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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- antoinette: breaking news this morning. gunfire in a dedham parking lot. two people shot. the new information in overnight. doug: breaking news. the alarming wake-up call for dozens of students. antoinette: and a celebration in red sox nation. the milestone stop on big papi's big farewell tour. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: and hurricane matthew losing, oh, just a little bit of steam. this monster storm downgraded to category four from a five. right now, it's roaring across the caribbean. good morning, everybody. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio.
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today. doug: wake me up when september ends. antoinette: wake up, doug. okay, mike wankum. let's get a check on the rain. mike: we have rain, hurricanes, a lot of things going on, unfortunately, all on a weekend when you'd like to get outside. it's a gray, drizzly weekend. let's check on hurricane matthew, now maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour. if they were 156, it would still be a category five. right now it's a category four, a very dangerous storm we're talking about. the track puts it across jamaica tomorrow night into early monday morning and then perhaps going across the eastern sections of cuba eventually heading toward bermuda. then we'll keep a very close eye on it. again, we're talking several days down the road before it impacts the east coast and if it will have any impact at all in new england. more in 15 minutes. today, look at the temperatures. they go nowhere. sunrise this morning 6:42. sunset tonight, 6:25. and gray skies and rain out there. we'll talk about more about when
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heaviest anyway, and when it goes to lighter shower activity in a few moments. doug and antoinette? antoinette: thank you. it is a big weekend celebrating the legend that is big papi. red sox nation offering a collective thank you to the one-of-a-kind david ortiz. gloomy weather at fenway park for the start of his final regular season home series, but you know what? warm wishes for david ortiz. doug: eyeopener's mary saladna was there and has tributes from fenway. >> the big man with the big heart, big papi, david o [cheers and applause] mary: a standing o for david ortiz, not just for his landmark career but for his generosity and commitment to children off the field. these kids from both new england and his homeland, the dominican republic, all had lifesaving heart surgery thanks to the charity work that big papi is passionate about. ? this moving tribute on the giant screen sums it up. 563 children saved and counting thanks to big papi's children's
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>> i love big papi. i love what he stands for and the values that he has. mary: it's going to be a party all weekend long, a papi party, a chance for fans to say thank you to the legend with the big swing and an even bigger heart. >> he's like one of the best players ever. he's really made an impact on boston. >> he's the best. and he's the yankee killer. you have to love him. mary: inside fenway, it's everything big papi. the grounds crew with their own tribute. sox players wearing special hats and a patch on their jerseys. 14 years and three championships later, it's been a bittersweet farewell season. >> i really appreciate all the people that are taking their time in honoring me and let me feel good about what my career has been. mary: david ortiz will always be
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sox nation with him. the most memorable night of the moment came from big papi himself. a two-run homer in the seventh. it was the game-winner. at fenway park, i'm mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: breaking overnight, a four-alarm fire at dartmouth college is under investigation. officials saying it started at midnight on the fourth floor of a dorm hall. 71 students live in that building. all made it out safely. no word on a cause. antoinette: two people hurt after a shooting near moseley's on the charles. morning at bridge and needham streets. several shots were fired and several cars were also hit. police say the hall was hosting a birthday party at the time. they say the injuries do not appear life-threatening. doug: a high-ranking state official off the job after 5 investigates found that he used public money to pay for a private party. dcr deputy commissioner matthew sisk has resigned effective immediately. 5 investigates revealing that sisk and commissioner leo roy spent taxpayer money on an
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july 3. they were suspended for a week. after we started asking questions, they were ordered to reimburse the state more than $800. 5 investigates also confirming the essex county district attorney's office will review information about embattled gloucester police chief leonard campanello and the gloucester police department. chief campanello was placed on leave last month for unspecified reasonses. gloucester's city council has not said why, but sources tell 5 investigates domestic issues and the city has hired a new hampshire firm to audit the police department. campanello is nationally known for his work helping heroin addicts. antoinette: new details this morning in the mystery at sea surrounding this man who was rescued and his mother, who is presumed dead. five years ago, nathan carman was at a hartford psychiatric hospital when his parents and grandfather came to visit in the waiting room, linda carman allegedly punched and kicked her
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she later told police that her father was worth $300 million and she wanted her share. the assault charge was dismissed. linda carman was later cleared in the shooting death of her father. >> she told me that they informed her she passed the polygraph and that she wouldn't be hearing from them again. not been charged. investigators are working to recover a data recorder from the wreckage of the deadly hoboken new jersey train crash. one of the two black boxes has already been recovered in the crash that killed one person and injured 100 others. investigators are looking primarily at operator error, a possible medical emergency or mechanical failure as potential
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doug: a court has ruled a man violated the state's texting ban while looking at his g.p.s. while behind the wheel. this ruling could make it illegal for drivers in rhode island to manipulate a cell phone in any fashion. the beginning of the end for toll plazas on the mass pike, if you can believe it. mass d.o.t. will hold four regional meetings to lay out plans to demolish the overhead scanners that read e-z pass transponders. antoinette: keep the traffic moving. doug: keep moving, especially through 128 stretch. antoinette: yes. doug: a school bus driver shot behind the wheel. antoinette: the investigation and how that driver's doing this morning. also, new video in a deadly police shooting. what it reveals plus the family's reaction and the claims
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luxury resort. the new information about the victims and the potential cause of their deaths. mike: how much rain we should see and how long it will last. plus, i'm tracking matthew. the areas in jeopard joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead.
