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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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karen: >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- doug: two people killed in a crash on the cape. antoinette: explosive revelations in the race for the white house. what newly uncovered tax records show about donald trump's financial history. doug: big papi's last home stand. the celebration for the heart of red sox nation.
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good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. antoinette: it is 6:00 on your sunday morning. and we begin with this live look outside of fenway park this morning where the final regular season tribute is getting underway. that big thank you big papi banner out there. we love seeing that. good morning to you. sunday, october 2. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: i'm doug meehan. we have the sox at 3:00. we have the patriots at 1:00. sunday. mike: looks like a gray day out there. there may be some patchy drizzle. i don't think it's organized rain, not like yesterday. yesterday we had soaking rains across the area. it was wonderful. some people picking up 1 1/2, almost 2 inches of rain, primarily in the southern part of the state and toward the cape and the islands. i'll show you a place where they're picking up a lot more rain. hurricane matthew. matthew has the potential of dropping over two feet of rain in some areas. that's bad news. because right now the track is putting it towards haiti.
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island of hispaniola. this is the way the map is looking. we're talking about a major category four hurricane, perhaps a three as it moves that way towards tuesday at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. so late tomorrow night into early tuesday morning is the worst time for this system to go through. then we look at the southeastern waters of the united states. that's where it may sit. it will be sitting out here through friday. that will give us an idea of whether it will be moving along the east coast or out to sea. there are several things. we'll talk more about that in a few moments. there's the gray skies. a few scattered showers over the cape and out to the west. they've moved away. this is the way the skies will look today. a lot of gray skies. we'll talk about when that sunshine returns coming up in a few moments. antoinette? antoinette: thank you. we are following breaking news on the eyeopener. two people are dead following this crash in yarmouth. this is video in overnight from the area of buck island road. police say two vehicles collided
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a third person was seriously injured. the names of the victims have not been released. the cause of the crash is under investigation. doug: also breaking overnight, police on the scene after a car ran into a home on peabody. one person taken to the hospital. the building inspector had to be called in to assess structural damage to the home. antoinette: commitment 2016 this morning. both campaigns are on the attack after new revelations about donald has released what it says are trump's tax records from 1995. now, he declared a $916 million loss. tax experts tell the paper that that filing could have allowed trump to legally avoid paying federal income tack -- taxes for nearly two decades. trump is refusing to release his detailed tax returns.
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here that the more than 20-year-old alleged tax document was illegally obtained." "mr. trump is a highly skilled businessman who has fiduciary responsibilities to his business, family and employees to pay no more tax than legally required." it lists all the taxes trump has paid. it does not specifically mention federal income taxes. hillary clinton blasted trump in a late-night statement saying, quote, he apparentlyot decades while tens of millions of working families paid them. he calls that smart. clinton called on trump again to release his full tax returns. antoinette: on the stump in pennsylvania, trump turned his attention to hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton thinks bernie sanders' supporters are hopeless and ignorant basement dwellers. then, of course, she thinks
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us are deplorable and irredeemable. i don't think so. antoinette: at one point last night, trump physically mocked clinton's health. he called the former secretary of state low energy and the job of president requires stamina. the only vice presidential debate is two days away. tim kaine and mike pence squaring off on tuesday night. coverage gets started at 9:00 p.m. on wcvb channel 5. then it is round two for clinton and trump. their n is a week from today. that debate also starts at 9:00 p.m. >> there's a drive. high flyball right center field. and the red sox walk off with the win. doug: it's just fun, people. it's just fun. david ortiz, big papi, for more than a decade, he's been on the field and in the hearts of red sox nation. and today the team and fans will
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more time. let's pause everybody here. the regular season. antoinette: more baseball to play. the eyeopener's sera congi live at fenway park where a very special day is planned. sera, good morning. reporter: yes. all eyes will be on fenway park today. take a look at this banner behind me. thanks papi. it is larger than life. all those eyes on fenway park will be filled with tears for another sential there's no question, big papi is among the great. three world series rings. number 17 on the all-time home run list and he holds the red sox single season home run record. last night, other sports legends got their chance to say thank you. former patriots player hockey legend bobby orr and the entire boston celtics team walked on the field as part of celebrations honoring big papi's career. survivors of the boston marathon bombing also joined them in a
