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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 4, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EDT

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pushed to the ground and has 30% chance of sur vooefl. they are facing assault charges. a lot of notoriety this morning, but not for cycling skills. he was carrying the bike when he seems to lose it, slamming the two. a little frustrated because he was not able to finish the heat. thing is, the bike was not his. it was a friend's. >> oh! >> sorry, friend. >> he was angry at the friend? >> hope your insurance covers that? >> somehow? >> yeah. >> just on a tirade. the new baby gorilla at the philadelphia zoo has a name. she will be called amani,
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she was born august 26th, but zoo officials decided to let the public name her. >> after donating $1, you could select. amani won by a landslide, nearly $7 million was donated, and the zoo matched the number and the funds go to a sanctuary in the democratic republic of congo. >> wise to give a list of names rather than saying we'll go wit >> that's worked out not well in previous cases and we can't say the names. >> absolutely. i could just imagine the names. coming up, a first at the white house. they called it the south by south lawn festival. president obama hanging out on a bench and with some more well-known guests. >> oh. >> details straight ahead. the toy mom is with us for arts and crafts and tell you how to do some too. but first, here's a look at
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new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. let's end this. well, this is an unusual sight in austin, texas, that's a house stuck in the middle of the road. why, you ask? workers tried to move it from one lot to another when something went wrong. residential s?treet. cable lining mangled, a pole hit, yards and trees damaged. neighbors not happy as you could imagine. some lost their internet service. >> got to measure before you move the house. all right, austin, texas, home of the massive film and music vest fall, south by southwest. >> still several months away from the festival, but president obama tried to recreate his own
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lawn. abc checked it out. >> i see what they did. ? ? >> reporter: from the music to the virtual reality and even leo, president obama's backyard got a whole lot hipper, inaugural south by south lawn festival, snacked on eats, and watched films you can see what president obama found when he went to yosemite this year. other kpiblgts allow you to play judge. >> you read a crime, and you decide on the sentence. one year to life. >> reporter: it taught kids the science behind their food. >> shik it up, add herbs and spices, and then you have a
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and physics. >> reporter: first of its kind festival attracted celebrities from the cast of "stranger things" to the lumineers. first time playing at something like this? >> yes. this is a mind blowing experience already. ? ? >> reporter: last year, the president added their song, "stubborn love" to their are you nervous about it? >> try to get him to wear my hat. >> he doesn't like to wear silly hats, so that -- it's not silly, no. the president did take some time to goof off with one manmade of legos and sat with leonardo dicaprio to talk climate change. >> how do you grade the global response to the climate change movement thus far?
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good news is we can still pass the course if we make good decisions now. >> reporter: the festival meant to highlight the power of an idea, something the lumineers well. ? you got big plans ? ? you got to move ? >> a lot can happen. >> reporter: yeah. ? hey-oh ? >> reporter: now playing in the president's backyard. abc news, the >> and leonardo dicaprio premiered his documentary on climate change called "before the flood" on the lawn. >> did a facebook live chat with the president, and this president and first lady were the first to ever attend south by southwest, the actual festival there in austin, so maybe they got ideas when they were there. >> apparently they were inspired. >> yes. coming up, igniting the artistic spark inside your own
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? ? with halloween and thanksgiving just around the corner, it is prime time for arts and crafts season, and luckily, our toy insider is here to show us all the latest offerings to help the kids get a little bit creative, and maybe
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>> adults too. whether it's after school, a rainy day, or a great birthday present, arts and crafts is a great way to go. we'll start with something really cool. this is -- three doodlers, best 3 d pen seen, it does not get hot. just put in this this eco friendly plastic and out comes a pliable -- look what we made here. >> you can build a structure like this just by using the pen? >> just by using this. when the p not sticky or hot. make a ring, a bracelet on your skin, use templates it comes with to create and design different things or build amazing structures. >> very cool and limitless in terms of creativity. >> limitless, that's exactly it. this is a throwback. used to be around, i remember it from a long time ago. this is squand. it's a magical sand. squeeze it, and we can build
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but here's the magical part. i could stick my hand in here and the sand is dry. take it out of the water. >> how does it do that? >> i have dry sand. how amazing is that. that means you can use this over and over again. >> really? >> that's fun. >> that's it. >> okay. so let's talk about the fact that kids love to make things and display them. >> we used to make bracelets out of this. >> this is a they take elastic bands and take beautiful little crystals and put them on the bands. >> oh. >> okay? now follow, after we made a few of these, follow the templates it comes with, and suddenly, we're making pets, puppies, and fish, flowers, and anything you can imagine. >> unless you're me. most people will be fine, i'm sure. >> a lot of great things for the kids to display. >> okay. >> okay. now -- >> the emoji maker.
