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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  October 6, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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that's going to stay that way up to the georgia coast. there will be some weakening minute tracks east. outer rain bands on the florida coast, miami, florida -- fort lauderdale, farther north we have a gust of 37 that cocoa beach. more coming up. ed: emergency is now in effect for nearly the entire state of florida. newscenter 5's maria stephanos is tracking the preparations and the rush to get out before it's too late, maria? maria: ed, the window of time to move away from the coast is shrinking by the minute. officials warning residents to get out now. or risk being killed. with its powerful winds and threat of severe flooding hurricane matthew is moving towards florida. now a category 4 storm it's on track to be the most powerful hurricane to hit the u.s. in
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>> evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. unfortunately this is going to kill people. reporter: possibly the largest evacuation ever in the sunshine state with orders in place for 2-and a half million people from florida to the carolinas. >> it seems it's going to be pretty bad, so it's best to get off the island . reporter: taking the warnings seriously after seeing the destruction matthew left behind in the caribbean, battering the bahamas and killing 100 people in haiti. in what officials call the worst two-minute hearing crisis since the 2010 earthquake. theme parks closing, store shelves left empty. businesses boarded up up the coast and inland. it could be matthews potentially disastrous impact.
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, 25 national guard troops have been deployed to help with last-minute evacuations. ed: the storm is forcing the closure of theme parks throughout the orlando area. that includes walt disney world, which shut its gates at 2:00 this afternoon and will be closed all day tomorrow. it's only the 4th time ever the park has shut down. it's a similar situation at the universal theme parks. seaworld also taking the same precautions. if conditions allow, the parks are hoping to reopen over the weekend. heather: right now, hundreds of flights to and from florida, georgia and the carolinas are cancelled. and that list is growing. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is live at logan airport with the impact there, nicole? reporter: check out the board here. west palm beach, in and out of places to the day, changing,
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adding to help with evacuations. many folks were going to ride out. as the power sunk in many getting orders to get out. >> i woke up to text for moms and you don't have a choice, you are coming home. we booked it at a: 30. i am very grateful. grateful she is a college student in west palm beach. the last flight out of west palm beach, landing here in boston. cancellations have the potential to affect flights everywhere. we are going to monitor the situation. anchor: thank you. we will continue to track matthew as it heads north. you can also in real time. you download the wcvb mobile
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scene on east river street. police are investigating after a crime was discovered this morning. newscenter 5's david bienick is live there with what we know right now, david? david: we have seen the district attorney on the scene promising an update very soon. so far authorities have not we have seen crime scene investigators coming and going from inside the house. neighbors tell us an elderly couple lived in this home and they have not seen them yet today.
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of help. her son was always double checking on her. stuff like that. reporter: here's a live look at the house. the schools were temporarily placed on lockdown. the police say that was a precaution. there was no direct link to whatever crime happened here and the schools. no signs of any man and or description of the suspect. reporter: gloucester's mayor has agreed to let leonard campanella retire as police chief. earlier the city informed him he had been terminated following an investigation into inappropriate conduct with several women. he lied to investigators and deleted the contents of a city
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he will be on paid leave until his retirement. investigators combing through data reporters say the train that heralded to this train station last week, killing one and injuring 108 others was going twice the speed limit. they fixed the emergency brake less than a second. the atlantic city station as well, a conductor engineer whenever they join the station. ed: donald trump is back in new england. he will hold a town hall tonight . this trip comes as a new poll gives hillary clinton a lead in the granite state. boston globe poll is a virtual tie. much narrow race than the last
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supporting gary johnson and they are throwing their support behind donald trump. donald trump is facing mounting opposition from his own party. dozens of congress members released a letter warning of the dangers of a trump presidency. in it, they vowed not to vote for donald trump under any circumstance saying he is a disgraceful indefensible. heather: one person supporting donald trump, paul ryan. they will attend the festival on saturday. you will remember he was slow to endorse trump but has remained critical of the gop presidential nomination on a range of issues. the next debate happens on sunday night, 9:00 p.m. in st. louis.
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newscenter 5. >> a violent explosion in turkey today. 10 people were hurt when a bomb exploded. it happened in istanbul. no immediate claims of responsibility. a person was seen leaving the scene with a motorcycle helmet. we have new details about this man accused of stabbing 10 people at a mall in minnesota. the 20-year-old planned the radicalized. he was armed with two steak knives when he asked several people if they were muslim before attacking them. he was shot and killed by a police officer. anchor: new details about the evacuation because of a samsung phone. safety experts are weighing in and they say this is a problem that is only going to get worse before it gets better.
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the reason, a burning smartphone. >> it popped, it sizzled. i was scared. >> the owner of the samsung galaxy note seven. >> i noticed smoke coming out of my pocket. i threw it on the ground. it continued to smoke. >> sam son recalled its phones after 92 phones overheated and burned6 he says this is one of the replacement. >> it is not just a samsung problem. it is a lithium-ion battery problem. >> they are commonly used to charge smart phones and tablets. >> they will burn 1500 degrees. aluminum melts at 1200. i don't think we continue to count on being so lucky.
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tsa or the airline area >> there's a role for congress to say if you're going to sell something with lithium ion battery you have to meet a minimum safety bar and we don't have that as of now. >> together with u.s. officials they are investigating and if the fact it is confirmed to be replacement that could lead to a second recall for samsung. ed: a twitt stock taking a hit. >> it plummeted today. >> the death toll from hurricane matthew jumps again. the devastating effects. >> bands of rain reaching the florida coastline. the strongest of the storm is offshore. the worst is clearly yet to come for some. >> live to the bahamas, matthew is beginning to push away.
