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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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randy: 4:30 on this friday. we're following breaking news. emily: hurricane matthew leaving a path of destruction through the caribbean. randy: and the search for suspects in a deadly home invasion. the crime that has stunned one small town. emily: the sox got roughed up in cleveland. the disaptm pennant. randy: tough morning for a lot of folks in the south. mike: here's the eye of the storm. you're looking at the actual center. see the heavy bands? that's where you see your strongest winds. we're being very, very fortunate. the winds are staying offshore. in vero beach, winds gusting to 74 miles per hour. melbourne, you see winds
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this, it's going to continue as a category 3 storm through the morning hours and even the afternoon staying as a category 3. it skirts right along the coast. this is dangerously close. then as it starts to do this loop, we get rain and wind up into the carolinas and it loops actually back down around. this is not until tuesday of next week, but a very interesting phenomenon. today around here, we'll be looking at nothing but sunshine. it's going to allow temperatures to warm in the inland, upper 70's. emily: we're getting new video in overnight as hurricane matthew roars up the florida coast. this is from palm beach gardens and a live look here. this is port canaveral. randy: the eye's erika tarantal gathering new information.
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rain pummelling florida. winds tearing down billboards in juno beach. matthew stayed about 100 miles or more off south florida, so sparing the miami and fort lauderdale areas from the most punishing effects. this is video from stuart, florida, south of port st. lucie. power lines exploding there. power out in parts of palm beach county. that meantime, in atlanta, georgia, a state of emergency is also in effect. traffic jammed the highways last night. more than 500,000 people have been told to evacuate the coast there. matthew should be off that state by sunday morning. and there is new and grim news out of haiti this morning where they're still assessing matthew's wrath. the death toll has jumped to 283, and it is expected to go higher. you can see the devastation there.
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some of the more remote areas as floodwaters there start to recede. emily? emily: air travel hit hard by the storm. all flights canceled this morning in fort lauderdale, orlando, and palm beach. the eye's sera congi is at logan with the impact on travel. sera? sera: very busy morning here, emily. good morning. take a look behind me at logan. folks altering plans because of flights have been canceled and some of the airports in florida as well are closed down. the ripple effect of what's happening in florida is being felt here and along the east coast. 3,000 flights have been canceled between yesterday and today mostly in and out of miami and fort lauderdale. many airlines were letting passengers alter their plans and delay travel without the usual
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>> i woke up to a text from my mom, you don't have a choice. you're coming home. >> my son called us and said we're leaving. >> three weeks without power, a month without power, forget it. it's not worth it. erika: sera: current cancellations are expected to expand as the storm moves on north and also train service is amtrak suspended between miami and new york. live at logan airport. randy: we're tracking matthew's path all morning on the eyeopener as it heads north along the atlantic coast. you can too by downloading our app. olessa: it is quiet. live look outside at the zakim
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gone in a couple of minutes. let's get to the maps. rest of your ride fairly quiet. construction is all that remains. this project clearing on the zakim. picks up on route 3. 24 looks good. no problems on 95 this morning if you're traveling the pike, no issues to report. some construction picking up on 128. north of town, you're in great shape. so far, we're expecting trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. emily? randy: bre fiery crash in middleboro. this happened at 1:00 this morning on interstate 495 south. state police are investigating. they believe only one car was involved. all lanes are open at this hour. emily: police are searching for suspects after a man was shot and killed on a boston street. a school bus with kids onboard just feet away. detectives with flashlights searched for clues late into the night on dearborn street in roxbury. police say last night's deadly
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several people. boston public schools says crisis counselors will be on hand today for students. the name of the victim has not been released. randy: 4:36. there's a search for a killer after a violent home invasion. the victim's wife is fighting for her life. and the eye's antoinette antonio is in worcester with what we know at this hour. antoinette? antoinette: randy, we're talking about a husband and wife who were attacked inside their own home. the wife is being injuries. her elderly husband was killed during an apparent home invasion on east river street in orange. officers using dogs have been trying to pick up the suspect's trail. as a precaution, local schools were put on lockdown yesterday. while the d.a.'s office is not releasing the names of the victims, we do know the man was in his 90's, his wife in her 70's and confined to a wheelchair. neighbors say they were a nice
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>> her son was always down checking on her and mowing the lawn and stuff like that. antoinette: police in orange say that this is the town's first murder in decades. no arrests have been made so far. we will keep you posted on the investigation. we're live in worcester this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: antoinette, thank you. a bill aimed at preventing deadly fires is a step closer to reality in the c state commission to study welding regulation. this comes two years after two boston firefighters were killed in a back bay fire. a fire determined to be started by welding work there. the state senate passed the bill yesterday. the commission would determine if current fire codes are enough to protect the public and first responders. emily: a tough first outing for the red sox. rick porcello on the mound for the sox. he gave up three home runs in the third inning.
