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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  September 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> the family of the little boy who drowned at a city run day program demanding answers, how long do we have to wait? what they say the city is holding back. the latest on weekend rain. searching for clues after marina fire. >> i was horrified. the trouble we found even after the agreements were rules public. we are tracking wet weather tonight. it certainly is awfully wet. good evening.
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of letting up through the weekend. harvey is tracking it all for us tonight. >> it moved in a couple of hours >> it moved in a couple of hours ago and there are some gaps that they fill back in. there could possibly be drizzle falling. it kind of redevelop's and that is the problem. moisture and sometimes just drizzle. that is the type of pattern that we are in. this is powerful and as we go through the next five days it
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it could be a little harder to see where it goes from there. we confirm tonight that he has resigned effective immediately they were suspended for a week without pay. matter. today his family is asking to release the results of the investigation.
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when he was dropped off for camp here. his body was pulled from the water that night. what exactly happened is still a mystery to the family. >> we're asking for simple questions. the family and friends are left with little hope they say that is all they know. >> no one saw anything. a seven-year-old, there has to be some accountability. days after they announced the
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response and they have failed to provide it. they want pieces to hold onto. it is nowhere to be found. he says the death was a tragedy. happened. the family's attorneys say he filed a freedom of information request and he then filed a follow-up request about two weeks ago. the family says they never heard anything. right now new details in a struggling case.
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a man accused of assaulting his 3-year-old nephew in court this afternoon. 21-year-old taj mcdonald accused of choking the boy until he passed out, pushing him down stairs and trying to drown him in a bathtub. police say mcdonald called them yesterday saying he had just killed the toddler who was in his care. the boy was found conscious and alert. mcdonald was ordered held without bail and has been sent to bridgewater state hospital. some dramatic video out of onset tonight, where at least one boat caught fire at the marina. right now, no word on what sparked the fire. so far, no reports of any injuries. a seaport company cited for 20 violations months after this deadly ammonia leak. this was the scene in march at stavis seafoods. the body of brian caron, an employee was found on the second floor. osha has determined, a burst pipe in the machine shop leaked that ammonia and the accident could have been prevented. tonight we're learning more about that mystery at sea surrounding this man and his mother. their family has a history of
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in middetown, connecticut with what he's uncovered. >> five years ago, he was admitted as a patient. a fight broke out over money. according to a police report, when they threatened to stop supporting and scratching her father. linda later told police that she wants her share. quite frankly i got lucky. the case was dismissed. and again three years later.
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they were cleared by investigators. >> she told me they had informed her they passed the polygraph. investigators turned the attention to nathan. it got new attention this much and he was rescued. investigators have searched the sums right now he is not facing any charges. they plan to meet about the case. maria: to your house now, there is a new case of confirmed seco.
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the patient is unidentified and they are saying it is a less severe case. ed: coming may 2016 tonight and it has played out in social media. exchanging words today. >> donald trump blasted the media. then just after 4 a.m., he shifts the focus to alicia
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clinton crooked. more tweets follow. clinton fires practicing what kind of man stays up all night. he responds, at least you know i will be there a way to answer the call. back to who tweeted, this is a pattern of flying off the handle at women who -- >> this is donald trump. this is him for the last 25 years. that is what we are seeing back there.
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ed: now five investigates finds new barriers. >> and the story is the rain that has moved into the area, we will talk more about that when i capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ?
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strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- and i'm still fighting for you. ed: discovering new barriers in the fight to get special services for children with special needs. here is five investigates.
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keep secret? in massachusetts, special investigations. parents are kept in the dark but now services spelled out in private settlement agreements between school districts and parents are considered public records as long as names and other private information are removed. i have a child with a learning disability that i was concerned about her education. the move toward transparency welcome news to mike dipronio teixeira parents of children with disabilities who have fought for services for years. >> i was horrified over what resources it took to get him what he needs. in the wake for of the 2015 decision from the state's highest court making private settlement agreements public these parents started a website it's a place to post settlement
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school districts are agreeing to pay for including out of district placements. >> it's literally in hopes of enlightening folks on what's going on in our broken system. but information still isn't flowing freely from the districts. i'll get some information, but it's overly redacted we quickly realized that number one it takes a long time and it's very expensive. when 5 investigates tried getting the same info parents would ask for, some schools sent us bills for as little as $45 ,but others wanted as much as $1$700 and $2$500 should parents have trouble getting their hands on settlement agreements? no no. it's clear our superintendents know what that law says. tom scott is executive director of massachusetts association of school superintendents who says
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>> well i'm not sure it's keeping it under wraps. i mean i think this has posed a concern for schools for sure. is that in the back of their minds? probably to some extent it is. the concern with all the private settlement agreements becoming public that parents will now know exactly what school districts have agreed to pay this student and that student and expect the same for their child. on top of that five investigates discovered a deep disparity. state and found the vast majority of settlement agreements are happening in the wealthier school districts. do you think parents who can't afford to hire a lawyer aren't getting the best services for their kids? >> most definitely. and i think what you're finding in disparities is not at all surprising. do our results surprise you? no. money makes a difference in this process and i hate to say that but it's a reality. it's not that the more disadvantaged or poorer communities don't have access. sometimes they don't know where to find that access. so what should parents do keep fighting to see settlement agreements they're public after all. and find advocates who can help
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you can find on our website 5 investigates maria: guess where this is? that is norwood in canton today some spectacular fall foliage. ed: i don't have that in my own yard. >> harvey: that is the incredibly distinct eye of the storm. it has been intensifying so quickly. it is moving to the west
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after that, it is going to. that is five days from now. now the chances are decreasing but there is one model. point it gets into it. that is beyond the five day. and that wouldn't be until the end so here is some rainfall
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let's take a look at some of those hands of rain. there are some gaps where it is not raining. there is going to be more coming up because -- it is getting more moist all the time. here it is there are heavier down pours embedded. an issue tonight and then there could be touch and go with that. shower or two is still a possibility. 59 degrees and it won't be as
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but now it is off the water. we have some gusts also. temperatures tonight won't really very. on monday some breaks of son. then there are some dry dates. maria: three local nurses in the right place at the right time. their quick action while on vacation over the summer credited with saving a man's life. the special reunion happening
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>> new at 7: a new york mom is suing jet blue for flying her 5-year-old boy to the wrong city. maribel martinez says her son andy ended up at logan airport here in boston, instead of back in new york. the airline, presenting her with a different boy at jfk airport earlier this month. not her son. both boys were flying alone out of the same airport in the dominican republic, when they were put on the wrong flights. the new york based airline did
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ed: an emotional reunion today. weiland baxter surprised everyone. this is just two months. they stabilized him until help arrived. >> that is what they are. to me, he saved my l oh him more than anything. baxter still has a long road ahead. that is amazing. and today in weymouth students found a new way to honor a beloved teacher and veteran. and tonight at 11:00, honoring and celebrating the one&only big papi. it's a 3-day event at fenway park as the red sox close out
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>> in tonight's 5 for good, a touching tribute to a former weymouth teacher and veteran. vinny disessa taught at the high school for 65 years. and in honor of vinny and all service members and veterans an american flag on a rock that's been outside the high school since the late 70's is being restored. you can see right there. the 91-year-old even chipped in, painting the bottom stripe of
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kelly: you know me. nfalse, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms.
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