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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  September 28, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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police believe they are still in the manchester area and they urge anyone with information to contact them. >> new at 4:30, the burlington high school football coach is on leave accused of inappropriate conduct towards players. here's about the claim. reporter: the school is investigating what it calls inappropriate verbal behavior and while that investigation is ongoing, the popular coach her out. sean mcguire, popular and long time football coach at the high school leading the red devils for almost 25 years. a graduate of the school himself. officials have placed him on paid administrative leave after verbal misconduct toward players by the coach. some players' parents that we talked with today say ghishg is a good man and coach.
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the kids just can't take it anymore. the coach yells at you, pushes you, and they go to their parents and complain. >> the superintendent released a statement that reads in part the burlington schools is a safe and welcoming location and we take the allegations seriously. i talked with a parent of a football player who supports coach mcguire so much that she wrote to the superintendent today to express her support and hope that he gets back on the team quickly. >> live at burlington high school, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> right now a former priest is facing child rape charges. the accusations date back to the late 1980s and early 1990s. the abuse allegedly happened when walsh worked as a little league coach and also coordinator in dorchester. the alleged victim is now 38
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other children from possible abuse. >> tragedy. three people are killed in a wrong way head-on crash. rhondella richardson is live in westport with the investigation that's under way. rhondella? reporter: firefighters saw it all. they helped with the transport. there are four survivors. a toddler is included, a little boy. a driver going west crossed the median and a family in a bmw going eastbound. during the collision a second eastbound vehicle also crashed and caught on fire. the driver and a passenger in the van, as well as a 23-year-old new bedford woman in the bmw all killed. it happened between exits 10 and 11. >> it was very chaotic until we tried to gain control and figure out what was going on and how many people we had injured.
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which caught fire is a vermont man. he was taken to rhode island hospital. he was already out of the car when firefighters arrived. this all happened just after 8:00 this morning eastbound traffic, a real mess for several hours when it had to be closed down. we're not being given the names of the victims or the livery company. >> the accident is under investigation. back to you. >> this is new at 4:30. a 7-year-old new hampshire girl is accused of accidentally running over her toddler sister with a the mom told police that she let the older girl go outside to as a result the car. at some point she shifted it into reverse running of her 2-year-old sister. the toddler suffered multiple injuries and is now hospitalized at boston children's. this was not the first time that 7-year-old had been allowed to start the car. no word on if any charges will be filed. >> let's check in with harvey. the tropics look very active. could anything happen to us or
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stuff? >> it's possible, not definite and it's more than a week away. tropical storm matthew has been born. highest winds are 60 miles per hour. it's not far from barbados. it will continue to move deep through the caribbean over the next number of days. eventually turning more northward. perhaps in the general direction of cuba but that's beyond five days. after that, it could continue northward so it's possible, way down the road, like later next week at the earliest, it could be coast but that's not definite. as far as we're concerned we're in the clouds. we're in the cool, gusty, raw northeasterly wind 50 to 60 everywhere. pretty much what we have is what we keep with a little bit of drizzle thrown in. i'll let you know how things will change eventually. >> commitment 2016. hillary clinton is on the stump here in new england. let's take you live to the fairmont in boston. clinton is expected there
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millennials at the university of new hampshire with bernie sanders. >> i think the american dream is big enough for everybody. and education is absolutely essential to it. so please make sure you come out and vote in this election. >> ben is here right now tracking clinton and trump campaigns today. >> that's right. a historic first debate. both candidates claiming victory in the debate and they are using it to try to rallyen several key battleground states. >> both candidates are moving on from debate day hitting multiple swing states and calling on the help of their entire team. hillary clinton hit the trail with former rival bernie sanders. the two take on the tight battleground state of new hampshire, a must win state that bernie claimed in the primaries. he's hoping to sway his supporters to vote for clinton. >> secretary clinton and i are going to change that. you have the ability, you will be able to get a college
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>> going high when they go low. first lady michelle obama refusing to mention donald trump by name. she builds up clinton. >> no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency, not obama, not bill, no one. yes, she happens to be a woman. >> as the loud crowd of diverse young people cheer her on the first lady reminds them their vote counts. >> each of you could swing an entire precinct an election for hillary just by getting yourselves, your family, your classmates, out to vote. >> donald trump also making the rounds hitting iowa, wisconsin, and illinois, where he bashes clinton in chicago. you heard about the deplorables, right? we're going to be a friend to everybody. and if they don't like me, they will end up liking me, all right? i'll be a friend even when they don't like me but el end up liking me when they produce because we have politician that
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finishing up his day in wisconsin this evening. the swing state has gone democrat since 1998, but polls show it surprisingly close. >> a strong warning from john kerry, secretary of state is threatening to cut off all contact with moscow overseer yeah unless russian and syria and the attacks on aleppo -- he made a call to the russian foreign minister saying the u.s. will suspend its with russia if attacks on hospitals, water supplies and other civilian infrastructure doesn't stop and stop immediately. >> huge move by lawmakers. senators voted 97 to one today to override the president's veto over the 9/11 bill. the lone no vote, harry reid. the measure will allow 9/11 families to sue the government of saudi arabia for allegedly backing the 19 hijackers who carried out the attacks.
