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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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ed: hurricane matthew about to hit florida. >> breaking news. an elderly couple attacked in their home. anchor: donald trump takes the stage here in new hampshire. run for the next debate. >> he is a symbol for hope. anchor: and how far he has traveled to make it happen. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00. >> next stop florida. closer and closer to the u.s.. the impact of the storm being felt tonight. ed: it is one of the most
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deaths in the caribbean. we will take you to a palm beach as you look live at the storm. good evening. >> let's begin our coverage. harvey leonard is tracking where the hurricane is. >> 85 miles from west palm beach. it won't hit them directly. it will go a little above them. they are getting heavy raian -- freeport. it's not good news for the florida coast at all. you can see that to the west in the last couple of hours. it will get to the florida coastline and then ride up along the coast. it's a category four storm. at that point it will be slightly weaker but still powerful.
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hits the georgia and south carolina coast line. then it will move eastward after that. it will go right on the coast of florida, around or pierce, up to daytona. that will fade away as storm weakens. look at the wind gusts right now. a much more on tco higher ground as florida 's governor orders in evacuation. >> florida's governor has been begging residence for days to get out. a lot of them waited until today. millions of people in florida, georgia and south carolina are evacuating. highways have been turned into one way routes.
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shortages. >> i went to costco, the line was all the way outside. >> isil two guys fighting. actually throwing punches. >> there are no excuses. the roads are open. you should get out. reporter: those who stay are bracing for the worst storm in a decade. theme parks are closed through tomorrow. the fourth time ever disney world has shut its gates. to money and people could lose power. it could be weeks before it is restored. anchor: plenty of travel issues as you can imagine as matthew moves closer. nicole is live with the impact on travel. nicole: this is what we are looking at now from orlando to charleston.
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many of the folks are last-minute holdouts. they were going to ride it out. as the power of matthew sunk in, many getting orders to get out. >> i woke up this morning from texts for my mom saying you have to come home. >> i am very grateful. a college student, she was on the last flight to boston. that will change through the next couple of days. you want to call ahead. maria: of course we will continue to track matthew as it heads north to the atlantic coast.
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now to some breaking news. boston police are on the scene of a shooting. nicole is live with what we know right now. >> i just spoke with the commissioner who confirms this fatal shooting happened in broad daylight. here is what we know so far. by flag down an officer. someone had been shot. it happened after an altercation. the victim was transported to boston medical center where he later died. this happened a few feet from the school bus with children on board. >> i think it is brazen when you are doing in a busy street. a lot of young children riding
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>> you can see that school bus behind me. luckily none of the children are heard. the street is now closed as the homicide investigation continues. there are three cameras in this area. taking a look at one, he says police will be reviewing video. he has not confirmed a description of the suspect nor the victim. and they will be releasing a description once they reviewed the video. anchor: breaking out now, a manhunt after a man is killed and his wife injured in their home. live with new information. >> we have seen a bloodhound and evidence tracking dog here on
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out evidence bags from inside the house. an apparent home invasion led to an elderly man being killed and his wife seriously injured. there is an active search for a suspect. he did not provide us with a suspect description. from neighbors, police have been at this house since late this morning. >> they were normally quiet they had a lot of help. they had home help. her son was always checking on her. stuff like that. >> here is an interesting detail. the television in the front of the house appears to be on. the schools here were temporarily put on lockdown.
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survived was flown by helicopter. the authorities have not released a name of either victim. anchor: this is breaking at 7:00. that train involved in a deadly crash is being moved. the train killed one woman. officials say the train was traveling at twice this be limit as it entered the station. maria: he's about hold a town hall meeting in new hampshire. that is where we find diane to set the stage. >> as you can see there is a packed room behind me. 150 seats in the room. donald trump is expected to take the stage at any moment.
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a poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by a margin of 44-42%. both nominees are preparing for the debate. this is to give more practice before they meet. we will have much more coming up tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. the next presidential this sunday, 9:00. emily will be there live providing pre-and post debate coverage right here on newscenter 5. a protest leading to the arrest of seven union members. ed: it ended with them in handcuffs. the vote against them. it will save millions of dollars. >> gusts have reached the florida coastline but the
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>> newscenter 5 at 7:00. anchor: minutes after 7:00, union leaders were arraigned in court, rested after blocking the entrance center. they voted to turn over the collection facility to brink, saving $8 million a year. this is the first time the governor has used a law that gives him three years to outsource union work. >> this is the tip of the iceberg for privatization. they want to destroy hard-working men and women.