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back in the spring, maria stephanos asked papi how he wants to see his storied career end. reporter: the last game. how's it going to go? let's go. >> hopefully, my last game go like this. two out. bottom of the ninth. fenway park. kimbrel pitching. strikeout. we won the world series. that's what i want for my last game. nation would love to see that kind of ending. ahead in our next half hour, an emotional moment on the field with a very special fan. live at fenway park this morning, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: sera, talk to you in a bit. thank you. two lowell men are under arrest on drug charges. four children inside that home during the bust. police say they found a large amount of what's believed to be heroin during a search of an apartment on cross street yesterday. they say they also found cash
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26-year-old leonardo leger are facing drug trafficking charges. antoinette: this morning, we are hearing from a woman who survived a very close call in her home, which is right on the dedham, west roxbury line. a pickup truck barrelling into her bedroom. as david bienick shows us, one move may have protected her from that sudden impact. reporter: in less than 75 feet, the pickup picked up enough speed to crash through a b house and veer off next door. >> it sounded so loud, i thought a bomb went off. >> i thought we were hit with a meteor. the whole house vibrated. reporter: the owner says his wife was asleep in the bedroom. >> fortunately, she had rolled over to the other side of the bed. everything else had caved in was on the bed, so thank god we're all okay. reporter: even though the pickup driver's home ace few feet away,
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the fire department says the driver appears to have had a medical emergency. a neighbor tells us the pickup driver is in his 50's. an ambulance took him to beth israel deaconess medical center. doug: david, thank you. new details right now about that fire that ripped through a dorm up in dartmouth college. students were able to pick up some of their things from morton hall yesterday. two firefighters were injured battling friday night's blaze. they say it was even tougher to fight because of a under the building's vaulted roof. the 71 students impacted by that fire will be assigned new housing. it is still unclear how that fire started. we have a health alert for you this morning. antoinette: baby food recalled. the deadly bacteria one brand might contain. a terrifying school bus ride in texas caught on camera. the issue that triggered this wild rollover. doug: hunkering down in the
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as hurricane matthew barrels through the region. mike: we are drying out after yesterday's soaker. when the clouds will clear and your fenway forecast for big papi's final home game of the regular season. >> back it goes. carrying, carrying, gone. antoinette: one of several pages out of the big papi play book. david ortiz kicked off his final opening day in style with a two-run homer. moments from his amazing career all morning long. be sure to stick around with the
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more.
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there's a recall involving baby food. sammy's milk baby food could contain the deadly cronobacter bacteria. the company says products with expiration dates of november 2016 to august 2018 should not be eaten. cronobacter can cause severe and sometimes fatal blood infections and meningitis. customers should return the product for a refund. doug: more m be. the florida department of agriculture says this is the sixth time mosquitoes with zika were caught in that area. zika can cause severe birth defects if pregnant women become infected. the department has only found the virus in six of the 4,000 mosquito samples collected since may. this is the first time in two weeks that any mosquito with zika has been captured. antoinette: right now, the state department is warning u.s. citizens to get out of jamaica if they can.
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haiti and cuba are also in the powerful category four storm's path. matthew is expected to pass near the island tomorrow. you've been watching the storm as it's been moving. it was a monster storm. mike: it really is. jamaica may be better positioned than yesterday. haiti is probably the worst spot. haiti is one of the worst places for a hurricane. in addition to all the poverty, you have the mountain range which creates flooding in those areas. that's probably not such great news we're hearing about this morning. we'll keep t gets closer. what is matthew doing right now? as you look at it in the caribbean, the caribbean water so warm. that's what fuels these thunderstorms gathering together to create this massive hurricane that you're seeing. there's the eye of it. the eye was very well defined a couple of hours ago. it's fading a little bit. we saw that yesterday. it didn't have much impact. still category four as it was yesterday. night before last, it was up to a category five. it's still holding at a four at this point. what is it going to be doing?
