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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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randy: hurricane matthew, gaining strength as it moves through the bahamas at this hour. the threat in store for the southern united states right now. emily: a high school student accused of taking part in a trend involving clowns. the prank getting police involved. randy: a maximum age for people. we'll have the new study long humans can live, and we have that on the eye for this thursday morning. hurricane matthew over the bahamas right now, and headed for florida, georgia, the
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you can see the trend here with the winds. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer. mike is in for cindy, and this picked up wind speed in the last hour. >> right, overnight it was 115, now it's up to 125, and we think it will get above 130 as we head through the amp, so it's back over the ocean waters bahamas are spread out there, so it has the warm ocean water to work with. let me show you where it's at, at 12 miles per hour, and the so what's going to happen with this? a category 3, but becoming a kyle lohse -- category 4 later on tonight, and it's going to start to be impacting the coast of florida, even later this afternoon, but this is where we start to see the approach. and the distance here, a bit of a shift, one way or the other will have a dramatic effect. it will ride along the coast, tomorrow, and then as we head towards late tomorrow flight, it begins to bend and head back off the shore, and kind of loop its
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eventually staying down there through tuesday as a tropical storm. that's what's happening there. we'll talk more specifically about what's happening in florida but i want to give you a heads up that it's chilly out there. and today it's going to warm up nicely in boston, into the mid 60s but you get away from the sea breeze, and the temperatures today, into the 70s. looking very nice out there today, and nicer tomorrow. and we'll talk more about that and we'll talk about hurricane matthew in a moment but now let's check on the roadways. how are t problem spots and of course those delays are starting to build. there is 93 in summerville. let's check your ride as you travel north. 495 southbound, over by 110, that accident is gone, and just a few delays left over, 93 looks better but route 3 is building as you travel past 495 and down towards 128, 93 south side, volume at spot pond, construction cleared up, and
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heading south we're watching this one crash here, southbound 24 in brockton by route 27, and of course, northbound everyone is slowing down to see what's going on. we have got heavy delays to contend with. the expressway, 15 to 20, braintree to boston, trains and buses so far on schedule. randy: right now hurricane matthew is hovering over the bahamas. powerful winds and heavy rains are drenching the island there. and this morning it's on the move towards florida's coast. emily: that's as we're getting a look at the devastation left behind in erika tarantal is here to continue our coverage. erika: right now a million people are being told to get out of the path of hurricane matthew. the governor is warning, be ready for a direct hit. people are evacuating the islands from the bridges are shut down filling up on water, food, and gas for that journey. we are in florida and spoke to a few people before they hit the road. >> how does it feel leaving your house like this?
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it's here when i get back. >> nearly 100 shelters are set up to take in vac -- evacuees. some people are staying to help those who really can't leave. meantime people in haiti just trying to get a clearer picture of the destruction from matthew. these images show how flooded the streets of. it tore across haiti, at least ten people were killed, that number could storms, and you can get up to date information on our mobile app or on or on >> the track of the storm is making it very dangerous for the florida coast, and it's not just one area but the entire thing. randy: it's all the way along the east coast. typically they come inland or cut through the keys or something like that really quickly, this is going to slide along the coast for the day, so there is the eye of it right now down towards this area. the winds that you see in the
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and 130 miles per hour. so as it moves closer to the shoreline, you will see they will feel some of the impacts this afternoon, and the winds are coming in at midnight. all the way from palm beach up through the coast and all the way, it looks like, until daytona beach and kind of working its way a bit off-shore. we're looking at a powerful storm and also at heavy rains near the shoreline. we could see six to eight inches of rain, possibly more with the bands, and one of the other things we don't talk too much ou hurricane. you can have tornadoes. there probably will be some watches issued down there, as well. very bad situation going on for florida right now. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you. five minutes after 6:00 on this thursday morning. and a high school student is going to be facing a judge today as the fallout from some scares involving clowns appears to be growing. antoinette antonio in methuen with the move that landed that
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>> the teenager wore a clown mask to school. the teenager said it was just a prank but they say this is a trend that is not only creepy but causing alarm for people all over the country. >> that's all that anyone has been talking about in the high schools and in -- not the elementary school but middle school, and it's scaring everyone. >> as for the freshmen he was charged with disrupting school asly it turned out to be his cell phone. this week alone threats have gone wild. police say although it may seem harmless, they need to take each case seriously. >> in our line of work you only have to be wrong once, and we cannot afford to be wrong once. >> police warned that if the threat continues, someone may get hurt in a panic and bottom line, they say that they are not taking any chances.
