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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  October 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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juli: a really scary day here as people return to the cause of the game. witnesses say that it happened here on route 1. we want to show you photos we have. the trooper was directing northbound traffic. when he tried to stop an oncoming motorcyclist the wrong way, witnesses say that motorcyclist slipped off his bike. both the result a lot of blood. the trooper has been transported to boston medical center with potentially serious injuries. the good news is, he was conscious as he was transported in the ambulance. the motorcyclist was taken to beth israel. he is in state police custody and is expected to face charges. the severity of the motorcyclist's injuries are not
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was face down and did appear to be in the worse condition of the two. state police were still here reconstructing the crash and we can see the motorcycle lying on the side of the road. we will have updates on the condition as we learn them. stay with newscenter 5 to learn more about this, including the charges that we do expect that motorcyclist to face. live in foxborough, i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: surprise for david ortiz, big papi learning that the red sox will be retiring his number. it was an emotional day at fenway. family, friends, old friends came together to celebrate his last regular season home game. nichole: and we have coverage beginning with sportscenter 5's
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not over, by the way. the red sox think the man who has come through and more clutch moments than any player in red sox history. right into the ballpark, there will be a david ortiz way, and yes, jim rice came out when it was announced number 34 will be retired. that announcement moves big papi more than anything else from the entire ceremony. and members from his team -- 2007, manny ramirez, always great to see manny ramirez. pedro. my goal with the championship trophy himself. and the only words anyone wanted to your came from the man himself, big papi. >> and for last, for last, i want to thank all of you, the
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thank you so much. thank you very much. thank you. you guys are the best. yeah! mike l: a warm and touching gesture by big papi. the red sox are in the playoffs. we will have more on that in sports and later this evening. see you in about 15 minutes. reid: all right, lynchie. our coverage continues with diane cho. where peop be part of big papi pro special day. diane: fans say it is important to be here to show support. is a day in history these fans will never forget and had to be part of. >> can't miss it. >> i think it is cool to be part of it. it's a really big game.
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as the champion places final regular-season game of his career at fenway. >> he is about hard work and dedication. diane: all of the big papi celebrations continued inside the stadium. fans with the day fixed -- filled with mixed emotions. >> happy to see him play as long as he has, but yeah, definitely going to miss him. >> one last time. diane: be brookline avenue bridge behind fenway will be named after big papi. the mayor says a street will be named after him as well. diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: one of today's biggest gifts is going to the david ortiz children's fund. this little 6-year-old from the american republic is one of its beneficiaries. the fund made it possible for him to have surgery to repair his ailing heart. today, the red sox foundation donated half-a million dollars to the fund and the sox partners mastic bringing the donation to
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we have a special graphic on our wcvb facebook page right now that you can share to say thanks to big papi. while you're there, tell us about your favorite papi moments. reid: all right, more sports news. not good news. an ugly day for the patriots, shut out at home for the first time since 1993 and the first time ever at gillette stadium. sportscenter 5's josh josh: no jimmy g, and jacoby brissett was qb again. while he would lay mostly mistake free against the texans, not the case today. the patriots trailed for the first time at home all season,
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red zone, reset on the third down. a first hit by zac brown. fumbles the ball, the lone turnover of the game. the bills shut out the patriots. the first time they shut out at home since 1993, but forces -- before the stadium was even here. the patriots first loss of the season. >> every week is a challenge in this league. we all know that. we just have to perform better. three phases of the game. it's that way every week in the national football league. >> it's going to be good. he is our leader and is going to be great to have him out there. we're going to have to have a great week of preparation. and that is where it all starts. you go out there and have a good
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josh: tom brady's suspension ends at midnight tonight. josh broagdir, sportscenter 5. nichole: thank you, josh. hurricane matthew inspiring american citizens to leave haiti. mike wankum keeping a close watch on its track there. mike: goodbyes ca this storm has a lot of punch to it. maximum sustained winds over 145 miles per hour. what is going to happen with this system? it will travel between haiti and cuba as a category four storm. there are hurricane warnings for both islands. there will be a lot of water with it. we are looking at as much as 30 or 40 inches of rain. mudslides will be an issue. it's always a problem because it is a mountainous region.
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into the bahamas. still a major storm. then we keep a close eye on it. as we track it through friday afternoon, it is off the coast of florida. i will show you where it will go after that. all of that coming up in a few moments. reid: also ahead, part of donald trump felt tax records reveal. new at 6:00, we sit down with an expert to look at what it means. >> w it. let's talk about baseball. nichole: a fenway worker finds a way to pay tribute to her own father and big papi. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston
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donald trump responding to allegations he may not have paid taxes in two decades. nicholas a fun sits down with a tax expert. >> a more than $900 million loss , documents anonymously leaked to "the new york times." >> i suspect it was a financial loss. nicole: of three casinos and an airline business. >> it's not unusual. it applies to all businesses, whether you are an individual or corporation, as long as it is this is related, you can carry forward or carry back those losses. nicole: the deductions a loss,
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could keep trump from were paying his taxes for more than two decades. something he did not deny last week at the debate. he said, i am the only one who can fix the tax laws. though it can be a hard to swallow the idea of someone not paying federal tax returns -- the reality, the provision as part of the united states tax code. >> it's not a big deal. i don't see anything he has done in properly from a tax perspective. nicole: newscenter 5. reid: hillary clinton is not mentioning trump's new tax revelations. she spoke at charlotte, north carolina. ms. clinton: our entire country should take a moment to really look at what is going on here and across america, to imagine what we see on the news and what
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reid: she said that her family does not face the same worries about safety that black families do. nichole: mike wankum's working on the latest track for hurricane matthew. reid: and the problems it could joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games
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cking the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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34 billboards around boston honoring number 34, david ortiz. reid: rhondella richardson shows us the heartwarming story behind the billboard and why it is not just a tribute to big papi. rhondella: it is something special, a billboard with a built in message, honoring big papi and the designer from dad. specially designed one of 34 big papi billboards around town. on hers, the words "thank you" are from a handwritten father by her father, a super red sox fan, who died of lung cancer a decade ago. >> i can't think of baseball and not think of my dad.