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it's moving west. it should move more northerly tomorrow. the map at 8:00 tomorrow looks like this. you see where it's going, threading between jamaica and haiti. the computer models all in agreement that it's a very close hit in those areas. then as we head on later on the week, because this is friday at 10:00 that we're talking about, here's where the computer models think it's going to go. it should follow a path like this keeping it offshore. that's next friday. how doe after that, the computer models go over the place. these tracks look like a big plate of spaghetti. it's leaning more towards an offshore path. i will point out other computer models. this is the u.s. model. here's the way the map looks friday morning. then it starts to make a path this direction. that would not be a good path for us because we're talking about late sunday into monday, the pocket of a hurricane.
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it doesn't tend to be that good. this is a very good model we like, the european model. it was tracking right offshore. this one says let's hang around in the southeastern united states. so all the way until next monday, it is still sitting right there off the coast. tells you we need to keep a close eye on the tropics this time of year. around here, yesterday, we had some nice rains across the area. 71/100. october. overnight, there wasn't much. more drizzle than anything else. by the shoreline, picking up about 05 inches of rain. every drop helps. how about today? not much for showers. there's still a little drizzle near the shoreline. as you look off to the west, we had a band of showers lift north and falling apart.
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reinforcement. big upper-level low keeps this circulation going. that's why we're stuck in this pattern. when will we break out of it? probably not until tuesday. today, kind of clouds, drizzle here and there. not as wet as yesterday. not that much sunshine. tomorrow, a hint of sunshine but a good chance we can see an afternoon shower pop up. and as far as the patriots are concerned, today looks like a gray day out there, but not too bad as far as rain is concerned. then we get into some sunshine. tuesday slowly clearing. wednesday, thursday, a upper 60's. right around 70 degrees. that looks like beautiful fall weather coming our way. perhaps the chance of showers as we head toward next weekend. otherwise, pretty dry up until then. that's the way the forecast looks for right now. doug and antoinette? antoinette: all right, mike. thank you. it's 6:18. now to some of the stories we're following right now on the eyeopener. doug: protests in los angeles after police shoot and kill an 18-year-old after a chase. police say it started when officers spotted a car with paper plates and then tried to stop the driver believing that
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the driver took off running. that's when he was shot. police say they recovered a weapon at the scene. antoinette: a 6-year-old boy shot at his elementary school on wednesday has died. doctors in south carolina say jacob hall lost just too much blood. the 14-year-old suspect killed his father, then drove to townville elementary and opened fire. another student and first grade teacher were injured. a doug: watch this dramatic video out of texas. surveillance video, the moment a school bus flipped over in harris county. my goodness, those children. the bus driver was trying to avoid hitting a truck. this happened last friday. that driver and 16 students were on the bus. they were injured, but everybody is expected to be okay. well, i don't know how you survive, but some binge watching plans were dashed. antoinette: hey, i had plans for
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for hours. what did everyone do? the viewer backlash and where they vented their frustration. also, channelling the gop nominee. the actor taking on the late-night role. do you recognize him? but first we have this blast from big papi's past. >> strong lefty hitting only .188. this ball is gone. doug: that's right. that was big papi's first home run in a red sox uniform against anaheim. by june, he was the full-time designated hitter. and those two, well, they didn't last too long. but, you know, we all get over it.
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mike: gray skies this morning and some fog in worcester not very warm out there and kind of a gray start. as i mentioned, the drizzle is out there. too light to be picked up on radar, but it is out there. showers have moved out. we may see a hit or miss shower but plan on a pretty gray day. no organized rain event. at fenway today, cloudy, cool, spot drizzle here or there for that game today. 58 degrees for that first pitch. and over the next several days,
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sunshine coming in here. by monday, a hint of sunshine with afternoon showers. tuesday better. wednesday, thursday and friday, 60's and sunshine. doug and antoinette? antoinette: all right, mike. thank you. there is a new donald trump in town. doug: the republican nominee got the official send-up on "saturday night live" last night. >> i won the debate. i stayed calm just like i promised, and it is over. good night, hofstra. doug: he's got the mouth thing down trump impersonation as the show took aim at last week's debate. kate mckinnon filling in for hillary clinton. they did a little thing with david ortiz, too. a tribute to david ortiz, too. antoinette: i was not up watching. doug: nor was i. a little time on the computer before we started. an earthquake alert in southern california. antoinette: this is a pretty big deal. the warning issued and the signs a big one could be days away.