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when they write, these are all over the place. make your own. this is the emo jrgji maker. >> you're making your own marker, correct? >> yep. and you also make your own colors. i can put a color in here or mix the colors. >> that's kind of fun. >> make your markers. >> choose any shape, color? >> yes. customize colors, naming it, and >> we love jewelry that looks good. this is a memory locket studio. they are making memories. in the lockets, there's charms we choose, and there's all kinds of themes so it could be a sports theme, a beach theme. >> oh, i see. a variety. >> yep. put it in here, put the base in, the pieces in, snap the top on, touch this, do magic to infuse our story.
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a locket to wear around your neck or wrist and you can do these over. >> beautiful, right? >> yes. that's adorable. >> and, finally, now, i know you know spirograph, but this is a new one with 12 new wheels. this is shapes. instead of just regular shapes you might know, now you have stars, hearts, tear drops and making a beautiful design. >> i think i may be the only this. >> you can, but look -- >> work of art. is that not beautiful? or maybe better yet, this is how normal people do it. >> a lot of great choices. >> a lot of new shapes. >> 12 new shapes. >> that's fun. >> yeah. >> thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> get lots of other ideas on and on our facebook page,
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? ? >> feel good music for a tuesday morning for you. it's about a town. it's an inspiring song. it's happy thoughts. >> okay. most competitive, long shot for children, hoping for their first shot at the big time at augusta national golf club. >> fewer than 100 kids 7-15 kids qualify each year, and this morning, we caught up with some of them. >> reporter: for nearly his
2:56 am
the goal, simple, really. >> become a national golfer. >> reporter: at 10 years old, he's scheduled to do something every golfer can only dream of, compete at augusta national golf club, site of the masters. how excited are you to go to august? >> really excited because i can see all the pros. >> reporter: who is more excited, him or you? >> might be me. >> reporter: liam is not competing in the contest. >> it's hard to believe that come april, we're going to be there. >> reporter: he's been playing since he was 2 years old. this is the golf club he started using at 3. >> always had a green in the backyard of some sort, and it was just something we do to keep th occupied. >> reporter: he needed to come in first place at a qualifying
2:57 am
>> i was nervous, but it was so cool because when we walked in there, the clubhouse was, like, huge. >> reporter: he was only judged on nine shots, but scoring the highest point total in his age bracket, he did come in first place. he doesn't just want to compete in the drive, chip, and putt championship. he has another goal next year, to play an entire round on the highly exclusive augusta national golf course itself. >> i'm going to try to bubba watson's or pro's good side so i can do a practice round with them or something. >> i would be jealous. >> reporter: in redlands, eyewitness news. >> tens of thousands of children try out for that competition every year. only 80 children between 7 and 15 make it. >> an 8-year-old from florida who is looking forward to that as well. >> what a slacker.
2:58 am
adult. >> no.
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morning on "world news now," matthew on the move, the monster storm with a direct hit on haiti before marching northward. forecasters now have it coming close to florida in the coming days. preparations in the sunshine state are underway. donald trump's tax defense. the republican nominee used the nation's tax laws brilliantly for his own benefit, but a new national poll has hillary clinton edging out to a bigger lead. all that as the running mates face off tonight. the case of a father accused of killing his own son by leaving him in a hot car. prosecutors are letting out their case, accusing the man of leading a double life. his defense has its say as well. we'll give you the details straight ahead. masterpiece revealed, long
3:01 am
originally thought. that's ahead in "the mix" on this tuesday, october 4th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you, everyone, on this tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin with the storm watch. hurricane matthew turned deadly as forecasters warn of flash floods and mud slides. >> the eye of the category 4 storm and 140-plus miles per hour winds are west coast. hurricane warnings are in effect for haiti, eastern cuba, and both the southeast and central bahamas. >> the brunt of the storm appeared to have missed jamaica, but a foot of rain fell in some areas. they have been hit with tropical storm force winds. >> haiti, a frantic effort to evacuate residents ahead of the storm as arrival. shelters are set up across the country.
