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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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morning. announcer: now on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- erika: breaking news. we are staying on top of hurricane matthew on the matthew and making landfall. steps being taken in haiti as the island nation braces for impacked. randy: flooded streets in charlestown as the city of boston works to repair a broken water main there. the action happening right now and the detours. erika: and the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in wareham. new information about the man announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. randy: now 5:00 a.m. we're on top of the breaking news of the morning. matthew still a powerful category four hurricane making landfall right now in haiti. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. erika: i'm erika tarantal. emily is off.
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from nasa. the eye is small. but the whole storm is 500 miles across. let me show you what it looks like on satellite. it's difficult to see the eye, but it is right there. that's why sometimes when we talk about hurricanes, we focus too much on that absolute center, because remember the strongest winds are outside the eye. they extend way out here. so that's why we're watching it so carefully to see where it's going to be moving up the east coast. maximum sustained winds right now 145 miles per hour. it's going between haiti and cuba over the next couple of days. as we head towards wednesday, late tonight into early wednesday, it starts to work its way into the bahamas. again, remember how big this is. the impact is still going to be felt for quite some time even as we talk about parts of cuba and into haiti. where's it go after that? as we head later on this week, a category three storm, a recent update from the national hurricane center. this is as we head towards friday into saturday. eventually, sunday, just skirting the coast. no one in the southeast part of
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threat from this because this is where it will be on sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. what's that mean for us? the computer models are hinting -- everything is in agreement this is where it's going. it's after that point and how it will impact us that has the big question mark. not happening until the weekend. it could give us some wind and rain. how strong will it be? we'll be discussing all those topics during the next half hour. we need to check with kevin and find out what's going on with the traffic. how are things? kevin: n we're looking pretty good. the overnight work crews will pick up and get them out of here. mass pike eastbound looking pretty good through the brighton stretch. we'll reopen that ramp to copley square that was closed through the overnight. the rest of downtown, everybody's moving well. let's go to the maps, show you the rest of the roadways. clean and green. 95, 93, route 3 out of new hampshire, right down through that 128 stretch, much of the same out to the west, mass pike,
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tunnel. rhode island getting up to 93 and 128. so far so good on the expressway. pretty quiet out of the braintree split right up into the o'neill tunnel and you're looking pretty good on route 3 as well. 128 southbound will reopen that ramp to highland avenue. randy: more breaking details on hurricane matthew, which as we're saying is making landfall in the overnight hours in haiti. the powerful storm unleashing its life-threatening power on a moment ago, this is a dangerous category four storm at this hour. erika: haiti is dealing with the worst of the storm as the early bands moved in, rains hit the southwestern part of the island. keep in mind, many people in haiti still live in flimsy shacks and areas prone to flooding. jamaica also in the cross-hairs of this huge storm. the surf on the island already being churned up ahead of matthew's approach.
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along with the dominican republic as well there. a crucial hospital in haiti right in the path of matthew. randy: a team in massachusetts keeping a close eye on what's happening there. the saint boniface haiti foundation is based in newton. it's been helping the people of southern haiti for 30 years now. in anticipation of matthew, the employees there boarded up windows, dug trenches to deal with the flooding, but the big concern, the care needed after the storm. people's homes. we're very worried about injuries. we're extremely concerned about rain. we anticipate massive flooding. randy: the ceo conor shapiro is also worried about his family. is in-laws are riding out the storm in haiti. shapiro will be traveling to the country after the storm passes. you can tram hurricane matthew anytime on the wcvb mobile news app. if you don't have the app, you
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and for android. erika: a wage water main break causing a mess in charlestown overnight. water just flowing right down the street. the eye's sera congi is on the scene right now. sera? sera: the water has receded but you can see the mess left behind. you can see the road there, a hole in the ground all broken up. the damage that's been done to the road by this water main break. it happened at around 1:15 this a lot of water flooded onto these narrow charlestown streets. the actually water main break taking place on the corner of arrow street and washington but the water rushed down the hill onto the busier rutherford avenue. at the time water was shut off to the neighborhood while boston water and sewer contained all that water and contained the situation. now, with the exception of one building, the water is back on in time for folks here to get ready for work and school.
