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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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starts right now. the suspect forcing a massive search. maria: hurricane matthew on the move. ed: the danger ahead. aj: heading toward the us. ed: a suspect wanted for a shootout withol arrest at this hour. swat teams warming -- swarming about the neighborhood trying to hunt him down. maria: here he is. he was just captured. his name is eric rosado-gonzalez. he's accused of trying to murder a police officer. newscenter 5's shaun chayabhat is live with the breaking details in roslindale. shaun: this block, still a crime scene.
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here since morning. long before the shootout this afternoon. >> we heard two sets of really rapid fire gunshots from down the street. probably that way very close. after that we heard a call -- a carpule out. shaun: an undercover police operation hunting gun traffickers ended in a gunfire. police swarmed roslindale, after the shootout. >> it was striking because pre-much you knew it was gunfire. shaun: geno johnston's son was home alone next door when gunfire spilled into the street. neighbors say police had on eye on the block for a while. new people seemed suspicious. >> someone inside the house fired upon police. the police fortunately had bulletproof gear on. shaun: that boston police officer not injured but taken to the hospital. the first suspect caught within minutes hiding nearby. then a relentless search for
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house after another. k-9 moved between homes. helicopters overhead. neighbors worried but not surprised police would end up here. >> there was some activity going on there that wasn't cool. kids were showed up that didn't live there. instinctively you could tell they were maybe not very good kids. sean: with the arrest of the second suspect, neighbors are finally back in their homes. maria that arrest coming after live in roslindale with where police tracked him down. jorge: as you have heard, one suspect was quickly taken into custody. the second one managed to get away. despite that massive surge. police got there man. >> we know who he is, we know the areas he frequents
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dorchester, was in custody. earlier this section of roslindale along belgrade street from walworth to neuburg streets had to be shut down for some 5 hours. >> it was a very scary sight, we only live down the street on cornell street and all of a sudden we see all these paddy wagons and helicopters going around. jorge frightened residents asked : to shelter in place. >> i told my kids to shut down the my mother shut down the doors, go downstairs in the basement and lockdown everything. jorge police conducted a line : search of every back yard., a mass state police helicopter scouring from the air. >> we did have one of our officers taken to the hospital, minor injury in the exchange of gunfire but fortunately neither state police or boston were injured here.
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tomorrow the 25-year-old will be in court where he will also be charged with assault with intent to murder a police officer. maria: new video in from the direct hit on haiti. hurricane matthew's fierce winds and drenching rain, lashing out at the island. now the u.s. coast is bracing for the storm. and there's a chance it will impact on our area. ed: a.j. burnett is in for harvey tonight with new information. aj: we have a lot of time to get there but take a look at the latest. down to 130 miles per hour. still a major category four hurricane. category for it gets set 130 miles an hour. it looks like the eastern tip of cuba is taking some steam out of the eyewall. this will fluctuate in terms of intensity as it moves off to the
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in the past couple of hours. this is the spaghetti plot. a very good consensus taking the storm up the coast of florida to georgia and south carolina. the trend north of the carolinas is for all these models, a good percentage of them to take the system out to sea down to her self. that is not to say you should let your guard down at this point. that is saying that the chances are diminishing somewhat storm. here is the official track, takes it along the coast, this part is closer to the west. once you get north of the carolinas, the national hurricane center is taking this out to see as of now. more coming up. maria: right now 11 deaths are being blamed on hurricane matthew in the caribbean. ed: ben simmoneau is here with more.
