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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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randy: it's now 4:30. tuesday, october 4. i'm randy price. erika: i'm erika tarantal. emily is off. news we're following right now on the eyeopener -- a man struck by a car in wareham. the search underway for that driver. randy: breaking overnight, a large water main break creating a snarl in the area boston police want you to avoid. erika: hurricane matthew making landfall. some areas feeling the impact. the worst for the caribbean. randy: it's slated to strike as a category four storm. let's get over for mike wankum in for cindy. mike: category four, as you mentioned. working its way up toward the north. there is haiti, dominican republic off to the right.
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between cuba and haiti. remember, it's not just the eye. it's the entire area we're talking about. a lot of tremendous wind with this. this is the positioning at 8:00 tonight. it will then work its way through the bahamas as we head through wednesday, thursday, and eventually on friday starting to work its way toward the southeastern part of the united states. where does it go after that? it's starting to look like it's going to skirt right along the coast as a category two hurricane. how will that impact us? as we look at our spaghetti model, tracking the various coer happens. it's tracking into our area as we talk of this weekend. this is a bit of a change. yesterday it was looking like it would be here. now it's looking like it's going to be a closer run. we have to keep a very close eye for later this week. nothing happening until the weekend. happening right now, a lot of gray skies, drizzle, and temperatures today, they're going nowhere. just holding pretty much around 60 degrees. it's going to be a gray day, but we'll see sunshine toward the afternoon. much more on that forecast in a
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haiti in the path of matthew. a team here in massachusetts keeping a close eye on the storm. the saint boniface haiti foundation is based in newton. it's been helping the people of southern haiti for 30 years. workers have boarded up windows and dug trenches. the care needed, after the storm. >> we're very worried about people's homes, injuries. >> we're concerned about rain. we erika: ceo conor shapiro is worried about their family. elizabeth and his three kids are in massachusetts but his in-laws are in haiti. he'll travel to the country after the storm passes. to track matthew, download the wcvb app or log on to for the latest updates. randy: we want to get a check of the morning commute.
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overnight work crews in the process of clearing out on the zakim bridge heading southbound. you can see they have the left lane shut down overnight. they also have all traffic detoured 93 south inside the o'neill tunnel at exit 20. sounds like that has reopened. all lanes open 93 southbound and in the process of opening from somerville down towards that deck. we have one incident downtown. it's over at the ted williams tunnel. overnight closure here. full westbound. everybody being diverted by the sumner tunnel. erika: following breaking news overnight out of boston that's going to impact your commute. police asking you to avoid charlestown after a water main break. here you see it on washington street and rutherford avenue. there's a detour on the outbound side as the cleanup continues. boston police say the water has been shut off. no word on a cause. our sera congi is at the scene.
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5:00. randy: police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who seriously injured a man in wareham. and doug meehan is at the scene. what do we know right now? doug: good morning, randy. police are interviewing witnesses who saw this crash. they're trying to get a better idea of the car that they're looking for. this crash happened right here. a 46-year-old man was hit while in the road. that car then to the victim was crossing the street or if he was walking in a crosswalk at the time. that man was taken to tobey hospital in wareham with life-threatening injuries. as of right now, that victim who was hit out on this highway has not been identified and police are asking anybody that saw something out here last night to please give them a call. we're live in wareham this morning. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you.
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an order has been lifted at merrimac college. a college spokesperson says it was a false report. the twitter account named several other colleges around the country. at merrimack one building was evacuated. police found nothing. erika: police are involving a crash involving an ambulance and two cars. this was the scene in providence, rhode a call proceeding through a red light when hit by a car. four people were taken to the hospital. all are expected to survive. randy: robbers on the run after ambushing a worker at boloco in natick. an employee was directed back into the store sunday night. that employee was taking out the trash after closing when he was ambushed. the robber was in and out in
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getaway car was waiting outside. four employees inside were not hurt. erika: right now, the two men vying to be vice president getting ready to go one-on-one. mike pence and tim kaine preparing for their only debate. hillary clinton, bill clinton, chelsea clinton, michelle obama and campaigning today. >> just think about it. he paid zero at least for about 20 years, we believe, now, based on what we know. and he's advocating for huge tax cuts that would help him and his family even more. erika: trump isn't giving any ground saying it's the fault of washington politicians who structured the tax code to favor the wealthy.
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laws to my benefit and to the benefit of my companies, my investors, and my employees. i mean, honestly, i have brilliantly -- i have brilliantly used those laws. erika: trump and clinton will face each other in their second debate sunday. we'll have coverage of the vice presidential debate tonight starting at 9:00 p.m. right here on channel 5. randy: boston place making an erika: local football field trashed. the safety hazards for the city. randy: why families may need to move loved ones. mike: my timeline in the
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. erika: welcome back at 4:40. damage to a football field. mounds of trash, shards of glass left behind by the largest brazilian event in lawrence. the track may need replacement. the city's mayor those who ran the festival will pay for this damage. met the letter of the law. if they're in breach of the contract, we'll go after them for that. we're going to make sure that we enjoin the moneys they made this weekend. erika: festivalgoers were told they could come back monday to clean up and did not know the field was used for school athletics. randy: a new service from facebook plagued with problems. the policy violations the company is trying to fix.
