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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a toddler attacked, his relative behind bars, the disturbing accusations in the city of worcester and the charge that man is facing. >> new overnight, a new search for answers in the disappearance of a woman at sea. where police are turning their investigation now. >> a violent assault in the city of in one neighborhood for the suspect and the warning for women on the eye for this friday. >> the weather is turning cooler, that means comfort foods, the tips to keep you powering through autumn. thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm erika tarantal. edge uply is off today.
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weekend. >> i think we'll deal with the wet weather at times starting today through the weekend, especially saturday, but hey, we need the rain. we absolutely do, and there is not a lot on the radar right now, so if you are heading out the door you will not be dealing with much other than patches of drizzle. there has been some rain here but it's coming, so kids are going to want to bring their rain gear, they will likely need it, but look at the temperatures. 50s now. 50s later, it will be another cool day wi 49 right now in worcester. 50 in lawrence and 58 in boston and 59 in hyannis but we have the wind still coming in off the water, and these northeasterly winds will be with us all day keeping the temperatures down. you can see there is a big area of rain to the south and another through eastern pennsylvania, but in between this is going to be filling in as the low pressure slowly tracks to the south, so that's going to bring the wet weather in over the course of the day, so lunchtime into the afternoon, some areas of rain developing, temperatures
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south, so most of the morning commute is ok, in many areas, and by lunchtime if you are north of the pike, i think you are still dry, but elsewhere the rain is breaking out, and it will fill in everywhere into the afternoon and certainly by this evening, so it looks like a wet ride home today. >> we have lots to tell you about. the lever connector, you can see the volume southbound, is slow. let's check ou northbound accident, delays back into avon and on the expressway, a 30 minute ride from braintree into boston. traveling the pike, about 15, 495 to 128, 93 south, building volume out of methuen and once again approaching the spot pond, trains and buses doing ok. >> thank you, and right now a plan is behind bars, and he will be facing a judge accused of killing a little boy. >> theyor trying to we have details about this disturbing case.
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learned. antoinette? antoinette: the suspect is facing a slew of charges including attempted murder, strangulation, and indecent assault. the victim just three years old, this all started yesterday with a 9-1-1 call from the suspect, 21-year-old taj mcdonald. he had just killed a boy. the officers found the toddler sig lincoln village apartment, he was conscious but had injuries to his face and neck. a worker painting a porch awning said he heard a child wailing inside. >> it sounded like he was screaming, but you know, just pretty much crying and sometimes screaming but i don't know, i don't know if he was in pain. >> a witness took this photo of police putting mcdonald into
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vehicle. the police say that he was babysitting the victim at the time of the attack. the child is expected to recover. and neighbors say this is not the first time that police have been to that apartment. dcf says that they are aware of the incident, and they are involved in the investigation. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> two men are recovering after being stabbed outside of a movie theater. it happenein both victims are 36. both from hingham. no arrests have been made and police don't have a description. newton police investigating after a couple was lit by a tow truck. this was the scene on beacon street. both were taken to hospitals. their conditions are unclear. a witness tells us they were in the crosswalk coming from a nearby restaurant when they were struck. police do say the driver stayed on scene.
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on alert after a frightening attack. the female victim tells police that she was walking on gayhead street near menden street, a man approached her at 1:45. the suspect pulled a gun and demanded that she hand over her phone. the woman was then forced to walk into a backyard in the area of 24 gayhead. the suspect sexually assaulted her. residents say it is a close-knit seems to look out for one another and for that to happen is bizarre. >> police ask anyone who may have seen something to give them a call. >> new video coming in overnight as authorities search the home of a woman feared lost at sea. it's unclear what if anything police took from linda carmen's middletown connecticut home. she was fishing with her son when their boat sank. he was rescued after a week in a life raft.