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morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, we're getting new information about a man killed while riding his bicycle in the city of cambridge. police say that 60-year-old dr. bernard lavis died while his bike collided with a truck on porter square. he and his wife are residents of lexington. people who ride their bikes in this area met to talk about bike safety. they say that the city is not doing enough to protect >> this is the gold standard for what makes for safe cycling. everybody knew it was a problem. political in action is proving fatal. >> the driver of that truck did stay at the scene and is cooperating with police in this investigation. no charges have been filed. emily: donald trump will head back to new hampshire today. he will host a town hall event. it's a move that may be practiced for sunday's town hall
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meantime both are focusing on how their running mates fared at their showdown. >> i would argue that night had the single most decisive victory in the history of vice presidential debates. >> when your own running mate won't defend the top of the ticket, i think that tells you everything you need to know. >> hillary clinton does not have any events today but her daughter chelsea also bernie sanders and tim kaine willon headed to st. louis this weekend for sunday's second presidential debated. you can watch it right here on wcvb at 9:00 p.m., and i will have live reports on newscenter 5 at 11:00 and then on monday morning right here on the eyeopener. randy: an update as a former patriot's player aaron hernandez is ready to face a second murder trial now. in court yesterday his lawyer fought to keep some of the witness testimony out of the
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hernandez is accused of shooting and killing two men in the city of boston. the ex player's lawyer claims that the descriptions are unreliable. and right now two men accused of getting into a shootout with police in boston are being held on bail, and we're getting new details on this case. prosecutors say that the suspect louis colo undercover state trooper's car. they say they got into a shootout in boston on tuesday after a week long sting operation involving drugs and guns. no one seriously hurt. >> the houston astros are apologizing for a player's tweet. the comments aimed at a female sportscaster, also a fight to the finish for a wildcard playoff spot. the big play that undid some solid pitching. and humans, obviously we cannot
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scientists. that's ahead. mike. mike: tracking hurricane matthew, its potential impact on the southern u.s., and how that's shaping up today. out here's what you can expect as you step out the door. nice and quiet this morning but i am watching this front to the west as it moves over the weekend. it does mean some rain, i will
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>> hi, i'm king arthur. good morning eyeopener. ? always look on the bright side of life ? randy: indeed. excellent advice.
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emily: spamalot runs through october 14. use our wcvb app. >> i am not dancing again. >> you missed it last hour. >> i did not poo-poo it. >> it was amazing. >> it was amazing is the word that i would not use to describe it. >> yeah. >> it was different, that's true. that's true. >> and especially if you have anyone with an interest in florida. it's comincr and sustained winds at 125 miles per hour. it is just six miles short of being a category four storm, so it's a strong 3, and anything above that, we refer to as a major storm, and so we take a lot of our models and we plot it out, and notice what they are trending with, going to keep it down here in the southeastern part. even a few outliars, still keeping it a long way away from us, we will have no impact locally from it so what's going to happen? a category 3, but it will become a category 4 as it moves closer
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it will loop its way back off the shore, but you see what happens, as it is moving along the coast we're talking about a major category 4 storm, all the way from friday, actually, start, later on today, and through late tonight, and through friday, and into early saturday, and again very, very powerful, and a shift in the path one way or the other will have a tremendous impact on the coast. a bit farther inland we're talking about a lot of destruction. off the shore, we'll be talking about just some wind-driven rain. right now around here, we have no rain. we have no clouds to speak of. can see patchy fog but that's about it. is a gorgeous sunrise coming our way in a half an hour. it's 49 degrees right now in boston, the winds are calm, but you get away from the city and the heat, and check out the temperatures, we have got this band from nashua through new bedford and norwood into the 30s this morning. that extends all the way down through taunton, you are right near the moreline, warmer and as you look towards the cape we're seeing some temperatures in the 50s but remember, the ocean water temperature right now is about 60 degrees out there.