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poor judgment takes a top official off the job. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5's president and general manager bill fine. >> last week, our region made it into the national news cycle with this disturbing video. a new hampshire mom lies passed out on the floor of a retail store in lawrence, massachusetts, as her confused toddler tries to wake her. paramedics administer narcan to reverse the effects of a presumed opioid overdose. all of us well aware of the tragedy of the opioid crisis. last week, 5 investigates' kathy curran exposed the drug of choice in bay state jails and prisons. small strips easily passed seen here in this security video are hidden in cards, letters, and even bibles. in the past 18 months, more than 300 inmates tested positive for the drug. months ago, karen anderson first showed us the in the open
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methadone mile. she's returned to the front lines of the opioid battle meeting new members of mayor walsh's neighborhood engagement team whose goal is to help people find needed health services in an area the city has now renamed recovery road. it will take more than a new name facing our state and nation. armed with narcan, first responders are getting better and better at helping people survive opioid overdoses, yet the growing death toll in year shows we're losing ground. wcvb has been proud to partner with the massachusetts department of public health in the struggle to end opioid addiction and battle the stigma that can help people from seeking treatment. our parent company hearst is joining lawmakers and drug abuse experts nationwide to launch an on-air campaign aimed at stopping this epidemic which now claims 78 lives in the united states every single day. we'll continue to chronicle the
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lose this battle. the next generation is watching, and they are depending on all of us. kelly: you know me. nfalse, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general-
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to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- and i'm still fighting for you. hood new england creamery. 14 unforgettable flavors of delicious, premium ice cream.
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? bobby. you're doing it again.
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. mike: a fall chill in the air. when we'll see a warm-up and the latest track on hurricane
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doug: big names coming out to say goodbye to a sox favorite. big papi's final home stand on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: good morning, everybody. it's sunday morning. it's 6:30. 54 degrees. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio along with mike wankum. we've got patriots came this afternoon, red sox game. doug: i'm thinking a beautiful day to sit in front of the tv. mike: if you are going to the game, bring fall weather gear, but you're not going to use it. it's a gray day. not like yesterday where we saw rain. drizzle. hit or miss. as far as sunshine, forget about it. the other thing we've been tracking this morning is hurricane matthew. still a category four storm. winds up to 150 miles an hour. if they're above 155, it would be a category five storm, which is what we saw friday night. matthew looks like it will be tracking its way very close to
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we're talking about late tomorrow night into tuesday and tracking its way into the bahamas and it should go slowly towards the east southeastern part of the united states. here's the map at 2:00 a.m. friday morning. so it's a long, slow process we're talking about. it's going to be sitting down there churning up quite a while. it won't have any impact on us? we'll discuss that coming up. the trend is leaning offshore. i'll show you what the latest computer projections are looking like. this morning, a lot of gray skies. drizzle which does not show up it's out there. if you've been outside, you know what i'm talking about. scattered showers over the cape have wound down as well as areas off to our west. we're left with gray skies. here's the way the map looks at 3:00 this afternoon. you're not seeing organized rain, but there could be spotty drizzle here or there. guess what? it's more of the same overnight tonight. the temperatures even hold flat. we're not seeing much of a variety there. we're into the mid 50's right now. maybe getting to 60 degrees. then we finish with temperatures in the upper 50's. so when does that sunshine
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moments. doug and antoinette? antoinette: thank you. we are following breaking news on the eyeopener. doug: first down to yarmouth where two people are dead following a crash. this is video in from overnight from buck island road. police say two vehicles collided head on. this was at around 10:30 last night. a third person mysteriously injured. the names not released and the cause under investigation. antoinette: also breaking overnight, police are on the scene after a car ran into a home in peabody. this happened on central avenu hospital. the building inspector was called in to assess structural damage to that home. doug: a new report from the "new york times" claims gop nominee donald trump lost nearly a billion dollars in 1995, which would have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades. the paper says it got the tax filings anonymously. antoinette: some of the biggest
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always been bigger than life. and today the tributes to david ortiz will reach a fever pitch with his last home game of the regular season. doug: the eyeopener's sera congi live at fenway park for us this morning with the special moments for a pretty special guy. sera? reporter: special moments all weekend long, doug and antoinette. today, we'll see him do his signature move. you can see it depicted here in when he's kissing the sky and kissing his fans. ortiz will step onto the field for a final time this regular season today, and the red sox and red sox nation are ready to make that moment memorable. there have been so many touching moments like this one. papi with former champion pete frates last night.
