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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  October 5, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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coast. one change to note it will parallel the coast right up to south carolina but thereafter, it will not be allowed to make a complete trip up the east coast. high-level winds will steer it east from that point. that's an important change and we'll talk more about this as we go along. >> florida, georgia, and the carolinas all bracing for hurricane matthew. tonight mandatory evacuation orders are in effect in some areas. voluntary ones in >> florida's governor says his state is facing the biggest evacuation threat ever. he hopes people will follow orders after seeing the catastrophic effects in haiti. >> in haiti, disaster teams are assessing damage caused by hurricane matthew's flash flooding. 145 mile per hour winds. many roads and houses destroyed by the killer storm. 1.5 million in initial u.s. aid is on the way.
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wet. i've lost everything. the water took it. >> florida's governor says 17 deaths are attributed to matthew and now the storm is pounding the bahamas. it's next move is to florida's east coast. >> no gas. >> within half an hour, the generators were gone. they are going fast. >> people are scrambling for supplies, food and bottled water. florida, georgia, and the emergency in place. millions ordered to evacuate in the next 48 hours. >> you can still have hurricane conditions on the coast, storm surge, and heavy rainfall. you don't have to be near the center of the storm to be at the center of action. >> fema warning residents in the affected areas to leave before it's too late. >> the center of the storm is expected to approach florida tomorrow night. thousands of national guardsmen standing by to help, if it maintains its strength hurricane
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state in more than a decade. >> it's already impacting travel to florida. tomorrow american airlines will have very limited departures before noon but all flights out of miami, fort lauderdale and palm beach in the afternoon have been canceled through saturday. we'll continue to track mathews' path. you can, too, in real-time on the wcvb mobile news app and you can see the storm's possible path as it heads north toward the atlantic coast. >> breaking news. mo department of conservation and recreation. the administration taking action against two employees. an investigation finding that the personnel officer did try to influence a co-worker when that co-worker's fiancee was considering a run against him for public state senator. his cousin, the agent's chief operating officer, has resigned, although no connection to
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hears the video all of you have been waiting for. tom brady back at practice for the first timeins early september --. our cameras were allowed to roll, brady's ban entered on monday. he'll play against the browns this sunday. saying the two suspects tried to rob undercover officers? >> that's right. we learned those new details in court. according to the prosecutors during what was an attempted robbery here, on this street, one of the suspects pulled out a gun, held it to the head of an undercover officer and threatened to kill him. today, with their clothing
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appeared in court wearing jump suits. prosecutors say the two had sold undercover police drugs three times before. when they met outside the apartment building yesterday afternoon, prosecutors say gonzalez climbed into the officer's car. pulled out a gun on one of them and tried to rob him. meanwhile, they say colon was on the porch, got into a fight with the other officer and started shooting. at least one of the suspects now claims he had nothing to do with the shoot-out. >> he believes he wasn't involved. >> we'll see where the investigation leads us. >> when you say he wasn't involved but he took off from the scene -- >> that's what they are alleging. that's what they are alleging. something different than what we believe the evidence will show. >> bullets went through walls and windows at the apartment building where the shoot-out took place plus at least one house next door. somehow in all of this, no one
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half a million bail. >> live, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> right now a bicyclist is dead after colliding with a truck. live near the scene where a group of students witnessed that crash. rhondella: some school children got some counseling. massachusetts avenue area, there was the beginning of a memorial to the man killed on a bicycle. st of the morning. an 18-wheeler, a tractor-trailer, and a bike collided just after 8:00 this morning. the bike was crushed beneath cab of the truck. the intersection at massachusetts avenue completely closed to traffic until just about two hours ago. the driver stayed on the scene. the state police accident reconstruction team still working. a sobering moment for bikers and
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and then i heard a screech, and then i saw pieces flying in the air. >> the d.a.'s office has yet to identify the man killed on the bike or reveal if the driver of that tractor-trailer will face any criminal charges. folks have been grief-stricken for a very long time. many telling stories there was just another accident involving a bike and a car five minutes after this one. that one minor. >> commitment 2016 now, hillary clinton and donald trump's campaign both declaring victory after last night's first and only vice presidential debate. mike pence and tim kaine repeatedly crashed. they also repeatedly interrupted each other.