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agencies will meet about the case on monday. they are trying to determine if work on carmen's boat made it unsafe. something he has denied. right now we're getting new details about that deadly crash involving a new jersey commuter train. the engineer is now out of the hospital cooperating with investigates. 48-year-old thomas gallagher worked for new jersey transit for 29 years. the big question is why didn't the train slow down as it approached the station? one person was killed. when it plowed into the terminal. the woman killed has been identified as a 34-year-old lady that moved to the u.s. from brazil and had just dropped her toddler daughter off at daycare. she was rushing to catch the train. witnesses describe a terrifying scene. >> it went through the air, another 40 feet and the train flanked into the depot.
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>> investigates do not believe that this crash was deliberate. they are looking primarily at operator error, a possible medical emergency or mechanical failure. >> the crash is raising questions about systems on the mbta's commuter rail line. the government wanted positive train control in place a year ago. but the t is still struggling to catch up with that goal. it uses onboard computers, radio towers and satellites to ptc tracks how fast it is going and if it senses danger, it can bring a train to a safe stop. according to the latest report, it can install ptc technology on 87% of the technology. and prepare 11% of the tracks. the t estimates finishing the job will cost 459 million and
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investigates are trying to figure out how a ride at the big e got stuck leaving a dozen people stranded in the air. west springfield firefighters had to bring in ladders to get the people off the wipeout ride last night. they were about 20 feet up in the air when it stalled. the rescue took two hours. no one hurt. the ride is going to be closed for the rest of the fair. >> services are underway for shimon peres. president barack obama just addressed family justice and hope are at the heart of israel. the president arrived in jerusalem overnight along with the u.s. delegation, that includes former president bill clinton and members of congress. a new tool to stop addiction where it starts. >> the specific signs searchers are looking at in children. raising the alarm over a new drug in new hampshire, the danger it poses for first responders. >> upside down for 13 hours.
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that. >> and weather-wise dry out there now with a lot of clouds, but there is rain to the south. it is moving in. my time line on that and when the heaviest rain falls and the impacts on the weekend. that's ahead. first, take a look at the temperatures as you are ready to head out the door. it's a cool start. 49 degrees in worcester right now. 48 in nashua. 50s elsewhere but rain is on the way.
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>> we are excited to participate in boston's art week from september 30 to october 9. come join us for the center for the arts on october 7. good morning eyeopener.
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getting underway today. >> a proud sponsor, and you can find all the events at and click community and upload your wakeup call. we love to see them. >> the arts of meteorologist, we're calling it. >> grays. in that art today. >> yeah. >> and green on the radar. >> yeah. >> and we're going to add the water today we need the rain. the rain has been flirting with the island, and outside of that, the rain chaps -- chances are slow but this afternoon, tonight, and especially on saturday, notice how that chance for rain is only ramping up. and we're expecting a good soaking. everybody is going to get some rain, i think at least a half an inch but there is the potential for an inch, inch and a half, maybe a bit more here across southeastern massachusetts. these amounts may be underdone,
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with the drought situation. we have got low pressure, big upper level low spinning back to the ohio valley but an area of low pressure, and the water is to the south, and that's going to bring in some rain here. you can see the cloud cover now but with time today, this is all going to be lifting northward and filling in, just 49 degrees as you are heading out the door, and 50 in lawrence, and upper 50s boston, and all the way down to the cape so the temperatures, don't go anywhere today, we'll hold in the 50s basically throughout the day, if you are headed to fenway for that game tonight it will be wet and cool with the rain around. by runch i think that we have rain from the pike southward, and takes longer to get to you, farther north, especially southern new hampshire but by this evening, yeah, there is going to be wet weather around, it's with us as you are waking
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we're talking about that rain with us, really both days this week but i think that saturday, overall, is the wetter day, and you can see the rain in the morning. there will be rain around, and heaviest along the coast and the cape and we'll try to dry things out on sunday, a few showers, and just a lot of clouds and patchy drizzle, so not a washout down in gillette but there will be some drizzle around and then finally by monday, tuesday, wednesday things start to brighten up. >> just in time for the end o off october but hey we need it. >> thank you. the roads are a bit busy. delays here on 93 and summerville and you can see the southbound side very slow. let's get over to the maps, and that's the story. there is one crash that we're still watching, heading over to the map, and i will show you where, 24 northbound, that accident is right over by 128 in the final stages of clearing but take a look at the backup you have got approaching as you travel out of avon, slow heading north, expressway, about 30 minutes from braintree into boston and as you travel he or
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to 128, 93 south, a delay there down into andover, and once again from concord street down to the spot pond. right now the trains and buses are running on schedule, and that's what you will want to use. public transportation is the way to go. gates will open two hours before the game starts. >> on the opioid crisis, first responders sounding an alarm about a new the powder is so fine it can be airborne or dissolved as a nasal spray. the state sent a bulletin to all first responders warning it can be deadly if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. >> it was concerning to me that it has changed in form and also is affecting or could affect our first responders. to me that was the more concerning part.