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or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything? kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, and i approved that message. (foot steps) ? (crickets chirping) ? (jet engine) ? (heart beat) ? (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road) ?
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randy: it's the eyeopener. we're following breaking news. hurricane matthew makes landfall this morning. this is radar of the storm as it bears down in parts of the caribbean. erika: and haiti really right there now already feeling the impact. mike in for cindy this morning. you say this could be devastating. mike: absolu. of rain. it's impoverished to begin with. you have mudslides because of the mountains. we could have serious issues in haiti. let me show you where it's at. you can see it's a big storm. it's covering a small part of the caribbean. there it is. the eye of it is actually just a little bit south of haiti right now, but you're already starting to feel the impact of it, because these storm systems, many time we focus on the eye. we need to focus on the whole storm. this is covering quite a bit of area. as you look at this eye, it's
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winds. this thing is 500 miles across. it's covering a little bit of land that we're talking about. over the next several days, you can see where it will be tracking. as we talk about saturday night, it's off the coast of the carolinas. no one along the southeastern part of the united states is out of the woods. we have a threat of it making landfall between florida and the carolinas as we head towards the weekend. this is based on the latest information we have. if you've been watching the last couple of days,ou place, because we're still waiting for that latest information to come in. we put all of our computer models together, because many times it looks like a plate of spaghetti with lines all over the place. pretty good consistency to the southeastern part of the united states as we head toward later this week. after that, the solutions spread out. the trend is pushing it farther west than a couple of days ago. nothing is out of the question as to what could be happening with this. we're talking about sunday moving through.
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but it's closer in right now. what kind of impact are we talking about as we head towards the weekend? the uncertain track is really the big question mark. it's not a matter of when it will happen. it's kind of if and what impact it will have on us. the one thing i can guarantee you, ocean swells, no matter how close it gets, this is a big storm. there's going to be rough surf and significant rain. not a bad thing. if we could get this storm to track offshore but keep the rain over the top of us, we would benefit from it and not have a damaging situation. righw boston. the dew point holds at 55. it's going to be busy out of the north-northeast this morning. they're going to stay busy as we head through the day today. don't plan on a whole lot of sunshine. a little bit of drizzle going on right now. we'll see the skies clearing away a little bit as we head toward this afternoon. if you want real sunshine, you have to wait a couple of days. as we head towards wednesday, thursday, friday, look at that. sunshine is back. temperatures warm into the 70's. and then we start to take a look at what's going to be happening
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us right now, and this is based on, of course, what we're looking at at this moment, looks like sunday. everything has so many question marks. you just have to keep it in the back of your mind, there's something out there. randy: what do you think the heaviest potential would be? direct hit? mike: even at that point, it could be a weakened storm. we don't have a good handle on it. you have to be prepared for it. be prepared for anything. randy: always a good idea. thank you, mike. a little rough downtown. work crews, but all of them picked up, gone home. looking at a live shot of the tobin bridge. the zakim bridge, the o'neill tunnel, and reopened the ted tunnel from the airport after being shut down overnight. still a couple of trouble spots to watch for. 128 southbound overnight, they had the ramp to highland avenue shut down.
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should be by the time you get there. no other trouble south of town. the expressways running well braintree to boston, routes 3, 24, 95 wide open. up to the north, route 3 south reopened that ramp to 128 north and you're running well through that section of burlington. no troubles 93 new hampshire right down to the border and the upper end of 128 is wide open. taking the trains, all lines on time this morning. erika: it's 4:48. 5 investigates learns another top manager at the department of resigned. deputy fleet manager michael crowley handed in his resignation yesterday. they are not saying why. he's a friend of matthew sisk friday. it comes weeks after the state suspended sisk for using state funds for a private july 3 party. 5 investigates found numerous ties between d.c.r. employees
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>> are unqualified people getting jobs at d.c.r. because they're republicans? >> everyone who gets hired goes through the same process. through that process, it's determined if they're qualified or not. erika: you can watch mike beaudet's full investigation on beaudet's full investigation on our website. randy: campanello was put on leave. the mayor says that's not why he was fired. she says campanello erased his city-issued cell phone that was needed for the investigation. he garnered national attention for his efforts battling the opioid crisis there in that north shore community. the mayor says the work will
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reviving a program to help build diversity in the ranks to call boston police explores. this initiative was rebooted two years ago after being defunct for some time. police will target communities of color, offering teenagers a chance to train like an officer. they also use the program to get more women interested in the department. eight of last year's graduates are poised to join the cadet program. erika: asian shares are up. u.s. stock futures are higher. investors will be looking ahead to friday's release of the september jobs report. new trouble for wells fargo. the state treasurer in illinois suspended $30 billion in investments with the bank yesterday over revelations wells fargo employees opened millions of accounts for customers who didn't know it to meet sales goals. last week, california state treasurer pulled $75 billion in
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facebook's new effort to rival craigslist is already running into trouble. the social media site launched marketplace yesterday, an app where users can buy and sell items, but within hours, people were selling drugs, animals, and adult services, things that violate facebook's policy. the company says it will take appropriate action to clean up the site. randy: if you can't afford the new apple mac, how about a candle instead? brand-new macbook computer. twelve south usually sells more traditional mac accessories. the candle is much cheaper than the laptop version. erika: you could save like this guy, pick up a penny, put it on your carry. larry hall has covered his entire vehicle in coins. it took him seven weeks working six to seven hours a day.