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clinton stumping for votes and praising their running mates for a job well done. >> mike pence did an incredible job and i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called -- that was my first hire, as we would say in las vegas. >> trump and clinton now preparing for their next big showdown with the vice presidential candidates back on the campaign trail. >> from where i sat, donald trump won the to make america great again won the debate. >> and we're going to make history by electing hillary clinton, our first woman president, on november 8. >> after a night filled with jabs and more than 100 interruptions in just 90 minutes. >> donald trump during his campaign has called mexicans rapists and criminals. >> you ripped out that mexican thing again.
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substan substance. pence on style. >> i think i'm still on my time. >> isn't this a discussion? >> because neither did much to move that needle in winning over undecided voters, analysts says that raises the stakes even higher come trump on sunday. >> neither clinton nor trump were on the stage but they were still the stars. trump was mentioned 143 times during the debate. clinton >> and the next presidential debate is happening sunday at 9:00 p.m. in st. louis. emily will be live in missouri providing pre-and post debate coverage right here on newscenter 5. >> right now, a terror investigation is under way in belgium after two police officers are stabbed. prosecutors say that a man armed with a knife attacked the officers in brussels before being shot by a second group of officers a short distance away. belgium has been on high alert
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>> new at 4:30, a nsa contractor is under arrest accused of taking top secret documents from the agency. in a criminal complaint unsealed today f.b.i. says harold martin admitted to keeping the classified information at his home and in his car and some with the highest sensitive clearance rating. federal officials say if they were made public that information could have caused exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the pouring over data in video recorders that were pulled from last week's deadly train crash in new jersey and the cell phone was found in a backpack in the train's cab. one person was killed, 108 others hurt, when that train slammed into the station in hoboken. >> a smoking samsung device now being blamed for plane evacuation in kentucky. fire official say the device
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and it started smoking forcing passengers off that plane. minor damage was reported on the plane's carpet where the device fell. last month samsung recalled its galaxy note smartphone after several caught fire. >> you're flying, taking a crews -- >> the major impact hurricane mathews is having on travel and what's being done to accommodate travelers. >> a single shot that protects you for life. why sti vaccine is a step closer to reality. >> the focus shifts to the
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>> let's get into town. a mess in both directions. i assume the drive times are a little slow. usually habit half an hour, 36 minutes right now. a little worse. about five or 10 minutes worse than normal. >> it gets slow again. you'll be slow at the turnpike and it will take you half an
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get to 495 -- pretty bad there right now. >> hundreds of cruise ship passengers stranded because of hurricane matthew. travelers aboard the carnival pride were supposed to set sail from baltimore to the bahamas. they were reroute but to new york city instead and told canada was next but when the ship docked in new york passengers were told they would be heading back to baltimore but not until tonight. >> i about our lives and the danger, we should be heading back now >> i love new york. it's a beautiful city but i didn't pay $3,000 to sit in a port for 48 hours. >> carnival says it's taking prudent action to keep the ship out of harm's way by waiting to enter chesapeake bay ahead of the heaviest weather conditions. >> some airlines are offering waivers.
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airlines all offering to waive change fees. it various from airline to airline, not always the same but include trips to and from certain airports in florida and the caribbean and that includes cuba. so stand by. >> the storm will pick up strength again now? >> it could. it's a category three now and it's possible that it could go back a category four. it will be moving over warm waters. no land. >> it's so large. you can't take your eyes off o question. the other thing i want to pint out is where all of these warnings r. check that out. the bahamas, they like stretch over 700 miles. >> all the way through florida. >> i went on a live feed from nasa, bam hamas, and it looks pretty tame. >> that's a long string of islands. we also want to talk about some of the situations that were going on here.
