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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ed: break news. a rescue. >> the key clue that could revale the cause of a deadly train crash in new jersey. >> the kidnapping caught on cram. here is the rain that is on the way for part of the weekend. a newspaper updone it time lynne and the latest on where hurricane math thighs likely headed. jay only on 5, life as the first penis transplant patient. the progress, the challenges, and the side effects that is even surprising. ed: a toddler rushed to the hospital. a teenager questioned by police. maria: we have r getting new information. right now, police are trying to figure out what happened behind the walls of a worcester home. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live at the scene. mary? mary: yeah, ed, the little boy found inside of the house hurt is now conscious, alert, in stable condition.
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young boy who lives in this lincoln village apartment. they found him sitting on couch. only 30 minutes earlier, a handyman painting the porch awning of the unit in question wailing inside. >> sounded like he was screaming, crying and screaming, but i don't know if he was in pain. >> neighbors tell us the little not appear to be moving as he was rushed away by ambulance. a neighbor then took this photo. police putting a handcuffed teenage male sources say a relative of the child into a police car. worcester police confirm he was taken to headquarters for questioning. >> i can't imagine what he had done with through. he must have been so scared. >> neighbors say it's not the first time police have been to
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weekend. >> mcdone alphases a slew of charges including attempt murder. the department of children and families is now investigating this case. live in worcester tonight. mary saladna. wcvb newscenter 5. also at 11:00. this took nearly two hours to get everyone down. other rides near pi were shutdow safely and what went wrong is now under investigation. maria: more breaking news. annealed arely couple seriously hurt hit buy a tow truck. newton police tell us the driver did stay on the scene. ed: breaking in braintree now. two men stabbed outsowffed movie theater. police say it happened in the parking lot of the amc theater. both victims at the hospital right now. they are expected to recover and no arrests have been made. maria: held at gunpoint.
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right now, a frightening you a take overnight. right now, women are on alert in a boston neighborhood after a frightening attack overnight. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in jamaica plain. it happened across the street in that backyard. in a quiet section of jamaica plain. the sexual assault at gunpoint has all women here on edge. extra police patrols watching over this neighborhood. camila ellis lives across the street from where the woman was assaulted. i was up after 1:00 and heard nothing. police asking anyone who have seen or heard anything to give them a call through the tipline or texting tips to crime. in the backyard of the area of number 24 gahead street. >> we lived across the street. i am always on the go. life and everything, i never imagined that kind of a thing would happen. jorge. the close knit neighborhood and
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fence, feet adre the street. the victim says the suspect sexually assaulted her. >> i feel like a lot of people around here know each other, so everyone seemed to look out for up with another and that to happen, it pis really bizarre. the victim describes attacker as light skinned brk or hispanic male with light colored eyes and wearing a mask over the nose and a black hooded sweatshirt with a white low ge on the front last seen unareing the scene. >> to know a woman was across the street and it is awful. >> a feeling shared buy all and tonight. police asking anyone may have seen or heard any thing to give them a call through the anonymous tipline or texting crime. live in jorge, newscenter 5. ed: there is no i.d. of the man killed in the construction accident today. the accident ap pend at the company which the communication installation firm and the police
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vator out of the garage when he was killed. maria: rains moving in. guess who with he could tell. there is is a lot of green. it is moving no ready with a. it is a matter of time ap that is what is really for. the timing of all of this. let's show you what we're talking about. some of us had sun for awhile today. it is listen to the mort. mirnly high pressure is going to fight it off. it can fight off for so thithis is the cluster of moiste i am referring to. let's give you a couple of ideas this. this aggressive timeline where even by tomorrow morning, there could be perhaps first raindrops around cape cod and lunch time getting close to boston and perhaps reaching the ground around this area. here is another look at what could take blase this. we getting there the morning commute over ok. then by lunchtime or the afternoon. the rain starts moving in. if you go to fenway tomorrow evening. bring the rain gear with you
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overnight, i is just cloudy shall into tomorrow morning. the other thing we're following is hurricane hath this you and winds up to 80 miles per hour. he latest on the track coming up in a if you minutes. >> thank you. >> well, right now, we're learning more information about the victim killed inspection. investigators are trying to answer why the train slam had to the busy station. ed: the wreck is putting local rail safety into question tonight as well with technology years overdo. our johnwater is here. jo and the wreck is putting local rail safety into question with key technology years overdue. john atwater is here with what we know right now. investigators are talking with that train engineer who is out of the hospital. they are also hoping the event recorders on that train can help answer critical questions. >> dazed commuters navigated a tangled mess of debris as they scrambled to safety. >> i saw a couple gentlemen bleeding. some people couldn't walk. conductor had blood all over face and clothing. >> witnesses say the new jersey transit train never slowed this morning as it approached the hoboken station, which is at the
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a bumper and then crashing into the building. >> it went through the air, traveled another 40 feet, and the train flying into the depot. the canopy above the tracks buckled. a 34-year-old woman on the platform was killed. inside the packed train cars, passengers had to break out windows to escape. >> we tried to clear the way for people that were bleeding more. >> there was just this impact sounded like an explosion, and we were stunned. our car was sideways car behind us was still on track. >> first responders treated more than 100 victims and they are all expected to survive. the focus now turns to event data recorders and the investigation into how this horrific crash could have been prevented. investigators do not believe this crash was deliberate. they are looking primarily at
