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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> from boston, this is wcvb at 5:30. >> police investigating a report of sexual assault and jamaica plain. a woman with -- a man with a gun approached her. >> anyone with information is asked to call police. one person is dead, dozens hurt after a tragedy ine how it happened. >> maria is here with what we know. >> the major question is still how and why? officials are on the ground here at the station you see behind me beginning this investigation. this video shows the aftermath
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>> passengers in a daze. the morning commute turning into a disaster. >> it just collided. isil gentleman bleeding. some could not walk. flex jamie, a passenger -- >> jamie was a passenger area the train was traveling at an incredible >> it was a bumper to number block through the air. it traveled another 40 feet and came to arrest -- to a rest. >> they will determine the cause of the crash. the train slammed into the station causing structural damage. it twisted steel and debris everywhere.
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injuries. bumps and bruises, some walking wounded. lacerations. fractures as well. >> the woman was not a passenger but standing on the platform. >> engineers are examining the integrity of the building now. >> the conductor of the train is in stable condition. jc. >> woman was all a hoax. the 911 call from a woman who claimed she was tied up and thrown down a ravine. now police say the story is simply untrue. the sun broke through a little bit today. not enough for me. it was ok. >> you were picking. >> the weekend is not looking so good. >> it is close.
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it may hold off until just after. we have the clear skies and moisture to the south. initially this is winning. eventually this wins. here you see the rain will start moving. you can see the rain getting into new england tomorrow morning. it may take a while to get from their to us. it may take most of the eventually it does. meaningful rainfall moves into our region. if you're looking for the timetable as we go deeper into tomorrow, the chances of rain increased are medically. more including the latest on hurricane matthew. >> a routine traffic stop leads to a major seizure of drugs. police pulled this car over for
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taped onto the window. a pickup truck driven by the first driver's girlfriend pulled up behind. they impounded the truck and found cash and drugs. >> a significant amount of heroin. over 750 grands -- grams. also a stolen weapon. >> they expect to arrest the suspects soon. >> a group is suing exxo they are accused of violating the clean water act for failing to prepare for rising sea levels which to's -- which could submerge part of the terminal. the company previously said their facility complies with federal rules. umass is planning an upgrade. they will send -- been money on
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and amherst communities. students expressed concern about increasing tuition at the state school. >> a driver is safe after this truck catches fire while he is in it. it happened on belmont. he says he was towing vehicles to a junkyard. he turned on the heat when smoke and fire started pouring out. the driver and passenger got the truck was destroyed. >> commitment 2016 coverage continues. jc: we are focusing on the adult ground states. the impact it could have on the election. >> dogtags return to a local family.
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delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals. [alright] >> we have talked about how new hampshire could have a big impact on the outcome of this election. so could ohio. >> it has picked the winner for
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>> and historically key battleground state. this year the fight in ohio is fierce. >> you have to go back to the civil war to find an event that equals the in terms of polarization. >> a taste of it all. from the arguments to the election exasperation. disappointed. >> hoping to win over voters. >> are you a hillary supporter? >> 18 electoral votes are at stake. >> no state is more important. reporter: donald trump has a slightly over hillary clinton. some believe these true
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voters have accurately chosen the president the past 13 elections. >> ottawa county is a good indicator for the rest of the country. >> good morning. you are listening to wtc are. reporter: he hears a common same. >> people are unsure in this election. >> raising concerns about turnout in a state that will be key. focusing here. more on television ads in ohio than any other state. the clinton campaign has set aside $20 million for television ads that will run between now and november. jc: a special recognition today for some of the nations top performers at the rio games.
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in massachusetts. >> hope you enjoy the glimpse and son you had today. that is all going to change. much-needed rain.
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minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by october 19th. ben: sky 5 in georgetown, the da telling us there's been a deadly
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the investigation is just getting underway. jc: it looks like there will not be an olympics and rome anytime soon. they rejected the it to host the 2024 games. los angeles and budapest are still vying to host the olympics. boston withdrew its bid last year. the price tag of the 2020 olympic g that comes from an expert panel. it calls for drastic cost-cutting measures including the relocation of several venues. the governor plans to discuss the report in the coming weeks. >> president obama welcomes the paralympic team to the white house.
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showing in rio. especially the 61 metals worn by female athletes. >> i don't know how they did it. all of us got to talk to them. >> the u.s. women quote owned rio according to president obama. it's a tradition t to 1880. >> the historic run, one of the top exhibits, the pumpkin contest. this is a mega pumpkin grown in sharon and could be 2000 pounds. >> who is lifting that?