3:02 am
>> reporter: hurricane matthew already deadly and coming in on haiti packing 140 miles per hour winds. at one point considered the strongest hurricane in nearly a decade, but it's the storm's slow speed moving at just 7 miles per hour that makes it so dangerous. this is considered a rainmaker. we're talking about life threatening rain, potential ly 0 inches of rain, and that could be devastating in the area for so many still living in homes fragile and offer little in the way of protection. it's going to be a long 24 hours ahead. lindsey davis, abc news, haiti. >> indeed. matthew blamed for three deaths already, including one in haiti, a fisherman killed in rough waters and another said to be missing. >> the storm strengthened over the past few hours. accuweather's paul williams has an update, paul? >> good morning, dianne, kendis.
3:03 am
then really closer to florida, downgraded to a category 2, but warm weather strerngthening it quickly and targets north carolina. that's a concern down the road. initial concerns, storm surge significant throughout the coast of haiti and then we're looking for significant flooding to occur with haiti as well as over towards guantanamo. this is a massive storm. what we expect, as you notice, as we go into wedne looking for it to cross over eastern portions of cuba and move north. this is like a pie, and the top corner of that pie, that's where the worst impact will be. kendis, diane. >> as you saw from paul, it is expected to be a category 3 reaching the u.s. later this week. >> florida's stores are stocked with water and generators as the entire state is under state of emergency and concerns a direct impact could lead to hurricane andrew-like damage. >> we'll continue to follow the
3:04 am
taxes. >> hillary clinton leads trump in a new national poll taken after the debate. 47% to 42%. she's blasting trump over leaked tax returns showing he did not pay taxes for years, but trump touts not paying the taxes as proof of his brilliance. >> reporter: donald trump praising himself after that front page story revealed he may not have paid federal income ta f >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit, and to the benefit of my company, my investors, and my employees. i mean, honestly, i have brilliantly -- i have brilliantly used those laws. >> reporter: the latest drama began when the new york times obtained part of trump's 1995 personal tax return showing in
3:05 am
urn the law, that would have allowed him to avoid paying federal income tax for nearly 20 years. the documents arrived in the mailbox of a times' reporter in a mistier ya manila envelope, no name, just a trump tower address. the trump campaign learned about it saturday. that night as the story was online, trump took the stage in philadelphia. >> thank you, everybody, thank you. >> reporter: two hours late, sounding red hot, and ripping into hillary clinton. loyal to bill if you want to know the truth. and, really, folks, really, why should she be, right? >> reporter: in the past, trump complained that not everyone pays their fair share. >> that's the amazing thing is that half the country's paying nothing, zero, and even if you don't make a lot, you should have to pay something, just something to be a part of the game. >> reporter: he's zeroed in on the rich tweeting the hedge fund
3:06 am
taxes asap. they are paying practically nothing, but trump won't confirm or deny whether he paid any federal income taxes in the past 20 years. >> i was able to use the tax laws of this country and my business acumen to dig out of the real estate mess few others were able to do what i did. >> reporter: and trump facing another controversy involving his fortune. new york's attorney general sending a as letter barring trump's charitable foundation from raising money in new york saying it was not registered to do so. that same attorney general, a democrat, is investigating whether trump used charitable donations from the foundation to settle lawsuits against his businesses and buy himself gifts. the campaign blasting that the attorney general has political motives. another request of the campaign to release tax returns, and they
3:07 am
under audit. in the past, he's been advised not to release returns because of the audit, but nothing legally prevents him to do so. abc news, new york. hillary clinton jumps on that revelation accusing him of abusing his power and gaming the system. >> saying trump puts his own interest ahead of the country's saying while millions of american families pay their fair share, trump pays nothing and slammed him as a >> ask yourself this, who loses money on casinos? you know, yesterday, some of his supporters said, well, it just shows he's a genius. said he didn't pay any taxes. well, what kind of jegenius los a billion dollars in the first place? >> says he's a poster boy for a rigged tax system and called on
3:08 am
the years not awe difficuuditau. the vice presidential candidates face off tonight in their only debate. we're going to have full team coverage at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. u.s. broke off talks with russia over the failed cease fire in syria. russia's role in the bombardment of aleppo left nothing left to discuss. bunker busting bombs destroyed a hospital there killing seven people. back in the u.s. state underway for the defense for the trial of a dad accused of murder after leaving his son in a hot car. a prosecutor said harris wanted to escape responsibilities of family life to pursue sexual liaisons with young women. they called the death of 22 month old of cooper in june of 2014 a tragic zts. harris says he forgot cooper was in the backseat of the car.