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lip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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and every spoonful you scoop because it's only 30 calories per tablespoon. that means every meal can be made easy and delicious with all-natural hood sour cream. always good. always hood. doug: welcome back. right now, we're learning some new developments in the mysterious deaths of two sisters traveling abroad. we know the cause of death, but this morning there are still many questions. an american family is arriving in an island paradise in search of answers. sisters annie, 37, and robin korkkie, 42, were on a dream vacation, found dead in the seychelles last week by staff at this luxury resort.
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excessive fluid in the lungs. annie korkkie had swelling of the brain. >> i would look primarily for two things, drug use, either directly or indirectly by somebody else, and something possibly released in the room like carbon monoxide. doug: both women worked in banking and were wrapping up a months-long vacation, posting these pictures on facebook. z according to local news reports, the pair was seen drinking the help them back to their room just after 8:00 p.m. they were found the next morning. no visible signs of injuries were found on the bodies. family members say they are in touch with the u.s. embassy as they wait for a final toxicology report. a brother of the women say that his family's getting no information on the case and is still desperate to find answers to exactly how his sisters died. antoinette: parts of the d.c. region feeling the impacts of severe flooding.
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several businesses used sandbags to keep the water at bay. others just closed. no reports of any serious injuries. and we're tracking hurricane matthew this morning. the storm downgraded to a category four hurricane. still very powerful, though. at its peak, the u.s. national hurricane center says matthew was the strongest hurricane in the atlantic since felix in 2007. the storm is on course to island just within a matter of days. doug: we still have till november, right? mike: you have quite a ways. we start to talk about impact on us. october would be pretty rare. not unheard of. doug: water's getting cold? mike: change in the season, all those things. you can see where it's at. very powerful storm. look at the eye. so well defined on this. when it was a category five, the eye was more defined.
