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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  September 30, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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heather: thanks. preparing for a big sendoff for big papi. ben: that is where we find ed harding. ed: it is 58 degrees and if you have been here this time of year before you know how chilly it will be tonight. this is television, not what have you got here? >> sausages. ed: there you go. you see right there, the statue -- down a little bit -- the statue of ken williams, one day there will be a statue of big papi here. there are signs of big papi -- it says "thank you, big papi." "thank you number 34, for what
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or he -- it is a celebration weekend. and for toronto, it's important we can for them because they need be games. as far as souvenirs are going, they are selling wildly. and fans are coming from everywhere to say thank you, papi. gift from college my parents. i did not realize when i bought tickets back in february how important this.'s would be. >> unbelievable. chance of a lifetime. one of my bucket list -- for summit fenway. that is for sure. ed: that is for sure. the red sox will be going to be playoffs. it's very likely toronto will as
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the sox. how much in play? every inning? that is not decided. what do what question are chicken, sausage? put an order in, i will bring it back. ben: all right. ed: you got it. ben: ed harding live at fenway for us. we will see you in a little bit. the body of kaiser willis found in july, his family asking police to release the results of that investigation. juli mcdonald is there for us. juli? juli: it was here that a mom
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r willis off at camp. there were no scenes of foul play. they did not receive any information, none of their child fell clothing or belongings. familymembers spoke here today. they are desperate to know more about the morning he was seen alive. >> over 50 people, employees -- no one saw anything? a seven-yeaol accountability. what happened? juli: the family's attorney says one month after his death of freedom of information act request went to be boston police department, requesting copies of all reports, interviews, 911 calls. they have never heard back from the department, they say. next, you will hear more from
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willis fell family about the heartache they have been dealing with since july. i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: right now, police say mcdonald called them yesterday saying that he had killed a toddler in his care. the boy was unconscious and alert. he has been sent to now, investigators are coming through evidence taken overnight from the home of a woman feared lost at sea. officers were seen removing bags, envelopes and boxes from linda carman's middletown, connecticut house. she was fishing with her son, nathan carmen, who lives in vermont, when their boat sank. he was rescued after a week in a life raft. the coast guard says all agencies involved will meet about the case monday. monti states involved here. they're trying to determine if
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,heather still no arrests in a : sexual assault in jamaica plain. police say a woman was confronted at gay head street near menden street around 1:45 thursday morning. she says the man pulled a gun and forced her into a backyard in the area of 24 gayhead street where she says the assault happened. right now two men are recovering , after being stabbed outside a movie theater in braintree. police say it happened in the parking lot of the amc theater last night. both victims are 36-years-old and from hingham. no arrests have been made and police don't have a description ben: tonight the ntsb is making headway into the investigation into that deadly train trash in hoboken, new jersey yesterday morning. there have been complications. one of two data recorders recovered by the ntsb as they try to get closer to answering why. at the center of the investigation, 48-year-old train
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maintenance records. ben: they also want to look at the second recorder, but a destroyed canopy and mountains of debris are making it difficult to reach. >> that crash happening at the heart of the morning commute. one bystander on the platform killed. today, we learn more about the 34-year-old killed, who just to daycare before she rushed to catch her train. >> i talked to her a lot and i could've spoken about other things. ben: and the story of a hero. he ran into the station when others tried to escape and rushed to reside during her last moments of life. >> i said, miss, i'm not really view. if you're going to die, you're not going to die by yourself
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the scene in hoboken until at least next week. they hope to speak to the train engineer soon. heather: commitment 2016: a new poll showing hillary clinton has the lead over donald trump in new hampshire. the wbur poll of more than 500 likely voters, shows clinton with a seven point lead over trump in the granite state. this same poll also showed voters believed clinton won monday's presidential debate by a 3-to-1 margin. making news for a non-endorsement. the paper has never taken sides in a presidential race, but the editorial board says it felt it had to break tradition, declaring donald trump unfit for the white house. the board writing trump lacks the temperament, knowledge, steadiness and honesty required. , they do not endorse hillary clinton or any other candidate. trump's running mate mike pence has written an opposing editorial, arguing trump is ready to lead. and clinton was in florida
