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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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winding down. harbaugh and michigan will use their second time-out, eat up as much of the clock as they can. 44 ticks remaining on the game clock. third and seven is upcoming. >> brian: this does not take wisconsin out of any conversation. i mean this is a loss, a one-touchdown loss on the road against a top five team and they get a bye. they need a bye. they need to regroup after this game. but then they're going to welcome the madison, which is never an easy place to play. and with this defense, steve, you know, anything is possible. certainly ohio state looks like the number two if not the number one team in the country, but they'll have their hands full in madison. >> steve: and this michigan defense today that's on display against alex hornibrook and wisconsin, 159 yards for wisconsin, eight first downs and the three turnovers for hornibrook. the three interceptions, all coming obviously at terrible times.
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of the running game. >> brian: and he's going to grow. hornibrook is going to grow. but to me if i'm paul chryst, when i go watch the film and meet with the team on sunday morning, i'm talking accountability for everybody. fumagalli, wheelwright, the offensive line, all of them need to watch this film critically and get better and learn from it as to how you can play as a team. >> steve: wisconsin needs a stop here to have any chance. and that should do that play took just enough time that now they don't have to run another play. >> brian: these two coaches long-time friends. you know, respect each other to the end. harbaugh said, you know, we respect each other, we love each other, we're going to try to gouge each other's eyes out for three hours, make no mistake, but a ton of respect between paul chryst and jim harbaugh. >> steve: how good are kenny allen and ryan tice feeling
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michigan knew there would be a game they wouldn't score 45 points in, and this was it. they score 14 and that's enough to beat wisconsin. down to todd mcshay. >> todd: hey, >> how ya doing. >> todd: so i talked to you yesterday and said what's your best game tape. where is this one going to rank? >> i don't know. i still felt a little rusty. i made a few plays but definitely if you're talking about one of my best games, it's about the effort. i don't know if this will line up as one of the best. >> todd: talk to me about that pick, that was something else. >> i know i had to make a play. i knew i had to go up there and get it. thank god i went to go get it. it was a heck of a play. >> todd: take me through when
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one-handed, what's going through your mind? >> i mean i jumped too early for the two-hander so i'm like i'm going to put a hand up there and see what happens. >> todd: you go up against darboh all the time, the wide receiver, in practice. how clutch was it? >> it saved us definitely. the offense was stuttering a little bit and they came out and executed and that helped us a lot. it gave us the confidence to go out and finish the game. >> todd: how good can this team be? >> the sky's the limit. we've got to keep preparing for a championship season. >> todd: thanks, man. congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> todd: guys. >> steve: michigan goes to 5-0, 2-0 in the conference. they'll travel to rutgers next week. wisconsin suffers their first loss of the season. they have the bye. be sure to tune into abc tonight at 8:00 eastern, saturday night football. louisville takes on clemson, another top ten showdown. that's it for our top ten
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thanks for joining us. have a great night, everybody. >> next at 7:00, the video that has a top state official off the job tonight.
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>> now on newscenter 5. reid: a top state official handing in his resignation. 5 investigators the video that has him off the job. >> rain is moving out. i'm tracking the chance of more showers and a powerful storm in the caribbean. nichole: a truck slams into this house. a close call for the couple inside. >> from boston's news leader,
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had a soaker of a saturday, much-needed rain but terrible timing for anyone with outdoor plans. nichole: we are also watching hurricane matthew in the tropics. joe venuti is tracking it from the weather center. joe: it was a category five hurricane last night and late yesterday. it has been downgraded slightly but still packing winds of 150 miles per north there. the system is slowly moving to the north-northwest. we'll be tracking this storm. it is a week or more away before it affects us in new england, if it does at all. as for us, we mentioned a lot of rain. heavy rain moved out early this morning. it was much-needed rain and it was a steady soaker. eastern massachusetts getting the bulk of the rainfall, which
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its worst. when i come back, i'll talk about rainfall amounts and we'll track the powerful storm in the caribbean. nichole: 5 investigators with exclusive video that forced a top state official out of his job. the deputy commissioner of the department of conservation and recreation suddenly handing in his resignation friday. mike beaudet is here with the evidence you need to see. mike b.: the department of conservation and recreation claims to be all about improving outdoor recreational activities in massachusetts. but another outdoor activity is at thed -- the center of the latest d.c.r. scandal. that's matthew sisk, trying to move through traffic on congress street this summer. another day this summer, and another video of the deputy commissioner doing the same thing. even though this time the road is relatively clear. these videos, now in the hands of the state police, which
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sisk's resignation from his job the next day. the governor's communications director saying governor baker is disappointed to learn of the deputy commissioner's poor judgment in inappropriately using a state vehicle. he accepts his resignation and looks forward to a thorough review to make sure lights and sirens are used for the correct purposes. it's the latest d.c.r. headache for the; who seen his clean image tarnished recently by the agency. this, leo roy, d.c.r. commissioner, and sisk, remember suspended for half pay, for using private funds for a -- state funds for a private party.