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doesn't seem to be quite as defined as what it was earlier today. still, this is a powerful storm. maximum sustained winds 155 miles an hour. what's this thing doing? we have maximum sustained winds at 55, still drifting to the west at 7. it's going to take a turn toward jamaica and cuba. we put our computer models together, all of them, dozens of them, and say where is this storm going to go. there are a few o this is where we're looking at it monday em. then the bahamas. now there's more spread in the computer models. what's happening at this point. still most of the tracking keeps it offshore. after that, this is where it gets interesting and interesting for us. this is the way it would look at 6:00 on saturday. and so we look at this, and now you see how the models are going all over the place a little bit. the general trend here, they're leaning offshore, but only leaning. we need to keep a close eye on
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until next weekend. so we've got a long time to watch it, work through what's going to be happening. do keep an eye on it. keep in the back of your mind there is that system out there. it's a big one. by the time it got here, it would lose a lot of its punch. rainfall last night, worcester only picked up less than .1 of inch. boston up to 1/4 inch right now. all the gray skies are finally giving us something. taunton had a downpour and 1/2 inch of rain. that's the nature. a downpour here, drizzle there. but thisor you'll see the bands of showers lifting their way northward right now. this seems to be our heaviest band. was moving through the providence area, now moving north of 44 headed toward easton. we'll be getting downpours shortly. in boston, we were down to a drizzle. now there's light showers. but that area down to the south will be lifting northward and giving us more opportunity for rain as we head toward the morning. you have nice rains around midnight last night. as you look up through the
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to be. there isn't going to be much rain to the west. it's kind of confined into the eastern part of the state. we need the moisture out there. the drought monitor continuing to indicate that a lot of us are in extreme drought right now. look at that. boston almost 10 1/2 inches dry for the year so far. step outside right now. it's 57 degrees. northeast wind is rather busy at 18 miles per hour. we're going to see that wind staying busy as we head through the day today. temperatures right now into the upper 50's and these will not move today, some morning rain, a few afternoon showers, temperatures where they're at right now. tonight, showers and patchy fog. so when does the sun finally return? not tomorrow. tomorrow is overcast. i think the threat of showers is much less than today. monday, it's a spot shower here or there. most of us will stay dry, see a little bit of sunshine. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, the sun is back. and the temperatures climb into the 60's. and then finally, we start to talk about maybe matthew having some impact along the east
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into next weekend. doug and antoinette? antoinette: all right, mike. thank you. it's 6:17. a check of the stories we're following right now. doug: chicago police are investigating after a bullet flies into a school bus striking the driver in the face. the driver not seriously hurt but the bullet grazed him. the bus was full of children. no students were hurt. no arrests have been made. antoinette: f.b.i. agents return to the home of the man allegedly behind last month's bombings in yo looking for during the search of ahmad khan rahami's house last night. they did take several photos and a box. rahami is facing charges including the use of weapons of mass destruction, bombing a public place. a lawyer for the family of a man shot and killed by police in el cajon, california, say officers provoked him. yesterday police released this video of the deadly shooting of alfred olango.
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gun drawn. olango was unarmed pointing an electronic cigarette at police when he was shot on friday. 5 for good. a double tragedy inspiring a major effort to fight a serious illness. doug: our erika tarantal tells us the story of a special bond that will be celebrated this weekend in a run against batten disease. erika: there's is a forever friendship. john and nicholas have an eternal bond despite both being lost far too soon. >> nicholas loved what johnny did. john just loved the passion and determination nicholas did. erika: he worked at russell's garden center. it's where john worked, too, and where the connection started when john learned the then 5-year-old had been diagnosed with a rare fatal disorder. nicholas's grandmother, who's worked at russell's for 20 years, shared the awful news. >> we were all so distraught.
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going to do at that point. he said i'd like to run for him. erika: nicholas' mother says john was a bright spot. at age 4, nicholas started suffering seizures. a year later they found out why, batten disease. it would rob nicholas of his sight, his mobility, and with no cure, doctors didn't have much to say. >> just take him home and just love him. and so, of course, you know, we were devastated. for, like, you know six months. erika: then game resolve to help nicholas love every day and to fight batten disease with our promise to nicholas. >> where i get all my stuff together and my posters. erika: their family foundation grew as did the friendship between nicholas and john. >> even when nicholas was at
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much, he'd muffle go john. erika: john died suddenly running a half marathon. >> he had an undetected heart disease. erika: and a year later, on his 11th birthday, nicholas died. >> we're lucky to be surrounded with the people we are and that's how we're able to cope as well as we are. erika: that includes this extended family at russell's. shortly after losing john, they decided to start an annual >> i was well aware of optn. i said what if we do a race for johnny and all the funds go to optn? >> it's unbelievable spirit and family and people that come out. erika: it's a race that's become a perfect tribute to a man who refused to say "i can't," a boy whose inner strength continues to inspire and a family who won't give up. >> our promise is to just keep going and keep looking for a
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antoinette: funding is key. to support that, the fourth annual john tanner memorial 5k run and walk is tomorrow in wayland. our cindy fitzgibbon will be there. erika tarantal, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: uh, so hard to deal with such a tragedy like that. but making some good out of it. doug: crossing our fingers for better weather tomorrow. check with mike in a little bit on that. antoinette: a special reunion with some true life doug: a man who suffered a devastating injury on vacation meet the strangers who came to his rescue, strangers who his rescue, strangers who happened hot cities. cool cities. break-all-the-rules cities. bright cities. dark cities. impossible-to-park cities. green cities. gray cities. what-a-lovely-day cities. peppy cities. techie cities.