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but it wasn't enough. dustin pedroia struck out in the ninth and he didn't love that call, but it stands. 5-4 the final. the sox play the indians again this afternoon, and david price gets the ball. this weekend, the sox will share the spotlight with tom brady. ed harding will be in cleveland as number 12 makes his big return on sunday. you can watch for his reports before and after that game. a family feud that turned into a demolition randy: the charges the driver is facing now. emily: a mystery in new york city with international intrigue. the banner found hanging from a manhattan bridge. and we're following breaking news. hurricane matthew battering the florida coast. new video in from juno beach, florida. trees, power lines, are being taken down. mike? mike: the storm has weakened but
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and storm surges of nine feet or more. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk.
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randy: 4:41. breaking news. take a look at the video just in here in the overnight hours. matthew's heavy rain and powerful winds taking down signs, causing quite a bit of damage there. we'll be keeping you updated all morning long on air and online. emily: a new hampshire man is behind bars charged with turning a family feud into a demolition derby. take a look. this is the front-end loader peter emanuel is accused of driving as a deadly weapon. he first tipped over a crane being operated by his brother
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a police officer. >> one officer pulled his weapon. another pulled a taser trying to get the defendant to stop. emily: emanuel did stop before taking off in a trash truck. he was caught two hours later and is held on assault, domestic violence, and resisting arrest. the countdown to the next debate is underway. randy: the practice session in new hampshire for donald trump and how rival hillary clinton is preparing ande' breaking news. hurricane matthew now threatening the east coast as it heads north. new images from the bahamas come in. the storm taking down many trees and power lines there. but there have been no deaths
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[ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure
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because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] randy: 4:45. some new video here in from haiti after the storm. emily: the mayor of one town there is saying there is extreme devastation everywhere, and we are seeing that from this video. the death toll now 283, and that number could rise. mike, this is now just slamming
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mike: it really is. this is what we talked about yesterday. that eye can kind of shift a little bit one way or the other. if it does that, you can have real devastation along the coast of florida. you can see the real spiral that's going on. as you look at this system, a category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. i want to make sure we're actually on to the right computer, because i believe we're looking at the wrong computer right at the moment. let's go to weather one. there we go. look at that eye right through there. about the eye being actually about 50 miles offshore. these bands, this is where you find your heaviest wind, rain and everything else going on, is only 13 miles offshore. a little jog this way or that way will be a big concern. right now the strongest winds i've been seeing have been right around the vero beach area. 74-mile-an-hour gusts. melbourne, 64-mile-an-hour gusts. i think what's going to happen with this, we'll see it sliding more toward daytona beach. it may move inland a little more
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part of the state. here are the hurricane force winds in the area in red. i'm hugging the coast. watch what it does this afternoon. we start to push it toward daytona beach. that's why i say this could be the area where we see the most destruction out of it. then it works its way back offshore, does this big loop as it heads toward the north. of course, they're going to get wind as you look through the carolinas, but nothing like what's going on in florida. rainfall totals? you can see, 1/2 foot seems likely. the heaviest rains may be up to the carolinas where we could pick up a footf it's an interesting storm. see how it loops back around, becomes a category 1, then a tropical storm? this way try to make another approach at florida as we talk about next week. but right now all eyes are on what's happening on the coast of florida at this point. i want to point this out. you've got matthew sitting near the coast of florida. out in the ocean, we have nicole, a full-fledged hurricane. it looks like it's going to sit and spin and not do anything. we are watching this.
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as this cold front comes in, it's trying to draw that moisture away from it. i don't know that that's going to happen. today we're dealing with sunshine. today is a beautiful day out there. a little bit of patchy fog, but overall just a gorgeous day. look for high temperatures generally to be in the mid 70's. a little cooler at the coast. tomorrow, some showers by the afternoon. the shower threat may linger into early sunday and clear away. temperatures a little cooler, into the 60's. in fact, next week i best chance for rain looks like saturday night. we need the rain. emily: we do. can we move it to monday? mike: same last week. whenever we get it, we'll take it. how's traffic? olessa: quiet. a look at the pike, no problems. brighton over to the maps we go. a little bit of construction over across the span of the zakim bridge on the southbound side. it will be gone in a couple of minutes. as you travel south of there, you're in good shape.