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the state. >> a new program may be able to identify which children are at risk of developing drug and alcohol addiction. this is called preventure, tested in australia and canada. it deals with kids on four key traits, sensation seeking, impulsivity and hopelessness and includes training for teachers and work job for kids to steer them away >> it's 6:17. your economy headlines, a boston-based group is suing exxon for allegedly polluting the mystic river. the conservation law foundation accuses exxon of violating the clean water act, failing to prepare for rising sea levels which could submerge parts of the terminal. no comment from exxon mobil but the company previously said that the everett facility does comply with all federal rules. and asian shares mostly lower
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renewed worries about the deutsche bank, stock futures are lower. investors awaiting the personal income and outlays reports due out today. >> there are, of course, super foods for everyone season. fall no exception. brussel sprouts, perfect for a chilly evening and also full of folic and iron. try parsnips and carrots. they are sweeter and packed with potassium and fiber and there is serious health benefits to swash. >> these are good ones. >> right. >> they are good. >> putting a stop to bathroom stalled graffiti. >> the creative new approach at an irish pub, that's ahead in eyepoppers, and new on the eye, 6:30, farewell to big papi. >> a community on edge, after a
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>> 6:22 onou you don't want to leave the house without your wet weather gear. we have rain on the way to the south, this is going to be filling in from south to north, and as the day wears on, so around the boston area, around lunchtime, is when that rain gets going, and 50s this morning, and 50s all day long with the northeasterly winds, more rain at times on saturday, going to be tough to warm up at all, stuck in the 50s tomorrow, and lingering showers, and patchy drizzle on sunday, and we may sneak into the lower 60s, and it's the better of the two weekend days, at least
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up to waylin on sunday morning. it's the fourth annual, i'm happy to be there, all to benefit the baton disease, there is much more on our website about this, check it out. erika: the red sox get swept by the yankees after a loss last night at yankee stadium. the sox's lone run came up a home run from bogart. the sox take on the blue jays to regular season series at fenway. randy: let's get into the friday eyepoppers. talk about turning your world upside down. >> he did it for 13 hours. police initially thought that he was a burglar. but turns out he locked himself out of his home and had a break in a window to get back in. and he got stuck by his ankle and couldn't move. his head inches above the waters. when a neighbor found him, that man is going to be fine but that
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>> yeah. >> and here's a new idea, a barn island posted this on the wall. it's a message to customers who can't seem to stop writing on bathroom walls. right underneath they provided this. the owners say you really need to set your inner artist free while taking care of business. use this toy instead. they will share the best doodles on their facebook page. would you want to touch that? >> no, and i don't want to look at the stuff on facebook. >> i don't want to touch that or it's all very confusing to me. >> thank you guys. the super bowl goes gaga, what to expect ahead of the superstar's half-time performance and also on the eye. >> i feel that i'm not whole yet but i am going to be. >> making progress after a transplant history. the challenges and the victories in this man's recovery.
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not be that way to long. cindy is back when the eyeopener returns. a >> last week our region made it into the national news cycle with this disturbing video. a new hampshire mom lies passed out on the floor of a retail store in massachusetts as her confused toddler tries to wake her. paramedics administerc opioid overdose. it's shocking for all of us well aware of the crisis. last week 5 investigates kathy kern exposed how sarbox owen has become the drug of choice. small strips seen passed in this video are hidden in cars, letters, and bibles. in the past 18 months more than 300 inmates tested positive.