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were still guiding this thing up the coast even north of the carolinas. now, as we got successive computer runs into tomorrow night, starting to see more of a shift of some of them to the east and more so as we got into the wee hours of this morning and now this morning, clustered on a sharp right turn off the carolina coast, which of course is very good news for us. the only problem is it's gotten furthewe been bad news for the florida coast and all the way up to at least the south carolina coast. so that's where you see the hurricane warnings. above miami. if it is to make landfall it will be so close it could ride along the coastline or just off of it, but that's likely to-little bit north of miami, so that's why it's north of miami, but any slight tilt to the west and then miami could actually
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be a hundred pierce rul percent rude out. it's over warm waters and conditions could allow restrengthening. if be a hundred pierce it restrengthens it coult to a category four. that's what the hurricane center is thinking it could happen as it makes its closest approach first to south florida. might touch the coastline across central or northern florida. either riding the coastline or touching it. but either way hurricane conditions would be likely along the eastern florida coast very heavy rainfall. now, thereafter, some weakening is likely to occur maybe down to a category two off south carolina and then we get the shift radically after that point. that will happen later in the weekend and early next week so that's the story with the storm. here in boston, a cool sea breeze two off south carolina has it at 58 degrees. we've got a nice weather pattern for the next couple of days. right now, it's in the upper 60s
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will be another night of clear skies and light winds. 30s this morning, maybe a few more early tomorrow morning but tomorrow there is room for it to be milder although still cooler along the coast than in inland areas. basically clear skies for the most part. could be some patchy low fog. otherwise, clear skies not only for tomorrow but for friday as well. that's the good news. >> now, when we checkt out over the next seven days keep in mi approaching from the west later on saturday and saturday night so that could cause a couple of hours. sunday and monday, of course, we'll be watching matthew but that will be far south of us so as far as the columbus day weekend is concerned sunday and monday look like dry days. perhaps a period of showers coming later saturday or saturday night. if you're headed up north. sunday and monday will be exquisite and maybe a couple of showers on saturday but otherwise it looks pretty nice,
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day weekend weather for new england. >> focusing on your health, there is more evidence tonight that those wearable fitness trackers may not work a well as thought. it's a study out of singapore and it shows the trackers may not increase activity enough to benefit your health. researchers say participants did show a moderate increase in aerobic activity but they say there is no evidence that the device has promoted weight-loss or improved blood pressure. >> a scientists may have found a way to protect the against the virus and all future and mutated strains of the flu with a universal vaccine. -- they say there could be a universal flu vaccine would would require only one unjex that would provide lifelong protection. >> coming up on columbus, right
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but the busy travel season is right around the corner. >> we'll tell you when you can cash in on the best travel deals. >> but next -- >> we continue to follow breaking u.s. in out of the statehouse. another staffer fired from the governor's office. the governor's reaction. new at 5:00 tonight. plus, the creepy clown epidemic that's sweeping the nation. the effort tonight to silence fears. the recipient who lost all four
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kelly: you know me. nfalse, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare,
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false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- and i'm still fighting for you. >> yahoo reportedly -- at the request of u.s. intelligence. reuters says yahoo agreed last year to give the national
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yahoo issued a statement that did not deny the report but they said the company follows all american laws. this report follows yahoo's admission that at least half a billion accounts were hacked into back in 2014. the obama administration is setting a lofty goal for our nation's roads. zero traffic deaths within 30 years. 2015 was the deadliest year on american roads since 2008, and this year it's on pace to top last year. the transportation department plans to increase its safe driving marketing effort and install more rumble strips and other safety devices. >> it may only be october but the holiday travel season is right around the corner. if you want to snag the best deals it's all about timing. experts say the magic week for thanksgiving is the week of october 31. tickets that week are expected to be nearly 8% cheaper than average. as usual, they say flying on thanksgiving day itself is
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>> october 31, which is right around the corner. halloween, then christmas and happy new year. thanksgiving, whatever. >> a moose on the loose. >> causes quite a stir in north dakota. >> up next you will see what happen when they tried to capture the guy. let's take a look at the closing numbers on wall street. a pretty good day.
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our best offer ever, super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> well, that's quite a sight in bismarck, north dakota today. >> i think he was hungry and then took off. a young moose that was caught on camera making his way through a parking lot. he's getting ready for the holiday season. >> there is a sale at target. >> he had to get there. >> ran around before stopping to rest. it gets rough trying to find a parking space.
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watch him and despite warnings from police the animal did eventually -- that guy is serious, animal managed to get away. the animal wasn't caught. >> no tranquilizers needed. he's okay. >> you know what the plural of moose is moots. >> evacuation under way as matthew bears down on florida as we get a destruction of cuba and haiti. >> better news f but danger grows for the east coast of florida. >> double arm transplant. >> i've made small steps every week. >> this wounded warrior's ambitious plans to put his new hands to good use. >> tom brady finally returns to practice and guess who is
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tracking hurricane matthew. >> sustained winds of more than 115 miles per hour. 11 deaths have been blamed on the powerful storms. >> cleanup is under way. homes and farms damaged. at least five people killed the presidential election has been postponed. >> this hurricane -- >> many have been asked to evacuate. >> hurricane warnings. that's what you see in red, just above miami and most of the florida coast. teen northern part is under a hurricane watch which almost assuredly be converted to a hurricane warning. the danger is for the east coast of florida. there is a storm and now as it moves over warmer water and away from the land mass of eastern cuba there is room for it to


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