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thing the senate has done decades. if it's overridden the bill becomes law. >> the world is remember former prime minister of israel perez. he died from complications from a stroke. perez is being celebrated a a nobel prize winning vision their who pushed his country toward peace during a remarkable seven decade career. dignitaries from around the world are expected to attend funeral on friday including obama and hillary will be there as well. >> an investigation is found way into the fatal police shooting of a black man near san diego. local police say alfred was acting erratically near a strip mall and when police arrived, he allegedly pull an object from his pocket and assumed a shooting stance. police fired killing the man. local activists say they have had enough.
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system and we have got to stop just doing the initial step. we need legislation to let police know that if they hold misconduct, they have to pay the price. >> this shooting happened weeks after black men were shot and killed by police both in oklahoma and north carolina. >> this is new at 4:30, the f.b.i. says to the man who stabbed 10 people inside a minnesota mall was motivated at least partially by radical islamic groups. the bureau is "still working on it." he went on a rampage september 17 knifing 10 people before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer. investigators say there is no reason to believe that he had helped in planning the attack. >> funeral services being held today for miami marlins star joseernand who was killed in aeecrash. this is very powerful video from the procession.
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through the streets. fernandez and two others were killed on sunday when a 32 foot boat they were on crash interested a jetty in miami. there was no evidence of alcohol or drug use at the scene. today florida senator marco rubio called the coast guard to review if that century old jetty poses a chronic danger to boaters. >> as we continue, fires and floods are continuing to plague parts of the united states tonight. >> and next at 4:30, the warnings going out to rest comments several states residents in several states right now. >> what's being credited for wiping out the measles virus. >> we've got cool temperatures, a raw northeasterly wind. a lot of clouds. subtle changes in the next 24 hours. bigger changes beyond that. i'll spell it out for you tonight. >> we continue to follow breaking news. two students and a teacher injured in a school shooting in south carolina. we're told their injuries are
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motive for this shooting i >> thursday morning on the eyeopener, getting the most out of your 401(k). >> three ways to update your retirement plans. >> cool, raw, with a chance of some drizzle and spot showers, and when this pattern breaks,
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internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> updating breaking news in new hampshire, police have located this couple wanted for being with three children they do not have custody of. officers found bobby jo guyer with the children in manchester.
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are now with their legal guardians. we're told mcmaster was found in a different location. >> almost 44. take a live look at traffic. we're gown tight on the bunker hill bridge. the traffic isn't going anywhere. it's a mess. let's go through the drive times. we'll begin with right now 93 to nutn to corner. the first leg of the pike, slowing. 128 south is slow into that first leg, 495, 25 minutes, 495 south is bad. let's see what 93 is doing. first down to the split. 35 minutes. mass avenue to route 3. upper deck to 120, not too bad. 24 minutes on 128. traffic. >> the west coast and midwest continue to get hammered by severe. in california, crews are battling wildfires as iowa gets inundated with water.
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raging in california this week. >> we all worry that it could come down the hill towards us. >> the loma fire in the santa cruz mountains reportedly has burn up to 2,000 acres destroying one home and threatening hundreds more and forcing hundreds of evacuations. some heeding the call. >> a mix of folks who have decided to stay and some who have decided to leave. >> others taking their chances. >> we see flames get close we'll head out. otherwise, i'm retard ants competing with sweltering heat and dry brush. >> as it finds a valley or gully or drainage that's primed with fuels, that's the route it's going to got. residents in parts of iowa facing the opposite problem. water. low-lying areas inundated after rivers and creeks swelled past their banks. authorities warning thousands of evacuated cedar rapids residents to stay away for a couple more days. expressing optimism but also
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historical scope of the flooding. this is the second largest and most significant flood event in the history of the city of cedar rapids. >> wcvb, newscenter 5. >> our heart goes out to them. meanwhile -- is there anything in the picture to break the drought? >> there is. the rain won't get here soon. there is a lot of activity in theid it feels like it will rain but aside from a little mist not much in the day. >> we need to be inundated with water. 56 in boston. feeling a little chillier, that's because of that raw wind off the water at 16 miles per hour. >> it's interesting, it's cloudy in most areas, barometer saying it should be fair because high pressure is building in but the problem is the wind direction which brings the moisture in off the ocean so look how common the 50s are. you have to get down near the
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towards 60 degrees. look at these gusty winds. gusting at 31 at nantucket but 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts pretty much from beverly to baptist and points south. less windy to the north. to the north, you're a little closer to the high pressure area. skies are trying to brighten fanned there is one day in the next few that has a chance of brightening it's really tomorrow. especially as we get deeper into the day and especially to the west and north. that's where we do see into parts of new hampshire, maine, and vermont. if we go the other way we can see rain that's not too far to the south. if you really look closely, you will see some of the clouds coming in from northeast to southwest. those are the low-level clouds, but then we have these high-level clouds from the southwest to northeast. so it's an interesting little battle that is going on. now, eventually, an area of low pressure should come close enough, i would say, by friday or friday night, to start up
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right now, i would say saturday looks like the wettest of the next bunch of days around here. now, here's a closer look at what i'm talking about. notice we get some clearning across vermont and maine and new hampshire. areas north and west probably will have sunshine. boston may try to brighten. may get a much tougher deal on the cape. evening, moisture comes in from the south and eventually later friday or friday night, or saturday, that is going to bring some rain northward into our region and when it does move in it will be cool, damp and raw. so that's the way it looks like saturday is going to turn out. low temperatures anywhere from the 40s worcester north and west to the 50s elsewhere. high temperatures tomorrow, notice where it warmest.