3:09 am
used excessive force against protesters in ferguson, missouri. it followed the police shooting of michael brown in 2014. the judge said it failed to show officers acted with malice or in bad faith. lawyers against the case will appeal. vikings at their best against the giants. minnesota took the lead on a short touchdown run in here. this is in the first quarter, and they were never really troubled from that point on. quarterback sam touchdown pass to rudolph all to put it away. a first pump. still undefeated vikings crew to 24-10 win over the giants. >> patriots' fans happy tom brady is eligible to play again following the ending of the suspici suspicion. >> brady said he was happy to be back to work after a long four weeks off. asked if he would be the patriots' starter sunday against
3:10 am
like that aren't up to him. >> uh-huh. so jack says no doubt, brady's playing for sure. >> i was in new england over the weekend, and they would be another boston tea party if -- >> a fan mutiny if they don't put him in. >> exactly. especially after the embarrassing loss on sunday. all right, coming up, when a painting is worth much more than in let's say it's a bigger price tag now. the latest on kim kardashian-west, back in the u.s. after being held up and robbed in paris. questions about what happened to her security at the time of the robbery. also, the behind the scene pictures on instagram. you're watching "world news now." a manual...
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a grass fire in eastern colorado forced dozens to e evacuate their homes. the fire grew to 3,000 acres because of strong winds and dry conditions. seven structures have. lost so far. the health department issuing an advisory because of the smoke and ash in the air. here in new york, kim kardashian is safely reunited with her husband at their apartment in manhattan after
3:15 am
>> a robbery inside her private hotel suite. here's the latest from paris. >> reporter: kim kardashian bound, gagged -- >> held at gunpoint, begging for her life. >> reporter: authorities say the mother of the two was held at gunpoint, tied up, gagged, and locked in the bathroom by armed men. they stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry including this nearly $5 million ring that kim showed off on instagram days ago. kim' but was reportedly not there last night to protect her. >> that body guard had been sent elsewhere for the evening because kim was done for the night, and the belief was she was secure in the location where she was. ? ? >> reporter: security a hot topic since the beginning of their show, "keeping up with the
3:16 am
a self-defense class. but over the years as they become ever-more popular, traveling without security became all too risky. >> held up at gun point, dress up -- >> no, i mean, us, not a real perp. >> reporter: at one point, the sisters pranking 18-year-old kylie jenner who are a previous encounter with a stalker. >> what's on your car? >> they worried she was not takingro >> it is, you know, important to take it seriously with a stalker. >> reporter: as with the family's hit show now in the 12th season, e says they were not filming at the time of the robbery, and, quote, all of us at e are inkrcredibly thankful that kim kardashian-west is safe and send her and her family our love and support. no sign of the thieves or jewels, and even more rare, no comment yet from kim kardashian or kanye west.
3:17 am
and since the robbery, kim has gone surprisingly dark on social media, surprising because he's always on it, but it's raising a conversation about social media and how to what level you protect yourself and not disclose so much information. >> no, indeed. in fact, paris hilton has been robbed herself and people say by posting where you are and what you have, that makes you a possible victim to all of these crimes. o guards said often everyone knows she is always wearing valuable jewelry. the hotel was exclusive hotel, only known through word of mouth, but if you post where you are, it's easier for anyone to find you. so scary all around. glad she's okay. >> she had a breach last week in paris when the guy got straight up to her, and people were, like, where was the security at
3:18 am
her security detail in may. >> maybe beefing it up more now. >> absolutely. police officers under fire in north carolina. outrage builds over this newly released body camera video of officers taking down a man sitting on her mother's front porch. the details we are learning this morning. a birthday gift 17 years in the making, a time capsule and what she calls the letters from heaven inside. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
t1 underline t1 underline ? ? that was actually, like, the worst part of the -- of the break dancing for me. okay.
