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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hurricane matthew bearing down on plo are did a tonight. >> the damage right now, the danger to come. >> matthew getting closer and closer to the plor are did a coast with each passing hour. the areas that will be hit the hardest. maria: deadly shooting in. the school bus with can is onboard when it happened. what doctors discovered about the link between the breast cancer risk than the hours you work. ed: we talk live to florida. hurricane matthew. you're looking live at melbourne, florida, as the monster storm begins a direct hit. good evening, aim ed harding. maria: and i'm maria stephanos. this one could be devastating to the southeast. team coverage begins with newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat who's live in melbourne, florida. shaun, what's going on there? reporter: maria and ed, the wind and rain is really starting to pick up. every once in awhile, you get the bands of wind and rain coming in and whipping around the corner just spraying us.
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starting to get battered here a little bit. then next hour or so, the rain and the really severe portion of this storm is going to come in into this area in brevard county. emergency officials say that sometime after midnight, they are anticipating 110 miles per hour sustained winds, 140 miles-per-hour gusts around 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning. really battering this area. in fact, we're seeing power outages. some shelters across central florida, they are at capacity. a lot of people here in the parking lot. they have filled hotels like this one trying to get out of this storm because they know their homes are just not safe to
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barrier islands of florida that are going to see significant storm surges up to nine feet of water in their area. of course, a lot of people know they need to stay out of this. this is a 20-24-hour event. a lot of curfews warning people that if you are not in shelter now, you need to find it as soon as possible. live in melbourne, florida, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. stay safe. 100 miles north of west palm beach. the storm continues to move northwest. it is getting closer but parallelling it. we got more to show you. you a can see the eye and the incredible rain band that went over freeport in the bahamas. a nasty situation there and passed very close to nassau earlier today. so you can see west palms on the western edge hitting the western
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the wind gust around the region as being reported now. west palm, that is 32 miles per hour steady. it doesn't include the gust. gust of 36 in fort lauderdale. miami, they are not under a hurricane warning, but look at that now, vero beach, gust of 49 miles per hour. 38 at fort pierce and 38 in melbourne. further up now in daytona beach, 37 miles per hour. two million people are being told get away from the coast. you can see cars clogging highways. mandatory evacuations are in place from florida to south carolina. thousands of people are already without power. utility crews are rushing there as we speak, it's feared power could be out for weeks in some spots. so far, matthew is blamed for 283 deaths in the caribbean.
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hours ago and it could climb even higher. ed: we will take to you orlando live. if you lack at the right corner of the screen. you can see on the side of the road by the red light. it says some road. there are poles down. you can see the heavy rains on the street. again, that is orlando. at this time is not just affecting the direct coastal area of florida. maria: the dangers from the storm can change depending on where you are in the region. ed: newscenter 5's mary saladna is here with the storm's impact. reporter: it is a dangerous situation. math thighs just getting started there. as darkness fell, matthew's outer bands moved in. in jupiter, florida, wind gusts quickly finding their targets. we want to remind you, if you have to be on the road, be
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west palm beach, the wind is also the story at this hour. >> just northwest in palm beach gardens, a sign of things to come. >> this is a stop sign here that looks like it has been ripped out of the ground. >> this is a stop sign here that looks like it has been ripped out of the ground. >> in new smyrna beach, just south of daytona beach, a final chance to evacuate. the beaches and the mainland are now closed. >> and earlier this evening in orlando, growing fears about gas shortages. >> this is a popular. he is the tanker truck driver following. >> why? >> they are out of fuel. almost every station that i ran into is out of fuel.