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coast, 70 to 74, a beautiful day, mostly clear and cool, 44 to 50 degrees for the low. and really the only impact we're going to see may happen somewhat on saturday, and we had this cold front coming through and the storm will be sitting down here in the south but it is going to work up here, that would be the only hope that we could get more rain out of it right now. if we can get the moisture in here we need some decent of it, so here's the way it looks, the next two days, lots of sunshine. and temperatures into the mid 70s, and oh, you saturday, we start out with gray skies, and maybe a hint of sunshine early, and then it fades away to cloud cover, some showers coming in, and as we head towards the afternoon and evening. may linger into sunday morning before the sunshine comes back out, and it will be a breezy sunday for us, it looks pretty nice. >> fall-like. >> very fall-like. actually warmer than that. >> it looks nice. >> thank you, mike.
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olessa: sky5 over the tunnel. there is late running construction taking up the right lane. so if you are head that go way, hard to see with flashing lights indicating that roadwork. over to the maps and check out your ride as you travel south. we are watching this crash on 24. it's a southbound accident right over by route 27 in brockton. but northbound everyone is stopping to see what's going on so it's add to get that volume. 25 to 30 now on the expressway from braintree into boston, and as you travel the pike eastbound there is a crash over by the delays stretching back to route 30, so give yourself that extra type, one lane is closed. 93 south, some volume out of methuen down towards 128, and as you travel south of there, so far, you are in good shape. volume down towards the lever connector. trains and buses so far, no problems there. they are running on schedule. you did ask us questions, and we
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he wondered if funds could be put towards maintain understanding the roads, and they say the boards are only used for safety, travel information and advisories. keep the questions coming, that's a mystery, you can ask olessa, and i will find out, just find me on >> thank you. the red sox begin their playoff push tonight, they are in cleveland to take on the indians and former manager terry francona, rick porcello pitches. game time at 8:00 p.m. the san francisco giants are going to the playoffs. this one mostly a pitcher's duel as they face the mets until the ninth inning which when the giants' conor gillaspie hit a three-run homer and it is game over. san francisco heads to chicago where they face the cubs on friday night. and new this morning a houston minor leaguer is under fire about a tweet about a broadcaster, a comment that many
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the gasoline grabs of the tweet show the second baseman wrote no lady needs to be on espn talking during a baseball game, especially mendoza, sorry. that tweet has since been deleted. the astros issued a statement saying that they do not condone the behavior adding that they have spoken with marlo. jessica mendoza is a former professional softball player and part of the network's sunday night baseball team. randy: shares posting modest gainsrn report and rising oil prices. right now the stock futures are lower. weekly jobless claims and the chain store sales report are both due out today. the federal government says that it's a maker of the epi-pen, overcharged the medicaid program meaning all of us taxpayers by millions of dollars. regulars say that they wrongly classified the product as a generic instead of a brand name. for more than five years.
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mylan says the product was classified that way before the company acquired it. deb goldberg wants to make all lottery tickets available online. the idea is to sell more tickets and create more aid. lottery assets have been sluggish. they plan to file online lottery legislation when lawmakers reconvene this fall. 115, scientists say you can forget that. they say that we have now reached the upper limit of how long a human can survive. researcher studied longevity around the globe, and they say that all results pointed to the same conclusion, about 115. that's the limit. aging damages too much dna for the body to recover regardless of lifestyle, and now the study has been met with plenty of skepticism and criticism.
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>> 115. what would you do with that extra time? >> you know, you would plant more dahlias. >> which i would have to live about. >> they might help me live longer. i will be thankful for that. a catch that nearly did not happen. >> one very lucky touchdown. you have to see this. it's in eyepoppers. >> and new at 6:30, competing for a job and winning. managers reveal how they really pick a candidate. also keepi and why privacy advocates are not happy. and also a health update on our own bob hallorin, his recovery from a brain aneurysm and the side effects that sent him back to the hospital. and we continue tracking hurricane matthew, 2 million people in the u.s. are being told to get out of this storm's
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the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state.