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this water main break is still undetermined. but the focus right now is trying to fix this road to fix this hole in the ground caused by the water main break. live in charlestown, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: police are searching for a hit and run driver. doug meehan is live at the scene. doug: good morning. yes, police interviewing witnesses who saw this crash. they're trying to get a better idea of the vehicle they're looking for. this crash happened at about cranberry highway. a 56-year-old man was hit by a car while in the road. witnesses say the car then took off. it is unclear if the victim was crossing the street or if he was in a crosswalk at the time. that man was taken to tobey hospital in wareham with life-threatening injuries. as of right now, the victim has not been identified. wareham police are asking anybody who was around the area at the time, and they may know this car, to please give them a call. we're live in wareham this morning.
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one person is dead after a crash in melrose. police say a car hit a landscaping truck on howard street striking and killing an employee who was loading equipment. the car then ran into an s.u.v. before rolling over, landing on its roof. three people in the car taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the s.u.v. driver was not hurt. erika: right now police are investigating a crash involving an ambulance and two cars. want to show you the scene last night in providence, rhode island. police say the ambulance was respondingo proceeding through a red light when it was hit by another car. that set off a chain reaction. four people were taken to the hospital, but all are expected to survive. randy: right now, wilmington superintendent of schools is off the job. she resipd after being arrested for drunk driving in august. mary delai met with the school committee members for more than three hours last night. the lowell sun reports delai admitted in court prosecutors
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her. this morning, we're hearing from the gloucester police chief fired for allegedly destroying evidence. leonard campanello tweeted thank you for your belief in me. see you further on up the road. i loved working for you. campanello was put on leave last month after several women contacted the city with safety concerns. the mayor says that's not why he was fired. she says that campanello erased his city-issued cell phone that was needed for the investigation. campanello got national attention help opioid users get treatment. those efforts will continue under new leadership. antoinette: commitment 2016. the two men vying to be vice president are getting ready to go one on one. mike pence and tim kaine. it is a full corps press.
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obama, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren all in key states. >> just think about it. he paid zero at least for about 20 years, we believe now based on what we know. and he's advocating for huge tax cuts that would help him and his family even more. erika: trump isn't giving any ground, saying it's the fault of washington the wealthy. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. and to the benefit of my companies, my investors, and my employees. i mean, honestly, i have brilliantly -- i have brilliantly used those laws. erika: trump and clinton will face each other in their second
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moderate the debate. randy: after a hoax at merrimac college, a staff member saw a tweet about a clown roaming the campus. a spokesperson says the tweet was false. the twitter account also named several other colleges around the country. merrimack, one building was evacuat evacuated. the campus and north andover police have found nothing. erika: 5:00 investigates the top of the department of conservation and recreation. reporter: questions surrounding the latest resignation and hot home features on the list of new buyers. how you can use them to your advantage. erika: changes to the fourth of july celebration on the esplanade. randy: a water main break.
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drivers should still avoid the area because they need to repair the road. mike: tracking matthew as it's ready to make landfall in haiti. the likelihood that it could head in our direction. here's what to expect as you head out the door this morning. temperatures in the 50's. high temperatures today just climbing up to around 60 degrees. we'll talk more about our
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>> we're from manomet youth. and we want to say good morning, eyeopener. randy: good morning. we love the excitement. erika: i love that mohawk. we'll see you at the thanksgiving day parade in november.
