the threat for drizzle with us right up until tonight, and as the temperatures drop down into so it is a cool, unsettled stretch here the next several days, and more of the same tomorrow, as well, and we get into friday, and it looks as though towards the evening hours, there is going to be rain that's kind of sitting to the south, starts to work on in, and that will likely be with us into the first half of the weekend so turning weather, from friday night and into saturday, and we'll start to turn it around later on sunday and monday, as we kind of kick out this weather pattern but i don't think we're getting back into the sunshine until maybe monday or especially
6:56 am
>> ok. >> it's a stretch, i think it's called payback because as you know -- >> that's true, we were asking for more rain. >> a bit. >> all right, if you are heading out, have our mobile app with you. randy: thank you for joining us and we hope you have a fantastic
6:57 am
6:58 am
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good morning, america. donald trump on defense after that dramatic debate. >> and i was also holding back if taking aim at the moderator, the media even his mike. >> my microphone was terrible. i wonder was it set up that way on purpose. >> hillary clinton taking a >> one down, two to go. >> as trump doubles down on his criticism of the former miss universe saying her weight as a big problem. what the beauty queen is revealing this morning. a deadly police shooting in california. sparking protests overnight. the image from the scene showing officers confronting an unarmed man then opening fire. >> shots fired. sending an ambulance. >> the investigation right now. marlins mystery. the disturbing new text messages


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