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nobody wants to pay for premium. maria: they have six days worth of gasoline stockpiled and supplies of good and water to help in the storm's aftermath. id? ed: thank you. airports across florida and the southeast are shut down tonight, and logan airport is feeling the ripple effect. flights canceled from west palm beach to charleston. dozens of evacuees caught last-minute flights into boston today. >> i woke to a text saying you are coming home. >> we thought we would stay. my son called us and said we were leaving. >> it is not worth it. >> when your mom or son says, you come home. right? flights this morning to help with evacuations. as matthew heads straight for florida, most are now heeding the warnings. we will continue to track matthew's path as it heads north toward the atlantic coast. you can, too, in realtime by downloading our wcvb mobile news app. maria: a man shot-dead on a boston street. and a school bus with kids
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live in roxbury, where police are looking for clues. reporter: maria, that is right. i am standing on dearborn street. police reopened the street a hour ago. the investigation continues. it happened in broad day night. they ton sen for clues. this is the scene earlier today around dearborn street in roxbury. ma place, a school bus, a bicycle, several vehicles ap several crime scene markers. a snapshot of what was happening when police say a bystander flagged down the officer around 5:30. >> what appears to be an individual shot and the individual was shot to the head. he has been decleared dec's ased after going to the medical center.
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be the result of a fight. all within feet of this school bus. lee students and a bus driver onboard. >> it is alarming to me. broad daylight. wwe have a school bus here with kids crows by. we need the public to step up and help us. reporter: no one onboard the bus was hurt. the children were transferred to another bus. boston public schools said the crisis counselors will be available tomorrow. >> thathat is the sad thing abot traumatized and violence going on the communities nu adays. 20 years from now. they are on the school. i saw what happened. you can traumatize them. >> now moved it up a little bit. you can see this surveillance camera. boston police will be using street cameras like this all around the area to gather more information and the shooter was lean seen running toward the deadly station and not released the identity of the vuk
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live, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: in commitment 2016 tonight. donald trump in new hampshire holding an event that's different from what we've seen. new polls show a close race in the key swing state. newscenter 5's diane cho is live in sandown, new hampshire, with trump's message. reporter: it was not open to the public. donald trump ste event tonight in sandown citing polls in which he says he's currently winning. >> these just came out rasmussen polls trump 43, clinton 41. trump 46, clinton 42. >> a new suffolk university, boston globe poll shows hillary clinton leading trump by only a slight margin of 44 to 42 percent in the swing state of new hampshire with clinton. just days before the second presidential debate on sunday, the republican nominee held a
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new jersey governor chris christie was also in the room tonight. >> they were saying we were here for practice for sunday this isn't practice we're just here because we just wanted to be here. >> one of the first questions from the audience, did trump hold back in the first presidential debate against his democratic opponent? >> i did hold back i thought it was inappropriate to say what i was really thinking, and i held back i think for good reason id much rather have it be on policy, i didn't like it getting into the gutter. >> trump also touched on bringing jobs back to the country and how he plans on helping veterans. >> we are going to solve finally the prob of the veteran's administration. they are gonna be able to go across the street to a public/private hospital to a doctor and were gonna take care of vets. reporter: trump expected to appear on saturday with house speaker paul ryan.
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ed: thank you. hillary clinton's campaign is focusing on new hampshire tomorrow.bernie sanders to stump for clinton in keene, friday vermont senator bernie sanders will hold a rally in keene. clinton will be off the trail, preparing for sunday's debate. victim's names, but in this small town, everyone knows who they are. 3:00 the d.a. confirming elderly man was killed during an apparent home invasion. the wife seriously injured and neighbors say, he wants the 90's. she is in her 70's and confined to a wheelchair. >> world war you, i vet who served in the navy and really active and really involved in this community. everybody that i know that knew him liked him. >> the d.a. confirming there is
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there. the son was down there checking on him and snowing the lawn. >> second marriage for both and believes the home in orange since late this morning. by early evening, a police canine was still trying to pick up a trail later a group of people was escorted into the house. >> a lot of helicopters and a lot of police. we were brought aside and everybody was questioned and the park it seems loo. >> as were he cauton a few hours f. >> it is a cliche. they say he was nice guy but in this is a, he was. >> the couple was home across the road from the airport. the woman who survived the take was flown to u mass medical center in worcester. >> we are all affected when something like this happens. pit is some, it is heartbreaking. >> a smalltown. smalltown. we love it. we love it. >> everyone we spoke to is absolutley stunned. police telling me they have not
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releasing a description of the suspects but appears they know who they are looking for. live in orange, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: bulldozer used to settle a family feud. the dangerous demolition door buy landing in new hampshire man in court. what doctors just discovered about the link wean your breast cancer risk and the hours you work. >> the very latest on the track of math this you and how things are looking for our holiday weekend. florida shall the of the wave interests the beach. delray beach, florida, the! storm is coming up florida.