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randy: good morning to everyone at bridgewell. emily: the nonprofit provide a range of services to people with disabilities in several communities so thank you for send that go in. mike taking a look at the forecast. as for us, not a bad day. mike: not a bad day at all. as you step outside this morning a bit on the chilly side out there. we have got basically clear skies, and a lot of temperatures in the 40s, and a few 30s showing up, as well. it looks like hurricane matthew will stay down to the south of us and not impact our weather at all. this loops along the florida coast and then back out to sea as we start to talk the first
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here, sunshine today, and sunshine tomorrow, and maybe some showers showing up on your saturday forecast. emily. emily: thank you. 6:26 right now, it is time for your morning eyepoppers. olessa is back with us. >> and we're talking about the video of an eruption in hawaii. this happened in march but the video was just released by the u.s. geological survey. what you are seeing has calmed a lot of lakes, just flowed over a mile, incredible. >> and this catch almost getting away from one player in florida. he's got it. after a few nail biting bobbles, he makes the touchdown, it was a close one but he caught it. it was amazing. >> serious skills. randy: very agile, yep. the potential for major problems with water service here in
6:27 am
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. we're a team. yeah. maxx life at t.j.maxx. >> hurricane matthew, pounding the caribbeans, threatening florida. the mad dash to get ready as millions are told to evacuate. emily: the scare over clowns is growing, now a local student is
6:30 am
schooling. the information the state wants to keep. >> an update that we are thrilled to share. >> the operation that changed bob hallorin's life and his advice for everyone. on the eye. randy: thursday morning, 6:30, we're looking at the image of hurricane matthew. the storm is caribbean, and towards the southern united states, the bahamas, and right now, you can see the wind is intense there. good morning, and thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer with olessa. mike is in for cindy this morning. florida, bracing for this. >> absolutely, that's going to be probably where we're going to see the biggest damage is along the shoreline. we have got that later on today,
6:31 am
this area. we have sustained winds near the center of 125 miles per hour. remember, the actual eye is calm, but around it, that eye wall, that's where you get the strong sustained winds, and they extend out about 45 miles from the center. so what's going to happen with this system as it continues to track its way closer, it probably will become a category 4 storm, and that's going to happen later on tonight. that's when it starts to brush right along the coast, and you can see this, they shift onea or the oh, it will mean the difference between disruption or a wind driven rain so here's what it will look like as we head towards friday. continues to track its way along the coast. and then eventually loops out so it will not have any impact on our weather directly. we may get a residual moisture coming up on saturday with rain. so the time line on this, tropical storm for us, winds coming in this afternoon, and as we head towards about 7:00 we get the winds at 58 miles per hour. the hurricane force winds moving
6:32 am
inland, and along the coast as we talk about tomorrow, we are talking about the cool temperatures out there, and today it's going to be a beautiful one out there. warming up nicely. a bit of a sea breeze keeping things cooler, otherwise, look for readings into the 70s today. and busier this morning. >> watching a couple of problem spots, starting things off on route 24, almost in brockton here from sky 5, they are heading southbound, approaching an accident by route 27, and let's get over to the maps and i will show you where. the northbound side, is slowing down, extra heavys though it's southbound. everyone is stopping to see what's going on, on the opposite side of the roadway. expressway, 30 from braintree into boston, and along the pike eastbound, very slow ride, approaching the police bare -- barracks. take a look at the backup into framingham. 93 south, slow out of methuen, stop and go ride down towards the lever connector, and the trains and buses so far no
6:33 am
matthew moves towards florida. randy: the eye's erika tarantal is tracking that new information as it comes in. erika: we begin in the bahamas where the hurricane is just hit it go this hour. the island chain being battered by the powerful category 3 storm. croafl -- coastal areas were evacuated. the highways are just jammed as nearly 2 million people try to move inland ahead of the storm. and we're getting new details about the d that island. aide workers admit they are still trying to assess the damage. you can track hurricane matthew on our mobile app. randy: we are learning new details about a controversial open proposal here in the commonwealths. it has to do with our information. emily: sera congi is live with the concerns. sera: the controversy has to do with the information, the storing of the information that
6:34 am
tolling areas over the pike. these will replace the toll booths that we see. the department of transportation says that it wants to keep the drivers' speed data for 30 days, and the record conservation board recommends keeping the video for six months, the license plates of those without easy passes will be stored for seven years. privacy advocates say there is no need to store information for that long, for the purposes of billing. the open tollsre take effect on the pike october 28. they are holding four meetings to help outline their plans and to inform the public, as well as get some feedback, also, they are expected to decide on how much the tolls are going to be. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. and a police chase ends with a wreck in a tense confrontation.