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an audit report shows the cash facility could not account for $100 million over a 10 year time. maria: a boy made it his mission to help people going through a tough time. ed: he's taking a collection for special stuffed animals. >> it's part of the work of one sixth-grader. months raising money to buy the sky. >> he is a symbol for hope. maria: trouble, the dog. it is to cheer up kids during hard times. a friend had some trouble. >> we heard about a kid in my class who had a fire in their house.
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idea. i bet kids could use that. >> his goal, purchase 50 troubles. where his dad is a doctor, and for first responders. >> each dog will begin given to children in need. >> he pitched the dog. >> he would sit at a table condominium and solicit donations. >> it paid off. all of the dogs arrived gifted to shriners. >> we really appreciate it. i know these dogs will go a long way. >> and the police department to keep in cruisers to help in a
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is going to be fine. >> mission accomplished. >> he is a giving person. >> i am proud. >> as he should be. >> he should be. we have live pictures of the sun going down. you are looking live at what the storm is doing. anchor: things are starting to kick up. you are keeping a close eye on what is happening with matthew. >> you can see visibility that is where the rain band is coming from. there is the core where the eyewall has been battering freeport. the storm is moving to the west, northwest. it should move this way to the coast and then along the florida coastline. in terms of the wind, look at what we have.
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there. they are not want to get the conditions the rest the coast line is. it's a tropical storm warning. gusts of 45 miles per hour. up to 36. 30 miles per hour daytona beach. so it goes toward the georgia coast. it is still early in the game. north miami, now you get a real chance to see the movement. category four storm, wind of 140 miles per hour. it may lose a little bit of string but still a category three storm. a slow deterioration but enough in georgia and south carolina.
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it tries to make a second approach. look at it as it approaches the florida coast. late at night, the central florida coast all the way up. gusts are likely, touching the georgia coast and then hurricane strength, the south carolina coast. 6-10 inch swaths of rain will extend up to carolina as well. storm surge will be smaller with a wind coming from the land. farther up the coast more significant, look at that. that is brutal. daytona beach, 8-12. extremely -- extremely damaging and dangerous. we have the storm surge, the wind, the rain.
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degrees. a wonderful evening. the night will be cool. the day will be as warm or warmer than today. blogging to watch a saturday afternoon. it could be rain with that front. southeastern massachusetts, we clear after that. the rest the holiday weekend looks great. a chilly sunday sportscenter 5 one minute drill. anchor: tito is going to throw out the first pitch tonight in cleveland. and the series opener, brock holt batting second.
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flips to the cleanup spot. he's going to manage to get that. >> what does it mean to you personally to see david and his last postseason? >> it would mean more if he announced his retirement today. i would be -- i would write a check to his foundation. when he is in the batter's box it makes me nervous. >> he has a little comfort. pick your poison. >> i just want the game to get going. you are waiting all week long. >> here we go. local firefighters on a mission
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true. >> friday morning, hurricane matthew bearing down on florida. >> the storm threatens the east coast. >> and don't blow your health plan, friday morning at 4:30
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ed: today was a special day for an eight-year-old maria: from chelsea. he is fighting brain cancer. he knows every day is a gift.
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true. he was sworn in as a firefighter. he wanted to help people. i love that smile. the fire engine picked him up at home. surprise on the job training. >> this is the best job i've ever had. you are like part of my family now. * he's the oldest of four to the firehouse and bring his sisters down so he can hose them down. ed: he said you are part of our family too. tonight, still tracking matthew. ed: live reports from the hurricane. it is close to florida. you are looking live.
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maria: it is back where it
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some time. it was taken down this spring for repairs. ed: the universe is whole now. you have been looking at the latest information. anchor: that looks the same. it is going to go to that central coast and then go up it.
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channel five. jc gets the first fight. you get the rest. doughnuts adele a doors. quite she >> she loves them so much he imports them. childhood is so much better. >> it was made old school. >> what was the craziest request? >> everything from the oven. some gluten-free. bark twice for this doggie bakery. they bicker, they bake. bakeries are next.


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