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kaufman has been a regular contributor to baker's campaign. >> is this how managers in your administration act? >> no, which is the reason why we -- why they're suspended for a week. >> that was the governor after 5 investigates broke the first scandal. now sisk's actions behind the wheel have driven him right out of his six-figure state job. state police are investigating but sisk is not expected to face criminal charges. however, he could lights and sirens. meantime, the baker administration says it started a review to make sure lights and sirens on all state vehicles are only used during emergencies. mike beaudet, 5 investigates. reid: tragic news out of south carolina. this little boy, 6 years old, shot at a school, has died.
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shooting. the death comes a day after the 14-year-old suspect was formally charged. police say the teenager shot and killed his father first, headed to the school, shot hall, another student and first grade student. the other victims are recovering. in dedham, searching for a gunman that fired near bridge street. most victims are expected to survive. police say they were hosting nichole: how close a woman came to being hit in the sudden impact. david: the owner tells us the pickup that hit his house this morning didn't come from far. it had just pulled away from this house, just across the street. in less than 75 feet, the pickup picked up enough speed, crashed through a brick wall, ripped off a corner of the house and veered
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gone upstairs to take a shower. >> i thought we were hit with a meteor. david: his wife was still asleep in the bedroom. >> fortunately, she rolled over to the other side of the bed. thank god we're all ok. david: although the pick up driver's home is a few feet away, it's outside boston city limits in dedham. the dedham fire department says the driver appears to have ha a neighbor tells us the pick-up driver is in his 50's. he was taken to the medical center. >> celebrating the legendary career of big papi, david ortiz. this weekend devoted to the accomplishments of number 34. big papi doing his part to making it a great weekend and winning home run last night.
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live at fenway park where game two of the series with the blue jays is getting underway. diane: fans have been flocking to fenway to see david ortiz in action. here at the red sox team store, big papi has his own corner filled with hats, shirts, and just about anything else store says david ortiz merchandise has been flying off the shelves since opening day. >> picked up throughout the year, getting closer to october. diane: fans are coming in from across the country to see david ortiz on the field for the last two regular season games in his career at fenway. >> we don't have that kind of enthusiasm for the baseball teams in florida and even in florida, you're still a red sox fan. once a red sox fan, always a red sox fan.
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the red sox slugger, big papi is drawing long-time fans to the ballpark who have been following the team on tv for decades, for the first time. >> it's exciting to see him get up when the game's on the line. that ball can go over the fence and he can score runs. you never know what's going to happen. diane: for tomorrow's game, fans are asked to get to the stadium by 1:00 and be in their sea b live at fenway, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: coming up, tracking the zika virus in miami. that vacation city faces an
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>> the 10:00 news on me tv boston, now on comcast channel 942.
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nichole: another match of zika found on miami beach. zika can cause severe birth defects if pregnant women are infected. the department says it's only found the virus in six of the 4,000 samples collected since may. this is first time in two weeks any of the mosquitoes with the virus have been captured. reid: there is a temporary ban
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the boat fire. crews are working to get the charred boat out of the water. how it started is under investigation. more than 70 dartmouth college students stuck out of their dorm tonight following a four-alarm fire that swept through their building. escorted by staff, students were able to return to morton hall to pick up some of their belongs. the fire started around midnight in a ceiling and quickly grew. no one was forced outside. temporary housing is available. >> we already have people here. we're start to work on the building. we'll make every endeavor to get the building on line as soon as possible. there's severe damage. reid: firefighters say the design of the building made it difficult to put out the fire. it took them six hours to get the flames under control. the cause is under investigation. just ahead, joe venuti with the
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matthew. nichole: delays in the investigation on the commuter
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nichole: new road blocks in the search for answers in the deadly train crash in new jersey. a cancer causing substance is slowing the investigation. asbestos is the danger, forcing recovery crews to take extra precaution. signals and track were in working order. reporter: beneath a massive tangle of steel and glass, crucial evidence in the train crash that killed one and injured 114 others. >> because of the asbestos and because of the unsettled structures that we're not sure about, i'm not allowing anybody to go in there. reporter: at this point, the sheer extent of the wreckage in hoboken, new jersey, is keeping ntsb investigators from
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the crash. officials want to know how fast the train was going and if the brakes were used before it slammed into the station thursday morning. >> we got multiple walking wounded. reporter: investigators recovered one of the event recorders, seen here, the one kept at the back of the train. that information is now being downloaded at the manufacturer. investigators did speak with the engineer, 48-year-old thomas gallagher, but there are no details on that meeting. preliminary drug for him came back negative. so far, witnesses say the train appeared to be going three times faster than normal as it approached the platform. the impact, so violent, that part of the station's ceiling collapsed, raining debris down on the hundreds standing around waiting. while the ntsb wants to get access to more of the wreckage, investigators are interviewing more witnesses and reviewing multiple videos. >> our objective is as always
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out what happened but why it happened so we can prevent it from happening again. nichole: a public works truck stuck in a sink hole on south street in needham. a tow truck able to pull the truck out safely. mandatory water restrictions have been in place in needham over the past few days. reid: problems everywhere today throughout the area but not really problem. the fact that it fell on a saturday, though, joe, but we are desperate for the rain. we could use another week or two worth of it. joe: at least that. at least the rain came at a slow and steady pace. that's the good news. because of the rain, the clouds, the north-northeast winds, temperatures where they've been most of the day, stuck in the middle to lower 50's, a few upper 40's. temperatures in worcester, 49 degrees.