6:35 am
on the ground! on the ground! randy: that was the scene in wyndham, new hampshire after this pursuit twisting through the streets and intersections in pelham. speeds reaching more than 80 miles per hour yesterday with the driver, justin soeum of hudson crawl out of the car here as you can see. he is dazed but apparently not seriously hurt. he is facing a long list of charges including drunk driving. water to eastern massachusetts. the mwura says the cast iron pipes and valves in the system are in such poor condition that they have avoided engaging them for fear of a catastrophic failure. authority officials say that they have known about the problem for years. they say a 1.5 billion tunnel fix is needed, something that should be underway by next year. a familiar site coming back to government centers today. repairs are finally finished on
6:36 am
hangs above starbucks, so it has been out of sight for months after a truck crashed. the globe reports that kettle, which dates back to 1873, will be hoisted into place today, and it should be seen again by the end of the week. randy: an edge over the competition. emily: the faster the count when you are competing for a promotion. and a carry-on item delays a flight, the device causing new problems for samsung. >> and hurricane matthew this morning, new
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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>> good morning, welcome back to the eyeopener, a live look outside at the bridge. the lever connector, a slow right south into boston, and we have got lots of delays. also a crash by the police barracks on the eastbound side. the delays are back into framingham, and i will have more information on that coming up. mike, chilly out there this morning. mike: very chilly. matthew is down to the south of us, is not going to have any impact on the weather but today you are starting off with cool conditions and patchy fog. that will give way to nothing but sunshine as we head to the afternoon.
6:40 am
perhaps a few showers showing up on your saturday forecast before clearing away for your sunday. emily. emily: thank you, new this morning when it comes to landing a new job or a big promotion, you have to know what the boss wants, experts say if they are deciding between two candidates there is a check list. first are you a good culture fit? you may be completely qualified but good managers know if you are not comfortable you won't last long in that job. second appearances do matter. if it comes down to you and another qualified candidate who dresses more and finally, communication skills, you may have checked all the boxes but if you stumble too much on your answers or don't pay attention to your body language the other candidate might win out. randy: we have our eye on hurricane matthew and the southern parts of the country starting to evacuate, and tom brady hitting the practice field for the first time since his suspension. and a boy describing a harrowing scene. what he remembers about the
6:41 am
a beautiful shot here from our camera in worcester. new england's eyeopener on this
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>> good morning to you, thursday morning. 6:43, the team ready in methuen, and erika is tracking the developments on hurricane
6:44 am
underway in florida. 2 million people have now been told to evacuate. federal emergency workers, they are now deployed to operation centers, along with georgia and south and north carolina, and mike, tracking this storm carefully. >> we are talking about sandbagging going on there, and a lot of times we focus on the wind but the storm surge, the bubble of water that comes in, and of course florida, we need to have tremendous damage, and we're seeing that through the right now, that is hurricane matthew, and kind of lost in all of this discussion about matthew, is nicole, it's almost a hurricane, back with sustained winds of 70 miles per hour, and sitting out here, and by the way, it will sit out here and spin, does not look like there will be any threat to shore, and matthew, however, that's the one we're watching. the spiral bands already working in, scattered showers moving into the miami area, and here's the thing to watch, the eye is right here, and 45 miles on
6:45 am
125 miles per hour. it's a very compact area, and that's why when we talk about the track a shift one way or the other has dramatic effect on what kind of winds that you can have. as you look out to the west of it and also away from the eye you are seeing winds running between 39 and 74 miles per hour. those are tropical storm force winds, so it's a category 3, and it will become a 4 before it starts to move right along the shoreline. but this is what i mean, a shift one way or the other of 20 miles means the strong winds stay off the shore, or they come right over land a around as we talk about sunday and monday and tuesday of next week, and so it stays way away from our forecast. our forecast, revolves around, this the winds are calm right now, and the dewpoint is kind of high, in fact, muggy out there, and that means we're seeing the patchy fog. some of the temperatures have dropped off into the 30s. a little cool out there. i hope you have a jacket with