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>> friday morning, hurricane matthew bearing down on florida. >> the storm threatens the east coast. >> and don't blow your health plan, friday morning at 4:30
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flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. feud. the dangerous demolition derby landing new hampshire man in court. feud, meets demolition derby. brothers fight at a new hampshire business with heavy equipment. it ends with a crane tipped over. one of those brothers is facing charges tonight. and police say it could have been a lot worse >> this is the front-end loader
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say first tipping over this crane being operated by his brother stanley. at zero waste recycling in bow. then, when police arrived, they say he drove it toward a police cruiser. >> one officer pulls his weapon. another pulls his taser trying to get him to stop. he did stop, but just four feet from the car with a police sergeant still inside. >> it was a very dangerous situation because it was a large piece of equipment and he's in control, so we tried to formulate a plan. police say emanuel then drove the front end loader to another part of the yard, got into a trash truck and drove off. he was tu two hours later. >> thankfully nobody was hurt. but the potential was there for somebody to loose their life yesterday. >> peter emanuel has been charged with assault, domestic violence and resisting arrest. he's being held on $170,000 bail. maria: work schedule over the yearses a been linked to a number of health issues. well, a new study is showing that that shift will not
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cancer risk in the hours they worked. researchers in the uk evaluated 800,000 women working nights. out of the women who developed breast cancer, they found those who worked odd hours had no higher risk than those who did not. ed: harvey, it is going to look vastly different in the next eight hours. jackie: yeah. that is the wait is. it builds and buds the eyewall in there, but look at these bands out ahead of it. these are tropical storm force winds raking the coastline already caution wind damage and the worst is yet to happen especially the upper half of the east coast of florida. you can see down around fort lauderdale. they are near the back edge. it is still windy and wild there not like it is along the coast further north and will be with. the storm is making some progress close to the coastline. whether it touches the coast or
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hurricane force winds will likely brush lang the coastline. here is a look at the storm centered very near the coastline and then it rides right up the florida coast and georgia coast and the south carolina coast and dumping tremendous rain along with the wind. now there will be a slow weakening trend in the wind field once it gets into northern floor did and bea beyond. but not like going to fall apart all at once. that is heavy-duty rainfall that gets all the way up into the eastern carolinas then everything starto pay the way, we may get a little fin finger of rain in here saturday night or maybe sunday morning in southeastern mass and the cape. nothing that great. now here are the rainfall totals just estimates of what could happen. look at this. we could be talking over a foot of rain around savannah, georgia, parts of south carolina and maybe southeastern north carolina. storm surge not so bad in southernmost florida. then it builds to the north. this is the wors worst-case sce. this if he storm is offshore.
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significant and very eventful and obviously, enough to be extremely concerned about. now that is that part of the storm. look at the winds already. gusts of 4 in fort lauderdale and the storm center is beyond this. so you can see what i mean. now west palm did not report this hour and many over 50 miles per hour. we had gusts of 7 now unvero beap. 52 in melbourne. further north, it is building. 39 in st. august toon. 35 in daytona beap. that is going tge notice we are at ft. pierce on ut ap grazes the shoreline up to jacksonville and even to southern george go and the weakening of the storm will weaken the wind field some but it will be a slow process as that happens and moves to the east and it weakens. all right. there is the actual official track taking it lapping the coast until it gets to south carolina and right turn then it may even loo loop back but way way weaker as it is going that.
