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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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randy: hurricane matthew slamming florida, the conditions as wind and rain bear down on the central east coast. emily: a violent crime in orange leaves a man dead and his wife injured. the search for a killer in this home invasion. randy: donald trump visiting new hampshire out ahead of the know about his strategy. that's on the eye for this friday morning. emily: breaking news, hurricane matthew is hitting the east coast of florida right now. the storm has weakened to a category 3 but is still packing punishing 120 miles per hour winds, and right now nearly
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good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price. we want to get to mike wankum with the storms tracking this hour. mike: the eye is 50 miles off-shore, but the bands are within five to 10 miles, and you can see the trend, it is drifting closer to the coast, so these heavy bands, which have the strongest winds with them are going to start working inland. daytona beach may be the area where we see the strongest winds moving on the shore. there is the eye, well defined just off of melbourne letting up as you head dto this point. we saw some wind gusts over a hurricane strength this morning. those will settle back to 6 one mile per hour winds. melbourne the winds are picking up, and we're continuing to see this area of hurricane force winds move its way along the coast, and eventually off the coast later this afternoon. for the carolinas, kind of missing out on what's going to be happening. today around here we're going to be dealing with lots of sunshine all day long. high temperatures in the upper 60's at the coast. but inland temperatures today
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actually 75 degrees inland. coming up over the weekend, a chance of showers, we'll talk more about that and matthew coming up in a few minutes. now time to check on the roadways on a friday morning. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning, mike. a live look at the lever connector. quiet this morning month. southbound side picking up the rush hour volume but does not look too bad. let's get to the maps. as you make your way south 24 building delays as well out of brockton. 95, some delays from sharon up to 20. braintree into boston, and so far along the pike it's quiet. 15 minutes eastbound. 495 out towards 128. 128 looks good, as well and 93 south, a delay out of methuen. down towards the dascum road and more volume at concord street towards the spot pond and approaching the lever connector. trains and buses running on schedule. randy: thank you. now the breaking news. we're getting new and dramatic
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emily: you can see the power lines exploding here. power is out in palm beach county. 270,000 are without power statewide. and this is north of orlando. roads and parking lots already flooding. street signs have been blown down. and police are out to keep people off the roads. more than 20,000 customers there are in the dark right now. a state of emergency is in effect. traffic jammed the highways last night. 500,000 people were told to evacuate coastal georgia. matthew should be off that state by sunday morning. emily: there is grim news out of haiti where crews are still assessing matthew's wrath. the death totally on the island jumping to 283, and it is expected to go higher. you can see the devastation in that nation.
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areas as floodwaters start to recede. of course air travel already hit hard by this storm. all flights are canceled this morning in fort lauderdale, orlando, and palm beach. orlando stopped operations at 8:00 last night. the storm now impacting more than 4,800 flights nation-wide, and the eye's sera congi is at logan airport where some did manage to get out, and she'll have a live report ahead. randy: and you mentioned populate beach. this we can show you what it looked like this morning. you can see the strong winds and the trees blowing. the storm stayed about 100 miles or more off of south florida, sparing miami and fort lauderdale at that time. randy: looking at things on the coast, shaun chaiyabhat, on the
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reporter: yeah, some 300,000 people are without power. we are on the eastern coast of central florida. some 100,000 people are without power. if you look behind me we are lucky. we do have streetlights but if you look underneath the wind is blowing in one direction. and then it blows in another direction. and in fact, it is whipping in opposite directions. that is because we are in the right now. the big concern is, as these winds shift, they are going to come from a southerly direction, and we're going to continue to see more of those bands of rain. we've been drenched by the walls of water, and there are flooding concerns in this area of central florida that is only going to continue. we are keeping an eye out on 9 storm surge coming off of the ocean, but again, in just a few hours, we are going to start to
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blowing off of the area nearby. no major damage, but once daylight breaks, there may be a lot more. >> shaun, thank you for that, and you can track the storm no matter where you are. just download our wcvb mobile app for your phone or your tablet. >> breaking overnight, one person is dead after this fiery crash in middleborough around 1:00 this morning on 495 south. the state police are investigating but they believe that only one car was this hour. and also breaking into the overnight hours, one person in the hospital with life threatening injuries after a stabbing in the roxbury section of boston. this happened at midnight. no word on any arrests. right now a killer is on the loose after a home invasion. and the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is in worcester with what we know at this hour.