3:20 am
>> she's like all of us, she breathes, talks, bleeds, except she's a robot. >> she has life like skin, experiencing symptoms like a real human. they run ivs, do surgery on her, and she's been helping medical students practice as realistically as possible on all things. take a look. >> it's actually a lot of fun because, you know, we ask our learners to suspend disbelief, to throw themselves into scenarios. we enjoy working with these. they are very sophisticated, and we're able to, you know, socially do almost everything that you can do in real life with a few limitations. >> some students admit it's a little creepy, too life like, but right now, they say it's the best way to learn before moving on to real human parties. >> weird when she asked for an end do you recall.
3:21 am
18-year-old's birthday party. >> a birthday gift 17 years into a making turning into a treasure-trove. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: 17 years ago on her first birthday, the family prepared an intimate time capsu capsule, a trunk filled with cards, letters, newspaper clippings to be opened on her 18th birthday. >> this is the box my parents got for me. >> reporter: the day arrived a week ago. >> i'm going to go and i'm going to cry. >> reporter: inside the box, a letter from her uncle john who died five years ago in a car crash. >> i just want to say, i hope you grow up to be just like me because it will drive your mother and grandmother crazy. your uncle, john. >> reporter: a note from her mom too. >> follow your heart, find what you love no matter how difficult it is to achieve. don't let anything get in your way. >> reporter: the mom filming her opening it, the mom and daughter
3:22 am
david wright, abc news, new york. >> a wonderful story. "the mix" is next. ?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill...
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3:24 am
you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing
3:25 am
delivers mega support. time now for "the mix," and this story could make horders out of all of us. >> okay. >> this painting originally thought to be a copy was originally appraised at $26 back in 1899, thought it was a copy, >> however, just recently discover it's now believe to be the real thing. new appraisal? $26 million. the painting's thought to have been made between 1505 and 1510, and they figured it out on "britain's lost masterpieces", and it was in a national trust, owned by the scottish public,
3:26 am
owned. >> wow, and $26 million on a $26 painting. >> congrats, scotland. >> nice, exactly. so, if you stayed up at night, the munchies and dreamt of ice cream and ramen together. >> no. >> no? >> separately. i love both of those. >> okay. well, if that's what you wanted, you can have your dreams answered because, look at it. this is ice cream ramen. it's designed by a new york it's called. the noodles made of -- it's like a gel that comes from algae. they put it there in condensed milk, crushed ice, and there you have it. >> looks like jell-0. >> it does, but it's ice cream ramen. there's mango, peach, heaven.