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matthew slammed into western haiti tuesday morning with winds of 145 miles an hour. but moving at a crawl, the storm dumped buckets of rain people wading through knee-high andpeople wading through knee-high water to get to higher ground rivers wiping out bridges like andrivers wiping out bridges like this one connecting southern haiti with the capital of port-au-prince. with the storm now moving north, ' and fueling up in florida. residents told to stockpile supplies for three days. as the carolinas, georgia and florida now all declare states of emergency. south carolina governor nikki haley says mandatory evacuations will begin in that state wednesday. >> wherever you are on the coast we want you to get 100 miles away from that. ben president obama has canceled : campaign appearances tomorrow in florida. instead, he will go to fema
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maria growing concern in : brockton tonight which is home to a lot of haitian families anxiously waiting for word from loved ones. they gathered on main street today to share news and comfort one another. the u.n. says hurricane matthew has caused the biggest humanitarian crisis in haiti since the devastating earthquake ed right now, : one person is under arrest after a deadly shooting in lawrence. the victim was shot in the basement of a home on boxford street around three this afternoon. the suspect, 19-year-old isiah tejeda, will be in court facing murder charges tomorrow. berea this picture shows a : little gir from maine reunited with her mother after an amber
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night when her mom had a medical emergency. both the babysitter and the little girl were missing this morning. police say she's now safe and they are looking to question the babysitter. ed: wellesley police are investigating a drowning at morses pond. video from sky 5 shows the first two officers on scene late this afternoon. one jumped into the water wearing his street clothes to search the pond. police say the victim is a landscaper who was working at a house on shore. maria in commitment 2016 : tonight. defending the to t president square off for the first and last time. tim kaine and mike pence clashing tonight. ed and donald trump himself : couldn't keep quiet during the face-off. newscenter 5's mary saladna is here to explain. mary both vp candidates came : ready to tangle, and the gloves came off immediately and and repeatedly. >> she has been focused on serving others with a special focus on empowering families and
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of great challenge in the life of this nation, we have weakened america's place in the world, stifled america's economy. the campaign of hillary clinton has been an avalanche of insults. maria: that opened the door to which campaign has been more negative, more offensive . >> he went through a very difficult time but he used the tax code just the way it is supposed to be used and he did it brilliantly. >> how do you know that? >> because he is created a is this that is worth billions of dollars. >> how do you know that? >> he said if i run for president i will release my taxes. and he will. >> he has woken his first promise. mary: meanwhile donald trump was live tweetimng as promised,
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counter-tweeted, yes trump and pence are running a insult-driven campaign, donald's literally doing it right now. tomorrow, pence stays in virginia for a late morning rally before heading to the critical swing state of pennsylvania, that's also where kaine is campaigning post-debate, holding a rally in philadelphia. maria the top of the tickets : hammering away at each other today. in pennsylvania, hillary clinton kept up her attack on donald trump's business practices saying he took tax breaks that aren't available to everyone, . my assessment that someone who is coming to run for president is done is is this success should be judged by that business and what we are finding out is to -- deeply troubling. maria: clinton also called on donald to release more tax records. donald trump lasting clinton for complaining about the tax laws, yet doing nothing to change them when she had the chance,
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is her donors and contributors have used those same tax laws as i did. the same way. maria: trump holds a rally tomorrow in nevada. clinton will be taking a day off the campaign trail. trump and clinton will face off again on sunday night. the second presidential debate will be moderated by abc's martha raddatz. live coverage starts sunday at 9:00 p.m. right here on channel 5. the vice presidential debate just wrapped up. but republicans declared victory hours ago. the party's website declared mike pence the winner before the debate even started. it even highlighted pence's top moments from the debate that hadn't even happened yet. it was quickly taken down. >> next on newscenter 5. >> a new hampshire homeowner humming under fire. the dangerous mistake that had him dodging bullets in his yard. aj: we are watching matthew lifting off.
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the southeastern u.s. after the bahamas. maria: >> wednesday morning on newscenter 5's eyeopener, locking in the holiday plans for less. >> experts reveal the best time to book the getaways. hurricane matthew and our improving forecast wednesday at
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arrested. you see his picture on the right. he shot it officers during a mass state operation this afternoon. swat teams went through the neighborhood trying to find him. there was a second person involved in this as well. they found him tonight. no injuries reported. maria: that is surveillance video capturing the sounds of bullets heading right towards a central new hampshire home. one of thele it happened sunday afternoon in barrington. noah blanchard was working outside his home when he heard gunshots coming from a nearby field that's often used for target practice. but this time, the bullets came too close one hitting the home and entering the bedroom, a few feet above the bed. more shots whizzed by, until blanchard called police who tracked down the shooter.
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shooting on your property or open land but you need to know what is behind it and you need to know the lethal range of whatever ammunition you're using. maria the shooter admits firing : in the direction of blanchard's home. he will likely face charges. also caught on camera a huge house explosion in new jersey. surveillance video from a nearby home shows it happening this morning. that is the result right there. there was a smell of gas in the area about 20-minutes before the blast. dozens of people were evacuated from the scene just in time. a gas leak is believed to be the cause. nobody was hurt. ed new tonight, the first : powerful images and video of the rescue of nathan carman. the vermont man was stranded at sea for more than a week before he was picked up by a passing chinese freighter. his mother was also lost in the water and is now presumed dead. members of the orient lucky, documented themselves throwing the 22 yr old a life ring, and helping him up the ship's ladder, after they discovered him bobbing in a raft about 100 miles off the coast of martha's
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ship's port agent, carman looked tired, but otherwise healthy . >> the captain said he did not appear to be suffering from hypothermia although he was a little bit unsteady on his feet. they took him up and gave him some food and liquid and contacted the coast guard. the captain did say that he appeared to be said about the loss of his mother. not been recovered. police are now investigating her son for reckless endangerment, resulting in death. nathan carman has denied any wrongdoing. maria: say hello to the pixel. it features unlimited photo and video storage, rapid charging, virtual reality ready. at today's unveiling,google execs demonstrated how to transfer data from apple devices. the pixel is available for pre-order with a price tag of
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ed: a.j. burnett will have one find weather forecast. aj: the weekend gets here and we have to pay attention to this. so let's talk, shall we? there is hurricane matthew with hundred 30 mile per hour winds, a little weaker than it was and it is but it is still at powerful category for hurricane moving across the ern cuba. we will see this storm fluctuate or intensify a little bit over the next 24 hours once a gets north of the landmass mass. water temperatures are running in the 80's right now. for folks with interest in florida, north of miami, past west palm beach, we do have a hurricane warning the has been hoisted a little while ago as well. back through southern florida and down toward key west. you have tropical storm warnings
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models like we typically do and there has been a consensus for a couple of days that the system is flirting with the florida coast up toward georgia and south carolina. this is probably knows prize. as we get beyond that the big shift that just happened tonight is that most of these models are trying to push this system out to sea down to the south of new england. i do not wait to think that is definitely what is going to happen. this indicates to me a kind from about twice for hours ago, the chances are diminishing slightly that we get a true impact from this hurricane. let's take you to the official national hurricane center track. this looks very familiar. if anything, it has dodged farther to the west area here we are thursday evening as the storm is sitting over the northern bahamas and off the coast of florida. watch how close to land this gets.