6:46 am
coast, and mostly clear tonight, and cool, and 44 to 50 degrees for your overnight low. and over the next several days we're talking about a lot of sunshine with a chance of some rain coming into saturday. most of it will look like it's in the afternoon and evening, and we have a bit of an enhancement, and we'll talk more about that coming up, but right now it's time to talk about the roads. and it has been great out there this morning. >> a few problem spots and lots of delays, a live look outside here, and you can see the southbound side, very slow trip. le spots this morning. 24 continues to stay heavy in both directions. if you are traveling northbound, stop and stare delays because of that crash which has been out there for an hour, and expressway, 30 to 35 minutes, braintree into boston, and very busy ride on the pike, approaching a crash here by the police barracks in weston, and those delays back in framingham. and 93 south, slow out of methuen, stop and go ride all the way down to the lever connector, and now there is a
6:47 am
slow ride as you travel on 93, so far trains and buses are running on schedule. >> ok, thank you, and right now nearly 2 million people along the southeast coast of the country are evacuating as hurricane matthew turns. >> erika tarantal is here with the preparations underway. erika: florida's governor stressing the severity of matthew poised to make a direct hit there. the storm is expected to strengthen back to a category 4 by the time that it roars as you mentioned 2 million people wonder evacuation orders in florida, georgia, and south carolina. there are states of emergency declared, people in the path were boarding up and stocking up and filling up to not try to attempt to ride out this storm. the power of the hurricane evident from the destruction in haiti that still is being assessed right now so many remote areas and no communication, at least ten people on that island nation were killed and that number could go up. remember to monitor the latest
6:48 am out to you. >> a freshmen will face a judge after wearing a clown mask to school and causing a scare. this is just the latest incident, and this growing trend of creepy clown pranks is happening across the country. that high school freshmen was charged with disrupting school assembly after someone called police thinking that teenager had a weapon. it turned out to be his cell phone. this week alone clown threats police say that although it may seem harmless, someone could, actually, get hurt in a panic, and they are warning that these clown pranks need to stop. live in methuen this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> information about drivers passing under these tolling gantries could be restored. new recommendations from the records, conservation board say
6:49 am
video for six months. and license plate numbers for those without easy pass would be saved for seven years. privacy advocates argue that that is way too long for the purposes of billing, these take effect october 28, live in newton, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, and breaking right now dozens of mbta workers are staging a protest at money room in charlestown. the mbta operation of the facility over, is being turned over to brinks now, but he says that the 72 workers who are displaced by this outsourcing move will be allowed to return to their previous jobs as job or train operators. the facility came under fire in recent months after an audit found a series of lapses. emily: today donald trump heads
6:50 am
practice for sunday's debate with hillary clinton. clinton does not have any events today. her daughter, chelsea, also bernie sanders, and tim kaine, they will all be on the trail for her, and i am headed to st. louis this weekend for sunday's second presidential debate. you can watch it right here on wcvb. i will have live reports at 11:00, and monday morning on the eyeopener. >> the walls are broken, and everything was randy: a close call for that boy in revere, a car barreled right into his bedroom doing this in the middle of the night. the crash was breaking news yesterday morning. amine mezghab felt the shaking and woke up to this. incredibly he escaped with a few scratches. the 25-year-old driver was taken to the hospital telling police that he fell asleep at the wheel. no word on any charges.