3:27 am
but why buy a house if you can buy an entire island. >> oh? >> this is shelter island in montana. 22 acres in the middle of flat head lake, one of the cleanest in the world. >> looks beautiful. >> if you don't know where to sleep, the island has a five bedro bedroom, eight bathroom mansion. >> awesome. >> there's a guest house, two beds, four baths, a steam room, built in 2011, the house has a 45-foot hi room, and, of course, amazing views. >> is this a couch? >> $39 million. >> that's not that bad. >> oh, kendis is going to buy it and inviolate us over. >> yes. you know when you try to take a photo and there's always somebody in the background, deb or jack who is somewhere else, trying to get in on your photo? that's what happened to this koala in australia. a photo shoot, and the butterfly just to be a part of the scene
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," matthew roaring northward delivering a devastating blow to haiti. also in the storm's path, american service members in cuba and forecasters say matthew looks ready for a frightening pass of the u.s. east coast. the forecast straight ahead. also, the vice presidential nominees areea and only faceoff of the campaign. tim kaine and mike pence debate tonight while hillary clinton and donald trump trade barbs about paying taxes. new polls have the race tight in the crucial battleground states. anger in los angeles. protesters take to the streets after the city's police chief defends his officers' use of deadly force in two separate incidents. what role a fake handgun had in one encounter. perfection on the dance
3:31 am
"dancing with the stars" impressed judges so much they were speech less? look at the season's first perfect score ahead on "the skinny" on this tuesday, october 4. ? ? from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. let's start with matthew right now because haiti is already starting to feel the effects of the hurricane as its drenc winds spin in the central caribbean. >> here's a look at the map. the category 4 storm passes between haiti and cuba jay ma ka spared a direct hit. >> thousands evacuating their homes, many living in shanties since the devastating earthquake six years ago are being moved to shelters. some don't want to go fearing what belongings they do have
3:32 am
end of the week, but several airlines cancelled flights to the central caribbean and americans in the islands urged to get out. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: hurricane matthew churning in the caribbean, packing powerful winds and marching towards the island already forcing businesses to close and residents to board up seek shelte i just want to know they are safe and secure. >> we want people to heed the warnings coming from the authorities and take them very seriously. >> reporter: emergency responders also preparing for the storm from jamaica, haiti, and cuba. the storm could dump up to 40 inches of rain and possibly trigger life threatening mud slides in areas still reeling including haiti where 50,000 people still call these
3:33 am
deadly earthquake in 2010. the state department is warning americans in the region to get out. 700 military family members have already been evacuated from guantanamo bay and officials in florida, north carolina on high alert. >> i'm hoping this is a false alarm, but we can't gamble, and we won't gamble with people's lives. >> reporter: elizabeth hur, new york. some models show feet of rain. >> accuweather's paul williams joins us with what could happen there as well as here in the u.s. paul? >> good morning, diane, kendis. we expect for matthew to make a tremendous impact on haiti. there's a basic reason why. think of a hurricane as a big pie cut in four slices. now, the top right slice of the pie is where we expect the worst of the storm, and that's where we expect the strongest of winds, and that's why haiti
3:34 am
although, the mere girth of the storm affects folks in cuba. the tracking of it, category 4 downgraded to a 3 as it crosses cuba, and them sliding close to florida, restrengthen to a category 3, and possibly targeting portions of north carolina. severe storms ripping way through portions of the midwest steering winds from those storms swing matthew right up into new york city. kendis, diane? >> all right, thanks, paul. moving on to politics, donald trump's taxes looming large in the race house with the next presidential debate five days away. >> hillary clinton is leading by five points in a new national poll and race remains tight in several key states. the welcomed headline for trump is in ohio where he's up 47 to% where clinton rallied supporters. >> reporter: in ohio, it seemed like hillary clinton couldn't wait to get in front of the microphone and rip into donald trump. >> toledo is the kind of place
3:35 am
after one another, and, yes, pay their taxes. right? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: here in the battle ground, trump is winning. clinton not letting up. >> here's my question, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> reporter: but clinton now facing heat herself over leaked comments shed made back in february during a closed door fundraiser about young bernie sander supporters. >> they aril basements, they feel that they got their education, and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves, and they don't see much of a future. >> reporter: trump says clinton was being nasty to sanders' supporters, but her old rival comes to her defense. >> what she was saying there is absolutely correct. >> reporter: hillary clinton all smiles, raising a fist in the air celebrating an endorsement
3:36 am
sons, lebron james. the nba superstar writing, we need a president who brings us together and keeps us unified. policies and ideas that divide us more are not the solution. and, of course, next up, that big vice presidential debate, two men, two different strategies. for tim kaine he has to take on two men on the stage, mike pence and donald trump. for mike pence, though, pressure on to overcome donald trump's performance during the last debate, and most americans say he lostha this time mike pence has to come out swinging. abc news, akron, ohio. abc news will have full coverage of tonight's vice presidential debate beginning at 9:00 eastern. well, donald trump has acknowledged that he is, quoting here, a big beneficiary of the loss. trump neither confirming nor denying a new york times report he may have avoided paying federal taxes for nearly 20 years after declaring a loss of nearly a billion dollars in 1995.
