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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, two big stories right now. tracking hurricane matthew pounding cuba overnight and leaving behind destruction in haiti. the storm now setting its sights on florida where people are getting ready. >> this is very serious. and you need to prepare and >> more than a mall people getting ready to evacuate. the lines getting longer at gas stations and grocery stores looking like this, cleaned out. the running mates hit the stage, mike pence and tim kaine set off on their first debate filled with quite a few clashes and interruptions. >> you are -- >> donald trump -- >> let me talk about this -- >> senator, i think i'm still on
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>> see the moments getting a lot of attention and how the presidential candidates are reacting. live with the details. good morning, everyone. we'll start this wednesday with hurricane matthew. the powerful storm spinning in the caribbean and prompting actions here in the u.s. right now matthew is threatening the bahamas. today islands will see heavy rain and powerful storm su more than a foot of rain. at least 11 deaths being blamed on matthew but that is expected to rise. >> the worst is in remote areas of haiti. the heavy rain caused flooding, driving, and officials say matthew's aftermath is "the hateful eight's" worst humanitarian crisis since the catastrophic earthquake in 2010. there are hurricane warnings posted now for portions of florida's east coast, as well.
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officials have been getting the word out. their message, the storm is on the way and needs to be taken seriously. overnight, preparing for a direct impact. officials sounding the alarm as hurricane matthew puts the u.s. in its bull's-eye. >> this is very serious and you need to prepare and protect you and your families. >> reporter: people from the florida keys to north carolina boarding up their homes and filling up their cars. at this gas station near miami there's only premium >> i got to get it to get me to the next station. >> reporter: drivers waiting in line for more than an hour. this is what stores look like up and down the coast. empty shelves as people stock up on essentials. >> all the water gone. >> reporter: the governors of florida, georgia and the carolinas declaring states of emergency. >> if you're able to leave and early, do that. >> reporter: evacuations will begin this afternoon in south
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schools along the coast and ordered more than 1 million people to get away from the shoreline. >> wherever you are on the coast, we want to you get 100 miles away from that. >> reporter: farmers in north carolina, fearful of what matthew could do to their crops. >> it's got the potential to devastate the crop entirely. the good lord is going to do what he does to us and we'll have to keep the faith. >> luckily we should say there is still some time to prepare for the hurricane. the atlantic coast. >> details on what to expect from accuweather's paul williams. good morning, paul. >> good morning to you, as well, diane, kendis. a look at the spaghetti models following what's we're expecting with matthew across the bahamas and right along the east coast. we have a few models indicating it may go straight up. all looking favorable that will hug along the east coast.
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dangerous storm surge and power outages for extreme risk areas which include freeport as well as nassau and actually towards miami. then we're expecting that to ride right along the entire coast friday going into saturday up towards myrtle beach with massive power outages and coastal flooding. diane, kepler. >> all right, paul, thanks. we turn to the vice presidential nominees repeatedly clashing on that debate stage. >> it was really intense. a pence and tim kaine. taking on the issues and taking their best shots. abc's maggie rulli joins us now from farmville, virginia, with the highlights. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. many were expecting a more mild-man ired conversation between the vice presidents last night. the debate, but what we got was anything but quiet. >> that is absolutely false and you know it. >> governor -- >> gentlemen, please.
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battle. tim kaine becoming an attack dog. forcing republican mike pence to defend donald trump. >> there is a fundamental choice. your hired president or you're fired president in donald trump. >> reporter: pence didn't take the debate and unlike the criticism against his boss trump's number two remained steady. >> i'm happy to defend him. most of what you said is completely false. >> reporter: the pair clashing over his taxes. >> he used the tax c way it's supposed to be used and did it brilliantly. >> how do you though that? >> reporter: and immigration. >> senator, we have a deportation force called immigrations and customs enforcement. >> kaine challenging pence over what he claims to be laundry list of insults. >> i can't imagine how governor pence can defend the insult driven selfish me first style. >> pence ready. >> for you and hillary clinton would know a lot about an insult driven campaign. it really is remarkable.