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emergency in florida as millions flee the storm ahead of the flee the storm ahead of the suspecte special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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>> let's take a live look at traffic.
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guilty. let's take a look at the drive times to see how slow or quick they are. first leg of the pike, 18-20 minutes. south is getting slow into wellesley. 27 minutes to get to 495. you pr as you can see, it is slow around the pike. hurricane matthew is long gone. the impact is still very much being felt. the death toll jumped to 100 -- 108. it stranded people on both sides. 300,000 people are in emergency
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as the storm is inching closer to the united states it is slamming the bahamas. it was moving out of the southern part. category for, a very powerful wind and torrential rain as well. officials are telling people don't take chances. evacuate or risk being killed. >> it looks like a slight shower to the right. sometimes there were wobbles in the motion. then it will wobble back. right now still the thinking is it has to continue and may get very close to the central and northern coast of florida.
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the worst conditions. you can see the center of that storm is certainly headed close to shreveport. it also passed fairly close to nassau. they could get into the eyewall. this is a close look. when you see it like that, it has been intensifying. that is obviously very major. here is a look. you can see that jog. it may be over now. it may find itself very close to
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very close to daytona beach. it means below that the wind tends to come this way, not quite as bad. anywhere along to the right where the storm makes landfall, then you have the storm surge coming in. it stays that way up to jacksonville. there will be some weakening to the georgia coast. still something to be reckoned with. will be weakening as it does that. the storm surge of the east coast of florida is not as bad for miami and fort lauderdale but off the coast the surge gets higher, 4-7 feet. 9-14 feet, daytona beach, jacksonville, florida 5-10.
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is in order. then we have rainfall. anywhere north of miami, 4-8 inches of rain and may pockets that are even higher than that. we're seeing the wind and rain come in and the outer bands almost 40 miles per hour now at west palm. we will be monitoring that all along. you will see the latest down here. it could not here. low 70's inland. look at the clear skies. another cool one in the suburbs. a great day coming up tomorrow. find whether in cleveland tonight. the only thing to watch is a front that will cross the region saturday and saturday night. maybe a shower or two. otherwise we are golden. beautiful weather on monday as well.
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and monday. ed: i just got a picture from my sister who has a house on the coast of south carolina. she boarded the whole thing up. they are going to atlanta for the weekend. heather: that is smart. ed: a young boy saved after darting into traffic. heather: why his father says it is not the first time this has happened. reporter: tonight, union members arrested. the protest outside the agency that ended with them in handcuffs. it is over a move that he claims will save millions of dollars. the role this police k-9 played bringing down a drug dealing team. a special moment on the soccer
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new >> friday morning, hurricane matthew bearing down on florida. >> the storm threatens the east coast. >> and don't blow your health plan, friday morning at 4:30 a.m. the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta
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kelly ayotte: let's be honest - clinton are far from perfect... and i'm not perfect either. but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with
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heather: a driver in texas is credited for saving the life of a little boy wandering on a freeway his father says without warning, alex ran out of his house, in only his underwear, darting right into traffic. several drivers stopped, including a teacher and father of three. >> one i saw i was like oh my god, someone has to get him. all i did was just roll back to get out of the street. heather: heroic reaction. luckily, alex was not hurt. his father says the boy has behavioral problems and this isn't the first time he's run away. ed: we turn our attention to the economy. troubled blood testing company theranos is closing its labs and wellness centers, laying off about 40% of its full-time staff. the california company says
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theranos has been under fire after former workers told the wall street journal the company's tests were unreliable. that prompted drug store giant walgreens to cut ties with the start-up. tough news for twitter. its stock plunged nearly 20% today after reports that google owner alphabet is not going to bid for the company. twitter's chairman used to work for alphabet, fueling speculation a deal would be in the works. insiders also say two other rumo apple, are not interested in buying the social media site, either. the world's largest retailer is shifting focus from its stores to its online presence. walmart says it plans to slow new store openings remodeling existing stores, instead, and pouring more money into e-commerce. last month, walmart purchased for 3 billion dollars. experts say that shows how much it's willing to invest to boost online sales which only account
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there are spots to hide and then there are spots to hide. then there is this hiding spot for a crime boss. heather: where police found him after years on the run. but first, let's check the closing numbers on wall street.
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heather: take a look at this stunning video from hawaii. that is a volcano erupting in march. but the video was just released by the u.s. geological survey. what you're seeing is actually called a lava lake. it flowed just over a mile to the ocean. ed: a mile to the ocean. check out this. some suspected crime lords hide out on private islands or go underground. but not this guy. police in italy found this mafia
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cupboard in his own home. police say he had cut a hole in the walls of his house to evade capture for years. he had done that are years before they caught him. heather: how did they catch him? >> now, hurricane matthew blast the bahamas. florida is in its path. declared as millions evacuate. >> conditions deteriorating rapidly. >> a deadly home invasion. the investigation after an elderly couple is attacked. >> protests and arrests over a plan that will millions of dollars. >> from boston news leader this is dove used dvd newscenter 5 --
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five. >> a stay of emergency declared by the president as residents cross the southeast to get out or risk death. >> the storm has claimed 100 lives. we have coverage for you tonight. >> category four storm. well-defined. it is the upper half of the east coast of landfall or getting to the coast . here is another look at satellite and radar. you see the concentric bands. i want you to notice this. the grand bahama island's. 25 miles away from shreve port. -- report -- shreveport.


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