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awesome wake-up call. mike: don't we get halloween first? we're still thinking about summer, the tropics, what's going on. we have matthew. big, big storm, a category four. an update from the national hurricane center and keeping it at that category four status. this is really going to be devastating the areas around haiti towards cuba. as you look at jamaica, a fringe effect out of this whole thing. calm. it's around it, the eyewall, where you see your strongest winds. this eye is only 12 miles across. the whole storm is over 500 miles across. winds and rain and everything else with it. we know it's going to be cutting its way through the bahamas. where does it go after that. this is a little change, closer to the coast, as we talk around the charleston area. this is early saturday morning, friday night, as a category two storm. this way be skirting the coast all the way through the carolinas as we head toward
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us? it's really uncertain about the track of the intensity, but the time frame for us, if it does, big if on that, if it does, would be as we head toward the weekend. i think really focusing more on sunday than anything else. the one thing i know -- ocean 12, rough search. there is the potential for significant rain. we need the moisture. if we keep the center of the storm offshore where the wind is all at and keep the rain over the top of us, it could actually be very benia looking at 58 degrees. it's not going to get very warm today. we have a breeze off the water. that breeze is going to get busy through the afternoon. along the coast, we'll see steady winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. gusts over the cape of up to 30 miles an hour. it has nothing to do with the hurricane. it's a whole separate system. it's going to give us a cool breeze off the water. morning drizzle this morning. some afternoon clearing. a hint of sunshine. 60 to 64 degrees. tonight, partly cloudy skies.
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off. kind of chilly. back into the 40's. here's the next seven days. today is going to be the gray day of the forecast. but we get that sunshine this afternoon. more sunshine tomorrow after some morning clouds. thursday and friday looking beautiful and sunny. then we head towards the weekend. we are watch matthew. we're going to focus a bit on sunday more than anything else. there is so much uncertainty in the forecast. hurricanes kind of set their own rules whenever they start to go along the east coast. that's why we're looking at computer it's anywhere from out to the west to 400 miles offshore. so a big, big cone. randy: lots of variables. mike: stay tuned. we'll be updating. and it will change tomorrow. i'll guarantee you that. kevin: looking at the roadways, not too bad. off to a pretty good start early tuesday morning. you see a live shot of the expressway with traffic starting to pick up just a bit. no heavy delays, but you are seeing that volume. we'll give it another 15 minutes
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town, not too bad here, looking pretty good on route 3 coming up out of hanover and into that braintree split. 93 north starting to get company here getting onto the expressway, 24, 95, you're okay. no troubles out to the west on the mass pike, 495 looks good to and from. up to the north, you're looking in good shape on 93 getting by 495 and 128 and route 3 getting by 495. be careful down in charlestown, though. there's a pretty major water main break. that whole intersection is going to be crowded this morning with workers. if you're taking the trains, all lines are starting the morning on time. erika: 5 investigates learning another top manager at the department of conservation and recreation is out. randy: he is the deputy fleet manager, michael crowley. he handed in his resignation yesterday. the department is not saying exactly why. crowley is a friend of the
5:19 am
saturday after video surfaced of him using lights and sirens to move around traffic in boston, just weeks after sisk was suspended for using state funds for a private july 3 party. there are numerous ties between the department and the republican party. >> are unqualified people getting jobs at d.c.r. because they're tied to you or the republican party? >> everybody goes t through that process, it's determined if they're qualified or not. randy: you can watch mike beaudet's interview on our website, erika: families are learning loved ones may be moved from their final resting place in wayland. the diocese sold this land to a different congregation. they told families some remains would need to be disinterred for expansion for the new owner. >> we thought our parents were
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the notice people received seemed to suggested they were going to move if you like it or not. erika: the diocese has said in a statement they'll only remove remains if they get permission. this morning, the boston pops looking for sponsors after agreeing to take over the annual fourth of july fireworks show on the esplanade. longtime executive producer david mugar is leaving the show. the pops play the show every year. now the planning as well with conductor keith lockhart in the top job. the orchestra donates their time each year, they will have to find sponsors to cover the cost of the production. randy: asian stocks mostly higher overnight thanks to easing concerns about deutsch bank's financial health and right now the u.s. stock futures are higher. investors will be looking ahead to friday's release of the september jobs report. new trouble for wells fargo.