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husband and wife. they were attacked inside their own home, and this morning the wife is being treated here in worcester for very serious injuries. her elderly husband was killed during an apparent home invasion that happened yesterday afternoon. officers using dogs were trying to pick up the suspect trail as a precautions. local schools were temporarily put on lockdown yesterday. while the d.a.'s office sunshine releasing the names of the victims, we do know in his 90s. his wife in her 70s and confined to a wheelchair. neighbors say that they were a nice couple. >> her son was always down checking on her and mowing the lawn and stuff like that. >> police in orange say that this is the town's first murder in decades. again no arrests were made so far. we, of course, will stay on top of the investigation and bring
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morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you and right now police are searching for the suspects after a man was shot and killed on a boston street, and a bus with kids onboard you, was feet away. detectives with flashlights were searching for clues late into the night on deerborn street in roxbury. it started which a man flag the down a police officer at 5:30 yesterday evening. police say that the deadly shooting appears to be the result of a all within feet of a school bus. the boston public schools says the counselors will be on hand today for students who could be affected by this. the name of the victim has not been released. emily: commitment 2016, both campaigns are getting ready for a showdown, and erika tarantal is here with the big push today. erika: today bernie sanders will hit two nutrient states as he campaigns for hillary clinton. and he will be in maine and new
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point on both sides. donald trump held a town hall meeting in new hampshire last night. this is the same format that will be used for the upcoming debate but the gop nominee denied this was practice for sunday. one audience member wanted to know if he held back in the last debate. >> i held back, i think, for good reason. i think for good reason. i would rather have it be on policy, and i didn't like getting into the gutter. this town hall. this was invite only. chris christie off to the side during the event, said to be coaching the candidate for sunday's debate. hillary clinton off the campaign trail preparing. emily: thanks, and i will be at that debate in st. louis on sunday. you can watch the showdown right here starting at 9:00, and i will have pre and post-debate coverage right here on newscenter 5. 6:09 this morning. it was a disappointing start to the playoffs for the red sox.
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steamed. a link between breast cancer and the hours that women worked. that study is raising concerns right now. emily: and we are tracking hurricane matthew. you can see the wind and rain here in south daytona beach, florida. mike: the storm is now to a contrary 3 but still poses a serious threat. the outlook for our weekend weather in new england. first here's what to expect. temperatures into the 40s and 50s. warming nicely this afternoon into the coast. much more on matthew as the
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>> over 100 years old, good morning eyeopener.
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say hello. >> the lovely ladies are all over 100 years old, and good morning to everyone at grove manor estates in braintree, and thank you very much for sending that in, we would love to see your wakeup call so record it and use our wcvb app. >> explain what the secret is. >> right. >> right. randy: living well. hey, florida, big story this morning, you know, what's going on down there? a lot of people hav friends, go down there or whatever, and you can see where it's at. there is the center of it, notice how it is just off the shore. we're talking about now about 3f course this continues to spin its way. here's where we are at. close to the island, these bands, that's where you see the strongest winds and that's where the winds would be over 100 miles per hour. we have seen gusts near the coast, well over 70. there is the eye, as i mentioned, 36 miles off the shore right at this point. but it's the spiral bands that surround that center where you
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what about wind? we have had a number of gusts especially at the beach. well over 70 miles per hour. and melbourne still, winds gusting over 6 six miles per hour. and i think that the path of this will put it across cocoa beach but we're not getting reports out of there, but daytona beach also may be really kind of in the focus area for the strong winds later this morning. right now the sustained winds at 38 and gusting to 55 out there. so this is a hurricane area, of wind, the winds above 74 miles per hour, and see how it 11:00. and then it will budge back outside, and eventually kind of stay away from the coast a bit as it heads up through the carolinas. so i think the worst will be today, and then eventually this thing will move off the shore, and then it does a big loop. rainfall totals, we have had quite a bit of rain falling but it looks like anywhere between six and ten inches of rain through parts of florida. but you get up here into the carolinas where it interacts with the cold front, and we could get reports of over a foot of rain as i go through the weekend. so here's what's happening.