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some might call it crazy. we call it smart.
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mike: it's a gray start to your day. temperatures in the 50's. they're not going to budge much. they'll hold flat all day. we've had scattered showers. you may be in a drizzle right now, a few downpours this morning. thh only today, tonight, into tomorrow. we're talking about it going on for the next several days. we don't get sunshine coming back until monday and even then there's a chance of spot showers. by wednesday, plenty of sunshine and temps back in the 60's. doug and antoinette. antoinette: this story is amazing. an emotional reunion for a foxborough man. doug: and three nurses credited with saving his life. weylond baxter surprised everybody when he walked into the hospital two months after a
6:26 am
a cliff in maine hitting his head. the nurses happened to be nearby. they helped stabilize him until help arrived. >> you call them angels. they are. >> that's what they are. to me. they saved my life. i owe them more than anything. doug: right place at the right time. baxter still has a long road ahead. doctors believe he will make close to a full recovery. antoinette: a couple of amazing things there, the look at him walking. doug: the nurses must have been like, ah, so moving. we're tracking the race to the white house. antoinette: the new post-debate poll and the issue donald trump is refusing to let go. also, legal action after an airline mix-up. a child lost, put on the wrong airplane. the claim his mother is making s c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to
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for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends.
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ackground checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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>> now on newscenter 5
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doug: it's a saturday soaker. how much rain we'll see and the latest on hurricane matthew. doug: a family's quest for answers. what they claim the city of boston is holding back after the drowning death of their child. antoinette: after donald trump's twitter tirade, the clinton campaign fires back. the response and the revelation about a video from trump's past. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: good morning, everybody. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio along with mike wankum. first day of october and we're getting rain. mike: we had to wait till fall and we're getting some. antoinette: wait until october. doug: i know it's the weekend, but think about the summer. mike: we had weekends that were fantastic. we're paying the price today. scattered showers and rain. i'll tell you where they're getting more than scattered showers, down in the caribbean right now. look at hurricane matthew.
6:31 am
it was a category five. it is now down to a four. it's only lost a little bit of intensity but not much. still going to maintain a category three status. it will be heading to jamaica late tonight, early monday morning and then heading to cuba. still a major hurricane at category three. it will move through the eastern part of cuba. then it goes into the bahamas. here it may lose punch. that's thursday of next week. it's a long way off. it may have because there's a lot of diversity in the computer models right now. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next 15 minutes or so. as far as our area this morning, there's the rain that you get. look at this little downpour that's been working its way northward, now sitting just about on route 44. a little bit of shower activity over the islands. a nice little band just heading onto the cape. everyone's getting nice rain showers out of this this morning. there's more in the forecast as we talk about this afternoon and
6:32 am
timeline. all that coming up in a few moments. doug and antoinette? antoinette: mike, thank you. breaking news overnight -- two people are hurt after a shooting in dedham. this is video into newscenter 5 overnight from the area of bridge and needham streets near moseley's on the charles. several shots were fired just around 1:30 this morning. police are now looking for suspects. the victims are both expected to survive. doug: also breaking this morning -- a four-alarm fire at dartmouth college is under investigation. officials say around midnight on the fourth floor of a dorm hall there. 71 students live in the building. all made it out safely. no word on a cause at this hour. antoinette: a desperate plea from the family of this little boy who drowned in south boston. exactly what happened to kyzr willis in july is still unknown this morning, and now his parents are pressing the city for information. doug: the eye's diane cho reports with the new push for answers.