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billion in investments with that bank yesterday over revelations that wells fargo employees opened millions of accounts for customers who did not know that to meet sales goals. last week, california state treasurer pulled $75 million in business with wells fargo. whether you're buying or selling and knowing the hottest home trends can be a big help for you. erika: experts say there are three staples in big demand. first, you see this in every open floor plan. more and more buyers looking for the kitchen to be open to the family room. hardwood floors on the main floor. wall-to-wall carpeting is out. finally, a modern kitchen, updated isn't enough anymore. experts say the biggest trends are kitchen islands that double as eating spaces. randy: driver finding a unique way to display his loose change. erika: you can say that again. and a new option for dogs on the go. both ahead in eyepoppers.
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patient we introduced you to weeks ago undergoes life saving surgery. the update on his condition. randy: we're keeping an eye on breaking news. a water main break causing issues in charlestown. drivers are told to avoid the area of rutherford avenue and washington street. erika: also breaking right now, hurricane matthew making landfall in haiti. mike wankum following the category four storm for us all
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mike: we continue to monitor hurricane matthew, a category four storm this morning. what about in our neighborhood? here's what you can expect over the next seven days. we'll be looking at a situation where we have beautiful sunshine leading up to the weekend. but once we get to the weekend, that's when we're keeping an eye on matthew. a lot of uncertainty with that forecast. we'll try to iron out the details as we continue this
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randy:. tuesday eyepoppers. erika: this one is a driving distraction. look at this s.u.v. in north carolina. larry hall has covered his entire vehicle in pennies. the task took him seven weeks working six to seven hours a day. why? larry says he just really wanted that bronze metallic finish. oh, look at this. how about this? every dog has his day, and now that can include picking up some snacks in the drive-through. a pennsylvania restaurant just for the four legged offers fruits, vegetables and meats. those guys love it. the owner says she hopes to expand the business across the region. erika: i thought you were going to say to cats.
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erika: do your dogs drive? randy: i do the driving. high school athletic field trashed. new overnight, the response from the event organizers. erika: a worker at a burrito shop ambushed. the reason police believe this was not a random crime. randy: we're tracking hurricane matthew making landfall in
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- randy: breaking overnight, hurricane matthew making landfall in the caribbean. the new information just in on this powerful storm. erika: more breaking news. a massive water main break in charlestown. the major mess on the roads. doug: the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in ware hamm. natick, on the eye. randy: 5:30. matthew a monster hurricane making landfall right now. haiti bracing for the impact this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. erika: i'm erika tarantal. we're watching matthew. haiti is getting the brunt. mike: it's threading through
5:31 am
winds and torrential rains. they could see between two and three feet of rain into parts of haiti. mudslides will be a big issue there. we have a mountainous range between dominican republic and haiti. category four right now. you can see what it was doing. it was meandering through the caribbean. now there's a northward track. here's the latest track from the national hurricane center. you'll see by the time we talk later tonight or this afternoon, it's actually threading its way right along the islands. and then as to move into the bahamas. the bahamas now have hurricane warnings out for all of those islands, and this is a little bit of a change from yesterday a little biggs closer to the florida coast early friday morning and working up the coast, losing some of its steam because it's going to be interacting with the coast. this track is subject to change as you saw yesterday. it's different today than it was yesterday. in fact, one of the things we're looking at are all the various computer models. and you look at the spread we're
5:32 am
but you can see where we're tracking it now, anywhere between inland and well offshore. we'll talk more about this track an the potential impact for new england coming up in a few moments. now it's time to check on the roadways this morning. you've got roads going all over the place like i've got spaghetti plots. how are things, kevin? kevin: busy. things heating up along the expressway. got your slowdowns. getting by columbia road and a couple of pockets filling in as you work your way towards the expressway. we'll call it 11, now from the split up to the o'neill tunnel. let's go to the map. south of town here, 93 north certainly have those delays getting onto the expressway. route 3, brake lights after union street. 24 not too bad brockton to randolph. looking good on 128 towards the mass pike. up north, 93 has slowdowns getting through 495. 495 itself busy at the 93 intersection. no troubles after that.
