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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  October 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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coast. it may ride close to it or right along it but either way that supports the hurricane warning. they are concerned about heavy rain, storm surge and damaging winds. then you you still have to be concern up to the south carolina coast before it starts to make a right turn. as strong level, high-level winds above it will force it to move east and not complete the trip up to us but we'll have much more about this in our local weather coming up in a few minutes. >> new 59:30, 16 high school soccer players suspended after they were caught drinking. >> caught in the home of the police chief. reed is live in west newberry with his explanation. >> those suspensions are an automatic punishment, as laid out in the rule book the massachusetts interscholastic athletic association, a direct violation of a policy that took place in what some might consider the least likely of homes. >> the varsity soccer team
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game since 16 members of the team were suspended for violating a drug and alcohol policy. >> it leads to disappointment and it's unfortunate, but we use a combination of consequences and supports to make it important to students. >> the student athletes were benched after a picture surfaced on social media showing them with a bottle of vodka at a team sleepover. the police chief has two daughters on the team. my wife close eye on the girls. we checked up on then often. very sorry to the other parents. this hand under my watch but i'm not sure what else my wife and i could have done. the chief said he wasn't even made wear of the picture until the school reached out to him monday morning and looking into the possibility that it was a parent who bought that liquor. >> this was something found out in a way that isn't fatal to anyone at this point, and, you
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behaviors that we can address and move on in a positive way. >> the suspended girls will miss the next four games. >> the chief says he's fine with that penalty as are his daughters saying they must face the consequences of their actions. they know what they did was wrong. >> it was, in fact, a tough day one without the majority of their teammates. nantucket lost today. >> wcvb, newscenter 5. >> new 59:30, a wild police chase through two new hampshire towns is caught on a >> that chase began in pelham and ended in wyndham. the speeds hit 80. take a look at the video, a speeding driver caught the eye of police this morning at route 38 after several minutes of pursuing the suspect through the twisting streets and intersections and rotaries. the officer comes behind the wrecked car. the car is on its roof. the driver gets and it's 22-year-old justin. he's ordered to the ground and
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down, after back-up arrived he was taken to the hospital. >> at this point his adrenaline is already flowing because he was just in a pursuit with a vehicle. you never know what is going on inside that vehicle. is someone intoxicated, is there more than that going on. the suspect was not seriously hurt. he'll be arraigned on drunk driving at the end of this week. taking aim at methadone clinics in an area of the city that 5 vets has been focused on. in just the last few weeks, 5 vets captured more gripping images of the realities of drug addiction. this area on mass avenue near boston medical center has been known as methadone mild for years. the city now calling it recovery road. >> in a meeting today the mayor said some people on methadone
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through cracks and he believes the people running the clinics are doing more to help their clients. >> i think the clinics need to have more responsibility in making sure that the folks that are in there, maybe work with job training programs to help people get back on their feet not by just stopping addiction but how do they get back on their feet by providing a job training program to help people. >> in the past few weeks the city deployed a team of outreach workers in the area who are tying to get help and services for those in concern for yahoo users tonight. >> still to come, the claim that hundreds of millions of emails were scanned for the government. >> we've been fact checking. the candidate claims debunked. >> a double arm transplant performed right here in boston. the recipient, a marine who lost
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>> yahoo reportedly scanned
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intelligence or law enforcement. reuters agreed last year to give the national security agency or the f.b.i. access to the accounts. yahoo issued a statement that did not deny that report but said only the company follows all american laws. this report follows yahoo's admission that at least half a billion accounts were hacked into in 2014. >> last night the two vice presidential candidates met head-to-head for the only time. but how truthful were they? >> jennifer davis is facts. >> most commentators are handing this debate win to mike pence over tim kaine. >> tim kaine was trying to win every argument. >> pence was trying to win the television audience and typically that's a smarter strategy. >> how did the candidates' rate on truthful. let's start with tim kaine's description of trump's illegal
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house, school to school -- >> that's half true. >> trump has said contradictory things about how many people he want to support but that was for people with criminal background. >> he said social security is a ponzi scheme and privatization would be good for all of us. >> that's mostly false. one of trimp's most consistent positions is that he doesn't want to touch social foundation. >> less than 10 cents on the dollar has gone to charitable causes. >> false. >> in 2014 about 87% of the clinton foundation spending was on charitable programs and things to help people. >> as for this statement, when he said, then virginia tim kaine >> they raised that statement mostly true. >> was it a bad economic time during the recession, they needed more tax money coming in.