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in great shape. problem-free start north of town. expect trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. randy: auburn man are going against charges against a man on a school bus dressed as a clown. this man will be charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. no name has been released by the police, but we're told that he is the parent of one of the kids on the bus. emily: commitment 2016 -- right now, both campaigns are getting ready for a critical sunday showdown. this is the same format that will be used for the upcoming debate. the gop nominee denied he practiced for sunday. one audience wanted to know if he held back in the last debate. >> i held back i think for good reason. i think for good reason. i'd much rather have it be on
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gutter. emily: the public was not invited to this town hall. it was invite-only. and trump ally chris christie was off to the side. he's said to be coaching the candidate for sunday's debate. randy: hillary clinton's debate is focusing on new hampshire. vermont senator bernie sanders will be holding a fundraiser in keene. emily: the next debate is sunday at 9:00 i'll be there live with coverage right here on newscenter 5. your economy this friday morning -- asian markets closing lower overnight. u.s. stock futures are also trending lower right now. investors are looking for the latest unemployment report and new data on consumer credit. the total cost for health care in massachusetts last year was higher than thought. spending was up by more than 4% from the previous year. the spike exceeded the overall
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the report did identify some encouraging signs including a moderation in spending by the state's medicaid program. randy: we're tracking stories trending this friday morning. this is a really unusual sight. a huge banner of russian president vladimir putin. new york city police want to know who draped this off the manhattan bridge yesterday afternoon. a 20 by 30-foot banner has they're checking surveillance area in the area. former new york mayor and prominent trump supporter rudy giuliani's daughter is voting for clinton. caroline's facebook photo has #imwithher. she says her dad is fully comfortable with her choice.
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8-year-old chelsea boy. emily: rylee sostre is fighting brain cancer. the third grader was sworn in as a chelsea firefighter. >> this is more fun than i ever had. they're like part of my family now. emily: rylee is the oldest of four siblings. he says he likes that hose so much he wants to go back down to the fire house to hose down his si sibling rivalry there. all right. we do continue to follow breaking news overnight. hurricane matthew now battering the state of florida. randy: the conditions that people there are facing at this hour. and then new at 5:00, the eyeopener's shaun chaiyabhat is in melbourne this morning, where shaun joins us at the top of the
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some street signs have already been blown down as well. and police are out to try and keep people off the roads. more than 20,000 customers are in the dark this morning. randy: all flights are canceled this morning in fort lauderdale, orlando, palm beach, orlando stopped operations at 8:00 last night. storm now impacting more than 4800 f emily: four soccer coaches resign. the exact nature of the drill has not been disclosed, but the school superintendent said the situation did not reflect the core values of the district. randy: the ceo of an adult classified ad website is facing adult and child sex trafficking charges. federal agents arrested charles ferrer during a raid at his dallas office and investigators
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the world's top online brothel. they say victims were forced into prostitution through escort ads and he's being held in lieu of $500,000 bond. emily: new video from hoboken, new jersey, where the train involved in a deadly crash has been moved. one woman was killed and 100 others are recovering. federal officials say the train was traveling at twice the speed limit as it entered the station. a final report on what caused the crash could take a year or more to complete. randy: concerns are growing that hackers could try and affect the presidential election in this country. at least 24 states have asked the department of homeland security for help securing their election system. massachusetts is not among them. f.b.i. director james comey says that they've had 20 attempted attacks on voter registration systems nationwide. he says no voting systems are at risk.
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of breast cancer. out of the women who developed breast cancer, they found those who worked odd hours had no higher risk than those who did not. randy: all right. we're going to have a decent weekend. emily: we will. randy: we're watching a lot of devastation down south. mike: we can see matthew on the satellite picture down to the south of us. we have a cold front to the west. this is not going to impact us. this will give us rain as we look toward saturday today, though, look what you have. did you enjoy yesterday? yesterday was spectacular. today will be a repeat of it. we have reduced visibility in a couple of spots because of patchy fog out there. keep that in mind as you're traveling this morning. 54 degrees in boston. not too bad in the city. you get away from the city, as we saw yesterday morning, we have cool temperatures out there. a lot of 40's showing up. norwood is at 36. taunton down to 39. there are temperatures into the 30's. not quite as many as yesterday but a few out there. today sunny.
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tonight, mostly clear skies. cool, 42 to 52 degrees for your overnight low. how's that cold front going to impact us? it looks like it will be moving through here as we talk about late saturday night into very early sunday morning. the moisture from matthew will stay down here. i wish it would work up more along this front. then we could get nice rains out of it. right now it's 1/4 inch of rain at best. if we had more moisture, we could talk about 1/2 or an inch of rain. the moisture will be confined to the south. the next seven days? really nice day today. 76 degrees. tomorrow is not bad. fading sunshine as the day goes on. that chance for showers as we get late into the afternoon, early into the evening, will be coming in from the west. really for the cape, you're not going to see rain until late. sunday, a few showers early and cooler temperatures with lots of sunshine as we head for next week. highs just into the 60's. low temperatures in the upper
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matthew. i'll have all the details of what's going on in florida and what they can expect through the day today. that's as the eyeopener continues this morning. announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- randy: hurricane matthew pounding florida. emily: a violent crime in orange leaves a man dead and his wife injured. a search for a killer in this home invasion. randy: donald trump visiting new hampshire ahead debate. what granite staters want to know. on the eye for this friday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: we are following breaking news on the eye. hurricane matthew hitting the east coast of florida right now. this storm has weakened a bit to a category three, but it is still packing punishing 120-mile-per-hour winds, and


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