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failure. live in the newsroom, john atwater, newscenter 5. maria: thank you. bins wheel the slow process of installing better technology, ben. >> very slow. this has been years in the making. the t and many other rail lines still struggling to catch up. >> slow is the key word. they wanted positive train control in place a year ago, but the t is still struggling to catch up. known as ptc the system is expensive. it uses on-board computers, radio towers, and satellites to determine exactly where a train is. ptc tracks how fast a train is going. if it senses danger, it can bring a train to a safe stop. according to the "t's" latest progress report, it's installed ptc technology on 87 percent of its locomotives trained 23 percent of its workers, and prepared 11 percent of its
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>> it is not a system pell device. it is complicated technology. i this a event like this. the tragedy like this focuses everybody to say, can we do even better. >> that is why amtrak was struggling. the "t" estimates finishing the job will cost $459 million and take until the end of 2020. the feds have threatened to fine rail systems that miss the next deadline more than $100,000 a day. the mbta thinks it'll be able to show enough progress to avoid such fines. ed? ed: take a close look tonight. this is new tonight, this is the man wanted in connection with a home break-in. he's a person of interest on the run right now after an all-day hunt. newscenter 5's diane cho is live in hanson with the search. diane? reporter: well, within the last ten minutes, we noticed four additional police cars that pulled into the driveway here in front of the home. is not clear why or what they are doing here.
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suspects went on for several hours earlier before it was finally called off. swat teams scoured the area for hours searching for two suspects after four were seen running from this home. police are asking for your help tonight trying to identify this man who they say is considered a person of interest in the break-in today in hanson. >> i came home, it's so quiet we this >> police say a woman in this home off main street told investigators she heard the men break her back windows just before 11 o'clock this morning. they say the resident fled to nearby business and called 911 as officers arrived police say they saw four suspects taking off, one they say was armed with a handgun. >> we are not sure if house was targeted or it was random at this time. >> two suspects were taken into custody fairly quickly but the other two males have not been caught.
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today as police escorted students home out of an abundance of caution. >> police identified two suspects. 31-year-old andrew jorge. 22-year-old anthony marsaleno. they are facing several charges including armed home invasion. in hansen, diane, newscenter 5. maria: 5 investigates tonight. there is new technology that is used that could help in investigators used unidentified dna found at the crime scene to develop these sketches of a suspect in the 1990 murder of the slav lon teacher. tonight, investigators trying to solve the murders of have v spease this summer en princeton and a teenager in warren back in 2,000 say they are aware the technology used and reviewing how it would help those cases and other investigation.
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maria: only on 5 in. the first penis transplant patient. the progress, the challenges, and the side effects that even surprising his daughter. kidnapping on camera. the woman dragged away fighting back and the chilling secrets just revealed about the suspect. >> rain is on the way. update on the timeline andp how much rain to expect. friday morning, a big health boost. >> and steady rain pushing in, and plus your weekend forecast
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california. a a convenience store clerk is kidnapped while on the job. watch as she is dragged into a car by a man as he hits her with a hammer. the kidnapper brought the woman to a cemetery, where she the suspect was soon captured. police now say he had actually been stalking the victim for weeks before trying to kidnap her. republican donald trump visited new hampshire, and renewed his attack on hillary clinton's financial dealings trump says an old watergate phrase applies to hillary clinton's financial dealings:
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the hawkeye state and the first dave early voting and to make college more affordable for middle class and polls show clinton trailing trump in i would. democrats carried that state in the six of the last seven elections. the nation's first penis transplant patient. maria: months later, tom manning is talking to our heather about some of the challenges with recovery and some of the things we take for granted that are now milestones for him. >> brings me to the men's room and puts a big, big brown thing like a bull's eye and tells me tom, hit that bull's eye. i hit the bull's eye. first time in four years, imagine standing up and going to the bathroom. >> he is doing fabulous.
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so doctors can track progress. the surgeons say tom has accomplished the first two of three goals set by the transplant team. >> restoration of normal male genitalia and restoration of urinary function which he has been able to accomplish and doing well at. would he be able to get sensation back. he would be able to retain sexual function back. heather: that is months away. >> i feel i am not whole yet. but i am going to be. >> for now he is patient and following doctor's orders. >> still maintain the antirejection at the right level. rejection can occur at any time, but other than that, so far, so good. >> it is very, very tough. i mean, these are very, this is very strong medication. >> which makes him jittery, he will take most. they have an important perk.
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he told me, if he did a lot more than he could. maria: he is almost ready to go back to work. he was a big hit on a recent visit. >> some of the guys and girls, they go, i thought they were going to, may eyes are up here. >> sense of humor intact and feeling stronger every day. you know, get out and start living again. maria: tom manning had one minor rejection after a month after the transplant which they were able to control. the doctors are taking everything they learned and improving on it for the next. they have been inundated with requests and already screening several new candidates. heather unruh, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: the problem is some rain. i mean, it is good we're getting rain. it is not good, harvey. >> well, he this timing could be better.