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series, he was fighting, 20. obviously, david ortiz played a huge part in those games. rhondella: painting a billboard came naturally. >> my dad started every letter with "hey, baby doll." that was his nickname for me. "thank you for riding a letter to me." rhondella: he died in 2004, a game changer for susie. i gave up on life. it hurt. it hurt a lot. rhondella: susie bounced back after her cousin dragged her to a game, a pivotal game. >> 2007, and i looked at that world series as my dad's reassurance -- you can so be with them. the team still mean something. it is not just what he has done for me, but what he is done for
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big papi and does not have a car so she has not been able to see her on billboard. we are hoping her friends and coworkers help her with the situation. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: good for her. great young woman. all right, let's turn our attention to the weather, mike, and of course, even though it is so far away we all have our attention on the caribbean. mike: absolutely. with a major hurricane mike this, you really want to keep a close eye on it. also look at the dominican republic. they will have steady, heavy rains there. there's at least flooding potential. it will work its way through the bahamas and then it parks itself off the coast of florida. this is a slow process.
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at the spaghetti models. we take all of our computers and say, ok, where is it going to go? they are very consistent. once we get toward wednesday, more disparity in what is going to happen. the solutions get wider and wider. the trend seems to be offshore. model run to model run have been very inconsistent over the last 48 hours. this is the trend. this is what we are talking about. be keeping you very posted on this over the next week to a lot of gray skies. not much rain with it. we are going to have gray skies and cool temperatures -- why not have it like yesterday. there are showers out to the west. that will try to move in tomorrow afternoon. right now, a great night over the city. there is not much wind and the air is relatively moist. temperatures look like this in
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morning was in the daytime highs, about three degrees. so, the forecast looks like this. apache drizzle tonight. -- patchy drizzle tonight. i'm calling this mostly cloudy. i think we will see a few breaks in cloud cover, especially from late morning to early afternoon. by the time we get to late afternoon, there is a chance of showers. thst west of tonight five. temperatures will be warmer tomorrow. gray skies out there. there is a little bit of sunshine, but you see showers starting to form out to the west. we need about 10 inches of rain to get back to where we are supposed to be this time of year. this one does not look like it will produce any rain. a 10th of an inch, that is the
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ways. a better opportunity for showers through the afternoon. we may start with drizzle in the morning. and then, look at that, it starts to clear away, but not until late in the day. it will take all day to get the sunshine in here. sunshine does return. wednesday, thursday, friday. it will be cold and on the muggy side. the will be patchy fog during the morning hours. next weekend, a scattered on saturday, not associated with the hurricane, but it may have an impact on the steering of that. that would be the closest approach if it materializes and starts moving this direction. that's latest forecast. i meteorologist -- i am meteorologist mike wankum. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch, powered by xfinity.
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friends, none more loyal or passionate than in fenway park. jim rice came out. big papi's number 34 will be immediately retired at the end of the season. and then, members of the 2004 team, 2007 team, and 2013 team. pedro with the world championship trophy, manny ramirez with a new do. my glow -- there to greet the man of the weekend and the man of the season, big papi. >> and for last, for last -- i want to thank all of you, the fans. thank you. thank you so much. thank you very much. all of you. thank you. you guys are the best. yeah!
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l: well done by big papi and the red sox. now off to the playoffs. meanwhile, the patriots had nothing going for them. right from the opening kickoff. they were set up by the buffalo bills, 16-0. last time they were held scoreless at home was 1993. the bills were testy and feisty before the opening kickoff. the patriots -- you see the hesitation. you can't hesitate. they bring it to the nine yard li o but it was called back for holding. buffalo marches down the field. sean mccoy, seven yards out. jacoby brissett had the chance to bring the atrios would then a touchdown just before the half. five minutes ago, rather than sliding, he fumbles the football. would've been a great opportunity for the patriots. and gronkowski was activated. we would not see too much of him.
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into the fourth quarter. a long afternoon at gillette stadium. 16-0, the final. >> every week is a challenge in this league. we all know that. we have to perform better. coach better, play better. all three phases of the game. that is every week in the national football league. >> we just got a be good. he is our leader. it will be great to have him out there. we are going to have to get back and that is where it all starts, going out there and having a good week of practice. we just did not turn it on. mike l: tom brady's suspension, by the way, expires at midnight tonight. we will talk about that and big papi and the postseason. and josh will have the game for
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cup. we look at that as well. nichole: all right, mike is sending by with a final look at your work week forecast. reid: but first, a look at world news. >> the donald trump tax bombshell. why some are calling them a tax dodger and others say he is a genius. a category four hurricane in the caribbean. we are live in my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry.
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reid: final check of the weather with mike. mike: the workweek just like it has been. a little gray drizzle. when the sunshine comes back, it warms up. nichole: thank you for joining
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welcome to "world news tonight." trump's tax bombshell. the leaked documents. nearly a billion in losses in one year. critics saying he's a tax dodger. his supporters calling him a genius. and trump setting up a nasty rematch one week from tonight. >> i don't even think she's loyal to bill, if you want to know the truth. a category 4 hurricane. a fragile island, facing life-threatening wind and rain. and this monster storm may be taking aim at the east coast. deadly crash course. new details tonight about what the engineer is telling investigators about the moment of impact. school bus scare. a school bus rolling over. students thrown across the aisle. and now the seatbelt debate reignited. and, colossal comebacks.


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