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ortiz number 34 jerseys. several marathon bombing survivors. fans came from all over the country to see ortiz on the field. it's no mystery why. >> that's big papi. he's so special. it's just wonderful. >> it's always exciting to see him get up when the game's on the line. you know that ball can go over the fence. he can score runs. it's always an exciting part. you never know what's going to pp reporter: of course, david ortiz merchandise has been flying off the shelves since opening day. one more tribute is planned for big papi today, and gates are going to open two ours before game time so everyone can get into their seats and enjoy the show. live at fenway park, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: thank you. we have a special graphic on our wcvb facebook page right now that you can share to say thanks
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about your favorite papi moments. take your time. there's plenty. antoinette: there are a lot. 5 investigates with the east coasts video this morning that forced a top state official out of his job. doug: here's the evidence you need to see. >> they claim to be about improving recreational activities in massachusetts, but another outdoor activity is now at the center of the latest dcr scandal. that matthew sisk's suv in boston, lights and siren blaring trying to move through traffic on congress street this summer. another day this summer and another video of the deputy commissioner doing the same thing. even though this time the road is relatively clear. these videos now in the hands of the state police which launched an investigation on thursday leading on sisk's resignation the next day. the governor's communications
6:37 am
deputy commissioner's poor judgment in inappropriately using a state vehicle. he looks forward to a thorough review to make sure lights and sirens are strictly used for emergency purposes. i have to ask you, did you get an invite to the big dcr bash? >> i did not get an invite. reporter: it's the latest dcr headache for the governor who has seen his squeaky clean image tarnished by the agency. seen here performing were suspended without pay for using state funds for a private july 3 party where guests were whisked to the vip section in state-funded golf carts. here's sisk greeting guests. sisk, another active republican, has been a regular contributor to baker's campaign. is this how managers in your administration act?
6:38 am
we -- why they're suspended for a week. reporter: that was the governor after 5 investigates broke the first scandal, but the suspensions didn't stop the questions. now sisk's actions behind the wheel have driven him right out of his six-figure state job. state police are investigating, but sisk is not expected to face criminal charges. however, he could be fined a few hundred dollars for misusing his lights and sirens. the baker administration says it started a review to make s vehicles are only used during emergencies. antoinette: two people are facing changers accused of breaking into a home in framingham. police found marylynn martin and edward griffin in the hayes street home friday night after a call from a concerned neighbor came in. martin was hiding in a closet. police say they found a number of needles and syringes on the pair including one that had just been used.
6:39 am
two people in dedham. this was breaking news yesterday on the eyeopener. both victims are recovering this morning after they were shot near the moseley's on the charles events hall. no arrests have been made. police say the hall was hosting a birthday party at the time of the shooting. doug: new this morning, officials in lynnfield are considering a ban on companies like air bnb after a deadly shooting earlier this year. a 33-year-old man was shot and killed at a home that the owner rented out for a college the board is going to propose a ban on rentals fewer than 30 days. that will be held at a town meeting later this month. the owner defending the practice, saying he often rents the home to people who just want to travel. there is a new memorial to the crew of a cargo ship lost at sea. the tribute to the el faro was unveiled yesterday in portland, maine. several crew members had ties to new england and right now the ntsb is going over more than 26
6:40 am
from the ship's data recorder. antoinette: 6:39 on your sunday morning. and a disturbing warning out west. doug: the signs that a major earthquake may be imminent along an active fault in california. also, investigators hit a stumbling block after a deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. the issue that could hold up the search for answers. mike: a cloudy start to your sunday. when we seal some sun. plus hurricane matthew. where that powerful storm is heading next. >> ortiz into deep right field. antoinette: who could forget this big papi classic. 2004. the sox on the verge of elimination by those yankees. david ortiz hitting a walk-off two-run homer. game four of the alcs. and we know how this one ended. more big papi moments all
6:41 am
joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped.