6:51 am
flight was delayed after a fire onboard involving one of the phones, which the owner says was the replacement version of the phone. it happened as the flight was set to leave louisville for baltimore. nobody hurt. samsung recalled a million note 7's after over two dozen people were burned with their phones, caught fire. >> the san francisco giants are going to the playoffs. this one mostly a pitcher's giants' conor gillaspie hit a three-run homer. game over. san francisco now heads to chicago to face the long suffering cubs on friday night. randy: and the red sox begin their playoff push tonight in cleveland to take on the indians, and the former manager terry francona. rick porcello pitches in game one of the a lds, game time 8:00 p.m. >> tom brady returns to the
6:52 am
team since his deflate gate suspension. the patriots gearing up for their game against the browns. brady's first game this season. kick-off is at 1:00. randy: many of you have been asking us how our bob halloran is doing, telling us how much you applies him, he is sharing a remarkable portion of his recovery. he suffered a brain aneurysm this supper, and an initial surgery saved his life but in recovery he released he was memory. we were able to be in the operating room as doctors went to work repairing fluid buildup, and the results were immediate and amazing. >> there is so many times that i had conversation and is would come home and tell eileen about the conversation, but couldn't remember who i was talking to. today laying in bed, not much to do, i remembered all those conversations and all those places and all those people, or
6:53 am
started like -- the door started opening and lights were coming on, and that was a good sound byte. i got hit by the aneurysm bus, and it almost got me. i want to live to be 93. you are stuck with me for a long time. >> we are ok with that, bob, keeping his trademark. it is important to mention that some of the symptoms of an an rich, they can include a headache, concentrated in one area, sudden and severe head pain. pain above or behind the eye or suddenon please call your doctor and we can't wait to have bob back with us. >> we learn from something like this that happens to someone you love and near you. >> that's why he's sharing his story, to educate people. >> watch for the symptoms. >> thank you, a live look outside here. route 1 in saugus, a slow right on the southbound side, and stop and go trip, and that's what we're seeing across the board, lots of delays, let's get to the maps and check out your trip.
6:54 am
travel 24, earlier accident on the southbound side by route 27 in brockton, and is just about wrapped up, but the northbound side, very slow up to 128,, and 30 to 38, and along the pike, an hour and a half right now, from 495 to the police barracks in weston because of a crash there blocking one lane so give yourself extra travel times. and also watching a crash in lexington, this one on 128 south, by 225, and delays on 93 out of methuen, a stop and go ride down to the lever connector and now watching the m everything else is running on schedule. too chilly. >> it is a cool morning but i'll show you where it's tropical. we continue to watch matthew, which is going to be moving as a category 4 storm later on today, and right along the coast of florida, and staying there all the way through saturday morning. this could be very disruptive. around here, we have got patchy fog. they are reporting some places under a quarter of a mile so be cautious.
6:55 am
here's what olessa was talking about, a cool start, and we have got temperatures warming up into the 70s this afternoon. and worcester, a high of 70 you had and warmer tomorrow, and there is a chance of some rain, much needed rain on your saturday. the south shore will enjoy the temperatures in the 70s and the cape will enjoy temperatures into the 60s. watching what will happen, a cold front coming in from the west, and matthew stays down here to the south but we may get that moisture to help a bit with the rainfall, as we talk about saturday evening's forecast, otherwise, the tomorrow, and 70s in october, and oh, that's beautiful weather, and as we head to our saturday it looks like the rain will be late in the day, and clears out for sunday and breezy and cooler, and really no rain outside of saturday s that's the only chance we'll get for showers so the weekend, but we need the rain.
6:56 am
hurricane matthew, if you have relatives who are impacted, no matter where you are, any time, right there on the mobile app. emily: download that for apple and android, a live look from the bah lams. you can see the winds whipping through there, and erika and mike and i are with you at noon and all of us tomorrow morning interviewer: what would you do with fand a smartphone?ll man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy.
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good morning, america. breaking right now. deadly hurricane matthew plows through this caribbean. marching toward the u.s. >> we want you the evacuate. we do not want you to stay. >> millions evacuated from florida to north carolina. kneeing the coast in bumper to bumper traffic store shelves kids. thousands of flights cancelled. our team on the ground as the southeast braces for matthew. bashing bill. donald trump's new line of attack. >> oh, did bill clinton blow it. oh, did he blow it. >> you've got this crazy system. >> going after the president for comments on obama care. >> i'm getting a lot of credit. because really, that's my first


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