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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  October 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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tonight. these pictures from palm beach. about an hour and a half over miami. president obama has declared a state of emergency. disney world also closing. disney world closed at 2:00 this afternoon. millions are being told to get out of the storm's path. highways are crammed. ben: harvey has the latest track. >> hurricane warnings are over an extensive area. from west palm to the south carolina coast line. there is the storm. it is going to be going extremely fast.
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is the worst. then it will bend slightly left. close to the northern half of the east coast of florida. you can see how it is moving. latitude is above miami. they won't get the very worst. 140 mile-per-hour storm. here is the track, close to daytona beach. weakening off of the south carolina coast. they do a loop as it weakens. in the meantime this is very important. that is the red area. central and northern florida, you don't see it anymore because of the weakening.
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anchor: the dorchester man accused of hitting and killing a little girl last year was back in court. ben: live in boston tonight. he has changed his plea? reporter: that is right. he appeared before a judge and pleaded guilty to four counts including manslaughter after the death of an eight-year-old girl. he walked into court this afternoon in handcuffs. this was the same horton was arrested after hitting and killing her cousin. operating a vehicle and assault and battery with a dangerous
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>> i will be forever haunted by the reality of what i have done. he left court, not knowing his sentence. horton will be back in court tomorrow at 11. heather: a man accused of a front end loader. peter emmanuel released this machine to topple a piece of construction equipment his brother was operating. >> an officer trying to get the
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cruiser. heather: for the third time in just over a month police say a pharmacy was robbed of percocet pills. it happened yesterday morning at the store on clackum -- clark avenue. he had a weapon and continues. >> the key role battleground states will play. we will get north carolina. and the concern of potential hacker attacks on the polls. heather: do the hours you work play a role in breast cancer
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was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. marshalls. your surprise is waiting. ben: our focus on the battleground state.
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>> here on the porches of north carolina the future of the election may be decided. >> people care about the state and its history and its future. reporter: north carolina is a rarity. president obama wanted to -- one it and then lost it. >> it may be donald trump. >> it is a fast-changing state. a republican stranglehold but it is a competitive state now. >> race relations in the community. >> the second amendment. >> the economy. >> since we are here, which of the candidates actually knows how much a gallon of milk costs? >> i don't think either one
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could come up with two candidates who are more favorable than the ones we have to choose from. >> injury and samantha agree. >> i believe gary johnson is the best. >> the nation has watched as north carolina has been thrust into the spotlight over its lgbt bathroom law. those issues are important to voters here. >> we need to push for community policing. reporter: speak of their families. >> we should have a president that will make our country better at everything safe. >> every single voter i spoke with, they say they plan on casting a ballot. the candidates are taking notice. donald is spending $6 million. hillary clinton, $20 million.
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hackers could try to affect the presidential election. 24 states have asked for securing their election systems. there have been 20 attempted hacks this nationwide. no information has been changed and no voting systems are currently affected. ben: hitting the jackpot at the atm. the machine started spitting 20's out at her. heather: your own private island up for sale. how a secluded spot in vermont could be yours. anchor: powerful matthew. like a spinning top.
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices
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please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. heather: if you love the stones, they announced they are releasing a new album. blue & lonesome will be released on december 2. the album is the first for the legendary rock band in more than a decade. the stones say it was recorded without overdubs in just 3 days with the goal of having a spontaneous live feel. ben: the retirement album?
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walmart says it plans to slow new store openings remodeling existing stores, instead, and pouring more money into e-commerce. last month, walmart purchased for 3 billion dollars. experts say that shows how much it's willing to invest to boost online sales which only account for a fraction of the company's annual revenue. facebook users can send secret texts. it's called secret conversations and is featured on facebook's messenger app. the texts are encrypted on the and received. this means if you're chatting in secret mode on a specific smartphone, you won't see previous messages on your desktop. the conversation is deleted after a time you determine. to use the new feature, tap on the new conversation icon at the top right and then hit word secret. heather: if you dream of owning a private island, you might be in luck. this one in vermont is for sale and it's a little cheaper than most. the price tag for cedar island on lake champlain is starting at
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and it comes with a five-bedroom house, a guest cabin, four beaches and a hot tub. >> people just really see this as an accessible, attainable, exclusive, private retreat. it's not every day in this area, or even in the world, that you can own your own island. heather: so what's the catch? the property runs solely on propane and there isn't any wi-fi or cable. and there is no driving access but a boat is included in the deal. the island goes up for auction next week. ben: let's go back to florida. hurricane matthew. you can see some wave action and some breezes. it is about to get windier. >> is it the surge?
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so powerful. it takes down everything in its path. and of rain causes a lot of damage. you can see the center. that puts shreveport on the east side where they get a strong surge along with violent winds and torrential rain especially in this red band. here is west palm. the storm is not going to go straight west. it's going to go north, northwest. farther up the coast, the worst conditions will be occurring. it is taking a slight jog left.