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drug addiction along mass avenue known as methadone aisle. she's meeting new members of the engagement team would his goal is to help people find services in an area the city has renamed recovery road. it will take more than a new name to change the truth facing our state and nation. our first responders are getting better at helping people survive opio toll is approaching 2,000 this year shows we're losing ground. wcvb has been proud to partner with the massachusetts department of public health, in the struggle to end opioid addiction and battle the stigma that can keep people from seeking treatment. our parent company hearst television is joining broadcasters, lawmakers, and drug abuse experts nation-wide to launch an on air campaign aimed at stopping this epidemic which now claims 78 lives in the
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struggle. too much is at stake for us to lose. the next generation is watching, and they are depending on all of and they are depending on all of us. special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around.
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>> new overnight, a new search connected to a man rescued at sea. the new moves made to solve this mystery. >> hurricane matthew gaining strength. cindy has overnight details on the track and our forecast. >> and big papi gets some big surprises in enemy territory, and the warning to the red sox's fans as david ortiz comes home. and seeing the rain in the area, to the south of us, and heading this way, and good morning, and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. erika: and i'm erika tarantal. emily is off today, we're here with cindy and olessa. a big night at fenway. >> huge. >> last day of september. hard to believe. >> right. >> we're going to end the month on a wet note even though it's been a dry month as you know. so kids will want the jacket at the bus stop, and the arraign
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day long. 49 right now in worcester. 50 in lawrence, otherwise mid to upper 50s. north shore down to the cape, boston at 58 but we have the wind coming in off the water so it's giving it a raw feel. the northeasterly wind. the steadiest rain is to the south filling in and lifting, so with time today from south to the north this rain is going to fill in. the high pressure is holding across new england, keeping things dry, but it turns wetter as we go through the day, in coming in, and with us throughout the afternoon, notice the temperatures are going nowhere all day, and you can see the rain spreading in, but lunchtime, wet on southward still dry to the north but that changes, so wet weather for that evening commute, the time line on the weekend coming up but right now out to the roads and how are we looking? >> busy out there this morning, if you are heading out the door. very slow ride here, we see this volume at this time of the
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your trip as you go north, 93, the volume builds into andover and we're watching a crash, a disabled car, 93 south by commerce way, and on the shoulder, no lanes are blocked but slow. stays heavy down to the lever connector and along the pike up to 20 minutes, 495 to 128. northbound 24 looking better approaching 128 where a crash has gone but delays are back, and it's a 30-minute ride on the expressway, braintree to boston and trains and buses >> thank you. now the stories we're following right now on the eyeopener, a man will be before a judge today accused of trying to kill a three-year-old relative, 21-year-old taj mcdonald is facing a number of charges including attempted murder, indecent assault and strangulation. >> newton police are investigating after a couple is lit by a tow truck. a witness tells us that they were in the crosswalk on beacon street when they were hit. the victims were taken to hospitals. their conditions are not clear.
