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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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nichole: right now, a state trooper is hospitalized injured after being hit by a motorcycle outside gillette newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live at the scene. that trooper recovering at boston medical center right now state police tell newscenter 5 he's alert and talking but suffered painful injuries just doing his job. juli: the troopers recovering in boston medical center. we are told he is talking alert but suffered painful injuries
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way. he's going southbound in the northbound lane. juli: patriots fans returning to their cars came upon a bloody and chaotic scene outside gillette stadium a state trooper hit and badly injured by a motorcyclist driving the wrong way. >> the impact, the cop fall to the ground. saw the guy flip through the air like a rag doll. it was scary juli: that driver is 25-year-old was a perez rodriguez. nicole scesny was stopped along >> he was definitely trying to bypass traffic. it wasn't any mistake. you could tell he was on a motorcycle, going fast, trying to get around all the traffic. juli: the trooper was trying to stop the motorcyclist when he was hit. they both went flying; the motorcycle landing on the grass. >> the guy lifts his head up looks around and is covered in blood. >> you just knew it wasn't anything good.
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state police tell newscenter 5 the trooper suffered painful injuries but will be ok. tonight witnesses send their prayers and thanks. >> it could've been anyone. any innocent bystander. nicole phoner they gave up their sunday. they're not watching the game. they're making sure we're getting there safe. someone's father, someone's husband. he's hurt now. he's not coming home right now. that's sad. juli: perez-rodriguez was rushed to beth israel in police upon his release. nichole: the powerful category 4 hurricane moving north tonight over the caribbean. the storm's outer bands have started lashing jamaica, and dumping rain in haiti. they're bracing for the worst at the be-like-brit orphanage created in honor of rutland's britney gengel, a college student killed in the 2010 earthquake in haiti. >> it's coming. so i go up on the roof.
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large area that is enclosed, the library/media room. nichole: the monster storm has already killed a 16-year-old on the island of st. vincent. stormteam 5's mike wankum joining us mike, haiti's right in matthew's we know that haiti is in matthew's path. we also need to keep an eye on where the storm heads after that. mike: they get mudslides and everything going on. a new update -- a category 4 with maximum sustained wind of 145 miles an hour. is fluctuating between a 4 and a 5. this is about as powerful as it can get. between now and tuesday morning, it will move its way into haiti.
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be cutting right to this area as a category 4. tuesday and wednesday, it will finally get to the bahamas. by the time i get to thursday and friday, it will be in the southeastern part of the united states. by this time, it will be a category 2 hurricane, but still powerful. ? what does it do after that? more details coming in in just a few moments. i will share those with you and show you where it is headed and when we can get are in here. reid: tom brady returns from his deflateget suspension. despite the loss of it, the pats are now 3-1 on the season. still in for space. -- for still in first voice. brady will make his season debut next sunday afternoon in cleveland.
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tonight the players' association says it will not appeal the case in the courts anymore. >> i'm so happy that it's over. no he can focus on what is coming up next, you know, the playoffs. nichole: the pomp and praise were incredible but big papi is not retired yet and he's looking forward to focusing on the playoffs. lynchie he has at least one more game at fenway? straight wins, the sox dropped 5 of their final 6 games and went from a potential #1 seed with home field throughout to the # 3 seed and have to open the playoffs on the road in cleveland. here is how it plays out shared thursday and friday in cleveland. sunday and monday, next weekend at fenway park. then game 5, if necessary, will
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determined yet, but the dates are set in storm. reid: david ortiz tipping his hat to fans learning today the red sox will retire his number. newscenter 5's diane cho is live at fenway with the emotional tribute to the retiring slugger. diane: longtime fans told me it was important to them to show their support. red paying tribute to the 10 time all-star. >> it was unbelievable. i wasn't expecting so much. it was something i will never forget. diane today was the last day of : pregame ceremonies held all weekend long to honor big papi's career as he played his final regular season game of his career at fenway. >> the tributes were marvelous
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diane: it's a day in red sox history these fans will always hold close to their hearts. >> it made me cry, i don't know and the guy beside me was crying too so i didn't feel so bad he's just such a great charismatic guy as they say in spanish hes very sympatico and we love him to death. diane fans who grew up watching : the team over the years say today has been a day filled with mixed emotions as they say goodbye. >> happy to have had seen him play for the sox as long as he but yeah we're def going to miss him when he's gone sot, 13.50 he represents everything -- diane: the city will be dedicating a street to him. nichole: two people dead a third