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narrator: independence usa pac
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antoinette: stories we are following right now here on the eyeopener. officials say people in southern california should be on heightened alert for the chance of a major earthquake. the alert follows a series of small tremors along the san
6:44 am
year. the alert is expected to last until tuesday. doug: there's new information this morning about the deadly commuter train crash that injured more than 100 people in new jersey. federal officials and federal investigators say that structural concerns at the hoboken terminal along with the possible presence of asbestos complicating their investigation, but they do know that there were no problems with signals before the station. now, one woman was killed in that crash. the train's engineer has been the ntsb isn't providing details. antoinette: a woman is run over while pumping gas outside of charlotte, north carolina. you can see the pickup truck slam into the car sending that woman flying. amazingly, that woman has only minor injuries and is expected to be okay. police say the driver tried to run away but three men held him down until police came. >> tried to take a few steps like he was trying to get away. >> you did what?
6:45 am
of him. antoinette: police say the driver didn't realize what happened. they say he was under the influence of pain pills when the crash occurred. he's charged with dwi and assault with a deadly weapon. >> now, your stormteam 5 forecast with mike wankum. mike: it is a gray start to your sunday morning but not organized rain. yesterday we had downpours. this morning, not much going on. we have a band of showers in the western part of the state lifting past as you look at the wide picture, there are a few showers offshore, another few showers over the ohio river valley, but not anything organized. that's why i say today, spotty drizzle here or there, a shower, but not as wet as yesterday. don't plan on much sunshine either. we have this about upper-level low. it's locked its way in and keeps this circulation, persistent circulation, over the top of us. every once in a while, little
6:46 am
scattered showers as we saw yesterday. and shows showers were so welcome. now, before the rain yesterday, we were running about 9 1/2 inches on the dry side. this is the area we're talking about exceptional drought. believe it or not, that's the area that picked up the most rain yesterday. not a drought buster, but certainly helped a little bit with the situation. i know you love to have a great weekend. that's the only bad part, it did come on the weekend, but we needed that rain desperately and managed to get it. here's the way the map looks at 10:00 in the morning. not much different than right now. a little bit of drizzle here or temperatures into the 50's. these temperatures by the way are not going to move again today. holding in the upper 50's to around 60 degrees. by 6:00 tonight, gray skies and again radar does not pick up these patchy showers very well so we're not looking at it too much. there will be patchy drizzle here or there in a few locations. 6:00 a.m., almost the exact same map. gray, patchy drizzle and the temperatures are pretty much holding in the mid to upper 50's. as we head through the day
6:47 am
may see scattered showers developing. this is monday at 5:00. there's a few scattered showers here or there. better organization to it. we may see some of that going on as we talk about late tomorrow into tomorrow evening. let's talk about what's going to happen today. well, today, we're not looking at a whole lot of rain. maybe 1/10 inch at best. worcester, upper 40's this morning. you may only get to the mid 50's this afternoon. a few spots, especially as you look down towards foxborough, we may get to the cape, why is it warmer there? because the ocean water temperatures are warmer than the air. foxborough, spotty drizzle a possibility. bring a light something to keep over your head in case you get a little drizzle. it isn't a big issue. if you forget to wear your jacket, you'll need it. you may want a jacket with temperature around 60 degrees.
6:48 am
category four storm. its latest path is going to put it right between cuba and the island of hispaniola, right over haiti right now. again, we'll be looking at this going up the east coast possibly late into the week. right now, the trend does seem from our computer models to kick it offshore. nothing is going to impact us until we're talking about next weekend at the earliest. here's the way it looks today. afternoon showers are a possibility. tuesday, we clear things away. then look at this. wednesday, thursday, friday, the sunshine is . it will feel a whole lot nicer than the cool gray weather we have going on this weekend. next chance for showers is next saturday. that is not associated with matthew. that's another frontal boundary coming through that may give us a few scattered showers if matthew does do anything, it would be late into the weekend next weekend and again there's a lot of big if's. no consistency within the computer models as to what's going to happen. the trend is to push it more offshore. doug?