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candidates sparred over which was more insulting donald trump was active on line retweeting there. kaine looks like an evil crook out of the batman movies and clinton twain x-rays donald's literally doing it right now. clinton and trump look at the chance to face off in person. the debate this sunday in st. louis. kendis and diane. >> absolutely and then they have another one after that. maggie rulli, live for us in farmville, virginia. thank you. like most selection the candidates and issues are being discussed on social media, as well. >> yeah, on facebook, moist of the posts were about taxes, russia and isis. then on twitter, pence gained 22,000 followers during the debate kaine gained 15,000 followers and getting a sense of the public's reaction to donald trump's assertion that he is smart for not paying tacks. >> 46% of americans side with trump's statement but 67% say a
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61% say it's unpatriotic. this as trump tries to shift the blame over to hillary clinton. >> she complains about how i have used the tax laws of this country to my benefit then i ask a simple question. why didn't she ever try to change those laws so i couldn't use them? >> first lady michelle obama weighed in while campaigning for clinton in elect someone who would close tax loopholes for the wealthy. >> not paying taxes for years and years while the rest of us pay our fair share doesn't make you smarter than the rest of us. >> the first lady also railed against trump's late night twitter rant against a former miss universe and tapped her microphone an apparent nod to trump's complaints about his
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and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve lower-back, knee or foot pain from being on your feet. find your nearest kiosk at also available from dr. scholl's: heavy duty support for lower back pain, lightens the impact of every step. it was an emotional day in a georgia courtroom for a dad accused of deliberately leaving his young son to die in a hot car. justin ross harris cried as his attorney recouped how his 22-month-old died. they insist it was an accident, not a crime. prosecutors say he wanted to
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pursue women he met online. new developments in the investigation into that deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. the data and video recorders are now being analyzed after being recovered from the wreckage. a key question, the speed of the train when it hit the station. the engineer says he was going the speed limit but investigators say it may have been too or three times that. dozens of protesters marched peacefully in charlotte, north carolina, last night marking two weeks since the police shooting of keith scott. earlier police re which sparked two nights of violent protests. the dash cam video shows the final step scott took before he was shot and killed. but does not appear to show a weapon. police say scott was armed. his family says he was carrying a book. some stunning news about a popular e-mail service, yahoo! reportedly scanned customers' incoming messages last year. according to reuters it came after a request from either the fbi or national security agency.
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effect. checking this morning's road conditions. flooding is possible in florida and up the atlantic coast as matthew approaches. wet roads to the upper midwest as well and wet in the northwest. also be some mountain snow in the rockies. airport delays possible kansas city and as you might imagine, miami. a powerful gas explosion rocked a neighborhood in new jersey destroying two hopes. >> another building was so badly damaged it will have to be taken down. dozens of peoe fire crews who had been called to the area because of a gas smell evacuated those residents before the blast. another reminder when you smell gas call for help right away. one of the accused hit men facing murder charges in the killing of a florida state professor has reached a plea deal. lu. s rivera pled guilty sen 5 now cooperating with authorities. prosecutors say his childhood friend fired the shots that
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and contend hess former in-laws hired the hit men following a bitter divorce. check out this frightening video. this is from a business outside tulsa, oklahoma. the man in the white t-shirt rushes in with a knife and starts attacking employees. he had been there earlier and was threatening to come back and kill them. one employee is knocked to the floor. others join in to try to get away from the man. they manage to get him outside and call police. actor ben stiller is promotingar a viewing that he had battled prostate cancer. he told howard stern he was diagnosed two years ago and talked about how scared he was when he found out. stiller is now cancer-free's credits a psa test with catching it in time. stiller is trying to spread the word about that test but it is shunned by many doctors as unreliable. four fishermen discovered their cooler wasn't just a drink saver but life saver as well
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they held on to that cooler, for, get this, eight hours after their boat sank sunday morning. no life vests or radio or beacon and were spotted 20 miles offshore. absolutely amazing there. well now sports and this morning, that means playoff baseball. >> if you like your postseason dramatic we have the highlights for you courtesy of espn. good morning, i'm scott van pelt. the baseball playoff season is one game old off to a phenomenal start unless you're an oriole fan that's where your season ended. encarnacion moon shot off jiminez. three-run shot. the walkoff with zach britton in the pen for the orioles a move a head scatchard to many. gomez the hero when he won it. >> come up in the 11th inning
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what was that line for you? [ speaking a foreign language ] "a lot of pressure when i came up but thankfully i was able to relax." [ speaking a foreign language ] "and i was able to put a good swing on the pitch i was looking for which was the fastball. what is it like when you're watching it sail knowing you have advanced? [ speaking a foreign language ] "it's an unbelievable experience and like i always say thank god because of what i was feeling my club win and advance to the next round against texas. >> that's a series you can hear on espn radio wednesday, the national league wild card game. citi field, bum garner, syndergaard. sounded good. enjoy the wild card on espn. many people looking forward to that game. >> yes, the texas game. there were some big visitors who were at one of the biggest
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control arrived. smart. the other walked around a mall before being cornered at a mcdonald's. officials have decided to let the 1-year-old bull leave on its own. if he's still around on wednesday, though, they plan to take him away. >> want to do a little shopping. grab a little snack. >> he got the munchies and went to mcdonald's. they are terrifying because they are so much bigger in person than you imagine them to be and apparently they have a bit of a temper on them o. major oops for one of the political parties. declaring a winner before the debate even started. and too good to be true. the diet prosecco hitting shelves. i love bread. i love ice cream. pizza! peanut butter. tacos! i love ramen.