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the program would allow 5 million people to -- cities and states on a part-time basis. ms. clinton: americorps is a full-time commitment. the peace corps is a full-time commitment. but the armed forces has another model. the reserve, right? it gives people a chance to make a their dreams and other ways. heather: clinton says if you join the national service reserve you would receive training just like in the military and when your state needs you, you would get the call. ahead at 6:00, a new world words between clinton and trump on social media. ben: thousands of people including world leaders past and present attending the funeral of former israeli president shimon peres. president obama addressed family
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services this morning. he said peres showed that justice and hope are at the heart of israel. the president arrived in jerusalem overnight along with the u.s. delegation. that includes former president bill clinton and members of congress. brockton police were justified in the deadly shooting of a 45-year-old man last year. that according to the attorney general's office. last july, douglas buckley pointed what's described as a realistic looking bb gun at officers and threatened to kill them. investigators also say he'd just warned he was going to burn his thayer street house down. heather a memorial in the works : to honor a young georgetown boy trampled by a cow this summer. 8-year-old george carter was with his father exercising the cows when one of them got spooked, stepping on the boy. he would have been in third grade this year. working with the nevins library in methuen, his mother has organized a special display featuring his favorite books and toys. a 6-year-old boy remains on life support days after he was shot inside a south carolina elementary school. jacob hall's family says the
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brain injury from blood loss after being shot in the leg on wednesday. hall was one of three people shot wednesday morning at townville elementary. today the 14-year-old suspect was charged with the murder of his father before the shooting at the school. ben: new at 4:30: a framingham native, injured in the orlando nightclub shooting calling for stricter gun laws in the u.s. angel colon survived being shot six times when a gunman opened fire in the pulse nightclub in june. this week, colon went to capitol hill and spoke with house mino l about ways to prevent violence. new at 4:30: transit police arrest a wanted man. police were after stephen berry for allegedly attacking a police officer in quincy. the 46-year-old was arrested at andrew square station last night after t police say he tried to piggyback behind a paying rider. heather sky 5 over a serious : crash this morning in plainville. this was the scene around 11
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the wreckage. no word on any injuries. ben: sounding the alarm on a new type of drug. heather still ahead at 4:30: : the steps being taken in new hampshire to get ahead of it and the danger it poses to first responders. ben: new zika concerns doctors saying the virus could be transmitted through perspiration. that is right. sweat. the findings supporting that theory tonight. harvey, you are busy. harvey: i'm busy, so is the
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i like that.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30 -- harvey: is not really much longer for boston. ben: not quite heather: there is a ballgame. harvey: there is the ballgame. there is the ceremony for big papi -- i know they will make every opportunity to get that game in. we do have a roth field to the wind with the 17 mile-per-hour wind off the water right now. temperatures are reflective of that. the ocean water temperature 61 and the ocean air mass coming
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everywhere. look at the gusts of block island. 29 at nantucket. 30 of bridgeport. if you're going to the game, it's not just that it will be damp and wet. it will be cool and raw. the best you can to stay dry and you want to stay warm. high temperatures will be similar to today with more rain. rain is approaching. you see the leading band of it is very, very close to boston. you see it's actively moving north. it looks like it will be passing. there certainly will be some rain for boston to deal with. once the rain settles and ucb moderate bands. once it settles in, even when it
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heavier bands around klamath now. all the way towards wellesley. that is where the action is. there is more to the south. we still have this spinning around in the valley. that will drive leaves of moisture. so, wet and cool at fenway. temperatures right around moisture and as far as sunday is concerned, it looks to be less wet than saturday. there could be drizzle. for the patriots game, cool and damp.