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entire southeastern part of the united states. 115 miles per hour. 105 later tonight, and down to 90. and comes a category 1, and becomes a tropical storm but may try to make a run back at the coast this front will give us rain chances as we head towards saturday so today, you get to enjoy the sunshine. temperatures into the mid 70s and for tomorrow, a bit of sunshine early, and fading to the cloud cover in the afternoon. and we'll introduce the rain to and saturday night and into sunday morning we could see a bit of rain. behind it sunshine moves back into the forecast. chilly start. bundle up. high temperatures back into the 60s, and we start to warm up a bit as we head towards midweek. friday morning, love it so far, you've been saying it has been nice traffic. olessa: so far, so good mike. a live look outside. volume along the expressway northbound side. normal this time of the morning. no accidents to report. let's go to the maps.
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brockton, delays also knowledge, and route 3 looks good, if you are traveling the expressway, busiest spot, 25 minutes, the pike is still in good shape, and 15 minutes eastbound, 495 to 128, and route 3 looks good out of this area, and no problems on 93 south, that volume does pick up at wilmington and stop and go ride down towards the spot pond and trains and buses doing ok. olessa: thank you, it was a tough first outing for the red sox in their push for the pennant. rick he gave up three home runs in the third inning. the sox also got three homers but that wasn't enough. dustin pedroia, he struck out in the ninth, and he does not like this call. 5-4 the final. the sox play the indians again this afternoon, and david price gets the ball there. and this weekend the sox will share the spotlight with tom brady, and ed harding will be in cleveland as no. 12 makes its return on sunday, and you can watch for his report before and
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>> your economy for this friday morning, asian markets, closing mostly lower as investors reacted to the fall of the british pound. the u.s. stock futures are lower. today wall street will be watching for the september jobs report which is due out later this morning. and snapchat's public offering could value the company at $25 billion, possibly more than that. that's according to the wall street journal. the photo and the app is looking to sell shares as early as march and the company was valued a new study showing working the night shift will not increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. this has been a speculation that the night shift work can increase the risk for breast cancer. researcher in the u.k., evaluated 800,000 women, working nights, and out of the women who develop breast cancer, they found those who worked odd hours, the night shift, had no
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not. emily: pets that don't need to be fed or walked, and a celebrity visit that leaves fans disappointed. >> erika. >> smart so you don't slow your health plan, the food to help you keep feeling full, and we continue to track hurricane matthew all morning right here on the eye. this billboard was ripped out of its frame and rain. mike wankum will update the conditions there all morning
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>> good morning, eyeopener from new hampshire, where you are celebrating 150 years. it's a great day to be a wildcat. randy: all right, that has to be the most people ever in a wakeup call, 150 years, and happy anniversary to our friends at unh. mike: around here we h because this is the weekend to kind of check out the peak foliage. you need to get north, up north of waconia and conaway where we're seeing the colors, but over the weekend 75 today, and saturday 67, sunday 61, if you are up at the lakes' region. as far as our weather it looks like we'll see the showers coming to the forecast. talking about your saturday evening. and then maybe hanging around a bit with cloud cover in the morning on sundays before clearing away and cooler temperatures. a little more fall feeling as we
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emily: 6:23. time for your morning eyepoppers. olessa is here. olessa: an interesting idea for someone who needs companionship. she's pets are robots. the line of cats and dogs, that puppy barks and moves its head and the cat shakes when it purrs. and randy is doing sound effects over there. olessa: we decided we like to build things. more cleanup but a companionship, and what if you missed your celebrity right at your front door? he knocked on the door of a sorority house but it was late and everybody was asleep. in fact, some reports say that one student on the entire campus saw him. what a waste. do we really know if he was there? reporter: but for social media we probe wouldn't. randy: they were sleeping after
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following a school bus, and the charges are all about his appearance. and our coverage of hurricane matthew continue this is morning. this is new video just coming in from florida. you can see the surf is getting churned up here as it swirls just off the shore. this is daytona beach, a live camera there as the wind comes through. we are coming right back. >> last week 5 investigates she'd light on the systemic inequality in public education of students with special needs across the commonwealth. at the core of their reports significant and deep disparities in the way that school districts negotiate private settlement agreements. the family by family to pay for the education of students with special needs. the vast majority of these
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and although the funds are provided by public tax dollars, these school districts fight hard to keep the information private. meeting the battle for sunlight, one parent spent three years and almost 100,000 in a legal battle with the town of weston, arguing financial details of their private settlement agreements should be part of the public record. the massachusetts supreme court agreed. and when the settlements were opened it was revealed every agreement was different, and some parents negotiated than others. is a free, appropriate public education is guaranteed by federal law. and should not be kept in secrecy. while the plans may be personalized some parents have 100% of the costs covered and others pay out-of-pocket. some families have transportation coverage, and some don't. although individual situations and needs explain disparities to some degree. public disclosure allows transparency to at least have that discussion and examination.