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growing in the garden. ben: favorite pumpkin food? hi, bread or scones? jc: none of the above. anchor: i think pie. >> i like the bread also. anchor: we will find something you like in this forecast. it is not a great-looking forecast. let's show you what is going on. hurricane matthew, it's going to get stronger. initially continuing to move to the west. it needs to move close to jamaica. then maybe over cuba and then to the southeast bahamas. it may take five days for that to happen. then the shift to the north would take a while.
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how fast it moves is important. it what have a chance of having some effect on us. if it is a slow mover the chances decrease. we have more to say in the days ahead about different possibilities. look at the clear skies. maybe it would seek into the region. from the south at the same time. high-pressure wants to hold but moisture wants to lift. it is a battle, pretty much a standoff. it is going to take a while. depending on where you are located the timing could be quite different. here at the clouds. already it could be raining early tomorrow morning.
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but some may evaporate. we may have to rate -- wait longer. the heavier rain is likely to not happen until overnight. if not then then saturday. friday night overnight and saturday during the day we could get some rain. the system is not just going to get out of here. we will be left with a lot of clouds. there cail here is one model showing 1-2 inches of rain. there a good chance of getting some rain fall out of this. overnight friday night, you see the chances will be increasing from southwest to northeast.
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today. as we check it out, then you see sunday, still a couple of showers. i don't think it will be raining the entire game. probably around 60 degrees. we get some sunny breaks developing. there could be a spot developing. ben: day. it is the number one cause of death across the world. lifestyle factors play a big role. diet is one of them. eating a balanced diet is essential. exercise is an important factor. smoking is the most preventable risk factor. it's important to stay away from
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perfect. >> the signature pieces are made in clay ovens at high heat. upwards of 1000 degrees surface temperature. a live yeast dough gives elasticity while the oven delivers a charge. >> it has a wood fire tomato sauce. all the ingredients are organic. of patrons come here for pizza. book ahead. with 10 lanes it is a hot combo. >> we do reservations. they book during the week. especially in the holidays.
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eating on the cheap tonight. among our five, seafood with an ocean view. and one of the best practices. >> check it out. i'll be there. jc: and a dog tag returned to a family 100 years later. >> automatically stops a train that is out of control. >> when the mbta will have the system in place here. >> a big effort to rescue. >> look closely. you can see it. of course you can. that has been cut into the
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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>> the tropics are getting pretty interesting. >> harvey will be watching that. >> we have a special story out of randolph. >> dogtags found on the side of the road back with his family tonight. >> diane was there when they were returned. >> joseph didn't know much about his grandfather. battles in france. he was wounded twice and was discharged in 1919 after he enlisted. >> it started with this dog tag turned in early this month. >> i did some research into it and found out that it belongs to joseph hughes of brookline.
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he posted this photo on social media asking for help to find family members. it generated hundreds of responses and they were able to locate him. >> unbelievable. to think it survived the most brutal battles in world war i. then ended up on the side of the road within 24 hours. family. >> he is grateful for the persistence. >> it brought me tweet point where i can research further into my family tree and history >> >> a great story. >> now --
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prevented it and why we do not have it here. >> what this truck did that caused big trouble. >> rain ahead. how long it sticks around in what it can mean for your weekend plans. >> and tributes taking place. >> this is wcvb newscenter five. >> police investigating a sex >> a man with a gun approached her around 1:30 and took her phone then forced her to a yard and sexually assaulted her. >> and an injured child has been rushed to the hospital. >> police say they were called to lincoln village. the child is in stable condition. a man is being questioned.
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county da says there has been a deadly construction accident. that investigation is just getting underway. >> passengers say the commuter train that barreled into a station in new jersey never slowed down. >> a hundred people were injured in this crash. john atwater has more on the investigation into what went wrong. >> the ntsb is critical of the clues that come from the engineer who is talking with investigators. dozens of first responders treated 100 people hurt on the platform where one woman was killed. >> it went bumper-to-bumper, basically through the air. >> witnesses say there was no evidence the train was slowing
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i saw a couple gentlemen bleeding. some were covered. >> there was this impact and it sounded like an explosion. we were stunned. when we got out the car behind us was straight on the tracks. >> the most seriously hurt were on the train car. >> we don't know a lot about why it happened. the engineer is law enforcement and the investigation. >> everything is on the table including mechanical failure and operator error but investigators don't think this was an intentional act. anchor: that train crash is putting a lot of pressure on railroads across the station -- to speed up technology that is supposed to prevent such disasters. looking into houston it will be


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