6:33 am
scene. >> and now overnight, president barack obama and other world leaders are remembering the life of shimon peres. the president spoke at the former israeli's funeral. he says he shows justice and hope are at the heart of israel. >> today big papi arrives back in boston for the final time this regular season. randy: and you can bet the red sox's fans will be out in force tonight, and to show their love, the eye's sera congi at fenway park >> i know. can you believe it? randy and erika, fenway park here is getting ready, all decked out as you can see behind me, there is a huge banner, beautiful banner, thank you no. 34. david ortiz, a tough rival for new york, and they have earned their respect, and showed it last night. take a look. the yankees unveiling an oil painting featuring papi at the plate looking out at yankee stadium. ortiz tipping his hat to the
6:34 am
hugs from old new york rivals including former star pitcher mariano rivera. after the game he was pulled after two at-bats walking to first base before jogging into the dug-out for a standing ovation. the sox are back home tonight. the team does have warnings for anyone coming down to fenway park over the next few days. arrive early because there will be tributes and ceremonies before each game. fenway park gates will open two hours befo next three days. the heavy traffic of course is expected, so they are urging everyone to take public transportation just to make it easy on everyone. now sunday of course won't be the last time that we see big papi because the red sox are the a.l. east champs. live at fenway park, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: thanks. police in hanson are searching for this man wanted in connection with a home break-in. he's a person of interest on the
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returned to the scene. they left the home with a couple bags, swat teams searched for hours earlier in the day after four people were seen running from a home off main street, a woman telling police that she heard them break into windows and that happened just before 11:00 on thursday morning. the middle of the day. police say one suspect was armed, and two suspects were taken into custody, but the other two are on the run. >> new this morning brockton police were justified in the deadly shooting of a 45-year-old l commonwealth. douglas buckley pointed what was described as a realistic looking b.b. gun at officers and threatened to kill them. investigates also say that he had just warned he was going to burn his thayer street house to the ground. still no i.d. on that man killed in a construction accident in georgetown. the accident happened yesterday at the mirra company, a communication installation firm. the victim was backing an
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erika: 5 investigates learning new technology used to zero in on a suspect in an unsolved murder may help in other cases. investigates used unidentified dna found at the crime scene to develop these sketches of a suspect in the 1992 murder of agawam teacher lisa zekeert. they are trying to also solve the murder of vanessa marcotte could help these case and is others. >> we are talking to a man who made history with a medical breakthrough in the first of the united states. the milestone and the challenges after the nation's first penile transplant, and ahead in news to go, the latest warning on the zika virus, new concerns about easy transmission. >> coming together for charity. the local celebrities teaming up for a good cause and how you can
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>> welcome back to the eyeopener, is there something about your commute that's bugging you or a traffic mystery that you cannot figure out? tweet me, and post on my facebook page or email me at
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them. the roads this morning, busy with delays on the expressway, actually, in both directions. that's northbound heading to the top of the screen and the southbound side, stop and go, as well, and braintree into boston now about a half-hour. cindy, not the prettiest weekend. cindy: no but we need the rainfall, you can see it to the south, this is going to be lifting north so it will get wetter. should be dry for the morning commute, and lunchtime, into the afternoon is when the rain spreads in, and it's with us especially the first half of the weekend, saturday it looks like northeasterly wind, too, so upper 50s the next couple days, and a bit drier on sunday, a few showers around, temperatures in the lower 60s. randy price. >> we're talking to a man who made medical history with the country's first ever penis transplant, tom manning is talking about his recovery, about the challenges that he's been facing, and doctors say that he has accomplished two of the three goals, set by the transplant team, including
6:41 am
function, the third goal is to get the sensations back, manning says he's feeling stronger and almost ready to get back to work, and he's keeping his sense of humor about it. >> some of the guys and some of the girls, they go like this, and i have a smirk on my face like my eyes are up here. >> and the third goal is months away but right now he's following doctor's orders and getting used to his medications. he says that he's ready to get out and start living aga a child is recovering after an assault in worcester. the charges his relative is facing this morning, and plus a national paper takes a stand on the presidential election. why its non-endorsement is making headlines, and a violent kidnapping captured on surveillance. how the victim managed to escape. a live look. you can see the cloud cover. a dry start but it will not be a
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>> it is 6:44, we're tracking the traffic. and hurricane move on the move, gaining strength in the overnight hours, and this is a storm that's one to watch for a lot of people. erika: cindy you've been watching it because it is headed to the east coast. cindy: it's in south korea, and
6:45 am
impact. the winds are 100 miles per hour but this is likely going to strengthen into a category 3. it moves west but over the weekend it will take a turn to the north so jamaica and cuba going to have impacts, and then the bahamas, and then from there the east coast needs to be on alert. take a look at all the computer models showing you the poabilitiesz as we go into next week, so a lot of uncertainty as we get towards next week but the east coast definitely h could come closer so we'll keep an eye on it. and your wet weather here today, rain chances are low but they are ramping up, and they are very high on saturday. so if you have plans this weekend, it looks wet on saturday. and rainfall, we need it, half an inch to an inch and a half, there could be higher amounts, this could be underdone on cape cod so good soaking rain in the car as we watch the low pressure.