3:37 am
trump says he's bounced back from his financial losses and promises to do the same for the country. >> but you're more important than me being a beneficiary, so we're going to straighten it out and make it fair for everybody. i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone, which is why i am the one who can fix them, and that is what i commit to you. i will do it. >> then there's trump's charity. it is facing new new york's attorney general on the other handed the trump foundation to stop fund raising because it lacks proper certification. the campaign said they are cooperating fully, but questioned whether the motives are political. protesters marched in l.a. following two deadly police shootings. they want video released in the first case where police say an 18-year-old who was black pointed a gun at officers in a chase. the police chief said he's considering releasing the video
3:38 am
in another case, a man described as hispanic was shot after what investigators say was a real looking fake gun at officers. tennis star, marina sharapova, expected to find out her sentence after doping. she tested positive for a banned drug, and she's appealing that suspension calling it unfairly harsh, and a sports arbitration court announces the final decision in just a few hours. this is what you call making the most of a bad situation. >> >> south australia has been devastated by severe storms that caused massive flooding, but for ryland willis, it was the perfect opportunity to wake board. >> buddy pulled him, another filmed him with a drone, no less, he waited for the stunt for a long time, waited for the perfect conditions, and all that flooding helped out. he said it was actually so deep his board never actually touched
3:39 am
whole area is dealing with that, but got to give him props, right, for making the most of it? >> saddest part for me, so sad to see -- >> all that wine. >> all that wine. those vineyards flooded. >> all right. >> send help. >> kendis. coming up in "the skinny," inside the suite where kim kardashi kardashian-west was robbed of millions of dollars of jewelry. a video of an prosecutors under pressure for what happened on that porch. but first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
3:40 am
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3:43 am
this is dramatic video of a freelance news photographer ruchiruch i rushing to save a woman trapped inside that car after a wreck. he used a crowbar to smash the car windows as the flames under the car began police arrive, and he uses a flashlight to get their attention. the injured woman is removed from the car, and hayes says he filmed it to showcase the first responders. newly released video has outrage over two police officers violently taking down a man who says he was just waiting for his mother sitting on her front porch. >> this morning, fresh calls for
3:44 am
here's the latest. >> reporter: police say this disturbing video needs context. but to some, it looks like plain misuse of force and outrage. the call on june 17th begins peacefully. he's sitting on his mother's front por mp and the video shows two officers responding to a call about someone breaking into the home with a shovel. for two minutes, he tries to explain, he's locked out, it's hiss mother's home, and struggled to reach her. when he record, the officer's suspicion grows and suggests they go to a neighbors to confirm he's no crook, and with this touch, it's clear he's not leaving the porch. >> i said sit down. >> why are you talking to me like that? >> what pushed cole too far is when he calls friends for help. >> the police are here harassing me. >> reporter: all charges dropped and cole and officer charlotte jackson resigned. >> keep in mind, i have not done anything. i was not doing anything.
3:45 am
later discovered he had two warrants out for arrest, the prosecutor is refusing those calls to re-examine that case. abc news, atlanta. all right. when we come back, the new details learned about kim kardashian's terrifying robbery
3:46 am
3:47 am
? ? time now for "the skinny" starting with kim kardashian's robbery in paris. police and medics investigating the crime scene as officials promise their city is safe. >> sources tell abc news five people dressed as police officers managed to make their way into the hotel, two made their way up to her suite, held her at gun point, tied bathroom, and made off with more than $10 million worth of jewelry, including a $5 million ring she showed off on instagram days ago. see there. >> a first look inside the hotel. it's so exclusive it's known as no address france and known only through word of mouth. a suite there costs upwards of $30,000 a week. >> so she left paris aboard a private jet and reunited with
3:48 am
manhattan. since the robbery going dark on social media, not saying a word following a number of hateful messages. however, from people trashing her online since the incident. we should say she is getting a lot of support from fellow celebrities. tegan went on a twitter storm among them saying i just miss empathy in general for everyone. chris morgan tweeted, feel sorry, must have been a terrifying experience. >> jamie lee curtis says, relieved she was unarmed, public people deserve a private life, a horrific moment for her family. last night's action on "dancing with the stars." >> bringing out surprises, but last night's standout moment was race car driver james' show stopping quick step that earned james and partner comparisons to ginger rogers with a score of 28 out of 30. >> who knew he had that in him.