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sunniest. but in the south shore area where the clouds hold tougher longer and that chilly northeasterly wind it won't be as mild. check it out. your next seven days, there is your chance of some brightening in some areas for part of thursday. and then friday, breezy, raw, cloudy, cool, some rains coming in later in the day or at night with rain likely on saturday president sunday, still clouds. maybe a leftover shower or two but we should start a slow trend where monday and especially tuesday weather. we'll review the tropics at 5:00. >> turning now to your health. for the first time the highly contagious measles virus has been eliminated in an entire region. >> the world health organization said the virus no longer exists in the americas from canada through alcohchile. it can be brought in from other areas. >> a ground breaking discovery
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researchers in england have located a cell in the central nervous system that they say can go rogue destroying motor neurons and people with the debilitating disease. experts say that discovery is crucial, not only in development of therapies for als patients, but it puts them a step closer to having personalized medicine. >> >> a heist caught on camera. let's flash forward to what's happening on 5:00. >> new at five tonight, serious concerns about a popular washing machine. >> some washers exploding, the warning right now for samsung owners. >> jimmy and jacobi back in action. what the duo are saying about their injuries. >> a problem that's stinking up
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>> it was a brazen height caught on camera in in the in the. thieves in a stolen car crash interest a jewelry store before ransacking the place. security video shows the two suspects get out of the car and rob the store in less than 30 seconds, before running off. they left the car behind. made off with a dozen pricey watches. police are still looking for those suspects tonight. ed: we turn to your economy at 4:30. takata is selling off some of its assets to a detroit auto parts supply for an undisclosed price. takata is facing billions in costs for that massive airbag recall, after admitting some of its air bags can explode sending shrapnell into passengers. a federal data breach impacted less than 500 customers. federal prosecutors say a former employee used company computers
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private call records and sold that information to a private investigator. court records don't say how many were affected but verizon says it's only a few hunkuses. a major off-field flub last night at a red sox-yanks came. find out what happened these
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day, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> this is yankee stadium last night. what are those people looking for? see the woman in a yankee uniform. she got proposed to. the man dropped the ring. >> and no one could find it. >> look at this lady on the left? sit in my popcorn. no, not in there. where is the ring? is it in there? no. >> you know where they found it?
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>> of her jeans? >> they found it -- look at the look in this poor guy's thing. >> where is this thing? >> he saw a sparkle. >> it's in the cuff of her jean, look at that. look at that. >> oh, yep. >> she found it. pulls it out and there it is. they got it. >> put it quickly on the finger. >> put it quickly on the finger. >> look at the yankees fans. they are cheering. >> the yankees won the game so they had a lot to cheer about. >> news knouse at 5:00 starts right now. >> a well-known high school football coach placed on leave. new accusations of verbal abuse against players. >> consumer alert. >> the washing machine exploded the new warning about a popular brand. >> how long this weather pattern will hold. >> droppings are everywhere. >> taking aim at canada geese and all the problems they leave behind. >> from boston's news leader.
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wwe newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> breaking news in south carolina. two have been shot at an elementary school. >> the shooter is in custody. here's breaking news with what we know. >> as you said there has been a shooting right now, good news is that the children's injuries appear to be nonlife-threatening. fortunately, right now we don't know the extent of the teacher's injury. the gunman opened fire inside the elementary school. >> you see chaos and panic. this is south carolina. police responded, they took a teenager suspect into custody. no motive known at this point but we can tell you an official is confirming, a death reported on the nearby road is related to the shoulding at the elementary school. it's just not clear how. all the other students and staff were bused to a nearby church and reunited with their parents and they are safe. ben and j.c.


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