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of florida. it is a category four storm. all the way up to daytona beach, possibly getting close to jacksonville. there will be some weakening. still a hurricane. once against to charleston it will start going east. this is not happening until saturday afternoon. but it will be much weaker. that is really strange but it is how the upper level steering currents become very weak and strange. it loses the air over the weekend. the farther south on the east coast of florida they last the surge will be. not as bad as when you get to
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situation. jacksonville, 4-8. 5-10. then, low tide. that is a huge difference. this cocoa beach is low tide. it coincides with high tide. you see that is getting close to the time of high tide. that is going to be followed as well. the storm moves north. we will see that will be following as well. we will get the updates of the
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here they are right now. 29 in west palm. already gusting to 30 in melbourne. these are just the outer bands of rain. rainfall, check it out. 6-10 inches of rain is going to cause pressure. it is tranquil and calm. pleasant days continue tomorrow. possible saturday night. then clearing from west to east. it will be cooler in the saturday night through monday time. ben: imagine you take 60 bucks out of an atm, and it accidentally gives you hundreds. do you return it? that's what a pennsylvania woman did, when a wells fargo atm gave her $380 instead of 60 earlier
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a bank branch when she could. she did and the bank says it's grateful. heather: grateful. ben: they can throw her next are 20 or something. now we know where that happens. heather: ted discovers a specialty bakery. reporter: polka dog bakery. >> we have this vision o fun to walk into with a dog. a candy store or a deli for dogs, basically. >> it started with a dog in need. >> we had a dog who had a lot of health issues. she was the inspiration behind the whole thing. >> itwe can cut biscuits and wew organically from there.
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treats made using whole-wheat flour, oats and eggs. all natural. >> we are doing jerky types of treats. we do 40,000 pounds of cardscan. -- cod skin. >> business is so good they have relocated manufacturio >> we use hot air and time. that takes care of it. the handwork and the drying, it is labor intensive. it creates a product dogs love. we have had great success and have been able to employ a bunch of people.
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-- special occasion cakes. ben: and the boston doughnut shop bakery tonight at 7:30 here on chronicle. heather: and the role of a woman's shift at work affecting breast cancer. anchor: breaking news at 6:00. a man has been found dead and a woman badly injured. a local s clown prank could have him facing charges.
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>> friday morning, hurricane matthew bearing down on florida. >> the storm threatens the east coast. >> and don't blow your health plan, friday morning at 4:30
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anchor: the role working the
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a new study may have doctors rethinking a commonly accepted link between odd working hours and breast cancer. >> by the bureau of labor estimate more than 2 million americans work the late shift. it is the schedule link to a number of health issues. the possibility we may be able to take one of those off of the list. breast cancer. research evaluated 800,000 women who large studies in the past to see whether working the night shift increased their risk of breast cancer. one in seven reported working these hours. when researchers looked at those that develop breast cancer they found women working the knights appeared to have no higher risk than those who did not. this is unlikely to disprove
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less worry. >> red sox nation is excited about the playoffs. the connection is there. it can actually a good for our brains and our mood especially when the team is winning. when there is a championship on the line, it elevates your mood, it gives you something positive to focus on and it gives you something in common with other people. but we know it's important to remember that it is after all, just a stressing you out is keep it all in perspective. >> if you think it is too important when it is going well it's going to be too important when it is going badly. ben: when it's all said and done only one set of fans go happy. let's hope it's the red sox. heather: especially after the last two.
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hitting the bahamas. florida is in its path. >> this will kill you. >> millions evacuated. >> conditions deteriorating rapidly. reporter: new details emerging in a deadly attack on an elderly couple who police are looking for. answering the call of duty. the special honor bestowed on this little guy as he fights for his life. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. anchor: live pictures from florida. president obama declaring a state of emergency as hurricane matthew moves and. anchor: it's on track to be the most proper hurricane to hit and more than a decade. this picture says it all. hundreds of thousands heading out of the path of the storm as the national guard moves in.
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our team coverage begins. harvey: it will be later tonight. right along the central and northern east portion of the florida coast. the storm is making its closest pass to shreveport. it's on grand mama island. it is tremendous wind and rain. the outer band, that had some heavy rain and strong wind but the core of the storm, this will be moving to this florida coast. that's not good news. it is a category four storm with 140 miles per hour.
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our move along the shore. all the way up toward jacksonville. then towards georgia and south carolina. once it is there over the weekend it will start to move east and we can significantly. just want to show you this. the hurricane force wind, notice how it gets the east coast of florida from the hurricane killed 100 people. tracking developments for us. >> it's not just the intensity but the duration. it is a slow mover and will be life-changing for many. as matthew closes then, florida's highways have been


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