6:49 am
bills this afternoon in the last game before tom brady returns. by the way, there's another gronk at gillette. while rob is questionable to play today, his brother glenn gronkowski, a fullback out of kansas state, he's been signed to the practice squad. kickoff at 1:00. antoinette: netflix is back online after a major outage. the streaming service went down for several hours yesterday. bad timing since they had just released a whole new b movies. people took to twitter to vent their frustrations. it's not clear what caused the outage, but rest assured, back online this morning. yesterday was a bad day for it, too. cold, dreary. doug: the ryder cup. i don't have netflix. it's true. i don't. antoinette: "chronicle"'s j.c. monahan thought she was headed on the trip of a lifetime when the boss assigned her to mexico,
6:50 am
so fast. mexico, norway and paris are in the state of maine. if you think that's strange, wait till you hear the names of maine's roads. ? >> from misery gore, bald head to bingo, maine has some real doozies when it comes to town names, which reminds us, could we interest you in a home in suckerville? unusual. there are street signs. >> anybody mention emden, and that's all they'll say. the katie crotch road. >> you'll have to forgive eleanor if she seems a little, well, crotchety. after all, she's in charge of replacing the road signs in the town of emden, maine.
6:51 am
reporter: and as the records show, one in particular keeps disappearing. over and over. >> 12, 13, 14. i can't keep them up. sometimes they're gone overnight. reporter: in fact, this sign routinely showed up on top 10 lists of the most stolen road signs in the country. >> somebody said why don't you, when you order some, order a dozen and put them in a cardboard box, take them out, set thing and say help yourself. it would be easier. antoinette: and tomorrow on "chronicle," the crowds have gone home, but nantucket isn't closed for the season. shayna seymour walks a revived main street, takes in the seasi seaside sights, plus is the island living on borrowed time? doug: a totally different vibe in the fall.
6:52 am
good. antoinette: honoring the big guy in a big way. doug: we're going to take you back to fenway park next. we'll update you on the breaking news we're following, the deadly crash on cape cod. the information in overnight
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
following breaking news on the eyeopener. two people are dead after a head-on crash in yarmouth. this happened late last night on buck island road. a third person was seriously injured. it's unclear this morning what caused the crash. doug: also breaking overnight -- several people are out of their home after a car crashed right into it. this happening in peabody. it happened on central avenue and tremont street. one person in that car taken to the hospital. antoinette: a new report from the "new york times" claims gop nominee donald trump lost nearly a billion dollars that could have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades. the paper says it got the tax filing anonymously, something trump blasted as illegal. today, the red sox will hold one final tribute for big papi. doug: sera congi is live at fenway where david ortiz will play his final regular season home game. sera? reporter: the red sox have been holding tributes all weekend
6:56 am
sentimental celebration. check out what happened last night. other sports legends came out to say thanks papi. former patriots, bobby orr, celtics on the field honoring david ortiz and his long career. also, marathon bombing survivors joined in the pregame ceremony. heading to the game today, it is at 3:00. gates will open two hours before hand so everyone can get in their seats to live at fenway park, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: sera, thank you very much. antoinette: what do we think? fall weather gear? mike: i'd suggest it. although the crowd is going to be very hot. antoinette: yeah. zp but it does look like we'll see cool conditions. perhaps a little bit of drizzle here or there but not nearly like yesterday. temperature at first pitch, about 58 degrees. looks like a gray day today. tomorrow, best chance for some showers during the afternoon but a lot of gray skies.
6:57 am
too quickly. very slowly on tuesday. finally, wednesday, thursday, friday. antoinette: he's into the sunshine. i'll take it right away. doug: "good morning america" is next. we're back in an hour. go pats!
6:58 am
special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, trump's tax bombshell. a "new york times" report shows a nearly billion-dollar deduction. it could allow him to not may income tax for up to 18 important, terrible that he is trying to hide. >> trump's campaign responding. >> gloves off. trump against hillary clinton on all fronts. >> she can't make it 15 feet to her car. i don't think she is built, to tell you the truth. >> will it district voters from the political storm.


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