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police tell us 22-year-old caroline liberty was killed when the pickup truck she was driving slammed head-on into an audi on buck island road. a passenger in the audi, 56-year-old thomas ardan of charlton, also died. his wife was driving. she's in critical condition at brigham and women's hospital in boston the cause of the crash is under investigation. reid: 5 investigates has learned the superintendent of wilmington schools was recently arrested for driving under the influence. the state police arrested mary delai in august 25 in salem. delai has been the superintnt since 2014. the wilmington school committee tells newscenter 5 they are aware of the situation and will address it at an executive session tomorrow night. nichole: commitment 2016. donald trump on the defensive, in light of a new report suggesting he lost so much money in 1995 that he didn't have to pay federal income tax for nearly two decades. nicole estaphan reports, the clinton campaign is now calling on trump to release the rest of
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loss, a number highlighted in the front pages of what appears to be donald trumps 1995 tax return. documents anonymously leaked to the new york times last week. >> i suspect it was a painful loss for mr. trump nicole: perhaps the financial wreckage of three failed casinos and an airline businesses. we sat down with patrick connolly a tax partner with blumshapiro in quincy to explain what it means. >> it is not unusual as long as it is business related you get to carry forward or back those losses nicole: the deduction so large it could have allowed trump to avoid paying federal income tax returns for nearly two decades. something he did not deny during last weeks debate. >> they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. nicole: and he is not denying now. in this sunday tweet, trump says quote i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am
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and the spin has begun. rudy giuliani suggesting the tax information is a good for trump. >> i would rather have a person that understands the economy and is a turnaround artist than someone who was a failure as secretary of state. nicole meanwhile, hillary : clinton tweeting out her thoughts sunday evening. saying quote donald trump built numerous squandered businesses on the backs of taxpayers, and he hasn't even paid his fair share. trump's taxable income in subsequent years, remains unknown. but he could have made up to $50 million a year without paying federal taxes through 2013. nicole estaphan wcvb newcenter 5. nichole: the only vice presidential debate is two days away. tim kaine and mike pence square off on tuesday night. coverage starts at 9pm on wcvb channel 5. then its round two for hillary clinton and donald trump their next presidential debate is a week from tonight moderated
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filling up at the gas station, totally drains her bank account. the $10,000 mistake that may have you double checking your next receipt. mike: another gray day across the region. reid: honoring david ortiz, and someone else. the other tribute you may not see on these billboards, unless
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reid: new details tonight about the deadly train crash in new jersey. we're hearing the engineer's story about what happened just before the train slammed into the hoboken station thursday morning. investigators say he has no memory of the k he said he looked at his watch and saw that his train was about six minutes late arriving in hoboken. when he looked at the speedometer, he was operating it 10 was an hour when entering the station track. reid: investigators say a data recorder they recovered was not working during the crash. they're hoping to get to a second recorder soon. but that's been difficult because of asbestos and other structural problems at the damaged station. nichole: a couple in florida
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a tank of gas. susan gower says her husband stopped at a fort myers gas station for a routine fill-up. but when she tried to use their card the next day, they were over their credit limit. she found a $9,949 charge from the valero station. gower says it two weeks and a lot of frustration to get the money back. >> it was just shocking. gas pump and he would not own up to the fact that he was wrong. nichole: at first, the station's manager said they couldn't reverse the charges. gower says she had to involve customer service to get the money back. reid: from corn mazes to lego sculptures, it seems everyone is trying to find a unqiue way to say thank you to david ortiz. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson introduces us to a fenway worker who found a way to pay tribute to big papi and her
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rhondella: she personally designed one of the four big papi billboards. the words "thank you" were actually written by her father, a super sox fan who died of cancer. she lived in wisconsin. her late dad was here fighting cancer. >> as the red sox were fighting for their way to the series, he was also fighting, too. through that, we were able to stay connected, stay together. they read ortiz has a special part in those teams -- those games. my dad always started off every little with hey, baby doll, his nickname for me, thank you so much for writing a letter to me. i took the letter and scanned it.