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today is the update of the drought monitor index and still looks the same. extreme covering the entire grade of boston metropolitan area. there may be some drought easing rain, not drought ending are in on the way. 58 in boston now. still a 20 miles per hour wind. it is cool. it is only in the upper 40's. coast woos, he orange, mid 40's nine hampshire. it is a bit chilly out there. the winds are imussing especially south shore and the cape out of the starting early he tomorrow t. the temperatures won't go that you. tomorrow we have the clouds and eventually the wet weather comes in as well with the brisk north early wind. the high pressure trying to hold the rain off and has to be a losing battle as the moisture will be cobbling were up the south so may fight it off for awhile but got to get in here. we have the spning stem out across the ohio val vally and on the eastern edge of it this. the moisture starting to lift northward. a couple of different looks.
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the start of the rain where it could be raining in parts of the area around the morning commute and the south cast and the cape. sometimes this mottle is over zealous in bringing the rain in. a little bit prematurely. now i will give you a look at another one. this is a little bit more conservative in terms of the rain. so we getting there the morning commute but we start to get some spotty rain in the afternoon then some steadier heavier bands move in tomorrow night. so you want to bring rain ger along to fenway park and going to the game tomorrow night andno on into and if not through saturday on this model. i want to show you one other one. probably the most sensible way to play this. that is we sneak through the morning commute and tomorrow afternoon, the rains begin. so we could have rain for tomorrow night and also, rain is a pos pct if not a likelihood and certainly for parts of saturday. between all of this, and looks like less rain on sunday. between all of this, we may actually get some meaningful
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two or maybe even a little bit more showing four inches. don't take that literally. the idea there will be heavier bands of rain once that rain does settle in. all right. so the chances of rain increase with time. now i want to talk about path matthew. here it is. it is very strong. looks like it is the past several days from now somewhere not far from jemaah can a or 80 and something like that as it movesp then it starts to move to the north. so if you look at the computer models the track is going take it mar the southeastern or central bahamas early next week were a tuesday then what happens after this. will it be able to continue northward. and we have to wait until we get that erred of time. meantime, let's check it out. there is the wet weather moving in tomorrow during the afternoon and at night. continuing on saturday and clouds a little bit of rain sunday and less so and then a a
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tuesday and shower midweek and looks nice. cindy will have update in the morning and i will see you later on. ed, maria? >> this guy, i think ortez, that is his name? let me look that up sp. david ortiz. >> david have ortez playing the final regular season tomorrow. >> way.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the significance. let's take you in sky 5 over bridgeway. well, the one next to fenway park honor david ortiz. the brookline avenue bridge crossing the pike and get a
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to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- and i'm still fighting for you. don david ortiz played the final game at yankee stadium and give and serious sendoff at the yankees. sox lose 5-1. southerned by the family members
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and david cohn and david ortiz. derek jeter, pa stood, andy pettitte, here comes the nemesis, mariano rivera, one of the all-time greats. he was part of unveiling of af oil painting david ortiz at home plate of yankee tattediam tipping the dop the overflow crowd. big papi fair wohl the new york faps and a hit over 300 against them. lifetime here than 50 as for tonight's game. big papi came up the time. he track out. he walked and knew what it wassing to happen as soon's got to first base. john farrell will give him what he deserves. he immediately sent in big mob pi on the which to the dugout as he tipped the cap to the runner. you will see the runner eventually. he he is out of a game. floor go with thend stakings.
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chiefland got rained out. it looks like sox in cleveland only three games left to play to have home field wean the two teams. texas will play the wildcard and the season end right now. world cup of hockey. canada down 1-0 the third period. under three minutes to go and recir look the shot and got ourselves a 1-1 game and getting better. 43 seconds to go. the little ball. brad marchon wins it for team dan over europe. and play for the bruins. named afc offensive player of the month and lady gaga is going to headline the halftime show and i blocked that weekend out right now over you. >> minnesota, ryder cup, european team is practicing. >> heckler in the crowd with a red jacket. he called rory mcilroy he could make the 16-foot putt that the two of them had missed six
11:32 pm
$100 bill down next to the ball. put your money where the putt is. the ga says ok, i will line it up. [cheering and applauding] >> there he is. david johnson from north dakota. high-fiving a bunch of guys and within a half dozen between them. rory mcelroy won four majors. hanging with thing aboutgies. you bet ya? he marchs off triumphantly. back to the crowd and takes the feet bee on the rope for the ryder cup. that is though shot of the day. enailed that hinge, too. >> right. >> crin know wele a it. >> take the $100 bill. >> know it was bet better. the putter or reaction.
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afternoon start to get wet. do expect wet weather at times. some of it heavy. bring the rain gear along. >> fenway. bring the rain gear. >> bring the rain gear.
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it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight -- armie hammer, from ?notorious?, piper perabo, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from damian ?jr. gong? marley and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very coming. i am jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for everything, really. for those of you visiting,


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