5:33 am
lexington. taking the trains, all lines on town. randy: let get to the eye's sera congi. sera? sera: things have improved here. the water has receded. you can see the mess that has been left behind. the source of the water main break, the site right there, you can see the damage done to the road. now a hole right in the middle of the street. this is the corner of arrow and washington streets. this hapne shows you, a lot of water was flooded onto these narrow charlestown streets. the break happened in this intersection. there are a few streets at this intersection. the water rushed down the hill, down arrow street onto the busier main drag, rutherford avenue. water was shut off to the entire neighborhood while boston water and sewer contained the situation. but now the good news with the exception of really one building
5:34 am
back on for residents here as they get ready to wake up and go to work and go to school. at this point, the cause of the water main break, though, is not determined. live in charlestown, sera congi, wife newscenter 5. erika: some of the other stories we're following, wareham police looking for a person who hit someone on cranberry highway and took off. it happened around 8:30 last night. victim has serious randy: a staff member saw a tweet about a person dressed as a clown roaming the campus, but it was false. erika: wilmington superintendent of jobs is off the job, after being arrested for drunk driving. mary delai met with school committee members for more than three hours last night. right now, an armed robber is on the run after ambushing a worker at a restaurant in natick. police believe the suspect had
5:35 am
before. surveillance captures the masked gunman directing an employee back in the store sunday night. he was taking out the trash after closing when he was ambushed. >> and walked him back into the restaurant and cleaned out the safe, about $1,400. put several people's lives at risk. erika: the robber was in and out in less than five minutes, a getaway car waiting out back. none of the employees were hurt. randy: learning who's going to be heading the braintree scandal. paul shastany will serve as interim chief. braintree is also bringing in former boston chief dan linsky to help train officers and to implement new evidence room policy. 5 investigates first reported in august that a review of braintree's evidence room found missing drugs, cash, and seized
5:36 am
his retirement following the investigation and the deputy chief was placed on leave. boston police are revving up a program now reviving it to help build diversity in the ranks called boston police explores. the initiative was rebooted two years ago after being long defunct and police target communities of color offering teenagers a chance to train like officers, and they also use the program to get more young women interested in joining the department. eight of are poised to join the cadet program this winter. erika: outrage in lawrence this morning over damage done to a football field during a weekend festival. mounds of trash, shards of glass, other damage, left behind by a festival that bills itself as the largest brazilian event in lawrence. the damage so severe the field and surrounding running track may need to be replaced. lawrence's mayor says those who ran the festival will pay for this damage. >> we're going to make sure they met the letter of the law.
5:37 am
contract, we'll go after them for that. we're going to make sure we enjoin the moneys they made this weekend to make sure it doesn't disappear. erika: festival organizers were told they could come back monday to clean up and didn't know the field was used for school athletics. randy: a new service by facebook plagued with problems. sax. the update from this patient at tufts after a lifesaving transplant. mike: hurricane matthew kelly: you know me.
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eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. kevin: kevin brennan in for olessa. we have some early slowdowns here.
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near rutherford avenue. we'll get to that. we have a storm a-brewing in the caribbean. mike wankum, what can we expect? mike: big storm, category four sitting down there. we'll be talking about how much it will be impacting our area as we head towards the weekend. today, we have gray skies out there this morning. as we go through the day, gray skies staying with us. sunshine starts to work its way back into the forecast as we head toward the afternoon and eventually clearing away overnight tonight.lo weekend. that's all coming up. erika: an update on a sax playing heart patient we told you about several weeks ago. ? erika: so this was marty phillips able to play his sax but not standing up. he was a patient at tufts waiting for new heart to replace the one that suffered a complete failure.
5:42 am
found and phillips had a transplant. everything went as well as it possibly could have. >> a week ago saturday, i was on the verge of death. even with all of the machinery and everything. this couldn't have happened at a better time. erika: phillips says he has to take it easy for a while. but he can still play, and that's something he never plans to stop doing. randy: hurricane matthew making landfall. the potential impact of this category four storm. and kelly ayotte backtracking. the comment at the debate centered around donald trump. it caught fire on social media. city cam showing you the skyline. it's 5:42.
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randy: good morning. the eyeopener following breaking news in news to go this this is hurricane matthew from space. the category four storm making landfall right now in haiti. erika: mike is tracking that carefully. it will be days before we know what happens here. mike: it's focusing on sunday. but it's changed so much. last couple of days as to where it's going to go. a lot of uncertainty. that's what we're keeping a close eye on right now. also today. erika: drizzly?