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legislated to educate all the students not just those whose families have more information, fight, and financial might to pry dollars from their school
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>> i'm doing this just to show you what it's like. randy: breaking overnight,
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power knocked out, travels stopped. reporter: we have team coverage tracking every move of this storm on the eye. randy: 6:30 on friday morning. hurricane matthew hitting central florida at this hour. 2 million people were warned to get out ahead of the storm. emily: the category 3 storm is packing winds over 100 miles per hour, and thousands of people, hundreds of electricity. video just coming in and showing intense waves in melbourne, florida, and matthew is just off the shore, so you can see the effects right at the coast, mike has been watching this pass all morning. randy: and mike has the latest track on the conditions. mike: there is the eye, 30 miles off the shore, but the bands, which are just about ready to move on the shoreline, that's where you find the maximum winds, so 120 miles per hour winds, very likely into the bands. we're also seeing the spiral bands in the north. a lot of this may be heading its
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starting to work their way right along the shoreline. wind gusts this morning, we had some earlier today, and down at the beach that were over hurricane strength, and mel down, winds were gusting over 6. and as you head up the coast, even inland we're seeing the very strong winds. daytona beach, gusting to 55. i think that number will be coming up as we head towards later on this morning, and again, as you look inland we're seeing a lot of winds in the 30 to 40 miles per hour range. the hurricane force winds will go inland at its way back out to sea, in fact, that's where the storm is going to be heading. eventually it will do a big loop out there, and as that pushes its way through, florida may get another chance of seeing some of this system next week. but today around here it's all about sunshine. a little sea breeze, and keeping things cooler at the shoreline, otherwise 76 degrees. much more on matthew coming up. and check on the roadways. how are things? >> busy, we have got the volume, and a live look outside at the
6:32 am
the delays, they are in place, and normal for this time of the morning, and still no accidents to report so that's good news, and let's get to the maps and check out your ride if you are going south. 24 slow ride out of avon and the expressway right now, 25 to 30 from braintree into boston. the pike still quiet, 15 minutes, 495 to 128, and if you are traveling north 93 northbound looks ok, that picks up at 125. stop and go down to the spot pond and approaching the lever connector. >> back to the breaking news we're following, hurricane matthew pounds florida. randy: erika tarantal is bringing us new information and new video as it comes n. -- in this morning. emily: we want to show you video from stuart, florida. this is south of the port, and you can see the power lines exploding. the power already out in parts of palm beach. some 270,000 plus without power statewide. and new video also in from palm bay.