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larry says he just enjoys it. randy: that larry. he's got a lot of time on his hands. erika: and a lot of pennies. boston's popular fourth of july festival has been saved. randy: new help on the esplanade in news to go. on the eyeopener at 5:00, they're the hot home features on new buyers' lists.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac
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erika: it's 4:55. following breaking news in your news to go -- randy: scene of a water main break on washington street and rutherford avenue. there's a detour on the outbound side. boston police say the water has been shut off. no word on what caused this. erika: the man accused of posing as an uber driver in holyoke and sexually assaulting amherst student is arrested for a second time.
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removed his g.p.s. bracelet over the weekend. he was arrested last night at his home, where he was wearing it. he's expected in court today. randy: police are investigating what caused a deadly crash in melrose. a car hit someone loading a truck. the worker was killed. the car ran into an s.u.v. and rolled over onto its roof. three people in the car suffered minor injuries. erika: an everett man crashing his motorcycle into a police officer at foxborough. jose perez rodriguez says he has no memory of the crash sunday that fractured a trooper's skull. he's also charged in a june motorcycle crash while fleeing police in medford. randy: families are learning loved ones may be moved from their final resting place in wayland. the episcopal diocese of
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congregation. it sold families some remains would need to be disinterred to make room for possible expansion for the new owner. families say they were not consulted before the sale. the diocese said in a statement that they'll only move remains with permission. erika: wilmington superintendent is off the job, resigning after being arrested for drunk driving in august. mary delai met with school members more than three hours. she prosecutors had enough evidence to convict her. randy: the annual independence day fireworks spectacular on the charles river esplanade in boston in cambridge will continue in 2017. david mugar announced he's passing the baton to the boston pops orchestra. they will take over the planning with conductor keith lockhart in
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advisory role. erika: hurricane matthew making landfall in haiti this morning. nasa released this video from the international space station. you can see just how massive it is as it moves across the caribbean. randy: mike, as you're saying, it's a long time before we'll know for sure whether we'll see serious impact. mike: correct. it's going to be this weekend at the earliest. there are indications it could be anywhere between a direct hit and 400 miles offshore. so a lot of uncertainty in the ca today, it's going to be one of those cool gray starts to your day. notice the temperatures. we're in the 50's. a little patchy drizzle showing up. very, very light stuff. but you might run into a little bit of that this morning. should get some sunshine coming in this afternoon with breezy conditions near the shoreline. northeasterly winds at 10-20 miles per hour. we get a breeze off the water. here's the way it looks today. 9:00, a little scattered
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in the afternoon, skies brighten, inland to the north. if you're over the cape, you're not going to see much sunshine. chance of coastal drizzle through the afternoon. the overnight hours, there may be patchy fog. tomorrow morning when you wake up, there may be fog and temperatures again on the cool side, but i think you'll get to enjoy a little more sunshine as we head through the afternoon. so today, oh, yes, a hint of sunshine this afternoon, about 62 degrees, but more sunshine fo and friday. and then we're watching for the potential, potential impact that matthew could supply us that would start as early as saturday. indications are right now kind of focusing in on that sunday time period, but once that goes by, look what happens to temperatures. it's going to be cool. highs just into the 60's by the time we get into monday's forecast. we'll be talking much, much more about matthew as it works its way through the caribbean, a category four storm working its way up along the coast.
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morning. announcer: now on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- erika: breaking news. we are staying on top of hurricane matthew on the matthew and making landfall. steps being taken in haiti as the island nation braces for impacked. randy: flooded streets in charlestown as the city of boston works to repair a broken water main there. the action happening right now and the detours. erika: and the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in wareham. new information about the man announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. randy: now 5:00 a.m. we're on top of the breaking news of the morning. matthew still a powerful category four hurricane making landfall right now in haiti. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. erika: i'm erika tarantal. emily is off.


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