5:46 am
if you look carefully, you can see a little bit of drizzle here or there too light to be picked up on radar. we have to wait till this afternoon to clear things away. stepping outside, greeted with temperatures in the 50's. these will not rise that much. the water temperature is only 61 degrees. that breeze is going to get busy. these are the sustained winds we're talking about. over the cape, we could see 15, 25-mile-an-hour wind you'll notice that. toward the cape, it's not going to clear off very soon. you may have to wait for tonight before the skies clear away. high temperatures today will look like this. generally into the 60's. worcester barely. maybe 59 degrees. just give you an idea what's going to happen. look what happened to worcester. thursday, 70 degrees and sunshine. big, big changes coming long before the hurricane even starts to impact our weather at all. as i mentioned today, over the cape it's going to be staying pretty gray.
5:47 am
call it slow clearing. a little bit of sunshine coming in this afternoon. tomorrow, mostly sunny. only about 66 degrees. it won't be quite that warm. a little bit warmer as we talk about thursday's forecast and 68. we will be tracking where matthew is going. right now, indications are it would be impacting us sometime this weekend. we'll talk more about that in a few moments and how it will impact and what the potentials are for our area. now let's check on the roadways and find out what's happening on this tuesday morning. on the area roadways, especially the expressway, filling in quickly now. you're talking 20, 25 minutes out of the braintree split into the o'neill tunnel. let's go to the maps farther south. route 3 northbound, brake lights now. almost route 18 up to the split. 93 north back out of randolph heading towards the expressway. 24, brake lights out of avon on up toward the randolph stretch. farther south on 95, you've got
5:48 am
that's making for pretty big delays. you'll have to stay to the left for that one. 93 southbound, normal stuff coming through methuen, 495, 128, and here come the delays on route 3 by 129 out of that chelmsford stretch. randy: we're following breaking news in charlestown this morning. erika: sera congi live on the scene of a huge water main break. sera? sera: erika and randy, quite a mess. here's the hole in the ground, the source of this water main break. the intersection of arrow street and washington, you can see the damage that's been done to the road. take a look at the video of the water that flooded arrow street heading down the hill at around 1:15 this morning. the water went down the hill onto the busier main drag, rutherford avenue, which was closed for a short time but has now been reopened. water was shut off to the neighborhood while boston water
5:49 am
situation. but right now with the exception of one building on arrow street, the water is back on. the cause of this water main break under investigation. live this morning in charlestown, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. rand doug: wareham police searching for a hit and run driver. at 8:30, police received a call of a pedestrian hit. the driver responsible had fled the scene. e.m.s. transported the victim to tobey hospital with life-threatening injuries. his name has not yet been released. police would like to hear from you if you know anything about this accident. we're live in wareham, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: the two men vying to be vice president are getting ready to go one-on-one. mike pence, tim kaine, getting ready for their first and only
5:50 am
wcvb. it starts at 9:00 tonight. erika: new hampshire senator kelly ayotte backtracking after calling donald trump a, quote, role model for her children. the comment came during a debate with democrat maggie hassan. less than three hours after the debate, she said she misspoke adding that neither trump nor hillary clinton have set a good example. ayotte has avoided officially endorsing trump for president but has said she will vote for randy: the sale of a nursing home following a suicide there. the grosvenor park health center failed to take steps to prevent the suicide despite the 81-year-old's comments on killing herself and a suicide note in his medical records and the man shot himself with his legally registered handgun in august. two days after he was admitted to the company that owns the home says it is reviewing its policies there. erika: the supreme court will
5:51 am
james "whitey" bulger. he claimed his trial was unfair because he wasn't allowed to present his claim he'd been given immunity by the feds while working as an informant. he is currently serving a life sentence in federal prison. randy: the man accused of posing as an uber driver in holyoke and sexually assaulting a student has been arrested for a second time. police arrested he was arrested last night at his home where he was wearing his g.p.s. bracelet. he's expected in court today. erika: and everett man held this morning accused of crashing his motorcycle into a state trooper in foxborough. jose perez rodriguez pleaded not guilty yesterday in court saying he has no memory of the crash sunday that fractured the skull of a trooper. police say he refused to stop for troopers directing traffic outside the patriots game on
5:52 am
randy: facebook's new effort to challenge rival craigslist is running into trouble. they launched masht place where users can buy and sell items. within hours, people were selling drugs, animals, adult services. the company will take appropriate action to clean up the site. reporter: tom brady back with the patriots after his four-game suspension. he great to be back inside gillette stadium and it had been a long four weeks. brady said he's excited to start preparing for cleveland this sunday and that he already put deflategate in the rearview mirror a while ago. reporter: if you can't just afford the new apple mac that you are dreaming about, how about a candle instead? this candle, they say, smells like a brand-new macbobbing computer.