6:33 am
streets there. some street signs have already blown over. and police are out trying to keep people off the roads. >> you can see what's happening right now. i am holding myself up against the wall. erika: that reporter just getting battered. this is in south daytona beach, and we're hoping that she got inside right after this. we'll continue to bring you new information. emily: thank you. air travel hit hard. all flights are lauderdale, orlando, and palm beach. >> this is having a ripple effect. we want to go to sera congi, at logan airport in boston with the impact. >> hurricane matthew having an impact on travelers everywhere here at logan. it is busy. so far less than a dozen flight cancellations. most of them to florida. the ripple effect of what's happening in florida, all is being felt all along the east coast. 4,000 flights have been
6:34 am
miami, orlando, fort lauderdale. many are letting passengers all through their plans and delay travel for a few days without the usual ticket change fee. dozens of vac wheeze caught flights into boston yesterday. >> i woke up this morning to see a text from my mom, you are coming home. >> our son called us and said that we were leaving, and we thought that we would stay. >> to go three weeks without power, forget it. it's not wth emily: airlines added extra flights to help with the evacuations out of florida. many of the cancellations were done in advance. airlines trying to avoid people getting stranded at airports all up and down the east coast. train service is affected as well, and amtrak is suspending service today between miami and new york. live at logan this morning sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, and you can
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or your tablet, and right now the push to repeal massachusetts new transgender rights bill is moving forward. a new law just took effect to use the bathroom or the locker-room that correspond to their gender identity. but the head of the massachusetts family institute says his group delivered 38,000 signatures to get the issue on the 2018 ballot. governor charlie baker signed that bill in emily: a bill aimed at preventing deadly fires is closer to reality. it would create a commission to studying welding regulation, and it comes two years after two 23r50eurs -- firefighters were killed in the back bay determined to be started by welding work. the state senate passed it yesterday. the commission was determined if current codes are enough to protect the public as well as first responders. a former top aide at the department of defense is accused of using tax money
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using his government-issued credit card. and new this friday morning healthy snacks to keep you fuller and longer, and the foods that will not ruin the diet. emily: another look at hurricane matthew. this storm bearing down on central florida. the president has declared states of emergency in florida, also in georgia and south also in georgia and south carolina. ? keep on smiling with dunkin's delicious reese's peanut butter doughnut square. and filled with reese's peanut butter buttercream. taste the fave you crave today.
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olessa: good morning, welcome back, a live look in saugus. southbound side very slow trip. you can see the delays are building, and that goes the story across the board. no accidents to report. so that's good news, and heavy vietnam all across the area, and i will have travel times coming up. and mike, you have got your eye on that storm. >> certainly do, and category 3 hour. really hitting parts of florida. just about now ready to push the strongest winds onshore. as far as our weather, 76 today. taupe fading sunshine, to late afternoon and evening showers, the threat of rain will carry into sunday morning, and clearing away, and cooler temperatures back into the forecast. and next week, feels more like fall, highs into the 60s. >> all right, thank you. and this is no mystery, if you snack right, and i do emphasize
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diet. >> the secret is high fiber foods because they take longer to break down, and they keep the hunger pangs at bay so snack options for you. how about a handful of mixed unsalted nuts or a handful of roasted chick peas or try whole grain crackers with avocado and tuna. another benefit, high fiber foods have been shown to help lower cholesterol. randy: the crackers with the avocado sounds great. em r might need a little water. randy: a fight between brothers takes a bizarre turn in new hampshire. emily: how police say construction equipment became a weapon in a family today. we'll show you. and we'll be back with another update on that breaking news in florida this morning where hurricane matthew is hitting right now. this video here is of overnight flooding. flooding. this is from stanford, florida. great price on this boneless chicken! flooding. thiyeahno bones about [ laughter ]
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randy: good morning, we are ready with your news to go. we are in florida bringing you the latest on hurricane matthew, and also at logan airport with the travel impact already being felt. emily: and live pictures here from central florida. you can see the wind is kind of, you know, whipping the palm trees, they are not as bad as in other locations, and mike i've been following this all morning. it's kind of just hugging the coast right there. >> right, it's really kinds of
6:44 am
but really hugging the coast. and let me show you where it's at. and the maximum sustained winds around that center, right now at 120 miles per hour, it's moving to the northwest at 14 miles per hour, and you can see where it's happening, you can see the bands right here, and that is the outer wall, and that eye wall is where you are going to find the strongest winds, this is calm in the middle, and that's only a few miles off the shore, so cape canaveral, right about there, so this is going to be working its way up the coast towards daytona beach, and the strongestin you push it off the mainland, at 25 miles off the shore, but that's really close, and there you can see right there that's where we're talking about the strongest winds now just starting to move, so the hurricane force winds will start to try to push in, and this is the map at 11:00. and after that point it works its way northward and just really skirts the coast, and eventually starts to pull itself away from the coast, so the winds won't be as strong as you head up through the carolinas. the rain may be lever so rainfall, speaking of which
6:45 am
this is where we can see a foot of rain fall out of this whole thing, as it works its way that way, and as far as what it's going to be doing, it does a loop, and as it does this, it may come back at florida sometime next week as a tropical storm. around here, what we're looking at is sunshine for today, and a bit of cloud cover coming in tomorrow, and evening showers tomorrow night with clearing skies as we head towards sunday, and not a bad weekend and not perfect but not bad. today, is close to perfect. and the only thing that would make it better was fantastic. that looks slow. >> it does not look so perfect. no accidents, that's good news but there are heavy delays, a live look outside, at route 1 in saugus. let's check out your ride, that's what you will bump into across the board. 24 northbound from avon to randolph and on route 3 from weymouth. a half from braintree into boston. traveling the pike, still in good shape here up to 20 minutes now. 495 to 128.