6:46 am
level low that's pulling a lot of moisture up so we're going to get in on it, later on today, you can see the rain filling in, and this is all lifting in our direction, so cloudy skies now in the 50s as you are heading out. the winds is going to keep the temperatures down. notice the rain noontime into the afternoon in the boston area but temperatures, struggling to get out of the 50s in most spots. it is a cool day, and most of the commute is dry and here comes that rain lunchtime, and takes longer to get there for you, and northerly massachusetts, southern new hampshire, and we ar times overnight, and you can see the rain just keeps on going, pockets of rain off and on all day long, and right through saturday, and should taper off here on sunday, and you can see that here, both weekend days, pretty chilly with the high temperatures either side of 60, get you back out to the roads, and you are beating the rain if you are heading out now. >> you are not beating the delays, sky 5 over a crash, several cars involved, this is 93 southbound, and near 129 so if you are heading this way as you can see, it's on the shoulder, but it did have the
6:47 am
let's get to the maps. 9 south where you have got the volume out of methuen approaching that accident, and then it stays heavy from spot pond down to the lever connector. and the pike, we're watching the delays here as well right now, it's and 24 northbound slow, an earlier crash by 128 is gone but take a look at the backup that you have got left. as well as on the expressway, 30 minutes from braintree into boston. trains and buses so far are doing ok. erika and randy. randy: n >> the person accused facing murder charges, antoinette antonio is live in worcester with the latest. antoinette: that victim just three years old, and it was the suspect himself who called police saying that he thought that he killed the child. this all started yesterday afternoon with that 9-1-1 call from 21-year-old taj mcdonald. he said that he killed the boy who is a family member, officers
6:48 am
lincoln village apartments. the boy was conscious and he had injuries to his face and neck area. police say mcdonald was babysitting the victim at the time of the attack, the child is expected to recover. bcs tells us that they are aware of the incident and they are involved. we're live in worcester this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: thank you, service this is morning for former israeli president shimon peres. president barack obama just he said shimon peres showed justice and hope are at the heart of israel. the president arrived overnight along with the u.s. delegation, and that includes former president bill clinton and members of congress. >> things are revved up here at fenway park. take a look. a banner for a big papi. yes there will be a big party for him, and also at yankee stadium last night. retiring david ortiz got love in new york.
6:49 am
crowd. he also got hugs from old new york rivals. the sox are back home for his final regular season series, and the team does have warnings. arrive early for any tributes that are expected before the game. gates will open two hours before game time all weekend, and public transportation is recommended. now it won't be the last time that we see big papi because the red sox are the a.l. east champs so we'll see them in the randy: thank you. and right now we're getting details about the crash involving a new jersey commuter train, the engineer is now out of the hospital. and is cooperating with investigates. the woman killed has been identified as a 34-year-old. she recently had moved to the united states from brazil. investigates are looking at operator error, a possible medical emergency, and mechanical failure as causes of
6:50 am
continuing on the campaign trail this morning, both focused on swing states, and donald trump spent time in new hampshire yesterday, and hillary clinton campaigning in iowa, and she heads to florida for a rally while trump moves on to michigan. and in usa today making news for a non-endorsement, the paper has never taken sides in a presidential race but the editorial board said it felt it had to break tradition declaring donald trump unfit for the white house. he lacks the temperament and knowledge and steadiness and honesty required. clinton or any other candidate. >> the president of the philippines is comparing his bloody anti-drug campaign to how hitler massacred millions of jews. he says that he would be, "happy to slaughter 3 million addicts." he issued his latest threats against dealers and users after visiting vietnam and while there
6:51 am
leaders. some lawmakers are experiencing regret, a bit of regret after overturning the president's veto of a bill allowing 9-1-1 families to saw the country of saudi arabia. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan say the bill needs repair. ryan says he believes the families should have their time in court but he added service members are, our service members overseas need to be protected. other lawmakers are working on fixes for this >> this is frightening video. a store clerk kidnapped on the job. watch, he's dragged into a car by a man as he hits her with a hammer. the kidnapper brought the woman to a cemetery. the suspect was captured. police say that he'd been stalking the victim for weeks before trying to kidnap her. >> a new warning this morning from doctors concerning the zika virus. doctors say that the virus may spread in sweat and tears, in
6:52 am
a utah man who infected his adult son before he died. the university of utah school of medicine also says the man was not very and i -- very sick befe that time. that suggestion the virus can occasionally kill people who are not frail nor ill. the state department of transportation here in massachusetts launching a new effort to focus on the impact of climate change in the commonwealth, the goal is to increase the tension on transportation to help to cut the greenhouse gas emissions, massdot, the secretary stephanie pollack says the issue will be proposed, regulations will be enacted by the end of the year, including efforts to get drivers to move towards electric cars and other alternatives. >> the red sox swept by the yankees after a loss last night in new york. the sox's home run came up from alexander bogart.