5:53 am
twelve south usually sells more traditional mac accessories. the candle includes mint, basil, and lavender scents and it is much cheaper than the laptop version. erika: i don't think that's what a laptop smells like. randy: for those of you into that, the candle is cheaper. mike: does it get the in the tropics. we have got a major, major hurricane sitting down here, a category four. last friday it was a five. came down a little bit. here's the area between haiti and cuba. jamaica is getting a glancing blow. same with the dominican republic. but it is going to be a powerful storm with potentially strong winds and also a tremendous amount of rain. there's the actual eye of it right now just about ready to move onshore. don't focus on the eye. those winds are strongest right
5:54 am
sustained winds of 145 miles an hour. where's it headed after that? it's cutting through the caribbean. it loses some intensity but not much. three is considered a major hurricane. here is the change from yesterday. yesterday it was looking like it would stay offshore. now it looks like it's getting very close to the shoreline, impacting the carolinas especially. sunday morning, it looks like it may be going to the outer banks. what does that mean for us? it means we have some potential, potential, because there's so many things that h uncertain of the track and intensity of how it will impact new england. i think there will be ocean swells and rough surf. we're at astronomically low tides. we could see significant rain. not such a bad thing. if the storm stays offshore and all we get is the rain and the wind, that would be quite beneficial for us. over the next seven days, a gray start with drizzle this morning. some sunshine coming back this afternoon. then on wednesday, lots of sunshine. thursday, friday, all looking
5:55 am
to watch to see what matthew is going to do. right now, the focus of that would be probably on sunday. behind it, skies will clear away and quite chilly as we talk about monday's forecast. let's talk about the traffic on a tuesday morning. how are things, kevin? kevin: getting busy. 93 southbound, live shot, slowdowns heading towards the lower deck. downtown not too bad. tobin is a nice ride in from chelsea. route 3 southbound, a crashn causing delays up there on route 3 south. 93 a tough go out of methuen down through 495. more slowdowns approaching 128 and down towards montvale avenue. 24 northbound, you've got an earlier crash by 139 in stoughton. delays all the way back into the west bridgewater stretch. 95 northbound jammed out of the
5:56 am
up the two right lanes by 495. that's a tough go there and even if the work crews pick up. if you're taking the trains, all lines are starting the morning on time. erika, raepd? erika: thanks so much. 5 investigates another shake-up at the department of conservation and recreation. randy: the latest to announce his resignation. hot features on new home buyers list. erika: and we're hurricane strikes haiti and cuba. mike has an update on the track and the potential impacts here locally days away when the
5:57 am
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erika: 00 matthew is back. the island nation braces for impact. >> also breaking overnight, flooded streets in charlestown. the action right now. >> the search is on for a hit and run driver. new information we're learning about the man hit fighting for his life. randy: it's 6:00 a.m., matthew a powerful category 4 hurricane. making landfall right now in haiti. good morning, and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. erika: i'm erika tarantal. emily is off. we've been tracking hurricane matthew, really strong powerful winds. >> it was up to a category five on friday night. anything above three is a major hurricane, and this is a very significant one now right cutting through the caribbean. let me show you where it's at,


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