6:46 am
but delays pick up out of the 125, and it's a solid backup down to the lever connector. trains and buses on schedule. emily: now to the breaking news we're following as hurricane matthew lashes florida. randy: shaun chaiyabhat is in melbourne with the conditions there. shaun? >> this morning the national weather service saying that hurricane matthew is 50 miles off the shore of where we are in melbourne, florida. the winds are really starting to pick up. now we're of 90 to 100 miles per hour as the eye walls come in through this area. you can see the wind is just blowing these tree limbs horizontally. the rain is going horizontally, as well, and the big question is what this is going to look like when daylight breaks. in melbourne, florida, i'm shaun chaiyabhat. >> hurricane matthew causing problems at airports up and down the east coast.
6:47 am
have had to change their plans. >> and the hurricane really messed up the flight, and delayed some flights, and like you have to switch over. so it's really inconvenient, and it's hard because now the flights, some can't go. >> the airlines have canceled up to 4,000 flights, mostly in and out of fort lauderdale, miami, and orlando. dozens of vac wheeze caught last-minute flights into boston yesterday. now this morning her less than a dozen flights were canceled and most of them to florida. train service, though, has been affected. and amtrak, suspending service between miami and new york. live at logan airport, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: there is grim news out of haiti where crews are assessing matthew's wrath. the death toll jumping to 283, and it is expected to go higher. you can see the did he ever
6:48 am
authorities are reaching the remote areas as floodwaters recede. and you can track the storm in real time no matter where you are. just download our mobile app for your phone or tablet. randy: 6:48. one person is dead after this fiery crash in middleborough. it happened around 1:00 this morning on interstate 495 south, police believe only one vehicle was involved here. all of the lanes are open at this hour. also breaking, one person in the hospital after life threatening roxbury section of boston. it happened at midnight on wensely street. no word on any arrests. >> an elderly woman is hospitalized here in worcester. after her husband was killed, during an apparent hope invasion. this all happened yesterday afternoon at the couple's home in orange on east river street. the d.a.'s office is not releasing the names of the
6:49 am
the wife in her 70s and confined to a wheelchair, and investigates confirm that there is an active search for a suspect or suspects in this murder, and so far, they have not released a description or who they are looking for. police in orange say that this is the town's first murder in decades. we're live in worcester, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> commitment 2016, bernie sanders campaigned for hillary clinton in maine and new hampshire today. and last night donald trump was in the all important granitest was practicing for the next presidential debate. >> this has nothing to do with this, we are here because we just wanted to be here. >> this was an invite only to him event, the same format as sunday's debate, and chris christie is said to be coaching trump in the audience. the race is as tight as ever. the latest boston globe poll has clinton leading trump 44-42. clinton off the trail prepping
6:50 am
emily: thanks, and i will be at that debate in st. louis on sunday, and you can watch the showdown right here at 9:00 p.m., and i will be providing pre and post-debate coverage right here. randy: the winner of the nobel peace prize has been announced, and it goes to columbian president juan manuel santos. they praised santos for his trying to end the country's civil war, a referendum on that peace deal did fail earlier this week with voters. >> and a former top aide to used a government credit card to pay a large bar tab. that's according to a new report by the philiper general. and the report found ron lewis spent $3,000 at strip clubs in south korea and rome. lewis was fired a year ago. and he had claimed his credit card was stolen. randy: police are pursuing charges against this man who followed a school bus dressed as a clown. police posted this picture. this comes in the wake of a
6:51 am
wearing a clown mask. the man will be charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. no name released, but we're told that he's a parent to one of the kids. a new hampshire man is behind bars charged with turning a family today into a demolition derby. this is peter emanuel, is accused of using this as a deadly weapon. both police say he tipped over a crane being operated by his brother, stanley, and then when police arrived at zero waist emanuel drove it towards a police officer. he's being held on assault, domestic violence and resisting arrest charges. emily: the ceo of an adult classified ad website is facing adult and child sex trafficking charges. federal agents arrested carl ferrer during a roid -- raid of his dallas office. officials claim his site is the top online brothel. they say the victims were forced into prostitution through escort ads posted on the site.