6:33 am
from the community center. hours later, his body was found in the water. his family still don't know how it happened. >> it's devastating. it's heart-wrenching. he was a beautiful 7-year-old child. he's still with us in our hearts. but his presence physically is still missing. there's pieces that's still missing. happened, the police . reporter: days after it happened, the police commissioner the death was an accidental drowning. >> who was the last person to my we're asking for simple questions. what happened to my nephew? how did he drown? reporter: the family's attorney said he filed a request trying to find those answers, asking for everything from the 9-1-1 calls to the police reports. >> a request has been provided to the boston police department and served on them on august 29 of this year. no response has been received. reporter: mayor marty walsh says now that attorneys are involved, he can't comment on the case but he says he understands the
6:34 am
>> i feel terrible for them. i said that all along. i mean, i'm heartbroken over what happened. it's one of the hardest days of being mayor of the city. can't even imagine the pain that they have that day. reporter: a spokesperson for the police department tells us that nothing has changed in the outcome of the investigation, that it's still considered an accidental drowning. in south boston, diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: right now a man is being held without bail accused of trying to kill his 3-year-old nephew in worcester. 21-year-old taj mcdonald is accused of choking the boy until he passed out, pushing him down the stairs, and then trying to drown him in a bathtub. police say mcdonald called them tuesday saying he had just killed the toddler. the boy was found conscious and alert. he did survive. mcdonald is undergoing evaluation at bridgewater state hospital. doug: right now one boat is destroyed in onset after it was destroyed in that fire at the marina. this was yesterday at buttermilk bay.
6:35 am
speaking of fires -- three fires in three days prompting concern for new hampshire investigators. the fires happened earlier this week within a few miles of each other. the first fire broke out sunday morning behind a scrap metal business. it came very close to a home. nobody was hurt in any of these fires. investigators have not yet called them arson but are checking security videos for clues. antoinette: commitment 2016. change the minds of many voters. the reuters/ipsos poll released yesterday shows hillary clinton with a 5% lead over donald trump. 43-38%. that is roughly the same lead that she held throughout september. meanwhile, donald trump is amping up the attacks on twitter. the republican presidential candidate sent out a series of fiery tweets in the early morning hours yesterday. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau has
6:36 am
reporter: donald trump apparently not overly exhausted by his campaign schedule. upset about reports that some of his staff said he did not prepare well for monday's debate, he tweeted this at 3:20 friday morning. anytime you see a story about me or my campaign, saying sources said, do not believe it. there are no sources. they are just made-up lies. then three more tweets before 5:30 a.m. attacking hillary clinton and alicia machado, the clinton during this week's debate. did crooked hillary help disgusting alicia m become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate? this 1997 video surfaced friday. >> she had a little problem doing the middle where she gained a little weight. >> i don't think so. >> she's probably right. >> i don't think so. >> it's a man who's becoming unravelled. this is like the jet fuel for his campaign.
6:37 am
reporter: clinton questioned trump's judgment. >> who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack against a former miss universe? >> my father will change outdated labor laws. reporter: trump is trying to repair damage with women, featuring his daughter ivanka in this new ad. friday, the commission on presidential debate said he was right. there was a problem with his microphone, but it did not affect tv viewers. >> working that microphone was a hell of a lot more difficult than working crooked hillary clinton. reporter: trump said his overnight tweets shows that he, quote, will be there awake to answer the call. i'm ben simmoneau, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: new this morning -- the clinton campaign is firing back at trump's claim about a sex tape involving alicia machado. they say that he was referring to a racy appearance on a reality television show.
6:38 am
yesterday over his appearance in a 2000 playboy adult film. in it, trump is seen fully clothe pouring champagne over the playboy logo. doug: a deadly ammonia leak happened at stavis seafoods. the body of an employee was found on the second floor. osha determined a burst pipe in the machine pipe leaked ammonia and apparently that accident could have been prevented. is reached between boston's janitors and employers coming just in time. the deal includes expanded health care benefits and a wage bump, $20 per hour by the end of the four-year contract. some 13,000 unionized janitors were set to strike if they didn't reach a deal last night. the union represents 2,000 boston buildings as well as mbta stations. well, it is a papi party this weekend over at fenway park. antoinette: fans, players and
6:39 am
slugger as he continues his final home series of the regular season. david ortiz was greeted before the game last night with a standing ovation from the fans. and this moving tribute on the giant screen. 563 children saved and counting all thanks to his children's fund. and through all of this, big papi remains humble. after the game last night, he was asked about his storybook career ending. we work extremely hard every day to get better. and it's working out pretty good. antoinette: working out pretty good indeed. the red sox beat the blue jays, ortiz hitting a two-run homer in the seventh, and that would be the game winner. game time tonight at 7:10. doug: just put another one out there. start building that statue. antoinette: a family pet attacked. doug: a family in disbelief.