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? time to check "the pulse" starting with the republicans getting a little ahead of themselves by prematurely declaring the winner of the debris. >> the humble brag before the debate, you might say. the official gop website announced mike pence was the clear winner more than an hour before the debate started and the site listed pence's top debate moments. >> the page was taken downut the winner once again. this time waiting until after the debate. >> all right. so bed, bath & beyond is trying to move away from its coupon program. >> it is testing a new $29 per year loyalty program. those 20% off coupons you get are apparently costing the company some money. analysts say customers have reached the point where they won't buy anything without a coupon. the program would allow shoppers to receive discounts.
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part of the loyalty program. >> get in the store and hook you again. >> yeah, i do have to say i understand their point because i'm a little reluctant myself to buy things without the coupon. >> raise the prices up and then -- >> don't get any ideas. >> finally how about a drink -- how about prosecco. >> i'm down in doesn't everyone love italian sparkling winen a wednesday morning? >> absolutely. it's always sunday fun day days. >> 5:00. >> even better might be skinny prosecco. so its producers say their diet version of the popular drink has only 67 calories per glass. >>. >> for those counting -- >> which i love that. >> less than a banana. around 90 calories. skinny prosecco available in a number of british mores. no word on when it could be launched in the u.s.
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morning off with prosecco. >> if that's 67 calories how much does a normal glass of prosecco have caloriewise. >> i don't think i want to know that. >> add the orange juice in there for a mimosa. >> why would you contaminate prosecco with orange juice? it just gets in the way. >> i know what we'll be doing in
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taking a look at our top stories this wednesday shall the vice presidential candidates took aim at each other and the top of their tickets as they faced off in a fiery debate. it was a showdown marked by feisty exchanges and repeated interruptions. >> hurricane matthew is spinning into the bahamas this morning after causing widespread flooding and damage in haiti and cuba. forecasts have the storm running up the u.s. east coast in the coming days. that already well under way. long fuel line, empty shelves seen from florida to the carolinas. states of emergency are posted there, as well. looking at today's weather, storms today from the plains to the great lakes. rain in the northwest along with some mountain snow, cloudy with rain in florida. clear for the rest of the east coast. well, finally from us, two couples sent packing on last night's "dancing with the
4:28 am
kenny babyfakenneth "babyface" s as he did admit he made mistakes in the tango but thanked fans for his support. >> this experience is an amazing experience. learning to dance with everyone. the family here is amazing. everyone is just -- i just want to thank everybody, all my fans and thank everybody for voting for me. it's been amazing. >> such a treat. >> and despite his amazing cirque du soleil performance monday night it wasn't enough to keep vanilla ice and his partner witney carson on the dance floor. >> this is a magical experience. i love it. it's great. dancing makes you happy and this is just a happy experience. i'm honored to be here and i appreciate all the fans and the people and magical. i appreciate her more than anything. >> it really seemed like he was trying so hard. >> doing well. at least he got to do "ice, ice baby" as his first dance. >> the biggest moment of the
4:29 am
with the dancing competition itself and was a moment no one saw come sdmg after their steamy contemporary dance to bruno mars' just the way you pro dancer had a surprise for his fellow dancer, sasha farber. >> i wanted to do this for such a long time. i love you so, so much. will you marry me? >> yes. >> ah. >> ah. >> so that's emma slater there. who needs a mirror ball trophy when you can walk off the stage with a diamond engagement ring. >> that is what's making news in america this morning. >> do stick around for "gma"
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>> good morning. it is wednesday, october 5. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. a car crash into a child's room in revere. the interest at what police call a dangerous intersection. >> an arrest in boston after a shootout with facing and where police tracked him down. >> standing together. the message from the celtics this morning about their national anthem protest. >> first, keeping an eye on hurricane matthew. right now the extent of the devastation left behind in haiti is unclear. this is video from the "be like brit" foundation. the organization can see serious flooding there.


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