6:52 am
no one has issued a comment. randy: influence details from the investigation into a train that slammed into a station in hoch -- hoboken, new jersey. the train was going twice the speed limit when it crashed last week killing one woman and injuring more than 100 others. data recorders indicate the engineer hit the emergency brake less than a second before impact. he has said that he does not remember the the red sox in their push for the tenant. rick porcello on the mound. he gave up three home runs in the third inning and the sox got three homers but not enough. pedroia strikes out in the ninth and take a look. he does not like this call. it stands, however. 5-4 the final. the sox play the indians again this afternoon, and david price gets the ball. and this weekend the sox will share the spotlight with tom brady. ed harding will be in cleveland
6:53 am
sunday, and you can watch for his reports before and after the game. mayor walsh serving food in dorchester last night taking a little taste test. thumbs up. he was helping raise money for women's health programs at the annual men of boston cook for women's health event. some familiar faces from wcvb, that's our president and general manager, and mike wankum, meteorologist, helping out, and this event has raised more than $2 million trades, a renaissance man. a chef. apparently, as well. what do you think? reporter: i am not surprised because there is food involved. randy: one for you, two for me. one for you, and three for me. olessa: a little taste test. a little busy on the roads, a live look over by the gas tank. you have got the delays in place, and normal for this time of the morning. let's check the travel times.
6:54 am
randolph and on the expressway. you just saw it live. braintree into boston, and so far on the pike not too bad. about 20, 495 to 128, and if you are heading north 93 southbound, busy here as you approach the road. an accident just coming in, back into methuen, and once you get past that crash from 125 down to the lever connector, a 45-minute trip, so far, trains and buses are running on the schedule. a pleasant defend -- weekend, right? >> not too bad, there is a chance of showers, as w that's going to impact the weather as we talk about saturday night more than anything else, and matthew down to the south, just got a wind gust report, 100 miles per hour, so a strong system there, and today, you liked yesterday you will love today, and the temperatures in the 70s, plenty of sunshine, patchy fog, mainly in the western part of the state, and it's going to dissipate rapidly. temperatures are on the cool side, a few more 30s showing up out there, take a jacket with you. and you won't need it this afternoon. it will be another one of those beautiful days, sunny and 60s
6:55 am
and tonight clear skies and cool conditions and 42 to 52 degrees. a range in temperatures. and all right high pressure is in control and there comes the front. it's going to trigger in some showers but here's the map at 3:00 tomorrow. just gray skies in here, the rain holding off until the evening and the moisture from matthew stays to the south, at which a bit would sneak its way up here. that would gives beneficial rains but not too much out of that, so over the next seven days here's how things shape up. sunshine today. sunshine, and clouds in the afternoon, and rain in here on saturday night and into sunday, and before clearing away on sunday afternoon. once the skies clear more sunshine with 60s and next week is looking fall-like out there. 60s, sunshine, a cool, crisp morning. love this weather. >> it's beautiful. >> so really, i mean, really, we're hungry. mike: like randy says one for you, well three for me.
6:56 am
reporter: we're no longer friends, mike. add insult to injury. randy: all that eating. you can stay up to date and up to the minute on hurricane matthew with our mobile app. emily: erika and antoinette and mike will be back at noon and
6:57 am
special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
6:58 am
music: suspenseful ? if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band
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just one pill each day... shuts down your stomach's active... acid pumps to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? ?
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good morning, america. breaking news, hurricane matthew hits florida. the eyewall brushes the east coast right now. the deadly storm unleashes its fury overnight. with dangerous winds topping 120 miles an hour. igniting power lines. now fears of life-threatening storm surge and waves up to 25 feet high. >> unfortunately, this will kill people. president obama declaring a state of emergency. more than 3 million people forced to flee from florida to north carolina. >> too risky to stay. >> shelters filling up. airports shutting down. flights canceled and disney world closing for only the fourth time ever. the massive destruction in


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