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-- cause major problems up and down the florida east coast and into georgia and south carolina. this is the biggest change to the track the national hurricane center said. this should pass out to sea. it would include the islands and cape cod as well. something is still to keep an eye on for the next couple of days. 40's outside, chile. we do have an area of cloud cover offshore. some of this will squeeze inland at the chance for some drizzle and patchy fog but by and large, beautiful weather coming our way for tomorrow. though temperatures in the 40's for the most part. it will be a chilly night under a partly sunny skied. high-pressure running things through tomorrow into tomorrow night and into friday. we will continue that will be on
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for your morning drive keep in mind there may be a spot or two of fog or drizzle. otherwise it will be a quicker trend toward brighter skies like what you saw today. sunshine toward mid morning or late morning. sunshine for thursday and friday. saturday cut -- starts out ok. leaning toward a slightly dryer forecast at this point. back to you. ed: one-shot and thousand dollars -- $10,000 on the line. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead.
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y ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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kelly: you know me. nfalse, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare,
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all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- and i'm still fighting for you. ed: one-shot, 10,000 bucks.
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maria: she was not the person who made that shot. she picked that guy. he shot it, he nailed it. the sophomore was chosen that random to sink the shot. she had the option of picking someone to do it for her. she picked a former kansas city walk on. stiers says she'll use the 10 grand to help her grandmother pay some bills. split it with that man. i am sure she loves her grandmother. ed: he is a hero on television now. let's take you to fenway park. the red sox were there today. they are in cleveland tonight. the american league playoffs
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now, here's mike lynch with >> sportscenter 5. powered by xfinity. mike: red sox held a brief workout at fenway at 3 this buses for the airport and its on -- it is on to cleveland. big papi did not work out, no surprise. he hasn't taken batting practice for about a month. he did work out inside the clubhouse. we do know rick porcello will start on thursday and price on friday. the workout in cleveland, nothing beats october baseball.
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detail on what we are trying to do. you have to be on your best at this point. the team that is is going to win. it is about execution and playing well. >> the postseason is hyped up and everyone is expecting a lot more ominous stuff like that. they still got to play the same old game we have been playing. let the cards fall where they may. jays tied in the bottom half of the 11th inning at two apiece. toronto got a home run from jose bautista. they lost, kevan miller with an injury. an opening up the preseason out at umass. a first look at the $13 million
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the evening. as did jae crowder and avery bradley. they wound up losing this one. the 76ers 92-89. thousands of folks celebrated the life of the great arnold palmer. he died a week ago sunday at the age of 87. he energized the sport of golf with his vibrant style and he formed his own army. what a nice touch. phil mickelson and rickie fowler bring the back of st. vincent's basilica. they just put it on a table for all to see as they exited the church. meanwhile of front, imploring the crowd, saying he will step out of the box and one more walk up 18 the final time for the great arnold palmer. >> can we give him one more? can we give him one more walk?
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would you join me? [applause] mike: a great touch by jim nantz and the crowd. just getting a big ovation. the big chill, that is what everybody has. aj: the weather here is great for the rest of the week area then matthew may play a role in our forecast. still a possibility but i am thinking less of a possibility that this could reach us. still need to keep on top of this and keep monitoring the forecast. >> we are tracking any and all overnight developments.
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early. one more chance to say good evening. area: good evening.
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dicky: it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, billy bob thornton, kristin chenoweth and comedian ryan donahue. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: very nice. hi, everyone. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thanks for everything, really. oh, it's very nice. i'm pleased you're joining us on what is a bittersweet night for me.


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