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this matter? generally vice presidential candidates don't have a great influence on voting. so the debates don't usually have much of an effect on the polls. >> in washington, i'm jennifer davis. >> popular home furnishing store pulling its very popular coupons. >> the mailing a lot of people look forward to that will soon be stopped. >> how massachusetts drivers are faring. >> tracking hurricane matthew the category three storm set to make a harvey is tracking it all. >> the outer rain bands are starting to show up on the radar. as you can see just off the coast of florida. there is the hurricane and we've got the latest on that and what
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>> traffic deaths in the u.s. making a significant jump in the first half of the new year. car accidents have increased by more than 10%. road deaths totaling 17,775. 2015, last year, was the deadliest year on the roads since 2008. this year is on pace. the department of transportation
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strips and other safety devices on interstate highways. here in massachusetts we're buckling up. the state's seat belt use is at an all-time high. 78% of people in the front seat use their seat belts properly the rate is even higher for drivers over 65. it's 86%, but only -- 55%f seats. >> new rules for prepaid debit cards. companies that issue those cards must provide their users with basic account information like balances and transaction history. customers whose cards get lost or stolen will get the same protection that credit card customers get. it's been in the works for two years. a new perk for prime members. you can enjoy unlimited reading from a rotation selection of books, magazines, comics and
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day shipping, unlimited access to prime video, prime music, prime photos, early access to amazon's lightning deals as well. bed, bath and beyond may be getting rid of those very popular coupons. those 20% discount coupons, it's costing them a lot, so bed, bath and beyond is now testing a loyalty program instead offering perks including pre-shipping 20% off every entire purchase for a membership fee of $29 per year. creative. >> more fees. interesting. communities in haiti and cuba cleaning up from the devastation left behind by hurricane matthew. so far at least 11 deaths have been blamed on that storm. now here in the u.s. matthew is set to make a hit or a very close path to florida. a state of emergency has been issued as well as in georgia and the carolinas. >> they are not taking any chances in florida, which is the
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i know a lot of college students were being evacuated. >> absolutely. you have to do that because when you're talking about a storm that's going to either touch the coastline or parallel it very closely. the difference between those two is extremely large in terms of really, really major impact or not. however, you've got to play it safe because that's one of the possibilities. the warning is in effect and warranted along the coast. tropical storm warnings fr south. a hurricane warning when you get to northern florida. that will be converted -- a watch will be converted to a warning once we get out in time a little more. the storm is making its move to the north-northwest and it's starting to look like it's getting stronger again because now it's moving over very warm water. very favorable conditions. already major category three. it could become a category four, before it makes its closest pass. so it certainly affecting parts
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this is the track. if it touches land in florida it's likely to be above miami, central or northern florida coast. right along it, just inland or stay offshore. once it does that, i continues that towards the georgia-south carolina coast as well but the conditions are not quite as favorable once it gets above florida, so there could be a little bit of weakening but still a significant storm to deal with and then the storm turns eastward and that's the big change in the st the confidence now, very high that it turns east off the south carolina coast and can't complete the trip up the east coast which spares up. the storm surge potential could be anywhere from four to seven feet, 3-6 feet, very significant. savannah, georgia, 4-7 feet and the rainfall potential, now this assume the storm actually touches the coastline there. could be four to eight inches of rain. if it stays somewhat offshore
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same idea of wind. hurricane force winds. if it stays offshore the hurricane force winds barely offshore as well. that's what we'll have to see as we go along. now that we know we have decent weather with sunday and monday especially being beautiful days, we can think of the fall foliage. it's nearing peak. certainly around vermont and the mountains of western maine, increasing color, places like franconia. these are the early morning low temperatures, it will be another chilly night but now we're interest a pattern where the days can be pretty mild and the nights can be chilly, and that will be repeated again tomorrow. with the ocean influence it doesn't get early in as cool in those places. 57 in boston. with a light easterly wind but we do see temperatures that are still in the 60s. 70 in hartford. and there is room tomorrow to be about three to five inches warmer than today and up a
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these are your high temperatures. high pressure, that's in control. this front, that's what will bring possibly some showers here saturday night. not matthew. behind that, it will turn cooler for the second 2/3 of the holiday weekend. >> here's a look at clear skies, patchy clouds in the early morning hours. stays with us through friday. a nice looking weekend. sparkling weather if you're ad up north sunday and monday. a chance of a if you showers during the day on saturday or here in southern new england on saturday night. other than that clear for the next couple of days. a bunch of days following that saturday night shower threat. that's how things are looking. we'll continue to update you on matthew. >> if you boarded an ordinary boat and it doing off without a crew, i think you would get a little nervous, right? everett says no fear with a self
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company. >> it's the development of a start-up. current lay mass dhal helping finalist operating out of the garage of an east boston shipyard. he got the idea while working in marimy -- >> the crew is free. >> jeff is director of sales and marketing. >> so situations where you went to be off the boat which is hazardous to crews, such as oil spill cleanup, you can relocate the crew to an adjacent vessel. therefore keeping him safe and they can control the boat remotely. >> case in point, the grounding of the boat in italy. he worked on the salvage operation and it spurned his
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autonomy and oversight that their technology can provide. >> it was caused by human error. the ship had incredible navigation systems, satellites, and the human drove it into the rockies. a computer would override it if it saw you were trying to do that. >> inside the $50 million massachusetts whale watch business. >> two south shore siblings back in the business. >> a family that survived a attack. all of that at 7:30. >> that's where anthony loves to be. an amazing story. a double arm transplant at a local hospital. >> the recipient, a marine, who lost all of his limbs in afghanistan. he's sharing his story. how he plans to put his hands to good news. >> reports of creepy clown sightings popping up in school districts all around the state. new at 6:00, action that's being taken to calm all fears.