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warmer at the coast. the temperatures won't budge much but much-needed rainfall especially in eastern mass. if you remember from some of the drought monitoring we've shown you, eastern mass has been hit some of the hardest but bedford with close to an inch, boston close to 3/4s of an inch. upwards of an inch, inch and a half. a to soak into the ground. you can see it from this morning, starting to slide out. it continues to move out but because of the north-northeasterly wind off of the water, it will stay fairly damp overnight into the early morning but not a lot of rainfall here coming up for the next few hours and then overnight tomorrow, as well. now, wider look shows you the
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go before this system moves off shore and allows drier air to circulate in. more good news tomorrow, it looks like the majority of the day is dry, it's just overcast, especially for things going on locally. shifting to the tropics where we're looking at hurricane matthew. winds up to 150 miles per hour and it looks like right now it's borderline almost a category five storm. it was category five yesterday. downgraded slightly. you can see not over the next 24 to 48 hours, the system will move up past jamaica, towards eastern cuba. beyond that, it's probably not until the end of the week until we have an idea how close it comes to florida. this is the initial projection. we'll keep a close eye on matthew. for us, earliest, next weekend, before he has an influence on
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40's, lower to mid 50's. tomorrow, temperatures in the mid 60's and there could be bright spots in the afternoon, good news for the folks heading out to see the pats 1:00 tomorrow. northeast wind generally cloudy and because it's an early game, most of the showers i'm expecting will be after the game is over and overnight tomorrow night. in terms of the seven-day forecast, once we get the system to move off, take a look, monday afternoon, a few leftover showers as the system passes u tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday looks sunny for much of the week. temperatures reaching middle to upper 60's and we'll keep a close eye all week on that storm in the caribbean. >> now, here's sportscenter 5 powered by xfinity. >> the red sox will play the indians in the first round of
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lose, the red sox would have the two seed in the american league. another clutch memory courtesy of david ortiz last night, putting the sox ahead to stay 5-3. they're back at that time tonight against the blue jays. ortiz in the middle of the lineup. even he sometimes can't explain the key to his timely success. david: focus, man. just want to go out there and do something. when i step up to thela sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't. >> if you expect it, it's sad to say in this game, it's tough to do what he's doing and he makes it look easy. you just appreciate it so much from the outside watching him. we're just enjoying it. it's awesome to see. josh: comings and goings for the patriots today before the bills arrive. greg scruggs has been added to
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he used to play defensive lineman. to make room for skrugs, the patriots have cut john hughes. he was only with the team five days. and another gronkowski is a patriot. while rob is questionable to play sunday, his brother, glenn gronkowski, a fullback out of kansas state, has been signed to the practice squad. while all signs point to jimmy garappolo in at quarterback for the is worried about the dual threat across the field. tyrod taylor ran for 76 yards and nine carries against the cardinals, including this touchdown. >> obviously we're going to try to do a good job keeping him in the pocket but he's an athlete. he makes plays. there will be times in the game where our front linebacker, d-line will have to chase for our life to get him and stay on guys for extended period of time.
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buffalo this weekend. these are the bulls, not the bills. nice spin move. devon jones. 7-0, b.c. in the second quarter, patrick toles, flushed from the pocket, fires a dart to the back of of e end zone. charlie callahan stays inbounds. eagles win it. they're 3-2 on the season and welcome clemson friday night. ryder cup highlights tonight after the late game. nichole: coming up after college football, run over while filling up. the injuries to this woman and dramatic video, what we're learning about the joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from
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