6:53 am
score. the sox take on the blue jays tonight kicking off ortiz's last regular season series at fenway park. >> lady gaga will be headlining the symbol half-time show. the nfl and pepsi made that announcement. gaga will take the stage on february 5 at nrg stadium in houston. she stunned the crowd at last season's super bowl. she will release a new album next month. >> i am so excited to hang with you in you too, tom. >> i can't wait, man. >> i was talking to the donors. >> yeah. yeah, no, me, too. me, too. >> so you want to hang with these guys? tom brady teaming up with matt damon and ben affleck to raise money for charity and hang out with you. for a $10 donation you get 100 entries into a contest for a pizza night with these three stars.
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you had me at pizza. >> i was going to say. >> right. >> i don't know what's more exciting them or the pizza. thank you guys, busy on the roads if you are heading out the door, there is the tobin bridge, we have the delays southbound heading into boston so give yourself time. let's go to the maps and check out your trip. 93 southbound, that volume is in place out of methuen, stays slow down to 129 where an accident has just cleared, and still clearing a disable 93 south by commerce way. beyond that it stays slow. pike eastbound right now about 20, 495 to 128. more delays on 24 north out of brockton. 95 in sharon and the expressway is 30 to 35, braintree into boston, right now trains and buses are running on schedule and that's what you will want to use, public transportation the way to go, gates open two hours before the game starts. but it will not be the most pleasant weather. >> no. but hey not much happening now on the radar but have your gear with you.
6:55 am
have that wind out there now, so it's a cool, raw day, 50s now, 50s to near 60 later with the areas of rain coming into boston around lunch, and you can see the moisture coming up. a low pressure tracking slowly to our south over the next couple days, and that's going to bring in a widespread half an inch to an and a half and a half of rain. and if you are headed to fenway have the wet weather gear, 55 degrees, here's the timing. as it spreads up, and it us during the afternoon into the evening. we'll see more rain coming in overnight. you are waking up to credit weather tomorrow. temperatures don't fall too much. we're in the 40s and 50s for lows. and they don't climb too much tomorrow, saturday is the wetter weekend day, take a look if you have the plans. rain in the morning. still rain in the afternoon. heaviest on the cape and near the coast but still by sunday morning some lingering showers and things should dry out so if you are headed to the patriots'
6:56 am
wet weather gear, have it with you. things improve next week. >> lots happening this weekend. i hope it's a great one for everybody. randy: and remember if you are on the go you can watch us on the mobile app. thanks for joining us and have a
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good morning, america. deadly train crash right at rush hour. frightening new images from inside that new jersey station. >> ka-boom. the t whole place shook. >> panicked passengers flee the mangled metal. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> more than 100 injured. investigators trying to determine why the train didn't slow down. an exclusive interview this morning with the real-life superman. >> i was trying to help whoever i could. >> he raced into the building when so many were running out. unfit for the presidency. the stunning headline from one of the biggest newspapers in the country. as the gop nominee sounds off, now saying the e debate was fixed. >> i had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all


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