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bre 32 in norwood. yet this afternoon, in the 70's. similar tomorrow. 57 now. cooling quickly now in the sun about. we start school then we warm up again, beautiful day, temperatures up to the 70's. saturday increasing clouds in the afternoon. overnight saturday night and maybe early sunday. a band of hewers may move through. otherwise, brightening sunday. midday and afternoon. brightest north and west. clouds will hold along the cape. beautiful weather for columbus day itself. by the way, the killier sunday night and monday night. so that is the latest. we are more for you. mike wankum in the morning with the latest on the storm. ed: harvey, you take a deep
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raise money at the annual cook for women's health event. hey, we know that guy thand guy. some familiar face faces from w. our president and general han ger, you saw him before you saw mike wankum. also helping out the event. the event has raise more than $22 million since 1995. ed: way to go. love the mayor. maria: gave a thumbs up. ed: dream come true for eight-year-old chelsea boy. a special day for an 8-year-old chelsea boy. rylee sostre is fighting brain cancer so everyday is a gift. but today was a dream come true. the third grader was sworn-in as a chelsea firefighter. rylee has always wanted to do the job to help people. a fire engine picked him up at home for some surprise on the job training.
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had. you are like part knife family now. he loved his new uniform, working the hose and making some new friends. rylee is the oldest of four siblings and says he liked the hose so much he wants to return to the fire house to hose down his sisters! je looked great in the hat, though. well, let me see now. what should we talk about? we can't talk about baseball because we cannot show it. we'll talk about cleave rein. a lot of things happening over the next three to four days.
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one inning a in three swings. three third inning solo home runs turned the game around. right now terry fran gene's cleveland indians have a one-run lead in the ninth inning. red sox got solo home runs tonight. the indians three solo home runs in one inning. six homers in the game. we stand 5-4 texas this afternoon. another big offensive play by the bluejay make runs. they hung ten of them today on the texas rangers. the rangers turned in one gem in this game. watch gomez going up against the wall making a catch looking at it. oh, that is one with of the two hits. they leave the ballpark. later on, lo hay batista who got in trouble for showing off and
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toronto wins big. 0-1 in game number one. all right. the bru once the capital city of ohio in what where they beat the jackets 2-1 and plays a week from tonight. the celtics in greensboro north carolina playing against the charlotte hornets not the bobcats any more but the hor great neths. 15 points tonight. al in the second game in the celtic uniform. the pre season game had 13 points as they had everything reecely 107-92. julian edelman was a limited participant in todays patriots practice a foot injury was listed as the reason. meanwhile, tom brady remains locked in on his return and the cleveland browns. lost of folks are expecting brady to take out more than a year and a half frustration on the winless browns. brady playing with a chip on his shoulder? that's an understatement. martellis bennett will nibble on that suggestion
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>> i am a ruffles guy because ruffles has ridges. remember that. all right. ed harding is getting a chuckle out of that and making the way to cleveland for the return of tom brady on sunday afternoon. live coverage this weekend with our man, ed. ruffles have ridges. ruffles have ridges. maria: i remember that. ed: harvey saying it isot good night for the people in florida. meteorologist: no, it is not. the storm is inching closer to the coastline. can see the dark greens on the coast the wind gusts have reached 50-60 miles per hour. and as it get closer whether it touches the coastline or gets near. hurricane force winds will reach the coastline and strong winds will penetrate inland as well. looking a that. where is the most. where this is biggest threat? is it toughly 10:00 on that clo k sp yeah.
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going to be fresh water flooding and wind damage. maria: check in tomorrow morning for sure. we have those. >> yeah. the eyeopener starts promptly ? keep on smiling with dunkin's delicious
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dicky: >> guillermo:. >> jimmy: >> jimmy:. it's ?jimmy kimmel l? tonight, martin lawrence from ?westworld?, luke hemsworth this week in unnecessary censorship and music from gary clark jr. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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