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questions from 5 investigates. >> about 50% of the people who have this type of aneurysm die like within minutes. >> bob bob hallorhallorthis hale special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald.
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an incredible transplant performed successfully at a boston hospital. >> a marine who lost his limbs, recipient of a double arm transplant. he's extremely grateful. >> he served our country in afghanistan, where marine sergeant john made a huge sacrifice. in 2010 an i.e.d. claimed both his arms and both his legs. prosthetics helped peck regain his life but his spirit pushed for more.
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from virginia was introduced at brigham and women's hospital following his bilateral arm transplant. >> thank you to the doctors. >> he received his new arms this summer in a 14 hour long surgery. he's one of four at brigham and women's and one of 28 around the world. >> i've made small steps every week. >> we sat done for a one-on-one interviewed with the retired marine who described how even the simple tasks like scratching his nose are huge somebody to do everything for me. and every day, every week, there has been, even a small accomplishment. >> those accomplishments come with a deep sense of gratitude for the family of the adobe donor and their gift. >> while the sergeant looks poured to doing the little things involving daily life, he also has some pretty big
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competing. >> already he's making big plans. after the surgery he proposed to his girlfriend at the new england aquarium. he someday hopes to have the strength to hold her hand again. >> it's more normal for us for her to be able to hold my hand for me to hold hers. interlaced fingers. something i look forward to the most. >> the simple things we all take for gra b amputee pledges to the donor's family to always be grateful. >> every day that i look down, i will drive on through the pain, i will never give up. >> in boston, sarah congi. >> he looks so healthy. >> only a couple of months.
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beef. >> bracing for impact. as matthew bears down on florida as we get a glimpse of the destruction in cuba and haiti. >> a change of course. better news for us but danger grows for the east coast of florida. >> creepy clowns turning up everywhere. >> i started getting headaches and then they started getting worse and worse. >> bob halloran recovering from a terrifying medical scare the brain aneurysm and what he wants you to know. >> hurricane matthew, take a look at the destruction barreling through haiti, cuba, and bahamas. >> florida bracing for an impact, some hunkering down, others heeding orders to evacuate. the most powerful storm they have seen there in a decade. >> we have team coverage including a live report from florida but let's begin with chief meteorologist harvey
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through pretty much the rest of the florida coast. it's a hurricane watch on the northern florida coast that i'm sure will get converted to a hurricane warning in time. did it does make landfall, it would be roughly from this point and continue to ride right along the coastline. here it is, and there is also room for it to intensify. 120 mile per hour winds every extremely warm water. favorable conditions so the potential is there that it gets bumped it makes landfall, that incredibly close apressure or rides the coastline. once it gets close to north carolina, it will shift east. >> here's a live report from vero beach, florida, where people are scrambling to prep for matthew. >> many counties here along florida's coast have evacuation
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to prepare for a direct hit. >> as hurricane matthew churns toward florida supplies already running low. store shelves bear. >> here, plywood ran out so any protection will do. >> i have seen what storms can do and it's not a pretty thing. >> gassing up. >> these lines have been around the block for two days. >> we've been pumpingro worst. many thinking back to the devastating impact of francis and jeanne. >> we know what mother nature can do. you can't ever be fully prepared, if she wants to give you her worst, hang on. >> the category three hurricane has already killed 17 people and is expected to strengthen as it moves towards florida. the governor warning of potentially deadly storm surge, rip currents, and tornados. >> if matthew directly impacts


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