6:40 am
neighborhood and the tip police are giving pet owners this morning. antoinette: her son was placed on the wrong airplane. the legal action one mother is taking. mike: tracking showers this morning. how much we're exp kelly: you know me. nfalse, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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antoinette: it is 6:42. a warning in arlington after a coyote kills a family's dog. doug: it happened in their own backyard. our john atwater reports from arlington where the news of that attack is spreading quickly. john: the park is a pretty draw for people who live in the neighborhood. there's really no secret there are coyotes living b but they are rarely this aggressive. leo was a playful pup. the 2-year-old westie was the family's first dog. friday morning at 6:45 as part of his routine, he went out in the backyard. >> seems like a coyote came down from a wooded area and took the dog right out of the yard. john: the family's home backs up to the park. the invisible fence around the perimeter of their yard could not thwart the hungry predator. >> those early morning hours
6:44 am
surroundings. be aware of what's going on. john: leo's family said he stood no chance as the coyote darted into the yard. people who live here know that coyotes have been seen in the park and now police here are urging people to be even more cautious. >> oh, absolutely, nothing they could have done. it was just -- it just happened. and it's unfortunate. i felt horrible for the family. you know, it's like losing a loved ones. john: the owners are devastated and hoping other pet owners listen to this warning. in newscenter 5. >> now, your stormteam 5 forecast with meteorologist mike wankum. mike: calendar says october, and still time to check on the tropics. you see what's going on down here. this is matthew. last night when you went to bed, it was a category five storm. if you look at the eye, you see how it's less organized than it was 12 hours ago? we're calling it a category four storm. that still is a major hurricane. all of our computer models are in agreement.
6:45 am
like as we talk about monday moving through cuba. then after that, there's quite a bit of disparity in what the computer models are doing. we're talking a week down the road. i took a couple of our more reliable models, this is a track of the u.s. model. it says it will bring it over the top of us, probably not a full-fledged hurricane. we're talking a week and then some down the road. this is one computer model. the european model, strong a storm and keeps it several thousand miles offshore. there's a big disparity. keep it in the back of your mind. we'll keep a close eye on what's going on. right now, we're keeping an eye on nice downpours down there. this is so refreshing to see this. here's our heaviest downpour right now, leaving the taunton area through brockton headed toward weymouth. just about on 128.
6:46 am
drizzle, a few scattered showers. that area should lift northward over the next half hour or so so you get nice downpours right around the city. to the north shore, we had a nice band that was going through the beverly, boxford area, has pushed offshore and northward. we're seeing a downpour around portsmouth. otherwise, look off to the west and the north, there isn't that much going on. this is where the main focus of the rain is. i think that will be this morning. this afternoon becomes variety. here's the way the map looks at noon. there's still scattered showers out there. not much in the western part of the state. notice the temperatures. they do not budge at all. later this afternoon, scattered showers. maybe a little bit of a resurgence around 6:00 tonight. then it's scattered showers as we head through the overnight hours and tomorrow morning some scattered showers out there. tomorrow afternoon less of a threat. i think it's very lucky if you get any rain tomorrow.
6:47 am
day. today is the wettest of the days and this morning will be the wettest part of the day. how much rain are we talking about? we've had 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain. we'll add to that. the city of boston picking up another 1/2 inch of rain. it's not a lot but better than what we've been going through, and we need every drop of moisture. chuck it off to gray skies, damp out there, 58 degrees. tomorrow, less of a chance of scattered showers. then monday, zero, the chances of getting rain are really low. finally, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the sun comes back. we start to clear things off. next weekend, so seven days away, that's when we talk about matthew if it has any impact on the east coast and especially here. right now, keep it in the back of your mind that that threat is out there. antoinette: mike, thank you. check this out.