3:49 am
>> yes. >> adds so much to the performance. what a good job. on the other hand, this performance, scoring 22 out of 30, third lowest of the night, and kenny baby face only earned 18 points. that's not good. >> oh, that's rough. the big surprise was this season's first perfect score, just where is the ball? do we have it somewhere? lauren hernandez, channelling michael jackson leaving the judges speechless. they called her the queen of the ballroom. >> and said, i can't believe i have to play michael jackson in a dance show. this is nerve racking even as a professional dancer. >> it's not fair, come on. she's a gymnast. she does floor routines.
3:50 am
>> anyway. sorry. i feel bad for the lochtes of the world and baby face. >> there's no eliminations last night, but tonight, double elimination. >> oh, okay. next, abc's bringing back an old favorite. >> green lighted revival of the '70s classic, "the gong show," each episode features uniquely talented performers found on the internet, and put on stage to be judged by a revolving panel of stars. >> do you remember this? >> i do not. before my time. >> before my time as well. the original episode was vooifed were one since in 1988. >> is the audience armed? >> how is this -- >> are people throwing things at him? i got to read up more. >> is this really the show or -- >> it's a throwback. so an abc's executive says the timing is perfect for the show
3:51 am
culture we're living in has finally caught up. >> okay. looks like a political debate. >> if i get to throw things at performers -- >> that's a presidential debate right there. finally, good news for fans of "harry potter." >> as warner brothers tries to build fresh buzz for november 18th release of fantastic beast and where to find them. imax bringing back eight harry potter films for a one week ga >> yeah! i mean, i'm too old for it. >> i have not seen a single one. >> what? >> go ahead. >> we'll talk later. it's dubbed a spinoff of the harry potter franchise marking the return to j.k. rowling to the big screen. >> the latest engagement marks the first time harry potter and
3:52 am
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e, changes everything. ? ? ? one of the most -- i don't know what i was doing. we have missed the samba. one. show franchises on earth upped the antiin a major way. >> doing it appropriately enough in las vegas. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: known for million dollar stakes and that legendary question -- >> who wants to be a millionaire. >> who wants to be a millionaire challenging audiences for more than 15 years now, raising the stakes even higher, the popular game show has a new backdrop, the vegas strip. >> it's been that shot in the
3:56 am
the audience here in nevada has been fan tat tick. it's a vegas feel. >> reporter: chris harrison at center stage, on air and daytime syndication since 2002, it's one of the longest running game shows. >> you're one of the first women to win millionaire. >> reporter: winning the jackpot is no small feat with thousands of contestants over the years, only three took home the million dollars, which begs to e question, what makes for a million dollar winner? here with nothing, i'm willing to leave with nothing in order to get everything. >> reporter: rules changed since the debut. don't expect the phone a friend lifeline, the internet making it too easy to search for answers. you now bring a plus one with them. >> you got it. >> reporter: she tested out the vegas stage firsthand. >> i'm there. i'm on the set, oh, my god, will i win a million dollars, what can i win? >> reporter: she didn't get the million dollar question, but
3:57 am
grand. >> it's a huge blessing because i can get rid of the four letter word, d-e-b-t, debt. it's wonderful. >> everyone has an amount of money when they come here that they need for college debt or put down money on their first home. >> reporter: sin city gamble that for contestants is worth the risk. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> so you bring a plus-one with you now? now that could get a little risky. you're going to bring me, right? >> is the plus one screws it up -- >> would i be your plus one? >> you do have some genius. just math. >> it's about song lyrics, i'm good. i got you. >> we know three words to this song. >> this song? this is not my forte. we know viva las vegas. ? ? this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, hurricane matthew tearing through the caribbean with life-threatening rain, wind and storm surge. thousands of people bracing for the pose powerful storm in almost a decade. we're tracking the latest path. donald trump is trying to capitalize on the story that he may not for years as hillary clinton tears into trump's business skills. and the vice presidential candidates are set to face off in their first debate. we're live with the details. in you this morning a major police bust involving an organized crime ring. an alleged shoplifting gang of thieves hitting several american cities over the years. a truck used in a smash and grab plows through a storefront and the thief gets away with an


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