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tomorrow. there is a major league storm. let's check it out. your next seven days. pretty wet right through saturday. not as wet on sunday. and then day by day we get better. there could be a spot shower. pretty nice weather. all right, -- ben: all right, harvey, thank you. 5 first responders voicing concern tonight. it's called furanyl fentanyl and it comes from china. the powder so fine it can become airborne or dissolved as a nasal spray. new hampshire health officials have already sent a bulletin to all first responders warning this new version can be deadly if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. >> it was concerning to me that it has changed in form and could
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concerning part. ben: so far, this new form of fentanyl has not been found in new hampshire. heather: a new program is being tested in other countries, to help identify signs of drug and alcohol addiction at a young age. it's called preventure. zero zen on kids with four key traits -- sensation seeking, impulsiveness, sensitivity to anxiety, and hopelessness. the program is being tested in europe, australia and canada. it includes intensive training for teachers and workshops forki a new warning from doctors concerning the zika virus. they say in some cases the virus could spread in sweat and tears. doctors write in the new england journal of medicine that the case of a utah man who infected his adult son before he died leaves no other alternatives. the university of utah school of medicine also said the man was not very sick before he caught the virus. that suggests the virus can occasionally kill people who are not frail or ill.
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scarier in many ways. all right, calls for the ceo of wells fargo to step down after a banking scandal. heather the big payout he could : get if he agrees, that's ahead at 4:30. but first let's flash forward to newscenter 5 at 5:00. jc? jc: then new on newscenter 5 at 5:00 -- the investigation into the embattled gloucester police chief. who is looking int charged in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. finding disparity in services for students with special needs. 5 investigates uncovers the agreements kept secret until
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ben: should marijuana become legal in massachusetts. voters will decide on question 4
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have ok'ed marijuana for adults 21 and older. they are colorado, washington, oregon and alaska. the district of columbia has also given the green light to pot sales. >> washington state, which like cap -- colorado has legalized marijuana, the fidelity rates caused by drivers on marijuana double. >> compared to what? >> 7% to 15%? >> let me ask you again -- >> let me finish. ben: up "on the record" sunday at 11 a.m. as congressman barney frank and state senator jason lewis debate the legalization of marijuana in massachusetts. heather the department of public : health is set to approve the expansion of boston children's hospital. that's despite a report released earlier this week that warned the expansion could cause health care costs to go up. the billion dollar expansion includes getting rid of the prouty garden, adding an outpatient clinic and increasing the number of beds on the longwood campus.
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expansion would draw patients from other local hospitals and that would increase spending by nearly $10 million annually for patients with commercial health insurance. that's because children's has some of the highest hospital prices in the state. dph plans to vote on the expansion october 20. ben: wells fargo's embattled ceo could walk away from the company with a big payout. get golden parachute. we are talking platinum here. if he were to retire today, john stumpf is still in line to collect pension and stock valued at more than $134 million. earlier this week, he agreed to forfeit $41 million in unvested equity. the move following a grilling on capitol hill after wells fargo employees admitted to creating fraudulent accounts to boost sales numbers. heather there is a new effort : from massdot focusing on the impact of climate change in massachusetts. the goal is to increase attention on walking, biking and public transportation to cut greenhouse gas emissions. massdot secretary stephanie
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drivers to move toward electric cars and other alternative means of transportation. ben: as if being locked out the house wasn't bad enough. heather the trouble one guy : found himself in and just how long he was stuck in this position. first though, -- i know, right? let's check the closing numbers on wall street.
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heather: you don't say this every day. a detroit man's world literally turned upside down after he locks himself out of his house. he was like this for 13 hours. ben: and shirtless to boot.
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ankle stuck unable to move. his head was just inches above flood waters, when a neighbor found him. with a little help he was able to get down and will be just fine. ben: could you imagine the headache? heather: no, i can't imagine it. ben: all right, newscenter 5 at 5:00 starts right now. >> now on newscenter 5 -- ben: red sox fans ready to send big papi off in style. harvey: wet weekend. when and where the heaviest rain will fall. jc: a social media warfare -- the controversial late night tweets from donald trump and hillary clinton feel angry response. ben: and i disparity in services for special needs students. be agreement kept secret and the fight to change that. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at
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hurricane matthew. as of a few months ago, it's now a category four storm strengthening over central , caribbean waters. ben: stormteam 5 meteorologist harvey leonard's tracking it. any chances that matthew could had our way? harvey: i would say the chances are decreasing. it's category for 1 -- category fo ur now. it's not going to be moving quickly. it's moving slowly to the west. it will eventually start turning to the north early next week. this is where it is likely to be until next wednesday, still part of the bahamas. we will see how far north it can go before the direction is changed by the jet stream. for us, rain starting just about


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