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give up on the red sox. it just hurt a lot. i just knew that i not only had to thank limiter gees for what he has done for me but what he has done for inside and sees david ortiz, she never met him. and because she doesn't have a car, she has never driven by her on billboard. nichole: she's got to see her billboard. reid: so get there. let's check in with mike now. we just got an update from you.
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weakening any bit. it is kind of meandering about. it is headed up towards the island of this manual and in between cuba. so what is happening with it? there are a lot of terms you been hearing. the eye is where it is very calm inside. it's only 12 miles wide. in terms of real estate, it doesn't cover a big area. i do expect it's a standout as it starts to move its way northward. it is moving right up through here. dominican republic. you get to read through here. the storm is big enough we are talking about torrential amounts of rain. it is letting conceivable that over three feet of rain will fall in some parts of haiti.
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this eventually we'll get to the coast afford as it starts to come around as a category 2. this is where we take all the computer models and say, ok, where's a single? a of consistency here in the next 48 hours. once we get to this point, we are talking about next saturday at 3:00. we start to get some divergence in the model. here. notice how it is very offshore. that is based on the information we have rain out. as new data comes in, look for this to be shifting around quite a bit. that's why you need to stay tune into what happened. nothing is going to happen until probably next weekend around here at the week -- the earliest if anything does take place. in the meantime, gray skies across the area all day today.
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but tonight, gray skies over the city. dew point not bar national from behind it. high humidity, low wind. they haven't budged much at all today. tonight, patchy drizzle, a little bit of fog. 50 to 54 degrees. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. we might get a little bit of sunshine. early afternoon, there could be a few breaks in the cloud cover but in some thundershowers. if we get one of the showers to develop a mother may be some small hail associated with it. i temperature tomorrow will be warmer. here is the way it looks on the map as we had to tomorrow. pretty good opportunity through 8:00. then we watch for more in the evening. we may start off tuesday with some drizzle out there or some
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tuesday afternoon. tomorrow, best chance for showers in the afternoon. a lot of gray skies into the morning. in the afternoon, the sky start to clear from the north moving westward. that will be the trend on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, we should finally see some sunshine back in the forecast. and with the sunshine, warming up nicely. saturday and sunday. giving an eye on the tropics just in case matthew decides to make it run this way. right now, indications are it is beer he is way off shore and that will be directed to our neighborhood. nichole: the patriots and bills at gillette stadium today, not what the home crowd was looking
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mike: the red sox close out five of whether last six games. -- five of their last six games. and friday in cleveland. they come back to boston. games three and four sunday and monday. game five if necessary back in cleveland. the best out of five. the ensuing series will be the best out of seven. 1-0 toronto leads in the seventh inning. 30 homers. a year ago, he took himself out
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not is a big win for the blue jays. they get home field in the wild-card game. baltimore plays a toronto in the wild-card game. the winner gets the texas rangers. as for the liturgies, his final at-bat was a little dribble in the mound -- in front of the mound. 315 on the year with 38 homers. >> i'm so happy that it's over. i can focus on what is coming up next, you know, the playoffs. i had a couple of days off. we already know that we will start the playoffs with cleveland. it's good that everything is already done. now it can go back to normal and
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kickoff. they were shut off by the buffalo bills. a bush league move. opening kickoff, cyrus jones, you've got to be decisive. that is how the game went. the only touchdown of the game came on the buffalo's first position. they were down 13-0, the patriots. jacoby reset, instead of sliding the sides to power the footballing gets separated at the 10-yard line. that would have been a big score. the first time he caught a pass, the only pass, made into the fourth quarter. patriots lose it 16-0 the final.
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was made to not be able to use jimmy today. >> [indiscernible] >> did he know yesterday that he was going to play? >> [indiscernible] >> we just got a learn from this one. mike: coming up in a couple . we have a conversation with david ortiz and a conversation about the patriots and the return of tom ready.
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