6:48 am
thank you. [laughter] antoinette: this pumpkin set a new record, that pumpkin weighing in at 2,757 pounds. did you say oh, my gourd. doug: it's this stuff. it's driving me crazy. antoinette: i'll give you a pass on that one only because i okay. we are following some breaking news out of dedham this morning. doug: two people are hurt in an overnight shooting. the new details from the scene
6:49 am
6:51 am
>> breaking news overnight. a four-alarm fire at this started around midnight on the fourth floor of a dorm hall. 71 students live in that building. all of them made it out safely. no word this morning on the cause of the fire. doug: also breaking, two people are hurt after a shooting in dedham. this is video from overnight. this is from bridge and needham streets near moseley's on the charles. several shots were fired at 1:30 this morning. police are still looking for suspects. the victims are both expected to
6:52 am
has downgraded into a still powerful category four. the national hurricane center says at its peak, matthew was the strongest hurricane in the atlantic since felix in 2007. f.b.i. agents returning to the home of the man allegedly behind last month's bombings in new york and new jersey. it's unclear what law enforcement officials were looking for during the search of night. they did take several photos and a box. rahami is facing charges including the use of weapons of mass destruction, bombing a public place. doug: 5 investigates confirms the essex county district attorney's office will review information about leonard campanello and the police department. sources tell 5 investigates domestic issues and other
6:53 am
campanello was put on leave. david ortiz wrapping up his final farewell at fenway park. fans gave big papi a standing ovation last night. teammates got to sport that gear to salute the slugger and, of course, this won't the papi's last series. we'll see him after in the playoffs. antoinette: a public family of a 7-year-old boy who drowned after walking away from a city-run day camp. a lawyer for the family said yesterday that police have not provided investigation documents requested by the family of kyzr willis. willis drowned at carson beach in july. doug: a new york mother is suing jetblue for flying her 5-year-old son to boston instead of new york.
6:54 am
ended up at logan, not j.f.k. and when she went to pick him up, there was a different boy waiting for her. both boys were flying alone out of the same airport in the dominican republic when they were put on the wrong flights. jetblue is not commenting on the lawsuit. antoinette: it is the prize of a lifetime and a lakeville man won it twice. doug: some guys! kevin phillips is his name. he won a million dollar scratch ticket for the second time in two years. he won his first million on a scratch in winnings to go to disney world. the third to become a two-time million-dollar winner this year. antoinette: we have video into the newsroom right now. this is a tree and some wires down in needham right now near 645 graypoint avenue. firefighters tell us both sides of the street are shut down while the wires are being
6:55 am
mike: it's breezy. the trees have been stressed so much with the drought. we are finally getting a little bit of rain. scattered showers today. less of a threat tomorrow. monday, maybe a little bit of sunshine back in the forecast. antoinette: all right. see you in an hour. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5's president and general manager bill fine. >> last week, our region made it into the national news cycle with this disturbing video. out on the floor of a retail store in lawrence, massachusetts, as her confused toddler tries to wake her. paramedics administer narcan to reverse the effects of a presumed opioid overdose. it's a shocking video even for all of us well aware of the tragedy of the opioid crisis. last week, 5 investigates' kathy curran exposed the drug of choice in bay state jails and prisons. small strips easily passed seen
6:56 am
hidden in cards, letters, and even bibles. in the past 18 months, more than 300 inmates tested positive for the drug. months ago, karen anderson first showed us the in the open tragedy of drug addiction along the part of mass avenue known as methadone mile. she's returned to the front lines of the opioid battle meeting new members of mayor walsh's engagement team whose goal is to help people find needed services in an area t city has renamed recovery road. it will take more than a new name facing our state and nation. armed with narcan, first responders are getting better and better at helping people survive opioid overdoses, yet the growing death toll in the bay state approaching 2,000 this year shows we're losing ground. department of public health to battle the stigma that can help people from seeking treatment. our parent company hearst is
6:57 am
on-air campaign aimed at stopping this epidemic which now claims 78 lives in the united states every single day. we'll continue to chronicle the struggle. too much is at stake for us to lose this battle. the next generation is watching, and they are depending on all of
6:58 am
6:59 am
re is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, monster hurricane. hurricane matthew, the most powerful storm to develop in the atlantic in a decade. a killer in the caribbean. now setting its sights on jamaica. will it threaten the the u.s. our weather team tracking it by the donald trump taking flack for his escalating feud with a former miss universe. hillary clinton is not backing down. >> in his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. >> donald's defense? and will the this battle hurt him with women voters. a police officer's plea. attorneys for the tulsa cop who opened fire on an unarmed african-american man now blaming


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